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emorial Day Will be Oteedjiijy Begins 9:30 A. I.
Jh n ttMm
1 I! I I I I II II ' - I
Ll-li III II II r' I I i i
HkIm No Tlnm In Finding
DrfemUiit Guilty
I, cm of tho Bittto of Oregon va.
..biter, wliu charged witn
In to lupport till family, waa
I t thO Circuit cuuri una )
ma tin hi"- Important csae i
ellM)i WM l,,at Webator
C wife and family In llf, ana
thlt lime. Iiua nvcu imri iruui
Not only ill 'I he lira apart
tbem, hut lie f:iltd to provlda
I hem. IH who, "7 cunuucuna
hotel at Vornnnla. managed to
Lrt hunelf anil the six children
bbilnr trHfli'H thai no nau
ill he could tr them. Thai on
lil oceaalona lio had ant money
It children aud nau ion irsirao-
wllb thoni lli.il II "ley ere
hd aiahtt It to call on hint."
rlnowlcdiced tint he had "heard
Lr" to tli effect that hla wife
tlilldren wuro receiving county
tint he had nover tahen tho
111 lo Invcellnr.to the matter.
Jarr Kulm mi Time.
ttt all of (tin evidence wr.a In,
ad( chirked the Jury and they
Eto tna jury room, mey aid
it any tlmo In arriving at
. On the flrat ballot 11 of
igrrmen voted guilty and there
blank. The socond ballot re-
k la a unanlmoua verdict of
i defendant m placed on ?1000
to the Rtata of Oregon to tup
hla family, and If he falla to do
khea the penitentiary aentence
be the not proceeding.
e who knew of the etreunv
in, or heard the evidence, have
irtnpathy for Webster. He la
Wrong and husky man and la
Kiaralth by trade, and hla plea
he had biwn unable to earn any
i during tho pant four years.
01 aaf ear. Mra. Wobater
hitti a hotel nt Vrrnonla.
Other ('a sen I leant
kwal other cnana were heard
(the k. F. U. Kolly of the
Nehalem mod the Tin Tod
Iber company for $4100 account
nnfllied contract. He had a
fut to haul 3.000.000 feet of
ud after having hauled 600.
'et, the dofendnnl company ean
1 the contrrrl. Kelly had bought
itk to do tho log hauling. The
warded him $1900. The caae
be appealed.
D Milea sued 11. M. Ilrown for
Kment on a contract for haul-
Ion, etc. The defondant did
PPPar and Judgment waa taken
iiim of $100, the amount ask-
frt adjourned Krlduy afternoon
lll conno on June llh.
iBIk.u, ;iv .umw Inetead
of Calling bjr Name
(er Rcott of the W.l lain.
h office k.-pt a tab on tlia bual-
ine onice on May Ith. The
P of all calls, both local and
FUnce, ihowa that 2390 calla
rrea. The local calla
the long dlatanee,
nlle the record la for 24
T.M.'.hrUl11 1,0 b0rn 'nO
milT H fa hnr a i a i
wiring 12 houra. and It can
r--"iai ii n,.pp the oporatora
PM hop to givn diHpatci, and good
iliiii.ii 11 wu'u greaity
lhB ork' lf Pttlro" of the
1 p.?y woul(1 'or
Of the uhono thnv wl.li In.
ia nr . "
r- .iiiilE Tnr
lh. ca"not remember rIi
im ii.,. " io ioo mem
mi. mil..,..
Elk. u""" ""lay. lie nopea
J.'d&,' wlU beap tnl ,n
n.lth.8 VM t'nlt It la a very
thiiT. T """"'Mo roqueet and
"ctn he eiiHiiv pomniinM itii
t de.iA v "rl,ona WHICH lilgn
fra??.0Bl .ln. renon la aa-
Mala s 1 y ,act thBt
I "Wi way commlaalon haa
mi; ""' "iiHtandlng calling for
00n a,"xi)0.n,,ltw of nearly
)wm,L . n,l1t'on to thla the
a '-""Jiii nr.
ll ;.,'.n 3n1 "".
tti fo, ?m,1),': !,t HOrTlca hna con-
lr 5 Z, L' n,!'". e amte high-
... -..mjIL l.i In . .
