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on tj,e Fonrtll
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nTv nnr if FOR I elder york named
Ull Vvw.. UMDC rnriK ..7r
TVniW UIVE.MI tltKll
rtter 01l"n night and
id .:"! n "fiti, iho orchestra
hrnwnui bl . "" nd tm.
ii imt,,.... . ' n ryhmotlo time
.. nn inn
Itahu'.". ?rliomra would m.iv .
,o.n "'"i the d
lELER'S suggestion
for lUml Hld Council-
pim lln nay
.... h. tated that t'lm: lt
I, ind Hubert Dixon, clllir.
k. r tr in m. imn'ii.
re orlffliiul Idea 'id they dj
.ma lo cjpress such Idnu.
i itine honored gentlemen
iuir it ,0 lu"l( out '"r tl10
0( III "
hon not. engaged In ardu
v.H of tliolr profession, give
:m. id th lining or wnni
",r Hit city. and after careful
.A much deliberation, me
,,.n hiva nrrlvi'd at (i3 con
ihil IhB city dork ilhould be
,i Into a dancing pavilion
riir'i f re true itiouia u
i bind wap.iin
,i I'd INK'k for lin l.i(C.
rllnien wnenier miii jiiu
oold be flK'd up for dancing.
i bi i ilmpla matter, ha
Uyt floor or vertical gram
ocr thtt 1'iitlrn dork ana
roof put over I lie dork Should
Jon, th dork would ba o. k.
crinf, rain or ahlno. Tho
bu li not guided solely liy
n (hat another pleasure re-
aid Ix available for Iho pub
tit ilia lm mercenary mo-
Tbl dork roiild ha rented, ha
i Portland party for not lea
S pr mom h during the luiti
cltain Wheeler la Inclined to
inllc, iymp:iili?ile and vision-
!t thinks thai those who II kn
Ih light fantastic," and
lio with to Indulge In thft
oreii art, iliould havo an op-
r to do ().
,mmif !)) Ilr Kffrrt
biltnr Juno dy, thl aun
ad floKora r.nd tho awoitt
:hil fomo from Mia throat of
Mldrnlly Invn had aomo ft-
U. Iluli'iu' ronmntlc council
gucdlus on (hn dork and
: lh Kcmlroua hnimtliia of
tin rmirlli!i?n' mind
loc from Hn, ordinary vul
!iimi of Hi" tiny. Thcro waa
mil; In tho Know rappixl
'n ioi lh) turhiilint wntxra.
"i hud on lliflr full follnKB,
jtfn worn In bloom -vnd the
ilnitlnn. Tim world waa
o why ahoulil not all nrnn
irt In tliln Joyful nnon of
'it. Tha evnnlnic ii'phora
eri-d tho rli)pl on tho
bowm nrnl llm wuler irfloctnd
rr of the a-ttltiR aun na It
In the ocean hluo nr.d ccat Ha
Tiof old upon thn anow cap
of Mt. SI. Ilxlona. whoae
!a pk awMlnRly amllod at
:lt witom (vnr tho hlll
ii menn appnarod and threw
" of allvr-r Inlo thn ImmMnn
" Ther rauctit the ro'lcctlnn
B'iIHn(t Krily, d:tnhnd aKalnat
Plllntf as If to '.nil thn coun-
thny npprovod of hla
'l( Idea and tlint tlinuvh tlin
their way t0 the mlithty
f. other Inunhlnir
M pan the dork .-nil lnd en
a,o to the councilman's
Will Aid Cu,,,l.
to rouni-ilimn Dixon. Ho
romallltn A liU riillnnrna
(in to lnterfiro with the tdnna
W 'or ho rnmnmlinr that
md ..... i.i. -m-
w. nlinn Will nl.l VI. .!. I-
Helena a !...'. ..n.l
" tMl aiiKpr-Htinn tn offer In
WOn Wltll U'l.n.l...'. I.I MM..
f.. . , -."ii'i n itimi. I life
'truc. could ho dlHmanllod
" band waKon. Tho coat
;tl jil rail pir,t nnA thn Rllt
wnirti enclrrloa thn i.n.-. nr
nf maphlne, Wol,lt lpnd nHrll.
ih. 7,"' 10 M,e muHlclnna.
