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1 Dan Mitchell has a fine, new Com
mercial truck.
Marjorle Holaday loft Friday to
resume her collepe work at U. of O.
The Tomeroy families went to the
State fair Thursday. -1
George McFadden moved this
week, 'to the Adams ranch.
Mr. Knoeer is occupying the Trice
cottage vacated by McFadden's.
Mrs. J. E. Miller and daughters,
spent he week end In Portland with
Mr. and Mrs. Sajnt.
t The C E. will hold a social Fri
day evening, in the lecture roome.
Come and enjoy yonrself.
The girls club known as TrI L, Is
growing. It you would like to he
come a member. Inquire about it.
Dix Holaday, Lelnnd Laphnnj.
Herman Miller and Norman Miller
are new students at O. A. C. this
Valdis White Is or. 1.1s way home
to Scappoose at last. Valdis is one,
If not tne Inst of our boys to be re
leased from service.
Burl Smith won a trip to the state
fair at Salem, and we hear he is do
ing things there. Will give an of
ficial report later.
Watts Price is again a student at
O. A. C. Watts left school to enter
the service. His many friends wel
come hjm back.
Frjends of Miss O'Regan will be
Interested to know that she is teach
ing again this yei.r, at the home of
Frank L. Smith.
- Joaquin Miller and family of
Prescott, visited their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Miller, the forepart
of the week.
Mrs. Lyons, who. has been vlsir
Ing her sister-in-law, Mrs. Met calf.
returned to her home, in Montana
Miss Thelma Aaland of Tacomn
spent the week end as the guest of
era trice. Miss Aaland is a St
Helens' hall student."
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fluhrer of
Mayger, spent the week end with
their sister, Miss Stovell. Miss Sto
vell is our sixth and seventh grade
Gilbert Mc, who was reported very
111 wjth appendicitis last week, was
operated on Thursday at Good Sa
maritan hospital. He is doing well
and will probably be home by the
latter part of the week,
i The State Library association is
placing a library in the Community
church. This will be open to the pub
lic week days from 9 a. m. to 6 p.
m. Let your wants be known and
we will try and accommodate you.
Helen Watts, who spent two years
as a student at U. of O., is now a
student at Oberlin, Ohio. She visit
ed her brother and sister. Rev. and
Mrs. Cooke, at Western Springs,
Illinois, and says they are delight
fully situated.
A farewell reception for Mr. and
Mrs. Washburn was held Tuesday
evenjng in the Community church.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Washburn have
always been active In the affairs of
the community and their friends re
gret their leaving. They move, to
Portland Saturday of this wee. "
Marshal Dana, an editorial writer
of a Portland paper, will speak in
the church, October 7th on "The
League of Natjons. He Is a cracker
Jack speaker and you will want tc
hear him. There will be no charge
except a collection taken to defray
Community Church Geo. V. Mc
Clure pastor: Sunday Schoo.I 10:15;
Mrs. Itose Watts is our new superin
tendent. Come and worship with her
Morning Worship, 11:15; S. E., 7
o'clock: Evening Service. 8 o'clock
Rev. McClure will preach the second
sermon of a series of sermons on
"Fundamentals." Also Mr. .Brain
erd, who Is a fine musician will pre
side at the piano. We are very for
tunate in have his help.
' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grimm cele
brated their tenth wedding anniver
sary, Saturday evening, September
20th, by entertaining friends at their
home. Part of the guests were In
humorous costumes. A district school
and spelling bee was one . of the
stunts that caused much merry mak
insr. Mr. Holaday as school master
failed to keep very good order. The
guests enloyed a pleasant evening
and wish Mr. and Mrs. Grimm imftiv
years of wedded bl!ns. ,
A meeting of those Interested In
roads jn this district was held on
Thursday evening. Matters were
taken up looking toward tho chang
ing of Warren road district boundaries.
A. L. Morris is ,-x lucky man when
It comes to a cane of chance. By I
taking praencauy every rummer on
a punch hoard ho wotiniost all of the
granitewear prizes. He toot; :mi oi me
articles home exept the cuke tin
which ho traded for two ico cream
cones. His friends wonder why h
disposed of thjs article; whether it
whs because he does not like cake pi
whether he thougl t it would he use.
less to take it home.