... ....n ,.. ii ii i u riM. nr
L Davli.i. .k. I Dana, nut wo mum. n"
Fnilar bltuiin u ?-2 mno, itontlon to more constructive th hrh,
K conVr! ''.i lA "' alnoe th emorKoncy la past and we
Of thin
are to n.H oiT
f uoi and 87 c " """i
11 uradcd. 108 mdmlxed
"I the
(County Agricultural Agent)
To have traveled for four dava In
company with more tlmn one hun
dred aucceHHful hniednra of onn IflnH
of llvcatork, vUhlng the wonderful
nerna or phenomnnnl dnlry cowa und
llatenlng to theao lireedori lull win.
enthualaam and prldn how I hoy wrnt
about to develop mid Improve tholr
foundation until auncona and fain(
waa won. waa a trnul and nn ommr.
lunlty which aliould enrournge every
ambllloua farmer in Columbia coun-
On tho tour 16 herda wore vIhIIkiI
In a drive of about 200 mlloa. M:uiy
rowa were aei-n with rerorda rntiglni;
from aOO to 1031 pound of butter
fat. Any one of tlit-ae cowa la nm.
duclng more than four tlmea the but
ler produced by the averace cow In
Columbia county. Five world'a rec
orda and ex-world' record cow
were aeon and many other which,
far a the eye could tell, were Jiihi
aa good.
While the viewing of the famom
cowa and beautiful farm and build
ing waa a rare treat, the moxt lm-
prelve feature of the trip waa the
t reedora themaelvea. Thev were not
n llllonalre. neither did they eni:t
the money anywhere nUi with which
le develop the horri they now own;
they atarted Jual at aov fnrmer In
Columbia county may now marl. Itc-
glnnlng with onn or a few ln'a.l thry
uaed good Judgment In mictl:n(
and Improving until the hn-il not only
paid lor tneir own Improvement, but
In many caae paid for tan fnnu
upon which they were being kept.
Thla doea not eeem " tnipoanMilr.
when we remember Hi'. In many
eaaea the whole herd avenue la from
five to alx hundred pound of fa'. In
a year or twice and a half at much
aa the average grade herd.
Aa one breeder nld, "All that It
lake U enthuRluam. good head work
and hard work, and onr man who
wanta to ran auccend wlt purebred
cowa. Enthualaam would e4m to
have done a lot of It. You never
law people with ao much enthualaxm
aa the Jersey breeder of Oregon,
and with ao many world record to
their credit. Why ahouldn't they be?
Now tliero are a lot of rood pure
bred entile coming to Columbia
county and we ait til want more. If
our farmer could only ret away
from home a tho few farmer who
went on the Jeney Jubilee did, they
would aoon demand better cow and
better care for them.
STARTS AT 9:30 A. M.
IVi.irrnm lremred to I'ay Tribute to
IVparUsI llcroe
The committee in chnrne of tl e
I ree Ihu-Wua Will be One of the
HlK Attraction
The committee appointed by the
Memorial Duy cxerclHe ha nrnmnui . at. Helena ('hanilmr nf i',.nim....
tho following achndulu, which will ' "frnuge the Fourth of July celebra
alarl at 8:30 till morning in tl,e"n. are rapidly gettlnff their planB
rlnxa: ) In slmpe for the blgROHt and best
MuhIc St. Helen llnnd
Hinging "Tho Star Spangled
Memorial Day Address Hon.
Kr.irl. II. M'tciiell.
Ringing "America."
The following will have charge of
mo aay program
II. H. M.ihoii, t'halrman of
t ommltteo.
Meut. 8. 11. Hoiikln, Officer of tint
Superintendent of Decoration are'
Judge Kullerton, Odd Fellowa reme
tory; E. E. Quick, Maxonlc Cemetery.
hollowing the program a purudo
" ever neia in St. Helens.
The finance committee started out
this week and report that they met
with much encouragement. Only a
partial canvass of the town was made
but the result was eratifvine. anri
I they do not think there will be any
trouble in raising sufficient funds to
th0: stage the celebration us outlined
IliirlKsiie Illir Feature
The free barbecue will be one of
tne nig features of the celebration.
