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Volume xxxviii.
Vhry Take (liars; of Raising County
gunt In ItooM'vnlt Mnmoriml Cru
l(ii--.Mnj' Take MrtnbrralUp Id
Memorial AsaocUtkm.
Th plans (or the Roosevelt Mem
orial campaign In Columbia countr
hive beewarhanged. George A. Gore
runlilt iil or Columbia Post, Ameri
can i.k mil, srceu io tana over the
Lnrk of raining the county's quota
Ind ha enlisted the aid of the menu
krr of t lie post. A commlttaa ha ap
pointed, wera si ('piled with sub-
rriDiiiin manna ana asked to call
n not less tlian five persons. The re
nil has been very satisfactory and
Mr. (lure bolloves that the county
unln will easily be raised. In Ksln-
fcr, lm hss referred the matter to tin
American legion pot at that place
ml aNKeu tna iney follow the plan
While ninny will be Invited to nar-
Irlpnto In the Hooievalt Memorial,
ihere urn many othera who will not
Vine In contact with the members of
Iim Legion and In order that every
Inn miiy have an opportunity to take
kut a membership. Mr. (J ore atatnii
Diat remittances from a dime to $10
bsy b Hrit to lilm. A receipt wilt be
tni 4ln contributor for the amount
Ind Isier a certificate of member-
ililp In the Roosevelt Memorial as-
Inflation will be forwarded.
Call on HlorU
TIioho wfio do not find It convrn-
mt to see or write Mr. Gore, mav
Imp In ut the Chambar of Commerct
lonm anil Mr. John L. Btorla. who
aiHimitiK Mr. (lore In tho work.
I receive the contribution
nun a rcceipi. r. moria hai a
nnilmr of biographical aketchea of
(mkhvcM and will bo clad to fur-
lh any ono with the book lota which
Ire many of the Important happen-
km In Kooaevelt'a life. The aupply
ii iiiphh noons la limited and thoau
hn desire thorn ahould call at once.
The arhuola throughout the county
III alio luka a part In raising the
bmnoriHl funda and each achool or
kch arhiinl room wilt be awarded a
fcrcn certificate of membership In
n association, the certificate ant
ing forth that the achool haa contrl-
kited to the fund and become a
kntnlicr og the aaaoclatlon.
Monday, October 27th Is the an-
Irersnry of Theodora Ttooievelt'a
Hrth, ami It la planned to have every
tliool throughout the United States
kako It an occasion of a nation-wide
on In the loyrl AinorlcanlMii
hlch characterized Theodore lioose-
klt'i lire.
Mr. (lore fools sure Hint the county
uota, which la only 1230. will be
Bally obtained.
Tlio grand Jury has completed Its
rk uuleiis again called together.
W returned the .following Indici
ums: Krank McVey. rape: Mat
islsaneu, assult with Intent to rape:
ngeio Marin, being drunk In a pub
k place; liuls Marin, being drunk
a public place; Sebastian Hora.
guessing Intoxicating liquor; 8. C.
urion. wrongful conversion of proo-
r'y by trustee; Angnlo Paaero. pos-
Nlng Intoxicating liquor; Natale
ru, possessing Intoxicating
Inuor; ivtn Marraccl. oossesslns ln-1
lwi.. I
iiiicaiihg liquor; L. Kosaaco, pos-
ruing Intoxicating liquor; Angelo
pnapsroll, possessing Intoxicating
Circuit court resumes Ita session
P Monday. November 17th. and sev-
fl of the cases will be heard at that
Dr. J. It Ft vim bam henn a hiiHV
f'llvlduiil for tho past ton days de-
I'tiiik Greater Maxwell automo-
I"1' He atnlna thnt Ihn mirlnad
'ihdi was recnlvnil the first of last
F"l'k. hlivrt nil linAit Hallvurn.l nn it
put the cnrliint rnnivA Ralur.liiv
III be delivered this wook. He ex-
tc,s vnother carload In a few days
CUII mailt lmmillta .lellvnrv
lie present time.
