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L UVI V 1 1 I 1 V I I
BELLS CARRIED AWAY, a ue Mur cf J. T. Adisi. Ptaia-
. ; urf. a4 Sy'.Teater Urn, Dtfead-
Mokra VkrtUa of Hn f mtitj j ut
l te Malac of .arsabUre I 1 T. AdxBL U ee!4 aad aoasd aa-
' '. to 3yiTt:tr ltu la the na of tir
(Br M. L'Abba A. Poaiia ta tt'touaad dollars to Syrreeta.
vv York Herald I Jar!a o-fcaif of lie Soata ote-aaif
of Ue Northwest oa-!orta of tie
Kortaeast oae-faarta of Seetioa
;rU!itea: plalnUM to raeelTe oee
; t.f interest ta '. aad spiAdi
.latter aad threader.
ia a Ilk saia to aue ike pateat to
' b issaed Joiitly to kxMlf aad J. T.
sfezierea. Ardeeaea. Fraae It is
a fact kaow to ererroae that the
GentAii. after Linif desperately
Weed tor t&e araisuce. sleliad the
tows of Hexjres. area t to tae ex
act BtoEeat of tie befiaaiac of tee
anatsttc. eowar&y aad wttioat aa
aimed eapedaliy at tie boiikru. Aaacj; 12a paxeat aoc uittiwj
ilea were weU kaowa to taea. ai i"1 S.yreater Darja LaTlif.
Uey lad oceapiM .Ke eity for foat V f, lbcTe "" Proper-
.r, ty by traadleat ret eat aad rcfaatac -
Aeon i the Utter the chart He-'10 e Si.t to bo baaed or to
pedally to be meatkaed. It if a fiae ' ?r lUn?: JT " U'
Gota fUmboyaat strctare with f lie,11 -J :
fire aares. tie U-, and pertapa. ' plu"
taeftostWatifaltf tte mat? Vb8,?a;"rf TrVa"
This etartt ta. td. id( oiker ?? u Uad Flft'a
priaeely visitors. Ue tocor of le-j T r, ..,
brattcj tte ttarrlaxe cereaocy ot U 1 T" Avdal: ' d''r
(1T. Wa make bold to aaaert tiat w mie- '
tt via "tte last of tte eharehe ihelU J. T. ADAM3.
ed - A fatt leae knoa. aithoajli aot Sabacribed aod wora to befora cc.
Veaa tatereattEr. H ttat It u alao 14 dr ot J a-T-
'tte Cnt of tie charctea to be i :e!l- RICHARD S ESS Ell AN
ed "
xancx of fixal grrTLExrvr
NoUc la aerear fea er Uo aa-
daraaed taat a& aaa nied aer fual
aeeoaat aad ftaal repert aad pU
ttoa for AwtrtbaUoa aa axeratris of
tte aatata of Harrer M. roer. d
eaaaed. aad taat Uo Coaatr Coart
of tte State ct Oreoa. for tne Coaa
tr of Colaaaia. U vkica eoart tte
adaatatairaUca of aaid eatau Is beiaa
tad. aaa an Wedaeadar. tim lta
dar of AprU. 1111. at tea o dock to
tao foraaooa ttereof. aa tts unae.
aad tte Coart Room cf said Coart u
St. Heieca aa Ue plaa of beartac
aad paaalag apca sail atcoaat. report
aad pauuoa. at vik& tlat aad pta
aar pernoa taterta'.ed la said eetate
mar f-e obJecUot. ta rttizf to tte
uzt, or aar psrt tterecf.
W H. PovtU.
Attoraar for Execatrix. 11-17-it
rRAlK IHIf lHU. ITr-X-HaDim
Lt St. Haless..
SeappooM . .
Ar. Portlaad . .
L. Portlaad . . .
Ar. 8t- H si eat.