The committee on cntertnlnment
iiHva nrruiiReu ior me services or a
noted "barbecue chef" and he will
come down on July 3 to start in on
will be given, which will be made up I"10 herbeeue business. It is planned
In tho following order: St. Helens1'0 ,lave enough and a little more
Hand, Hed Cross, Veterans. Civic t"mn enougn to supply, free of
Orders. Public School. Honor finni-it . I charge, all the resldonts of the town
Hoy Scouts, Citizens. rni1 the visitors, so it will keep the
Dr. J. H. Flynn Informs the Mist I chef nnd llls several assistants quite
Hint when tho procession is formed to; "UH' 10 muKe uio necessary prepnra
visit the cemeteries, tliosn who wlsli ! tlonas.
to go to the Liberty Hill cemetery! The Fourth of July committee wish
will turn to the right at the school '11 known that every one is cordially
house corner and thoso who will cu ! 'vltel ' participate ln the celebra-
in n.f. n.i.i i-.,i n.,n,n,nrn .mitlon and to nart.nke of St. Helens
HOME GUARD DISBANDS keep straight ahead. The doctor will I hospitality and a large crowd from
instructions, andi""lsmB ,nB cl1' 18 expecioa to De in
confusion. If the,
(County School Superintendent)
Most of the county schools aro al
ready closed for the summer vaca
tion. The larger schools closed on
May 23 with the exception of St.
Helens, which will close on June 6.
The p.nnual school meeting will be
held on June 16. Necessary supplies
for this meeting have been sent to
all clerks.
Teachers' salaries have advancea
for the coming year and the teach
ers will not be slow in advancing
their own qualifications and re
quirements. The summer normal
will be most popular.
Portland, by reason of her im
mense valuation, can pay salaries
in advance of most parts of the state.
This gives her an opportunity to pick
the flock, which she is doing, as
During the recent eighth grad9
examinations, 158 pupils took the
tests; 95 passed completely, 34 were
conditioned by falling ln not more
than two subjects, and 29 failed.
Two hundred and ten seventh grade
pupils took the subject of geography,
23 of which failed. One hundred
and eighty sixth grade pupils took
physiology and 12 of these failed.
3 (Deer, Island)
Wairrn Home (iunrtl Organization
raniica Into History
The Warren company of the dra
gon Voluntoor guard met Thursday
evil ng for tho lutit tn:e ami i
name la now a matter of hltory.
I.Ike all the other units of the or
ganlxatlon It member banded to
gether and elected it officer whom
they agreed to obey and follow. They
were organ lied for the purpose oi
home protection and training for any
emergency that might arise.
To aay that they met logomor once
weather la Inclement the exercises; A more complete story of the
a outlined in the above program will eiennmon win De available ror the
be held in the city hall instead of the xext ls!,ue of 1,19 MlBt-
HiKhwuy Work is Progressing Sat.
Itesolution to Improve Columbia
Street In I'ussed
Street Improvement occupied the
time and attention of the city coun
cil Monday nli:iit. A resolution to
Improve Columbia street from the
southerly line of Cowlitz street to a! i. , ... . ', :
each week for drill Is saying more polnt 406 feet south of said south I rng comnnny now hare crews at
than might be undcnlood For the f rowh(z 8tr,e. nd also for 1 1 road between Xer l"!
man who work In an office or storo
II day thla might bo but more ex-
erclae hut the farmer who covers sev
eral mllea after having worked in tne
field all day, deservoa rroat credit.
The officers of the company wero
Frank Hoyt, captain; A. I,. Morris,
flrat lloutonant and F. 0. lleelor,
tho Improvement of Tualatin stree
was rend nnd npprovajl and cctlon
will soon bo taken.
The question of constructing a
sewor north of Sewer District No. S
and east of Sewer District No. 3 was
brought to the rttentlon of the coun
cil by E. I. ilnllagh. who thought
..... . c Ed. I. nmi.ifc.il, mi" ..iw.ii.,
second lieutenant. The efficiency or. . .,... ,ntrlei should bo form
warren company w.-ia """"0d nnd a sewer built. A motion was
mendable and the men nnd officers
deserve much pralao for tholr cxcei
lont work. . .,
i ITnon disband ns the mon oi mu
company presonted Captain ""''iouncllmnn Whoelor it was decided
with hnailtlflll solid gold Watch?' ,, ,,. nnrmianrv nt rent rn.
