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ST. Hirt.PMft MTST. FRIDAY, JULY 4, 1919
Issued Every Friday bjr
O. D. HEILBORN...-.VU President
and Manager.
8. C. MORTON Editor
Oaa Taw $1.50
Big Moatlia 75
Bntarad aa iecond-laM matter,
January lOtb, ltll. at tba Poitofflca
at Bt. Helena, Oregon, under tba act
of March trd, lt7l.
Vlaltora to St. Helena, you are wel
come. We are glad you are here to
Join ui In thli most glorloua of all
Fourtb of July celebrations. The
keys ot the city are youri and we
trust your atay in our little city will
be pleasant.
August 2, 1914 War declared.
April 6, 1917 America enters the
NoTember 11, 1(18 Armistice Is
December 13, 1918 President
Wilson arrives in France.
January 18, 1919 Peace confer
ence opens at Versailles.
February 14, 1(19 League of na
tions conrenant completed.
May 1, 1919 German delegates
reach Versailles.
Hay 7, 1919 (Lusitanla Day)
Terms presented to Germana.
May 28, 1919 Germana reply to
June 2, 191r Terms presented to
. June It, 1919 Revised treaty pre
sented to Germana. .
June 23, 1919 Germana agree to
algn treaty.
June 28, 1919 Peace treaty la
signed by Germany and the allies.
Germany, by accepting uncondl
tlonally the terms of the treaty drawn
by the allied associated powers, has
To the reduction of her territory in
Europe from 208,825 square miles
Ko 172,000 square miles.
To tha reduction of the population
under her jurisdiction from 66,000,
000 to 54.000,000.
To the surrender ot 2.950,000
square miles ot colonial possessions.
I To the restoration of Alsace-Lor-
Iralne to France; parts ot Upper sn
esla to Csecho-Slovakia and to Po
land; Malmedy and adjoining terri
tory to Belgium.
To plebiscites In the Saar mining
district, in unceded parts of Upper
Silesia, In parts of East Prussia, In
To the Internationalization of
To the Independence of Austria.
To the renunciation ot all political
and territorial rights outside Europe.
To the reduction ot her rrmy from
a peace basis of 2,000,000 men to
flOO.000, and by March, 1920. to 100,-
000 and to abolish conscription.
To the reduction of her nary from
the 41 battleships, 69 cruisers ot
1914, to six battleships and six
To dismantle all forts 60 kilo
meters east of the Rhine.
To stop trade in and nearly all
production of war material.
To allied occupation of parts of
Germany for 16 years, or until repar
ation Is made,
To domollsh the fortifications of
Helgoland and to cpen the Kiel canal
to all vessels.
To possess no military or naval air
To accept full responsibility for all
damages caused to the r.llied govern
ments and nationals.
To reimburse all civilian damages,
beginning with 15.000,000.000, the
final total to be determined by the
rilled repartition commission before
May 1, 1921.
To the trial of the kaiser and the
surrender of those responsible for
the war.
All Located
In t meant trial In the Shawnee
county court it w?s necersary for
the jury to Know uie w.. "-"' i :" ,.t, I'lul-.tlf.
all the members or a negro miuuy ...
ot a certain time. So the witness w vs. kinwn
theirs ofVnlv'ln'l. Uoyor. .locessetl.
and Iho all other persons r im. .
"Where was Mary!"
"In de back yahd."
"Where waa Jane?"
"UpBtalrs in de front room."
"Where was Ann?"
'She was on de front pohch."
"And where was Elizabeth?"
"She was In de pantry tukln a
bath." Topeka Pink Rag.
To the owners of the real property)
provement proposed In the tollowlu , gon: You are I... ol.y rou d h
r ........ i .,,i : ... ami Answer llio coiiipinini
resolution, nerewun iiiikhcii
..I........ M.. vli.li: llflH.
unknown, cuiinmiK -
estttto, lion or Interest In tho rou
estate described M the roinpliilnl
herein, Defendants.
To Edgar S. Koyor, and the unknown
heirs of Culvln I. Hayor, deceased.
and also all othor manors or par
ties unknown, claiming any right.
title, estate. Hen or Interest In tns
real estate described In the com
plaint herein, uetcnusnis.
In the name or tno s""
made a part of this notice:
You are hereby notified that pur
suant to said resolution and tho
provisions of the Charter of the City
of St. Helena, Oregon, that-you may
and you are hereby requested to
make and file with the Recorder ot
said City of St. Helens, within twenty
daye from the date of the first pub
lication of this notice and resolution,
,nnl,r nn.l answer tbo rumplul
filed against you In tho above en
titled suit, on or before tho 1st. day
of AiiKUst 1919, that being tho last
day of the six weeks proscribed In
the order of tho court for the publi
cation of this summons, and If you
fail to so appear and answer the
complaint the plaintiff will apply to
the court above named for tho relief
demunded in snld complaint, to wit:
For an adjudication that you nave
ABigStockof Paints
In order to accommodate many of our cm.
tomcrs, wc now carry a large stock of Paints
and Oils. Now is the time to paint up and
clean up.
