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Issued Etwj Friday by
O. D. HEILBORN. . . .Vic President
ad Manacor.
B. C. MORTON Editor
One Year 1 1 .110
Bli Months , .75
Entered as second-class matter,
January 10th, 1912, at the Postotflce
at St. Helens, Oregon, under the act
of March 3rd, 187.
Fruit Inspector Morris is trying to
organize the fruit growers of Col
umbia county so that their product!)
may be better marketed, and also
that they may be standardized. It is
a good idea. The fruit of the
county is excellent and better re
sults will be obtained if the market
ing is done on an intelligent plan
Another Idea that occurs is that the
better fruit that the farmer grows
will aid in building for the county a
reputation for the excellence of the
fruit. Growing good fruit pays bet
ter than letting the fruit grow ns it
can on disease infected trees. The
farmers of the county are begin
ning to realize this fact and It will
not be very long before Columbia
county grown fruit will have an en
viable reputation and
good price.
command a
QtiAma aa 1 1 ii 1 1 1. ttiA c 1 1 ni una rn.
casioneu oy mai army capiain, jusi
nonni llinf If It liml twit Imnn fnr
strong aemocr&ue iimueuce. some ui
his publications which c.rrted in
sidious Germui propaganda, would
havo been held up in the V. S.
Burleson did this with other papers.
Public Opinion, for instance, but
then the latter paper did not support
the administration. Perhaps that's
the re.-son.
The glorious Fourth is getting
hoarer every day and the days are
slipping by fast. If St. Helens is to
hr.ve the great celebration planned
on, work must be started Itiimodinte
Jy and kept up. It will tako a big
effort to pull off a big celebrr.tion
rnd the preliminary work cannot be
done In a few days. Time to eot
tusy right now.
When the paving concern which
will do Jhe highway paving through
West St. Helens Is working in that
locality, would be a gocd time to get
seme paving dene here. They coulu
do the work cheaper at that time
nnd In this manner, the urnnprtv
iowner would effect a saving.
Secretary Baker says lie is not
afraid of taking responsibilities. It
Is liko the small boy who gets hold
of a loaded shotgun It's the other
DeoDle that have n rlehr in ha
skeered. Ex.
The RflORPVplt HIpIiwav will nntn
up 350 miles of coast country and5,' 1
n 11 1 OraDAn An Tift m.n M U ll 8.
- v . up, u u vu uiaj null UUD Ul
the most scenic roads in the world.
Not only will the highway be a scenic
highway, but It would connect Ore
gon and California with an all-the-yoar.around
The coast counties need such a
road. In many other Oregon coun
ties, the Columbia highway or the
Pacific highway opens up the coun
try. The coast counties stand their
pro-rata of the expense of this high
way. They stand their share of the
expense in building the highway
through Columbia county. They
have not kicked at the building of
sucn nignways even though they re
ceived no direct benefit. It woult
seem selfish, therefore, if the coun
nes wnicn nave Deon ravored ana
partly at the expense of the coast
counties, should refuse to help their
coast neighbors. The Mist hopes that
Columbia will give a substantial ma
jority in favor of the Roosevelt
highway. Our neighbors havo help
ed us now let us help them.
Seems nn tliriifli Ilia Mntlimlloia
5 were li earnest about that Centenary
A wife's
valued high.
affections should be
No. 18
Report of the Condition of
at Saint Helens, In the State of Ore
gon, at the close of business. May
12, 1919.
Loans and discounts ..$390,792 35
Overdrafts, secured and
unsecured 441.88
BondR flnH Vllrraiila tOtf n
fOUlds,ock8- securities. Judg
ments, etc 419 57
BanHing house 17,630.00
Furniture and fixtures . 4.050.40
Other real estate owr.cd 10,000.00
Due from approved re
serve banks 116,193.72
Checks end other cash
items 35 40
tasn on hand 22,283.82
Total 1748,317.11
Capital stock paid in .. 50,000 00
At New York Sunday represent
ctives of 29 radical divisions, com
prising 42 nationalities, packed a
lnrtro thaatta In nn 1 1 . ..
7- " Jiuierican-aii i nald
manifestation," to demonstrate they p0sta I savin'' ' hni L'
were for America, first ln.t ..h n ro savlu8s bank dc-
' " DOHirn .
me lime, mey adopted resolutions ..jlm..., ' " V
e burin rf vintAti, KnB l i.iujtiuum aeposits sub-
Surplus fund ininnX" . 11,10,1 'iult on or ,)t!fure Monday-.
