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these ailment and tliolr coTitrol un
der the direction of H. 1. liars,
plant pathologist.
For Sal - C'.io iti If Uksn at ence,
bouse mil tlir jo iota in West 81. Hel
ens, two block irom uopjt. one u'ork
from Columbia lil!iw.y. H. K. Ij
Hare, St. lloleus, lro. S3tf
J. w.
. Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Englert is visiting old friends The school board has not been able
nere to secure a teacher as yet. Kvery onu
Gladys Johnson is visiting in Port-, f f11" J"1'0,"8-.
land this week M,s8 llIma Morton, who has been
J. G. Watts left for Seaside Thurs-i spending her vacation at Seaside, re-
ilnv to loin his family. ; jurnea iiome oiuuruuj. rv.i...r.
Mrs Anna Lynch has returned
from a trip to Seattle
For S:;l Vetch liny.
m:in Miles farm on St
ren road or at
Apply Wher-Helons-Wnr-
Coluiublft fount y
TeMlng liTf" Milk Yield.
An average gain of S V pounds of
I utter fat per cow w;i made by SUOO
Oregon cows iu M:-y lust over their
ricord In May, 19 IS. T!io tows Rain
ed 35 pounds in milk yield. The value
or tins gam was aocui - p :-r ... T . i or yor Rent
""ft- J b!,"'?iMbr 1 OnehoTJ rAlornewr potatoes
u...K out u. for sale at 3c nor pound, delivered
t ie worsers a oei;er ruin-ii. . . , , - ...- .i.iirrlv N
gain wll, continue with hito.l.gent A few , o yhe rles N
management, says r.. i.. - - 31-t(
oaerai ana u. a. v . mini uunjiuu t m
Clock and Watch Repairing
Wc arc experts in this line. If the clock or watch I
. . i keeping it should be repaired.' Brine It to ...
A FULL. LINE nw 10 U-
Watches, Clocks, Cut Glass, and Jewelry
For Salo Laying Warred Hock
0r,,Kon ,ellH ij months old. or
"Shine yer boots, sir?" "No!" tne fumuUg Corvnills stock. Jl.RO
snapped the man. "S:ilne 'em so's ei ; cnt., jM jo dozen wanT glass
can see yer face In 'em." tinted tho .a ir... mr ilnten after AugtM 1
Larson, who has, bootblack. No. I tell you : tu'j2ud. Phono 46-lt. ,
M(rs Florence
been attending summer school at the ard!" hissed the bootblack.
.i Oregon normal. Is home on a visit.
cs i... Uncle Earl Bennett returned home
in Scappoose last
Mr. Newman Is
water' from Bend where he had been work
The Michigan people of Columbia
taDr ,hi8mry' weet I 'n VnumbV of ladie'Tom the Flat county w.-.l hold the'.r annue.. basket j
Wanted lMutn how.hr to do. Mrs
Unm Klcu. Uox 63, Houlton, Oro. f
JL.lIO lUlUUIUII DL'CUl Ultl ween . ' . ..,.. !.., O, irtllJ
end in Portland with Carrie Setvin. , anenoeo. ine s,ior ior n.rs.ia.r, .u uu..c-, .............
fi 7n Knnti of California , Sherman in St. Helens last week. Thuradry. August 2Stli. Dinner will
and Miss Vera Perfect of Albany, vis-
Mr. and Mrs. Burkhead and fami
ly motored to Chitskante Sunday and
bo served at 12 o'clock.
Mii Ethel PWe8toverTf Rainier. :Pt the day with Mrs. Burkhead-. Coders aro meat cordially Invited to Ft
waf the guest of Gladvs Garrison mother. Mrs. A. Player. ottend and bring rlcnlc luncl.-Effle -
LTorHavd Sunday ' Mr. and Mrs. L. K. .RutherfoA ; Wilson. Secretary. 34-3G-3t I
' Wunted While Leghorn pullets
I not over three months old, also 4 ton
All Micltl-1 doverh ay. Peter lemas. Box GtM.
Helens. Oregon. at
. v..,.j imi. motored out from bt
av7.r' v n. M. andPent Saturday evening with Mr. and
Helens and
Mrs. J. W. Saxton.
-'l'"c"- . The following ladies visited with
i tar thVweik end ' of Mrs ! Mrs. S.effie Nagel Monday afternoon.!
