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t' Helens Wishes Every One to Gome to tie Celebration Here on the Fourth
aa. 11 j i a a i i- i i it 1 i t i i -Awibyt'..,.1 .j-yr-iti ui - i a 11 ii ii
NO. 26
Uference is held
.... I li. W IS. UVIrli
.tin " -
rJbiTo Make County IH'mncwlta
i possible Hint Columbia coun
wlll throw oft Its republicanism
Kni. '" 11,8 ,,op." .f.,!,e v:0
Uncrstle leaders of Columbia
Lntf. uenerm o .
Une W. B. Welch, anu it me re-
M ead Br .
uaB . ....... no It clans I ha
:,nl complexion of Columbia
Df Welch, who It acknowledged
mocmUc warhorae Of the
kmler dUtrlct. wi here Monda;
yas cioaen'u win, '"
. .noiher dumocratlo war-
fnj' At the conference of these
i.rfM. It li said that Mile
Emartea Inatructlons received from
Hion Miller, thai astute democru
. politician who managed to land
bill ler Hltnis 01 urfion in'iini-
titf were righting over empty
nan without the $6000 per year
kipenaatlon whim miii oraws irum
L U. 8. exchequer.
It to thought that the county will
V divided, io far aa the democratic
UpiUn ea, nJ that 1r- Welch
ill it appointed colonel for Ituln
It ud all territory aa far aa the
'jttop county line. Sherman Miles,
tiaby reaaon of lite cloaa relation
Ulth Milt Miller, will, undouht-
01 racelrs tne prererence in ran.
.11 probably be appointed aa brlga
m icnaral for the entire county.
in particular duty at thla partlcu
kr Urn, will be (o take charge of
tt territory from I'reacott to the
tultnomah county line and to keep
oat tab on tho republican opera-
kii In thla territory.
Two Officer at KHMm.
ti the Scappooae neighborhood,
hleh It a largo and Important soc-
(rr.lt la thought that Mr. Miles will
Wlit two nn'hla staff. Oeorge
nit and Jim McKay, both recog-
li4 aa democratic; loaders ot
kbllltr, to la up to Mll to confer
HtlHoD both of theaa workera. From
hi hct that Jim la a political work-
r of aiperlonce and knows the lay
(the land, It la poaatble that Mile
HI appoint him captain and George
sill hkwIvs the title of lieutenant
Kiln thlnka that these two. -would
fork toast hor and accompllah the
No lxilrr for Warren,
In the Warri'n sector, the altuntlon
li difficult. W. J. Pullprton la tho
iflcal man for the command of thla
Kiatrlct. and It was thought that
ei tniaiit appoint him, but l"aa
nocli aa Mllea la a ilrom annnnrler
WMirtln White (oven thouah White
arapuDtican), It Is hardly poael
m that the leaclxrehlp will be en-
io ruiinrton. The flabt In
DtlKhborhood will bn a
. Waihlnmon Muckle Is now a
"joeni or Warren, as Is Mr. Mlloa.
o lines Murklo la a "dyed-ln-the-wl
repulillcsn. It Is thought he
i 1 Immediately take etops to com
' tb democratic schemes, even
lomh Mr. Miles Is his nolnhbor.
Bt. Helens It Is a difficult mat-
lo uy who will be the leader of
M democratic forces. It Is known
'W both J. H. Klynn and J. 11.
'""ww are ardent workora, as are
? Dlllsrd. J. E. Ilamsoy and J
Tiber "ri. ... j
J Mlroian la R r01,e frlnnd of Mr.
