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St. Helens Extends a fayjtofi i Victory Celebration Visitors
NO. 29
Lrr HUlU rrn IUUhmmI Track
unit TriMJOiiy iirrun
Three Dorsums wro klllfld and (wo
lureil l'' tr'i 21 lol"l
orln to l ruii.ni, Biiu'n i.ii w
bile on 1 1 "acvool croaiug.
fourth irile noulli 01 warruu
div morrliic at 11:20 o clock.
Urr Mayxcr, uijr.d 15, w Instant-
lied uml h.it iiaiignter, mr. reari
.11 nn. I u young girl i.ucile
mirxo, o hailly Injured that they
Ids few minutes ater the accident.
Lo Altgllber and Mlckel Qlllutt,
other occupunt ol the car were
tired, tlio former quite seriously.
iccorilltiK to eye witnesses to the
Unij, the cur was traveling north
parallel to "i ran rteu truck
Mrs. lilllt'lt wm drlrlDa. At.
kmilr without noticing the ap-
(hlnc train; she atempted to
i the truck and knglneer Ford
powerli'iD to itop the train be
itrlklng tho auto.
Coroner's lniuet Held
puetday afternoon Coroner T. H.
lite held an luu-t. The testl
kjot Michael lilllett, huaband of
end woman, was to the effac.
hli wife wan driving and thai
before alio attempted to make
ernulnit iiinii' one In a car Just
tlnf thorn crlcil out "atop, sloi,,
out lor tin train." He thought
fife muni have become confused
Inilead of riving the car more
ifce put on thi emergency brake
ippllrd the reverse, "All he
!, he aulil, "wna that the train
,ci the car when It was almost
r the track."
Dfloeer Ford, who ha been run-
b in engine on the 8. P. A S. rail-
c for more timn Iwonty years.
fled that when about 200 fwl
k the croMlng, the fireman, Cal-
n, cried out to atop the train. He
Moot se the auto because It waa
lie left side of the engine, but be
fowl tomotliing waa wrong and
W4 the emirr' iicy .brakoa. The
ft u running about 85 ml let
Mir, he said, and It waa Inv
ilblex to itop the train before tho
' struck. When about 100
from the croaalng. Mr. Ford taw
iiiiseomlng acroaa the track and
wre it cleared the tM'k he
Itappearnd at though the ma
lt earns to a sudden atop.
f Kgniers tt Htiried that he
riving a car following the Oil-
Jr and waa aboutloo yards be
1 Ht uw the (illicit car turn to
" the track and also saw the
JPproachliiK. At " flrat he
WW, they would uiftke It aafl
P ot the nixt moment ' there
oming to he soon but ipllnters
oran bodies anln ll,r.M.h ..
' Mr. Altgllbnr'e daughter,' waa
Ht Car Which u-v --.. .'a
ft. was seriously Injured, v .
-r. iviiiiMt or Portland, testified
lie was drlvi... hi. ... .. .i-..
H the (illliitts He anw lh.n
tO Cross tlin rnllrn..! m nA .1...
the train m,nFn,..i.i- n-
Vv . ra tH "'"P ftntl '"ok out
'"in. rt.e OlllPtt cardie
i being driven ery slowly
M did not think .. ik.
were jryluir to hai it v.p
crossing '1)lt .1.- ,
t 2 .t ,0 U,' "osel0g Mrs.
fi.w V . wmi,n"-'ho-wai drly
L.M.? ? l,,n 'l'PO"He direction
r,r, c'' 1,0 lrl" waa coming. He
S&m''' lb" zen '0,;V'e
Vh,-,nl,,''H 'J Vlon'c the
K'' 'lirtMttwony be
nn.. Tl ,1,ut 1,18 ccldom
h Zy .a" c""rned. After
f Olnutes ,(.lii)PrBlU) th9 col0.
Viirl h'nu In verdict ox
."ui.Uia . railroad pomimnv
rftMr. k'ord of .ii
rruirrani HLrt t-arly Tixlay and
lutta I ntll Halunluy MKtu
All la In readiness for the big Vic.
lory celebration which starts this
morning. The progrum committee,
and lu fact every one connected with
the celebration have done their ut
most to make a succoss of what la tc
be the biggest r.rid best celebration
;cver pulled f( 0 St. Ilelvns. and
tfcore Is no qunsilon as to the success
of tlinlr efforts.
