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a Ordered Victory, It Was Wop - Pay The Price - Purchase, Victory Bonds!
NO. 19
IIuIih' TruiiuM'teil at l-'lmt
Morllng of '"w '""""
,. firm ni'M'tliiK of the recent
i..i niiiiielliiicn nit bo tiikon
Lllc-iilum of how t ho business
,11 y will lie roimuoiiui, li in a
llmi li will properly look
r (if i-nurso, wo liuvn nl!
,,( I In' I'M ;i y I UK nliiiut thn
mm. etc . i'"1 I'"' M,Ht 'i'""1
, vo lh:it imyliijr, will apply ll.
khilit'o, '"r t r i r- i wiih mi up-
li'Hlri; I'i'l ir Hi" my
.iiTi-Ht. mill It In a most ro
f fni-i lo record. Tlmt the
i,fllci:il fnmlly of Din city fll
:iiinrimirii was ili'tMHiniraieu
fart dial III" mayor raid :cti
nun puffed nt long, clear
liir.int rlKum with rn much
, Indifference us If they were
kiHi'il lo rlK-r. Tho Mint In
in m'v wim opened Hi" box of
Inn li inn n:-y l!'nt nil of tlio
IhiTu wlm 'l around tho Ioiik
knnkil tlx' cigar tin though
I plenty of ihi-in, ri.il did not
r ctpi'iisun
puny Sp latum 1'retioiit
imimcit ruiiiii was comfortably
tlih Intercntcd Hpi'ft'ilnrn end
Iiii niinii In attend to nomn
t In I tin "bnld head" row
J Viinir!iiiVc!i, W. J, Kill
K I Hull: gh .mil Peter Mr
Tlio" wlm ri'ino loo Ir'o to
mull ili'.ilr:.lili ni'iiln worn T
. I. II liutliiTfnr.l. H. II
iti, W II IHIInril. (luy ('Imp.
J)r J II I'linn, ('. I). Morgan
M llnli. Tim I. ml rnr brought
knil nl m m w ho irt compel-
m a in I nr elnn view tho per-
I ii (nun llm sidewalk
minute of tho previous meet
re r" i.l mill ('iniiirllniitn
nski'il If tlio recorder luulii't
II "or wouldn't H lm hotter to
ii I tin prniKHt it h to tlio hi'iii-
Ciiuiii'IIiiiiiii Whoolor." Th
Mil mil ngrec wlih Mr. Plxon.
I, "ll wim u innllor of spile-
Innrii Hum ntiyt hltiK ohm" nnd
n't llilnk It worthy of men-
Tin1 in i ii ii t h. worn therefore.
Officer Make ICi'MHn
mayor rulli'il for "roportn of
'." Potter llllist IlltVO thought
the officer referred to fur lie!
!i report on ii plugged nowi-r.
itliT was referred to the
oiniiitticc and tlio niiiyor nnld
!iarn Wheeler, being rhnlr-
f tlmt . m m 1 1 1 '. woulil look
!in niiiiii-r Mr. Wlioclor on
If "In ,'nMliloti to my lniii
I rliiiiriiiiui nin I lo umlor-
j1 Imt I iiiimt iilmi limk nflor tlio
iiml i lie iiniynr, wild a ?'
mlli' mi hl fiu-K. Bnlil, "yon.
liw'lrr. i ho Hiri'i'tn nml the
InnvH k-n li'tii'lluT," nml Mr.
r rntiHi'iited to look nfter tlio
nDwi-r it tho iiliiKKed-iin nuin-
yillfll ever Hie OJIHO III1IV llO.
filler (ll fli. r Milken lti'Hirt
r m it'll i lie only of floor In
'y. nml City Attorney Joo T)ay
ii. tliererore Mr. Iuy mmlo n
He Imil iiollreil thn tinw
rr ImlMltit; on thn Strand unit
'Klit of i ho i-lilmnoy. Ho
'I It wim Just tho proper lioluht
fire lo Hie ndlitlnliiK hullillnc.
RonU'd mi invoHl iKitt Inn nnd tlio
fm of iiie huii.iinK committor
'""H In look nfier thn innttei.
pnrlltiitttt Wheeler roportoil Unit
1 llin rll
fmkiMi near the Indoponilont
wilier wnn romlnR throiiKli
""mt'tii. lie thought It wnn h
MIip wuier comiTiiHHlon ntionld
"'"f. inn tlu limyor tlioiiKht
"nHy, fur hn nulil ilu-.t It would
'Iho lo leave tho mutter to tho
fMniulKHlon If nnv rcHiilt a won.
