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W.S. S. V
Government Appeal to HolL
day Shopper to Give Se
curities 3 Present
Governor John U. fuiuin. ,.t .k-
Veder.l KeMrva Hank, which U it..
ilotuclal agent of the United State.
Government In the Twelfth Federal
lunei-ve Dl.trlct, hua written a letter
to every bank and truat company In
khe dlntrlct calling upon them to uae
bvury moana within tbelr power to
l n duce the people to buy War Having.
Wmim and Treasury Having CertlO
(cutci for Chrlatmaa present! thia year.
It li Iti hope of the Governor that
he people of the Twelfth District, In
ilead or apenaing their money for lux-
ilea (a be used a Chrlaliuaa present.,
111 help the (lovermneiit flnnm. it.
ar deht of twenty alx billions of Uol
luri by aendlng War Having. Htampa
knd Troaaury Havings Certificate, as
I flu to their frleucU and loved onea.
Demand for War Bavlnim Hinm,,
.iicl Treasury Savings Orhfiiui... t,.
lutler In denominations of $100 and
IUIIU, set In last month. The Federal
oserve Hunk shipped tiiu.200 worth
f Treasury Buvlnga Certl'Uatc. to
ilKtiteen bunks on November 2U, this
M ing the largeat day's shipment sine
be close of the war. The Government
mllclpate. In the light of the demand
if these eighteen banks for these so
mrltles to meet the holiday trade, that
lie seventeen hundred Iniults In the
llalrlct Will purchase more than
luarter of a million dollars worth of
pe Government's uujier. Increased
Wll for War Savings Blumps and
Treasury Savings Certificates, and
Wen Thrift Stamps has come In from
Ul postotrice In the west In order
but postmasters may have on hand
tifTlclent supplies to meet the public
(The aovernuieut'a holiday slogan
jnive a War Savings Stamp or a
freasury Savings Certificate for Christ
las" Is elaborated In Governor Calk
k' letter, which follows:
I "The Christmas holidays are almost
Bion u. Everything points to a
teinendou outlay of money In the
Wrhase of holiday gifts, the greater
brtlon of which 1 think I am safe in
wing will be luxuries. The present
jtuatlon demands not that more
tonoy be spent In the purchase of lux
rles, but that we curtail as much as
Bsnlble, with the consequent beiiunYial
lutractlon of credit.
rTherefore, I apin-ul to you as a fel
)w banker to do everything within
t ' - : ;
Rock-abye-baby from the Ship Tnr
(; : -
yy tg
If. getting "tougher" all the time. F'rln.tance Noah', ele
phant, weren t subjected to any such treatment a. "rrt'eda" and he?
4-year-old twin brother bad to endure when they "docked"- at Baa
ton the other day after 7-day trip from India. A canvass .linV
under Frieda-, tummy-many .tout rope, and ht.pt o? groan"
brought the Infant elephant pair ashore for a ride to a New York
our power to sllmulato the purchana
and giving of War Savlngu Siani and
Treasury Savlugs Certificate, as Christ
mas presents in place of the usual
needleos and expensive gifts. It seems
lo me that the responsibility of leading
men', minds along the way. of thrift
and simple living rest, to a t;rcat ex
tent upon the bankers of tlid ccuntry
and In nuking you to punh the sales of
Treasury securities during tlx. Christ
mas holidays, I am asking you only to
lake advantage of an onuortunltv in
meet this responsibility."
In addition, Christmas posters car
rying an appeal to give War Savings
8tamps and Treasury Savings Certlll
cates for Christmas presents will be
distributed throughout the Twelfth
Federnl Reserve District, and all bank
have been asked to include a similar
appeal In tbelr advertising.
Try a Mist WanT'TTuT
Buy a Home Now
20 acre, near Trenholm. on rock road. 10 acres cleared, good house
and barn. To bo sold on very easy terms. I7M.
10 acre. In Mountain View Tracts. Very nicely located. Can be pur
chased on terms. $1200.
40 acre. Just off the Columbia Highway. Half In cultivation, bal
ance alder timber. Good fuinily orchard, good house. A fine
buy at frtomi.