Cnplnln P. Dolman, who has Just
willy received his dlaohnrge from
P army, was In Hi Helena Tuesday
huslueas. Ills home la in Sun
raiiclsco, but during the war ho
s one of the Inrvn alnff of ilnctnrs
F ''snip Mineola, L. I. He I a ton
t H. Dolman, who early In the
Id S COnductm! alnra In fll Helena
pi was postmaster here.
Mr. anil Mrs TitAV A nnlalnn nf
litttln (iron nil Waihlnrlnn warn In
" neiens Monday for a few hours
1 (heir way to Deer Island, their
Prnier home. Thoy are comfortably
Pttled oil their" hlv rnneh which Is
iar distant from Vancouver and
r tnut part of the country very
the SlenniAi W...m, Pnntnllt
ohlpt, left down rlvar Wednesday
IVflnlng ludnn with 1 AAA Ann feet ot
Umber and a ejtn.nltw n...nar Hat.
r'uil for Ban Frnnclunn Inn Adam-
ti ni. " . u"""".i",B"
UI1. Wlm hn. V. ..1.1 . ...
ki ... '.nr'"" "uno :""
i us Durser or me steamer,
MIsk w , w. h
I'earl Henry of Chicago, who
''I'-n visiting her .later. Mm
Chrlstonaen, for the past two
"ft Tueaday morning. Mtai
a Ii
Pnry u . ....... i h .
8. servlea im. ... t.vinv a wall
r i
iMrmoAii iroinn good woman i., , , -
iiuir-Kii mi i riiiiiH mi fifiiiTninT
.4 11 IllUnil LLUIUIl r ASSES AWAY HUM ll UA '
b!!!l'U",'V,,"u'V'M .ttlte
u7ili . ; u""Kinr. Mrs. David
Wlcklnnd in this ,-y M,.,ay .n.-r-
uun. uciol.er 20th. J...,;.,uHHa was
her death wa.a.oni.tyrrH o '.
America and joined her daughter
who lived p Chicago, and later came"
I' i and settled H,
Helens about eight years ago.
Hhn Is survived by fur children lt'p!n8e '0,"le adjoining property
two sous who live in Sweden, two' 1 S'!"!'"' J , ., 11 ?re not Pnved 't
daughters, Mrs. Annie llroawlti whj! rXplulnC? Ula '.' lot would
re.l,l,.H In Hi ....i mi,. ."T w"1" feally reduced.
resides in Ht. Paul. Minn., and Mrs
David YVIcklund, who resides in St.
Awaiting the arrival of Mrs.
Ilroawltx, who Is on her way from
Ht. Taul. the funeral will be tomor
tow noon anil the services will be at
the I'onliind Crematorium. Mm.
I'nterson was u kind and good chni
acter and had numerous acquain
tances and friends who sorrow at hei
8, J. Sovorlgn, OKo 8ov.rign and j
H. Cnrr, officials of the Alladln!
Heady llullt House company of Hay
City, Mlrhlgr.n. Iiavo had an oppor-'T,,
tuiilty to see the timber resources o , for , oll ,ano on th $540 f h
Columbia county. They cume west, nw on The or(er wa p,aced
looking for a loc.itlon for ''i svcra other matters were trans
plant and visited Ht. lli l- ns. W ishing , ,1CH(1 1,8 eouncu adjourned.
to see some of tlio fine limber in this, t
section, Mr. Charles Wheeler took ; A D . TOT7c,
them via nulo to Astoria and wonliollKMlIiAU
over the I'lttsburg road and through FINE APPLES
the Nehniem valley to Astoria. The! ,.,,, . ... , ,
easterners marvelled at the grcat t J. M I urkhead of the Bachelor
wealth of flno limber nvailablo and ! lt neighborhood, kindly left at the
knew much more about Columbia; Mist office Thursday, a box of the
county than when they first arrived; finest Northern Spy apples that we
ll0rH 1 l.avo seen and as good as can be
The company started Hi.) "ready-j grown anywhere. Mr Burkhoad fti
to-bulld" house scheme about 15 one of the farmers who believes in
years ago. The first year they dm Unking care of his orchard and the
$1300 business. Lust year they did fine fru I he has grown demonstrates
13 200 000 business anil will doubloi Hie wisdom of his Ideas and also that
that amount this year. They will: Columbia county can bo a great fruit
bulhl aZ her plant somewhere o..; country if the effort Is made,
the Columbia or on TuRd Sound, but, crum. motttq
did not make their plans known as to HIGH SCHOOL NOTJib
a location
While here they were tho guests
of II. V. McCormlck and Charles
Wheeler and every attention was
shown them.
