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Ui3MI.Mit Bonds SHouId k vonr Answer
i x. vii i v i l i i -1 r i r f i f t ? i i 't1 i in t r 1 1 i-i i r
tuES FOR $15,000.00
L Htole III Wife Mini Ilia Ac..
lira rr llofeinUiiU III i'mnn
jiio of Hubert Coin, plaintiff,
A Joliiianti. Allen Gillette
L WllllumHou la now on trlul
tlrcult court. The case waa
fliurailay morning and tlio
jury panel exhausted. I lie
lunilllolieci apeciui Teniro io
ihe Jury. I ! lit wn done In
rnoon inhicii. i ne ineiiiner
urr nr J. H. .Mowry. It. H
Wellborn, 11. llniiKon,
Unmn. Ira mock, i nurn-
L. Uracil, J W. VanNitta.
Wpliaon, S M. KIce and !)
Htole Mix Wlfo.
complaint aet forth tint
liout Mar.li 12, 1918, while
ilff wm 1 1 v I it k find coliabita
h and supporting Ilia an l
It. Helena, Oregon, and wlilln
and hla wife were living
ttmellier ua man nnd wife
vinlanta, wrongfully, con
and Intending to Injurs Ilia
and to deprive him of the
tocleiy and assistance of his
'. ntlrel tier away from the
and her realdnnre In Bt.
Hirxron, to Portland, Oregon,
I. alnre. Induced her tlifra to
and live aepurate and apart
It plaintiff and against the
k the plalnlirr."
Imrnlal complaint filed
kit since the filing of the
I complaint, tha plaintiff!
tough tlio Influence of the
kit. eud Iter to Institute
bn In the Mulnomali county
iking fr nn nnnullnionl of
ttaite. Colo defended thla
therefore, lie sak 'for an nd-
1500. ,!o won out In that
ke Utter HulinilttiHl.
M the principal wltneai on
p yeaterdty afternoon Num-
t lrtter.i from Mm. Coin
la Wllll.i-nanii) worj rem!
Jury. The letter were
In endearing terma, from
ny one of them It appearing
I -woman In the mho" waa
M of Mr. Cole. In one of
Ira. ihe spoke. of eating at.
inn every lilte meant a kiss
Moved." She didn't atntn
by bltea ahe had taken, out
fence waa that aha waa
of Cole and longed to ho
Other of her letter were
men and nil 6f thrm. aim
K-r undying love for the m.'n
loon to he her luialinnil
tra alao Indlr.-.tnd that aim
linion rtid Mr. Ill.irkwell
lie did not wlah them to
ner affect Inn for Colo. In
letter alio naked Cola to
; a the "C" hotel In Port
fom the tone of the many
. Colo wrote to Mr. Cole,
'I'M that ado had .a great
for him.
"le Telia of Mrrl(..
s ltne Himd Mr. C'3le re-
eircuniainnre aurroundlng
I lie con pin went to
'y tnd wern m.,..ln.i
H ft"r, they Pnme (o er
waa while they were
Mr. ai' A J"l,n,"," '''
. Nn A I ..A in.. ..i .
i,T iwnrawnu (now
"PPoil the l.rl.lo of only a
lc h helne l,,.--.j ...
l. . ' uiiurnu io
rl Johnann. ...
Iih. hoaonof lui'u-
i,V , ""'ou:!,, lll ln-
1 p., wi mis. viii-
Mler1h,",,::l,',, Cort r.
Wr,hynfll.rmi0r)w11 The cae
turned at 9:30 o'clock tl.ia
rd'y' tlln 81. He.en. Con
lr punt "H.B"rl""on w"'
n hu,Lnn, "'lolpment to
lldlnr V. r..." u' strn'-
nd la . r afly loT oc-
1G, 1919
A TM Ok a w m .
