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Mrs. J. II. Cronkrita waa Port-
land visitor Tuesday.
5 Frlti Anllker, the Coble road build
er, waa her Monday.
' ' Mra. Fred Watklns was a Portland
shopper Wednesday.
Deputy Sheriff Butler was a Port
; land Tlaitor Monday.
Oscar Johnson has sold his War
iren property and will more to St.
' .Helena within the next ten days.
' i Mrs. J. A. Large went up to Port
. J land Wednesday to spend a few hours
with her husband.
George McCormick spent Saturday
and Sunday with friends in Port
land. Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Baker motored
- to Portland Monday to transact busi
ness. Mrs. Annie Coz, who has been quite
sick for the past week,, is now rapid
ly recovering.
Father Hampson was down from
McMinnville Tuesday greeting friends
and members of his former parish.
Ben and Roy Copeland left Tues
day morning for short trip to For
est Grove.
Judge and Mrs. Martin White were
passengers on the morning train
Tuesday for Portland.
The steamer Wahkenna left last
night for San Pedro carrying close to
a million feet of lumber.
A number of friends tendered Mm
Harold Brougbton a surprise party
woauesaay evening, the occasion be
ing the celebration of her birthday.
Coroner TV S. White is riding
around In a brand new Maxwell,
which waa purchased from the
Flynn Auto company.
l.. U. Herrold. the contractor of
aaiem was nere Thursday looking
over the contract work in which he
Is Interested.
' H. L. Flynn of Portland is here on
a visit to his uncle. Dr. J. H. Flynn.
He recently arrived from the great
state of Missouri.
' -The first shipment ' of creosoted
piling which has left St. Helens in
many months was sent out on the
steamsr Wapama Wednesday. It Is
lor use in some San Fracnlsco dock
work. . .
Lawrenoe Dlnneen, of the Journal,
Portland, was In the city Thursday.
Oyster cocktails and chiken tamales
at Ramseys. They are fresh.
Dr. Em 11 Enna. pianist, and
WrrO IU Ol. HOItJU. 1 I,. .. ifill ..rlr ...nrnllii,.
. 0 lean uiu. nut .. .... ,'.
Stewart McKle spent the week end
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. II.
McKlo. Stewart Is Interested In an
ruto repair shop in Portlund and his
tin, a former St. Ilolens boy.
ur trail add. p.n.i. .uu n , ,he DU8lues, rry Aus
Charles South, violinist, of Portland. a .,,. nll rnnl.h
Helens Thursday.
Mrs John rlendricicson ana Mrs. nd evenng8 for board, clothes fur
Erie Matson, of Warren, visited lavished; must ito to school. Hoy llaum-
ganlner. Columbia City, Oregon
St. Helens Thursday
Miss Marie Paulsen will leave to
morrow to spend the week end with
her mother ia Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. McCormick re.
turned to St. Helens Wednesday af
ter a two days' stay in Portland.
A. MaKPhee, who looks after the
business of the Chamberlain Medi
cine company in the Northwest, was
a St. Helens visitor Tuesday.
Friends will be glad to know that;
Mrs. J. H. McKle, who has recently
been quite III, is now much better
and able to sit up.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gelvtn and
their guests, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Buck, motored to Clatskanle Sunday
and apent the day with friends.
George Brlnn came down from
Portland yesterdiy to move the bal
ance of bis household effects to hW
new home In the metropolis,
i Mrs. A. J. Demlng. Mrs. S. B. Hos-
kins,. Miss Jane Bell, Mrs. Roy GUI. day, canning sauer kraut
and Oswald Demlng motored to. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Larson rnlurneil
i'ortlana mursaay.
! The Friendship class of the
Methodist Sunday school will have a
party In the church parlors Tuesday
The Woman's clulr will meet i
the library rooms the coming Tues
day at 2:30 o'clock. A full attend
ance is desired as Mrs. Htsey will
make a report of the recent conven
tion at Corvallls.
J. A. Large whs down from Port
land Saturday to spend the week etui
with his family. Mr. Largo has ser
rral painting contracts In Portland,
hut expects to soon return to St.
Helens to resume his work here.
