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For Hulo on Trial or For Until
inn h iiiniis n
with her grr.ndmo.her tr. E.
John ruto truck, oui to ie ""'" ... ' wnri, i,rH
... ...... u.ttt II till I
Ann new pontine
milk row. w, i, Ti1) HoW
ton. Oron. " "ttoin1&
- - - . ... I ..u 111. i run. 1 Illt'niltlJ " r.
with blooded stock.
I Uiu Verjf C.alttens
(home from Portland Mond.ty where
returned, of Inst .-k In ll. i!'1,,V';1 ""5!
...I Mr AI It'll U Oi. "
C1M, . .... 1 "W"1"
made Vnr Hiilo Lots 4 mid 19. Block
enjoyed and sev- 40. 81. Helens, for $300 mid t Jul li!,,ml ,l)l0
Mr.. Wm. Cany her sister the last era local p pi M'
n nliit '01 meir im.iiin . - .i..' .i tin nnr month 1'eler
is visiting her aunt Mrs. J. V. iUxtor.
this week. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Salt on
Miu mt Waller of Shelton. Wash
ington, is visiting Mrs. Minnie Peter-1 to Sherman Saxtona above Seappoose I MoSay"
two weeks.
Mrs. E. F. Gas
rKI . n.l Mm 1 1 :t 1 1
J. . -.! . ...... -...I -Ul..r . I,nml A n.irtinK
Detroit, siicnifan, woun - "v L. M iir nn,l Mr
of Mrs. Bulterfield. who havo pnwn. ....... .-" . ,.pr
-LyI?. 11,11 rr! the summer, field left 0.1 Wednesday for tneir
motored he of the Butterfields. for the last : new homo In Onmco.
monin siarieu iv.
itrets iirdrliion Bench noar I inanition 1 11
Jut Ion ot;iiiok 81, I-ot I. prico only noo.
I'M iT
Ht rayed or
weeks 11 no
'!-"-ln M .TI N
1 mm u.. . ur
t.i... 1 rru tu...
.'"... ... -""jwir-oiil 1
'and spent Sunday.
Miss Madge Barger and Mrs. terai a 1 .noma was suu . iu 111 u nnw mhw ,0 i,e about.
Udr were Yankton visitors for the.the first or tne ween taxing oruer; - . yvrj vtvU with
Ifnr harrv nkntl n.t .". Ill n 1 1 n If COOX- u" " .. "
wee euu. v ' o
Mr. Semaine and family of Tort-lies,
land were week end visitors at the Kendall and Crystal Burkhead visi
ited their cousin La wren ?e San a ben
Mr. A. A. Markkanen has Durchas- at the St. Vincent Hospiul on bun-i . . . hiil on v xcmitioniiUy
l nnM in a lariav MVS nf f hA fir . rt.w. . k ,.l h iiiiiat In. ' u"
ZT . , " " . , v- v.0 . .v iHron r- Wednesday evening. jui ' Wl. 1 attenai ami iru.c. j j.
Golden Glow strain Mr.. N . : Nel on Md eMdre n re-. Saxon of Bache- i urM,ng event. A largo crowd was "
Mrs. Guy Tarbell was ca led to turned to their home in Gra . Mar-: A K,.ch tim,. . " uUttblo proKl.um WB1 -
tf.inUr ia atini tb a fiinprai nf hpr or after fiDendinff n week wita iirs. . r or
grandmother, Mrs. McKee. , Nelson s sister M- "na''s. Koss Kox tnd f.-.mlly have returned Tll(, flrsll aIulunl stock show of tit-
.Aire. L. J. SlVKwIU. 11U U..O w-t-u 1
Jim Andress. who has been quite
Mrs. HeUa Freeman.
Moll? lo limn on !'
y. J. II. Godfrey. H7'u.7Mtv.
... ...nt
hr iin.l her.
