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Issued Every Friday by
O. D. HEILBORN. . . .Vie President
and Manager.
8. C. MORTON ......Editor
On Year
Six Months
. 1.00
Entered ai second-class matter,
January 10th. 1012. at to Postoffles
at St. Helena. Oregon, under the act
of March Srd. 187.
When Wilson sailed away for
Paris to settle the sffalrs of Uie
world, no doubt he was daziled by a
vision of the splendid role of- the
peacemaker. But the actuality is be
coming more and more clouded. Of
the heads of that conference not one
retains the credit he had when he
went Into it. Orlando Is out of power,
the confidence . Britain reposed in
Lloyd George for the purpose of mak
ing peace Is dwindling rapidly.
Clemenceau must fight to hold . his
place and Wilson does Wilson him
self think now, that he .is the great
figure he was when tlio war closed?
San Francisco Chronicle.
Member National Editorial Asso
ciation and Oregon Stato Editorial
( Association. -
Your Fair, the Columbia County
Fair, is a paying proposition. Not so
much as to gate receipts or as to its
being self-sustaining, but as to its
wholesome influence on the people
of the county, which Is the big assei
of your fair.
Take for instance the stock exhi
bit. Five years ago few thorough
bred cattle were exhibited. There
were comparatively few in the coun
ty. Later there was an exhibit of
thoroughbreds by stock raisers and
dairymen who had seen the light of
1 production of better cattle. What was
the consequence? Other stock rais
ers became interested and now Col
umbia's intelligent farmers are rais
ing and breeding thoroughbred cat
tle. They found out that the good
cow, while more expensive from the
initial cost standpoint, was the
Cheapest cow because the expected re
sults were obtained. The Mist be
lieves that the initial exhibit of
, thoroughbred cattle at the fair Is
partly, if not wholly, responsible for
the interest now taken In raising or
possessing good cattle.
And the ! farm exhibits what
about them? Several years ago
scrubby apples were on exhibit. At
the recent fair, the specimens of
fruit were the finest and most perfect
yet shown. All farm products were
par excellent, and any resident of
the county felt proud of the splendid
exhibits. The annual county fair
demonstrates to the "doubting
Thomas" that things can be done and
that diversified and Intelligent farm
ing pays. The exhibits Instruct and
educate him and he leaves the fair
grounds with a resolve to have a good
exhibit at the fair next year. When
he makes this resolve and carries it
out, Columbia county is further de
veloped. Yes. the fair pays, and will
continue to pay just as long as peo
ple interested in Columbia county are
interested in the development of the
On June 14, 1917, President Wil
son said, "It Is plain enough how we
were forced Into the war. The extra
ordinary insults and aggression of
the Rnierial eovernment left in no
( self respecting choice but to take up
arms in aerense of our rights as a
free people." In his speech in Port
land recently, the president said we
went into the war to save the world,
or something to that effect. The
president makes so many speeches
and so many different statements
that it is impossible for htm to al
ways give the same reasons for war
or peace or the League of Nations.
George Hotchiss Street was on the
program at the Children's Day ex
ercises at the Fair Friday afternoon.
He was billed to make an address.
George is a musician he acknowl
edges It, but he strayed awav from
his professional path and attempted
to make an address. Several hundred
people were in the auditorium when
George began his address. When he
concluded his masterful effort, the
crows naa dwindled and there were
only a handful to hear him reach the
Beginning his speech Georze said.
"if Governor Wlthycombe was here
ne would speak on pigs, and if he
came next year he would speak on
more pigs, but t am here." etc.. etc.
The witty" introduction drew no ap
plause ana ueorge changed his train
or mougnt.
Possibly if the late Governor
Wlthycombe had been present at the
lair ne would have said something
bdoui pigs, 'ine late governor was In
terested in agriculture, stock rals
ing and anything that made the
farm life profitable and more at
tractive, and he did much toward
Bringing about the agricultural de
velopment of Oregon. However,
mere is no record or the late gov
ecnor being interested in raising
asses, ii sucn nad been the case, in
all probability George Hotchiss Street
would nave been better educated.