NO. 22
lion wiir V "m creamery
lte8t...v! 'l llppod
i man .:. "lrn fix-
bv ii, 1 " nuartom
. . .... ,-),w.nPt, .
r' . J. Ii,. .. .""'" oc-
cueea oi.
Ny He IMil Attorney MiNker an
IllJllHtlrO Mini ;MlloKl
Thn Mlat Iiiih recolved the follow
ing letter from Attorney h U'ren
of I'ortlund:
I'ortlund, Oregon, May 12, '19
To the Editor of the HI. Helena Mlaf
When In HI. Helena U.f..i..u t
earned that miiny of the cltlaieiia Ihw
lleved I inaplred or wna aecretly re
MMinalhlo for the recent nttnrka on
Hlatrlit Attorney (illn . M,!lH,r,
oniuHii of the fniifleld aettloment in
( olumliln comity. I auppoHo thla U
Iccauae 1 defended Mr. Kauiztiiiin at
lie liial term of court In 8t HelciiB
lilt that ImprekHion I wholly ernr,'
eoii. After that trial I InvcHllgaled
the t'unfleld atory carefully i -,,.
eluded from my Inveatlgnllon that
Mr. Metaker waa not only Innocent
of any wrong doing, hut u,Hi ,0
nerved Cnnfleld faithfully und that
the payment inndo to him by Cn.
field wna hardly ovon fair dally
wage for the time and lalior he
l'"iu aet-King relief ror him.
Aa to lohhylng the hill through the
leglMlnluru for 'iitifliid, relief,
there waa no concealnient. triUnrJ
nor deception, cither by Mr. Mntaker
r ma aaaociute, Mr. J. V. Uignn
Thla waa equally true after the hill
waa paaaea. The memhera of the
county court in Columbia County
linderatood the facta perfectly. Thai
moiaaer waa to be paid for hi
irounie waa no aecret, and If there
waa anything to be concealed in that
connection It aliould havo been the
amaiiueaa of the amount he charged.
I hove written thna far bocnuae
when I called on Mr. Metaker laat
Saturday to make a plea for Mr
Kautxman, Incidentally I told hlni
of my ronclualon In thla inntter. nnd
l. aald he thought It would only be
Juat to him If 1 puhllHhed It.
Wlillo I am writing, lomo of Mr
Metaker'i enemies who gavo mo con
fidential Information that wna not
true may lie Intereated In learning
that there waa no more foundation or
truth In the worat of their chnrgea
In the recall petition than there waa
In thn Cnnfleld en ho I have IuhI ile-
acrlbed. Mr. Metaker did not aug
geat that I make till hitter atale-
ment, but on the trial of thn Kault
man caan I wna publicly very uniuat
to Mr. Metaker and it la right that I
ahould acknowledge that InJuatloe
after being convinced of the truth.
Your truly,
W. 8. U'KKN.
Mi Comih k C.ni,Miiy i,N,,.r i,ui(I.
liiK a I Mr u Htemn H'liMiier
According to beat informntlon ob
telnahle, a jg qut0 probn,)Io tml
nnother veaael will bo built at the
yard of the Ht. Iui0., Hhlphulldlng
(OM.pnny. The type of yeaim unde?
conKlderatlon U a double-ender
a earn achooner with r. cirrylnt cana-
iome tine ,1 L- r'L?.r1 b to embrace not
have bee t " ? peoi" i . 8 U!"'.K8 of ""mediate and
if.... - . .
' nioreat to Farmer Are
'w-iiMM'a and I'lan Made
(County Agricultural Agent)
1'rogreHH In agricultural and the
problems of rurul life is not mad by
farmer who work aa Individual
? ' U ,s ma,lu ""rough united ef
fort. Thi union niimt ,a ,,fdi.
have been figuring on uch a i inulctol need hut also Yhm
hea't L,,dem,B;11VlCa from th.h,Ch "aVe l do future"!
ai alilpbulldcr on the coaBl a to the community. Buch a achonla
, ,,' "u""'"y or the propoacd craft. clnl condition and politic The
I underatood that they are ' dt-nrea to which they are carried out
Lnr.U.f."?i,taf'ed rW.h U,a plankliH, ,"0t W,t" tlie o'ganlzT.ioa. but
?. i.,i. U n" """'"llted and It . with the people who conatltute lt
(HiT.-lll.lUIl IO BftOn Htfirt unfb nit'llfTHhln Tha firnm. .. U
. nuia, a u iiici VT II If
cn tlio craft.