'nr. Hi' I linnr..r.i I,.. I -.1 nl nl
Mlenler to Illvi'Hl lirnin thn nml
:'r' rk-lii away nnd pel nonio-
Hl'iuli Ask for liiii.roveiiieiit
llAllllL'll nuln.l llttil ll.x n.in.
rnnonin anion In ro?nrd to tho
P"IIIPll of Went ill rent Tim
'"n for mull Improvoinont lind
trP8finie.i I,. ,...n
t . - ... "n 1 'nuin 11
" y"rn iiKo. T,n new councll
"Tl) lllernulK.I I., ll,. ... l.
Proilllseil lo 1,,1, l, ,i. .
kn. la iiiim IIIM lltltLli'l
r " 11 iiiiineiiiaio notion could not
niiKKOHlod thnl tha coun-
nme union to provont. tho
I'rlvnlo Who Wrnt Over tlm Top
Throe TinioM Milken ApMal
Tlio whippet tank which was here
Tuondny noon un a pnrt of tlm puhll-
rny inr inn v lotory l.onn. attrncteu
iniirh intention, nnd liundrnda nl
pnopln worn nt tlm depot to In port
lh lilt In. hut mlKhty inaehliio which
did no in 111I1 to hrliiK thn J I tin to
tlmn. I'rWuto Clarence I.lkniiH, who
wont ever tho top throe llmen nn a
I'. 11 11 11 er and coininnndor In nnn of the
UiikH, told of the pnrt thn tnnki pin)
od In winning the wnr and ntutnd that
tho aveniKO llfo of a tankman In
notion wan alioul Jliree inlnuten. Ho
iiindn n forceful nppoal for thn Vic
tory 1 .011 11. Ho mild that Columbia
coimty n iiiota, $162,000, would bu
only clKlit of nuch tanks an wan ex
hibited. "Muny of the tank which
helped to win tho war hnve not boon
fmld for. the food we atn him not
boon paid fur and the coat of nond
Inic un to Kriinon and (ColUiiK ua back
I'omn hkiiIii. linn not boon paid for.
Ho nnld Hint he wim working for 3t
per inontli, hut Hint ho wnn koIiik to
lako a Victory bond.
Dr. J. H. Klynn tnndo a abort talk
on tho neci'HHlty of nubnrrlhlnK for
Hay France In All ltlbt. Hut All Victory Ixian CumpalKn to Clone With
Are rJlud ti Get llai V to V. H. A. MiihIc nnd KM aklii((
II 1Kb Hcliool Team Will Meet Fant
Portland Team
Arnold llobbn r.rrlvod homo lunti Tomorrow night will mark the end
Buturday from New York, for a ot 1110 Victory Loan er.mpalRn. It
nhorl vlnlt to hln uarentn. Mr. anil WW be the clonq. no far tn St llel.
Mrs. J. It. Ilobhs. Ho wan granted I" concerned, beciuso it Is con
only 20 days to liiuko the trip from ''doiitly expected that the city's
New York, vlnlt tho homo folks and 1u"ta will be nuliHcrihcd before the
then bo back to report for duty on ' ""'InK in over. City Chairman Fred
the auperdmndnaught. New Mexico. I Morgus has n promlni from the Vic
tory Loan Speakers Committee thm
one or me Pest known and bent
speakers In Oregon, will be sent to
Hn in one of a gun crew on thin big
fighting mp.chlne of Undo Sam'B.