Community spirit and community
singing are good things for the com
munity. However, the braying of an
ass aoes not inculcate such spirit,
wiuubu h migni oe instrumental li.
raising a chorus.
The real community spirit exists
In the Goble neighborhood. A short
time ago, neighbors met at the place
of M. J. Baker and helped him raise
n Darn, ine barn was raised in one
dar by the dozen willing workers
who were there. Such things rarely
occur in the busy West, though in the
East, the husking bee, barn raising,
etc., were -common occurances and
brought the neighbors together and
cultivated a neighborly and helpful
There is no reason why other com
munities in Columbia county should
not follow the example set by Goble.
It might be that a neighbor has a 20-
acre paten or stumps. A dosen neigh
bors with their teams could do-won
oers on clearing the patch of its
crop of stumps. The benefited neigh
bor would then help the next nelgh-
wr, euner in ine Held or to raise a
barn or build a house. The neighbors
get to be better friends, they will
work the better for the community
stood and the donor of labor and the
receiver of the help, both profit.,
Goble has set a good example and it
is worthy of emulation.
An Irishman was leaning against
a post when a funeral procession
"Who's dead?" some one asked.
"I don't know," answered the Irish-!
man, "but I presume it's the person
in the front carriage."
The mayor and council wish the
people of the city to know what busi
ness is transacted by thorn and be
ginning with this issue of the Mist,
the minutes of the council are pub
lished. Hereafter there will be no
reason for "I didn't know it" expla
nations. Those who do not have time
to attend the council meetings will
have an opportunity to know what
transpired at the meeting.
To the owners of the real property
subject to assessment tor the im
provement proposed in the follow
ing resolution, herewith attached
and made a' part of this notice.
You are hereby notified that on
August 11th, 1919, the Common
Council of the City of St. Helens,
Oregon, passed a resolvtion for the
Improvement of West Street In said
city which resolution is hereto at
tached and made a part of this notice.
Anr you are hereby further noti
fied and requested to make and tile
with the Recorder of snfd City, with
in twenty days from tho date of the
first publication of this notice and
resolution, to-wlt: Within twenty
days from September 26th, 1919,
your remonstrance or remonstrances
against the proposed improvement
mentioned in said resolution.
First published, September 26,
Whereas, the Common Council of
the City of St. Helens, Oregon, now
deem it expedient and necessary to
Improve all that portion of West
Street in said City lying between the
easterly boundary of Church Street
and the center line of Columbia
Street therein by grading the same
to a width of sixteen feet along the
center line thereof and covering
such grade with crushed rock, all in
accordance with the maps plans and
specifications mentioned in the fol
lowing paragraph herein:
'. And Whereas, the Enelnppr nf .i,i
City on the 11th day of August, 1919,
at the request of said Council, filed
In the office or the City Recorder of
said City, maps, plans, specifications
and estimates of the probable cost of
such Improvement of said West
Street, the estimate of which said
cost, as made by said City Engineer
Is the sum of $10,092.10;
And Whereas, the Common Council
of said City,, having examined said
plans, specifications and estimates
of the probable cost of such im
provement, finds the same to be sat
isfactory in all particulars, without
making any change therein;
And Whereas, said Common Coun
cil now deem It necessary to estab
lish, for the purpose of such Im
provement, an Improvement District
to embrace all that territory within
the following described lines, to-wlt:
Commencing at the southwest corner
Of Lot 6, in Block 109, and running
thence easterly in a straight line to
the southeast corner of Lot 17, lu
illock IS, In said City; thence at right
angles northerly along the easterly
boundary lines of said 11 lock IS, of
the City of St. Helens, and the east
erly boundary line of Block 2. of the
First Addition to Columbia Park to
the northeast corner of Lot 6. in said
Block 2, of said First Addition - to
Columbia Park; thence westerly In
a straight line to the northwest cor
ner of Lot 17, in Block 6, of Colum
bia Park; thence southerly along the
westerly boundary line of said Lot
17. In. Block 5. of Columbia Park. 19
feet to a point therein; thence west
erly to the northwest comer of Lot
20, In Block 6. in Railroad Addition
to St. Helens and thence southerly to
the point of beginning:
And Whereas, the public health,
Interest and convenience require ths
construction of such an Improvement
and that an assessment be levied and
collected upon all lots and parts of
lots within said Improvement Dis
trict benefited by such improvement
tor the costs and expenses thereof:
Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved
by the Common Council of tha Clly
of St. Helens, Oregon, that all that
portion of West Street In sr.ld City
lying between the easterly boundary
line of Church Street and the wester
ly line of Columbia Street In said
City, be Improved by grading the
same to a width of sixteen feet along
the center thoreof and covering the
seme with crushed rock to a snltuble
depth and width, according to tl
established grade and the vlans and
sneclflcations of the Engineer on file
In the office of the Recorder of said
City; and said Common Council
hereby declares its intention to so
Improve said portion of said streot.
