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Industrial review
"Z.. Li wwii Albany nut! Jof-
X p . '
Jr;rW-H.H. bank o nrnke
, i iiniirovrMi',litH.
'-Sw n..r ...III o l.o In
! hV September.
'WY-""otract ""ro
rl" .. I .. urn IK'H.
r?ni.rvey f.r K In OreKon
r-,l lhl summer.
P "hart ri:n prnparoii
F,'iVl between hero mid On-
I1""" . l..,..riviilllfllltll.
10 WW'""" '" 1 ,
"? " . u,.,r,.h fc dry newest
f,r "fco.nil.leri.blo l hero
H,M.:':. : ... ir.n.u-..,.iv.
ffld4U-lirr .........
Kclio mat. ""
M on
xotici: to ritrnnoitH
In ll.o Mutter of Ilia KhIhIo of Join,
Henry Wager. Docouaed.
Notlcnl liorol.y given that io un
dnmlgnod hint ,, uoimliil.Nl u.i
mill lift rut rlx of the cstuto of John
lloury Wager, deceased, by u,,,
Cnunly Court of thii Htulo of Oregon
for tho Cou.ily of Columhlu. and him
uuullflod. All person hnvliiK vluliuft
HKoltiNt mild itHiuin nre hereby noti
fied tO pri'Hfllt Mill MIIMII), ,lUy yr.
flod. u required hy luw, lo thn un
doralgned, ut her residence ut Yank
ton, Oregon, within six mouths from
llio dalo hereof.
DiiK. ii nd flrnt publication, the 9th
day of May, 19111.
, Administratrix.
Yankton, Oregon. 21-25-Dt
ST. HELENS MIST T?pt n a v MAy
XOTICK Of Kill Itll i.-u u.. .. !
I'V"-?Kt:!!!;r,T "''"'"T OK THE
"'-IA VKv",W
. L'..mniiii Artesian
of 1.000 aire wild for $G0.-
,., Women of tlil plncui
frectlUI l- l."uu armory
B'l' .11...- l.ll.
at (irvn - rour nine inko
,,irwn Ikto nnd Walker lo bo
I gut on.
iMinuvlllii- Drilling operation
I or KUH 111 milium uv
tltliln 00 day.
... iji.il'i Fl. iii rill K Mill
Lri'inM' !''' 111111 1,I:UI" 10
,,rrri cap:iclty pur tiny.
L,....p. rnr new mail urniecia
( 1, MO. Out) awarded hy Miilo
kir ciniimliMlMii in roriiunu.
:i(lt fruit rrnp will bo pheno-
.ir,llMir in V. M. Dlcken-
Kin Knindi-o dUlrlct BKunt of
kpil Growt'm' (iMorl:itloii.
L'urI'rnrtliully ll aw iiillha In
i, in It r li:iv atiirlml oiKirnMon
in'd Ii) hiuiillo liirtfn lumber (10-
comlr.i hi'mio'i.
'h I'.irtli'.iil - Tlio 1 4. Mooro
Liln M:.iiiiruiliirliiif Co.. which
fc.plctlii Iih i lain hero, linn nn
lor ill l t y kiln from thn V oy-
hit siiiiiiik . f r.vuroii,
nh Portland New wood.in-
olint of N'nrth 1'ortlnud llox
irti opcrt-.t Ion kIvIiik utuploy-
to (IkiuI iih'Ii ami women,
nly pliuit In mute turnliiK om
'ti pt.kiiK' H, mil l, n lard
candy pall, flrkltm, etc.
:h I'ortl.tiul - Tlio Nlcoliti Door
itriurlnK i oiiipuiiy In increnii-
door miiniifiiriurliiK pbint by
!l llioumiinl fliiiurn feel floor
mil will eiiiply 125 men. Tho
!aordir from tint eutit which
-quirn llm enlarged plant until
r lo fill.
m m monk
Miiudii l-liitt, I'liliitlff,
Wllllnm I'latt, nefoudant.
,To William I'latt, tlio uhove namnn
In llm nil III n of (ho Stain of Orr.
Kon, You are hereby required lo ap
peur or miikn uiihwit to tho com
plaint filed UKS'liml you In the nhovn
lentllled ault, on or beforo Moudiiy,
I tho 7th day of July, 101, mild date
IhelniC more Ihiiu nix wneka from and
after tho duto of tho firm publication
1 of I bin auin.uoi.H, anil If you fall to
'no appear nnd nimwer, for want therii
( of, tlio pl'ilullff will npply to Ihu
, Court for tho relief prayed for In
linr rompIlut, to-wlt: For a decree
of divorce forever .IIhuoIvIhk tho
boiiiln of matrimony now und hereto
foro I'XInIIiik hetween the pl.illillft,
Maude 1'lutt, and dereiidiml, William
l'lal I, nnd for auch oilier and furth
er relief in lo the Court may Been,
equitable. In the premlHe.