L r Jnt Mesdanies Burdahl. Peterson. Ben-;
Mr Palmer of Seaside has his' nett and Burknead
lamily camping here while he i8, J. W Saxton. who has lived on
.h. hHrt i the Flat for fourteen years has sold
Tonfwm ttad arilW it the postof- .ranch to Mr Holl.ngsworth of
VSltlTTS 81 lhe a-n,rforSaL;oan1
Pl,Srs8hCapS.esUhasy to LonS ! r friends in Oregon who w... be
Beach with the Shavers of Portland.;80 ,0 havo them IeaTe-
to spend a few days
A ! covery of same
Strayed or Stolon About three
weeks ago from Frank George's
place, two one-year-old spotted black
end white Holsteln heifers, dehorn
ed. Any Information lending to re-
will be liberally re-
.arson, Warren, Ore-
Money to loan on approved secur
ity. J. W. Godfrey. St. Helens, lfttf
to .The
Church Notice Geo. V. McClure,
pastor. Sabbath School. 10:15: Morn
ing Worship, 11:15; C. E., 7 p. m..
Evening Service, 8 o'clock.
Mr. Hulbert, the new prlncpal of
the high school, has rented Grand-!
pa Lamberson'a house and will take'
possession bdoui me lain. I Eva Trrbell.
Rev. and Mrs. McUure nave en-j Portor Loomis has bought half of
tertained the past week, Mr. Mo-, the gravel pit ground and will build
Clure's father and nieces from A1-,B reaidence and soft drink parlor on
bany and Miss Nellie Craw of New-1 ,t The other nalf of tne tract w,
DefK ' . . be used by the warehouse associa-
nev. narvey miner uuu luuiii ul
Laying Hens
Corvallls stock
Oregons. Also water glnss
Mrs. 11. G. Smith, phone 4 5-K.
Miss Nora Larson
from a three weeks'
Miss Enid Tarbell of Rainier spent y0T Sale Almost new upright
tne weea ena wun ner cousin, miss pfan0 ,n excellent condition. Term
to reliable party. Enquire Liberty
Theatre. 33lf
g,,, Famous! Mr- farmer Do you need a light
rred Hocks anil y irucar we nave a roru,
i prnci:i-r.iiy new. vt ill sen ni a nnr
! gain and give lerniB. Morton & Wil
son, St. Helens. 32-lf
California, called on the Pomeroy
family this week and then tr?.velea
on to Seaside to see Rer. Vernon
Rev. McClure and family. Dr.
Blatchford and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Stevens and Mr. Koutek and family,
enjoyed a trip up the highway this
week. '
Several car loads of our people.
also Mr. and Mrs. St. Claire Wilson
of Linnton, had a delightful picnic at.
Clay DeGraffs place along: the creek, '
last Wednesday evening. I
Charles Lamberson has bought his
father's residence. He has also
rented his blacksmith shop to Fred
Bessonnette of Chp.pman camp and
gave possession Wednesday morning.
The new officers of the C. E.
society are: Miss Marjorie Holcday,
president: Miss Martha Hlemuller, i
vice president; Miss Knickerbocker,
secretary; Ruskln Blatchford, treas
urer. The C. E. society have voted
to entertain the convention Septem
ber 5th, 6th and 7th.
Not all of the returned boys were
r.ble to be present at the reception
Saturday evening. The tcble for the
bovs. under the management of Mrs.
Campbell and Mrs. Lafe Brown, wan
vorr attractive more ways then one.
After sapper the crowd adjourned to
he nud'torium for a short program.
Mr. Holcday was toastranster. In
. terestine talks were given by Clarke
Orantf Chauncy Butler and Dewey
Wren. Mr. Pomeroy and Rev. Mc
Clure also gave short talks.
tion for its buildings,
Reports are current that the tele
phone rates on the lines here will be
raised to $3.00. Such being the case
every farmer has decided not to pay
the increase and let the company
take first action. A Farmers' line
will be built if such be the case.
The Warren Warehouse associa
tion will begin the erection of their
building In a few days. The farmers
and grangers of Yankton have joined
forces with Warren, making the com
pany a strong financial Institution.
Arragements are being made to ship
a carload of feed next week.
