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K i
Issued Every Friday by
O. D. HEILBORN....V1M President
and Manager.
S. C. MORTON Editor
BrnscRipnox bates
One Year 91. (SO
Sli Month 7B
Entered as second-class matter,
January 10th, 1911, at the Poatofflce
at St. Helena, Oregon, under the act
of March 3rd, 1879.
One of the most interesting phe
nomena in the American expedition
ary force since the armistice has
been the surprisingly cordial atti
tude of the rank and file of the army
of occupation toward the German
civilian population. To some people
this is a disturbing phenomenon as
well as on interesting one, for the
subtle maliciousness of German
propaganda methods is well known,
end it is certain that we do not want
cur boys to come home disposed to
Justify Germany and the Gorman
It is hardly probable that there U
anything to worry about While the
soldiers were flffhtlng or training in
France they were billeted in a coun
try already overcrov.-ded v.-ith fight
The casualty lists now being pub
lished In the dally papers contain
the names of the last of our boys
who died or were wounded In the
great war. The lists to be published
from now on will contain, with but
few exceptions, the names of only
those men who have died or been
Injured since the signing of the arm
istice There are also cases in whicd
extended investigation is necessary
to confirm reports of death or to de
termine the extent of injuries and
these names also will appear in
forthcoming casualty lists; also the
names of those who were injured
beyond recognition when they gavo
their lives for their country.
Casualty lists will, however, con
tinue to be Issued indefinitely, be
cause there are bound to be deaths
and illnesses among our soldiers who
are with the army of occupation
abroad, and the next of kin will
continue to receive the usual official
notification from the war depart
ment as to casualties.
Banking la coming to the front
as one of the great constructive in
dustries. Not so very long ago the banker
merely loaned money.
Today he is loaning brains and
experience In addition, and without
cost. The modern banker finds
that he must in many Instances an
ticipate the needs of tils customers
in obtaining Information and statis
tics relative to Industries which may
bo developed in his community.
The banker realizes that in the
success of his community lies his
success. Successful Industries or
farmers means hundreds and thous.
ands of new depositors and added op
ing men and native refugees, and Portunities for safe loans
often in districts laid waste by In Hence banking is developing
vading armies. They had to take 'more into a personal service organi
what accommodations they could ! tatlon and not a mere cold blooded
get, sleep in barns and sheepfolds,
occupy all sorts of dirty holes and
corners. Most of tho time they were
working or on the move, and their
freedom to roam about and see the
country vas narrowly restricted.
Naturally they cams away with a
poor Impression of France.
In Germany they get real bed
rooms, clean sheets end feather beds,
tor Germany has net been strippeu
as France was. There is more leis
ure In the daily army routine, more
latitude in passes and furloughs,
more recreation. German villages
are or a dllterent type from French
ones, more orderly and spick and
money loaning machine
often pictured.
as it is
In response to a notice stating
that her subscription was due, a St.
Helens subscriber to the Mist, wheu
enclosing a check, said, "We appre
ciate the Mist." It was a short let
ter, but it was appreciated by tho
Mist, and our subscriber's apprecia
tion of the Mist is no more than the
Mist's appreciation of the kind
Of course a tew
found in socialist
ex-soldiers art.
and bolshevik
span, resembling to some extent thoi meetings. They were "caught in the
American small town. It would be;draft as tney Put T claitn that
peculiar if doughboys did not feet lney represent the spirit of any con
more at ease and better satisfied
with life.
As for propaganda, it is plausible
to suppose that Germans r.t large
nave suincient sagacity to
siderable number of soldiers Is un
insult to the American uniform
that they will benefit by making
ii tends witn armies or occupation.
The German is brntal when he is
the conqueror, but when things are
the other way around, there is no
more submissive a being.
The poatofflce department, in in-
know stituting aerial mail routes. Is mak
ing the old mistake of trying to fly
oerore it can walk
The people never give up their
liberties but under some delusion.
The Orchards of Columbia county
are undergoing a thorough renovat
ing and hardly anyone having fruit
trees but are taking extra good care
of them.
The price of apples never was high
er and the Inquiries for Columbia
county fruit is demanding considera
tion from outside points. The orch
ards, with the exception of a ver
few, have been pruned and sprayed.