Un&d nl-of-.tV " '.V " 1M0OO !h" 7th dll" f '"'7. -aid date
undivided profits, less
expenses and taxes
pledging the buying of Victory bonds
and sent a cable message to Presi
dent Wilson assuring him that '5 -000,000
Americans of foreign birth
and foreign parentage, through
their reprasentatives at this pa
triotic demonstration, "pledge their
unswerving loyalty to the United
States of America."
That shows the right spirit, but is
only what the American people and
their government have a right to ex
pect and demand. Men and women of
foreign origin who can not whole
heartedly subscribe to the pledges
made at the New York demonstration
are not deserving of American citi
zenship. As Roosevelt of blessed
rnemorv rlpplnrai. tuin i
its breadth and spaciousness, has no
room to spare for citizens of divided
allegiance.! The 60-50 ccmcjeption
must go by the board. v
America has taken too many vipers
to its generous breast. Ex.
IS, 887. 73
J " cucck 462,085.10
Demand certificV.es of
deposits 7 414 75
Cashier checks outstand
ing fiJD
Certified chocks i36 5
Time and Savings De-
Pslts - 194,927.57
Homo Job for Dud
school teacher received the fol
'Dear Madame
find und tommy will time lilut, hut
please dou't tlvo my boy Much ex
amples agin, because my husband
.must go to work every day to sup
port his family."
Maude Piatt, Plaintiff,
William Piatt, Defendant.
To William Piatt, the above named
.defendant :
I In the name of the State of Ore
gon, You are hereby required 10 ap
pear or make answer to the com
plaint filed against you in the above
entitled BUlt, on or neiore mommy
I'nr llnr WduiiiIihI Holilioin
The West lltulou Hotel, West llutl-
en. Indiana, nil nceu iukcii ut y
the fulled KiHteM government at th
lVriimlililiyoV Clink H .
Onion Himit lias been greatly re-
returned irom iignuug in rrniu-e, lowing note: Dear aiauame, rivnsu uuru - - ,, , ,.,, (, Ciiltoil Slate governmeni ai Iliw
who took Willie Hearst's picture excllH my tommy today ho won t coin; ! plant by ii.il: lnK '01 mau 1. u ' ,inmm r,.,,tul of $ 1 60,000 to be tmml
from the wall in the Portland Press u, 8i;ulo because he is acting as ounce to one ,,, fr 11,0 treatment f tlnitlil1 Hiildlors.
club, has subsided. It appears that tI!lukeeper for his father, and It t rate of one gallon or . 1 I T,ul)1,m f woumlnd flKhlrs will
Sam Jackson's Portland Journal )oul fttuU. u Kave him a example, If eiu h 275 feet of row. "' "" , i, urHed Wk to lienlth nt tills
was the only Portland paper to take fii(i 5 ,. around how Ion? half the plains thus ' ' ' " " : , ., f,,,,,,,,,,, rr lis iiilneral aprliiKi
Willie's part in the matter. There w, ,ake a , walking three and A. C. ,.M.erl.iient o. . mil mr." i.Uj" . Accoll, molat Ion. for
shouldn't have been so much fuss one-hulf miles per hour to walk tw, Kroun.l. were entire r,,' H " "I" which civilians paid 120 a day. are
rbout the matter and Willie should Rl,a one.fourtli times around It? ami many of the o.h. rs nu. ver. . I I hk n e 1 ,,;,.,.,,,. ,,IU.8
not fee aggrieved, for In some parts al.t a 8(, wo wllt 8 The drip ""' wu" J" . ' o ,,,! Sam's guests. Cases vt sliell sho. k
of North America, his publication father They went early this morn- ed plants In cl.eok plots ero 90 to . n f n.Tou. disorder.
wAa knmuH fpnm tlta n u i I nml u-A , , . t. ...it, it. I ilm lilil ,.it,.tit UlllllllV. nn I .. n
inz. cnu lamer win m luun.i ..... tv ...m r iv., naiuirini miKiniiin.
V. II. Ceffey, Plaintiff,
Sarah Z. Wflglo, Defemlant.
Under and by virtue of an execu
tion Issued out of the above court.
In the above entitled suit on the
14th day of May 1919, In pursuance
of a Judgment, decree and order of
sale, rendered and entered In said
court ou the 24th day of April. 1919.
In a mortgage foreclosure suit
wherein the plaintiff. V. H. Coffey,
recovered Judgment against the do
I fendant. Sarah Z. Welgle, for
01 Illl'UVU, Willi
Small Cost Quick
Ho Mist Want Ad.