8upi.ri!.umk'nt Carl riiriHteriHon 01
a portion of his time in meeting to-
Rciucr wun ma reiiow orkers In con
The Mlat wonder why. If Mr
U'ren didn't know tlio target he waa
Khooling ut, why did ho pull the trig
ger, it alao wonder why, If l-o now
publicly acknowledge that he waa
"very unjuat" at the time of the
Kautzmnn trial, be did not have
realized that fact At tlio time of the
Irinl. Ilia letter tell (ho atory. of ut
leuwt part of It.
Helena Illicit Will I'lay JeM-i-Non
High Hcliool Team
The real big ball cnmo of tlio ea-
aon will bo played here tomorrow af
ternoon. Jeffemon high school
team will coma from I'ortlund to try
concltiHions with tlio team which has
ao well repreaeuted the St. Helena
high school. Conch Kit Conyera la
confident thut hi team will add an
other game to their long string of
victories and every member of the
local team will uan both brain and
brawn to arcompllHh this.
St. Helena high has an unbroken
string of victories among tlio schoni
teams. Last Friday they defeated
Clntftknnlo high by a score of 35 to
S. They do not look for such en ay
picking, however, when the Jeffer
son nlno comes down and each man
will bo on his mettle to uphold tlio
honor of Ht. Helens high.
It Is expected that a lurgo crowd
twill be out to witneas the gnme,
which Is sure to be a cIoho and ex
citing contest.
the shipyard Is now in San Francisco I ""ration of theao subjects 1b not
uuiiiiK i)t.(.n caned there by the Mc-' ' periorming an obligation, but
Cormlck company for the purpose of!'18 lH do,n& tlle thing which will get
going over the olnna ti, nw..i..i ..r'the results that hla indifferent
the proposed boat has been laid out Kard ne!Kll,,0'" will reap equal bene
. v nriHiciiHen is aatlafied that
the typo of vessel considered is the!
i-."-r upu ior uoin coastwise and
off-shore trade.
II. F. McCormlck, the local mana
ger of the shipbuilding company,
stales that while It Iibb not been de
finitely decided to build such a ves
sel, he Is quite sure that the com
pany will decide to go ahead with tlio
proposition. While the McCormlck
company and Miobo interested in
their several stock companies, own
and operate quite a fleet, tlio ton
nage at their disposal is not suffi
cient to take care of the business,
and they have a number of stenmert
chartered. It follows, therefore,
that they desire more tonnage which
I under their direct control. The
motor vessel City of Portland, which
sailed under the McCormlck limine
fits. The farmer who does not lino
p with his neighbors, whether
through the grange or through ,,,.
other organization, Is not doing his
duty and wll alway enjoy benefits
io wnicn no is not entitled.
i ne quarterly meeting of the
romona. or county grange, was held
at Vernonla on S.-.turday, May 3rd.
The spring months are busy times
on the farm and only four of the
eleven granges In the county were
represented. These v. ere-Vernonla,
Natal, Heaver Valley and Warren.
With the local gathering there were
BO people in attendance. State
Master Spence and Mr. S. Shrock,
malinger of the Oregon Dairyman's
League, were present.