''I and altliullRll h aiinnnrlnil
y?' " nilKht be overlooked and
2 a, ?ht al'P0nt him captain of
. Helena division. The doctoi
iiL ?rrollc "Oflter and If he ro
ll"' appointment, undoubted
' "it live a good account for hlm-
Neliai,m ruaea Worry
OMsral Miles nnV Colonel Welch,
til NZr0"1"'1 nt ,he "ltlon In
I. UOIinirV Thl ynit nn
repulilUft,, Htronrhnld anil Dm
Mill.." ,11 . ,.llfl democratic- forces
DhiHnr ,.r,?lm,lR" tne Political
IfHRSe rX X U "!!? V
''I for ii.- ""' my in
1U IMA PiittitilM
w llveJT .ni!(1 "'"""oh republl-
n. ami i. A-
nder '.''""ttliouUit lie will
without I f1V.,lV,nn,ocraUo forco
mini"'11- TI,nr'-. the cam
of tn6 democratic
"tion i eyhnt l,,nied at the
count, " llmt Portion of the
which en ,h," 011,1 pttrt of the front,
ltYnkE!M n,Rt t"ltory be
tardea .. . ,n1 1nl Pittsburg, U re-
,Bd It Is n . . . clor r the front,
H Pro Si'S f! Uo.ntlon to this. In
!tPnlrt7 1 mo'.18 Griffith will be
11 ould nnV IT or "rgeant, for
Ml- title n,0fth whlle 10 wa"te
"tiiteh "A8 0n this territory. Inns.
&rttit K "re ? ny more lm
rs IS.?. ot th ttle. line.
"itumion prsaiu In nther
Thu. i , .. ....
i .i now uie crew or tne ramous aoanlne NC-4 whl ch lm u r.,..i , , .
l oo , "l" ?' 'U,d,.," Ur,;'V,a of 1,16 cn,,t nt 1unu lM the ixo , TV. was U, i" -i b,y flyl.ng
hop to Usbon. I'ortuicul. complying the continent to continent lr .rir :!,w," i ? 8iP before the
w,t" "Nxcys " crew. Ueut. Com Head w.-.a tn command of th e craft "K"aa v' 8- u P08"
HIiimiI IMrwtor and Miim f.rk to
be tinmen
The annual acbool election will be
hold Monday lilnlit The uIupa i ii.
city hall and the time, 8 o'clock
Director LolJare Is the momber of
uie scnooi ooard whose term expires
and a aucccsaor must be chosen, u
Ik-I Klks Have Charge of lrlve for
Halvation Army Funds
The campaign in Oreson for Home
Orison Will Suffer on Account of De
feat of Iti-construrtlou MeuKure
The Mist has received a letter
Irom 11. N. Stanfleld in which he ex
presses regret that the $5,000,000
.lovuimuuaira iionaing measure
was not approved by the voters of
i SUrVlPA Kllllrilt Tfir t i Mulirnll.,n A.... WTUKOn. lift ThlnlTB a n l4..,i
8t. 0u":?a hJepr.aelZ'.on onZ T"' b9 ""d June 22 to T d thi jfone the State Unlwr.ltV d
board W J MX . T , drlve U 10 ,,e conducted under the 1 Jtlw lto Institutions. Mr. Stan-
of "hi. LL 'i , ""P" of ",e 0rPKon 8,at E"w as-l tMW-
We. M Ti?., m. i ,U Ml . 0f "ocla,ln. The Elks of Columbia!. "e failure of the passing of tho
&&tJUr'& S"1-' "i L..?;0 construe ion lon'dfn
I " " - - sasaaaa nil VI VUIII 1
fore, the people of West 8t. Helens
claim they have no representation
on the board. It is said that they
favor T. 8. White and will present
his name at the meeting.
Quite a number are In favor ot re
taining 11. K. Lallare as director. It
la pointed out that the new school
building Is under construction and
merce and formulated plans for the
conduct of the campaign. Dr. C. E.
Wade was chosen chairman and O;.-
- " .onji,Uiuittl,l
to me. I cannot understand why the
"oum turn this measure
down, unless It was that they were
wald Doming, secretary. The not properly informed. I believer!
county was divided Into two districts.. w,ien the legislature proposed this
from Oolile to the Clatsop county
is the Haluier district r.nd the work
in this district Is under the super-
vision of Oeorge W. Kussoll, a proml-
that tho taxpayers of the school, nont Elk of Halnler. From Goble
district will be culled on to pay souio
I40.0UO or $46,000 for the building.