Tho fall meeting of the Columbia j
i. ... r.rnnire will bo held
.. ,-i..1ulu.,i.. l uiol urove lirange,
on Saturday, November 1st. "jbe
master of llaiel drove Orange has
promised tho greatest feed ever given
a body of grangers and extends o
every granger a cordial Invitation to
bo present. It Is expected that
large crowd will bo present.
The safe at the 8. P. 8. depot
was blown s.-netlme Sunday night or
early Monday morning and hetween
HBO and 1160 taken. Tho robbers
gained entrance to the office by pry
ing up the window on the east side
of the building, neputy Sheriff lut
Ut thinks that tlio work was don-
by professionals. Tho safe was prac
tically blown to pieces.
The Be-a-Urlck-ltuy-a-Ilrlck cain
i. -hnul over rnd Mrs. George
.V,H Mr. J. A. liushotig. co-
;Tke . n t e campaign I. St. Hel-
inform the Mist M
nt the city have responded liberally.
IMS Ii5"lng been turned Into head-
fZiO nn"ir Tl,l ailin will
a fireproof
go towarn - , n,lan(loned
nursery tor iionif.in
ibnblcs of Oregon.
Monu.'y n , accepted s
rinaiSr on, ho Northern
Pacific railroad.
The Ladles Aid society of th
:?""""" :;- nastor to
tne roium ...... ,.j
charge. Kvory one is ...
charge. Kvory one Is invu e
Hon. On C Mo ominen,
Portland attorney d nH,.
throughout the nft h
a,....rday on a legai iu....
lttT b, 11,1 v-r t ntll Nert Com..
II Meeting to AmcppUIii Wishes of
taxpayers .New Pu.no is Ordered
the City Hall.
No contruct wns let for th lm
irov..inent of portions of Columbia
lB1,u Mci-ormlck street at the
council meotlng Monday night It
sein.i l0 be the ImprosHlon that the
ccs. per lot for grading and paving
v o.,1,1 b,, ahout $700. This was tco
noavy, the mayor thought. The en
K'noer of the Warren Construction
company explained thct the bid wrs
"" on a uasis of 2V4 inch thick
ness of pavement wheroas only 2
Inches was necessrry. This would be
g saving, ne stated. He also said
r0CK !,"rt earln he foot of
tlie hill on Cowlitz street could t:
uncii, ii wouia save much more and if
sand weie used for filling Instead of
rork. a saving of 25 cents per yard
could bo made. If this were done tin,
" u oi ma company would be less than
the engineer's statement. City En
v'noer VanOrshoven corroborated
Mr Newell'a statement and submlt
ei figures to show that th wnrV
would cost far less than some of the
property owners hnd been Informec.
K. A. itotger said he understood
the rullroad to bo built on Columbia
ureet wouid require about 9 feet of
the street and wanted to know If the
""ompony proposed to pave this. If
iney oki u would take off quite an
Gus Lope, who owns a corner lot
on Columbia and McCormlck streets
was willing for the pavement on Col
umbia street, but said he did no,
think he could afford the improve
ment on both streets.