,n furt int ln,ni..ii.. ti..
the : .
nialna 10 ,av,Kn
,7,ml' hoHtownd. they
Pit forth i.,... i.
ruin,. . , n,l; nun innir
T' "'!, and the dnnrera. n.
lid ki.n. nn" tlln ,ln" n'':"nR
mi Ik. .7.7 OI nnture a
f. flowe - , l"n mountain,
h, &a.ml IxndHi-ape heautle
' ,,,(,i lnHt 'efloctlon of
driven 9w,llln cl,Pnn wnvo
th ",orm rtnlnit
ra t orp,.n, ra "
Ht. i. r. w" "'0 raKlne
1 - -
"Elder" A. C. York, Pall Mall,
Tbo.. want to war a contclto
ttoua objector II returned from
France, decorated by Oenerals
Ferehlnt and Koch and conald.
ered "the war createM hero "
Hla feaU Include the kllllog of IS
Oermana. allenclng a acore of ma
chine gun neat and capture of
131 prisoner. Including a major
Ills hometown folk are going to
() blm a 160.000 farm aad
JOOO Liberty Bond -
Hants Officer KHiM-titl Two
Director arc CliONt-n
lank "". " i
"in inn lM. worn hill,
li-" . early
h t 2T. .f romantic
.n,lnf and ' 1,8 'onncllmon
lilitrh..T. .Wl'n have been tn
h Mli,. T"" for a nu"ilor of
, " 111 tha id. . wl not
' that Jf Jdft Of their collonirim.
L n,thea ii, ' "M,,r coilongtio
Tho annual ini'i.tlna of tho atork-
holdcra of tho 8t. Iliden Lumber
1'oinpany wa hold at the office of
tho compnny In this city Wednesday
morning. With the exception of two,
all of the former director were
agnln chosen. Abe Melr of I'ortlnud
waa oluctud to fill tho vacancy caused
by the death of It. 8. Dnnforth and
J. II llothwell was elected to suc
ceed J. 8. Drown.
(mm Ire Klictel
In tho afternoon the board of
director held their meeting and tho
following officer were elected:
Chnrle H. McCormlck, president.
H. C. Merrymnn, vice-president.
J. 8. flothwell, secretary.
H. V. McCormlck, manager.
John Hten, assistant manager.
It I understood that the stock
holder and director were plmised
WlDCItlnP KAIIllin . !
NO. 25
MlM-ral li,iiIJiiii i,MUre J1(t .rtee,
and (iiMMl lroi(.-Hiii
I'or the first time In lis history
nt llvluna h due to have a big war
ship or a flout of smullur wur ves
sel make the city a visit. This news
m. been conveyed to the Chamber ot !
i ommerco by Congressman W. C
lluwley, who assure ihu !.,.,. ..,)
. . UMIll, Ull
"'' vuiiiiiimeo tiiut the navy du
pcrtmoni will Instruct the commuud
ant at the llremerton navy yards lo
send to 8t. Ik-Ions war vessels to
participate In the big celebration
which will he staged on the n.-tlon'
independerce Day. It Is hoped tlmtf
. t-iu.Bur, R lorpeao boat, a submar
ine and a sub clmser will be sent
Kirfwevrlt lllKliuay Gets .Kmlorse-
ment of Voters
Ktato Mi'ttsureM Carried
Six per cent Indebtedness.
Itoosevelt highway bill.
Soldier, sailors' nnd marines'
educational aid bill.
Market roads tax bill.
Irrigation nnd drainage dln'rlct
Interest guarantee.
Ntato MeuHurea Dcfcutivl
Industrial and recontsructlon
hospital amendment.
Lieutenant-governor a m e nd-
Iteconstruction bond amend
ment. Reconstruction bonding bill.
More Intercut Manlfiwt
Tho new that a war vnimi.t i,il Evidently the npnnla nt ri,m,i,i,,
visit this port !::i cre.-.ted more nJ t,,m,ty wer8 not greatly Interested
tertst In the cclehrallcn. Tim tiri.
