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pmmnnity Picnic at Columbia Bach, Sunday, Angnst 17. All Welcome
NO. 35
- '
La KiUtur nnil Others View
Iintr"' Hrfnkt Attraction
wai Kxtl fortune of the
of I he Mint to lie on of the
r (he National Editorial na-
lloo and the UrKon Editorial
tallon which vtalted Modford,
Er Uke and Aahland on Monday
Tudy or tine weeKv The
Ll train of 11 Pullman cart, and
Ltrvutlon car pulled out of
kid at 4:30 o'clock Bunday af-
m. We arrived at Salem at
tnd were met oy a amount ion
hndrflaN Ol nnieuiiica, wiiu ware
tut to (how tne eeverni iiunarea
nert a aampla of Oregon hoapl-
Un arrival of the apeclni
the editorial party were mot
..ken to the beautiful park went
it itati'houHO A nice dinner was
Li and while the oditora, their
L and frlenda and families were
tine Ilia dellcloua Oregon pro-
, aeveral or the airplanes
bned et Bulttm fur foroat pro-
tne In the Oregon Oaves, located
lira from Grants Paaa, and
fd Ironi the city hy auto roud
7 mllea and 10 mllea y trail.
In, did clrcu stunt. In the air.
8:90 Iho apnclnl left Salem tor
ird, that city beliiR reached at
I The guttata were taken to
and reataunnta for brenkfait
h awaiting them. While
jwrre eating, tlm 8 automobile.
Ilia drlwa furnlaiied by the cltl-
Juf Medford, Aahland and Urania
I aisenibled on Main atrnet. Tlm
iC of the car a and atart foi
kr Like wna bosun aa aoon aa
Jrl lueata were through eating.
Irfect waa the ayatetn that there
too confusion and the ii:ore than
People were on their way to the
il l iconic wonder In SO minute.
they had flnlahed break f nut.
k trip to Crater Lake Droved a
w from every atandpolnt ana
pea great credit upon the com-
from the three towna that
m entertainment It. charge,
dliora made up th largest
Party that had avnr lin an.
M at the park and the trip
parefully planned and complete
fry dotall.
MJt Ktlltor I.urkv.
dlior of the Mint and Mrs.
were very fortunate In bolng
to the big seven-passenger
"n ny t;. i, Hutchison. Mr.
1. William Iturlf liil nl Q.lnm
b Ithiir occupanta. Our drlv-
mo road and knew hi car,
18-nillo drive to Crater Lake
niiglitful one. Stopping at
River Fnlla. thn nirt had an
"Oily to HHR tlm ally mn.inl.ln
f h over the rocka and Mill
l u, - IIIIIH wits WlUll-
Fall on the Columbia Hlgh
M one o'clock we reacheo
and thore enjoyed the
' Put up and elored In each
r the houghtful Medford poo-
"uae at Prospect la only
n continuing our Jour-
mached Crater Lake. 2 b
J. i. " 6 In travel-
)! . .nl",',, e climbed from a
m altitude to 7,126 foot, the
Crater Lake. The road lt
toi and upon entering the
li ''ark- difference ra
Z.!b. 50 or 0men under
!'Wvl..ln of porMter Alex
'" are liulldlng and maintain-
rnnd. 24 foet wide and
m the way on a 6 per cent
M good time can be made
food, notwithstanding the
(tanrruua KhmUtiiit Of lorn tlm Gv.
proor $1 Till It vtaa Kefum!
An amusing Incident occurred at
rnlr Monday evening. Gov
ernor Olcott urinin-ii,i i... p h.
lal AiHoclntion on tli irin
Crater. He wnan't drenaed up like a
r.iui governor, tihi I'. A cor.t, the
light gray trouaora and the atove pipe
hat were left at 8ultm and the
governor hud on the garb of the
camper tne khaka ault and leggtnga
ond heavy ahoea. He looked like a
real mountaineer.. Hut to get to the
atory; the governor aecured a boat
and waa to tuke a number of friends
to Wizard lalnnd. Juat before hla
muaculur urma bern to pull on the
onra a dapper young man from the
eitat. a guem of the hotel, anked to be
taken with the crowd. There waa a
vacant place In the boat and the
governor an Id "tep In." It la eald
that the governor hnndled the boat
Juat aa well aa any old aatt and the
dapper young fellow from the enal
muat have felt Impreased, for when
the boat landed he dug down Into hla
Jeune and brought forth a ahlnlng
allver dollar which he offered to the
governor boatman. Olcott didn't take
the tip, but later It wna tipped to the
dapper young man from the eaat,
that he had been riding with the
Another amusing Incident occurred
and It la loo good to let paaa without
telling. Governor Olcott and Mayor
Oeorgo Ilaker were aiding on a log
near the lakealde. A young lady
waa In wading. She had left her ahoea
and atocklnga near the log on which
the two prominent official were alt
ting. It la eald that the young
lndy waa very good looking and aome
of the editors were mean enough to
any It waa the cauae of Olcott and
llaker hanalnr around At m rata
when the good looking young lady
had waded aa long aa ahe dealred, ahe
wanted her ahoea and alork'nga and
looking at linker anld, "Say kid.
fcrlng me my ahoea and atorklnga."
