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St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, May 23, 1919, Image 3

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i- ..f i 'mi . in wi-vice
,! Vum Widely Heralded
jon w y "Hl of 11,0 p'0"1
i wlnnliiK Hi" war!" 0"t"-
Ihulli'H" f" vnniiiK
Ll.li. U.nr-.l,itV.
L deeds of Hi" K1 Croi
Lve hem widely celebrated,
filr , I liu iiunmu, cou-
but nt u,',r d,J 1,16 dog
llorlouniy """""K'T Ul
n the war, 1 11 u ' ""
many inner
aid Hint thorn wore about
Uml iloKt pioyod at the
front it Hi" time or me sign-
No ar.nlHi.ro. j liny raimmj
. Iiiimild In HI Ituf.
(ilHKHlt III""""""' "
(I from Scotch culllu to fox
nt ilium wnrn lilureil
Indomlt.b.o wiV ,;' TO n.!.N TI!F
""" rny pat riot I hiii coulii
ST. HELLNS MTST tP,.t TTfiT 23, 1019
ffiiiK.it, "'"'WON, FOR Till.' ,r' ""'mi i:ui T OK TUB
lil..m.. . .- . ' " .....
I v nf tlllllll
rcKlnii'iiliil rosters like sol
In llm trendies iney snarna
lorlU iiml hardship of tlio
ami i'"w "T,i lunii in tuts
in in tlm sumo fiiHlilon. Hut
Li ali ready to go back,
L diiI recorded that a single
r.in ever fulled when It came
over llm lop.
kiting guard nt a listening
I long Hours in a mrniin, in
LiiihiT Willi all tlin stolid-
lu tiili y t uinri overy mo
Lp Invi'il mi heroic roln. Full
time ii wuh i mi HtitTii vnr in
ti.ui rl rH( ell lit lit tlin sound
pprorlilng raiding party
li hark? How mi hi ml It
liiti.ii fur lilm to flo Mri
klmrk or n growl might hove
have iir'H"iilil thn anlmal'i
it front xlvlng tha fon a
urprlmv So ho wagged IiIh
timlv n ruliliin ai.uli.liin nf
uk system whirl) Ii Ik iiiiii-
rpri'trd nii'i uciml up'in, to
ni furt u r.- of the tummy.
ta in. In ...nil tut tt .A. mil ni
Canine t tic lie con 111 rur.cli
llllll HH" omnium wii-i nm
iin rouM tlm Bolillom tinnn
m fnuiiil 1 1 1 ;i I iiinur iIiicm
k pui ml iiml m'out duty with
iiini'iii. inn inrro wan an
il of tlott workfr iHtodml In
irti'-H t ln HiiIhoii Aog, traln-
k hiii in nut it wlifnovor turn
A m 1 1 1 i'Xilnilliif nhi'llii,
itIIiiMi. rinlilH lit hull Iin
kl ami rn'i.i, with only on
in r. iu ii nm iiinmur iMor
V nop until t Iin ohjocl of Ilia
.ii minima, .ii any a nun-
prliiiii iiiiortunro he Hum
kn on., part of thn fli'lil to
and nun k )t hut ilouth or
In wouml riiulil turn him
work of I ho 1iikh of war
limlti'it to tlio front. Wluirn
br lorry wan liolploHK, whrro
tn ooi iioworioim to alii,
lan hlnno'lt founil cuiullt lima
, """"hi t:uiii (ii fii.n-
tiunr. li..rB ca.no tl, (lU ',l
"AhiMka ami ljbralor coiitrlhiitod
the motive powr for the aliiua at
kpl the mo,, t,r " a
naclo trenchii. 1 u.a A". "
or wintiir. in four iluvn. fir .
hnavy aniiwfHli ....... t. . " ";Vi. " ""' or tie Htnia nf n- Hunry Wniri.r ,i,.
u ii u Htiiini'i fir ir.ii irrin v...i - . v,ia-i.. - - ,--. " ....n
UOK niovnil mi.ni t ...... . . 7 r" nerciiy rRiiiilri.il in n t ounty Court of il.o . A
volliiy bolow to the front e on y()U l"y3lirr In h ?re'n Mulnwl" . All peronH havlnK claim,
mount..,, .hove. ,h" '0l& tHIl " a'letate are hereby noil-
M-v ttto .ii ; , . r ' " V, . nm name, auiy verl-
afJr ii, J iZ '", wU '"!"', el-Ted by law. to the un
.... .....!"! "r"' pwl'llcatlon of tl,l durnlKned, at her reHldenco vnv
, I Inn fl.,..... .
v,.Dfiu, wiuiin bix months from
tho date horeof.