Tlila HiiiiiinoiiH la aerved upon you
by publication In piirHiiauro to an
order of tho llotiornblo Jamea A.
: Knkl.l, JuiIko of the above entitled
: Court, duly inude and entered on the
1 10th dry of May, I SI 19. which orde,
J direct that aummoua bn pulillalied
'In (ho Ht. Helena Mint, n newapuper
! printed, puhllHlied and Ii-ivI.ik i Iten
'oral circulation In Columbln County,
i Oregon, once each week for alx auc
, ceaalvo ami roimecutlvo week.
Tint date of the firm puhllratloi.
I Iherwif beliiK M:iy 23, 1919, and the
i date of (he IiihI puhllollou thereof
! being July 4. 1919.
I Attorney for IMalntlff.
' I'oatofflco addreH, Itoom 220, Ore
i noil Hotel HldK , I'ortland, Ore
j K"H.
Ml I. Itll 1'H Kill
win i; T( OVUt UTOUH
, Kry 22, 1919.
Nollco la hereby eiv.ti th:l hldt.
will he received -j the City Council
of W. HeleriH, On-Kcn, for lha im
provement of Whiter Street from It
liileiHectlon with St. HeHna Ktreet
to II Internectlon with I'lyrnouth
Str.fet in iiccurd.nice with the pinna
and apfclfieuCo.iB of a-ld iinj.rove
loent of aald at rent on fllo In tho of
fice of the City Recorder of H:id city
Payment to ho mndo fro.v. funds to
ho r-'. Iki il liv Hoeehi. .i...,,.i ....
forn-ill,. i ' '. V
ault wh.r.,i.. .i... . ' i" "I'er.y o improved.
Mra. Fred Adam. rS.. 1". ."' .wl" ,") "Ueaed for crcoptaace
meiil nuahiHt thn d.'fem . hi , r"J,!,'tl0. JU"- 2nd. 1919, at the
Z. Welrle J,,, LV?"'r V Council chamber, 8:00 c -clock
1'red AdauiH. Mnliiiirr
v. '
Rarah Z. VVelKl.,, I.,r..ri,ui,t.
1'iider, u,,d ,y virtue, of an execu
lm, lHued out of , uhove nan j
the J Jlli day of April. 191 a, llr.
or ler'" '' 1 """"". 1-n ami
, '' ',,Hil1". ruidered nij entered
A."n ' ,,.?!!rl c" lh" 2:!rd day of
I...., in a morturKH
nun wncr.i
recovered judir
lo You Knjoy Life?
A man In good physical condition
la nlmoHt certain to enjoy life, while
tho bilious and dyspeptic are dea
pondent, do not enjoy their meals
and feel miaerabla a good aliaro of
the time. This ill feeling is nearly
always unnecessary. A few doses of
Chamberlain's Tablets to tone up the
stomach. Improve the digestion anc
rogulate the bowels is all that is
needed. Try it.
Weleje. for the a, . ; "V,,"', ' '
VZZrZ K' ,j!l'"L''ou,.l reaervea
the entry of decree herein for ir" . J . Ill:y anu u"
Htorney's fees ami V, i SSn'" ! ',0"" 11:0 'ouncll.
Has resumed teaching at St. Helens and can be found
Thursday at the Lidyard residence.
, 2:t-24-2t
loiniiiuniiiriK mo to makn Halo
or the followlnit ileacrlhed real pro
perty. In Columbia County. ()re?.(1n
to-wlt: Lot numbered Hlx, Seven
nnd Nine, nil jn,,,.,, numbereii
Hlxteen in tlio City of St. Helena
Oregon, nccordlnif to the .rri,.ii ,.i...
thereof of record In the .m..n '..r Milfre.J Lewlaon and M:it.te T.pwluon
rfort. Nollco la Herehy , .
on Monday the 2nd day AT'fHt T'",,n
19, at 11 e'dock In the' U f""'"'"-
the County Clerk of aaid County.
ow, l herfori.
t.lven. That on
of June, 1919.
ii renoon or anld dr.;-, at tin; front
door of the Courthouse, In St, jiel-'
ev.a, Columbia County, Orcciiii,
will, In obedieiicii lo aald execution,
decreo und order of sale, sell at
punnc auction iHiililect to rcdeimi.
en and Llna TImoncn,
To Aui'iiat Tlmonen nnd Llna Tluiou-
en, Delendants.