. ill iiiii ii niimu . 1 .' -
made nnd carried that a survey of
the proposed district be made and
presented to tho council for furthei
ct on. Unon Hie auggesnon oi
charm bearing tho greetlns of the
company on one side nnd the on
algna of the Woodmen of the World
on the other.
Mr.Jor Howard was called upon to
present the tokon. ln his remark
lie praised tho member of tho com
pany for their good spirit and faith
ful work and In presenting the gift
to Captain Hoyt stated thr.t tho men
were not giving It merely out of re
spect but bocause they really appre
ciated nnd nroflted by his leadership
not only In the Ilor.ie Guard, but ns a
brother and neighbor whom thoy
hij iiunvi found willing to help In
any enterprise the community undor-
t0Mr. Hoyt romcrkod In hi expres
sion of appreciation Hint It was the
men and not the officers who had
made the effort a success.
It Is with regret that we soo these
splendid patriotic organizations dis
band, but wo musi now mm
" i.o miles cam.
Th. I...
'" " LaZaMt pf .outstanding
ia, in'. """"I on the
l2.9on it". 10 tte contracts
inn in. ........ n . .,.
1. 11.. t ilinml .111110 raiMIIUI I'm
ion will respond bottor prepared If
a need should arlso again
in miike some necessary street re
pairs and to repair the lltllo Dridge
over Nigger creek.
Several othor street projects were
nknn un and put ln position where
they can be acted upon nnd some of
the needed street worn periormeu.
Mnny other routine matters wen
disposed of by tho council nnd tbey
did not adjourn until about 11 o'
'(lets Jail Sentence., Hut In Given a
I Ham Kautzmnn, editor nnd pub
l'shor of the Columbia Herald, plead
The following eighth grade pupils
passed the recent examination:
District No. 1 (Scappoose): Laura
Uhlman, Mary O. Harllk, Ruskin
Blatchford, Clarence R. Blatchford,
Kinsley C. Allen and Kenneth Parks.
District No. 2 (St. Helens): Rob
ert Blackburn, Serena Malmln, Ward
Q. Bennett, Willie Lynch, Lois M.
Dixon, Fredia A. Hiatt. Marlon Mor
ton, Enes M. Wlskstrom, Harold O.
Cornthwaite, Elsie M. Dew, Norman
Peterson, Margaret M. Lemay, Vel
ma A. Felton, Kenneth Pratt.
West St. Helens: Louise Hankey,
Edith M. Qulnn, Barnie Rosasco,
Florence Taylor. Mae Morris. Byron
O. Monlsh, Ruth M. Taylor and Wai
ter Marsh.
District No.
Elizabeth Lnrned
District No." 4: Stella Stennick.
District No. 5 (Clatskanie) : Euha
m. uavis, Kuth H. Davis. Orvllle O.
Culbertsor., Oscar Eriokson, Nesly
noimes, inman Homer, Leroy B.
Faublon, Martha Erickson, Roy
Zimmerdahl and Fred Erickson.
District No. 7 (Warren): Mar
guerite Miller, Delbert Snider, Agnes
ingstrom and verner Gabrlelson.
District No. 10 (Marshland)
Clarence L. Andrews, Adolph E.
Kleger, Tommy Armstrong and Slgna
District No 11 (Columbia City):
Lewis Dempster.
Distilct No. 15 (Hazel Grove):
Marguerite Van Orden, Louise Sulli
van, Florence Doran and Hilda D.
District No. 18 (Keasey): X,ewls
James Fitzgerald.
District No. 20 (Goble): Morgan
F. Tipton, Hazel C. Brown, Frank G.
Giles, Cathrlne I. Welter, Nellie I,
Ouderklrk, Vera Ouderkirk, Belva
VoiRht and Vesta E. Fowler.