A Large Stock
Of Good Groccricft and Fresh Vegetables you
will always find at our store and we sell them
at prices you can afford to pay
Courteous Service Prompt Delivery
Advertising In the Mist pays.
An appropriation of Just a little
leis than one million dollars baa Just
been asked by the French administra
tion of fine arts from the French
government for the repair of nation
al monuments, either totally or par
tially destroyed by the Germans dur
ing their invasion and occupation of
northern France.
The list submitted to the French
parliament of national artistic monu
ments that sustained the brunt of the
Germans' vengence against French
' culture and civilization comprises
twenty-seven that were completely
destroyed and 213 seriously dam
aged. The list does not include
scores of public edifices, churches
and monuments of the highest artis
tic and historic interest, but which
had not as yet been classed by the
French government as "national
Those speed fiends who persist in
driving their automobiles at 25 to
35 miles per hour on the streets of
St. Helens and on the county road to
the depot, are a- menace to the com'
It bas never been explained wh)
McAdoo and Hlnes have lost a couph.
ot billion dollars running the rail-1
roads when they had right at hand
as one of the main props and pillars I
of the administration. Justice Bran-1
dels, who wrote a lot of articles a I
few years ago telling how he could!
save the rallwnys all kinds of money
if he hr.d the chr.nce.
Wagon. Carriage Auto Itepalrs
In September, 1896, there were on
file In Washington more than 600
applications tor patents on automo
biles. Three hundred different types
of motor vehicles had been built or
were in process ot construction at
that date.
The American military forces are
now two-thirds demobilized, It is an
nounced, but the grand army of de
serving Democratic office holders
continues to go over the top for its
pay in undiminished numbers.
Optimistic railroad owners are
congratulating themselves thr.t It
wasn't Burleson who managed their
cproperlties during the war. Kansas
City Star.
t'omo and Seo
nt Melons
The fellow who aaya "hurry" In
connection with the contract he Is
.trying to induce you to sigi is usual
ly a swindler.
Clock and Watch Repairing
We are experts in this line. If the clock or watch is
worth keeping it should be repaired. Bring it to us.
Watches, Clocks, Cut Glass, and Jewelry
Build Up the Farming
Dairying and Stockraising
THIS would make an even more profitable back
ground for the city of St. Helens and those men
and business that would share the benefits should
all be willing to join the Columbia County Bank in
preaching and practicing such development with the
farmer in the country around us.
You can count upon us for support in any practical
and legitimate enterprise.
SHERMAN M. MILES , President
MARTIN WHITE Vlca President
' ii'J!T0NH Cashier
O. MOECK , . . 1 Asst. Cashier .
lXJR&Ia cuu
r U T nol,erot in the follow.,, describe,,
monstranc. against the proposealr eMate lnt
improvement or graae meniioneu - Tlwnil,,,n 4 Nor. of
said reaolutlon. J Range 2 West of the Willamette
Whereas, the Common Council of I Meridian, and for a decree quieting
the City of St. Helens, Oregon, deem-1 ,,,nlntlffs llUe therein and tlieroo.
Ing it expedient to Improve all that, Tlllg BUin,onB published by or
portlon of Cowlitt street, In said city, dor of ,l6 j A Kakln. Judge
from the westerly line of. Columbia i f ,he nuove enlltlLll mude and
street to the centor pf Oak street; all eulere(1 Juno u, )n, wii,h pre
of Oak street from the center line of r,nM ,tlllt g0rvlee of summons be
CowlIU street to the center lino of; , pnbl'i H n mi.e
Tualatin street; all of Tualut-u ,.,lpky to slx ;.,,f,.rm'.v.i .ks
street from tha center 1 Ine of C ase- ( , wl bt.Klll l0 nm from
nau street to tFe center line of W In- . . t f ,he frst publication,
ter street: and all of Cnsenau street , .-.9 Thn inHt BUh-
from the center line of Cowllts strop. IT'1- .Jnu .f.'tJ V''.1 , 19T9
to a point 330 feet south of the cen-l llcutl"n , b" A"kmt ',' " , .
ter line of Tualatin street, all In I J , W. Pay. Atorney for l'la ntiff
said city, by grading the same to a I KesUlonce and post office address,
width of sixteen feet and paving thti.St. Helens, Oregon.
And Whereas, the ehelneer of said
city on the 19 day of May. 1919, at
the request of said council filed in
the office of the city recorder of sat I
city, plans specifications ann
estimates of the probable cost of such
Improvement ot Bald portions of snla
streets, the estimate of which siln
cost la 12713.68. v
And Whereas, the common council
of Bald city, having examined said
plans, specifications and estimates of
the probable cost, finds the same to
be satisfactory in all particulars,
without making any changes therein;
Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, B
the common council of the City ot
St. Helens, Oregon, that all of Cow
llts street. Oak street, Tualatin street,
and Casenau atreet, above described
be improved by grading the same to
a width of sixteen feet end paving
the same with crushed rock, except
that portion thereof from the wester
ly line of Columbia street, westerly
up the hill to a point twenty-three
feet east of the westerly line of
Casenau street, which lntter portion
shall be Improved by paving the
some with somo approved type 01 ;
pavement and rlso with a concrete !