P. U
KatanUli J SJJ
Sfriil trip learlcf St Helens p m
Lea's rortiaad It P m
Steamer RUTH
Passenger accomodations lor
landing at City Dock
For Biilua lYMbira
promote a ee-ltty vtion ot
Notary Pa bile for Oreca
Beraa ta 141. It waa 2! years old My tociLsuoa expires AprU
when U 1S21 tte leperua beater4 -stexleraa.
defeeded by Bayard, tte. (Seal) ll-ll-Ti
kalftt aritboat fear or reproaca. His- '
tortaaa relata that it el Is were em- A11AS SOOIONS I
for exactly a mooia. from Aarait, rOLATT OF collhhu
II aatil September J7. aad oae part' COJT 1 zf BLA.
wsa eatlrely destroyed. Tte moaa- ' Waha. Plaiatiff.
menu aa well as th coareb were rt
straek by tte projectiles, aa Is prored RoUad A- Wtiie. Defeadaat.
by tte retires of tte epoch, kept To Rolasd A. White. Defeadaat.
ia the depository of the department : Ia tta Name of its State of Gre
et Mexteres. SeTeral larfe teles had (oa. yoa are hereby repaired to ap
to bo Beaded ta the root of the pear aad aaswer the compbilat filed
etarch steeple ;a "the elasa frame of , acaintt yoa ta tta abOTS ea titled
tte roand of tte steeple which tad Coart aad eaasa oa or befora tt
beea broken darlsg d urine tteHth day of April. Ill, that belcf
siece. tta first Jsdielal day after ths last
Haaj Tiaaea Boosbsurdrd day for the pablieatiaa of sammots
Oce eaa notice th-t tte bombard- aa prescribed ty tta Order of Pnbll-'
meet of this epoch, eren compared to cation of Ssmmo&s herein, aad if
those that the history of siter times yoa fail so to tppear and answer as
was to note, were not ta certain herein directed, plaintiff will apply,
people might bellere "games of to the abore entitled Coart tor the
children." The ehcren of Mexieres relief prayed for ta plaintiffs eon. !
waa. bowerer, to asdergo more ter- plaint, to-wit: For a decree of tb.
rible ooea oa ?bre different oc- abore entitled Coart dlasolring tb.
calons. boads of matrimony now aad hare-
Completed with diificaly in 12. tofore existing between plcintiff aad
thst la to say, a hundred rxd twenty defendant herein.
seea years after the laying of the This summons is terred apoa yoa
foandation store, it was socn to hare by rirtae of an order made by the
lired the golden age of Its life. To Honorable James A. Eakln. Jadgs
ny nothing of the fire which brok of tte abota entitled Coart oa tan
cot in its steeple (1S2) neltter of, 4th day ot March, which pre-
tfce acta of csndilUm of the recol a-' scribes that the sammona ta thl
ttooisu. let as speak only of the salt stall be senred apon yoa by pab-'
bombardmesu which It tattered. : lieatlon thereof ocea a weak for six
Tte Pruaslors thelled It in 1115. eonsecntlTe weeks in tta St. Hslens
An Inscription on the wall remind Mist, a newspaper in general cir
tha reader that it was nearly rained. ' coiatioa ia the County of Colombia
It lost Its beastlfai stained-glass , and State of Oregon, and that the
windows of the sixteenth eentnry ana tlrst publication Vteracf be hid on
the exterior pinaaeles were serioosly the "th day of March, lilt and ths
damaged. SeTeral shells penetrated Irst rjnbllcation on tte JSth day oi
Into tta Interior, eanalng a great dea; April, 111 . 1
of damage. RALPH A. COAN. '
Hardly had the dantre of lsl. Attorney for Plaintiff.,
been Plred when a new cloud ,jj pjttock Block. Portland. Oreton.i
arose on the horizon and ".breitened : '
Mezleres in 1S70. New LituIcd. new '
fears ted new ruins for oar towa on SUMMONS FOR PTBLICATIOX IS
the frontier. i FORECLOSURE OF TAX LIEN j
the lirer aad correct the disorders
eaased by bUtoasaess. Ctamberlala's
Tablets are exceUeat. Try ttea aad
se how qaickly ttey gite yoa a rel
ish for yoar food aad baalss that dali
aad stupid feaiisg.
fire: fire: hue: fire;
Sew E. E. Quick. St. Helens, and
tasura yoar property la tte Orca
firs Relief Aasociatioa of McMica
rCla. Oregoa. Don't pat It off.