200 acres, about 30 acre, clonred, some building., good orchard, fine
crock. Wnter piped to house from aprlngs. On rock road, 6
mile, from St. Helens. $10 x r acre. Tho eitaicBt kind of terms
wood llttlo 6-room house and lot. This can bo secured on easy
term.. 70.
1 first class lot with good rlvor view. An excelleut building site.
Cnn be purchased for ;tm.
H lot. Just north of Flouring mill at Houlton for $1500. All In one
body, good garden, so mo large and small fruit, room for one
cow, a barn, houso and other buildings. All fenced.
Good 7-room houso nnd ono lot, near pavement between St. Helen.
and Houlton. A b:irc"ln ut SI loo.
PHONES Office, 123; Residence B-38
The first local Institute for the
season was held at Rainier. Saturday,
December 13, and notwithstanding
tho bitter cold weather, a good turn
out of loyal progressive teacher,
were present. Supterintendent Gauntt
seen to it that the high school as
sembly room was warm and cozy and
whon the tecchera arrived they for
got all about the cold weather and
got down to business at once.
The following program wes carried
out and each speaker did full justice
to his subject.
Music, supervised by Mr. Cramer
Palmer Writing, directed by MIbs
Standard Iratlon of the Home, Miss
Winifred McBrlde.
Physical Training, Roy T. Stevens
Vocal Solo, O. L. Rhinosniith, ac
companied by Miss Madoline Allen.
"Should Children Study," J. B.
"Thrift," C. E. Lake.
"Retp.rdation," Genovn Saver.
"Art and Its Relation to Social Ef
ficiency," Floste Pierce.
"Economic and Euucatlonal
Changes," Superintendent W. C.
The following teachers were pre.
ent: J. B. Wllkerson. C. B. Lekt.,
Wnda Snin, O. L. Rhinesmlth, Made
line E. Allen, St. Helens; C. F. Stein,
Wnrron: R. T. Stephens. Lillie M.
i Lei th. Maudo H. Hayes, Mabel Rled-
esel, Evelyn Piko, Kloln Oxford, L.
E. Chuinard, Signa Sundell, Lora Mc
Kay, 8elma K. Schu"i Julia C. Lot
ten. W. C. Gauntt, Edna Baughmau,
Alice Stennick, Anna Jorzyk, Edith
Johnson, Flcssia Poreo, Rnlnlor;
Apnea fl Vtrnwti finrtrnrtn TThlmm
Qulncy; Mrs. M. E. Mr.llaher, Eatella
Hatfield. Cnrmen Mclean, Goble;
E. A. Sayer, Geneva Snyer, Clats-k-.nle:
George F. Thompson, Korry.
Most of tho county schools were
cloned on account of the storm and j
some of them turned tho stormy;
woather into Christmas holidays, i
Rainior, CHtslianle, and Door Inland
did not closo. j
Barley Broth J
Have the butcher bone and roll a'
shouldor, selecting a shoulder that i
weighs about three and one-half!
pounds, urack the Done, well. Wash
the bone, and place in a stock pot
and add:
Three pints of water. '
Two onions, minced fine.
One faggot of soup herbs.
One-quarter cup of well-washeo
Cook slowly for two hours and
then remove the bones, season and
add two tablespoons of finely minced
Prune Whip
One egg white, one tablespoon
loraon juice, sweeten to taste with
.yrup, one cup prune pulp. Wash the
prunes, soak several hours In cold
water. Cook in same water till soft;
remove stones and rub through selve.
Add sweotenlng and lemon Juice and
cook five minutes. Beat egg white
till stiff and fold lightly in prune
mixture. Pilo on serving dish, chill
end serve.
Glazed Pumpkin
Cut the pumpkin meat Into strips
about half an inch thick. Steam or
boil until partially tender. Place
strips in baking dish and coat each
piece with a Byrup made by boiling
together one-half
quarter cupful water, one tablespoon-
mi uuuer. jjorn cyrup may be used
In place of sugar. Placo in the oven
and cook until brown.