,ij Mr. Harry Kyle his reiurned to hera yPnr or n,0ro
t.- th-r. ,,.! 1 .wn4 sTnobere home in Ke port. Washington , The plo social neid ai me ...... r,, Votcli liny. Apply Blirr
ted their cousin Lawren Sanaberg .uiar meeting of the ivi.i ..venlna last under the u-:u.r ....... , u, ii1,i....ve.
I Kuwinill Men. Attention! W of-
' fi r six million feet saw timber, two
I miles went of KwippoosH at 12.60 per
I ihniiHaiid. A mill r.nil do'ikoy an
tfAl.PFM nrn on tho ground. Call bo
rented for $1.00 per thousand, to!
. ...i Dm tlinlior. I'lank rord to Heap-
Mr. and Mrs. Oust Isaacson 1 re - Addreaa Wiitla , : h:t1", ',1' ",!,',"' IhniZ
contemplating moving .0 Portland for ;1;;; ,mm 0rnJor. 30lf , Wd
'l. Any liiforn., :.". hon
covrry of , -1,1 V. I?'11" I.
-.iiij ,
KarniMrM ti.i-
wlll.bo ready to I'" "wl. ,
the tli.eshl.1.":'pin,.I.
road or at t'olumbln
US tf
Larson, Warren.
0rl. IVZ
. i . .
dollvery truck? W. "h..1 "s
practlcrlly new. u ,,. '.
S.ilo W'ni'on, plow, two
horse ruliivator. f ton ulfnlfa liny son. Hi I l.l.n H
gr.ln n.,,1 glv term, Moh
Mr. and Mrs. Ssteflie .Nigel ,i. .hir home. ; ... ' " 1 ..i,. n.l rance will
in St. Vincenfs hospital for several V,e prud pan"0t f by ?,rl Mr Fox having accepted a position , Tuesday at the grounds
weeks is reported as getting along July J 1st Steff , U 1 'u,,,; Loging com-; yhoAM parsonage, now be
nioelv. to just every one inese aa. t . i-,.ii,r- Ti.
nicely ' to just every one tnese aajs. ,,. i.wh The
Yankton Grange expecU to sendj There waa rousing m.et-i.g .f the Py. XXto Xww &tr co'
Grange, which will be held at Beaver, last Thursday. All tn numbers
Valley. August 2. iare hard at work and hope to make ;
Miss Jean Kent of the O. A. C. ! a good showing at the I'ouniy Fair!
extension service, was doing official this year,
testing at the Briggs farm. At pres-j
ent Fred has four cows on test. TiPPP T5T ANT) i Mr and Mrs. Alden John are
Mr. Johnson of Bachelor Flats.j UL.cn. tJLftiw s;y.n.i:as a few das with Mr. John s
will nom services in tne cnurcn sun-; chag A Vtnell was a Por,,and parvn-i.
aay scnooi ai lo.o a m Mr E T Kulaee waj a PortUai
Mr. Ai uaiiman anu inuiuv uuvc
1 Z - 1. L'1 nAUA
III UVCU 1UIU lUe UWIC Itaic iiuurv.
Olive Hyde and is well known here. , rs Hanlenanddaughter were
. visitor Monday.
j visitor Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W
Ipletliig arrangements and n good ex
I ihii n.l hie crowd Is expected.
. . ... .... ' The annual m'tln.T of the alock-
lioo i;e ,.. ' holders of the Warren warehouse
! Miss Gertrude Weed is busily en- 'olr,,(or held Tuesday even
gajed to giving mus;s ns. , ' ;"", ulul, of huMl.
nesi was outlined, mo eiecuon oi
,iir.wi,ir to fill the place of A. H
Spencer r:s :ed
fmer. of YanMou are re-1 J
:":1r.1"" rr. L,?". " '""1 Mr. Albert AdMn. is visiting her
Mr. j.ai Mr Rono Duncan m r.o
re r.:T,c;! nidrried are back in
M-s. M Rojers has had as her
g-iest for the pail week Mrs. Clrk
wood of Renville. Oregon.