Jasper Gihernon, a well known
young tnnn of St. Helens, but now ol
Portland, who served fifteen months
I'l) mouth C..ni:n .itl'iiiil Church
Willamette and Columbia Streets
Uev. A. It. Seearo. l'ntor
phono 3X-J
Sumliiv. OrtoLer S. ll
Sunday School. 10:00 a in
MorulliK Hoi"'. 1:WJ tt- 1,1 ,
SillJei t, "Slm "'K ur t i'l"'"
fhrUtliiU Kiuleavor. H-.'O . in.
Subject. China's lli'i.llh."
Leader, Mb Anlial.e'lo ll.ller.
Special miiHlf.
SolK Service, 7:110 p. III.
Sp"Clnl niiHe h' choir.
Ser'noii, S:D0 p. in.
SuliJ.'ft. "I'l Answer li I'lavr.
Weekly Amumnecmeiils--lr,ver
Minnie t I'-"'"""""-,''
on Wi -lues.', v ev.nli.it nt "
'''"rnoir r'n.iay. s no v
Culliflle Serl..
..i Ki Helens cluirch Sunday
! st 11:30 a.
f.ill.med In' l.etiedle-
. .. - .niiir.i ....
in l lie navy, lias reenllsted for four I,. n, uM d Sacraim -it Jin"
tUn on.l la nnu. 1.1- ....... I ' . . t ,,,1 . . ' . 1 . .. U
years and is now on his way to Nor-
roiK, Virginia, where he will go
aboard the IT. S. 8. Destroyer Ilaleli.
L. Rosasco left Wednesday for
Clatskanle to get his cannery there
leady for operation. He thought the
cannery would start Monday or Tues-
Her many friends will be pleased
to learn that Mrs. F. W. Fogel Is
now convalescent after an illness of
several days duration.
J. E. Ramsey, W. E. Lidyard and
Jack Taber were among the fight
loving fans who saw the boxln;
matches in Portland on Wednesday
The steamer Wakiki, one of the
shipping board's fleet, is at the tie
boom taking on a cargo of ties for
delivery at an Atlantic port or Eng
land. i Marshal Potter slipped one over
on his friends when he quietly left
for Portland Wednesday of last week
and was married to Mrs. Cecelia
iCade, a resident of this city. The
couple spent several days honey
mooning in Portland returning to St
Helens Sunday night.
Is said ev...yn.err.i..i;1it S.uu .. .'..
r.lso. J Chin''.''. I'."'""-
l'ree Me llnMI-t litir 1
llmiHoii. Or.'""
1). M. lllKl.ee, Pi'.sl.T
Order of Services:
Sunday School, 10:00 a in
Preaching Service, 11.00 n. m.
i.-.,l,..r Kervlre. H:0 P l".
p'rsyer Meetln. Thursday eveiill'r,,
j liour wlih us on "tin '" miii.'-'V
! School Sunday."
Seventh lny AilvciUM ( liiiich
West St. Helens
I Regular services held on t'.atm
I Sal.liath School. 2:00 p in
Services following at .1 00 p in.
Weekly Prayer Meeting. Wetlnes-
JLk " aa
Set yif
Fall and Winter are rapidly approaching and you
should prepare yourself now against colds and sick
ness by keeping yourself warm and dry. Come in
and let us fit you up now, with that Slicker Coat,
Rain Hat, Rubber Boots, Umbrella, Rubbers, etc.
Slicker Coats .
We carry tho well known brands such as Sawyer's
Excelsior, guaranteed to shed the rain. They are
heavily reinforced, button and snap fasteners,
three-quarters length. Luckily, we were to get
this big supply of slickers at this much needed
time, to sell as reasonable as tfl.JSO and 912.00
Rain Hats
This much needed article can be found
here, in most all kinds of Rubber, etc.,
all sizes to fit your head and prices to tit
your purse.
Rubber Boots
Don't let anyone tell you that Rubber Boots aren't as good
as they used to be. Come here for yours at the old price
of last year and we guarantee every pair that we sell.
