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Issued Kvrry Friday by
O. D. HEILBORN. . . .Vic President
and Manager.
8. C. MORTON Editor
srnscRiPTiov hates
One Year 91.50
Six Montha . .' 78
Entered ai second-class matter,
January lOtti. 1912, at the Postofflce
at St. Helena, Oregon, under the act
ot March 3rd. 187.
Every resident of St. Helens who
wishes to see St. Helens advance
wishes that more enterprises would
be located here. This is perfectly
right and the Mist hopes that such
enterprises will come. However,
while wishing for other industries,
let us not forget to support the in
dustries we now have with us. If
we do not support the home indus
tries and patronize home industry,
we cannot expect to con
vince the prospective factory builder
that St. Helens Is a good place for
him to Invest his money.
In St. Helens we have a cannery,
a creamery, a flour mill and two
bakeries. St. Helens people own
them. They are St. - Helens ente.
prises. If we expect to get other in
dustries to locate in the town, lei
us patronize the industries we now
The most popular mecsure on the
ballot at the recent election was the
one proposing the construction of a
highway extending from Astoria
down the coast to the California line,
and to be known as the Roosevelt
Highway. The people, by their vote,
have authorized the expenditure of
$2,600,000 for the construction of
the highway, and the government
will appropriate the. same amount
making a total of $6,000,000 avail
able with in a short time. There is
a vast isolated territory in that sec
tion of the state through which the
road will run that will soon become
fin extensive Agricultural district,
aside from the fact that it will be
one of the scenic highways of the
northwest. The government In lend
:og aia in us construction, recog
nizes its value as a military road
should there be need for defending
our coast line. Columbia county
gave me measure Its endorsement,
The war has taught us many les
sons many valuable lessons.
We may never have another wai.
uui we snouia, nevertheless, take ad
vantage oi those lessons learned at
fcucn great cost and at such great oi
Stationery De
Pay Day Bank Trip
rT HESE two should come together. When you
receive the pay check or envelope, come on down
here to the Columbia County Bank and add to your
Savings or Checking account Remember we are
not alone increasing our total of deposits when we
invite you to do that but are directly bettering
YOUR welfare. -
If you haven't opened an account
yet $1.00 does it in case of savings
fort and Inconvenience.
One ot those lessons Is that we
can never be a united people until
we cease to harbor In our midst
those who come here to get rid of un
desirable conditions in tbelr own
country, but who yet retain their love
for their native lands to such an ex
tent that they do not renounce their
allegiance to them by becoming citi
zens of the country under whose laws
they make their living and under
whose laws they claim protection.
So long as we harbor those who
are not imbued with our ideals to
such an extent as to become a part
of our government, just so long mo
we expect anarchists and bolshevlkis
to make their rendezvous nere.
Those who find our laws good
enough to live under should find our
flag worthy ot their allegiance, and
if we profit by the lessons we have so
recently learned we will demand that
those who do not become citizens
shall betake thomselves to that coun
try which holds first claim upon their
Such a procedure Is as necessary
in times ot peace as in times of wai.
Colonel Dlsque, hero ot the Veou
building, has been awarded the D.
8. M. Some ot the other officers ot
the Spruce Production department
have received like honors. Nothing
lias been said about any one in that
department receiving stripes, though.
It all reports as to the waste and mis
management are true, it would seen,
that stripes would be in order.
School meeting at the city hall
Monday night to select a director for
the St. Helens school. If you are
Interested In St. Helens and St. Hel
ens schools, attend the meeting. The
St. Helens schools are a big part of
St. Helens and certainly deserve your
attention and Interest.
Highway Commission B e n so n
seems to think that every time he
spends a dollar. In Columbia county,
that he owes the whole state an
apology. Columbia county was a
mighty fine county when Benson
lived in it.
And now comes the Salvation
Army Fund drive. Columbia coun
ty's quota Is $3,000. Every soldier
will give his endorsement to the Sal
vation Army and their service. Such
endorsement is sufficient. Let us all
contribute liberally. .
It Is so much easier to think of
mean things to say than of pleasant
A comparatively small proportion
of charity never really wells up from
the depths of the heart.
It's all right to hope tor something
.that you couldn't get even by hustl
ing for it.
The greatest trouble with mothers-
in-law is that they do not get the
right kind of sons-in-law.
Governor Olcott Is a high flier.
He came from Salem to Portland via
flying machine.
Luxe Here
We have the finest line of sta
tionery to suit all feminine fan
cies. Ladles take great pleas
ure in having an assortment ot
extraordinary quality paper on
hand for their correspondence.