After the moetlnj was called to
gether by Master It. N. Lovelace, oi
uninier, the ladles of the great Ne
flag, was recently sold, the M. S. Al- inlo'n Valley started thiucs going
lard was lost and the City of St. , riK,,t with a dinner. We say ladles
Helens wss sold, so that now their of ,,1(s Kreat Nehalcm Valley, because
certainty no otlior wonior. of any
other plr.ee could hnvo sot such a
table. Had It been in tho Waldorf
Astoria it would have been known
as a sumptuous bnnquet.
Following the dinner a short
business session was hold. The
regular county business wca trans
acted and a dolcgr.te and alternate
to the state grange was elected. Mr.
E. A. Gessell of Vernonla was elected
nun uuueri L,inasay or x.iist was
louniiKe is smaller than a year ago.
It is for this reuson that the company
Is planning on enlarging their fleet.
If it should be decided to build
tho steam schooner, It will mean that
not less than 100 additional men will
he put to work in the shipyard and
that they will huve work for several
months to come.
WILL REOPFN,named 08 alternate
- At 2:30 p. m. the literary program
Friink Miles was here Tuesday and wns Riven In an open meeting. The
Informed the Mist that the firm of school teachers at.d children did
Hay. Hush and Frazer would reopen themselves proud by putting on a
the logging camp Just west of Col- most entertaining program. It all
umhla City. I.nst year the enmp was ' showed work nnd good spirit. The I er.thuiastlc over the plans a for
operated by Ooo. A. Ilrodlo. Tho nudrcss by Master Spence, though muiated by tho commission and
camp is a smull one nnd the dally out
v onions llellef Corps Plan Fitting
t clebratlon In Honor of Soldier
The John Buchcr Post, No. 70, G
A. R., and the W. R. C. of Vernonla
are planning a fitting and patriotic
teiuurauon ior Memorial Day. Un
like many communities, Vernonla has
adhered to strictly a patriotic cele
bratlon of this sacred day, and the
observance this year, will be no ex
ception to their ru e. The o a. n
post, wnne not the largest In the
county, has a membership of veterans
who served in the strenuous days of
'61-'6B and the 20 members of the
W. R. C. will give valuable assistance
in ine ooservance of the day.
Sailors and Soldiers Honored.
in addition to decorating the
graves of the denarted soldiers ex
ercises win be held In honor of those
sailors who went down In tha hrtnv
deep. Rock Creek runs through Ver-
nonia ana a large bridge spans thw
creek. On this bridge, the exercises
In honor of the sailors, will be held
nnd the school children will cast
flowers upon the water.
Judson Weed, quartermaster of
the post, Informs the Mist that In ad
dition to the regular exercises, an
oration by some prominent orator,
will be one of the features. The of
ficers of the post are. W. W. Allen.
commander; Israel Spencer, adjutant
and Judson Weed, quartermaster.
The post has been In existence for
many years.
ine organization of the newly
formed land settlement commission
of Oregon, was accomplished Mon
day afternoon at Portland. The of
ficers elected were: Whitney L.
Boise, president; Emery Olmstead,
vice president and treasurer and W.
H. Crawford, secretary-manager.
The first definite work was the
ccreful consideration of plans for
the first farm unit and the appoint
ment of committee to Investigate
the most quickly available lands.
M'heeler Heads Committee.
Charles L. Wheeler of this city,
was appointed chairman of the com
mittee. The other members are
Prof. H. D. Scudder of the Oregon
Agricultural College; L. J. Simpson
of Coos Bay; Charles T. Early of
Portland and O. J. Evensen of Clats
kanle. Mr. Wheeler gave a very In
structive and well received talk to
the commission relative to the Impor
tance of developing the logged-off
land. If his idea is accepted by the
commission, it will provo of vast
benefit to Columbia county and other
counties which have Inrge tracts of
logged off lands. Mr. Wheeler I
put was about 25,000 feet. The logs
were hauled on trucks to the dump
ing place at Columbia City and there
rafted. About 20 men will be given
employment when tho camp resumes
short, was much Rppreclntod by all I hopes thut by Hie next meeting, he
present. He emphnslzed tho need of
careful study of political matters
nnd of the measures on the Initiative
Too many farmers wait until after
election, he said, before registering
County Krult Inspector A U. Mor
r's hnd as his guest Thursday, Mr.