Mr and Mrs Cirle John hav
bea vts:::ag at the home of Mr
Johcs parents for the Jist few dav
Miss Pearl Rogers who is attending
T:.rhell and Axel Chllhcrg was held
and resulted In the election of A. I..
Morris and K. F. I-arsen for a term
of two years. It wns unanimously
agreed to proceed with, the erection
of a building at once ar.d tho stock
holders ordered purchased that pert
of the county gravel pit lying be
tween the railroad and highway. He
niris of the officers was given, tell-
of and most of the grain is ready to
sister at Yakrm?., Washlrgon.
cut. . good yield per acre is expected. ! 1,
Cultivated crops are looking fine. j u,e ,asBt week
oapupt -r T7T at ' Mr9 Fred Antoce and Dor.y An
DVWitLUK rLAl itone of St. Helens. visit:d with the
! English family Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. McKe'e and family j J. A. Andrcss was quite ill for
ean r.oSer, -o "'. ,. ,, of lu.Uu. lU,no. The
samnitr coram, report. ne t Mi' : ., V m ... . u. ,
in, a nice but i, busy studylai. - -. Jwtt
card. j.. " ...i m .. r..i..,...f Ti,
Mr. Gesset! and family are going P"":""" ll'T.- 'X' ," ;,..,.
were guests
of Mrs. S.
Welborte several days last we?k but is much
'Improved at this writing.
to move to Portland soon, tney tin
be greatly missed from this com
munity. Mrs Clyve Mill's mother, Mr.
Thorpe is recovering from a seriou-t
illness and will return to her home
Mrs. Ruth McDonald of Portlanlj Miss Florence McCartney visited in Portland soon.
"The Midnight Patrol
One of the most exciti;:? and swiftly moving dramas s'icvrn on
the screen, showing tho bravery of blreccats f acing great danger
In Chinese quarters. T;e police shewn on screen .- re real r-Jli of
Los Angeles. This is not a war picture but a stirring story of
Love and Lawlessness sirwiag how the honesiy of ADiericn palice
"The Barrier"
It is not ne;css;.ry to give a :y great account of this pl?.y i cost
show gcinj people are 'atEili'xr wita this great stor? v.-hlch is one
of the best if not the best produc of Itcx Bejch.
Mr. Holaday has a fine new Essex.
Mr. Paige, our barber, has been
co the sick list.
Clark Grant arrived home from
service Sunday morning.
Mrs. Cal Weaver came home to ee !
her brother. Clarke Grant. j
Dr. Blatchford is able to be about !
again after his serious fall last week. '
J. B. Duncan, who was kicked by a
horse last week. Is able to be about
Rev. Vernon Cooke gave ;n Inter
esting talk in the church Sunday
evening .
Mrs. Ellis of Albany, was the guest
of Rev. and Mrs. McOlure for th?
week end.
Mr. and Mr. Jack Duncan, who
were visiting the home folks, have
returned to Tacoraa. j
Rev. and Mrs. Mci'lure were in A1-'
hany several days last week, visiting
Mr MeClure's father.
Rev. c. H. Johnston and family
were guests of Mr and Mr.. Grant
Watts Saturday night. i
John Andervin ir.nrfwt Ma fsmOv on
financially and has already saved Its
.members some money by the buying
; of feed and an effort will bo made
In the future to h ive on hand at all
times, supplies f;r the farmer. The
stockholders will issue an Invitation
i to the people of Yankton to Join with
i them in the enterprise which it Is un
, derstood, they are anxlors to do.
Many new Improvements are be
ing projected for Warren and the
Junction of the Cooper road and
highway promises to be p. lively place.
Already are under consideration the
warehouse, a confectionery and Ice
cream parlor and a modern up-to-date
garage. lteld"S these two part
ies have been look I iir over the loca
tion w ith a view of putting In a store.
we can prove to you there is a big difference in ice.
First of all, our ice is pure, clean ice and we serve it
in a cleanly manner. Then, too, we arc always punc
tual. We are sure you will be highly pleased with
our ice and our service. Won't you let us book your
order today?