Walter Itlakesley was agreeable to
the paving of McCormlck street and
Juid he would stand his share of the
cost, but wanted the work done Im
mediately. The mayor laid the matter, over
until next Monday night, stating that
lie would Interview some of the prop
erty owners, and if they wished the
improvement, he would sign the con-
1 1 An order was made that the coun-
, , ,ew , f ,
, . ' .,
Our first regulc.r assembly was
held lust Friday afternoon to hear
;Alr. C. C. Cassutt speak. Mr. Cassatt
was formerly a member of the St.
llulens school board and bus for a
number of years shown a great In
terest in our school. Our next speak-
" 1(1(Jrbj1"ev- sPearow'
on Friday.
The sophomore class will give a
n:irtv next Saturday evening. Tho
Henlors and Juniors havo boen in
' ' J ............ I !,
vited and there is no doubt that tho
sophomores know how to entertain,
thus Insuring a very enjoyable oc
casion. The seniors and juniors have to
gether organized a lilorary society,
and will hold - lr first meeting Fri
day evening in the Bchool auditorium.
Tlio sophomores will form a like
organization very soon. Debating will
constitute the main feature ot th
two societies.
A committee representing
senior and junior clusses has been
rppointed to invcBtlgato the condi
tion of John Cumin's grave. When the
committee has made its report, the
members of the 'two upper classes
will see that the grave is properly
cured for during the next two years.
The privilege of caring for the gravo
wll then he handed down to tho
classes that have replaced these two
Our foothr.ll team was defeated at
Hlilgefleld Saturday by the Rldge
fiold high school team by a score of
13 to 0, The greater number of our
boys had never played a game of
football, but put up a good tight
n gainst a team that averaged much
higher in weight. We are deeply In
debted to the girls und others who
accompanied the team and gave it
loynl support. '
Shannon Shnfer of the Clover Hill
Farm at Deer Island, was In St. Hel
ens Thursday. He has just returned
from Chicago and other eastern
-ttles where he. Prof. Westover of the
O A. C, and L. Reed of ABtorla, went
.o look' for Guernsey cattle. They
bought a carlonu or line came wmcu
-..' n.MIII ...... -.
stated that efforts are being made toj
..in . .. ai-fva Mr. miannun
arrive. mi. Dimuuuii
estahl'sh a quarantine station on the
Pacific Const and nave tne came
shipped from the Island of Guernsey
via the Panama canal to this coast.
Such an arrangement, he said, would
save the buyer much.
lAin mm nt
llteport of Executive Secretary Telia
of Work Done and Tilings Accom- ;by Sheriff LaBare, Deputies Butler
dllird by the Chamber of Com-!,nd Harrison and Constable Deth
merce During Past Year. ra'?- ,n tne rBld approximately 3000
. 1 gallons were discovered ami hrn...i,
The meeting was called to order!
by C. C. Cassalt.
'the executive secietary rendered
i is report of the activiti.M of the or
ganization from December 3, HIS,
to October 1st.
Judge White spoke for about half
an hour on the road and street Im-
trovement problems In St. Helens!
district, and Illustrated In a rv ..
nanntr tne increasing demand for
more Improved roadbed, statins thai
when he came into this county years
and years ago a pack trail was a good
road; this then tell Into disfavor and
the ordinary road for wagons was
thought good enough for any one;
this was discarded tor macadam
roads, which no one believed could
be made better, but now It Is a set-
' - ua.iwvu WUI-I
tied fact that hard surfaced roads
are the only ones that will stand th-)! n,s intention to do so. He
traffic. In order to get the amount l"? to ,8t- He'ns on the 15th and
of hardsurfaced roads necessary inf e a tour ot the county and met
St. Helens district a special levy will rean3r '"J""6 nd liked the pros
be required. County Commissioner ;? Jf0.r ' one time he had been
A. E. Harvey then explained that all !reel,n Ddly and consulted his phy
the money raised by a special levy Is ,'" . n j" Portland, who immediately
expended In the district raising thel, .ed cVnge of climate on ac
speclal tax. .count of serious lung trouble. It Is
This was followed by a timely talk '
by Mr. George Quayle. general sec
retnry of the Oregon State Chamber
of Commerce, on community coopera
Mr. F. S. Bramwell, vice president
of the Oregon State Chamber of Com
merce, made a special trip from Pen
dleton In order to address the mem
bers on the assistance that Is being
elven by his organization and the
recesslty of all portions of the state
sticking together In order to get con
gressional aid.