The contract la under the supervis
ion of the present board, was let by
them and the people are holding
them responsible for an accounting.
therefore, it Is thought good policy.
measure that they were making a
miBtake In putting il up to the vot
ers as a reconstruction measure.
They would have better have gone
io me voters ana explained to them
to retain Mr. I.olluro. The retiring . amount has been assigned to the
to tho Mulnomnh county line Is thej,hese were necessary appropriations
St. Helens district r.nd Dr. C. g! which they could not make because
Wade will supervlso tho work In or the Blx Per cent tax limitation,
this district. ' The money that this measure would
Columbia Quota ioM nava provided for reclamation pur-
The amount rViliimMn rmintv ..iiiiposes were not entirely nerenanr
raise is $3000. One-third of this' bu' 1 think would have been a splen-
dlroclor. It Is understood, is not hot
after the Job, and, as a mutter of
fuel, thinks he has served his time
on the a "free, gratia and without
charge" Job, but it is thought that if
the taxpayers insist on his serving
another term, ho will consent to do
Very little Interest is manifest In
the flection at this time, but It Is
probable that matters will begin to
be stirred up and there will be a
number of Interested taxpayers pres
ent when the meeting is called to
Mr. 1'orter B. King, chief fire war
den of the Fire l'atrol association,
was a recent visitor In St. Helena
and a pleasant culler nt the Mist of
fice. Mr. King suld thru be and his
force of men wero building tourists
camps In convenient places along
the Niihalem. They have cleared a
considerable number of places along
the river bank, built nice cooking
places and Installed other conven
iences. Mr. King thinks that by
providing tho camping places, and
having the unilernruHn nnu winner
cleared away, there will no
danger of flro.
Rainier district and the balance to
tho St. Helens district. Each district
baa been dlvldod Into sub-districts
;ind promptly on tho morning of the
?2nl the Elks will start to work
did Investment for the taxpayers of
the state of Oregon, Inasmuch as Its
uses were contingent upon a Federal
appropriation of a tike amount, but
the expenditure of the sums foi
state Institutions are absolutely nec-
Tliere la a norl nntureri rlvalrv l,A..es8ary and the State of Oregon will
tween St. Helens and Rainier as to fuffer because the funds could not
which district will be the first to be provided.
raise tho quota, and the Elks do not , ur Btate university, is In a de
Intend to make It a week's Job. On I Porible condition and it is a dis
the contrary, they expect to wire ! Rrace ,to the state that they cannot
headquarters the very first day of I Provide quarters which are adequate
the drive that the entire amount and i ""d """''dent for the attendants at
then some, has been raised. So fttr.t,',s Institution. Our penitentiary is
as can be learned, there are about ?l8 a disgrace, and we are perpetrat
35 Elks In Columbia county, 23 of crlme against criminals when
whom live In the St. Helens district, Lwe do not provide a. better reforma
and are, E. I. Hallagh, Von A. Gray, i fry than that which we possess.
C. I). Morgan. 8. A. Hawkins. H. E. f 1 "'ncerety hope that in your
Cortithwalte, Oeorgo Oommeyer, J.IPnPer vu M undertake to mold
II. Wellington, Fred Morgus, Roy ''. iiuii, so mai wnen again
tho necessities of these institution
requirements are presented to the
voters or me state of Oregon, that
they may better realize and appre
ciate the need for the improvements.
"With kind regards, I aru
"Very truly yours,
During the past few days St. Hel-
ana htta kaAn . ... i. j .