Mod's Hip Boots . .$6.50 np Men's Knee Boots. .94-00 up
Boys and Girls Boots range in price from . .92.50 to 93.50
For Father, Mother, Sister, Brother and the smr.ll
children aa well, good heavy quality, some made
up with cood heavy roll edge, toe rubbers as
well. Priced from 75c to 92.00
Heavy Rain Shirts .
Stag Shirts need no mentioning as tbey
are of tho famous Hlrsch Weis Brand,
made of all wool khaki covered with good
heavy drill, in back and sleeves, guaran
teed not to leak, at 912.00
' High Top Sfaoe5 .-
Trench Shoes. 16-Inch tops, eyelets and hooks,
wing .and cr.p tips, extra heavy soles, made up on
Goodyear welts, stitch downs, etc. . .910 to 910.5O
Tlmbrella Special
We have just received a shipment of Umbrellas.
A very good value for $2.00 Umbrellas that cannot
be duplicated today for anywhere near the price we'
ask for them. Well reinforced stays, good, heavy
covering. Special for Friday and Saturday . .$1.65
Sunday night after a several day trln
In the Willamette valley and up the
f'nl n m M rlvu. t- ...
" .ir.-ii n III o.nn .
The Dalles at the time of the Wasco1 'n.,,V uiii !. n Sur.d:iy sc'.ool rally
air and ssld that the display of : '8 1n(llV ..K,nill a. s-45 a. m
lerful. The fair was held In the , l? l V .ii ....-ml tl."
....... -. n . .. . .. . uert'ii. fMi
, 0 v. ,.v I'uiira MUM I 111? Ullflltl'
anc was la rue.
The Izzard Gas Heater Is the
latest improved kerosene burner. It
Is absolutely safe and dependable. I
have taken the gency for this heater
r.nd have one in operation In my
store. If you want to make youi
house more comfortable and at a
lesser cost, come and see this healer.
T ...II ....... , . . . . .
r7.. - ....'"' ' '" , 7:45 p
i niiiip, i entrai i onrecttonery. i KNICIITON
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Holihs celebrated . T , ' Deacon
their twenty-fifth wedding annlver- A' T' '
sary Saturday evening last. A num-,
ber of close friends called to extend i'
congratulations. Several liandsonio.
presents were received by the couple, r
among them a chest of silver froni:
their children. Other presents ramp
ifrom friends living out of the city.
Dr. John Demlng has Invented n!
new process for Making butter which
he claims ia quicker than tho old
method of churning Ho takes a cup
of cream, pours It In the electrb
mixer and In a few minutes tho hut
liter Is ready for delivery. Ho wishes
It understood, however, that ho Is
I not running In opposition to the local
Icitamiry. although he claims his
1 product cannot be excelled.
The congregation of the Congrega
tional church surprised Rev. and Mrs
Spearow Wednesday even Ins bv elv
Ing a surprise party In the cliurc'J
; parlors which were prettily dccorateiM
lor (tie occasion. Rev. Spearow Mm
self helped to decorate the narlor
but wss Ignorant as to who the sur
i"1""" tura wuui.i no. a. nunasonv
wicker rocking chair and a wlckc
basket were presented the couple
the presentation bolng made by Mr
Glenn Gelvln. Several mimical selee
itions wore rendered and refresh
ments served. It was a vory enjoy
able affair.
Eyes in need of glasses de
serve specialized effort.
That's why Dr. Thorn Dson
specializes. Consult him about your
eyes next visit. Tuesday, October 2S.
Orcadla Hotel, all day. 43.41
1 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Phillips enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Alexander
,of Waun'a, over Sunday. Mrs. Al
exander was Miss Jane Knox of Port
Methodist Kplsropal Church
"The Friendly Church"
St. Helens and Houlton
Albert 8. Hiaey, I'ustor
St. Helens
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m
Morning Service, 11:00 a. m.
Epworth Longue, 6:30 p. m.
Evening Services, 7:30 p. m.
Prayer Meeting und Hlbl stn.iir
.Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.
i Sermon topic for morning, "The
.Almost Christian." For evening
YThe Secret of Courage."
