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Ld by Columbia County All-
Fr.rrlngloii "l ' to Wnlter
rirnicton: l:mil In Hoc. 19, T.
fit 3 W.. 110.00.
I llarv.-y lo William C
I iun.1 In. Hoc. , T. 7 N.. It.
i W.. $1000.00.
Ht. Helens Improvement Co., to John
Marnndns: u. 25, Wock io Kail
road Aildlllon.
T-,J ""V'T et ux 10 A M Hull: I.t
18, llloGk , Ht. Helms, $10 00
March 2R
Thomuii MorrlH et in t nuro, ,
Richardson: IiiikI In Hue 23 T 7
N.. It. 3 W $4000 00.
v. Al'ltll. 4
fcladia Swanton in "Every Woman's Husband"
mill h two-rwl tommlv. "IMi:itH OK ,ovi:"
juTTo, Ai'itiii
I :rank Keenen in I he Midnight Stage"
ml a Ihuiriy Coiim'iIv
jtt.W, APRIL
Geo. M. Cohen in Seven Key to Baldpate"
kIno a tvvu-i-M'l roiiirilv
.tV. .VI'HIli 1
Pauline Frederick in "Htr Final Reckoning"
mill a luo-rtvl roiniMly
IAV. Al'ltll. H
Stssue Sayawaka in "The Bottled Grip"
anil a M Hi-nnHt O.niiMlv "fTIll'N lAV OFF."
Im .sniv, .ritu. u
jflonroe Salisbury in ' The Millionaire Pirate"
hiiiI i.iim. .. of "UOI.vl'X OF Kl'M't'lt."
itsutt, ti'icii, io
Mary Pickford in "Caprice"
l II tltl-IK ( II AI'I.IV In "Poll,."
1M "M t:. It'l'M OF TIIK UOKI.M, I lt,A OF THK
ii i, IHI.H.I.M r. or -mums," l AIII.K .Oi(M.M
"Mil KKV."
A I.V.I SMITH, Maiiatcrr.
Columbia County Investniont Co.. to
larbara Joslln: part of tract. 117.
lit and 120. Heaver Homo., 144
J:''m to M. M. Jameson
lunjUn 8c. , T. i N.. It. 1 W ,
A 8. Harrison to Oscar Lewis: tats
IhoToo"' '"ock 8l- """"''
Miirch 29
lb.,rt J. Link et ux to M. J. Welch-
part of tracts 98 and 99, Heaver
Homes, $1000.00.
Andrew Itaate et ux to ErncBt Kola
l ux: land In Sec. 26, T. 8 N It
W, $425.00. ". k.
J. A. VanDolah et ux to Joseph L
Hanla: land in Sec. 32, T 6 N
It. 1 W., $4000.00.
Columbia County Ileal Estate Co . to
wm. iioherty: tat , Uioc-k 60,
March 31
Hlaln Hank of Halnler to Virginia
Kvans Hayworth: land In 8ec. 17
T 7 N . It. 3 W.. $10.00.
Virginia Kvans Hayworth to State
Hank of Halnler: land In Sec. 6
T. N., It. 2 W.t $10.00.
Benjamin W. lawman to Alice taw-
man: land In Bee. 3, T. N It 2
W.. $1.00.
Columbia County Heal Estate Co , lo
T. II. Hoy: tat 15, lllk. 60, 8t
Helens, $100.00.
April 1
Clifton Osborne to J. II. tang: Lot 4
Hlock 38, Moecks Add., $1600.00.
E. N. Harney, executor of Mary J
Harney to A. H. Hanson: land In
Sec. 1, T. 6 N., It. 6 W., $475.00.
April 2
Niii'ry M. Hay to John II. Hay: hint,
In Sec. 34. T. 6 N . It 4 w
Oscur Martin Holmes to Aurora
Johnson: land In 8ic. 32. T 7 N
It. 3 YY, $10.00.
Kpworth League, 7:08 p. m.
Evening Service, 8:00 p. m.
Mid-week Meeting, Wednesday at
8:00 p. m.
Sunday Bciiool and Church Serv
ice, 2:00 p. ra.
I'rayer Meeting, Tuesday, 8:00 p
The Epworth League will send a
strong delegation to the District Cen
tenary Hally nt First Church, Port
land, Saturday afternoon. Their
meeting this week will be unusually
Interesting. Do not miss It.