Threshing of grain thus far has
proven an average much above the
general. A large amount of wheat
has been harvested. Oats are good
but vegetable crops are light. Pota
toes, except the real early planting
ore not one-half yield. Corn is nil
and the silos will not contain the en
silage this fall to the amount of last
The following attended Pomona
Grange at Beaver Valley last Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Jacobson, Mr.
and Mrs. A. H. Tarbell. Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Erlckson, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Morris, Miss Lilly Larsen. Miss
Eva Tarbell, Miss Anna Benson p.nd
Miss Bessie Jacobson; Messrs. Glen
Tarbell, Carl Rylander. August Ben
son, W. J. Fullerton, Wr.sh Muckle,
John Josephscn, O. Simon and Gun
Grill. All reported an excellent
For Sale Cood bright Timothy
hay, baled or loose, in mow or de
livered. C. J. Larton, Warren, Ore
gon. 32-tf.
I have purebred Chester White
boar. Any responsible pnrso:i de
siring services of initio may take him
or bring sows here. Ixicaled at old
Sherman mill. J. M. Brown. 34-6-31 j
Cure for Dym-iitery. I
"While I was In Ashland, Kansas,
1 a gentleman overheard me spi'iiklm
For Sale Forty acres, cleareu of Chaniberluln s Colic and Diarrhoea i
and highly Improved jiiki opp.ir.lte Kemody," writes William Whltelnw.l
my place or. Warr-n-ilt. ll.-len i load, j cf Des Moines. Iowa. "He told me In '
Call at Columbia County Wank or detail of what It had done for hi
phone 102-F-15. Sherman, M. Miles. 1 family, but more especially hlil
31-tf I daughter who was lying at tho point!
iof deuth with a violent attack of dy.
Sawmill Men, A tention! We of- j ..ni ery, and had been given up b I
fer six million feet saw timber, two the family physician. Some of hi1
miles west of Scappoose at $2 60 per no'ghbors advised him to give ( ham
thousand. A mill r.nd donkey en- herluln's Colic and Diarrhoea
gine ere on the ground. Can bo; Remedy, which he did, and fully b
rented for $1.00 per thousand, to licves that by doing so saved tin llf.)
cut the timber. Plank rod to Scap-!tf his child. He staled that he had
poose. Terms. AddreBs Watts & j aiso used this remedy himself wltu!
Price, Inc., Scappoose, Oregor. 30tf 1 eiiually gratifying results." I
Make Out Your Grocery List
and send it to us with confidence that every item will
be just as you want. We have no favorites to push for
better profits. We are in business to sell you tht
groceries you want at the prices you expect to pay or
Council Devllod Meat, 4 for
Shrodded Wheat, package , '. . lie
Tree Tea, per pound Ut
Crosrent I lu k In ic Powder, 5-pouud can fi.oa
K. t Waking Powder, 2&-o. can tlk
a Deer
O. J. McConnell was a Portland
visitor Monday.
Elmer Connoll -motored to Port
land Tuesday.
Harold English was in
on business Wednesday.
George Kelly. .Jr.,- wag
Islnnd visitor last week.
Mrs. Clyde Hansen and daughters
were In St. Helens Monday.
Mrs. Louis LInghacher is visiting
with her brother In Clatskanie this
Mrfv Fred Gill's sister from Minne
sota. Is visiting with tho Gill family
this week; .-.-
t Mr. and Mrs. William Carey re
turned Mondsv after visiting for
severM days with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. English were
tile" guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. A.
Perry of Portland for the week end.
Mrs. Dor?. Smith of Forest Grove
and dcuehter. Mrs. Maddox of Sno
hom'sh. Washington, are visitine Mr.
end Mrs. J. F. Loyd.
B. J. Keelan, who accompanied his
life to San Francisco, returned this
week. Mrs. Keelan is going to Los
Angeles for her health and expects
to remain ior me winter.
t, J. A. Martin of Woodb.nd, Wnsn-
fngton, whoTirs bought out the truck
service from H. F. Stewart, expects
to move nis tamtly here soon.
Mr. and Mrs. H..C. Gore returned
from Seattle Tuesd.-.y where they
have been spending their vacation.
ti, ,,ve l)een attending camp
Last Thursday, night some
Florian 71111a left Thursday for a
short visit to his grandparents, in
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Leslie and Miss
Gertrude Weed spent Sunday with
Mrs. G. W. Brown.
G. W. Brown arrived home Mon
day, after having attended O. A. C.
summer school for six weeks.
Mrs. Judson Weed, Misses Ger
trude, Lesta Weed, Mrs. John and
daughter. Emerald, are planning to
spend next week at the coast.
Vernonia has been booming more
during the last month than it hag for
the last forty yer.rs, since the rail
road is now a certainty.