Mr. Storla's report follows:
The present Chamber of Commerce
wns organized on December 3, 1918.
I found on my arrival here Febru
ary 1st, of this year, that there ex
isted a good healthy organization of
fifty members and that good work
had been done by them.
Through the aid of the members
and officers the membership was in
creased to one hundred forty.
In getting the organization at artel
cn its work it was believed that a
series of community meetings would
?"S,h i 22! ?a I
accordingly the plan of having two
meetings a month was adopted. At
"nch of these meetings matters of
business were discussed and action
taken, and this was followed with
in address by some well known per
son on Important matters confronting
t's. In addition, there was good
music and occasionally refreshments
These meetings were of a character
adapted to the needs of the com
munity, and to show their general
character and educational value, I
shall make mention of some of them.
In Fehrunrv. Mr. John i. Etherldeb.
manager of Morris Brothers ot Port
land, spoke on the subject of the
State Chamberpot Commerce and the
development 0f a greater Oregon.
Mark Woodruff, of Portland, ad
dressed us on the benefits of good
roads and the efforts put forth to
secure travel to this western coun-
rv. Mr. D. C. Howard outlined
what could be done in the way of co-j
operation between the farmers and
the merchants.
In March, Mr. R. T. Jacob gave a
hort talk on the Interne! Revenue
laws end Mr. David F. Morrison,
editor of the Portland Telegram, In
terested and enlightened us on the
subject of ports and port develop--int.
Mr. B. F. Irvine, editorial
writer of the Oregon Journal, gave -i
timely address on tho Lecgue ot tui
tions. During March, the Wr.rren grange
"tertalned our members x.t a splen
did meeting of good fellowship
In April, Prof. E. T. Reed of the1
Oregon Agricultural college, de-
Uvered his address on cooperation
and leadership.
And during the' same month, Mr.
Wm. L. Finley, state biologist, en
tertained and instructed us with his
lecture and wonderful pictures oi
wild animal life In Oregon.
At one of our June meetings. Mr
Charles R. McCormlck, of San Fran
cisco, president of the McCormlck In
terests, In a brief and business-like
statement, assured us what his com
panies were doing and going to do
to aid the development of this city,
and. stated It's conflndence In the
growth of the place.
Mr. A. F. Marsh gave his Illustrated
chnrt lecture on community develop
ment, and lam sure that one of you
who heard him will ever forget the
1 radical Illustrations and how they
could be applied In St. Helens.
Mr. T. E. McCroskey, the versatile
secretary of the Salem Chamber of
Commerce, presented various prob
lems and their solutions, In com
munity work, and I might say that
some of his suggestions have been
followed In our city to our advantage.
During the summer months w
took occasion to get better ac
nimlnted with our neighbors and ou
July 27th arranged tor a picnic at
Vemonin nd Invited all . Nehalem
valley people to Join us there. About
alvl v mitna mnila lha t.ln nn .
.....j Hia.wa, ... V. V. ..,. l..f VW, III '
Pittsburg road, tind you who wers
oresent felt that you would like to
"o back again to that hospitable
town. "
In August we had another picnic,
this time at our own Columbia
Beach, whore we met with our
About 1000 gallons of grape wine
which showed more alcoholic
strength than the laws allows, was
poured into the Columbia Wednes
day. It bad been the property of
several Italians but was confiscated
In a raid lant rvih.w .. o...-.
tohh? Dasemelt of the courthouse,
which resembled a winery, as it was
.uii oi oai-rei, gegs and the apparatus
for making the forbidden juice. Rev
A. 8. Hisey witnessed the pouring of
the wine.
Those arrested were: Sanastain
Rora, Tom Corslglia. Angelo Pasero,
:r:.. ,' rel Mcraccl, JO5
"asco, Angelo Cana-
parol! and B. Isaigh, who plead not
guilty and will stand a trial t..I
Eakln Imposed a-flne on those who1
plead guilty of $25.