The mayor caught the Idea and paaaed
It along for turning to Governor Ol
eott he commanded, "Hoy, front, take
the ahoea and atocklnga to the hdy.
The governor delivered the gooda.
It la aeldom Hint a bnnker and a
newapnptir man m'ngle aa juat ordln-
jarr cltiztuia, for the newapnper boy
thlnka he la more Important thnn the
nnin that conducts a bunk, and the
bunker, ordinarily, thlnka he la more
'mportnnt thnn the newapnper man
Thla feeling, howover, did not exlat
thin week becuuae Sherman Mllea,
hanker, farmer, cuttle rnlaer and
gardener, accompanied the etlltora of
he National Kditortul oMHOclntion on
thfllr trip to Medford, Crater Lake
and Aahland, He went ns a apodal
reproanntatlve of the St. Helena
Chamber of Commerce, and reports
that ho had a nil:;i t fine time; en
Joyed the good feeda handed out en
route, the automobile trip to Crater
l4ko, the wondora of tho lake and
moat of all tho company of the edi
tors of aeveral hundred newspaper,
whom he found to he real men and
Just aa Intelligent as a hanker. Mr.
Mllea returned to St. Helena Wednes
day night and states tliut he fee 1b
well repaid for . the trip and
"wouldn't have missed It for aeverul
hundred dollars."
Grange Memliera and Fanners to Jolu
in Itanrli Picnic
f-annot describe Crnter
it lies i the )lBftrt of tne
l: " "ae. its surface la 6,
above sea lovel. In many
'of J, , ,the moni remarkable
' uler In the world. There la
r etiual in depth, no lake ao
iltin,, """".."urrounded by auch
Moua walls. When you gaxe at
Ith. . we1' and tn mora you
I'ne greater your wonder. We
bunu . "f!-llo the lake or
P ''W will aave that fea
Ml Km dU,0n Wl,en Wfl Cttn
it le .,1 raMon write a more
I thaJ ,7- Bufflc o any. how
'wlv. 0 enBt,'n editors and
It ,L?.ero ,oud ,n tne"1 P'w
lr f r"it and 'beautiful Oregon
f flenin' ftw. fln.MP-
U rim "',B mP "re wna built
ani 1 h? ke. and with
rowa fathered around
nued oa page even)
Will aome St. Helena girl be true
to aome forlorn loving soldier boy?
We hope ao, for thore la a fellow, who
writing from Taconm, Washington,
to the "Kditor of the St. Helens
Paper" asks this question:
"Does the girl I am corresponding
with love meT Will she be true to
met Am I going to the east coaBt?'-
The letter la signed by M. M.
Hughes. The Mist prints thla in
formation so that aome fair damsel
In St. Helens who hna won the heart
of thla soldier boy, may answer his
questions, and, possibly, might as
sure him of her undying love and tell
him, that, ao far aa ahe Is concerned,
he had bolter stay out here Instead of
returning to the east coost.
The letter, togother with a request
for an answer was referred to the
socloty editor of the Mist, but that
person disclaimed any knowledge of
the affair. At any rate. It Is up to
aome St. Helena girl to relieve the
heartnehea of thla lonoly boy whose
poatofflce address la Tacoma, Wash
ington. rri.. T..l.,l..r lil.rnrv linurd CuniO tO
St. Helena Tuesday to confer with
the St. Holena board. mey
favorably Impressed with tne hi.
u..i. iM,..rV anrl were nlenaantly
entertained while In tho city. Mrs.
A. F. Harnett was noaiesa a
luncheon for tho Kalnler board which
conalati of Mrs. T. Ualliger. Mrs. J.
Darvey, Mrs. B. Gaunt, Mrs. F. Trow
and Mra. M. tsneireu. m .
Hutherford entertained with a d.n.
" V uini..i- ami at. Helens
ner tor ti' ivunii', -
boards. The St. Helena members
preient were wra. r.
F. Thompson, Mra. J. W. Pay and
Mn. A. f. Barnett.
Information riv.n mi..
Secretary John Smrln nt th. u, ui
ona Chamber of Commerce la to tin,
eiieci inai tie haa every aasurance
that the Cotnmunltv Pl-nl h..h
at Columbia Ueach will be a big af-
inir una a larger aucceaa. Invltatlona
were extended to the aeveral granges
in Columbia county and Mr. Storla
made a reauent that mom, ....
slble attend the picnic and "Get-To-cether"
affair. The replies he has
received Indicates that many of the
farmers In this vlclnliv win ha n.
GranKP MaMtera to Heak
In addition to tlm main r
Dfti?.,l Ul
the day, the maatoro o" the aeveral
grangea will give short talks and
aome of the cltlzena of St. Helena
will make the response. The Chamber
of Commerce haa arranged to eerve
coffee, cream and mnr ni h
visitors are expecied to bring lunchea
Aa beforo atated in the Mist, proper
traffic regulations will be In effect
ao Hint the road to Columbia Beach
will 'be a thoroughfare of safe and
sane travel and no trouble la anticipated.
The Itearh Itoad
The best and ensleiit v r m.h.
Ing the beach Is to turn north at the
Intersection of Willamette and Win
ter streets. WIMrf ii-oot .hmiM
then be followed until the outskirts
of the city are reached. Go straight
ahead and "follow your nose" and
i he road will lead you to Columbia
tench. Arriving at tlm h...h
will find excellent bathing facilities,
1 big grove for ntcnle nurnnaai
imple apace to park your auto or
"Farmer" Smith Coming;
Mr. Stnrla tnfnrma t ha Mtat tt,t
he haa had assurance from "Farmer"
Smith that he will be there and talk
on mnttera of Interest to the farmer.
Charles Wheeler, vice president of
the Chamber of Commerce will look
ifter thA riptnllM tnil will ha nhl Ba
Vsted by Mr. Storla and A. L. Morris,
master oi me warren grange.
Indications are that tho nlxnl win
he a grand auccess and It Is expected
innt nunareas or people will be on
Columbia Ueach Sunday afternoon.
S. L. Butler of Deer Island, haa
been chosen by Sheriff Lallara as hla
chief deputy. The county court haa
ratified the appointment and Mr.
Butler haa entered upon the dis
charge of hla dutlca. The recently ap
pointed deputy la no atranger In
Columbia county. He haa been a resi
dent of the county for a number of
years and during the incumbency of
10. ('. Stanwood waa one of the field
deputiea. It Is understood that Mr.
and Mrs. Butler will move from their
ranch near Deer Island to St. Helens
and occupy the residence of E. C.
Measure Before Council to Give Per.
iwtual Bights Over Certain HtreeU
i The city council met In regular
session August 11, 1919. The min
utes of the last meeting were read
and approved. The marshal report
ed that the sewer in Block 10 bad
been repaired. J. W. Allen was prea
ont and atated aome objections to
the Installation of the new sewer dis
trict, Number 8. Also J. B. Godfrey
offered some objections. Same waa
discussed. No action was taken.
Sherman Deaver
stated that he had completed his con-
iraci on winter atreet Improvement.
Same waa discussed and certificate
of completion from the engineer was
requested by the council and when
received and filed with the recorder
the recorder was ordered to proceed
In accordance with Section 109 of the
charter. Heport of recorder for thfc
quarter ending June 30 waa read
and on motion accepted. A resolution
Waa introducer for thn Imnrnvamnn.
of West atreet. On motion made and
carried tne resolution was read in
full and DUt an Its final Mi on.
was paased by the following vote:
Dixon, res: O'Connor. v- Whaaiar
Ives; White being absent. The mayor
aeciarea the resolution passed and
slgnedand approvod the same, ana
Was atteated br thn raenrriar An
ordinance to grant a perpetual
franchise to the Terminal Dock
company of certain streets In the
city to operate cars and lay out a
railroad trunk tharonn waa ini.A.
duced and read the first time In full
find on motion made and carried
waa read the second time by title
only. An application for a building
permit waa received from E. G. Dit
to to erect a onc-story hollow tile
building with brick front on Lot IS,
Block 18. Permit wr.s ordered Issued.
In the matter of placing a small sta
tion for tire hose on the hill and at
Columbia Park. The aame waa d
u8aed. No action taken. No furth
er business appearing on motion
made and carried the meeting ad
Jorned. Signed E. E. Quick, Recorder.
Mra. J. E. IlamBey left Tuesday
morning for a lor.g '.rip oast. She
will visit friends and relatives in St.
Louis, Chicago and St. Paul and her
parents, who reside in Wisconsin.
Mrs. Kanmoy will be absent for about
two months. It Is her first visit to
her old home in a number of years.
Mrs. P. McGorty and daughters,
Margaret and Marie, returned yester
(lay from Eureka, California, where
they have been visiting with Mra.
IMcUorty's mother, Mrs. J. G. Shan
nihan, since June.
Wednesday afternoon the babies
of the Cradle Roll and tholr moth
ers were entertained In the Method
ist church parlors. Fifty children,
thirty mothers, five grandmothers,
and one grandfather were present. A
program waa presented. Miss Erclle
Stanwood, Mias Helen Hlsey and
Mra. G. Wilson rendered Instrumen
tal aolos; Miss Florence VanGllder
sang "The Hush Song;" Miss Ruth
Levi sang "Mother," and Mra. E. H.
Scott gave a reading. Then the
guests assembled In front of the
church and had their pictures taken
after which refreshments were serv
ed. The color scheme was pink and
blue. Mrs. E. A., Ross is Cradle Roll
superintendent and has 107 babies on
the Cradle Roll at the present time.
Grlffia & Hayes aecured the con
tract for the construction of the
building which . G. Ditto Is to have
built on the lot ho recently purchas
ed and havo started the excavation
work. The building la to be of tile
construction with a pressed brick
front. The dimensions are to be
60x60 and the cost will be about
$4500. The bu!ldlng will be divided
Into two store rooms, one of which
will be occupied by Mr. Ditto.
The new structure will add greatly
to the appearance of the business
Lsectlon of Columbia street.
Many Believe That the Portland
Paper Haa an Ax to Grind
Every lasue of the Portland Tele
gram contains an article written by
one Henry M. Hmzen. The articles
relate to the conduct of the apruce
production part of tho U. 8. army.
Hcnzen is a good writer and has
placed bia atory bo.'ore the public in
a readable manner. Tho tirat taai
articles, which dealt with the short
comings oi Ulsquo and his officers,
people were In accord vith Haazen's
expose or ideaa. The last several
articles he has recently written do
not, however, appeal to the public,
for It appears, as many readers of
the Mist have stated, that a syatema
tic campaign waa being carried on
to do way with the eight-hour day
system and establish a ten-hour day.
Whether or not the owners of the
Telegram have told Hanzen to write
the articles, the Mist cannot say, but
from the opinion expressed In many
quarters. It is apparent that the Tele
gram has some ax to grind and ba
choaen Hanzon aa the ax grinder.
There are many in St. Helena who
wonder why, if the Telegram had
auch startling disclosures, that the
readers of the paper were not given
the benefit of such information while
the nefarious practices which the
Telegram intimates, were going on.
Many friends of the Telegram do
cot approve of the "post-mortem"
examination and are guessing as to
the real motive of that paper In pub
lishing the news relative to the air
'plane production some eight months
after they had the Information in
hand. The Telegram should explain.
At their meeting In Seattle today
the National Editorial association
will chose officers for the ensuing
year. The term of Guv TT Hnrrtv
president and congressman from
Colorado, has expired and the vice
president oi tne association will, un
doubtedly, be elected president. E.
E. Brodie of Ores-on Cltv la ntlA nf rha
candidates for vice president and he
n&s a strong following and at the
meeting In Seattle tonight it is
thought that he will poll a large
vote. The eastern members of the
association are atrone for H. wtlba
while the western members are sup
porting uroaie. rne editor of the
Mist left last night for Seattle, where
he will try to help to elect a western
man for this Important position.
The saw mill being constructed by
the Island Lumber Company will be
gin operation on or before October
1st. The superstructure of the mill
lc practically complete, but the In
stallation of machinery Is not yet
complete. Work is progressing on
the big dock which is to connect the
mill with the loadln? dock on the
Willamette Slough and It la expected
that thla portion of the work will bo
completed In the near future. H. F.
McCormlck, manager of the concern,
states that he hopes to have the plant
In operation by October 1st.
James Dart, nnn nf St Ttalana nln-
neer and reanected eltlznna waa tutm
In England In 1841, and with his
parents movea to Canada In 1849.
Mr. Dart, after reachlne- mnnhnnH
moved to Seattle and from thnt nlaia
came to St. Helens in 1866 to alu
in tno construction of a mill here
Unon comnlntlni nf tha mill ha
appointed superintendent, a position
L. O. Herrold, wiio has the con
tract for the Improvement of St. Hel
ens street betweon Columbia and
Oak streets. Is making good progress
on the work.. The grade haa been
lowered and the rock taken out
placed on connecting streets. All
traffic, at the present, is routed via
Columbia and Willamette., streets,
but In the near future Mr. Herrold
expects to have the St. Helens street
highway open wlhch will be a great
convenience to the traveling public.
Roosters Help Build Bridge on National Highway;
jm Hf, ,J Ml (I ii
"vV 1
,..-,..,. ijaif "w i?5
Chlckens have now entered In to good roads development. At least four roosters have, the fowls being
known aa "Lloyd George," "Clemenceau," "Orlando" and "Wllaon," htving been brought here from France
They were preaented by President Wilson to a delegation of Alabama citizens, the birds to be auctioned off
tho funds to go toward completion of a bridge across the Tombigbee river on the great "Dixie Highway" a
continental highway link. President Wllaon Ii ihown here presenting the blrda to Senator Bankhead aa
the Alabama delegation looks on.
Judge Dart Relates Interesting Hla-
wry oi nays uone uy
This Is the flrat of a aerlea
of articles which the Mist will ,
publish relating to pioneers and
pioneer days. The Mist would
be thankful to receive Informa
tion relative to the early history
of Columbia county and the men
and women who made that his-tory.
i ii ' . i i i ii
- . i .
he still held after tho Muckle Broth
ers took over tho mill In the early
70's. No man la the county has
been more honored than has Mr.
Dart. He was sheriff for three terms,
Six Tears in all. from 187 in 187R
at which time he was elected county
ciera ana served in that capacity for
two yeata. He then went back to
tho Muckle mill unit Taaumari hla
former position aa auperlntendent.
ucu aiso Dougnt a nail Interest In
their store. In 1904 Mr. Dart res
ponded to the call of mnnv nf tha
county's citizens and ran for county
juuge. ns waa elected and served
for four and one-half years. The
fact that Judge Dart haa an .ft..
been called to serve the people of the
county was not a matter of politics,
for he has been a lite long democrat
ond Columbia county la overwhelm-
mgiy. repuDiican, ana his election
time after time was an expression
from the neoola nf mnfiHona in hia
honesty and capability. He has also
oci cu iu various city positions.
, - m taiaing oi oia times Judge Dart
told the Mist of interesting affalm nf
long ago. For instance, there was a
iwo story irame ouildlng on the lot
uow occupied by the E. E. Quick
residence and fidtntnlna u nA
the east waa a three atory hotel and
uance nan. ine lumber for these
buildlnes waa hrnno-ht frnm ih. .... -
and around the Horn.
During the panic of '73 and '7 '
Judge Dart m aharlf it t,..
- V .ICS h
time he said, onlv tin famiiiaa iiw.j
in St. Helens, the Gilmer's, the Wll-
ucms , tne MDeners, the Miles' and
the Dart's. , .
The Muriels mill tnitm rv. ia
...... , H uu(,u oi i ma ilk t
was built of timbers hewn from the
forest back of Columbia City, and he
superintended the cutting and plac-
ug'aM me timoers.
Judge Dart ia the oldest Maaon In
St. Helens In point of membership,
having joined the St. Helens lodge
in 1868. He has filled every chair
n the lodae and in nnv tvaaauMv -
position he has held for the past
twelve years.
Judge tnd Mrs. Dart live In their
beautiful home ovnrlnnVina- tha Pnl. ,
umbla river. an1 attrr hi u.i.
of activity in St. Helons he is for
just a little while, taking life easy.
Mrs. William Blackmore was
pleasantly surprised last Tuesday by
a number of ladles who calleil tn
help her celebrate ' her birthday.
Lunch was served and a delightful
afternoon enjoyed. Those present
were Mrs. Fred Antone, Mra. Zina
Lamont, Mrs. Victor West, Mrs. H.
H. Buntlne. Mrs. Erie. Pnterann Mra
iHilbert Miller, Mrs. J. A. Bunt and
niiss uuitn Irving.
The world's champion sr.lmou rop
er Is expected to accompany the fish
magnates from Astoria when they at-'
tend the Pendleton Rcund-up on
September 18, 19 nnd 20. They are
also figuring on entering a humpback
salmon In the bronk. contest and are
looking for anybody who can ride
him. Just aa an example of what
rough riders the Astorlana are, they
will go to Pendleton, all the way. In '
specially upholstered standard sleep
ers, five of them, and will bring their
own dining car. Aa a nnrt of tha an.
tertainment they will alt in a body
tn a block of seats for three days and
watch the world's champions work.

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