8unday school Is now the topic
of unusual Interest. Dr. L. U. Hoss
hwas recently elected superintendent
l and assumed his duties last Sunday
jimornlng. All classes are supplied
iwlth suitable teachers. Tho advanced
department now solicits the atten.l
iiance of tho young people and grown-
.ups of the city who are not actively
interested elsewhere,
j Good music at every service. A r.-i-
'ture of the evening services If, tin,
isong service. You will enjoy n,s
n. coraiai 1 welcome for you.
We will be in position to
fill your orders.
Buy your candy where it's
fresh and handy. We have
chocolates, bon bons, taffy,
marshmellowr, and a fine
assortment of box goods.
You'll enjoy the delicious
You'll enjoy the de
licious drinks dispen
sed at our fountain
win c ,7e e,
St. Helens Bakery
J. K. KAMM V, IV.prirt.ir
Morton & Wilson
"V Relail Bmdm 1 Meat Dealt,.
- ru. oucct- lRe Central Mar
ket and onp nn tk. c i 1
"-' v lit Oil l f If I In iU. i
find none but the hi ,.r m' 'VH:!,e Tarlets you will
"s, i-aru and Bacnn
u inaiiiris arm r a . i . . a
v ,l-au 10 serve vou satiKfarit..
Central Meat Market
Cent "fLTn ""
Central Market Phone 60 Sfran, ,
lerel.y nominate
(Write name plainly," suiting J,;,",;,; "
, 1 or gig)
I Wrllrt ..1..1.'..' ' '''
a candidate In the voting contest ol TlIK bt ... I
Mall or bring this roup.. oT;," I
T THIS OCT v . !''
-..is, lmre
j(am0 of Suor U'icturei mj
HtllV, tMToill H -nth
Fritzi Brunette in
"The Woman Under Cover"
"Flaying the Game" was an appealing storj of t
speaking stage. It is even more brilliant u i pt'
play called, "The Woman Under Cover." I
alntt a ;MI ( iiMi iiv
h.h itiuv, iMTiiiu u fflwh
William Farnum in
"The Rainbow Trail"
One of the best and most popular western te
written by Zane Grey. The story is complete b k
lut at the same time is a sequel to "Ridertsft
I urple bage.
mii.I s. .Ml "IT anil Jil l HiMKIlY
HIMI.IV, (H'lOllKIt i!lllh
Tom Moore in
"Go West Younji Man"
Zip! Hang! All heads duck for cover. HerecomeU
tenderfoot who followed Horace Greeley'i ifc
when he said "Go West, Young Man." They adi.
couldn't make good, so he showed 'em. '
tu.nvl 'm,w.tv t ri in vi: mi.IV
MIIMIAV, KTfillKK 27tli
Gladys I3rockwell in
'The Forbidden Room"
If you were a woman defending the right and
pursued by a rotten police force what would jw'
See the answer in this picture. '
U HuiihIiIiii. ( Vmeily, "Sll IMlVVH OK WltttS
n'KHI.V, tMTOIll.lt i;Mlh
Montagu Love in
'Through the Toils"
A wondcrplay of romance and adventure
kl Vw:li t lui',.rr. i.i KvrnU
WKIt.NKNIMY, H"l'lil'll Hh
I. Warren Kprriffan in
"Prisoners of the Pine
A romantic drama of the Wisconsin-Canadian W
camps. This picture carries with its manyK"1,
balmy, invigorating breath of health of thepefF,
forests of the northwest. (lf
a lu..-ne llurolil l.loyil i'.mely, "K XV'1'
Till ItMD.VV. (MTOHKIt :ll ' I
Lucille Stewart in J
"The Eleventh Commandmenri
Besides the ten commandments of the
tliere is another, unwritten, an eleventh, W ,
u.r.mo 1 J' .1 ...UI..I. ia nftefl W 1
Lilian hiiuws -to uisorjcy wiiii.ii n
Lilian riiuws lO UlSODCy Wllit-ii '
wide the door to infelicity and even tragedy
is picture. : You 11 like it. f
"I a K.mhI (V.me.ly, "1UAH IlKMtV'H
miss lh
Come and bring the fc
ily. Always a picture
the children

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