Itoont Chicken Apple 8a lad
Stuff the chicken with iinuin.
made Of SO&ked Htnln hroari n.,itnt.B
seasoned with sage, salt and pepper;
piace in a roasting pan and baste
with drippings. When browned, re
move to a hot nlntter ffnmlnh uriti.
parsley and serve surrounded by a
salad of chopped apples, celery and
strips of string beans.
Cupped Kggs for Breakfast
Butter sntriA p.unn ont-lnVIo InM
them chonned nnrnlnv ndrt a llttlo
pepper and salt and some muiced
nam. inio ec.cn cup DreaK an egg,
cover with bread crumbs, set in a
sauceDan of boiline water for ahnut
five minutes, then turn them out
carefully on buttered toast.
Stuffed Celery
PlinnftA- hnnrta nf nlpo whltA Aolorv
and fill each stalk with Neufchatel
cheese and chopped nuts; arrange
two stalks on a lettuce leaf with a
spoonful of mayonncise on the side.
The conference extraordinary of
heads of international labor unions
called for December 13 by Samuel
Oompen in Washington will consider
the advisability of incorporating in
their program a provision for perma
nent Government War Savings as a
sure way toward economic Independ
ence for the worker.
ITS a Maxwell 1 1-2 ton. The
fru'rk fhaf ha wnn nil the him-
ors to be won in the light truck
Can make immediate delivery of either Truck,
Tractor, Maxwell Pawenger Cars or Eex.
The Flynn Auto Company
St Helem, Oregon
Our store is YOUR store.
Come in and get acquaint
ed, even though you are
not ready to buy.
You are always welcome.
The Boys
Cigars, Pipes, Candy
Cigarettes, Tobacco
Rainier Ice Cream
The Real Ice Cream
Vortex Fountain Service
The Boys
St. Helens,
Phone 127W
Look Over this List
For there are articles listed which will make nice and useful
Aluminum ware, Percolators, Kettles, etc.,
r Granite ware Roasters, Pyrex Baking Dishes,
Fancy eTapots, Dishes, single pieces and' sets,
Lunch Boxes, a full line of Crockery, Quicklite
Gasoline Lamps and Lanterns.
Cranberries, Figs, Raisins, Nuts, Oranges, Apples, Bananas
Jellies. Preserves and many other eatble and palatable
articles, and a nice line of Fresh Vegetables
Larsen & Co., Grocers
Let Us Be Your Grocers You Will Be Satisfied
Telephone No. 27 Free Delivery
Quality Pric
That is why we have so many satisfied customers, who
take a delight in purchasing where the groceries are
good and the prices right.
If you want oil clothing that won't leak or crack, you
will buy the ALLIGATOR BRAND. It's union
made and the best made.
J. L. Williams & Sons
Phone 34 W
Houlton, (West St. Helens) Oregon
The Best of
Bakery Product
Those are the kind that come from our modern bakery
Our customers are increasing in number and that is
evidence that they like our goods. They are Home
Products and as good as the best. Could there be a
better reason for your buying them-. Ask? your grocer:
He" carries them.
For the Holidays we will have Fruit
Cakes, Mince Pies. Cream Rolls and
other nice bakery products.
If you once try our bread you will continue to use it
It sells for 10 cents the loaf, just a little less in price
than Portland bread, but equal in quality.
West St. Helens Bakery
S. HEUMAN, Proprietor
Phone 114-J
Reduced Prices on Jewelry
We have decided to close out our line of jewelry and on
all articles selling for $1.00 or more, we will allow a dis
count of 25 per cent. We have a nice line of
Collar Buttons, Stick Pins. Cuff Links,
Tie Clasps, Hat Pins, Lavaliers.
Watch Chains, Rings, Bracelets,
Lodge Emblems and Brooches.
All good gold-plated ware. Jewelry will be acceptable
at Christmas time or any other time and here's your
chance to get the right present and at the right price.
We have Books, Novelties, Candies in bulk
and fancy boxes, Writing Paper, Cigarr and
Cigarettes and other articles which will make
suitable presents for the Holiday Season.
If you call at our store you will be surprised at the targe
stock and variety of articles we carry. We will be
pleased to number you among our many customers and
Central Confectionery
JOHN PHILLIP, Proprietor

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