Our Junior Choir promise us an
other Inspiring service noxt Sunday
morning. Sermon iihla "A woi.
j for You."
Our Centenary Bulletin Board has
arrived and Is now in place. Note
the splendid bulletins as they -ppear
from week to week.
"'The Friendly Church."
Seventh Day Adventlxt Church
West St. Helens
Regular services held on Satur
day. Sabbath School, 10:46 a. m.
Services following at 12 (noon).
Weekly Prayer Meeting, Wednes
day, 7:45 p. m.
H. M. KNIGHTON, Elder.
A. T. LAWS. Deacon.
Spring Goods
lllincry. Spring House Dresses. Gini-ham. Prra!.:
ja huiulrecl other articles of the latest style.
Jill you come and inspect this line. We feel sure you
rfiml some article that will just suit you. The prices
it;nt. 1 ou win agree with us.
lessor to M. Rosenthal
St. Helens, Oregon
Plymouth Congregational Church
The "Wide Awake Clin ch"
Wllliimotte and Columbia Streets
Hev. A. 11. Spearow, Pastor
Sunday, April 6, 1919
Sunday School, 10:00 a. in.
Morning hour, 11:00 a. in.
Subject, "Grace and the Law."
Special Music.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m.
Subject, "Our Helatlon to God."
Song Service, 7:30 p. m.
leader, Mr. Glenn Wood Oelvln.
Special selejtlois, congregational
Evening Hour, 8:00 p m.
Subject. "Dead Broke."
Weekly Activities
Choir and Orpheus Club Hohearsal
en Monday and Friday night, 8:00
o'clock sharp.
Prayer Moetlng, Thursday night at
8:00 p. m.
For Sale at a Reasonable Price
A 1918 Ford Sedan; la in excellent
condition. See me nt oaco If you want
this barealn. II J Rnminni 0
Helens, Oregon. 15-tf
For Sale Cabbage plants, 15 cents
a doxen. Apply Jim Arasanto, Box
92, Houlton, Oregon. 16-16-2t
Moor Paint
For Bale Barred Rock hens from
State Agricultural College. Wm.
Skuxle. Warren. 14-21-81
Eat Honey Bee goods here we
soli hives, brood frames, brood and
super-foundation, sections, smokers,
bee veils, etc. See Pastor Carrlng
ton, Goble (Reuben P. O.)
For 8ale Air motor. 40-foot steel
j tower, has never been used. This
j is a bargain. P. C. Jacobsen, Bach
elor Flat, Warren, P. O. I6tf
For Rent or Trade In St. Hel
ens, seven-room house; will rent $10
to $16 a month. A sacrifice price,
$800. Small sum down. Write for
Information, box 567, St. Helens.
Oregon. 12-16-61
For Sale Cheap Two desirable
lots in Zelgler's Addition. Easy
! terms. Address George W. Grant.
Scappoose, Oregon.
3 tf
Mi-UimllNt Kpiworutl tliurrli
St. Helens and Houlton
Albert 8. Hlsey, Pastor.
St. Helens
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Morning Worship, 11:00 a. ni.
Junior Epworth League, 4:00 p.m.
I n Used Cars
1. r 1 1 - v
There are many who wish to purchase an automobile but do not feel
justified in paying the price of a new car. To those we can offer
Big Bargains in
Guaranteed Used Cars
We have a $5,000 stock of used cars. Each of them has been thorough
ly overhauled and is in perfect running condition. The prices range from
$350 to $1200 and there is more than a dollar's value in each dollar we
ask for these cars. If you want a car, either new or second-hand, it will
pay YOU to see US.
Watch Your Battery
The battery is a very important part of your car. You should watch it
and have it recharged when it is necessary. You can fool yourself, but
you cannot fool your battery. We do battery repairing and recharging.
A Big Stock of Tires, Tubes, Accessories
We have the largest and most complete stock of tires, tubes and auto
accessories of any gargae in the county. We have expert mechanics and
will do your repair work satisfactorily and at a reasonable price.
Independent Auto Co.
I For Sale Single Comb White Leg
horn eggs for hatching. The kind
i that lays, the kind that pays. $1.60
! per setting. E. E. Wilson, Yankton,
j Oregon. 52-tl
I Dry cord wood.
j Registered Chester White male
hog. 10 months old.
' EarlieHt of All, Six Weeks,
American Wonder, Netted Gem and
Burbank seed potatoes.