Mr. Jens Olsen. the nn.lv .
1 ' " V
Fr. . TOUnlv agent, will not be
T. 10 a?ceP' the position, although
I "UU8M lmu tn" trouble was caused
exposure While serving In ih
Argonne In the tank corps. Mr. Olsen
regretted to leave, but It was impera
tive that he should do so Tho nttt..
'(Will be filled by Mr. Howard until
nuvemoer 1st.
neighbors from country and town.
On that occasion we had lnstruciIv-1
and entertaining talks by Mr. D C
Howard, and Former" Smith, th
O. W. R. & N. agriculturist.
I make mention of these meetings
to show the general range of topics
tnd nature of the meetings, and I
might say that we need these In
spirational and educational meetings
in order that we may learn how man
people are solving heir problems and
thereby givo us pointers for our wel
fare. Some of the earliest work done by
s was In regard to legislative blllF
Through the cooperation ot our re
presentative, Mr. Edison I. Ballagb,
the passage of the mineral bill was
cecured. This allows mineral rights
;t-'f. "d win brmg in actional
revenuo and also tend to put a stop
"o reserving the mineral rights when
the land is sold. If tho mineral
rights are reserved, taxes must be
paid for the privilege.
An effort was made to get a
separate judicial district for this
county, but falling in that, we
secured the defeat of a bill which
would have put us in a judicial dis
trict, with Washington county, a
more Inaccessible county than Clat
sop, with which we are now tied.
Also we worked to secure the de
feat ol a bill which tried to abolish
the rounty board of equalization.
Then we took up with our senators
and representatives In Washington
the matter rf securing increased ap
propriations tor the agricultural de
l.'r'ment, as for a time Congress
t'.reatened to curtail the amount ap
propriated for county agricultural
agent's work, one of the most im
tortant projects in the state and
which means so much for the agri
cultural community.
You will remember the clean-up
campaign early In April. TenB ot
thousands of old cans, bottles and
glad rags were consigned to the
scrap heap. We'll have one next year
and remove another layer.
In March we laid the plans for
numbering of the houses in St.
Helens. Nearly all cities of the size,
dlginlty and Importance of St. Hel
ens are numbered. The city council
approvea me pinn ana tne unamner,
( commerce naa a largo map pre-
'DRrea "howlng the numbering)
scheme, and numbers are
sale by the city recorder.
To show what cooperation will do
About 40 men got together one af
ternoon in June, with picks, shovels
end other tools they had not ex
erc'sed with for years, and did honest
to goodness work on a road loading
to our Columbia Beach, in conso-
quence ot which autos can now get to!
that bnthln place. This much don.l
people wanted more, so sixteen bath ' " v""" "earwiy wn us iu
houses were constructed and clty; '"" enierpriae.
vnter piped to the place and shower; We have worked for free delivery
baths Installed. The grounds were! of mall in St. Helens; for better
cleared up, spring boards erected, 'ourlst rates to the coast; for a new
floats tor the boats built, and now, depot; for rest rpoms; for better
it Is a place where anyone ccn gi pccomodations for our farmers. Not
nd enjoy a nice picnic or a goojj"! lthlnga hnve we succeeded in get
plunge In the Columbia. .We have ting, but we will get some of them,
"8t got stared on this Columbia1 fnd others as well.
Beech proposition, nnd in time It Highway and street Improvements
should become more famed than theare among the most Important mat
Columbia Beach near Portland. We ters. We have been after the Oregon
need recreation and can tind it right, State Highway Commission for mora
mt home if we but use the facilities
nere. iwr. Mcurosaey, tne Baiem not gotten the road leading to Pitta
Chamber of Commerce secretary! burg constructed, we are not going
stated that If we did nothing more
his vear than to improve Columbia
Beach our existence as a community
organization would be justified.
St Helens Is becoming known as
something of an excursion resort a
wss manifested ov our success of the I
Fourth of July celebration. The mem
bers of the executive committee that
made this such an outstanding suc
cess were Fred Watkins, J. H
Thatcher, W. E. Lldyard and L. J.
We have encouraged Industries to
NO. 45
The Object la to Increase Circulation
and Add Xew Feantres to Urn
Paper Drive will be CondurteJ
by Newspaper Expert.
Our paper starts next Thursday a
big subscription smpaign.' One of
the main objects is to give the advei
Users more readers and to Improve
the paper by adding new features
and more correspondents. It is thi
belief of the publishers that they are
supplying a paper that deserves
more readers than it has. They also
believe that its advertisers deserve
circulation than the paper
?.n? AUrn,8hmg them- In order to
ls prepared to SDend money liharaiw
n,uin i iic yaper
In the effort. It feels that the adver
tisers are spending money on the
strength ot the paper having a largi
circulation, and it is the purpose to
Justify their Investment in the ad
vertising space by maintaining that
circulation at its maximum strength
We feel that the paper should wield
a still rreater Influence and ahould
be read by a great many more people
than now do so. To this end we havi
again engaged the services of Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. P. Perkins, who are
experienced people In newspaper
work, and capable and thorough. The
contest will be under the supervision
and personal direction of Mr. and
Mrs. Perkins. They have flattering
testimonials .from the publishers
they have been 'associated with, and
we are satisfied that they will again
do good for the paper. Its readers and
its advertisers.
We expect to add a great many
ne readers to the large list of those
'who already receive this paper
regularly. For these reasons all
Ishould be Interested in our big con
test which is now being launched.
The plan is simply to Issue votes
for old or new subscribers and give
a prize to every active contestant.
The 12 ladles having the most
nominations will be the 12 contest
ants to represent the different com
munities. There will be 12 beautiful
prizes the first prize is naturally
the best. A" beautiful diamond ring,
bracelet watcb,' diamond lavallieres.
two scholarships, gold bracelet, gold
brooch and rings are among the
prizes. It will depend upon the ef
forts each contestant puts forth, how
good a prize she will win.
The prizes are all bought through
your well known jeweler, Mr Von
Gray, wh,efe they will be on display
from next Tuesday on. They must be
seen to be appreciated, as never be
fore has such a list of prizes been
given away in this short time.
Each prize is guaranteed 2nd wilt
stand the fullest inspection by any
person Interested.
The contest will be out In the open
absolutely free from any misrepre
sentation or fake In giving prizes,
and there will be throe well-known
business men to act ns the judge ot
the contest.
Nomination coupons for those who
desire to enter the contest or for
those who wish to nominate a friend
will be found on page eight.
Fill them out and mail them to the
contest manager. The contest will
only run 1 6 days. Therefore the con
testants will need Ml their spare time
.to do their work, so help them all
you can. Don't fail to read the con-
Ltest page in the next week's Issue.
locate here and have the prospect of
ft sash and door factory, a box fac
tory and other Institutions that can
make use of the lumber that now
goes to waste at our lumber mills.
One ot the biggest projects we
have undertaken Is now under way.
For some little time we have needed
a deeper channel leading Into St.
Helens from tho main channel of tho
olumbla river. At this time the
'rger sieei vessels cannot come tn to
ane on cargoes ana mis nampers
the business of our port. Few prob
rhVy realize that we ship annually
60.000,000 feet ot lumber from St.
Helens, nnd that with improvement
and additions under way this will
he Increased to 90,000,000 feet each
year. We have gathered data, statis
tics, statements, drawings and photo
graphs and forwarded it to W'ash-
'ngton with request that congress-
L0.nal n bo taken. The Oregon
sta,e Chamber of Commerce is also
and better roads, and while we have
to leave that Important project until
we do get It.
Paving ot streets In St. Helens
has been agitated, and we shall
shortly see definite results in that
In closing, I want to say .'hat I
have met with a tine spirit of co
operation from th6 members, direc
tors and officers, and I believe that
we have th organization that Is go
ing to accomplish much tor the bet
terment ot our community life and
I iuterestB,
rnd furlough.

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