At the recent mectins of the direc
tors of the Warren Warehouse asso
ciation a decision was reached to co
operate with the rrrange and build a
hall over the building for the uso and
to be leased for a term of yoars by
the grange, that bed- to furnish it ns
they may desire. TUo hall will have
a dinjng room and cook room and
will be plastered ond fprnlshed In
first-class shape. Nearly every farmer
Is joining the' nssoc'atlon nnd now
includes members from Scappoose,
Deer Island. Trviholm. Yankton.
Bachelor Flats rnd Warren. The In
crease of capital stock from $2fi00 to
$5000 is nearly ull subscribed and
the directors believe the books will
be closed by the last of next week.
The business of tho organization is
increasing very rapidly end .much
merchandise nnd feed is being ship
ped to this point.
entered St. Helens high school thH
' Elinor l.oyd and Ulllie Burns have,
rented the Norman Merrill house nnd !
barns and ure .keeping bachelor's ball;
! ou the island, while working on the
I Bow les road. 1
'. M. t Scoffern, User Jsland, stn-J
'lion agent, has bought tho Ben I.eej
I nronertv, now occupied .by Mr.
fruiu's. Mr. Scoffern is going to re-!
model the bouse nnd bring his family
hero from Oregon City.
There was a llg dance at the
Grange hall last Saturday night and
it is understood I but dances w ill he
held In the hull during the winter.
Uoad Supervisor l'HU Anllker Is
moving his rond crew and machinery
down llohlo way nnd will start work
on the Neer City road.
Harry Cooper, w ho has born serv
nir In the navy and Cass Fowler, who
served in tho nrtny, are recent arri
vals In Coble, after doing good serv
ice for t'nclo R;'m.
Mr. Hugh Thomas and Mrs. Harry
Nelson were recently milted In mar
riage. They have mmy friends In
this neighborhood who tender con
gratulations nnd best wishes
Wesley Mill has resigned his posi
tion with the Columbia Timber com
pany anil will noon leave for Bend.
Oregon, where, he will go Into the
auto stage business.
The Beaver Homes Grange contin
ues to grow und new memliers nr
added nt most every meeting At the
present progress of (rowtli, the local
grange will soon be ono of the
strongest in the cou ity.
A number of neighbors met at the
place of M. J. Barker rerentl)' and In
one day raised a f'ne barn, 3iH40
feet. Tlie Ilarkers served a fine
chicken dinner to tie willing woru
ers. Goblo is strorg for tiio com
munity spirit and the progress of the
Neighborhood deinonit rates tills fact
Mr. and Mrs. I 'red Harm's, who
have spent the summer at Moliler,
OreRon, where Mr. Barnes has heen
employed, lire spending the ween ji
(own with their mother, Mrs. ti. N
Mrs. C. I . Mann and bre. iIkiikIi
tors visited Kam'rr on Atlnrd:. v
Inst Mr. and Mrs. Mann and tamll.
attended Iho big I'lenir ol lliijlr.'iid
emploves at Ciisc.i.l" l.oeki en Ml"
day. 'aIiouI 1.000 railroad men and
their families etilov-d the day l
gether. ,
Mrs. J. M. Bre'iSer and .Mrs J.
liillluin of Haulier, were in town on
Wednesday, vislilng Mr. Breus.-r.
who Is u foreman of tho Warren Con
Hiriietlou company. In char . of the
road construction project now In
progress here,
Floyd K. Doins. field xeotcl.iry of
tho Oregon Tul.er-nlosis lowmla
Hon. was in town on Friday I. si In
the Interests of Hie campaign which
s M ks to Interest Ihe schools i f the
s ale ill a scientific w .Hare for the
extermination of the while planum
liev. .MePoliald arrived In town
sterilay from Chiraco nnd was a
fiiesi nt the MeiliodM parsonage.
He comes In lake charge of the work
i f the Mcthod'sl elmreli on the lower
( olumhii'. between Clatskanle and
Astoria. -thief.
Harry Carey "In Bare Fuli"
In this
rati I
ho wooi
ils feil urn t'niey traveled Hit MM country gun,.
(-.. those few lie possensed to ho stolen "inl hi 8,"IH ta
oo.d. Why' Comn out nnd let him tell' ,, L'T
M'T lYlK-fll'T "TIIK lili'll nt rx'x.rJ. J
Jut for Tonight
Another o'ie of the gre:'! oldwyn pictures f.'in tiring Tom W
wnien no (iiu.th ii mm wmi rare skill, J'lvl lu iin ".l
Lord lioxeulii.iii. loti't iiiIhn IliU nun. K,r'mnlf
"A Splendid Sinner," featuring Mary Quit
I hln feature was
r,,i v ,,( I:,, i,, .1,1
" i rio en i .... . "
en li to he nil u scute of lll.l.lutril'loiiro liliiisuat i.v,.'.. "Wlsi
Mrs. May Newton has gone to Cal
ifornia to spend the winter.