Speaker Coming tho IDlh. nT rl"eQ !
i.. i f,lHA)Jtr K ni J " "w vwuiu uuasiuiy Krcl
The Fire I'ntrol association, un- ' , , 'T,!,, m ; ,nTv aw?r- '"ded the Victory Festival
der the direction of Mr. King, has ".;":.',,"" ,lc a speaker. ! ln ir,"",1(1- T1e warship, airplanes
also installed a telephone line i ! r" w be I r h? ev en i ",ui parados wore the main attrac
the mountain from Trenholm to V he Tith Thurs
Pittsburg. It Is possible to now talk , 'n of t h 19th, T '""W weat ner, undi d ,h frQm gt He)ong
to Vernonla Instead of going the Prm . . h ln tie b, f
roundabout way via Clatskanle and " ""'rntah music for roc! : h,h r of the Victory Festival.
Mist. The line, while primarily for nweaSer ta inc ement.l The reat Induitrlal parade on Wed-
th. business of the '". i Z '.SegVln. and mt?.le will he In the ; ' nnf'er ? T ?.a mi?'"ce!
lie avnllaliia ror mo iiunnu uuu io , ..... v
grent convenience. T,)B givntlon Army Is firmly en
trenched In the hoarts of the Amer
Copcland, Oswald Doming, Fred Wat
kins. Carl Christmiscn, A. C. Tucker,
S. II. Iloskln, S. C. Morton, A. M.
Holt. J. F. Rye.n, H. E. Abry, Alva
Smith, U. Hosworth, Sam Welst,
Frank McDonald and C. E. Wade.
Each of those Elks will be assigned
a certain Job and he will have to do
II. One of the rules of the Order of
Elks, it is said. Is not to fall down
on any charitable proposition and
the nntlered brothers from St. Hel
ens can be depended upon to produce
less ; the results.
progress Oregon is making along In
dustrial lines. '
leuote sections ot u.r i-oumj. - lcnn soldiers ana uie parenis oi oi-lTjm AKm r)TT T.
though (loble and Doer Island hnve ,,,,. No longor H tho Armyi1 JL,Ci AMU PILING
been given much consideration . Tliej ,noUKi,t 0f as the people who used CAMP STARTED
Mist In unable to loom who will be , pKrilue the stroets at night beat-
entrusted to carry out the plnns of , ,nR nrums ,,nd cymbals and offering! j.lcoU Johnson and W. A. Davis
Messrs. Miles and Welch In these .nIvgl)on with ''Jazx" trlmm ngs. j liave gtnrted a pola Rnd p,,inK c
districts. , They are now thought of as a body , near ,i,e Milton Creek dam. They are
Republicans May Awake. I 0f men and women who devote their, enrrynfl; on the)r operations on the
When Jimmy GaltteiiB and Tom MvM ,0 humanity, who have made of the M1Uon Creek Logging
Watt. roallr.o the sMuat'fm, It 1 sCrlflces to "ci'.rry on" and every coipally and liave a force ot ten
possible that they will havo a con- Oolum),a county soldier who hi.s mm cuMng foioB and gettng out
ference with County Chairman Clem j ,,pl,n over there and who the Mist ving. To a Mist representative, one
Metskor and see If plans cannot be ,, interviewed, has a good word pf the f,rm gald they )ind enougn
n-sde to succiwsfully combat the d-for ti,e Salvation Army. Columbia tUim,r In sight to continue their
mocratlc strategy. If they see that tho, C0Unty will raise this llttlo $-'.000 work for more than ft year Before
first and second lino tretiehos can-for t, Salvation Army and raise . moving to their present location, the
not be held against ino onnuu.u.'i,, UNK
oniliiughts, It is possiiuo uny
send out a call for outside help. The
fuel that Columbia county
ly rfpubllcnn leads many republicans
to believe timt me uiuvi.,
p,K,. plan, will amount naught
men operated on the Chapmnn road.