I In the various measures that wore nn
gram committee had r.rranged a very!,ne ua"ot at Tuesday's election, fot
laming r.r.a r.iiractive crocrr.m.1 w,c ,,Jle cu"1 very small, it be nc
Dut tho fact that warships were to Dot mre than 40 per cent of i:it
lie added to the lonz list of Mtr.ie rp8itratlon. Unofficial return.
tlons. has arousod msro emhusliam now t,lat ,ne Roosevelt Hlghwav,
'.a the celebration. Thin fi,,r-'the Market Road Tax anil thn Kni
t-lone, the committee says, would , dler' Aid were the only measures an-
ln:;ke It well worth the whiu ,,f i !.! proved by the voters in thin pmmtv
umbla county folks to visit St. Helens! tlie Roosevelt Highway receiving tho
on the Fourth. Many of our cltl-
leus nr.ve not and the opportunity
to go aboard o. e of t'nele 8aia s sea
fighters, and this will jB tholr op-
yu, 1U1III,
Mriiv I'rlzc Offered
Kor tho varlt ub gamos. contests.
etc., iir.nilsomo cr.sh nrizea are nf.
rorou. . The rortl".nd wholesale
grocers have also aided tho commlt-
leu by orrerlng varlo is frizes.. Cases
of canred goods, boxes of cigars.
boxes of cai:dy r.ud Wf.ny other
articles have beon contrlhu'.ed by the
merchents of tho molro;ol!s who do
business with tho St. Helens mer
chants. Arransomcnts h?ve been
mado to hava the St. Holens baud
turn out In force, t:id they havo been
t ractlclng drily, so tho best of music
can bo expectod.
linrlicrufl lllif Feature
The free barbecue promises to be
ono of the big features of the ccle
hrutlon. The committee on cntor
talnmeut. Instead of having only one
fine steer, now think they will have
to have several, Judging by the many
enquiries a to this fonturo of the
program, thousands will bo here to
join in tho barbecue dinner.
The financial committee has met
Bl MIA result fir thn tinal viv r a ntiiirn
Hon of the big -mill, and the officers' 5,run,t encouragement and cIobb
wore complimented on the efficient
manner In which the big concern was
Thn Mist Is pleased to announce
Hint Prof. J. II. Wllkerson, lately
principal of the Vernottli. high school
and formerly principal of the 8'..
Helen high school, I now connect
ed with tho Mist. I'rof. Wllkerson
was elected superintendent of the Si.
Helons schools for tho coming year,
but before entering upon his school
duties, thought ha would try his hand
at tho newspaper gnmo. I'rof Wll
korson will tour the county In the
Interest ot tho Mist and will send In
special storle as to tho severnl com
munities In Columbia county. School
and road conditions will he covered
and other Items which will bo ot In
terest to the people of Columbia
county. Tho professor Is well known
throughout tho county end tho Mist
feci certain that ho will aid In the
Improvement of thn new columns of
this paper nnd help to milntaln Its
reputation us being tho best country
weekly In Oregon.
Mlnnlo M. Doleshal wr.s married
Wednesday evening r.t 6 o'clock to
Carl II. Anmnnd nt Iho homo of tho
brldo'a sister, Mrs. K. A. Ross. Thn
ceremony waa plannod nlong simple
linos, but was beautiful r.nd Impres
sive. Hov. A. E. Hlsey officiated, using
the ring ceremony. In the presjnee of
thirty rolntlvos and frlond. Little
Melon Htone w.- flower girl and
John Morse R-hs, ring noaror. An
arch of pink ronos and fort narked
tho place for the bridal party, with
bp.ekot of ame artist Icnlly arranged
about tho room.
Following the ceremony a buffet
lunch was servod nfter which tho
couplo loft for a short trip.
The bride and groom nre well
nnd favorably known In St. Helens,
nnd hnve n host of friends who wish
thorn much hnpplnoss In tholr mar
ried life. .
Carl ChrlHtonsen mndo a
trip to Portland Tuesday.
to $1600 has been pledged. With this
amount available, it Ih certain t hut
a eclebrution worth while will be
The county court has promised to
do some necessary work on the St.
Jlolens-rittshurg rond so that the
peoplo of tho Nehnlem Valley can at
tend the celchrntlon nnd take the
short cut from the valley to the
county scat.
A meeting of the executive com
mittee was held last night and tt Is
understood that several attractions
which were under consideration, have
been secured. The commlttoo is en
thusiastic over the prospects for the
celebration and every man on tho
committee Is working hard to make
a great success of tho project. They
extend nn invitation to every one In
Columbia county and the entire state
of Oregon to mako St. Helens their
hoadquarters on July 4th.
largest majority. The results on the
respective measures were as follows:
Six Per Cent County Indebtedness
: Yes, 459; No. 659.