There are two orchards, howevei,
whose owners have done nothing
toward eradicating the pests that in
fect them and drastic action will be
taken to prohibit the sale of any
diseased fruit from any sucu orcn
The apples of Columbia county by
test as to longevity ana mciousness.
have proved of a superior brand
than Hood River or Yakima. The
Belleflower of Columbia county.
Hood River and Yakima were tested
and the Columbia county product rw
talned its solidity for six weeks long
er than its competitors and its Juicy
flavor was apparent when all Juice
had gone from the others
It is the purpose to organize the
fruit men or everyone having a half-
dozen trees In bearing. The plan will
be to have a registered trade mark
and every box shipped from this
county to go under an Inspection
certificate and the trade mark. A
selling agent to represent the entlr
county will look after the work ana
one or two cents per box will be
charged to go to a sinking fund which
will purchase at wholesale price
sprays for the members. The sell
ing agent will be given a compensa
tion for which those belonging to the
association will be charged a fee of
5 cents per month When fruit Is
Bhlpped under this plan it will com
mand a price of from 35 to 80 cents
per box more than If sold by the In
dividual. It is the purpose to hold
meetings at Scappoose, Warren,
Yankton. Deer Island, St. Helens,
Goble, Rainier, Mayger, Qulncy.
Clatskanle, Blrkenfeld, Mist, Natal
and Vernonla, during the summer,
before shipping of apples begins.
There are 3800 farmers In the count)
and they will readily co-operate.
The local merchants will be re
quested to use Columbia county ap
ple first and asked to aid In the pro
ject. Inquiries have been received
....lit This will
eliminate .11, but will be a great fac
tor for aiding both fruit aud veg
etables. It is requested that rery orchan,
1st and farmer in the comity comply
and thereby save, not only hi frui
of all kinds, but all vegetables that
have been or .re .uhJectto h. de.
trovlna moth. A. L. MOIHUB.
troymg mum. ,nlp6Ct0 .
The revenue act of 11 provides
taxes on many articles of general
use. On and after February t.
1919, manufacturers of the following
articles are required to pay a tax
uDun thulr product when sold:
automobile, motorcycle, auluinotillo
truck, tires, inner tubes, parts or
Ri-roHsorles for automobiles an!
trucks, pianos, organs, phonocrmiiia
and recordB, tennis rackets, skates,
iaiiu minds and other sp'irtlitM
goods, chewing gum, cameras, phoj.i-
grnplilc rums anu ..
r.imrmi and cartridges, hm.tliig
l-,.vo ninnirie fan, thermos hot
tlis and riding habits, article made
nf fur tnllat loans and toll.it Pw
der. The manufacturer of any of
these articles should communicate
al once with Collector Milton A. Mil
ler to ascertain tholr liability. The
tax on these articles does u..l spplr
to stocks in the hand of uealtns. but
onlv to article old on nnd aPet
February 15, 11 by the iiiiinufio-
Ou and after April 1st. thero will
be a lux of 6 Dor cent upon ihe sl
of all article commonly or tonimor
dally known as Jewelry, Including
nroclnus metals or Imitation there
of. aud ivory, watche. clock and
ooora rlaHe. This tax Is to be col
lecled by the dealer upon such good
when sold to the user, r.nd every,
store In Oregon handling any of
these lines must collect this tax upon
all sales made commencing (April .
1st, 1919. In order that a complete
list of dealers In thes goods may b
compiled, all such dealers should
send their names to the Collector at,
Portlnud, stating the bualnei engag
ed in.
On and after May 1. 1919. there
will he a tax collected from the pur
chaser of Ice-cream, oda water, and
such other refreshments of this klnit
Conservatively Progressive '
THE Colombia County Bank is conserviu,,
enough to place every safeguard around tht
operation of the bank and customer and yet mfj.
ciently progressive so the bank will keep forgin.
ahead and so the customer will obtain the co-oper!
tion necessary to insure the maximum advantage ig
his operations.
We invite the accounts of farmers,
employers and employes
Vice I'rxsliinui
i ..... . t'ashisr
, . At. rainier
mu-um - n.. ..at" ' - "flgrefo
in cgOjhbIa
as are served at soda fountains and
from two firms in Chicago and In I similar places of business. Owners
all probability an order for at least ! of soda fountains and Ice cream pnr
two carloads of apples will be thelors should be sure to have their
result. Columbia County Apples i names limed with tho Collector at
Beat the World for flavor and keen- I once.