We have taken pains in keeping
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standard, of quality at prices to
Vic. Present
On this day the Clerk presents to
the Court his statement ot scalp
bounties Issued during the month ot
May, 1919, as authorized and being
as follows:
May 6. 1919. warrant No. 701 tor
$7.10 In favor of S. M. Rice.
May 16, 1919, warrant No. 70J
for $3.00 lu favor of Arthur L. Llu
dahl. May 17, 1919, warrant No. 703 for
$2.00 In favor of E. H. Trehame.
May 19, 1919, warrant No. 704 for
$1.80 in favor of Henry Kamnieyer.
May 24, 1919, warrant No. 706
tor $0.90 In favor of Ruth Taylor,
and the Court being advised in the
matter, it is ordered by the Court
that said statement be, and the same
Is hereby approved and accepted.
On this day It Is ordered by the
Court that the County Aid in the
amount of $40.00 heretofore, allowed
to Maude Webster, be end the same
is hereby discontinued.
On this day it is ordered by the
Court that the County Aid hereto
fore allowed the Merrill children in
the sum ot $26.00 per month be, and
the same Is hereby discontinued.
It is further ordered by the Court
that the wararnt issued tor the
month of June, 1919, be and the
same Is hereby cancelled.
On this 4th day ot June, 1919.
comes on for hearing the petition ot
Thomas Pettijohn ot al, freeholders
residing in the road district or dis
tricts ot said proposed road, praying
for the establishment of a County
Road described as follows:
Beginning at Stake A 84 pacesj
West ot Section line where it crosses
lng at Stake "C" this being a dis
tance ot one mile more or less.
And it satisfactorily appearing to
the Court from the proof filed here
to that due notice of the pendency ot
thls proceeding has been given as by
taw required, that twelve of the pe-
ICounty, residing In the road district
1 1 ,, ji,,,
or districts of the said proposed road,
and that a good and sufficient bond
has been given and filed herein.
It Is further ordered by the Court
that the Board of County Road View
ers meet at the beginning point of
the said proposed road on thfe 24th
day of June, 1919, at the hour ot
9:30 A. M., or on their failure to
meet on said date, then within ten
days thereafter, but not otherwise,
unless by order of said Court, and
proceed to view, survey, lay out and
locate said proposed road as set
forth in said petition, and assess the
damages and file your report on
July 5th, 1919.
It Is further ordered by the Court
that Mr. H. E. Abry, Roadmaster, Mr.
William Pringle and Mr. T. M. Tuck
er be, and they are hereby appointed
as a board of road viewers to survey
and view said road.
' On this day it Is ordered by the
County Court of Columbia County,
Oregon, that the salaries of the var
ious deputy County officials be, and
the same are hereby fixed as fol
lows: Deputy Sheriff, $1200.00 per year.
Deputy Clerk, $1100.00 per year.
Deputy Assessor, $1000.00 per
i It la further ordered by the Court
that said order be In effect from and
after the 1st day of June, 1919.
On this day It is ordered by the
Court that a General Fund Warrant
In the amount of $20.00 be Issued to
Knute BJorkman, as County Aid to
the children of Mrs. Nellie St. Jac
ques, decased, and that a like war-
rant Issue on the first day of each
and every month
hereafter until the
further order of this court.
On this day It is ordered by the
Court that the County Aid heretofore
allowed the Stone children In the
sum of $16.00 per month be, and
me sami .itreby discontinued.
It Is further ordered bv the Conrr
ivthat the warrant issued for th.
month of June, 1919, be, and the
some is hereby cancelled. '
On this 6th day of June, 1919, Mr.
O. O. Weed, presents to the Court
his written resignation as Justice of
the Peace in r.nd for District No. 6,
and the Court being In the matter
fully advised it Is ordered thrt nsi.1
resignation be, and the samo Is here-
Dy accepted.
On this day It Is ordered by the
Court that Lester Sheeloy bo, and he
Is hereby appointed Justice of the
Peace iu and for District No K in tin
the vacancy caused by tho resigna
tion or j. u. weeo.
It is further ordered by the Court
that before nterlne unon tlm rfniino
of his said office he shall f!!e t. bond
in me sum oi iiuou.00 and take the
o?.th of office as prescribed by law.
On this day It Is ordered by the
Court that the County Aid heretofore
allowed to F. L. Phillips in tho sum
of $16.00 per month, be and tho samo
Is hereby discontinued.
On this day It Is ordered by the
Court that on July 1st, 1919, and on
the first of each and every month
thereafter until the further order ot
this court a general fund warrant Is-1
bub in me sum or 15.00 In favor of
inuuei rnimps as county Aid.