District No. 21 (Chapman): John
Jepson, Otha M. Gilbert, Herbert
M. Ackley and Alfred E. Clark,
District No. 13 (Rainier): Clara
M. Zwemer, George A. fhgersoll.
Harry O. Spollman, Dorothy R. Dib-
blee, Lola M. Richardson and Adolph
District No. 25 (Qulncy): Olaf
Erickson, Florence Olllla and Esther
District No. 34 (Cannan) :Fay
District No. 36 (Neer City): Ina
M. Mofford, Ethel E. Blake and Iva
District No. 42 (Birkenfeld) : Elsie
A. t almberg
District Na 48 (Vernontc): Ethel
L. Thrapp, Ruth Heverling, Esther
L. Heverling, Herbert Counts. Flor-
inn Mills, Leroy E. Malmsten, Elbert
Keny and Doris 13. Wood.
District No 48 (Prescott): Leslie
The next eighth rraAa Avnmlnnilnn
tUUWli U1,1,1C1MJUS 'will be held June 12-13. Teachers
GET SALARY RAISE examination will be held June 25-29
iSiieakers Here Wednesday Night Tel
of Needs of Oregon
I The measures which appear on the
Iballot and which are to be submitted
to the voters of Oregon at the spec
ial election to be held on June 3,
were discussed by a number of prom
inent men, who came to St. Helens
'Wednesday night. In the party wer
Robert N. Stanfleld, Jay Upton,
president of the Oregon Irrigation
Congress; P. J. Gallagher of Ontario;
Oscar Home of Portland and several
I'pton for Irrigation.
During an intermission at the
Clee club concert at the Liberty
theatre, Mr. Upton addressed the
large audience in a 15-minute speech.
He plead for the support of the rtate
benu payment of irrigation and
drainage district bond interest. He
explained that the taxpayers would
not put up one cent for this purpose,
due mat the state guaranteeing the
interest on the bonds would make
It possible for the settler ln the arid
regions of eastern Oregon and In the
logged-off land and marsh lands
of western Oregon to receive tem-
icrary aid and make It easier for
euch settler to establish a home.
Sanfield Principal Speaker
'Ihe principal address of tho even
ing was made by Hon. Robert N.
Stanfield of Stanfiled, Oregon, form
er speaker of the Oregon House of
At their meeting Wednesday, the
state highway commission let a con
tract for the paving of 11.2 miles
between Rainier and Clatskanie to
Hie Warren Construction company.
The contract price is $195,812 and
land and Goble nnd Rt Rainier they
have a plant in operation, and of
ficials of tho company inform the
Mist Hint all possible haste Is to be
mudo in completing the contracts in
Columbia county.
The work of grading between Scap
poose and Deer Island is progressing
satisfactorily. The contract was let
to L. O. Herrold nnd he has sublet
n portion of it. Il's superintendent,
U. S. DeSpaln is working quite a
force of men on the work from Houl
ton toward Columbia City and con
siderable grading nnd clearing has
been done. From Houlton toward
Scappoose, sovernl who took sub
contracts, have many men nt work
nnd good progress is being made.
IJnllagirs mil IncrcHslnii Salaries QOLE GETS VERDICT
AOW ill KffCCt
The county officials wear a smile
it hat doesn't come off. It is because
rwch of them havo received a sub
stantial raise in salary nnd the raise
went into effect yesterday, the 29th.
Representative llallagh
a bill In the legislature to grant the
raises and the bill was passed. It
provided that the sheriff shall re-
pb'vo J1800 per year instead of
Jury Awards Full Amount of Claim
and Also Attorney's Fee.
After being out for about two
i hours, the Jury in the case of Robert
Cole vs. M. A. Johnson, Alice Gil
lette and Lester Williamson, return
ed a verdict awarding Cole $15,000
damngos and $500 for attorney
fes. It Is understood that on the
Representatives. He made his
speech at the conclusion of the Glee
club program and was Introduced by
Representative E. I. Ballagh.
Pnys Tribute to Soldiers.