Ing qualities,
The coddling moth Is already show
Ing a very valuable plan to aid very
On and after May 1st. 1919, the
luxury tax will be effective Till
provide that a tax of 10 per cent
materially In Its destruction. Place ! shall be collected by the dealer from
a wash tub nearly filled with water
in the orchard. On the water poui
cr.e pint of coal oil. Suspend a
lighted lantern over the tub and see
the result The coddling moth and
moths who breed germs that infect
all fruits and vegetables, will be at
!s(',,!wsd III III :
A Good Tire Year
You have doubtless noticed
the growing preponderance of
United States Tires.
Every one is asking for tires
of known value and proved
And that is precisely what
United States Tires represent
in the minds of motorists here
and everywhere.
The idea back of United
States Tires to build good
tires the best tires that can
be built, is appealing to rapidly
'growing numbers.
We can provide you with
United States Tires to meet
and meet exactly JL your indi
vidual needs.
United States Tires
are Good Tires
the purchnser on carpets and rugs
selling at over 16.00 a square yard;
picture frame, trunks, valise,
purses, portable lighting fixtures,
umbrellas, fans, smoking Jackets,
men's waist coats, men's ind wom
en's hnta, cap, boots, shoe, pump
and slippers, men's neckties and
neckwear, silk stork Inn" or Iioho,
women's silk stocking or hone,
men's shirts and men's and women's
pr.Jamas, nightgowns and under
wear, kimonos, pettlcor.ts and waists.
I'ractlcp.lly every store In Oregon will
bo affected by this tax, which rill
Rpply to all that part of the price
for which the goods are sold In ex
cpsb of the price stipulated In the
On and after May 1st, 1919, per
fumes, essences an& extracts, denti
frices and similar article, a well a
pills, tablets, powders and other
medicinal preparations, will be sub
ject to a tax of one cent on eacn
twenty-five cents, or fraction. Thl
tax will he paid by stamp affixed to
the goods by the seller. Other new
taxes are on shooting galleries
which will pay 120.00 a year, riding
academies which will pay I100.0U
a year, "for hlro" cars to pay $10 00
a year for each car having a seating
capacity of more than two and not
more than seven, and 120.00 for each
automobile having a seating capacity
of more than seven. It Is the Inten
tion of the Internal Revenue Ilureau
to give wide publicity to the various
trovlHlons of the new Act, but It
should not be forgotten that the tax
payer Is supposed to ascertain his
liability, and that tgnorsnco of the
law Is not held by the courts to be a
valid reason for not complying with
the law.
Collector Miller will be ploased to
furnish all Information upon re
quest, but obviously has no mentis
of reaching every one affected by the
Act and notifying them Individually
of their liability '
We KNOW United Stales Tires are GOOD Tires. Thai's why we sell them.
Independent Auto Co.
"Daddy Did
With sixty-four different eon
tracts Issued by over 260 d't
tVmu m, eompanlea In
I i J' A ' 1 ,m "nnhle to
select the HEST ne for my
family. Will you. without any
tract? your "Endowment In-
'rSfS1 ''"9 RateB?" Your
. ""b A'1ent Death Bene
fit Itlder." Also how I mav
COMB of lioo month.
I waa born
(Month j
(I)nto j
Address insurance"
8t. Helens, Oregon
:M A S O N:
Wishes to announce that he lias t lie exclusive agencjd
the high grade line of
Helen Ardelle Chocolates
They are conductive to liapnier moments and a srttc
disposition and are a wholesome and delicious hcn'r imi'
confection. These delicious chocolates are made tv fun
students of ihe University of Washington, Helen fit
hcth I'ownsend and Martha Ardelle Townsend.
You can obtain these high grade chocoiatet only it
Central Meat Market
-We handle and sell none but the
choicest of MEATS. Cleanliness and
Safety is our motto and when buying
from us you are assured of getting only
the best.
Beef Cattle, Hogs, Veal and Poultry
and pay the highest market prices.
Trade at home and save money.
Central Meat Market
It AV MoltTON .ml ;KoltftK WILHON,' Proprietors
Phone 60
Free and Prompt Delmn
Buy an Automobile Now
I am Columbia County Agent for
the following well-known cars
The Maxwell
The Hudson The Chalmers
This car is considered as the best product of
the American auto builder. Ask for a demon
stration. You will be delighted at the perform
ance of this wonderful car.
Mist Want Ads for iW-,

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