Mrs. Mary Lee, mother of Ben
Lee, visited her son last week. Mrs
Lee was on her way to California.
Mrs. McBrlde of Marshficld. Ore
gon, visited her son, Clyde Hanson,
last week and took in the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Blrt and Fred Adams'
and Mrs. George Mills, motored to
i Salem Tuesday to spend several days
j at the fair.
j A bear wandered into Peer Island
' Monday, but before any one could
get a gun he had disappeared Into
i the brus' n the Clover Hill slough.
Tho piling for the bridge across to
the island is in and a large force of
men came out Monday to rush work
on the structure.
Mrs. Charles Brown and little son,
Charles Jr., left for Munroe, Missouri,
Saturday morning. Mrs. Brown's
j many friends will surely miss her
I cheerful presence and hope she may
j be happy in her future home.
I Among our young people who are
ambitious for an education is Vera
i Gartens, who spent last summer,
i when other young folks were having
a good time, studying the eight?.
grade work which she completed and
' ? ' --
Yankton exhibitors were well
pleased with the premium awards st
the fair.
Mrs. Floyd McALoy of Portland,
's a visitor nt the home of her tvoth
rr nnd grettlng old Yankton friends.
The new residence of II. O Ste
wart Is almost complete and the
family will soon occupy their now
home which is a credit to the neigh
borhood. ,
The Yankton school opened last
Monday with n good attendance.
Professor Karl Brown is " principal
and there are two other teachers.
There will he service's at the Yank
ton church each se?oud and fourth
Sunday of Iho mon h. Every one Is
Invited to attend tl e services.
Vina Little is a happy young lady.
She received second prize at the
county fair in the canning exhibit.
Vina is only nitio years old, hut it
appoars that she understands can
ning. ' '
Yankton Is represented at the
state fair which is bo ng held lit
Sulem this week. Than Brown took
some of his fine thoroughbred stork
up to the rapltfl cily to show Ore
gon people that Columbia county
raises fine cattle.
Herman Carlson had a number of
' people from Warren as his guests at
the fajr at Salem on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. and Miss Bess'e
.Tacobson attended the Salem fair
this week.
W. J. Fullerton attended the Cow
litz county fair on Thursday and
Friday. .
A. L. Larson and family and Mhis
Anna Larson and Miss SIgna Ex
Irura spent Thursday and Friday nt
the state fair.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Tarhell at
. tended the state fnlr on Thursday
end Ralph and Glon went up on Fri
day. . ; ,
Mrs. John Farr lias for her guest
this week. Mrs. Neer, her mother
Mrs. Neer Is suffering from a broken
arm caused by a fall.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Tarhell and Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Morris attended the,
Yankton grange meeting last Sat-.;
urdav" nlcht. ' '
W. C. Cooper, who has completed
his contract for grading from the F.
,W. Boesel ranch to McNultv creek, I
,'s busy with men and teams 'finishing !
the grading from Honeyman to Scap-j
poose. , 1 !
Alpheus Wellborn', who has carried '
the rural mall route this summer, has'
again entered St. Helons high school '
and Mrs. S. Wellborn Is now making-
tne dally rounds. . -v ; .
Han onto it bring it
to this bank and deposit
it to your credit. You
will, be surprised to note
how last your bank ac
cour.t grow:-, and when
the opportunity come i
for a money-making in
vestment, you will have
the funds to take advan
tage cf the opportunity.
Every convenience end
cu. larse family of de
positors. Every c nvrniercn end
consideration : thwV.n
our depositor
First National Bank
Scappoose :. 0;egon
of our grocery stock assures our customers of fresh
goods at all times. Rapid sales in large volume of
articles in daily demand enable you to 'purchase from
us-..with confidence. Not only freshness but quality as
well as economy prices prevail at this; r.tcr;.
Freih Pure Country Honey, 35c. 3 for . . si'oo
Foln Naptlia Soap . . "7,!" ,
- Oravcnsteln Apples, per box . -
Just a little Saving on each article' and' most every
other article in our store
1 lomc Cooking
St. Helens - - tlr.'KOII
X. I". IIAKKK. l'roprlcinr
written rspeaJi lly for l.or by Kutn jrJ.in .