Information received by the com
mittee leads thein to bolleve that
hundred of vlaltora will be In St
llolon and ample provlalons have
boon made to take care of them. The
Artlaan of Portland are coming In
full force and muny of their friende
from other points plan to Join them
here and aid In the big celebration.
The town la gaily decorated and
ory one In Ht. Helens is expecting
to welcome some friend.
Klre Works for Tonight.
Insteud of having the grand fire
works display tomorrow night, the
prog rum committee has arranged for
this event to occur tonight at 10
o'clock. C. I. Sutherland, chairman
or thla committee, has tons of fir.
rockets, roman rundlea, etc., and he
promise a dlspluy which will be well
worth while.
The program as printed elsewhere
in the Mist gives full details and tho
two day' coiobratlon promises to be
one of the big events lu the history of
Bt. Helens.
It I expected tliul a number will
be here from the Nehaleni valley aa
the Ht. Helens rtttsburg rond has
been opened and Is now passable. 1.
la also known many will come from
Portland since there la no especial
'celebration In that city.
The barbecue chef arrived Thurs
day noon and Immedintely started to
work and will have hundred of
pounds of good barbecued meal re:idy
lor the hungry hundreds at 1 o'clock
In the Happiness of Peace
I Y tits.
5f rivctiw.w IU(VU. I "!
l& -J - : - j- i "' t V""', -1 -
Independence IbsrISIS
11 tu . " " oiamu anc
RVJL"p?l,.,,lhlllty Jor.the a
iiriyer of the ' GUtott
II.. .
' KlucHt the bod lea were
ruundfor jntorment. .
"Hi ' ' . '"S
iiirto1"roi"l0,l""M" lhllt
ite xec.ntWe "iw an1
iffisT..? i,r"n till.' weok
In" 'I TO lovvltir ,1,. .
V. rhL' ,dai prevlou"-1,'a
4kJ. 'r"0,'Wtttloii Jollowr.
tr..T?M" yr. will ana II..
T. ""Hon of
Hw k b7 'V,(!,!!,,!8 .. 'ollowlftg
W "nark. ,i " irnHt of peace,
r'oas. in ..
fcmiu' uriK(in nxlmnr,lina.v
f1"! trlbhi?. '.'"".'L ftrrR'l tor
fl th. .Zr' l.u tho talor at the
done. a?.. I.ncl,l not onW fnrt
Mrius .nr. I Uon W. Olontt
M u . 16 "Ulhority In
,'ir it , ,"' proclaim siitur.
Ofticial Frogram for St. Helens'
July 4th and 5th, 1919
10:0l A. M IMIUHK
Consisting of O. A. K. (In autos). Soldiers
and Sailors and Allied Soldiers and Sailors,
Allied Countrymen. Hed Crass, Honor Uuard,
Mayor Suxon and Hon. Tho. A. Mcbrlde,
Chief Justice; Lodges and Organizations
(prise for best organization); Individual
Character, Clowns, l'luguglies. etc. Tprlie
for best character): Private Klouta (KirM
IrUe, f 13; Horund 1'rUe,
11:30 A. M AltlUVAL OF "SWAX"
With 1000 United Artisans Aboard
12:00 XXM B.4X11.
Klred from Naval vessel in naroor
12:00 SOUS riMX.it.iM
(Held In the Plata Square)
Music Band
"America" EnBomble
(led by Mr. K. M. Kramer)
Inyocatlon Her. A. H. Spearow
Address ot Welcome . . . Hon. Martin White
ltcpon Hudson
(Supreme Master Artisan)
Vocal Solo . . . "The Star 8pangled Banner"
Mrs. Cllon H. Metsker
Oration of the Day , . Hon. Tho. A. McllrUle
Quartet . "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean'
Messrs. Oolvin, spearow, innnnm,
.t t I'HKK ltAKUKllh
' (On the Strand, near Court House)
....in.esf1 Ikttll
1:00 p. M comi ivmii
United Artisan Teams tnear ine oirauu;
Prli lAvlnR Cup
Artisan Teams (Schcol Grounds)
lrbtc I-ovliiK Cup.
f Columbia Street, near Plaia)
.. Olrl' lUra (under 10 years) Flint 1 rlac
" -pound box Candy, contributed by oRan
Candy Corapnny. Second Prize Box Inndy
contributed by Togan Ctndy Compiny.