And Be It Further Resolved, that
the Common Council of said Clt
adopt and approve, and It does here
by adopt and approve said plans.
Specifications and the estimate of
probable cost of said improvement;
such probable cost being, as shown
by said Engineer's estimate, t lie sum
of 110.092. 10. which estimate is
hereby adopted and approved.
And Be It Further Resolved, that
for the purpose of such improvement
there should be, and there hereby Is.
established an Improvement District
to embrace all the territory within
the following described lines, to-wlt:
Commencing at the southwest corner
of Lot 6, in Block 109, In St. Helens.
Oregon, and running thence easterly
in a straight line to the southeast
corner of Lot 17, in Hhck 15. In said
City; thence at rlfiht nnnlns norther
ly along the westerly boundary ol
Columbia Street to the nortlicaHt
corner of Lot 6, In Block 2. of the
First Addition to Columbia I'ark, In
said City; thence westerly to the
northwest corner of Lot 17, In Illock
6. of Columbia Park; thence south
erly along the westerly boundary line
of said Block 6, of Columbia I'ark, 1 0
feet to a point therein; thence west
erly to the northwest corner of Ixt
20, In Block 5, In Railroad Addition
to St. Helens, and thence southerly
to the point of beginning, which Im
provement district shell hereafter lie
known as "West Street Improvement
And Be It Further Resolved, that
the cost of said Improvement be
-levied upon and assessed ngainst all
the lots and parts of lots and parcels
of land specially benefited by suc:i
Improvement, except as to the street
Intersections. as required and
directed by the Charter of said City;
and It is hereby determined and de'
clared that all the lots and parts of
lots and parcels of lund specially
benefited, directly or hidirnniv .
all those Included within said "West
Street Improvement District," to-wlt:
all of the Lots numbered 6 7 8 9
10, 11. 12, 13, 14, 15. 16 and 17 In
each of the Blocks numbered 15 ag
?o 45, ,46; 62 77- 78- 93- 94 'n'
109. and the northerly six-elevenths
of Union Square, all In the Clly of
St. Helens, and all of Lots 1,234
5, 6, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.' In'
each of the Blocks 2 snd 3 in the
First Addition to Columbia I'ark In
duiu - ny; p.ii or Lots 1, 2. 3 4 R
9' 20- 21 " 22 In each of
the Blocks 1, 2. 3. rmd 4. In Columbia
?nfk-, L" 8Hia (:,ty: a" of
io i, t, u, i, t, h, 17, jg 19 n(j
10 In Block S, of said Columbia Tsrk;
nil of Lots 7. S, 9. 10. 11. 12, 1J, 14.
15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, In each of
the Blocks numbered 5, 6, and 9 In
Railroad Addition to St. Helens; all
of Lots . 7, M. 9. 10. 11. 13. 13. 4.
15. 16. 17, 18 uud 19 In Block 10 of
said Roiilnisd Addition to St. Helens.
Lots 2. .1. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. IS
lund 1.1, In Illock 11 of said Itallroud
Addition to St Helens mid all of
Block 12, lu snld Ruilroud Addition
to St. Helens, nil being within the
corporate limits of said City; and It
Is hereby determined, declurod and
resolved that nil the lots, parts of
lots and parcels of land within the
boundaries of said Street Improve
ment District will be so specially
benefited by such Improvement.