U. D. KTNDSOX. Agaat
,m W S.m t-'T SiMtk
th rtoruj soat
la?es PortUad dIy - -2:JP
I Sunday 1.39 p m )
ArrUas St Deltas - - P
lundsy 11 P m J
Uates St Helens - - :! a. m
rrtr t'ortUnd - - - It: U a m
Mskes s!l wsy Isndisis Wbsrf tool
Alder strt. I'boras: Msla 1121.
rnNK WILKtSS. St Helens Agest
Lynch & Muhr
!;nvt!iniL i tlie IJjtfer
Line liic ni in Stle
( )nr s!ki is Strictly Clean
ami Sanitary
Come in and See uj
HT. II ki y.tt
The 31st of December, 1ST, and.
1st cf January, IS 71 German j
Christmas box the enemy again,
shelled Mezleres. The church wii
principally aimed at and was one
more the Tlctim of the shells which
spoiled the steeple, bum the raults. !
broke tte sculptures and stained-1
glass windows.
H. M. Wharton. Plaintiff.
J. H. Drake and alia all ether par
s;ns or parties unknown claiming
any light, title, estate. Hen or In
terest In the real estate described
in the complaint herein. Defendants.
Losea Peal of Bells 1
During nearly forty-seren T-r :
these ruins had been repslred. Tht jTo J. H. Drake, the abora named de
ehurch of Mezleres had passed theL fendnnt, i
the Germans took away the fire & D wlarn th. hnlS rli!'
the loudest In the country, and what Febrnarr 17 ill 7 h tl rl-
get down the bells But the church I on tor tha amount r.f tyJL
Itself remained uninjured. It would j 2oo TJoluA thf am J bn,
chuTrchThetrunC!;,,0e!;, h'r i-o&ue'andTrin f0:i
i . j i. . .T . J . . . oioca numbered Fortr-fiye. in th..
ion. I
iiat said
llM rv,i
many window, were broken. The .. follows' "'i rw.
church was struck br many bombs.! on Febrnarr 17 ii7 , i '
fcome of which hit the lantern of the: 12 41 ustw fo7ltll-nn J.J . J??
steeple, the tower of the signal-man. I 18 e oald li lltlrd s,V,!
Some struck the top. some the Taulv. j in" on juw g$ 118 .m W Si
some the interior of the counterforts. I f9r isn tlth inti,.!, P i V '
Thank, to the armistice, which "oaal'it T. per cent Jer annam'" 1
eame Just In time to prerent the en- gaid J H lL ,VI m' J
emy from destroying Mezleres total- J thelegal tttla othYhi!!I ?J Lff'
ly. tha damage, though considerable, aa the Um. ,7lbdi
(x nh nti.i. .k.. ...l.u v. "PP'r to tne Circuit Court of the'
' " - ft ili L IU
I property abore described, and men
tioned in said certificate. And you
are hereby summoned to appear with-'
, in sixty days after tha first publics-i
Lady wa. struck. All the stained.; To-i of CoTumbU Mr OrJ
glass windows were either totally 0TtYnl1't'
partly broken, and what is more im-i it u "oti"?
Dortant. the flmhon mnllinn. .. para tai
tory, waa alao the last.
A Good Article Made in
Your Home Town
St. Helens
When you buy St. Helens
Butter you Ret the best
and you patronize Home
Your merchant has this
Fine Butter -
St. Helens Co-Operative
Creamery Assn.
tlon of this summons ezclnai r.r ih.
day of said first publication, and da
fend this action or pay the amount
dua as abore shown together with
costs and accrued Interact and in case
of your failure to do so. a decree will
be rendered foreclosing tha lien of
said taxes and costs against tha land
and premises above named.