On this 6th day of June, 1919, It
s ordered by the Court that certain
Goneral Fund warranrts amounting
n total to the sura of $80.10 as fol
lows: 8781, 6th Series "A." dated July
1, 1918, amounting to $42.60;
9233. 5th Series 'A " AataA n.
ber 8, 1918, amounting to $7.60.
i as, bin series A, dated June
2, 1919. amounting to $16.00.
760. 6th Series "A." dated June 2
1919, amounting to $25.00.
be. and the same are herehv mii.
Jed. '
On this day claims against the
County general fund as hnrtnrn.a
filed with the Clerk of the Court
were allowed in the various amounts
as carried out on the face of said
claims and being as follows:
General Fund Warrants
..??8- Gray' aeslstane engineer,
$126.00: J. K. Holt. nnnlutBnt :
gineer, $125.00; Ira Saurer, chain
uiuu, iu.oi; a. u. Morris, chain
man, $60.37. Emil Lovegren, chain-
ownsyh.n5adNbe rT wTv" FV l " l 0 S M 'ffi clerk? $!'
Township 5 N., R. 6 W., by C. W. ,V u' d c,erk 0I). R
Elchman't; thence west along the f rv t no- m n n,',n,
inM. . . .... ... I Holmes, clerk, ib.uu; m. u. Bryant,
to Stak "B" tLn rrnJ. n? ereek cl,alrmBn B1'd nillB0' 0 Z0- W- J- I
to ataae B, men cross the creek -,,,, ..,., i nn. ' v '..ii,-,
go west along the bottom till m'"miJu
,.nm in, .i . t, !"n, clerk. $3.00; J. A. llarr, clerk.
- - . i .. nil I. in .
$3.00; Frank lltirnhnm, chairman
$3.00; John M. Rcddlck.; Mary E
Uryatit. clerk, $3.00; Matlgo Bcnco,
clerk, $3.00; Mrs. Ed. Kllppln, clerk,
$3.00; Ed Hughes, chairman, $0.00;
Gertrude Rlrke.nfold. Judge, $6.00;
Dellnr. E. Sr.Rer.xlork, $6.00; M. W.
hall rer.t, $3.00; C. L.
Conyers, hall tent, $3.00; Jnc': Ap
pleton, chairman, $6.00r B. J. Kool
un, Judgo, $6.00; W. E. Clark, clerk
and mileage, $7.20; C. F. Brown,
clerk. $6.00; J. F. Lloyd, clerk. $6;
C. H. English. h:ll ront, $3.00; F. i
Bishop, chairman and mlleare,
$8.40; D. C. Smith, Judge, $00;
Jamos (. Kennedy, clerk, $6.00; (i.
W. M;'.klnster, clerk, $6.00; R. I.
K n::y, clerk. $6.00; Henry Welter,'
hU rent. $3.00; W. B. Calvin, clmlr
man, $8.00; p. llessong. Judge.
$14.00; Mrs. James Armstrong,
clerk, $6.00; Delia llessong, clerk,
$6.00; T. W. Tandy, clerk. $6.00;
School District No. 10, hull rem,
$3.00; J. J. Banter, chairman, $6 00;
W. II. Rose, Judge and mileage, $16;
Anna Poplmm, clerk, $6.00; E. T
Wallace, clerk. $6.00; A. R. Mells
clerk $6 00; R. 8. Payne, chairman
and mileage, $12.20; 11. W. Brown
Judge, $6 00; W. A. Johnson, clerk,
$6.00; A. M. Anderson, clerk. $6.00;
John McCrca. chairman, $6.00; VI
F. tiraham. Judge. $9 00; C K
Graham, clerk. $6 00; Anna M. Gra
ham, clerk, $6 00; Cora Hamilton,
clerk. $6.00; R. F. Graham, tin 1 1
rent. $5.00; Attla M. Lee, chairman
and mileage. $9.60; W. J Ielt
Judge, $.O0; Mary E. Sherrln, rlerk'
$6.00; Daisy N. Sloper. clerk, $.oo
M;iry J. ( lark, clerk, $6.00; W Hy'.
nions. hall rent, $6.00; W J. Gal
lagher, chairman, $3.00; F M Fow
ler $6.00, Judge; T. J. Fllppln. clerk
uiiu mileage, i.so; Cello M. Tozlr
tiers, o.uu; i, race
M. lloIH l-V... Ir
- I m'. '! 00; " K- lnrbn. hall rent.
'V '-""oiace, chairmen at-.ii
' mJ1!.'aKe 9 6! 8 L- Flnnlgan. Judge.