- - Jlrl lUre (tfndor 15 years ) Klrst rrUr
3-paund box Candy, contributed by PacMc
Biscuit Company.
- Olrla' lUce (over IS years) PrtoP
110 box Crndy contributed by Lang Jones
. Company. Hocond rrieBox Ceady con-
. trlbutod by Tru-Hlu uiscuu imiimj
3:80 P. M
can Coffee, contributed by Lang & Company.
Second Iriie 1 can Tea contributed by
Schillings Coffee Company.
Mens' Bare (free-for-all) 1st. $4; 2nd IS.
(Near Plaxa) Prlxe. $15 Pig.
Groused Pole (near Piaia) Prize $10.00.
(On river near Courthouse) Prize, $25
0:30 P. M TVG-OK-WAR
(On Strand) Prize. $40
Ask and m rnber of the Reception Committee or any
i one else for information
9:00 P. M.
3:30 P. M.
fM.,in bv Illares Orchestra)
n.j.i n M
Idlea- Bare ( f roe-for-all) Mr-t Prtau
$10 Hat contributed by Muller & Unas
' Company. Htw.il PrUo Case Canned.
- P?ult end Vegetable, contributed by Muson,
" . Ehrman & Company.
IWya' Hrnk Race 1st. $2; 2nd. $ .
Boya' Bare (under 12) ,i't?'1 tl
By.' Baco (under 1 )-. . ,J$', J0
Bojv Bare (freo-for-oll) lt, $3 2ud i.&
contributed by Louis "f-Illlle
, JTIzo Toilet Sot contributed by Illumauer
Krunk Company. ,
Men' Bttce him '" "
CTDrrr iiiDDnurinnur -
Job Paya IOOO fr Yer and Hu
: Clerk. Allow an re
The United States CItII JUrrl flU U Li. A I
eommlasioB has anncunced that at' - : . ;.t
the request of the Postmaster Gen- C1,'r t'0""!! Accept the OtfewJUade
eral. an examination la to be held at ! b' I"rri lirmivrm
I Portland. Oregon, on September 24 1 1 ;. - - : ' - ' ' ?t air.U
for the position of postmaster at St.! . At tnelr meeting Konda ,7 night,
! Helens. To be eligible for the ex- tne cltT wnncil accepted a propoal
jrmlnatlon an applicant must be a! tJon 'ron Morrla Brothers, thV ort-
citizen of the United States and must!,and 001,(1 t""Ters. to take rreeCand
actually res de within the dellrery of . ewer bonds and provide the "ciih
the office and hare so resided at the neceMary toT tno carrying; oof of the
t!me the present vacancy occurred.! ork outlined by the council. Mr.
i Applicants must have reached their r,tt' T,ce president of the concern,.
21st, but not their 4th birthday o made Proposition to take the 6 per
the date of the examination. Appli- feBt ,Mue of lhe Bancroft bonds and
cation blank 2241 and full Informa- p"r Par and ecmed lntereet. The
) t'on concerning the requirements of!0001101'' 0B niotlon Of Mr. Wheeler
:the examination may be secured at J ,nd seconded by Councilman Dlxo.
fthe postoffice or from the Civll'aewPted the offer and the council Is
! Service Commission. Washington 1 now in P'tlon to go ahead "with the
) D. C. 1 improvement work which has already
Office Paya SIOOO per Year. neen outlined. Morris Brothers have
The salary of the St. Helens post- n8ht H of the City of St. Helens
master Is $1900 per year and there and Waler Board bonds and have al
ls also a liberal allowance for clerk waT tpeted the city fairly, so the
hire, so It Is quite probable there i.00"11011 thought they were making
will be a number to take the examl-fno m'Ue ln entering Into an agre
nat'on. St. Helen office is a third ment wlth the tlTm to handle other
dss postoffice and under a preai- obligations of the city,
dentlal order, comes under the civil! Much Other Busiaews. '- '
service commission. The appoint-! other matters of business
ment of a postmaster is made neces- r ,nterest to the taxpayers of St.