Yellow Dent seed corn.
And Navy beans.
! C. J. Larson.
Phone 101-F-8 Warren, Oregon.
A Bargain in Stock Hogs An 18
months old sow with 9 pigs. Four
shoats, will average 100 pound. O.
I. C. and well bred. Can be seen at
my place on Yankton road, near
Vincent place. J. B. Marun, P. O.
address, Houlton, Oregon. 15-l7-3t
I wish to arrange with party to cut
?0 or 40 cords of green four-foot
cord wood, same to be delivered at
some point where it could be loaded
on S. P. & S. cars, or on logging road
where shipping arrangements could
be matlo. Wood to be br.nked and
dried out so that it could be Bhipped
to Portland this fall. Please give
price. C. C. Masten, 927 Union Ave
nue, Narth, Portland, Ore. 15-2
For Bale 24 lots, good house,
garage, shop and chickensouse, one
lot good harden soil. For price and
terms inquire John G. Pringle, St.
Holens, Oregon. 15-16-2t
IF- !
You have an extra good, healthy
cow you MUST sell
You would like to see her well
1 taken care of
You want to receive her value
We must have a few more cows,
and are will to pay a good price for
Just what we want
' Must be Jerssy of 'Guernsey, high
; Also T. B. tested or said subject to
! HORRIE BROS.. Props.
1 St. Helens, Oregon. 1
j 16-tf,
j For Sale Fine Jersey cow, young '
nnd gentle, very rich milk. Call
phone 92-W. 16-tf
Lost White crepe de chine waisi.
i Large blue dots In collar. Return to
' Chns. Lope, box 481, St. Helens,
Oregon. 16-lt
For Sale Burbank and Producer
Seed Potatoes. P. C. Jacobsen,
Bachelor Flat (Warren P. O.). 16tf
j For Sale Two thoroughbrori
' roosters, a Plymouth Rock and a
I Black Minorca. Mrs. R. H. Roher-
;son, St. Holens. ltt-lt
For Sale Young Berkshire sow
that has brought us 21 strong pure
bred pigs In 18 months, is a relia
ble breeder, good mother, but slight
ly off type as to head for a show ani
mal. Will sell her for $55; bred to
our great boar Lee Champion for
July farrow. We have on hand a
large list of sow and boar pigs, 2
to 4 months old, $20 to $35. Oregon
Berkshire Co., Warren. Ore. 1 6-1 6-2t
For Sale To close np an old ac-'
count, will sell an almost new Hoff-,
pinn piano In mahogany case for
$266.00. Cash or convoniont terms. :
Fortl-uid, Oregon.
is "clean-up" time
While you are doing your spring cleaning,
consider the need of repainting your floors. A
painted floor is a clean floor or, at least is
easily cleaned. No cracks; no germ-catching
worn spots ; no unsightly blemishes.
B-H Floor Paint is made in California for
Pacific Coast conditions and climate. Spreads
easily a quick dryer forms a hard, yet elas
tic coating which lasts and wears twice as long
as the average paint.
There is a B-H product for every use. Call
today and let us prove it to you !
Frank Wilkins
Dittribators for
San Francisco
West St. Helens Bakery
S. HEUMANN, Proprietor
Every Day
Special Orders Solicited
Ask your grocer for our BREAD. He has it and it is
made in St. Helens.
The People's Market
Saturday Meat Bargains
In order to help you save on the amount of your
meat bill, we have decided to have special prices on
This will enable you to get your supply of good,
tender meats for your Saturday and Sunday meals at
a lesser cost. We handle none but the best.
Give Us a Trial and be Convinced
The People's Market
Phone 40
St. Helens, Oregon
Good Things
You Need
We offer for your consideration a few of the good eat
ables which we have just received.
FANCY ITALIAN PRUNES E?1"..1.;!'?."31 pack'
Full Line Of PreSPtVP Rlpe Olives and Pickles both in
ami nine vi aicacivca giasg and in oulk
LIBBY'S APPLE BUTTER l?"u- V?"nd and 8-pund
Fresh Vegetables
For your Sunday dinner, you will want some nice fresh
vegetables. We will have a large assortment. Look it
over or phone us and we will tell you what is in stock.
You'll be sure to find something that you desire.
Larsen & Co., Grocers
Let Us Be Your Grocers You Will Be Satisfied
Telephone No. 27 Free Delivery

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