Mnwnllr fnlir fAnt fn urtrith plnnir
the southerly side thereof, all in ac-i
cordance with the established grade!
and the plats and specifications o
the city engineer on file in the office;
of tho recorder of Bild city; nnd
said common council hereby declares
its intention, nr.d it is its Intention,
to so Improve said portions of said '
stroits; nr.d
Be It Further Resolved. That the
common council of said city adopt
nni nnnrnvA anH It Anom lir.u . ,
adopt and approve s.ild pirns, aped-;
flcatlons and estimates of the prob-j
able cost of said Improvements, which
probable cost, aa shown by said en-
gineer's estimate, is the sum of
.82713.68. 1
! And Be It Further Resolved. That
the cost of said Improvement he!
levied upon and assessed against all I
'the lots, parts of lots and parcels.
! of land specially benefited by such ,
Improvement, as required and direct-j
; ed by the charter of said city; and lt
Is hereby determined nnd declared 1
that all the lots, parts of lots and par-!
. cejs of land specially benefited,
directly or indirectly, are the follow
! Ing, towlt: Lots 1 and 22, Block 18;
Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.9,10,11 and,
12 in Block 19: Lots 7 ft A in n,i 1
11, In Block 20 and that certain tract
of land in said Block 20 described as
beginning at the southwest corner
of said Lot 7, in said block nnd run
ning thence north 74 degrees 30
minutes, east along the southerly
boundary of said T.nt 7. inn f..i
the southeast corner of said lot, I
thence southerly at right angles for i
a distance of 116 feet to a point, I
thence south 74 degroes 30 minuted
west 100 feet to a point in the west
erly boundary line of Bald Block 20,
which Is 116 feet southerly from the
polpt of beginning, and thence north-!
erly to the point of beginning; Lots
11, 12. 13.14 15. 16. 17 nnrf 19 l I
Block 24; all of Block 25; Lots 1
and 22 in Block 26; Lots 1. 12 13
14. IK. 1 17 IB io on ..' J
22 In Block 34 nrt it --j '
m uiocK tfo, an being In the City of
ot. neiens, Columbia County, Or
gon; and all of said above described
lota are harahv HoamaH . i i
ly and directly benefited by such im-
And Be It Further nAonluAj mi...
the recorder of said City of St. Hel-
1..: "a ne nere"y is, directed to
Publish notice nf th in.,i
said city council to Improve said por-
w.uuo ui ma streets, immediately
upon this resolution becoming opera
tive, as reoulreri hv iu i.... .
. ?, clt:T and not"y'n8 the owners
of the above described real property
subject to assessment for such Im
provement that written remon
strances against the Drooosed im.
provement or Krada mnv h. n,.ii
With the reenrdnv nf mm .i, .'
twenty days from the date of th"
nuuucaiion or said notice,
And Ba It ViiW1ia tj m. .
thwe resolutions be contained In the'
ii k 5 menuonea and be pub
lished as provided by Section 105 o.
the charter nf m 1
Helens Mist, a newspaper of ill..
circulation published in said city
uuieu ana passed May 26th, 1919.
Attest:E. E. QUICK,
Larsen & Co., Grocers
Let Us I3e Your Grocers You Will Be Satisfied
Telephone No. 27 Free Deliver;
Do you want good Lumber
at a reasonable price?
If so, give us an opportunity to quote you prices.
are going to build a house, a barn, a fence or will ni
lumber for any use, call or write us. It will be to yourii
We are making a specialty of getting out silo stock. Ov
prices are lower than you will obtain elsewhere. If ret
will give us a trial order, you'll then be convinced that vt
are telling you the truth. Make us prove it.
Scappoose Lumber Co.
Mist Want Ads for Result?
( r
Notice the Nob
They're scientifically placed7
prevent skids and those danger
Their firm. nre orin means
And yet, they don't "fight thcrosl j
Just the tires for our kind of ted
There are four other United
Tires every one of them
tirc- .v:,..,. 'j
No matter what vour
needs may be, we csn fill tnesL
United States!)
arc GnnH TimS
We KNOW United
ndependrmt I! drc uuuu res. Thars why we : j
CHAS., ' ji
r R.irluieton.
'ASr 'A'OW', ,C"' ,r70' JW
SP?Ma' Scappoose; C H e Nn KunsA SCAPPOOSE GARAGE,
brook: A. T. itdt aZ' i- WuLISH. Deer Tdo. u iiimr
"Ulton' LOWE'S G A iU G E .Rainier. '

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