Reconstruction Hospital: Y'es, 419-
No, 568.
Irrigation Drainage: Yes, 4 32: No,
$5,000,000 Reconstruction Bond:
Yes, 361; No, 623.
Lieutenant Governor: Yes, 358:
No. 634.
Roosevelt Highway: Yes, 625: No.
Reconstruction Bonding Bill: Yei,
394; No, 697.
Soldiers' Educational Bill: Yes.
586; No, 4 4 4.
Market Roads Bill: Yes, 546; No.
A total of 25.616.559 feet of lum
ber were shipped by water from the
mills of the lower Columbia river
district during the month of May, ac
cording to figures compiled by De
puty Collector ot Customs Haddlx of
Astoria. The lumber wr.s carried on
35 vessels, 31 of which wore unload
ed nt California porta and two at At
lantic const ports and two nt foreign
In addition to shipments from the
Astoria district, boats passed through
this harbor with e. total of 6.405,619
feet of lumbor from the Portland dis
trict on 13 ships, to Amerlcnn ports
and In addition to this 7,827,687 feet
were shipped from Portland lo for
eign ports, mnmiiK i .'" i-.
Hhm the Town Died, or Who Ih Dead?
Invest 'gallon Falls to Clear Mutter
Either St. Helens is dead or some
one in St. Helens is dead. The Mist
Jins made au Investigation. It has
naked numerous citizens for the
news, but has been unable to find
out anything except that some of the
flags still wave at half mast. Who
ever put the flags at that position
and then left them there, know the
socret, but, as stated, the Mist can
not find out the real facts. .
At the city hall a boautlful Ameri
can flag floated on Memorial Day
pna it was at hair mast. Naturally
one wouia conclude tlint It was In
honor of this sacred day, but such
conclusion must be erroneous, for the
flag was nt half ninst until Monday,
Juno 2. There is nothing in the
minutes of the council meeting which
tells of the passing of the mayor, any
of the councilmen or the city marshal
nnd the recorder Is yet on the job, so
the Mist cannot say who was mourn
ed. It would suggest Hint any one
wishing to know, would Interrogate
nny or all ot these officials, tor the
Mist has been unable to secure such
It is also evident that the Masonic
lodge is paying due respect nnd
mourning for some deceased brother.
A tattered and battered ensign Is at
half mast over the Masonle building.
Upon closo inspection it can be seeu
thct it Is the remnants of a United
States flag, but it Is in threads and
is almost colorless. Nevertheless,
this scarred veteran of many battles
with the elements, proudly floats
over the Masonic home and there
must be some reason for it. Our
readers will have to draw tholr own
conclusions, for the Mist is unable to
ferret out the mystery.
Prom enlistment as common
seaman to the hero ot the AmerW
can nary In six years, read In the
life of Lieutenant Walter Hinton.
commander of the NC4,.th "lame
duck of the ocean flyer, and the
only seaplane to fly the Atlantic
Hinton flyer showed poorest Id
trial, but made history when the
mt 4Bft luton 0ju4
Will Co to Riilgefield June 12 for
Strawberry Festival
At their regular meeting Tuesday
night, Avon Lodge No. 62, Knights
of Pythias, elected the following of-
i icers : -
E. A. Ross, C. C.
Orin Shepherd, V. C.
Thos. II. Roy, Prelate.
Robert Dixon, M. of W.
James Kemp, M. of A.
C W. Garrison, I. G.
John H. Beaver. O. G.
Ed C. Laws was selected as repre.
sentatlve to the grand lodca.
Membors of Avon Lodge and vls-
iiins oroiners were Invited to join
wiui iase uiver lodge of Ridgefield
nt their annual strawberry festival
ror a number of years, the St. Hel
ens lodge lias joined Ridgefield on
mis uL-cusion r.na aouDtiess many
will go across tho river on the even-
.ng ot June 12, to participate in the
oujoyunie occasion.