Mr. Stanfield paid an eloquent tri
bute to the part played in the world
war by Oregon soldiers and sailors.
and to the whole hearted manner ln
which the people of the state sup
ported every call for funds for war
purposes. He said the state could
not goo too far in rewarding the
brave boys who risked or gave their
lives for their state and country, and
that by passing every measure sub
mitted to the people at the coming
election, the citizens of the state
(would be paying a debt of gratitude
to the boys who answered the call.
Mr. Stanfield was especially favor
able to the Reconstruction Bonding
Amendment. If it carried, he said. It
would be the means of the further'
development of the great resources
of Oregon, and that Oregon's future
depended upon its development. He
also urged the passage of the Sol
diers' Sailors' and Marines' Educa
tional and Financial Aid Bill, which
provides for state aid to discharged
soldiers, sailors and marines who de
sire to obtain the benefits of a liberal
Although the hour was late, quite
a number remained after the show
to hear Mr. Stanfield and they felt
well repaid for he made a convincing
and logical speech.
Matter is
Left to Vote
of the
l miui v - - . . ,,1, i yo , v
i,,.iiiv ! two charges oi puuiisnuiR, . , , . ... ,,, ,i, , m,
n.l .ending through the malls ob-PV""' . i. from
scene mattor and to one "',lfloo t0 i50o nnd the county nrsi duiioi nine oi me jurors voted
iu.nl In the circuit court Monday. I1,-" ... i,.in, f.m isnn n to allow the full sum asked for. and
....... ... . . fc HI I UIM Bll Tllll.wuu... ....... . . . . , .
':...., n.i. i.inn io ,,i.ui iiiree jurors were ior aamases. dui
1 IIH ITWUlllJ Jllllftv io .......... . - - "
in.iira Riikln sentenced him to
months ln Jail on the first tw.
chnrges nnd three months on tho hit
ter charge. Ho was paroled pond
Ing good behavior.
There nro other I nd,cnJ0"" ,como before the county court
000. "
The estimate to complete ui i -;
Ing of the west side brnnch s $1.-
v300,000. To complete the i.oiuiimmu
ngalnst KnuUinan nnd he Is now un
.ler aentence. but tho case is on np
pe.il to tlio Btrm'.na court
I lilA
i..,..., imnn m fi2fin nnd the treas-'f"' lesser amount.
urer from $800 to $1000. i ballots, they agreed.
No provision is made for a raise The case occupied the time of the
for the deputies nnd this matter must court for almost ten days and was
one oi me mosi sensational cases
tried here in some time.
Mr. Cole and his attorneys, Fred
erick Whitfield and Glen R. Mets
w.is in Pnn
"" Conu. "ui'i or ior-ksuu.uuu. io uni - --- -8
t,. ""'fact, maklnt- .i. i.il.v nv from Asiorla
i u l n a i mm n kuaaa ir a. j ivni ii m n v a ...
"io co,i ,. ' " nnlRh hlgh-i J?endloton will cost, accorumg io - - . ' mvuu.
Pinnated at M.SSO.-'itlmute, $8,000,000. "
Tho steamer Celllo, nftor undergo
ing nenilnil rennlrs. dropped down to
.... . . . , I. Inn. 1 I,,K11. .Ua 1 1
. Pntinlni. f lie UOCK OI llie Ulllllirr (;uill,llli J mov nni9 ncio juuiinui viol , UIU TCIUIUl
M mnorop ItOS'lSCO Of 1 110 nnilllll, . nm . . i. I. iv.l .u. 11, l -
111..1 Tuesday! night nnd is tnklng on a cargo of It Is possible the case will be ap
ll.lllll . " . . . . n I .1 ..1 r nnnA
lumbor for California delivery.
If 76 per cent of the employes of
the St. Helens Lumber company
voted to work a 10-hour shift, the
mill will soon resume running 10
hours per day. It is understood that
the company has some rush orders
and tt is Imperative to get them out,
and it Is either a question of running
10 hours per day or putting on a
night shift. However, the matter
was left to the men and Thursday
afternoon ballots were passed among
the men and they voted. The bal
lots were counted by a committee of
the L. L. L. L. lr-.st night, but the
result is not known. It is probable,
however, the vote was ln tho affir
mative, for the company will pa)
time and one-half for the extra two
hours, or In other words, the men
got 11 hours pay for 10 houra work

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