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k ikBeIW ar ,exU ol the ervationi td the Covenant of the League of Nations as adopted
py the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which were opposed ty the Democratic minority
in the Senate, with lour exceptions, by order of President Woodrow Wilson, thus defeating the
ratification of the treaty at the last session.
.l T!e"rat?on American through and through and are absolutely essential to
" l"1 megn and weBare ol the American Republic. ,
rUsolved (two-third! of tha Senators present coo
ourrinf there's.), That the geaate adlaa and aonseal '
to tbe ratification of tha treaty of peace with Ger
many concluded at Versailles on tha Ilth day of
June. 1 9 It. subject to the following reservations and
understsndlngs. which are hereby mad a part aad
condition of this resolution of ratification which rati.
Hcetlon li not to Uke effect or bind the United Butae
"" l.h weerrntlone and undenundtn.s
adopted by the Senate bare been accepted by an
oschange of notes aa a part and a eondltloa of tble
resolution of ratlflcatloa by at leaet three of the
four principal allied and associated power, tb wit
Great Hrltalu. France. Italy, and Japan:
1. The United Stales so understands and con
strues article I that In case of noUoa of withdrawal
from the league of nations, aa provided In said
article, the United States shall be the sole Judgees
to whether all Its International obi lest Ions and all
i' ?,JL"t,0P- UDi'T lh M,d onant bare been
fulfilled, and nolle of withdrawal by the United '
Stales may be given by n concurrent reeolutloa of
the Congress of the United States.
2. The United 8tatee assumes no obl.gation to
preserve the territorial Integrity or p. luteal Inde
pendence of any other country or to Interfere In
controversies between natlons-rhether members
of the league or not under the provisions of ar.
title 10. or to employ the military or naval forces
or the United Slates tinder any article of tha treaty
for any purpose, unless In any particular ease the
tougr.es. which, under the Constitution has the
sole power to declare war or authorise the employ
ment of the military or naval forces of the United
Bute., shall by act or Joint resolution so provide.
1. No mandate shall be accepted by tb United
Stales under article SI. part 1. or any other provl
elun of the treaty or peace with Germany, except by
anion of the Congreea of the United Slates. .
4. The United 8tates reserves to Itself exclusively .
- trie right to decide what questions are within Its
domestic Jurisdiction and declares that all domestic
.nil political questions relating wholly or In part
to Its Internal affaire. Including Immigration, labor
coastwise traffic, the tariff, commerce, the suppres.
slim ur traffic In women and children, and In opium
and other dangerous drugs, and all other domestic
liieatlnns. are solely within the Jurisdiction of the
I'nltwt States and ar not undnr this treaty to b
anhmlttert In any way either to arbitration or to
the con.ldi-ratlon of the council or or the assembly
of the leaiiie or nations, or any agency thereof, or
to the d-claion or recommendation of any other
8. The United States will not submit to arbi
tration or to Inquiry by the assembly or by tb
council of Hie league or nations, provided for In
uid treaty of rwacn. any questions which In the
ludKiiifM of the United Stales depend upon or re
late lo Its tnng-oatabllahed policy', commonly known
i. lh Monroe Doctrine: said doctrine Is to b In
trt'preird by the United States alone and Is hereby
dHclured to be wholly outside the Jurisdiction of
uld league of nations snd entirely unaffected by
any provision contulued In the said treaty of peace
with Germany.
i The United Stairs withholds Its assent to
trllrlei 15ft, 167. aud I&8. and reserves full liberty
ol action with reaped to any controversy which
m .v urine under asld articles between the Republic
r Thuia and the Empire of Japan.
7 Ttie Congress or the United States will provide "
lr.v rir Ih appointment or the representstlves
' i he l ulled states In tbe aasouibly and the coun- ' '
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Jldly and they will not become
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)m from being BORRy, If they lire
bo triad or used lu some way
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor
vallls, Dec. 24. The St. Helens Col
umbia County Dank Is one of the SO
banks In Oregon to order farm recoro
books for distribution among the
farmers. These books are published
by the department of farm manage
ment extension and have Just been
sent out tl the banks. With one of
these record books a farmer can keep
accurate and complete account of the
year's business. County agricultural
agents assist the
If you have an old pair of shoes
Itch have stretched and become
fcomfortsbly loose, cut a paper pnt-
for nn insole front an old felt
t lining, or even heavy cardboard
do. Put one or even several
cknesses in each 'shoe it needed.
Ih will save many a hole in your
.'Indow plants collect dirt easily,
so should be carefully dusted, it
HHary, beforo watering, so that
y will get tbe benefit of the water
look really green and healthy.
flie roots of plants must be thor-
Ihly soaked. All plants do bettei
"potted once a year so as to allow
necessary root exoanslon.