In the Name of the Stale of Ore
Kon, You are hereby required to ap-P-ar
ami aimwer the complaint of
I.la'iitiir rili.,1 u,.:oi ...... i.. .i...
Hon), lo tho hk'hcHt bidder fur caxh above piillile.l nun u.m.:.. i. 1
all thn rlnht, lllle and luteriHt which from the 9th day of May 1919 tliei
the uhove named defendant lias, or dale of the firm, publication of'thlH
had on the 2011. day of June, 1912, summons, or hy the 2 lat day of June I
the date of said mortgrge In und lo 1919, and If you fall so to appear'
said real property to sallafy said and answer, for want thereof the!
execution, judgment. Inter-'st, attor- plaintiffs will apply to the court for,
r.ey' fees, costs und accruing costs, the relief prayed for In their enm.l
Call and inspect our stock. New
Goods arriving every day too
numerous to mention. Prices the
Successor to M. Rosenthal St. Helens, Oregon
E. A.
tlo Mint
CtiKl Quick
Wunt Ad.
ICeitults -Lit-
Yes, it is here, and we are prepared to serve you.
Serve and Sell
It is the licst. One trial will convince you. Serv
ed from store or put up in packages. We have
a mility nice ice cream parlor where you and
your friends may rest and have a nice cool drink
while resting.
The Central Confectionery
ROY A. STEWART, Proprietor
Stre in K. of P. Bid-'
only the best cement, etc.,
should be used. We make a
specialty of such and a
house built with our stucco
h.iil.lintr materials will
last practically forever.
Think that over when
planning your new house-
Warehouse, Sheldon Dock
Maybe nobody has told you"
says the Good Judge-
Why this good tobac
co costs less lo chew.
You get real tobacco
satisfaction with a
imall chew. It gives
vou the good tobacco
taste. It lasts and lasts.
You don't need a
fresh chew so often.
It saves you money.
tut ub in two styles
GIIT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fme-.cut tobacco
Dated April 30, 1919.
Sheriff of Coliimblu County, Oregon.
Klrst pub., May 2, 1919.
Last puli.. May 20, 1919.
in tiik ciltci it coimit of tiik
statu op oiikuon foit col
cm iii a cointy'.
Mrs. II. J. Anderson und Jclin V. Mc
Cully. I'lulnllffs,
It. V. Nicholas, !)ef jidant.
To 11. W. Nlcholis, the ubovo named
def. tub lit:
In I ho Name of the State of Ore
son: Vou are herehy required to ap
pear and answer tho complaint filed
iiKalnst you in t lie uhove entitled
court ami cause on or before the 21st
day of June, 1919, said day belli k
r.fter tho expiration of six weeks
from the date of the first publication
of this summons; and if you fail to
appear, for want thereof, the plain
tiffs will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded In their complaint,
to-wlt: .
1. That they have judgment.
nnnliiHt you In the sum of $700, in
(iolil Coin of the Culled States, with
interest thereon in like f.old coin
from the 20th day of May. 1917. at
the rate of 8 per cent per imnuin, less
the sum of :(2,Gf; for the further
sum of i'iO 32 with interest there
i n at the rale of 10 per rent per nn
11 II ill from the fith day of Septembei.
191S; for tho further sum of $1.10
attorney's fees; and for their costs
and disbursements of this suit. ;
2. That the niortiaKo described In'
plaintiff' complaint lie foreclosed.;
and tho rent property described In;
said mortKi'.Ko and tho whole there
of, to-wlt: j
"Lots One (1), Three (3), Koui ,
(4). Nineteen (19). Twenty (201,1
Twenty-otip (21). end Twenty-two
(22), Hlock One Hundred Forty-five
(H,r); Lots One (1). Two (21.1
Three (31. Four (4). Nineteen (19),
Twenty (20). Twenty-one (21).
Twenty-two (22). In Hlock One
Hundred Thlrty-elcht (13S; I.ols
Seven (7). KlRht (8). Nino (9), Ten
(10), Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14), !
Fifteen (Hi, Sixteen (IS), Seven J
teen (17). Kiithleen (IS), Nineteen
(19). Twenty (201, nnd Twenty-one'
(21). In Hlock One Hundred and Hlx
(106); Lots Sven (7), Klpht 8i,
Fourteen (14), Fifteen (16), nnd,
Sixteen (16), In Hlock One Hundred;
mil Thirteen (1131, nccordiiiR to th-
duly recorded .nap nnd plat thereof;
on file In thn office of the County.
Clerk for said County nnd State." I
bn Bold by tho sheriff of Columbia
County. OreRon, In tho manner pro
vided by law for the sale of i en I ,
rroperty upon execution, and that
from tlio proceeds of ald sale there
ho paid: 1
First: Tho costs nnd expenses of:
said sale. !