Tbla summons Is published by
order of the Honorable W. J s-nii.,.
ton. Judge of tha County Coart of the!
uregon ror the County of
Columbia, and said order was mad
and dated this 10th day of February
11, and the data of the first publi
cation of this summons la tha 14th
day ot February, ll.
All process and papers In this pro
ceeding may be tarred upon tha un
dersigned residing within tha guts
of Oregon, at SL Helena, Oregon.
J. W. DAT,
Attorney for the Plaintiff.
A Standard Test for
The third of a series of three statements
War needs made prominent the question of a standard test for gasoline. On July
Slst, 1918, President Wilson ordered a committee appointed under the United
States Fuel Administration to establish specifications and standards of test for gas
oline supplied to the Government. This committee consisted of the United States
Fuel Administration and representatives cf the War and Navy Departments, the
United States Shipping Board, the Director General of Railroads, the Bureau of
Mines, and the Bureau of Standards. Standardj were adopted for aviation gasoline
(export, fighting and domestic) and for general motor use on land and sea.
The Gravity Test Discarded
The Government Committee cn Standards
tation of Petroleum Specification! stated in its
report : "It will be noted that there are no grav
ity limitation! in the specification for aviation
gasoline, nor in the specifications for motor
gasoline which are given later, for it has been
found that gravity is of little or no value in de
termining the quality of gasoline." The stand
ard! adopted by the United States Government
axe based on boiling points.
Boiling Points the Real Test
Gasoline is known to the refiner as one mem
ber of the petroleum family. He distinguishes
each member of the family, not by gravity, but
by boiling points. Gravity is a fleeting stand
ard of test, but boiling points are unchanging
ia their value and always determine the quality
of the product. Knowing them the refiner can
keep his product uniform and reliable.
What Is a Boiling Point?
A boiling point is the temperature at which
liquid will begin to boil or vaporize
In distilling a given quantity of gasoline the
refiner ascertains at what point each 10 per
cent will botl, until the entire quantity is eVap
orated or distilled. In this way he determine,
what is known as the initial boiling point as
well as all mtervening boiling pointfin the
cnaxn, up t the maximum, high boiling point.
Boiling Points Tell the Story
Boiling points determine the vaporizine and
eombustive qualities of gasoline. They JecWe
toe action of the gas developed from goline
They are -he only ,rue measure of 6gasXe
An ideal gasoline has boiling points in a con
. , ....6 yuuas, otherwise tne loss
itone ly evaporation would be great There
must be j.iit enough low boiling points, to Ya
porue freely nd give easy starting. The higher
boiling points are necessary for quick accelera
tion, high j-ower and long mileage.
As combustion starts with the lowest boiling
points and fi ishes on through the gas, the con
tinuous chsin of boiling points from the low
to the high is necessary for instantaneous,
fu!l-powered combustion. Only a straight-distilled,
all refinery gasoline can have the contin
uous, uniform chain of boiling points.
The United States Government
Standard Specifications .
for Gasoline
Th- United States Government Standard
speculations for gasoline are based on boiling
point. not gravity. Drafted as they were by
impartial Government experts, they are gener
ally consiacred.in the light of condition! today,
as the most practical standard for gasoline,
lhey insure an efficient and satiifactory gaso
line and at the same time have due regard for
the best utilization of our petroleum reaourcee,
and the maintenance of reasonable pricea to the
Ued Crown Gasoline Corifonns
to United States Government
in'.Rud Sron f"0,in now being supplied
form to the United State. Government Stand
ard I specification. It i. .traight-di.tilled. tD-
refinery casolme having the
of bo.hng po.nts nece..ary for fuU-powered,
dependable gasoline: Low boiling points for
jmooth acceleration, and high boiliof Mints
for power and mileage.
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tuirar. IH.a.60
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Hello. Central! A n
Yes. Benneii' n.j. I
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