No pli'.nt should be placed In u
Med ' position In a room either
linst another plant or furniture If
p look and do well.
O hlaolcnn thA atnvjt wlthmit rut.
f my hands stained, I wet them
.me wrist thoronghly, In warm
er. mnkn a heavy InthAr nn tham
Pi toilet soap, thon stand In the
land rub them until rtrv Than
PHsh the stove. Wash tha hnnita
unco and all the black will come
"t me second water anyway.
ell of the league or nations, and may In Its discre
tion provide ror the participation of the United
States In any commission, committee, tribunal,
court, council, or conference, or In the selection
or any members thereof and for tb appointment of
members or said commissions, committees, tri-
, bunals. courts, councils, or conferences., or any
other representatives under the treaty -of peace, or
la carrying out Its provision!, and until such par
ticipation and appointment have been so provided
for and the powers and duties of such represents-
. Uvea have been defined by law. no person shall rep
resent the .United States under either said league
of nations or the treaty of peace with Germany or
be authorised to perform any act tor or on behalf
of tb United States thereunder, and no cltlien of
tb United 8tates shall be selected or appointed as
member of said commissions, committees, tri
bunals, courts, councils, or conferences except with
tbe approval or the Seoat of the United States.
' I. Tb United 8tatef understands that tha rep.
s ration commission will regulate or Interfere with
. exports from tha United state to Germany, or
from Germany to the United States, only when the
United Stales by act or Joint resolution of Congress
approves such regulation or Interference.
i t. The United States shall not be obligated to
contribute to any expenses of the league of nations,
or of tb secretariat, or of any commission, or com
mittee, or conference, or other agency organised
under the league of natlona or under tb treaty or
for the purpose of carrying out tb treaty provi
sions, unless and until an appropriation of funds
available for such expenses shall have been mad
by tb Congress of the United State.
10. It the United States ahall at any time adopt
any plan for tb limitation of armament proposed
by lb council of the leagu of nations Under, tha
provisions of article S, It reserve the right to In.
crease such armaments without the consent of tb
council whenever tb United State Is threatened.
- with Invasion or engaged in war.
11. The United states reserves the right to per
mit. In its discretion, the nationals of a covenant
breaking State, as defined In article 16 of the
covenant of the league of nations, residing within
the Untied States or In countries other than that
violating said arUcle IS, 'to continue their com
mercial, financial, and personal relations with the
nationals of the United States.
IS. Nothing In articles 29S, 197, or In any. of
tbe annexes thereto or In any other article, section,
or annex of tbe treaty of peace with Germany shall,
as against cltiseps of tbe United States, be taken
to mean any confirmation, ratification, or approval
of any act otherwise Illegal or In contravention of
the rights of cltisens of the United States.
IS. The United States withholds Its assent to
Part XIII (artlclea 387 to 417. Inclusive) nnless
Congress by act or Joint resolution shall hereafter
make provision ror representation In th ' organisa
tion established by said Part XIII. and In such
vent th participation or tha United States will be
governed and conditioned by (he provisions of such
act or Joint resolution.
14. The United States assnmes no obligation to
be bound by any election, decision, report, or find
ing of the council or assembly In which any mem
ber of the league and Its self-governing dominions,
colonies, or parts or empire. In the aggregate have
cast more than one vote, and assumes no obligation
to be bound by any decision, report, or finding of
the council or assembly arising out of any dispute
between tha United State and any member of the
league It such membnr.i or hoy self-governing
dominion, colony, empire, or part of empire united
with It politically has voted.
ing tho records and tn balancing
at the end of the year and also
any other help that may become nec
essary. "
. Teachers cf agriculture in the high
schools working under the Smith
Hughes vocntion.il education act are
using these books In connection witli
home project work. The high school
student will keep the record of his
pig or acre-of corn or whatever Is
the nature of the homo project, and
these records are the basis of farm
.management studies in the class
farmors in startl
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JOHN PHILLIP, Proprietor
In tho matter of the OHtate of Glo
vuntil M. Oalla Hlva, iJeceased.
Notice Ih hereby given that the ad
ministrator In the above entitled es
tate lu.s made anil filed herein his
f.nal report, and all pontons wliotuso
over having nnv oli l.-H,.n
are hereby notified and required to
uppear and present the same to the
nbove entitled Court on or before
the hour of ten o'clock In the fore
noon on tlio 2 4th duy of aJnu?.ry, A
I). 1820, at tin Court room of said
Court at St. Helens, Columbia Coun
ty, Oregon, that being; the time and
place for the hea.rliiK of objections
thereto and the settlement of said
Haled and first published Decem
ber 20. 1919.
S. C. