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Ittend the GolnmbiaCouiity Fair at St. Helens
Today is Last Day
A yr
1 i nv Y-rev
; u. i - v i i -r--j -i fix. n i i i i i ii i
Viirof Mist awe Uncle Barn's Great
Fighting Machines at Anchor in
i . ...
it! Mi iiarnor near rxxrrtury
bnnl. li. rltate Hliliw Will llcniala.
was my good fortune, editor
tie Mint, to receive en Invitation
the secretary of Hie Seattle
club, stating that President
kn would visit the Press club
Vedltttcly after hie speech at the
Saturday night lait, and It
without laying that the Invl
WMB aCCHfllMll. I BrplWMil In
ills It 4 o'clock Saturday ariar.
. Juiit an hour too lata to
preildent review the Pacific
which la aald to have been the
m&zniflcent marine anectania
wiinttitaed on the coaat, nnd the
pronldentlat review which baa
on me coast, nacn nriiinniit!it
lenlilD and cruiser flrln th
led tweuty-one tlmea in honor
moment wood row Wllann Tha
tdmt and Mre. WUaon and See
r Dunlela and othura of iha
l family reviewed the fleet from
grand old battleship, Oregon. Hut
fmu an oi tiiia ana am telling II
u ii It waa told to me. At an
I hiked along the water front
not real cloae-up vlewt of the
Mt'iico, me flagship of the
the Mlaniaatpl, the New York
. Wvomlna. Teiaa tiirmin.
and aome 25 or 80 of the little
louncla of the ocean, th t.
In which did auch mighty work
Aiianuc ana NorttiKe a. Thi
M were quite near the dock
pvere lliiad out In somethlne nf
bit-circle. I had heard of our
navy, but nave had ita
dwncd on ma until I saw th.
ay War machine muihMJ i
Iparatlvely aitmll area, and never
uuiicHifl nov mm waa a .1 . .1
rt urn II t had a cloae-up view
iiure aiono waa well worth
Irlp lo Seattle. And thoae blr
on the New MIki. it..
W aa lour aa a r.Hv hln.b .n.i
f big a the amoke atacka on
City GaJIv DtwoMlMl
lull of the fleet, the creat
ine secretary of tha t. .nn
Wnilral of tha rtt -.. . t.i-
Inn In Seattle's tiUimv and
figly the city waa proud of auch
I honor, fol I km M
. iMV .nvni ami
ngs wra gaily and profuaelv
p . minn anrknnaa foil, mil
mai. or red. white and
Hinla twinklnd trnm a.r.
n and tha lurge cluater llghta
the alrenta were colored and
"id with the colore of the
nd army. On the 42-atory
WflrnmA mil tl- ii i- a
loba who "nd shore lma m de
i oi tnn welcome accordnit to
lT the Rimttia folk.- The town
imd over to the aailor boya
fie Bam and every - eourteay
: 30 o'clock the "prealdentlal
"l dinner at the Hippodrome,
Just acroaa the atreet from
r club. Some SOOO Seattle
" had dinner with the party.
Inc luded all of the blgh of
the flp-t. There wai ar
nce of (told i,rad t0 b9 Men
' the Preaa club and had a
P Vow of Praiident and Mra.
' they alighted to go Into
JPodrome and alao of 8eere
wleli and Mra. Danleli. After
no president wient to the
J,I" ""oaa tha atreet and
d hl addroaa. Some 8000
h"rd him and I was among
v .. "lH ftp",, for ,n
Nation waa like nearly all of
J o "'terancea on hla Weatern
r . ? f,ne ,n Option and rich
u, '". "fUment. but wa
mi of a dlaappolntment to
wiMmuch aa he failed to ex-
S2S.?f ,he "u Pnte." which
MMtion haa. However, all
m. .he Pre'lonfa ipeechei
Mtf1,b" mor loy one
SJ. ''In. eo that matter will
dlncuawid. i ,
JW VlNlta Preaa Oub
nV'1 pr"ldonfi apeech, Boc-
tha ' h,S W"1"
Br ' , .PrM club, accompanied
ThJ K.h naVBl officer., all of
kW..Llhe "re to meet,
a n,ade Informal 25
i anlTp?r m,n h'maelf and
Had with the boy. for half
W. , n Pe,", ' hlKh
r .Li ,lJ,e,r eervlce during
SeJ tl,at nt -
I In an vVL np,rayed hi. confl
I of ny n" th wtlri
I" MB an I.I
h ii.. . n
r niwin it. . -----
i.,i.. JM. and I M an
r "0 the aam. thi n7..T
loa oi "th.1 ,"a.a,kt th e
' o aid ,00 'PJW men
n0?n?. n 0'k of getting
M head ii- " ",ked tn,t ,en"
f nei, oftentlme. mli-
A"'I-','. MiUrlde
. m.Hnun, Knur
Superintendent J. n willirnn
kindly furnlahed the Mlat w tl? 7h
re,latr.t.on by gr.Se. 7he St
to0,"!'0?.1- Tl,e "- . up
to and Including Wedneaday. At thai
t me he h. , McllrKi
t ration from Mcllrlde whool
The regiatrailon by grade la:
- v. t nuu AJ
let Urade (U) ....
2nd (Irada
Srd Grade
th Urade
till tirade
th Urade ....
7th Urade "
8tll Qradn ...
ui.i. o, . 3
Oi-'llUUI ft
t ... .. I
I l III .... no i
Durina thri ni tiL' V.Li' J '' '..
ber of atudenta have entered achool
u uuruia uie coming woelc It la ex
paciei mat the reglatratlon will be
iraiy uicreaaed. The ichoolhouan
wniie incomplete, waa aufflclently
'Mmuloted to
- .: -vvuwlloitj Liir
icnoiara without Inconvenience and
Luunacior wc.Noll la doing every
nuir dom i in ii... ,i..
building comploted in the near fu-
h - 1 F-"
NO. 40
EXpS l VCStCk Finest Ever Seen Here-Agricultural
Reaolutiona of Condolence Tendered
by Two Organizatlona
Two of the StHelena organlaa
tlona of which the late Fred Morgue
waa amember, have prepared the
following resolutions:
Whereas, on the X7th day of Sep
tember. Fred Morgue, a valued
member of this organization, de
parted this life, and;
Whereaa. tha Q uAin
of Commerce feels that it has lost
1 uestlnv nlalit waa . hi.
- - uin ii i a i l i
With Avon llllira 7
- . - . i II If, II I O Vg
i yinma. u waa memorabla linrauaa
1 the preaentatlon of Veteran JeweM
o members of tha 1ml
niAnihnryliln In . 1. .
iuuo iur uie paec zs yeara. Grand
. nanceiior Fred J. Jnlmann .111.
he aaalalanca nf r!rnn,i k-n...
'fi-, vi
ivcurua anu tMtaia WiiIIit (1 Bin
ireaentod the much coveted Jewoli
o cue louowing fulthful uifinhpra of
lie lodae: E. K Oulrk w v ai.
ena, H. K. Cliff, Jnme Muckle, N. A.
Perry, 8. Charles Davla, C. W. Hlakea-
rey and N. Ii. McKay.
Uthera who were entitled to Jewels
nd on account nf llinirnliuatin.
not able to receive them from the
hands of the chancellor commander.
were j. k. Hcogln. w. A. Hnrr'a. C.
I. Knallah and Kilwln ltim rim
lewels will be mailed to them.
There was a Inrrn altnndnn.n l.v
'oral momber and aome 25 members
f Lake Klver Uxlge of IlldKefleld,
WaahliiKton, aided In the celebration,
trier wmcn a lunch was aerved.
Tha. Nanrirt biiIiyiiIHaH hv lha llhrn.
rlan of the St. Helen nubile lihrarv
dhows that hundreda of readers
ivalled themaelves of the advantage
"f the library during the period from
lantlnrv tat In Jiilv lat. Iliirlnff tlmt
period Z607 hooka and 24 2 main
lines were loaned. There were 169
lew borrowers. The average dally
ittendance was 16 and the average
number of readers was eight. Next
hooks purchased numbered 300.
which are principally hUtory, bio
graphy, reference and novels. Maga
tine subscriptions amounted to $75.
leading, be eliminated, so that cor-
u.n. In. na.no u Inn. .1 Ml 1 rl ll a DQ lllllll hv
hoae whoes newspaper reading Is
mainly in the head lines. He also
said that the Pacific fleet had come
to nay anu tnai uie raciuo conm
would be equally r?cognixed with the
All.nlln Thla alulnmnnt nf ronraa
brought forth prolonged applause.
I Relieve that Daniels la going to
treat the I'aclflc coast rigbt and I
further think that his recent visit to
. . i i
no uunsi una ui"nv, m - 1 " "
he impOTtance of this part of tho
1WB1r- Sneaking of pro
curing war tlmea,
lie mi jivti bii en in ma imi w v
country. When I was Introduced m
him, I told him from "when I cnme"
ana wnen ne louna oui umi -tlderable
portion of my life had been
pent a few miles from hla home
we had a very pleasant conversa-
.a m a I .a ..a n.iaal I am TliA
TlOIl OI ft lew IlMIIUItjn uumviuii.
secret ft ry fa cordial and friendly and
.19 1.. 4-l .llll.n t. 0n.
iaia ue leu hhp o nw...n
home wnen wtin me nKwniio'
men and that he longed to get back
to printer's Ink and was going to do
so at the first opporiuniiy. ui
what this means I am unable to say.
Manors in w
I met hundreds of the "gobs
walking the streets, ami occaaionanr
stopped and chatted to a party of
them. Without exception, tlioy were
triad to be on the Pacific const. Some
- ... . . lha nilHtlle
or vnese ooya wbt nun. .....
states and they noted the difference
... J ril Ilia WART
n tne nuaiie anu iiumi- . i..
si compared to "their part of the
eo""1'- m
i And In cloaing una aior. ...
aav that If you are in Seattle at anv
. . . aa. m - it i. .... Avail In lirpm
time, uon i ian w ru..
erton where many of the fleet w 1'
remain and take a look at the m'jhty
flehtlna- machines. Take a look of
he officers and sailors and the Die
. -.in hava the ereat-
to protect this const anu .o
,d .toM.r. on-nyoc.
nd agamsi -.".v
feel a little more proua
American, those """"'" "
funs partly belong to you.
... i " " leeia mat it has lost
which conaists of good specimens of J a member who was ready to respond
manual work, school work and fancy t0,fne. c?11 of dutJr whether It be the
work. A fn.i,..ai .v ....... . ' I f the organisation or for n.n
dairy 1 i! ny char.tanlS
i ii n viiLirH Hin n I la Bnnn ng luu . n nun ann
" 6"u - - ' 1 1
and li . I U7tin.A. 111. .
....c.cao, nun organization appre-
cnaracter, hla
life and value a
community, do here-
J. I . ' ye8ler' T1, Yankton exhibit is typteai oi : clean 8nd uPrKht '
were hundreds of people the Yankton country and ihn. tl 1 a citizen to thla comr
The weather m.m was considerate
to the fulrm annKemenlh ...
nlahed them with two l.A...nr.,i
Iilny daya. People of Cnlnmh.,.
.?7.a"a. frol" ther counties
oweu uiolr appreciation of the1
"oaiuer men
turning ou
day there were bund
f mm t a aa A
- tiiju nnnr tn ae 1.- i niiauiiiiinH nr inrni rnA j . . j
"lock and the fine agricultural pro- S?, r Fia.' ??hol ,s represented tlt ''a thaJ We depIore h,B un
'lucta of the county B' pro , wlth creditable exhibit of fancy t,me'y end and extend to his be-
Wednesday waa onenln. fnmenta, home canning, etc reaved Parents the sympathy of thlt
the attendance was sn afi """V" ti MThland acho except! '"ntatton In their great loss; and
ever, all of the Mhibhl T" , f'ne exhlblt of maP8 al" I ! of thU "solution be
Placi before noon h0ur nd " ln ! sc''0?1 wo,rk. a" the specimens of ''B?nt ,to hls '"'her and mother and
who rnn,. .1 ?u"..hour and those, potatoes show the adaptability of th-1 also the Press.
ii.a, . .". '.u,r Krounas, and .soil In that section for nntt ! ST. HELENS CHAMREB fv r-nvr
. , we,,,, v-v
lllR. I wcinvD,
Warren, its usual, has a fine exhi
bit. Flowers, a great variety of veg
etables, school work, specimens of
Hifftdy Esteemed Young Maat of fit.
I Helens Succumbs Following Opera
tion Funeral at Catholic Church
Satnrday Morning at 9 o'clock.
. . - ,. '"""wu Billion is typical of
drcda of people the Yankton country and shows fine'? C
to see the fine "pec.lrn.en8 of land P'oducts and the r
...i-... 'Bachelor Flat achnnl a nn...,.,.ji
. "in Kmunas, and
there were several ' ..
compl10 show" u" "w lne
Htook Kxhiblt In Fine
Never before have so many fine
uorouK hhred -...la i, r " . pwiuira oi
at the fair. ' ""ea I ""e ?w.ng and manual training are
Agent Howard etlmi. .V , ! 1 evmence. ine entire exhibit
of theZTe eM , . ICf'V .V..;1"! Ir.5??d ."d . credit on the
nosalb ly more. I,wg 8nder ha
three Ho steins. John F.-.rr has four.
""wirH, six; reter Lund,
S. C. Morton,
Charles L. Wheeler,
Sherman M. Miles,
J. H. Flynn,
Jacob George,
Til MmnMB.
Whereas, One of our most dearly
Warren school.
The McBrlde school of West 8t.
....... ..a hub b une exnioit. A very! . """"". une or our most dearly
fine MnlBtnin I...M " i . ' ! . ji'nini7 or oeautlful flowers ' "r oreinern, Fred Moreus of
Joaephaon also h - Jonn -iiracta tne eye. and the exhibits of"1- Helens, Oregon, who has at all
juB puBon also has a Holstein on ex-ihome cann na- and -ethia. ,.i.i ' tlmea held the hi,h.. ? "i
are fine. Two Immense squash raised I P8teem of all with whom he came
ov Louise and Jamn k-otoi i. n ..din Contact and hn ,..
- vho Ul , . " " lino BlWtTg
the features of the exhibit. j shown himself to be possessed of
mi. j 7 na8 a rentable ex-1""1 ""rung quality of manhood
hunt and this year is no exception. ! ona hundred per cent Americanism'
for their exhibit has attracted much 10081 T,tal to our nation, answered
favorable comment. Fancy work. I ,he Call of his Keeper, to our great
specimens of manual training and of,'088 an sorrow on the 16th day of
fcaklng show the Interest the atudenta September in the year of our Lord
of that school take to their work. nineteen hundred and nineteen '
Shiloh Basin school deserves spec-f Resolved, that Columbia Post' of
lal mention for they have one of thhe American Legion extend to the
most attractive exhibits in the build- bereaved mother and father and
ng, as well as one of the largest. In ' relatives of our most beloved broth
one corner, a mlnature dining room!6'. Fred Morgue, its heartfelt sym
has been prepared and on the table j Pithy and condolence at this, their
lllbltlon. Jernnva OCA mIba a...1l
presented. Than Brown has five
Fred Urlei-ii fmir ... '
" - " n uuu inree
ca'T7'D- C- "ownrd. four cows,
nnd A. A. Markkanan one grand prize
Joraey bull. James Lynch has three
Jerseys and the St. Helens Jersey
club has Its famous hull. Anna-.
Voppy'a Mawes. -Shorthornn
nd are fn lh.
, V i " Biwry or
Ilia BlAnli U .
iiiuw, a. n. larneii haa
tl head. Including a fine bull from
Ms Roaehnrn Rlnlr f.i.m n v
----- hi aim u. a,
Tarbell of Yankton has seven head
ncludlng the famous bull. Chiefs
Ooods. Rav Taphnll haa .. i .
mil Herb Howard, two, making a
total of 24 as aglnst the Jersevs and
Holstelns. The excellent exhibit oi
tine stock hns caused considerable
comment and no doubt others In the
county will see the advantage of
raising stock really worth while and
that the thoroughbreds herds of the
'ouiiiy win ne incrensed.
fAlillilt of Hulne Good
The cattle are not nltraniina. .it nf
'he attention, aa the exhibits of fine
'toga. by the Oregon Berkshire Com
pany, a. l. Morris and W. N Hol-
'len of Itainler have InterealoH thn..
'uterested In raising hogs. There Is
nront in raialng hons and thla U
lemonst rated hv the flnn avhihiia
nd the records shown.
TliA flCrrilltlirul hlllMlnv nnnl.l...
ii fine collection of fruits, vegetables,
oed and grain and ahows con
clusively that Columbia county soil
will make a large yield and produce
"nythlng. The exhibits, while not
o numerous as In former years, are
xceuont and have attracted much
School Kxhlhlte CikxI.
The achool bulldlna' Is a verv at.
Ironllva nml li at runl lva nlnnA An n n
count of the fine specimens of the
lamiiworK or ine pupiis or tne
ounty schools. The Scnppoose school
an exceptionally line exhibit
's a birthday cake with nine candles
on It. Around the table are four
chairs end place cards are at eac'i
place. Which of the Judges is nine
vears old, was not stated. Other fea
tures of the exhibit are fine soecl
mens of rults and Vegetables&nd the
display of fancy work is excellent.
Shiloh Basin looks as one of the big
contenders for the big prizes.
St. Helens has a very good dls-
piav. uonsiaering the dlgadvantane.
It Is remarkable that such an excel
lent display was gathered. -, School
work, maps, drawlngs.'fancy work
ind crochet patterns are In evidence.
Today the judges will award the
orlzes and until they do the pupils
ereatest in.
By Geo A. Gore, President.
1 The Pacific Coast Protective and
Rescue society is making an exten
sive campaign throughout the state
under which the pupil, have worked "aT". V'000 ? ulld mode
It Is remarkable that auch .n .xi.ftome.to take care of the hundreds of
nameleas nnd ahaniinnm i 1. 1
UUUUUUiU.-u unuies.
Those Interested in the conduct oi
the campaign In St. Helens have a
booth at the fair grounds and are en
deavoring to secure the quota as-
B'sueu m loiumDia county, it appears
of the various schools will be on the I k! , L01umb'a n1- " PPears
anxious bench. 1 10 08 ,or a worthy cause and manj
Flower Kxhiblt . I"" raPn"lng t tne appeal.
The flower exhibit was beautiful. . TT . .
There were fine displays of potted MANY HEAP. AND SEE
nlnnla .. 1 l . . nnnnmnitnt .. m.
1'iauia aim uui liuwers ana Mrs.
Jnines Ellison, who was superintend
fnt of the flower show, had the ex
hibits arranged In a very artistic
manner. The prize winners were:
For Best Display Potted Plants
1st, $2, Mrs. Stillwell, St. Helens;
2nd, $1, Miss Kate Freeman, Warren.
ii'oiitlnued on page ten)
a iiuinr. nillj OCX!.
Judging from the deserted ap
pearance of the streets on Monday,
about one-half of the population of
St. Helens must have gone to Port
land to .see or hear the president.
The mill closed down for the day
nnd many of the employes of that
riant took opportunity of the shut
down to visit the metropolis.
President Wilson Reviews the Pacific Fleet
. . . v .1 I k a k. , 1 a 1 . . . . . .
Here is a pnoiograwu " iubajto, oagsaip 01 ine raciso oeet, reviewed by 'President
WUion, Inserts are of President Wlleon and Admiral Rodman.
Fred Mnrt.ua
- wua ui lilt oeat
Known and universally liked young
iiu v ok. neienB, a iea at St. Vin
cent's hoSDltal In PnrttonH wi..-
day morning at quarter to sixv o'
?ck .uHf8 ,ather wa8 t the bedside
-..ou me ena came. Death resulted
from the shock of an operation
wnich waa performed Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock.
For sometime Fred had been
troubled with a hernia r.nd Monday
noon went to Portland to consult
surgeon, who advised an operation.
Accordingly he went to the hospital
and after attending early Mass, was
token to the oneratlnr
double Dnanfinn waa - 'i .1.
. ' " " ireimruicu, one
tor hernia and one for tonsilectomy.
The former operation was entirely
successful, but It is thought that
the later was the cause ofhia death
Felt Good for Awhile
According to his father. Henry
MorgUS. Who waa at hla .. v-j
side, Fred was feeling all right about
uoii nine ana tola ntm not to worry.
However, he rradimiw .w.l
" ' J Ban nvAS.Or
Gil aCCOUnt nf a Inaa r.1 klnnj ,
though several surgeons were called'
'aw resort transfusion of
blood from the veins of Henry Mor-
. . .1 id WU wb uone, tne
patient did not respond, and with a
murmur on his lips as to "mamma."
he died.
Funeral Satnrday Mornlng
The body was brought to St. Hel
ens Wednesday evening and is at
the residence of his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Morgus. The time for the
funeral has been set at 9 o'clock Sat
urday morning at the Catholic
church. The body will be taken to
Portland and further service held at
the pro-cathedral and the interment
will be in St. Francis cemetery in
Portland. All stores and other places
of business will close from 9 o'clock
until 10 o'clock as a mark of respect
to the dead and expression of sym
pathy for his bereaved parents.
Gloom Cast Orar rVunmnnltw
The news of Frod'a Heath Mat
gloom over the entire community,
for he was universally liked. In fact,
everyone In St. Helens wss his
friendu Fred was born in Portland,
Oregon. April 2nd, 18, and was in
his 23rd year at the time of his
death. Coming to St. Helens when
three years of age, he grew to man
hood here. He attended the public
schools and graduated from St.
Helens high in ISIS. He then took
a one-year course at the University
of Oregon, and returning to St.
Helens, engaged In business for him
self, and was very successful.
When the call came to serve in
thn armv. Fred twlia nraanniml him
self to the local examining physician
ana wanted to enter tne iirst class
aervICA In tho Armv Vtn waa mlui.il
on account of a physical disability.
out later was inducted Into the selec
tive service and was stationed at
Vancouver. Wnnhlinrmn at tha
close of the war he returned to St.
tieiens and resumed his business.
The death of no rlttian nf at
Helens would have caused more re
gret, lor deceased waa known as an
honest, upright and progressive
citizen. He waa alwava wllllnv tn
help In any civic or charitable enter
nr'se. Fred was a member .of the St.
Helens Chamber of Commerce, and
of the Columbia Post Americau
Legion, of which he was treasurer.
He wen n.l..n n mamW tt tha Pn.i.
land lodge of Elks and the Knights
oi t oiumDus.
Tha henvtfalt imnulli. t k. .
-..v ..v... ..-...( uij f-.ii, ... . v it.
community roes out tn tha hre.ind
parents in tke loss of their only
child and from the expressions of
avmnnthv and ttnrm ampAHail hv
every one it is evident that In Fred's
dAAth thA DAAnlA nV Sit Tfalana ana
surrounding country - feel as they
memseives nave surrerea a great
C. A. Nutt, owner and editor of the
Rainier Review has sold his plant
and business to A..E. Veatch. Th
dent waa MnRnm.lan ah Tiiaailaw
this week and the new owner has
already taken over the paper.
Mr. Veatch was in St. Helens Wed
nesday and a welcome caller at the
Mist office. He Is an evnerienoed
newspaper man and sometime ago
owned and edited a paper in Montea
nno. Washington. He sold b's plant
nnd made a trip east, and returned a
few days ago. The Mist wishes Editor
Veatoh unbounded success n h'a
venture' and feels sure that he will
out out a paper whlth will he a credit
o Rainier and Columbia county.
Laden with 620.000 feet of lumber
the steamer Bee left down river Tues
day night, bound for the Bay City. ,

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