Arnold ciiIIhIciI In thn n.-ivv iilmnut
18 inonthn ago. Ho recnlved train- St- Helens to partlcipr.te In the meet-
ng at Mare Inlund and New Orleans. I ,n- 1 " weather permitting, It is
Ho was UHHigned to tho V. S. s. ! "an"f"' t0 "om tlio meeting In the
Iowa and received additional train-: courthoune nguare. If the weather is
tig and won tho covoted position nh ,nclrment' the meeting will be hel
i gun crew man. He wnn then as- '" 1,18 circuit court rooms. Judge
signed to tlio freighter. Went (.rove I unenon nnving given permission
(which, by tho way, wr.s a Portland lo UMC Ule 'oom ror this purpose,
built vessel) and mndo several trips Prl.en Offereil Ki Iiik.In
across the Atlantic carrying food j !n ordor t0 ..,,., ,nfprlat ,
,0, o;!r over,, Victory Umn, Ch.Mrm.-n Morgus
there lie was In Inrvo. France for ; ,,: offered a beautiful silver cup to
ilmoHt four months on account of ,ho cIaH8 roHm ,n th ,oor "
repair work being done to the West , si n. len. i.,bi... .n., -' ...J...
Victory bonds, and Introduced lien ' 'Irove It was nccessnry to send to:i r rl,.B ;, n,n8t Vicirrv l.nn h"
I '......!.... .1 ...I . ,u t .1 NnW Inrb fnP iinnii rtf Ilia attv nn 1 . . ... .. '
. i'iiihiiiii, win,, nuer m illinium or; .-..., .... n" bit. pi ions. I lie dlHtrl-t Includes the
service In Frunce, bus returned , ' parts, hence the long time required , BC)00H , Sl i,(.e.ls WpKt R, .
Ht. Helens Sergeant Copeland mnilrM mnKn repairs. Arnold hopes to onHj Yankton. Warren Deer Island
a nice talk. Ho said that when the "n 1)0 discharged from the tii.vy, Columbia Cltv. tho OnwH eimni ,'h
boys over there heard the news thnt
America had oversubscribed the
Fourth Liberty lonn, they felt en
couraged nnd know the folks at
homo worn hark of the boys at the
front. Ho told how thn boys at thr
front had worked, sacrificed and died
for America's honor and ho asked
Hint nil aid In upholding the honor
nUaliieil. It was lleuny's first pub
lic speech, nnd whllo he would have
ml her piloted un nlr machine sever
nl thousand feet above terra flrmn
than lo fare tho several hundred
people who heard his remarks, he got
n way In fine style and made a real
patriotic speech. Dr. Flynn also In
troduced Justin Wilklns and Hob
Harrison, who have boon In Franco,
and In tho thick of the fighting.
Several hundred peoplo wote
I resent nnd this does not Include the
several hundred school children who
worn given leave lo go to the depot
and sen the lank. In another col
umn of the Mist will be found a good
description of tho tank and how It
was operated.
"xi'i v.i..im...... ,10 school near tho Milton Creek
s machinist. However, he does not Logging company. A. It. Lake, who
regre having spent the past 1 Is acting ns assistant to Chairman
months In I nclu Sam s sordce and. Morgus. will visit the schools today
s wiling to remain If the necessity Bnj ou,ii11B ,!m ,,, T,,
, - I--"".. - DI.I1UUI
nr. Urn. I tnrim U'lilili u-lno i.a . I ...iti
. ...... n yi tt.v win in
deed he lucky.
M. Helens Subscriptions Slow.
Subscriptions to the Victory bonds
in M. Helens have been slow. At 6
V. H. Taylor, who lives nca.
Houlton. has received a letter from
bis brother. Sergeant Mux Taylor of
orchestra has boon engaged and thoso1 w'ho Borved In the Confederate army
who wish to dance, will remain at tne und wus known as the 'righting
skallng rink, whllo those who wish chaplin of Stonewall Jackson's Url
other forms of amusement will re- ade." Mrs. Morton was past presl-
turn to tho lodge hall. Noble urnnu , ent of tho Oregon chapter or mc
Ira Snurer and Secretary C. W.i Daughters of tho Confederacy. She
Itlnkeslry, together with the com j survived by five daughters, Mary
rnltteo appointed to look after the r., Irene and Km in a Morton, Mrs
program, have everything In readl- j, N. nice nnd Mrs. S. H. Hammond,
lions for tho big celebration ond they 'ail 0f Portland, and two sons, Paul
I, ..on thnl nil Odd Fellows, members, r Morion of Portland and S. C. Mor-
of tho local loiign, or iioiongir.g vine- ton or hi neiens. um iuunai bm
E.it . inovtiin. inn
i , ; r,'f'iHii over tho bluffs
n o the rivor alons the eltv'n
ir irnni i -
. .1 inaiio n very un-
'f ll linen ri ....... i.- ...... . .. -
Li ii" mini, and me
l. ' enmpe i ,o lllllll
JUIlk (M (,f l,.. l.nf.,.. J,...
flnntiiw'u ...... si
rulilv ei . .. ""KH1'"'"'!! wan
. ' --"il llllll.