Is-.ry on account of the marriage of nel' nrongnt to the atten-
i the present postmaster, Mrs. William : t,on ot the eonnclL Sherman Daaver
'.Russell. It is probable that both aml u- S. DeSpain, who were given
i Mr. and Mrs. Russell will be among. 100 contract to Improve Winter
tne number who take the examina
tion. -
10:00 A. M ." BOAT RACES
(On river near Courthouse)
FUH Boat Rare (up to 5-horsepower) '-.
First Prize 5-pounds Cotton., Second
Prize 1 pound Linen Twine. - - . . t
FUli Boat Rare (5 bo It horsepower)
Fintt Prle 5-pounds Cotton. Second Prize
1 pound Linen Twins. -
I Uli Bout Rare (free-for-all) Pint Prise
1 case Lubricating Oil. Second Prize 1
case Lubricating Oil. " - ' - -
(On river near Courthouse)
Boys 30-yard Rare (under It years) 1st,
$2; 2nd. $1.
Boys' Race (free-for-all) First Prlze Base
ball mitt contributed by. Faillng-McCaluicu
Company. Second Prize $2.00.
Greased Pole (suspended over river bank)
Prize $5.00 Merchandise Bond contributed . - .
by Meier & Frank.
Clatskanie High School versus St. Helens
High School. Prize Loving Cup.
(On Columbia Street)
First Prize. $18 pair of Loggers' Shoes eon-
trlbutod by Bergmann Shoe Company.
Second Prize Box of 50 Cigars contributed
by Hart Clgur Company.
Farmers' Race First Prize 50-pound sack .
Flour contributed by St. Helens Flour Mill ,
Company. Second Prhre Rawhide Buggy
Whip contributed by John Clark Saddlery
Company. . ..
Business and Professional Mona' llace -
First Prize 5-pounds Coffee donated by
Tom Stevens. Schillings Best Coffee Man.
Second Prizes 3-pound can Coffee donated
by Lang & Company.
Fre-for-All Race First Prize $10 Fish
ing Rod contributed by Marshall-Wells
Hardware Company. Second Prize- 1 pair
Overalls contributed by Neustadter Brothers.
(Columbia Street) Music by Lauare s urcnestra
(From City Dock) This can be best seen
from the bluffs or from near the Courthouse
St. Helens Welcomes You
Mreet stated they were ready to-go
bead with the work as soon as they
were given a guarantee that apon
completion ot the work, they would
receive their money. After conalifon
CELEBRATION able discussion, the matter waa satu-
1 factorily arranged.
In the matter ot the disposition ot
the city's garbage. J. B. Godfrey
brought to the attention of the coun
cil that the garbage was being dump
ed on his property and asked that
other arrangements be made. Mayor
Saxon referred the matter to . the
street committee with the request
tnat tney look up and obtain a sult-
l.itUe Figtitina; Vessel Has a War
RecordOpen to IospertioB '
Under command of Ens'gn Darneii
land Ea-lga Botkln, the U. S. dub-
chaser 295 arrived in St. Helens on
Tuesday evening;.
The vessel recently arrived in
Bremerton, confirm from the Atlan
tic coast where it was la active ' Pracc rortne onmprnar or rarb-
duty during the war times. The guns "Br;
have been removed from the vessel
but there are many Interesting fea
tures and appliances aboard which
demonstrates bow useful this class
cf vessel is for the service she was
built for.
The little craft has a crew of 16.
During war times, the crew number
ed 24. The officers and men are a
clean, gentlemanly lot of fellows and
It waa brought to the attention of
the council that the traffic ordinance
which governs the speed of automo
biles in the city, should be either en
forced or repealed. City Attorney
J. W. Day thought that notices giv
ing the speed limits, etc., should be
placed at convenient and eonspicious
places through the city. '
Many other matters of minor Im-
durlng their stay here have made ! Porta1nce. ? bKht up and dls-
mtnv friends hr their rmirtesv and ! P8ed ?' before the Council d-
Red Stamp , Retdacra ThrecOeJit
Sticker on First-Class Mail
The following article mneared
the Oregon City Morning Enterprf
iasi &unaay morning:
- !"Tft all thfa U.qn Af !
jaiy ist was tne date set br tne in' nn.mi. rit. ... i . .
postoffice department for the return gpen(1 tne Fourth of Julaway trQta
of the pre-war rates rind at mldnigJit I home, tne clty of SL Helens. Colun. -
'"4 , , v oupjr- ma county's metropolis, through -b.
seded.the purple 'three-centef that
has been: doing duty during the war.