The Pittsburg road is now In an
almost impassable condition, as was
noticed by the several cars of people
who went to Birkenfeld Saturday
Miss Pearl Rogers returned home
"aturday, after having attended
Monrrxuth summer school and has
bee-, engaged to teach in District No
The W. R. C. of Vernonia have de
cided to invite every one to the sol
diers reception to be given Saturday
night and an enjoyable program is
Rev. Hartsel, Mrs. Bllsteln, Mr
S. Malmsten and Miss Hazel Malm
sten are now attending the Evange
lical convention at.Gennings Lodge
near Portland.
This picture Is based on a Saturday Evening Post story and was rend
by more then two million persons. A story of suspense from the
opening scene i to the last. There Is forward action all tho way
through, building up to a big climax.
' mniier. riot shows .KK AI.DINK FVItlttlt as Al k
dance hall girl This Is ono of her best and had a run of several
weeks h.-rore the New York society, ItoVT MISH THIS!
Mary Garden In "THAIS"
An immense problem in reconstruction confront! the present lenertnt
Are you doing your utmost to prepare to lead in iti tolutioo?
Oregon Agricultural Collef
Th Cull i lflm tiwMtl aoufwfc Ifi Km'1- tmwMrt, An. MNktmin MiMllS
PhytKl tducMWa, InJullnil JtMMAftliiMi, NMiuai Bnn, w4 H mmmiK W
Three regular termi Fall term begins September 22, 19U
fat CxJUtt Ctom. tlluaM4 BaokM mh Mlwf MoaMK
THS KECUkTKAN, 0f AvmlliM! MU. CotUa
Station Work Approved.
Dr. E. R. Flint, retireaentlnir n.o
onu federal experiment statlr.n. h" t.,ut
helped himself to $100, two watches, I completed an inspection of tho work
end some clothing from the Deer i records and ffhances c! tho O. A C.'
ixiana hogging company ana the uun ana prcnornces thin
Construction company's bunk houses
and M. D. Kelley's plr.ee. The
sheriff was called down but no clue
wag obtained.
, Mrs. N. Llndberg was a Portland
visitor Wednesday.
D. H. Pone is busy cutting and
binding grain for the farmers on tho
Flat. -
Miss Helen Larson
Mrs. G,
' VftPW
satisfactory. Some of the trials :iov
under way are especially cjmmer.ded
because of their importance and
vr.lue to Oregon farmers.
Potatoes iKm-t "Hun Out."
Disease and not run n it ano.i
is at the root of tho littio potato
protilem In Ororro::. Tlieoq diseiscs
may be carried In the sert in n,
-ground or by Insects. Lorf curl and
mosale, both of which prevent the
plant foods ordinarily manufactured
In the leaf from reaching tho inh
R. MeUker to Kalama Tuea-e.u!? W0r8t rormg ' the trouble.
i""'" npruui, inoujn not a parasi-
eccornpp.nled !
- : J. W. Johnson cut htg hand badly 0CBgeSBin8yie!dkTI,18!llfaU8e8 lmmfine
ond has not been.ab'a to work Top . !!csi" ?ie'.f. A" these are more or
h. - urevenuoie.
Thft nfrpioitiitint
I colleffe Mnprlmont otot M.m
' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burdahl spent undertake an exhcuatlve study of
, -i'' . , . v V V V ...
Important Announcement
To Automobile Owners
We have decided to increase our shop equipment
and mechanical force, and will accept repair work on
soliritecT f C3rS' YUr patronagc is "spectfully
Should you see fit to bring yourcar to us for any
needed repairs we will, on our part, absolutely guar
antee all work dore in our shop, and believe that wc
can thereby keep your maintenance at a minimum
and increase your satisfaction in the use of your car.
We will maintain a thoroughly equipped electrical
department for the repair of batteries, starting, igni
ton and lighting systems, and will carry a full lines of
tires, parts and accessories.
giv?u""inam,yU " adVan" fr 3ny PatronaSe y
Very truly yours,.
Shop and Salesroom Is one block
"t of 8. I. & H. j)(M,t
Get Your Fair
Exhibit Ready
Remember the County Fair which is going to tethlf.
geht and best ever held in this county, is to be on
17 18, 19
Liberal prerr.iumr. and prizes will be awarded. Se
the big premium list which River, full details.
President "
r Warren, Oregon
Secretary -Treasurer
St. Helens, Oregon

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