I1" renriFi ..rn.-
rnn.i 1 c,y irenBiirer
r0lll linil nlnei.,1' u
nil.... ' "ii tiiu Uliu nov--
nilier in ,n.- ... ...
i., "in in uiiporiancn
"U 11 II 1 1 ni.ln.l ... 1....
liom..i... V "Iiuii ooiore
ouy adjourned
. llihot lu -i
land .' . : l ' '.' D . . ' ..
L hir'V . r rnrovod a lottor
led hni " which ho
I, ' tar morn tlrosomo
Mng i i'1 Now York "' to nn
Iew n i- "" ,n n11 Prohnhlll-
Members of St. Helens Lodge, No.
117. I. (). O V.. will fittingly cele-
brnto the lOOih anniversary of the
founding of that order tomorrow
tilglit. First on the prog rain Is a
iiuiuior for the members of the order I Mrs. Serena C. Morton p:isscd
and their wives and also members ofinwuy ut tho homo of her son, Paul
the Hebekah degree. Tho supper IB', c, Morton, In Portland. Friday night
to he nt 6 o'clock, and after the j Deceased was almost 75 years of age
supper Is over, tho members will go Mrs. Morton vrcs born in Lexlng
the 169th Aero Squadron. Ho Is yet ; clo(,k night only $8,200 or
n France and very anxious to come I subscriptions: had been handed in at
home, us he snvs, ''it looks as though ! 'I"" local banks. This, however. Is
our work is finished." He also j "ot taken as nn indication that St.
Mated thnt he hud n great respeci . Helens will not subscribe its full
for the Yanks nnd the way they j quota, but It is thought the people
went through tho Hlndenberg line! re Just a little slow In responding to
was something amazing. "lilvo a
Yank a good feed, hand him a giii.
nnd tell him to go and be will do the
rest," ho writes. That the dough
1 oys went throiiRb h 11 in the
Argontie was evidenced by the great
nuatitity of captured artillery, guns
of every description, barbed wire en
linglemonts and other devices ot
war, which were dully being brought
from the front and stored in France
Sergeant Taylor's homo Is in Hooo
River and he has been overseas for
r.liuost two yenrs. He was an In
structor nt one of the flying fields.
(Continued on lust page)
to tho Bkalhig rink for n program ot
music. Biionking. songB. etc. An
ton, tloorgla. and was tho widow of
Itev. Paul C. Morion, e. Vlrninian.
whore, will take part in this memor
nlilo occiislon,
Itev. H. F. Gclvlti ot Onmco, for
merly of Clalskanlo nnd well known
In SI. IIoIoiib, will deliver ui puinii
pul address of tho evening. Hov.
c.iuii. in n Inval Odd Fellow who
takes deep Interest In the lodge and
the coiniilltleo fool that iney weru
very fortunate In securing IiIb services.
Icob were held at the Portland
Crematorium Sunday afternoon anu
a lurgo number of her friends were
there to pay their lust respects
Mrs. Morton had often visited St.
Helens and had many fr.ends here
who deply sympathize with the be
reaved members of the family. She
viiB a lovely character and a devout
member of tho Hose City Purk Pres
byterian church of Portland.
the call of the government.
Clatskaiiit Over First.
Clalskanlo lias the distinction or
being the first town over the top in
Columbia county. Early Tuesday
morning, Chairman O. J. Evenseii
cnlleri up County Chairman S. f:
Morton nnd said that Clatakanle had
exceeded lis quota, which was $40,
&00. At the Biime time, St. Helens
had subscribed $3200, or $65,000
li'ss t linn tho quota assigned. Rain
ier, with a quota of $17,000 is re
ported as having moro than filled
the quota. Scappoose, according to
Mrs. C.rant Watts, the faithful chair
mnn in Hint town, 'has subscribed Its
quota of $15,000, end It appears that
St. Helens alone is the laggard.