Under the new. regulations postal
rates on letters will be the same as
they were before the war. Two cents
will carry a one-ounce letter any
where in the country, while a green
one-cent stamp is all that is neces
sary for postal cards and unsealed
letters. - . . .
It is estimated that -the - purple
stamp will be almost back number
in the future, being used but little
except tor parcel post purposes.
Mrs. A. M. Decker, a farmer resi
dent and pioneer cf St. -Helens died
at tho homo of her daughter, Miss
Maud Decker, in Portland, Monday
night. Deceased had beca in ill
health for s number of yor.rs ai d her
death was not unexpected.
Until a ' few years ago, deceased
made her home in ' St. Helens and
lived here 'for 35 "years.' SHe Is sur
vived by four children. L. L. Decker
ot St. Helens; Mrs. Eugene Miles
and M'.sa Maud .Decker of Portland
nnd Mrs. Earl Martin ot Felida.
Washington. A brother, Oscrr Hart,
lives in Kelso, Washington.
The funeral was held from the
family residence In Portland Wed-
; nesday and a number of old time
St. Helens friends attended.
C. Morton, president ot the chamber
of commerce, has extended a hearty
Invitation to Join -with- ttmn and
participate in the good time which
will be held in St. Helens on the na
tion's birthday.
"A genuine American Fourth fcf
July will be celebrated at St. Helens.
Chief Justice Thomas A. McBridd.
known and loved by all In Claekanr
county, will be th principal speaVer
cf the day. , Through the generous
co-operation of the navy department
a submarine chaser will be anchored
in the Columbia river off St, Helena
and will be open for visitors all the
day long. There will be land and
water sports .galore, a free barbecue
and everything to make yon happy
on a day like the glourious Fourth.
"St. Helena will be particularly
good place to spend the Fourth for
those who have cars as the city is
situated on the Columbia River high
way, north of Portland. It la only a
little over an hour a easy drive from
Portland and the most ot the way la
over paved roads.-'
'So make up your mind now to
drive to St. Helens next Friday and
help Columbia county have a rip
roaring Fourth of July:" "
Editor Brodie of the Enterprise Is
a good friend to St. Helens, and by
giving St. Helens and ' Columbia
county such favorable notice, has
helped in bringing the hundreds ot
visitors to St. Helens.
The Fourth ot July committee has
secured the building formerly oc
cupied by the Gem Theatre and vlsl-
t n h ,n C Unl.na n . ,4 nn.A.
row are invited to use the quarters ?itu?mnlX?!!e?i(or,n n?, "'8i
a. a rest nv.nl1 Mnnv neeesssrv i llat the campaign Will be continued
conveniences have been installed.
Carrying 987.000 feet Of lumber
and 60 passengers, the steamer Cell
lo left out last night bound for San
Pedro. California.
It Is stated that there is a small
shortage In the Salvation Army fund
Kit Conyers. who is chairman ot
until the full amount of Columbia
county a quota Is subscribed.
The submarine chasor left down
the sports committee of the Fourth 'for Rainier at 7 o'clock this morn
of July celebration. Is unnhle to bei(ng and after aiding ln the celebra
on duty on account of the fret that
he is having a tussle with the mumps.
He has appointed a competent assist
ant manager, however, and the work
be has outlined will go through with
out a hitch. '- .;' :
C. Hildlng Andsrs?n. c Portland at
t'on ln Rainier, will return to St.
Helens about noon time and remain
here until tomorrow afternoon. -'
Mrs. H. F. McCormlck' and, Miss
Amy George motored to Portland on
Thursday .morning - to meet . Miss
Leona Perkins, who came from Baa
tornoy was here Thursdey on legal) Francisco to spend her vaeatton here.
business nnd Incidentally looking, Miss Perkins Is in the employ o the
cfter the Elks' work In the Salvation ; Charles R. McCormlck" oompcify and
Army drive. formerly lived la St, Helens.
as a legal holl-

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