And Bo It Further Resolved, thsti
the Recorder of said Clly of St. Hel
ens, Oregon, be, und he hereby Is
directed to publish notice of said
Councils action and Its Intention to
construct anil improve suld portion
of said West Street Immediately upon
this resolution becoming operative,
as required by the t'hurler of said
('My, and notifying the owners of the
above described property so subject
to assessment for said Improvement
thut written remonstruuees ugalust
the suld proposed improvement or
grade may be filed with the Record
er of said City vtlthlu twenty days
from tho date of the first publication
of said notice; all In accordance with
and as provided by Section 105, of
the Charter of said City.
Passed and dated this 11 day of
AuKUst, A. I)., 1919.
Attest: E. E. yl'K'K.
Recorder 41-41
-rf - O T T 1 .1 I m .' ..
j my ouYf nuiucr sua metal e Pi,. .
1)1, Tim. S.vtn. Advantage. Ofl. Jjtli
. A r... ('
X Your ,rl'" M.M th, uJmt
y S Dealer OP "Older grip, or "'
f Wri.eUa. ...nuy. Non-vr
If m 9 I .
a a i m m
v auirnan rviM
m n iiiui
475 E. Main Street
or W
1 - Ml
Pay Roll to Patron Roll
I F one's name is on a payroll some place-no matter
where m this locality-it should also be on the
patron roll of the Columbia County Bank in order
for that person to make the best of his financial op
portunities. 1
-We are always glad when new accounts are opened
Tand welcome the small ones as warmly as the large.
' 8HERMAN M. MILES .... .,, .
MARTIN WHITE . Preg dent
A. L. STONE V'Ca rre8l,,eut
" Cashier
needs lots of good, nourishing
feed. But ha wants It paUluhln
as well as nourishing Ulve him
a good liberal supply of broad
spread generously v.-ith our su
perfine butter and tsppod off
with ilenty of fresh fruit. Then
he'll have, a moul ha'll eijoy
and one that o:lls nourb hir.ctit
with every spotnf.il or b'.le.
Fresh Buttermilk For Sale
St. Helens Co-Operative
Creamery, Assn.
is allowed in this store. It is a strict rule dm
under no circumstances are exaggerated tote
mcnts to be made or advantage taktnoit
customer's lack of experience in judging p
eery qualities. Thus you can buy here uftS
at all times. This is a store which hai a rt
tation back of it.
Local Honey Glen Rosa MarmaWt
Fresh Fruiu and Vegetable!
St. Helens Union Stc:
St. Helens, Oregon Telephones'
i a" '
took I Here is the globe spread out ki W
fore your eyes. See tho lUnr Inrf
star shows where a U. S. Navy ihlpaaa
September 2nd. 1919. The N.vy bis
the Seven Or as.
Dont you want to see the World!
T30MANCE is calling to you!
Strange and smiling foreign
lands are beckoning to you. Shove
off and see the world!
Learn to "parley-voo" in gay
Paree. Seethe bull-fighta in
Panama. See surf-riding on the
beach of Waikiki.
Learn the lure that comes with
the swish andswirl of the good salt
ea. Eat well-frce; dress Wcn
!" straight in the eye-British,
French, Chinese, Japanese,
Spaniards, Egyptians, Algerians
and all manner of people.
Come! Be a real man of the
world. See the world. See it with
the red-blooded, hard-worki
hard-playing men of the U.S.;
Pay begins the day you j&
On board thip a man it alwijl
learning. Trade schools develop
skill, industry and business ability.
Thirty days care-free holiday etci
year with full pay. The food
good. First uniform outfit ii ft
nished free. Promotion ii
limited for men. of brains Yco
can enlist for two years and ecffl
out broader, stronger and abler.
Shove off Join the U. S. W
If you're between 17 and 35 goto
the nearest recruiting station f
all the details. If you don't know
where it is ask your postmsit
fJokt the U. M0)

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