Clarence Olson, son of Pete Olson
Wednesday was citizenship day In of the Warren neighborhood, is one
utiia v i -4 n ii.. nf li a ntinmnlnn mnla AnfithaM In the
but the fact that such l Jl nC)au" for final paper., county. During the past two months
been laid far in advance o f tl e rea tlon 8 wereern,mher of Ule appll- he has caught 77 moles. Mr. Olson
camnalirn time. Is taken as an Indlca-, 1 he grea or " . . f , brougllt the gklng to St. Helens Tues-
tlon that a determined fflori w m, can. the national nff8irg of day. He received $7.70 mole bounty
c-i , . it.. ffrn tha AAtintV tan1 the olrfvia will
I as evinencea iy mo v.a.j, ona.io tt.i
hack fori bring $10 or $1B, so young Olson,
Tum nnnllcatlons were who Is only 10 years old, has quite
Inln and their coterie of 'n roy- " " " "use of irregularities a little start on the bicycle money he
henchmen. The next few n,o"'',B w' ' ?iJ the following tnamed persons; Is saving. In addition to earning
"hw lust how well the plans hove a th money, the lad has done his
i "!i u Inst how much Inter- made cltwen. r. aii ', fn.nr KOod service bv destrovina-
Z "hrblliw will take in com- Ji, many of these farm pests,
'bating them. j
h. made to olaee Columbia county i knowledge of tn.
Well Known Journalist ivcg fit.
Helens a 1Ook-Over
Elbert Reiln Billing nf ha r.
tage Grove Sentinel, accompanied
j ins who, were nere Monday and
Tuesday on a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
8. C. Morton. Mr. Bede Is one of
the best known newspapermen in
Oregon. He is secretary of the Ore
gon Newspaper Conference and has
been president of the State Editor
ial association and the Willamette
Valley Editorial association. He is a
son of Adam bede, for many yearb
congressman from Minnesota, who
was known throughout the United
States as the "Wit of the House"
The younger Bede inherited much of
his father's wit and his writings and
speeches demonstrates this fact.
Mr. Bede motored up from Cot
tage Grove and says the worst road
he traveled ln the 190 mile trip was
the road between Scappoose and St
George Shlnn, while a good friend
of Councilman Charles Wheeler, does
not agree with the councilman as to
hla project of making the city dock
a dancing pavilion. Mr. Shlnn says
be is rood church member and does
not believe In dancing, hence, he is
not ln favor of paying taxes to main
tain a dancing pavilion. He suggests
that the Citv dnrlr ha murio Inln
ipublic meeting place r.nd that the
uoca De aeaiccied to the public by
having a strawberry festival. Good
strawberries and crenm, Mr. Shlnn
s.-.ys, could be oijoyed by every one
and would hurt no.one, but he is op
posed to dancing.
Other suggestions have been made
aS tO the USA Of tllA rinflr nnrl Ilia
most popular one seems to be that
ine cuy council nx up the approach
to the dock and nse real common
horse sense In trying to make the
dock useful.
Dr. J. H. Flynn, county agent for
me Mnxweu automobile, telephones
the Mist from Portland that the
ureater Maxwell will be out about
July 1st, and he expects to have a
carload of these wonderful machines
during July. The doctor says the
Greater Maxwell Is the most won
derful car in America under $1500 lu
In the next issue of the Mist, the
doctor will have e.n announcement as
to this car and vill furnish prospec
tive auto buyers with complete speci
fications of the car which the Max
well people claim Is their notable
achievement ln auto building.
Three of the county deputies haa
their salaries raised by the county
court at Its last session. Deputy La
Bare ln the sheriff's office Is raised
from $1000 per year to $1200.
Deputy Paulsen in the clerk's office
Is raised from $900 to $1100 and
Deputy Godfrey in tho assessor's of
fice is raised from $800 to $1000.
In all, the salary raise amounts to
$600 per year increase in the county
"Not in Vain"
my'. tfVi'
Eff $ f. f&
I Ait Adjoining the Court House Will
be Deeded to County
The most Important matter that
the council acted upon at their regu
lar meeting Monday night, was to
givo away a valuible piece of city
property. Ttey didn't exactly give it
way, but they paved the way so it
could be given. That portion of the
Strand adjoining the courthouse and .
ln front ot the residence of A. S.