Second: The costs and expenses of!
tlllH Slllt. , I
Third: The principal sum of $ 00, j
with Interest thereon r.t tho rate oi
S per cent per annum from M:iy 2t,
1917, less the sum of $32.56; tin,
iir.n 32. with Interest
till I II"" D"' T -' ,
thereon nt the rate of 10 per cent j
per annum from tieptemoer d, lirio,,
nnd tho further sum of $150 nttor-
ney'B fees.
Fourth: That the overplus, u an?
there bo, bo paid to the defendant as
his rights in tno premises r.mj e-
P Fifth: That the plaintiff bo per
mitted lo bid In arid real propcrt
unon the sale thereof, nnd that If the
1 l.A Inmif'llnnl
proceed o. sum aiu ........... ...
.' ...,i..r.. ..i,.i,itii'fi' Imleiiieiit. that
they bn Klveti a deficiency judKment
lor the amount of such deficiency, If
U11Ti,l summons Is published hy
order of tho lion. Martin White.
Judco of the county voiiii m
Stale of Oregon for Columbia Coun
tv. which order wt-s mndo nnd en
tered on the 6I1 day of May. 1919.
und the lime prescribed for the pub
lication thereof Is six weeks heKlt.
n In k with the issuo of tho 9th day
Sf Slav. 1919. and cndlnit wl h the
Attorney for Plaintiffs.
rineo of residence and Fostotnce
address, St. Helens, Oregon.
'left niy bed nnd bonrd. I will no be
I rrsr 'M'bh3 for any debt Icll"C(),J)7 '
. . tm I Mi '11 IHIU. I'llt-i ,
.tednt St. IM.ns Oregon. tlUs
22 -Dt N. iU. McCALLUM. ,
plaint herein, to-wit: For a Judgment1
riMiinit for the sum of Eight hundred i
lioll.ir:., wltli Interest thereon at the
rale of 6 per cent per annum from I
thn 19th day of November, 1917, un-i
CI paid; for tho sum of Seven and
59-100 Dollars taxes Dald. with in-i
tercst thereon at tho rate of 6 pel
cent pur annum from the 2nd day ot
April. 1919, for the sum of One
hundred Dollars, attorney's fee, to-!
gether with plaintiff costs nnd dis-,
biirseiiie.nts; that the mortgage exe-;
culed hy you on the 19th day oi i
November, 1917, upon the S'4 of
the N. W. ' of Section 2, Township
7 North. Ilange 4 West of the Wil-
Inmi'tie Meridian in Columbia Coun-;
ty, Oregon, bo foreclosed, and tlmt:
said real property he sold in the man -i
r.er provided by law, to satisfy Bald
sums of money; and that you and all
pursons claiming under you, subse
iiuent to plaintiffs mortgage bo fore-:
closed and barred of all right, claim'
or equity of redemption in the said
premises, nnd every part thereof, and
for such other and further relief as
to the court may seem meet and
This summons ta served upon you
l y publication, by order of the Hon.
Martin White, County Judge of the
County of Columbia, State cf Ore
gon, mndo nnd entered on the 2nd
day of May, 1919, directing such
publication In tho St. Helens Misi
once e.-ch week for six consecutive
Date of first publication, May 9th,
Date ot hst publication, June 20lh,
1919. i
Attorney for Plaintiffs.
Resido'.-.t Attorney o" the State of
Oregon, Postoffico address, St.
Helens, Oregon.
Almut Rheumatism.
Kheiiir.ntism causes more pain nnd
suffering than any other disease, for
tlio reason that it is the most corn
iron of all ills, and it Is certainly
gratifying to suffers to know that
there is a remedy that will afford re
lief, nnd niiiko rest nnd sleep possi
ble. It is called Chamberlain's Liniment.
f r
-iv.jcwnf EL.--
"fc t 41
M: ' " 6l4f-V
f . - . - XL -- 7 . -T - T at W f fl'WJt I
Jiff? l-TllTKS?l! !
n Tlfll w
American and European Tlan All Busses Call at Hotel
Everything Modern Steam Heating Plant
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Line of
Made in Portland
From $50.00 up
These range are thorough
ly guaranteed, and have
made good, a many satis
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Have one with 16x18 inch
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A Beauty. Come nnd Sec It
E. A. Ross
S " ,
ilterr Better Baking" 1
A letter makes a great difference in a
word. A word makes a great difference
in baking powders.
If the little word "alum" appears on
the label it may mean bitter baking.
If the w?rd ROYAL stands out bold
and strong, it surely means BETTER
This is only one reason why it pays
to use
Absolutely Pure
Made from Cream of Tartar derived from grapes
Royal Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste

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