For Sale Good bright Timothy
hay, baled or loose, In mow or de
I vered. C. J. Iirson, Warren, Ore-
Certainly a grand
opportunity for you to saye
Ladies' ready to wear outing skirts in whites and colors
These skirts are traveler's samples and were bought at
a reduction, they are exceptionally well and stylish made,
prices range from
$2.69 to $7.37
from 1-3 to 1-2 cheaper than they would be if they were
not samples.
Come and look them over,- you will be surprised at their
quality and style. -
Big Saturday Special
This soap has been stored in a damp place and the wrap
pers are slightly colored but the soap is perfectly good.
12 bars for 50c r
50 cents worth only to a customer
Remember SATURDAY ONLY for the soap
Soap for cash only
First come the luckiest fur the skirts
from Portland into the Adams' cot'-i
tage vacated by Westover. ! I have a number of calls for farms
Mrs. B. W. Scott has sold her place ; of S acre, to 100 acres. If you liavi
to her brother, John Watson, and will place to sell at a reasonable flguro
give poivesjiion in the near future. ! ""d on food terms. I would like to
Several aato lor.d. of Scappoose 1 v "st of It- Rutherford,
people a;-aled tne C. E. pie social I: St- Helens, Oregon. 31-32-2t
at Warrn Friday evening The War-;
rn cooks make A No. 1 pie. i for Rale Registered Jersey male
Mrs ( ora Fellen of Portland, was ' calf. O. W. Perry, lloulton, Oregon,
elected supreme representative to the 31tf
supreme review for the Maccabees '
held in Port Huron, Michigan. July ; For Sale Three good young Hoi
, , ; stein cows, selling to make room for
r.V?DereRa al f'htirch Geo. V. , registered stock. Paul C. Adams, tlx.
,-Ure;,pastor: Sunr School at 42, Warren. 31tf
19:1a; Morning Worship at 11:15- j -
ip',Et'.i J-00, O'clock; Evening Sen' . For Sale Forty acres, cleared
Velhhi land highly Improved Just oppor.llo
a i 1 1 7 V classes or .nr. ; my place or. Warren-St. Ilelont lo.vl.
and Mrs t!n.i.i. ! V'..4"""': " "';"
cujujeu a picnic Man at toiumbla County Itank or
TheJ afternoon and evening, phone 102-F-15. Sherman M. Miles.
They were conveyed by the school' 3i.tf
The Original Drag Saw Machine
If you have wood to cut or wish O operate light
machinery around the farm yzx need one of these
machines. Ask your dealer for information or
write the
Vaughan Motor Works, Inc.
475 E. Main Street Portland, Oregon
Worn Out Tires So They Are Goods as New and
Save You Money in Tire Costs
Fabric Sections
Half Soleing
Cord Repairing
and All Other Tire Work
Your Best
Will Smile
M.'l.,. . . .. ....... f.i.
.i,i.i nu iiiviih i.er to conio to our morn . - - . ,u.
ll ZI;i,W(oi ick ntKAM. nn Ice Croam Soda, or tm1 ml.
. ... mt 111! V V-I'HHP" '
tlellcloua Hiiil.i ou-iliilii i.erl'.tla which v.u illMpenie.
We are Anxious to be of Service
Independent Auto Co.
Autos, Tires, Accessories, Repairs, Storage
Icti Cre;,m parlor In cool nnJ comfortable r.ml I" 11
plac-s lo rust. You'll bo wolcoma.
Wo have the fainnim VOUAN'M cliocolutes In both 1'" Milji.
nnd a nice QHsnrlnrwnt of plain and mixed cundlts. f""" ,
tcr can be found at nny confoctlouoxy.
( Ignra, Tobaccos,' Stnllonory, Novelt los' find many nJ (
articles you need each ami every duy. We will npi'W . ,
portion of your viiluml imironotto. :. 4
X JOHN PHILIP. Proprietor
Successor to Roy A. Stewart ,'. I

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