Horrlson Is fhe property which the
county wants and whie.h thA iltv
council is anxious to give. County
Judge Martin White presented the
matter to the council and before any
one could say atop or start, or say
anything else, the resolution , had
been passed with only one dissentine
vote. Councilman Dixon voted NO
because he thought the council
should have more time to consider
'the matter, but bis colleague, were
ln a hurry, and they slipped the
resolution through. The skids were
well greased and the resolution,
which had previously been prepared,
went through faster than lightning.
When the council leased a portion
of the Strand to the Creamery asso
ciation, it took about two month, to
get the resolution through, prepare
and pass the ordinance, etc., but the
action ot the council Monday night
Is in marked contrast with action,
of former councils. City property,
its value, the necessity ot giving It
away, the advisability of the city
owning any water, front, was not
considered by the council. It wa. a
Bing, Bang, Hurrah matter and haa
to be gotten through quickly, and it
went through.
The property which the council
proposes to give away, Is considered
quite valuable. To be definite ln
describing It, the Mist quotes from
the deed which the city proposes to
give to the county: "All of that por
tion of the Strand, in the City of Bt.
Helens, Oregon, lying between the
easterly extension of the northerly
and southerly boundary line, of Lot
14 in Block 11, in said City, produced
to the Columbia river, excepting
therefrom, bowever, a strip of land
thirty feet in width, in the form of
a rectangle, off the entiro westerly
The council did not receive a satis
factory bid for the improvement of
Winter street, so held this matter up
The estimate of the city engineer for
the improvement of Cowlitx, Casneau
and Tualatin streets was submitted
and there was quite an argument
over it. No action wa. taken.
It was decided tn aV ih
board to fix up the floor of the city
uuu, wiuun nas oeen used as a school
room, so that dpneino- uiij x
O ..v.u.1 w Ml-
dulged in.
The Question
crackers and fireworks for th
Fourth of July was fnlran nh Kf ma
action taken. '
Several others mutton ti.
up and discussed, but when the coun
cil adjourned- .nothing definite had
been accomplished except to give
away some city property.
The Indenend ant intn r.mMAnM
have further enlarged and Improved
mmr Kurr.ge Dusiress by Installing
a complete and up-to-date vulcenix
Ing and tire repair shop. The vacant
room between Constantin's store
ano tne garage entrance was secured
for the "tlreshop," and boinc; located
on eha street, will make It quite con
venient for automobllists. In ad
dition to doing vulcanirins nnd re
pairing, the shop is also equipped to
do re-treading. Managor Copeland
srys he Is now ready to promptly
core for any and all tire trouble, and
guarantees that his shop will turn
cut work equal to that of any other
Edith Cavell left England for
Belgium as one ot the many thou
sand nurses called to war service.
Her body was returned home the
other day. burled .with honors
such as no other woman than
Queen Victoria ' has ever been
given. The martyred nurse made
the supreme sacrifice before a
German tiring squad. Here is the
crowd outside Westminster Abbey
aa the body arrived.
On account of his failure to pay
the $500 fine imposed by the circuit
icourt, Ham Kautzman, editor and
publisher of the Columbia Herald,
iwas taken to Portland by Sheriff
Stanwood Saturday last and placed
in thfr Multnomah county Jail. Kauti
mnn was convicted of publishing
libeluous articles and obscene matter
in his paper and was sentenced to
six months in Jail and a fine of $500.
The case was appealed, but for some
reason, the appeal was dropped,
therefore, the editor was arrested
and has begun to serve time in Jail.
About 50 members of Avon lodge
and their families went to Ridgofteld
Thursday evening to attend the an
nual strawberry festival. For sever
al yoars the St. Helen. lodge ha. en
Joyed the hospitality of the Lake
River lodge of Ridgefleld on such oc
casions as this one. The St. Helena
K of P.'s are unanimous tn reporting
one ot the most delightful visits they
ever made.

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