Iate and flriit publication, the 9th
day of May, 1919.
v , . AdmlnlHtrn.trlx.'
Vankton, Oregon. 21-25-0t
. t ''U NT Y OK f lit ..i ii i
At'KUHta Morris. I'lalnlirr COUNTY OK COI.LMIHA
J. A Morrl. . .. .V'6 Malter ot 1,10 Estate of John
Ink Morri'- l?1m."llTM known """W, Wager. DeceaBed.
To J a m ,' ,,,;fondHnt. Notlcnlg hereby given that tha ur.
..iiiK MorrU, liefendt nt: i nilnlntratrlx of th Mi.i ,.f
ill IliR ii'iii& . 0 ... . in ... "a. nil
n: Y.n .."'.1.'8 mn 01 Ore- " '"V wager, deceaned. by tho
Has resumed teaching at St. Helens and can be found
Thursday at the Lidyard residence.
BiiniiiiotiH. a nil if ..n
UKUW CERTIFIED SPUDS' or otl'rwlBo plead wltlUn
" . an III time, for wnnl iliarm.f .i
Mm of Vrtlfl.atl.in la u Huiily
wniwrni will. Houml Hril
O. A. C, CorvnllUTwolvo Oregon
iifr ..in . rnoi me pialn
llli Will ntmlv in it.. . . v :
ii - inn t.uuri i jr the
Hoiving the lioniln f ,,,ni.i.
potato Krower. reached the .land ara i ZTnl'y o""' ,"ow fi,"H,l"K belwoei
of exce uiich riimiir.wi i ""d the n hi ntlff n.,,1 n...
certified aeed potatoea. In iih. un, i,...:,.cul!,.0ly. nt"1 control of RokbI
, tuniociy anil ronlr.,1 f rn..M.inin
have reculved certlfltateB. Heve 0 ! f!""!"' Myr,l M"rrl ami Charles j ,NE CIRCUIT COURT OP THE
them grow their certified croon In I ' ' m',"or. c''oa of plalntlfi StTA.TE OV OREGON FOR COL-
liniiinn ri ii ... . v "'.and defendant, l.n ... .. I'Mim fnnvrv
; -". tint:n III ..Bill), Olin Mlnlnllff .. j ."":u l"0 i v,u.t t I .
each In L nn ami Mi.ri.... i P"iir, and for biic!i nttmr Mltfrn.. i ,i .. .
-.1 crop wa. ,950 .acaa -produ"! V ZTl '"V ? U, '""l ,80n
Tp-M?r1T,:i " Tlmonen,
I.nne county. The total production
udov ui.kii. I. " "in upon voi.
The nurpoM of aeed certification !' f li e 11", V VT, 0t or,1,!r '' 'lantB.
UPPIX irower. wlthV'ioe.'"" 't I of fto'aC?' T!moMB and L"" Tlmoa
Call and inspect our stock. New
Goods arriving every day too
numerous to mention. Prices the
Successor to M. Rosenthal
St. Helens, Oregon
. ' ' vvm,i,,,uuh in in inn
n alii i ii rrnwnra tuitit ..,.i . . . . ....
are .1 , .t , , T ., 8 ,ov". "MMti Court, and en. Defendant-
and of ' '., "' " . nru:r "mde and en- In tho Name nf M, R..,. n.-
The ultimate ai.n la to Imp' ' t . m r, Z Zt " thla'aummonB ?' IZr Y? " "-"y requ1red"'to
nual ty. yield and market value of j publlHhed otU a week for Ti Ji XintWh 'fnT' th." coniPla,nt of
the Oreiriin iwiini.i r,... ....i - ..... . . "IX con IHalntlffa filed nculnut vmi in n...
It o ...former of'pr, I uu general clrcnkit'loll 1 V ro', , hl at'?11 1"
furenen fiviii-i.il ..i ...... ' . . .. ""ra, circiiUitlon , iron, tho 9tli dv nf Mm 1010 .i,
Any grow,"r with a'ood Htrain's "" 0rU-'"U, f U, pubilcVtion of th
may LiLr hta f' foV m. li.. of f.rnt Pl.cat.o U the 1, ' "TnYif VuVAVo'lV
Ho muni handle lila croo In accord-! ' ' April. 119. I n,i .n.l. ,? .... .. 8.. t0 n.pPear
once with the recomiiimiiiiiiliiii. ..r1 Hate of hmt nuhllriiiloii ta in. .., i..i... ,.,': ' mercoi