Heretofore, St. Helens hns been ovei
tho top first of all and it is a keen
disappointment to the city clialrnmn
that the people have not responded
more promptly. He hopes that all
will turn out Saturday night and take
part in the big celebration. People
from Warren, Yankton, Columbia
City, Deer Island nnd surrounding
country aro especially Invited.
County tioiiiK (food.
Reports received by County Chair
man Morton indicates thnt the ter
ritory outside of St. Helens will
make a good showing.
Mrs. Jack Appleton at Deer Island
!s sure that the $10,000 quota will
be reached. Deer Island has never
failed and Mrs. Appleton does not ex
pect It to go back on its good record.
In Gohle, the old reliable warhorses,
Hog Kenny nnd P. B. Holbrook can
be relied upon to make up the quota
In tho Third lonn Coble had 1000
per cent nnd i:i the Fourth loan they
'ncreased the amount by 400 per cent
so naturally, that patriotic commun
ity would not full down ut this time.
No reports hnve been received froi
Kenny and Holbrook except to say
they "were attending to business"
and this means that Goblo will be, or
Tomorrow will mark the opening
of the baseball season In St. Helens.
The St. Helens high school team will
meet the fast James John high
school team of Portland and a gooo
game Is assured. It will be called
promptly at 2:30 o'clock on the
high school play grounds In the fiat.
Kit Conyers, an Oregon Agricul
tural college athlete and a member
of the McCormick team In the Ship
builder's league last seuson, has
been coaching the high school boys
and he feels confident thut lie has a
classy aggregation of ball Dlayers
ond is confident of winning the ini
tial contest. While the rainy weath.
cr has interferred, to some extent
with the dally practices, Conyers has
whipped the team into shape and they
are a scrappy nnd heady b:inch of
ball tossers and each one of them be
lieve that St. Helens' High will an
nex the lnterscholastic title for the
lower Columbia.
May and Merril are holding down
the first and second stations, re
spectively, nnd are doing the job up
in fine style. Welllnder. who is the
short patch artist, grabs everything
that comes his way and Is not afraid
to take a long chance and Dlyon at
third, is holding down that statlou
in almost f iultiess manner. Con
yers is well satisfied with his infield
and claims they will be the sensation
of the season. Hill, Corslglia ana
Kiblan have the positions in the out
er grounds. They are fielding well
and hitting the ball hard, and Stan
wood, who v.'lll do the receiving, is
getting along nicely. Zeigler ana
Decker will do the twirling. Botft
of the boys have been practicing
hard. Decker, who recently return
ed from France, is in fine form. He
will be depended upon to do the bulk
of the twirling. He has a fast
breaking curve and good control, ano
he will make some of the opposing
batsmen do the one, two, three act.
Wilson and Isblster, who have rt
ported for practice, have been work
'ng hard and show up well and they
will make some of the regulars
travel at a fast gait In order to hold
their positions.
The team Is the best one which
has represented the school for man)
years, and the baseball loving fans
should turn out and encourage the
I oys. Remember the game will be
called at 2:30 o'clock. The admis
sion is only 25 cents. Come out and
help the boys along and root for
them to win.
JuiIko Kakln Rules that White In
K.iil it led to Judgeship
By a decree rendered In the cir
cuit court Tuesday, Judge Eakin de
clared Martin White to be the legal
ly elected county Judge of Columbia
county and by the same decree, W.
J. Fullerton Is ordered to surrender
the office to White. The decree Is as
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon, for Coluxbla
County 20th Judicial District.
Martin White, plaintiff and
W. J. Fullerton, Defendant and
Now at this time the Court
having heretofore made ana
m ! : :,
Judge Eakin Says He Was Elected
County Judge
has gone, over the top.
Warren Looms I'p.
Chairman A JT Tnrhell nt Wnr-
ren, with the able assistance of will-1
ing lieutenants. Is making a canvass
of the Warren neighborhood and is i
meeting with success and he does not I
anticipate any trouble in raising the!
$8000 assigned to Warren. Warren!
is a prosperous and patriotic com
munity and never falls down on pa
triotic propositions, therefore, Mr.
Tarbell and his able lieutenants,
Morris and Lindahl, are confident
that the full quota will be subscribed.
Herb Howard for Yankton.