Thursday afternoon a number of
the teachers of the St. Helens school
met with the school directors to dis
cuss matters pertaining to the
McMinnvillo Loses to Local High by
a Score of 10 to 0
schools. It is understood that some
from the Portland district, 14,233,206 of the teachers strenuously object
feet. Of tills amount, St. IIOlOllS 10 n Clause in ineir coiurnci which
Suites lliai ll suuuoi uiuscn iui nuiiiu
reason not the fault of the school
hoard that the teachers would re
ceive no pny for the time lost. It Is
.1.. iimlapalnnil flint m fl n V nt thn
turned Sujulay from a trip to M-i, tonc,0ra did not relish the Idea of
Mlnnvllle and other Wlllamotto vnl-1 tmvlng their salary check cut on ac
count of having been absent for a few
mills contributed approximately
000,000 foot.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George Shlnn re-
ley towns. Mr. Hllllin Hjflll lo nmnnii
some of tho walnut orchard tracts.
,t,ii one having made him a good
The St. Hole 's hleh sehml ht,a
ball team defeated the McMlnnvllle
ntgn teem yestetday afternoon on the
local grounds by r, score of 16 to 0.
The locals started early in the game
and chased in two runs. Toward the
letter pert of the game McMlnnvllle
went to pieces and the St. Helens
pir.yors naa tnings their own way.
4 ......... n . .. . . .
iur oi. neiens, pitched a
nonay nno steady gime and was cooi
in mo ijiucnea. bi. rieions, as a
ter.m, played a rood game nnd show
ed a marked Improvement over pre-
viutiB I'UlllJalH.
Last week McMlnnvllle defeated St.
Helens by a 4 to 2 score and the
local aggregatirn feel that now they
hr.ve had a complete revenge.
The Commencement exercises of
the St. Helens high school will be
held in the city hall tonicht. The
program begins at 8 o'clock.
The procram is as follows:
Processional Doris Bothwell
Invocation Rev. A. S. Hlsey
Solo Mr. J. H. McCoy
Salutory Mason Dillard
Solo Star Spangled Banner
Mrs. W. E. Lidyard
Valedictory Annette Payne
'OlO Mr. J. H. MeCnw
Address . . Liout.-Col. John Leader
Presentation of Diplomas ....
Mr. II. E. LaBare
The class roll is:
Annette Payne, Ethel Lynch, Anna
Larson, Holcn. Walker, Robert Dlx
vi, John Mnsten, Mason Dillard,
Lou's LaBare, Caly Stanwood, Iver
Wollnder, Wesley Mays, John Cor
slzlln. A large crowd is expected to at-to-id
the exercises which start at 8
o'clock sharp.
Miss Madollne Allen left last
inursaay ror Twlsp, Washington
During their absence, they
tlinv hud substitutes. One ofiwhnm oho ulll vioif f. , i. '
proposition to purchase a 10"ro . tlie teachers informs the Mist that i Miss Allen will also visit friends at
tract. After thoroughly Investlga tMj M,00, onrd aRreeil t0 raIae the Spokane before returning home on
lug the manor, r-j wages of all teachers d per monili.
Helens convlncod that better wal-, 8 ,
nuts can be grown right here and in Copelnnd were
his vicinity than in "" " ' , rorlIl.nd Wednesday to attend the
And Mnyor Hnxon; no Baiie i wv , ,Hevod ho coul
foryoars. Ho has soon whl e capped lll, 0(r(,11 nm, tllt In
July 1st.
Mrs. Sattcrwald died Wednesdaj
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
nna ujoraman. Mr. Satterwald
wave s and moons nnd mountains nd ; nl"t
nbonrd shin has heard the band play. pv, ' '
fine music, but H Is not believed mat ',',' un, ,.fiar.n. for the
he will conlncldo with the Idea ot, m ' "
nut belt that no vis .. f M copoland's mother,
kiiiiiw t"'t , . i..i, Jl,l t I ... - j - : . ' . --!
10 years Mrs. r . n. nuwiu,-i,u u?u in um f nnu Ueen a resident or St. Helens for
...... i ,rt timn tiomo in i nu 1'iiiico oi-iiu.ij msm. nuiue nine, ana waa nein in hiih m.
ia lev that hnve beon ! Deceased was 111 for only a few days teem by all who knew Her. Inter-
rin for the past. and her dentn was uuexpeciou. ano ment was on Friday In the (
, w:. E8 years of ago-
i lcrw's cemetery, at Warren.