-in!., mid the bntllefrout f I'r.ni,.,
Mt'tio it ni:i.-itirritiitifwt in...... .
,.ifiMii evit,i r
M.'ry Garden, as tho v.Mtiplro. become on ni f ... ""'"n.
Ii-ivo red blood ill you this will plonsn you. y' " )M
l'UH'Krt-10 und jo cents
I. . HI N. Milliner
First Complete Display of
Coats for Children, Women and Girls
The First NotabL- Selling Event of Attractive
Fail Merchandise at-Tliif Store
Our Krei good fiirimi.. In l-uylui! sufflrlentty larne qunnililri Wr 0,
pr. h in prl.e a.lv.ine,,. I,a ni bind us to make this fiiM li.irtnK ol K
us. Millinery. Iim m I'uueriis. Shoe nnd Knit Citcids, n event ol dciti
linportaiu-e to every woim.n who c!k fnr thu mum nil UMnit rtiulu k
M!e iin.l prlee. '
The Correct Fashions in Fall Coats
Shown in this Array Autumn Models
H '"' '' !'"' '' !Uii In Urn. nnd li.akliiK seen. to be (t..i iyn to bl!l lit
new i :..is rouiMr.u. vu ttm , ,t,.at(,,.j tix the rlrlm.- of iluouiimt
W'f" "" KlViefull,..,. of tl, SljllUK. ,0l, f ,,., ,,..) Iqmikltt
new mil roam ul.ke l,eu.iuii.K i,, every typo of perioimllty, HnrearttcBi
or ti,n r.ne,1 in ii,,, !, mn r().,t Bij,.H- pneed ruch
$8. $10 $12.50, $14, $15 $17.50. $18. $19.50. $22.50 to $45
Fall Styles in Children's Coats
fwrrt!rHllk!.'r.h.lV,? ","I-r'"' v''1""' " rail Bl. fur lrl. and tof.
to eh m" o, ' h ;7,H Rlr,H ' " ' "I'l'T foils. There Is .,. riuiKe Ol (
wool v..,r ielv ' e . 'T' KJ7"' "ur'"'y. Macks. Tl, n.st.lW.
look nt I hew. roils ul I , "y "' 'lu)'" 1 '"' r "m,n" ""' behoov .very motbdt It
n mon... ' . o wi n" , .':;';r:r""""' i n"""' n "" r i r.-u..,;.w.. .m
' $7.50 and up to $16.50.
A Showing of Dress and Suit Fabrics
IlinMlirtly tin. .ulrHt ('ilium
A tii.nl 4 I hifli. H wide, exieptlomilly icood iiialll.v, Is BllisW
blue. i ,:k Kl'leu. tti ,, ,,,( ,l,i,.c. per yard
Aboiit r.d inrlieH wid... n Wfl0 imit f fur a (.grstt W
I'er yard t (i
Width iiliout 4H i,ehnM. j,1H ,lo tubrlc you wi.nl lur l bti'tti
mill or dreMH. A Karmoiil iimiiIh of Trlrutinn will liar If,
tlva iiti(i.,,iriine whlrh In only pallil with Huh weave.
for Coatn. Width aluiui r.s Inoliea. Kxtra heavy, nplcudld l
I ' i
roiueg in lli'ht nnd dark brown. I'er yard
A Wonderful Array of Millinery at Prices Which Are
very iMoucrate
NotwithstantlinR the gener;,! opinion as In inflated'
.M.ii:ry trices, we ran prove to you that you need
not pay enormous prices tor Ilats-ihat here you cur
buy fashionable millinery at more tlnn lair price?
Because we bought samplcs-no two hats alike
:Cry nt; 3 Paltern 1Iat- We Kot a reduction by buy.
nSi samples. Every one who visits our millinery dc-
"IM-V itiK-i i:it sik,.:h
IIoj-h are f,,r !.,,,.,.
flian ti:.. nveraKn Iiop
and nottii RH llliy Ila((!
''l'li"y an, Hem ui.i,er.
'-!:e. and wll Wl.iir
"i i in si vi i,; iiV m.a milk
In- VI"
N(.w -r-'lv:.!. ,
'him.:h. BKo- J
"" in'Z ,
t renin from "
hlKh I'r!l'''"'

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