II. GUI. field superintendent of the
,Vlttenlerg-KliiK company. Mr
Gills mission wns to ascertain now
much fruit would bo available) for a
Klehydratlng plant, and Mr. Morrla
took him over the Wnrren-HcnpP
land Uachelor Flat district. Later on.
they will visit other sections or tlio
county and if In Mr. GUI' judgment.
fruit to warrnm
" a niiii... .
tho couri rr ii. ,n, ..i.iiui. ..,,, i n( n nliiiit. nlnns
court, but It
caso will iltbore Is sufficient
kpi i. 7, "u"iner
f.e.1 the clr,.,,..
tilt !....
N win i , K "" that will bo worked out nccordlnKly. "
L.l ""i on In, l.i ,.., ..... ,.. , . ...... i...,.i., ni
. wtut unlit untuirsioiiii mm it im;,,,..
iWurron Is obtalnnhlo and there is,
lit seems, a strong nrobnblllty of the
wltl1 1,326 oou r I "talHsmont of Ihe plant at that
Aug. Jolmnsen, who for sometime
hns been superintendent of the Som
farstrom Shipbuilding company's
rneratlnns. will leave tomorrow for
""ton TnnTTT Euroka. California, where be has
"ttKlit frn't.. ,.?00 P"i'iuls of nccopted a position as foreman of i
Ilia family win accom
pany him.
enrryl, 1B um of
,, '"'h a Cllllllnllu
' 11 0 SI ii,..,.. puNHHIl-
"''lllgh . T K1'""th left
'ur"l. ! J'",""'1 ,or South-
- 'u nan Francta-
"'0MB um -! to 62 cent, tdilpyard.
TtJ. J . '
will have definite plans outlined nnd
adopted by the land settlement commission.
their opinions. Then all they can do
Is to kick. He urcod the farmers to
work more diligently on matters
pertaining to co-operative efforts,
such as marketing and buying, stat
ing that the farmer was the only
man who both bought and sold on
the other fellow terms.
Mr. S. Shrock then showed what
the dairymen In the Portland dis
trict had accomplished through co
operation. They wero co-operating
not to force a larger price for their
product, but a fair margin of the
price being paid b the consumer,
and honest methods of dealing.
The evening session epened fol
lowing another generous feast at the
hrnds of the local l,d!cs. Tho re
rret of all was the fact thit It came
the same day ns the feast at noon,
but the old saylnu; that there Is al
ways room for mere proved the
motto of the crowd.
Among the resolutions pnssed vas
one urging the making cf the Pltts-burg-St.
Helous rond a postal route
nnd requesting the comity court and
state highway commission to bring
this about. The resolution stun
ergoa the early improvement of this
htghwiy as it Is of vlt: 1 importance
to the farmers of the Nehalcm nnd
to tre county as a whde.
Another resolution dlr9ctod to too
senators and representatives sup
porting government operation of
railroads and urging uUtnv.to cov
ernment ownership of rnllroids,
telephone and telegraph companies,
as well as all other public utilities,!
such ns harbors and water power.
Resolutions opposing tho sinister
use of the emergency c!rvuse to pre
vent matters of legislation froru
coming before tho people of the
state, nnd advocating the use of tho
nt'oivil adr.nt'on of the metric syn
tern of we'ghts and measures.
The day closed with the regular
f'fth degree work. A class of 17
we" e'vrn work in Pomona.
F"rv vvtor present will long re
n,0n,,Br i,e hospitality of the Ver
non's pntrons and will look forward
to the time when the granges' of the
county ran gather again upon the
banks of the beautiful Nehalem river
to rons'der the farmers' problems
and needs, and may there ha
I beautiful mountain highway from
i the Columbia river to the Nehalem
via Treuholm and Pittsburg.