Odd Fel-
Chnrle R. McCormlck Promised
Other Industrie for St .Helen
The most successful meeting the
St. Helens Chamber of Commerce has
yet had wa held Wednesday even
ling in the city hall. There were in
bttendance about 135 people, many
of them from different communities
In Columbia county.
After the business session, during
which many matters of interest wen.
discussed and acted upon. President
Morton turned the meeting over to
H. M. Buck, chairman of the evening,
who introduced Charles R. McCor
mlck, president of the St. Helen
Lumber Company and or the firm
which bears his name.
More Industries for St. Helens
Mr. McCormlck said he was well
pleased at the large attendance at
the meeting and felt sure that the
Chamber of Commerce was doing
and would continuo to do a great
work for St. Helens and the entire
county. He said his firm had always
had faith in St. Helens Ind the
county and had made large invest
ments here. He spoke of the Island
Lumber Company's mill beine built
on Sauvies Island and stated that this
enterprise would be ot great benefit
to the city, as a number of men would
De employed and the output of the
mill would require the loading of
more steamers. It was the company's
Intention, he said, to build a loading
dock almost one-half mile in len-th
on the slough side of the island. Ties
from Lewis river and other points
would be brought here for shipment
and a large business would come to
St. Helens. He spoke of other mat
ters In which St. Helens wna vltniw
lnterested and promises his as
sistance In all matters which were
for community benefit.
Community Spirit Urged
A. F. Marsh, secretary nf th.
Washington Association of Commer
cial secretaries, made the principal
address of the evenine. Hla snhler
was "Commuaity Spirit." He show
ed how great thing could be accom
plished by co-operation and t&klnr
pride in the community. Hla lnetnr-
was broad in scope and met with the
approval or his hearers tnd It was the
unanimous opinion that many of the
suggestions he made would be car
ried out. He comnllmentMl tha
Chamber of Commerce On their tnrva
Attendance and progresslveness . and
said that no plr.ee In Oregon or
Washington had he seen a more re
presentative audience. Mr. Marsh
spoke for more than ono hour and his
audience, at the conclusion of the
lecture, were ready for another hour
of his wit and wise suggestions.
Committees Report
Charles Wheeler, chairman of tha
committee appointed to investigate
the feasibility and to promote a plan
for the development of Columbia
Beach, said fhtt Mr. J. K. Gamble
had given the Chamber of Cnmm
a lease on the beach property. Mr.
neeier suggested that a day be ap-
iiuuiiea ior "ueacn uay" and that all
interested in buildine n. mart tn th-
beach and to fix ud tha heieh with
needed conveniences, be called on to
assist in the work. A number of peo
plo volunteered for the work and the
nencn Day will soon be declared.
L. J. VanOrshoven reported on the
progress that the Fourth of Jnlv
committee was making. Everything
was working along In fine shape, he
said, nnd there v;?s no doubt of the
success of the celebr?tlon.
Mr. Gill, of the Wittenbere-KIna-
company, in response to an Invitation
to address the chamber, said that
during the past week he had made a
tour of the county In comoany with
County Fruit Inspector A. L. Morris,
and had contracted for tons of ber
ries and vegetables for his concern.
At the present time he did not think
there was much chance for the estab
lishment of a cannery at Warren, but
with the agricultural develonment
of the county such a plant would be
necessary. He said his company was
rer-dy.to take $500,000 of rroduen
from the farmers of Columbia county.
Other Business
Mr. A. B. Lako renorted that hn
had made arrangements for the con
struction of suitable bonches to be
placed In the Plaw.. Mr. Wheeler
poke of necessary stock Tiens and
unloading platforms both for the
depot and the city dock. S. C. Mor
ton reported on an interview he had
with General Managor Davidson re
lative to a new depot for St. Helens.
Dr. Flynn presented the names ot
seven who desired to become mem
bors of the chamber.
Many other matters of Importance
were transacted before the program
for the evening's entertainment be
Sergeant Forest Deane Is here on a
visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Deane. He was recently dlscharr.
ed from the aviation service after
having been in France for 18 month.
Sergeant Deane, as soon as he has
had a real good visit with his parents.
expects to return to Detroit, Michi
gan ana resume his position as fore
man of construction In one of th
shops of the Oakland Motor Car Co.
auiia in u.
Dixon and Wheeler,

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