official InBoiictor .. day of May. Itift. " ",uir,"J-. y W the.cour
heir com
t hundred
crop ,. continued r,,-,,,'. I ... hid, OgonT " 'j ?r" h
tiit-r ion pin nun are uug, sort oil SIMMONS
E. A. ROT GER, Prop.
u. w. Mcholas, Ilnf indant Rner wun piainurrs coBts and dlB-
To 11. W. Nlchol Hit. I lift Alinvn niiniml 'bursementB; that tho mortunee exe-
defrndrnt: ituted by you on the 19th day oi
In the Name of the State of Ore. ' N. ovcniher, 1917, upon the 8 of
Ron: You are hereby roquircd to ap-i ; e of Sectlon 2. Township
pear and answer the complaint filed 1 Nor,h. Range 4 West of the Wll-
....... .its i.iui muni iii Loiumo.a i;oun-
about $2 00 to 13.00 un acre
A bulletin giving particulars has
tlfll.ll till III l.lll.J. liV llm fl A f. L'.
tension Bervlcn and may be h?d free
on application. Its writer Is M. it.
MrKuv. fifflrlul liiHiiiifi..!. nn.. ......
elate plant pathologist.
Wants MM) lU-rry I'lrkem.
Ixiifimberrv iilrkers f.nft of ll.i.m
are wanted by Oregon growers. 71. . , " ..,.7.. 7 .7 . a' .,wKb
fltlnpnnv't fat ...
geiner with plaintiffs coBts and dls
ifsv nam 1 . r.. r. .
.5 if 55...: ... .
' llftS W!3PJ L . T- aW - i Iii ... if.-.,- ' I
";ll'll;l'l;ii;''tof stiiA,.
uKiiiiisi you 111 the above entitled
court and cause 01 or before the 21st ! T' urpKn. oe foreclosed, and that
day of Juno. 1919. said day being n,1 real ProPerty be sold In the man
rfler IIia n.nl.n . t.. ... .. 'tier DrOVlded hv lnw In anfiatv a.U
American and European Han All Busses CaU at Hotel
Everything Modern Steam lleatlng Plant
Hot and Cold Water In Rooms
The "ail as be n listed with theTed ,n,m ",0 ,,alB of 1,10 " Publication "um9 of n!0ey: ""d
llni v.7 . , f,i . , "lof t"' "unimons; and If you fall to por8on8 claiming under you, subi
era employment office at Portland.! B f lhoroof 7"e I uent to plaintiffs mortgage be fo,
r.riwbrr"y "pIckerT 1 L 'work "or111"" ' """y to thour Vr'th.l t'""1 ,'Bd f a11 r,ght' cla
n?o rP ,1 . 1 , . ?ri roll. f demanded In their complaint or eUl,y of redemption In the s
tho O A. t . and federal farm help ,0.wll. P ', premises, and every part thereof, a
u.a 11 a f .mi f...i...i f ...... 1...1.. ; 1 oeiiiiiiiueu m tneir complaint, .cuvmuiiuu m uie saia
. " : T i lo-wlt: , .'remises, nna every part thereof, and
specialist, J. W. Itrewer. was so val-l , T,,, ,,, ..,. .... . I for audi other and further relief ...
Uttble last seiison that u great deal j ,nill , of $700 In ,0 tl,e court may 8Cem meet and
of reliance will be placed on him and (io,d Vo of ' .L,. ' g.' tea i h Equitable.
the employment offices for supplying ; ln(ornt tlnron ln 1ko ,,, " i This summons Is served upon you
latiorers this year. j frolll 26(n Aay
of May, 1917 at 1 Pu""ratlon, by order of the Hon.
mhmihihhhmmmhhsmi j the rate of 8 p.T ro nt per annum, less Martln White, County Jui!t-e of the
' '"'" sum of 132. 55: for tho further ( "nty of Columbia, State cf Ore-
sum of $350.32 with Interest there- Kn' nia(1 a,11 entered on the 2nd
cn at tho rate of 10 per cent per an- dav ot May' 1919- directing such
num from the 6th day of Septembei ' P'','lcatlo' In the St. Helens Mist
1918; for the further sum of $160 onc? e'"ch wcok for consecutive
attorney's fees; and for their costs
and dlnhursements of this suit. j 1 )ate of flrsl Publication, May 9th,
2. That tlin ninrlnnvn ilirllii,l ... I 1919.
plaintiffs' complaint be foreclosed, I , ')ate ot !-lst publication, June 20th
and the real property described In
said mortgr.go and the whole there
of, to-wll:
"Lots One (1), Three (3), Foui
(4), Nineteen (19), Twenty (20),
Twenty-one (21), p.nd Twenty-two
(22), Illock One Hundred Korly-flv
(145); Lots One (1). Two (2),
Three (3), Four (4), Nineteen (19),
Twenty (20), Twenty-one (21),
Twenty-two (22), In Itlock One
ies, tt is here, and we are prepared to serve you.