Result Lit-
Labor surplu, of
ported a. d.vnm,hI Po! j)
note. Farm ."' 1 1
houslur r,...
n regular ii,r wlr?'ll,t
will let 11,.
th. lalHir ,ntorJJN
ft kiss; J
rriM. that tbo oyl boU "l
first claw ... I.1,.00''''":.
11.. 00. J
..... -. ,v,..v, vinm onr 1,
and those of tli. t,ird7iS
uatnn r.i . m.....
brushe. are c.u,,,.?.
.1... T.t. J.,.. I.. I.. 1010 ut.l.l .l.kl.l fill ill
. ... ... ... . 1 thiTPnii nt 10
..... j . . ,i . ... 1 1! . ! from March 12 1915. for llOd.OU
per cent per niimim
the further huiii of
For a decree 1 1,1,1 commanded to iiuiko sale of
dlHHiilv'nir the:,,,w 'ol"w"ig desirll.e.l real proper
tulwand herZ -""? f rw;".
nftni ttin Hntn nt thrt flrttt lillltlirilt ton
is iiHorinv8
It I II1IH Mil 111 IIII1T1M. Illlll II 1I1II lllll I II
so appear and answer, for want there- S-3 , "
of, the plaintiff will apply to the! P. es with legal Interest fro.,,
Court for the relief prayed for l2- I17. ntl for l..50 costs
. 'I am comniHlii ed to make sale of
of divorce forever 1
bonds of matrimony now
roro existing netween t lie plaintiff.' ""' , " . ,,,' .
M..n.U lM.ni ..,,,1 ,if t u nii Sixteen ami Seventeen In lllnrk until
Piatt, and for such other and fum,. , l'"od sixteen. In the ( Ity of M. He -er
relief as to the Court may seen. ! l'K"n- m"" ') '
equitable in the premises. I ,,ul l'lt l'reof In the office of the
This summons Is served upon you c,,u,"' t,,rk of Bul1' cul""y
by publication in pursiianco to an N"w. therefore, notice Is hereby
order of the Honorable James A. i Kivii, that on Saturday the 14th da)
Eakln, Judge of the above entitled of June at 11:30 o'clock in the fore-!
Court, duly made nnd entered on the'oon of Bald day, at the front door
16th di-y of May, 1919, which ordei of the courthouse, In St. Helens,
directs that summons be published Columbia County, Oregon, I will. In
in the St. Helens Mist, a newspaper ; obedience to said execution, decree,
printed, published and having a gen-j nl1' order of sale, sell at public
eral circulation in Columbia County, ! I'-uctlon (subject to redemption), to
Oregon, once each week for six suc-ltl1" highest bidder for cash, all the'
cessive and consecutivo weeks. right, tit lo ami Interest which the
The dale of the first publication above named defemlant has, or had
thereof being May 2H, 1919, and tlio!on tho 4th day of March, 1912, the'
date of the last publication thereof ' lllll' of ""hi mortgage, In and to said i
Ueing July 4, 1919. I r-al prdprrty to satisfy said exeru-i
CHARLES E. LOCKWOOl) :,l"n' J1"1""'"'. Interest, taxes. al-
Attorney for Plaintiff ' " cosl ' un accruing
rostorrice address, Room 220, Ore
:M A S O
WMies to annotiiue that lie lias ilic exclusive apfnTl
iiic iiiii kimiic line tI
Helen Ardelle Chocolatej
m i . 1 1,. I,.,.,,.:.-
I I lev tlic iwiiuiuun iv ((vi lliwilicnis Juj J SWtftJ
(iispusitioti ami ate a wnoirhinnc ami tielicnuis hoirru,
coiifeition. These ilelii intin chocolates are made bvlonv
sttiilrnts of the University of Washington, Helen FJ
hetli Townsen.l anil Martha Anlclle Townsetnl.
You caa obtain these high grade chocolates only a
Hotel llldg., rortlaud, Ore
Jennie Hell, Plaintiff,
Doltlll Hell. DefemlMnt
To Oolph Hell, the above named de
In tho Name of tho State of Ore
gon, You are hereby required to ap
pear or mnke answer to the com
plaint filed against you In the abovi
Itorney's fees,
1 costs.
Dated, May 14, 1919.
Sheriff of Columbia County, Oregon.
First pub. May 16, 1919.
Last pub. Juno 13, 1919.
At least, needed street work may
be done in St. Helens.
Total $74831711
State of Oregon, County of Col
umbia ss.
t "'i0' Casl,le'' ot the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the
bestvof my knowledge and belief.
h. f. Mccormick. '
, Directors
m. .KZfil and. orn t0 before
..w t,a uiijr ol amy, 1919.