W ,' , ? McKe. dork, $6.00;
Sir "701,ttce- WK. $6.00; Edna
Schulti. clerk. $6.00; J. I). McKay
chairman $6.00; H. West. Judge an,
mileage, $8.00; Hzol West, clerk
$6.00; Laura McKay, clerk, $6.00-'
Herman Miller, clerk, $6.00; I, r"
Frlnk, chairman and mileage' $9 40
Walter Bolton, Judge, $6.00; Harry
Reynolds, clerk, $6.00; E. Kills
H an k w' ""herford, chairman,
3.00, C. W. Emerson, Judgo, $3 00
Lugena Demlng, clerk, $3.00; Dora
Shaffer clerk, $3.00; Fred Morgus
clerk, $3.00; p. W. Harrison, c ha
n So-KA:vBfXOtt f"BU' Jg.
b w .j ' . RotKcr. clrk, $.1.00; W
M !:00: Ida W
-.., ao.uu: prank
.00; A. H. Gcor.'
8.00; Edna Laws, clerk $6 00
Pauline Paulsen, clerk, $6.00- J w'
.....u,, uuuirmnn, 13. (10; W h
$ioofiwl,lnR,. v,,:tlnK ""'"
$1.00, Charles Graham, chairman
and mileage. $6.20; U. W viwk
clerk $6.00; W. H. Faxon, clerk
$6.00; C D. White, clerk. $6 00 Al
bert Parker, chairman, $6 00- w
Pringle, Judge, $6.00; Genrgo Tr,
SnT f,rk' ,8'2: 11 m i.;,k
I 00- f 1 17 c'mlrman
11 ? ' Cl,!rk' B-: A. H. Tar
boll clerk and mileage, $710
Arthur L. Llndahl, clerk $6.00- O
T;rhrMk"i:n; ,m" r"nt- .00 G I
hell, hall rent, $3 00- II i a..Vi I
deputy6! y xpen..
Ine PaulBen. clork
c ork hire county clerk!
Hunt, stamps, etc., $25;
"; J. w.
Irwin llodso
Bushong & c or;:,;"'
$04.50- OI... , 10 cl0"k.
Pile, to clerk ,37 UIT P
Bare, expense, deputy sher.f', :'0'a
3 L Butler, work for sheriff o
r v Lla l T ry Transfer I
t... nuto to sheriff, s7.00. T H i
I'".urt. work for sheriff,' 0;!
man, ij.oo; rren ......
man, $3.60; Ed Meier, e""'"."1'"..
$10 00; David lUvlluinl, I1J12;
Arthur Calmberg. $9.62; C. L. Tot
ter, chalnman. $4.37; L. H. I'm tor
son. $9.62; Will Hrown. ''".
$8.75; H. H. Smith, axeman, I3S 44;
T. J Kllppln. Jr., rodinan, $32.00;
IGeorjre A. Cray, expense anulutuiit
engineer. $20.95; T. J. r'llpplu, stage
fare. $20.00; A. L. Morris. stw
fare, $2.00; J. K. Holt, stnue fare.
$100; H. E.-Abry, expense rond
master, $22.00; 11. E. Abry. mileage
with car. $8 15; N. O. luraboo. auto
to engineers, $2.00; The Frederick
Tout Co., supplies to road master,
$5.06; The Swender Blue Print Co.,
supplies to road master, $0.90; Inde
pendent Auto Co., road muster's car.
$28 69; O. J. Hoyt, auto to County
Purveyor. $3.00; 11. ti. Smith, work
for county surveyor, $36.00; llurrell
Graves, rodman and chalnman, $24;
Lester Wellington, rodman ana
chalnman, $24.00; Louis Johnson,
axeman, county surveyor, $6.00;
Frank Bishop, viewer, $2.00; F.
Hartman. viewer, $2.00; W. E. Con
ycrs. viewer, $4.00; M. Doran, view
er, $4.00; P. D. Frakes, niov'iig
house on highway, $40.00; H. Went,
r't-'ht of way sorvice, $14.00; J. II.
Gill & Co., supplies to county sur
veyor, $15.09; U. J. VanOrshoveu,
expenses county surveyor, $41.01; U
J VonOrslioven, services. $37.50.
Hushong & Co., registration carls.
$3.62; W L. Brown, clulri.ian
Apiary, $6.00; G. V. Girt, Judge
$6.00; Homer Holier, clerk, $6.00,
J. C. Skeuns, clerk, $6 00; Jos. Hack
enberg, clerk and mileage, $10.60;
School District No. 12, hall rent,
$3.00; John McAdam, chairman.
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