Yankton and the Milton Creek
Logging company have alwr.ys done
their part in war activity campaigns
and H. O. (Herb) Howard Is one of
the Yankton folks that can be de
pended upon. He met with a com
mittee of business men yesterday af
ternoon nt the Chamber of Commerce
rooms and said, "well, I think I will
invest at least $2500, but after I talk
it over with my good wife, maybe K
will be $5000." Other Yankton peo
ple will fall in line nnd with Fred
Morgus and A. B. Lake out there to
day to stir up interest, there is no
doubt ns to the outcome in patriotic
St. Helens nnd Columbin county
have never fallen down and Chair
man Morton for the county and
Chairman Morgus for the city, are de
termined that it shall again go over!
the top. In thl8 work they will have!
the able assistance of C. L. Whceleh, i
Jesse Lansing, Von A. Gray, C. D. j
White and A. B. Lake. These gentle-j
men will call on you today or to-1
morrow Hnve your subscription ;
ready and help Keep Columbia coun
ty in the front line ranks.
.siv.iviwivv ; ;vi .v.'vi.ft1x-$'
,,, of Llouletinnt Colonol Whittlesey's "lost bnttiillon" ut Apremont
I'hoioiriiiih Just released iy " uc" . , nf the battalion thut fought so bravely while It was
SK returned to ibis, count ?.uco th, o
Terms of the Victory Loan, an
nounced Monday by Secretary Glass,
follow :
Amount, $4,500,000,000; oversub,
srr'ptlonB to he rejected.
Interest 4 per cent for partial
ly tnx-oxempt notes; convertible In
to Z per cent notes wholly tax: ex-
' cmpt.
i Maturity, four years, with the
treasury reserving the privilege of
redeeming the notes In three years.
The 3 34 per cent notes to be ls
' sued later; also may be converted
subsequently back Into 4 per cen .
A most commendable feature ot
the fifth loan la the terms of pay
ment. Probably they will be a great
factor In aiding the sale. The In
stallments are to be:
Ten per cent with application oh
or before May 10.
Ten per cent on or before July 15.
filed his finding of fact and con
clusions of law and being fully
advised in the premises:
It is ordered, adjudged and
decreed that the plaintiff and
contestant, Martin White, be
and he Is hereby decreed to be
the duly elected and qualified
County Judge for the term of
office commencing on the first
Monday in January, 1919, and
entitled to perform all of the
functions of said office and to
receive the compensation pro
vided by law, therefor.
And it is further ordered and
decreed that the defendant and
contestee, W. J. Fullerton,
forthwith surrender and deliver
to said plaintiff and cbntestant,
Martin White, the possession
and control of said office and
matters appurtenant thereto.
And it is further ordered and
decreed that the plaintiff and
contestant, Martin White, do
have judgement for and recover
- of and from the defendant and
contestee, W. J. Fullerton, his
costs and disbursements herein
and that execution issue there
for. Dated, April 22nd, 1919.
J. A. EAKIN, Judge.
Ordinarily there la no appeal from
the decision of the circuit court in
cases of this kind, but Judge Eakin
has allowed a stay of execution for
15 days in which attorneys for Ful
lerton may prepare a bill of ex
ceptions. The attorneys have not
yet made known what course they
will pursue, but It is probable that
exceptions will be taken to Judge
Eakiu's ruling.
White Wins by Six Votes
According to figures of Judge
Er.kin, White received a majority of
six votes over Fullerton. The re
count gave White 766 and Fullerton
772, a majority of six for Fullerton.
Forty votes were laid aside for
further consideration. The Jud;b
rules that 24 of these were for
Whito and 14 for Fullerton, making
the count: White, 790; Fullerton.
786. The judges of the election had
thrown out six votes as illegal. Tht
judge counted these and gave four
to White and two to Fullerton, mak
ing the total: White, 794; Fuller
ton, 788, or a majority of six for
White. This makes a difference nf
12 as to tho recount result, for, as
stated, Fullerton came out of that
tangle with six votes to the good.
(Continued on last page)
j V. S. DeSpain, who will have
charge of the construction work ou
the highway between St. Helens ana
Deer Island, Informs the Mist that he
I will put a crew to work Monday
morning. All of the necessary ma
chinery has not been assembled, but
there is enough to start work witn
and ns soon as matters can be better
adjusted, more men will 'be placed
on the job.
County Surveyor L. J. Van Orshov
en went to Mayger yesterday to do
some surveying on a diking project
in that vicinity.

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