We Serve and Sell
It is the best. One trial will convince you. Serv
ed from store or put up in packages. We have
a mighty nice ice cream parlor where you and
your friends may rest and have a nice cool drink
while resting.
The Central Confectionery
ROY A. STEWART, Proprietor
Attorney for Plaintiff
ivesiueiii Attorney ot uie tiiaie
Oregon, I'OBtotrice address,
Helena, Oregon.
For Binall cost and almost cer
tain results there Is nothing can
equal a little Mist Want Ad.
Line of
. Made in Portland
From $50.00 up
These ranges are thorough
ly guaranteed, and have
made good, as many satis
fled users prove.
Have one with 16x18 inch
oven, polished top, nlckle
base, for
A Hoauty. Come and See II
E. A. Ross
y i i i
Whole Carload
Baled Hay
has Just arrived. Don't you
nod so.no todiy? v'o must
say It Is tho "-est hay wo'va
seen In sonio time, tli.iothy,
clover ami mixed. And It's all
fresh tnd clenn. To movo this
cotiHlenment quickly ".nd mako
room wo Invo pricod It low.
Wo ndvisa you to hurry. ,
Prank Wilkins
r in K. of p. Bldg
Warehouse, Sheldon Dock
says the Good Judge
"And remember it, too."
The better the quality of your
chcw, the more you'll enjoy it.
VouMl get more out of your to
barco money, too you'll save
Part of it for something else.
A 8man chew of this quality
obacco tastes good and it
lasts and lasts.
Put ub in two styles
jGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
Hundred Thirty-eight (13S; Lots
Seven (7). Eight (8), Nine (9), Tea
(10), Thirteen ( 13), Fourteen (14),
Fifteen (15). Sixteen (16), Seven
teen (17), Eighteen (18), Nineteen
(19), Twenty (20, and Twenty-one
(21), In Illock One Hundred and six
(106); Lots Seven (7), Eight (Ri.
Fourteen (14), Fifteen (15), and
Sixteen (16), In Illock One Hundred!
and Thirteen (113), according to the
duly recorded mnp and plat thereof:
on file In the office of the County j
Clerk for said County and State."
he sold by the sheriff of Columbia
County, Oregon, In the manner pro-'
vlded by law for the sale of teal j
rroperty upon execution, and that
from tho proceeds of said b;i1o there!
be paid:
First: Tho costs and expenses of
said sale.
Second: The costs and expenses of
this suit.
Third: The principal sum of $700,
with Interest thereon at tho rato ot
8 per cent per annum from May 2b,
1917, less the sum of $32.55; tin
further sum of $350.32. with Interest
thereon nt tho rate of 10 per cent
per annum from September 6, 1918,
and tho further sum ot $150 attor
ney's fees.
Fourth: That tho ovorplus, if any
there be, he pnld to; the defendant ah
his rights In the premises may ap
pear. Fifth: That the plnlntlffs be per
mitted to bid in said real proportj
upon the sale thereof, and that if the
proceeds of said salo be Insufficient
to satisfy plaintiffs' Judgment, that
they bo glvon a deficiency Judgment i
for the amount or such uoiicioncy,
This summons Is published by
order of the Hon. Martin White,
Judge of tho County Court of the
State of Oregon for Columbia Coun
ty, which order wrs made and en
tered on tho 61 h day of May, 1919,
and tho time prescribed for tho pub
lication thereof Is Bix weeks begin
iitng with tho Issuo of the 9th day
of May, 1919, and ending with tho
Issue of the 20th dry of June, 1919.
Attorney for Plaintiffs.
Plnco of resldenco and FoBtofflce
address, St.Holo.is, Oregon.
Ciii.no of llenilat'l.c
lly knowing tho cnuBa, a disease
may often be avoided. This Is parti
cularly true of headache. The most
common cause of headache Is a dis
ordered stomach or constipation,
which may be corrected by tnkiiiB a
few doses of Chamberlain b Tablets.
Try It. Many others have obtnineu
permanent relief by taking thoso
Tablets. Thoy ore onsy to take and
mild and gentle ln effect.
CoprrllM III!
k K- J. HiioM
Tvbuw C.
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smoke a pipe and men who've
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can't bite or parch I Both are
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process I
Right now while the going's
good you get out your old jimmy
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moittonor top that hotpt tho (aMcct In ouch perfect condition,
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C,

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