J. w. riAv
v, , , Notary Public
10 n cxPres May 24,
Cash Means Credit
C ?P TIMuE ll condnS-d the farmer who looks
nThU aen0U! v,ahead t0 accumulate a nice balance
m his account here at the Columbia County Bank-is
going to be prepared to meet the harvest and marke !
hegcanqUneeaHentl- gTWl "cash" acct
with us. g " 3 g0d Cfedit St3nding
If we can advise you about finance or
business, come in and talk things over
MARTIN WHITE ... vi ' I""!
A. L. STONE , V,ce preideut
q. moeck ....::::::::::::::-Aiit:S-
being more than six weeks from ami
after the date of the firm
of this summons, and If you fall to so
appear and answer, for want thereof,
me riuinuii win apply to the Court
for the relief prayed for In her com
plaint, to-wit: For a decree of di
vorce forever dissolving the bonds of
matrimony now and heretofore exist
ing between the Plaintiff, Jeunlo Hell
nnd Defendant, Iiolph Hell, and for
such other and further relief as to
the Court may seem equitablo In tho
This summons Is served upon you
by publication in pursuance to an
rder of tho Honorable James A
Kakln, Judge of tho abovo entitled
( ourt, duly made and entered on tin.
16th day of May, 1919, which order
directs that summons be published in
the St. Helens Mist, a newspaper
printed, published and having a gen
eral circulation In Columbia County
Oregon, once each week fcr six suc
cessive and consecutive weeks
The date of the first publication'
thereof being May 23, 1919, and the
date of the last publication thereol
'"-'"6 Juiy i, miy, .
Police , .adS KITS
"a., 1 uruanu. urepfin
Central Meat Market
We handle and sell none but the
choicest of MEATS. Cleanliness and
Safety is our motto and when buying
from us you are assured of getting only
the best.
Ikcf Cattle. Hogs. Vea and Poultry
and pay the highest market prices.
Trade at home and save money.
Central Meat Market
UW MORTON nnd (.KOIlGfc W1I.HON, Proprietor
Tlione 60
Free and Prompt Deliwj
The More Bread and
Butter the Youngster
is Allowed
the sturdier he grows. And what
with. Ksperlally.lf i, Jr,.ll( ,,J
spread with such delicious cream
ory butter as Is to b ,.r"
No wonder he likes R. You will
too, once you taste It Try a
pound today and with Its fin,"
asto you'll resolve that hereafter
no other butter will satisfy 0
o I'lKhPr. but quaii,;
St. Helens Co-Opera-tive
Creamery Assn
Boat and Auto Supplies
TIRES and TUBES. We handle the MILLER TIE
It is the best, and we are offering a little special by atari
ing the War Tax.
Granite and AluminumWarC
we nave a large stock HO I S, Kfc l TLLS, rA
Our stock of GROCERIES is complete and priced rd
sonaoiy ana our service is all that can be desired.
Larsen & Co., Grocers
Let Us Be Your Grocers You Will Be Satisfied
Telephone No. 27 Free DeM
' m-uanu, uregon. :S
St. Helens, OreKon, May 17 l'jis I
Sealed proposals, addressed to the I
-d-sod .'RroaT '7or h
ty. to-wit
R. A. I. Illl..",
trlct No. 7.
Itoad In Road I)is-
DiHtHefV10"5"13 ' oad
NoU9Ck t:reek'R "oad Dlstric,
will be rccolvoii i, .
untn 2 wiv',r om"y vrt
" lank Vrm.. to ,r 0 mined
proposed, boil, 1.. ..Blve pneen'
figures, d lu ZWTy u"l
bidder, wiih hiu tlie1
're on file at tho residence of" ae
i'f""""-"'-. OrLonAanS:,
of at lo-st five Ik. an a'''int
tract and file the r" r J"""
'A. E. HARVEYty'JUd,0 !
Fruits and Vegetables
Tk r-i...i ...
tract with farmers m7ran h V1 Cmpany WantS l T
ETABLES suTtlhl ? herS for a11 kind3 of FRUITS and VEG-
terms on lone time , """'" GrWCr9 are invited t0 cal1 and get
n long time contracts. The highest cannery prices will be paid.
Let uslStoeeuS'ir!" o f Ed SEEDS and FERTILIZERS,
county. make Colmbia county a better farm producing
Columbia River Canning
& Produce Company
J- w. iIUN(Tjm,;"H8"""-
County flork
L. ROSASCO, Manager
phone ss

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