Routine Matters Come to Attention
of City Dad and Acted Upon
The city council met in regular
Fesslon Monday nlslit. All the coun
cllmen, with the exception of C. D.
White, were present. After the
reading of the minutes of the prev
ious Bession, the mayor called for
reports of officers. Marshal Potter
thought tho approach to the city
dock should be fixed. It was rv
rough, he said, and if the dock was
Buiug io oe used, the roadway and
approach should be fixed. He waa
Instructed to have several loads of
rock and screenings placed on the
City Attorney Day stated that
notwithstanding the fact that he
and A. L. Morris had appeared be
fore tne public service commission,
an increase in telephone rates had
been allowed. He also stated that
the county court had made a deed
lor a strip of land at the southwest
corner of the courthouse, an h.
Strand street could be widened He
understood, he said, that Strand
street was to be paved, or the pav- -
.us, ui mo street was under consider
ation. He also reported on tha
status of certain petitions for street
Councilman Dixon stated thai h.
bad nothing to report and Council
man O'Connor said that tho
truck needed a new axle. Ha .
Informed by the mavor ihat now
axle had been received nnd would bu
Wheeler Wants Street Work
Councilman Wheeler called the
mayor's attention to the deplorable
condition of many of the streets. He
thought some patch work should be
done nnd asked the mayor if it waa
not possible to fill some of the
chuck holes. The mayor stated that
while an appropriation had been
made for streets, It applied to street
crossings, and that none of the city's
money should be spent on tin
streets which were adjacent to pri
vate property. He thought the pro
perty owners should pay for sucn
repairs instead of having the cost of
such repairs withdrawn from the
city treasury.
He said that near his house, tho
street was almost impassable, but
that he had not asked the city to fix
it. Mr. Wheeler thought some plan
should be made whereby such nec
essary improvements eonld ha nA
but nothing was done in the matter
except to discuss It.
Other Matters Discussed.
I The mayor was asked as to what
charges would be made against the
contracting firm that has been un
loading hundreds of yards of rock
and gravel on the city dock. He
said he had given permission to the
contractors to unload the sand and
gravel, etc., but had not set any
price. This prompted Councilman
Dixon to remark that a schedule of
prices for the use of the dock, should
be adopted and the dock committee
mere instructed to make a report on
I the matter.
, City Hall Defaced.
Ther ecorder brought, to the at-'
t' m ion of tho mayor aM council
that some of those attending school
In the city hall, were Hfniin n,.
ibuildtng. The building committer
was Instructed to see the school
board and ask thnt no furtb,
damage be done to the building. The
mayor stated he would interview
some of the high school boys and
endeavor to ascertain who were the
guilty parties.
Several other matters were brought
to the attention of the council and
acted upon.
According to reports 'received by
S. C. Morton, county chairman, the
quota for Columbia county in tha
Victory Loan was almost reached.
Several large subscriptions were re
ceived during the past weok. The
Western Timber Company ;-.nd the
Fir Tree Lumber Comn-uty each
subscribed for $5,000 and the Ap
pleciiile Land Company subscribed
for $2,000. Tho Columbia County
bank reports subscriptions aggregat
ing $40,000, and the First National
br.nk has $19,000. The subscriptions
were to be closed on May 10, but
there .".re qu'te a number who made
subscriptions after that date, hav
ing previously arranged for such sub
scription. There are sevoml Indi
viduals in the count? who subscrlb
' for $5,000 in bonds. Fred Trow
at Rainier nnd Joseph Vann and O
Evenson of Clatskanie each took
that amount. The German helmets
captured by American troops will
be awarded to them. On account of
not having received a full list of
subscribers from Warren and Scan
poose, the Mist is not publishing the
names of the subscribers in this is
sue. The list of those who sub
scribed through the St. Helens banks
are In possession of the Mist, but
the complete list for this district will
not be published until next week.

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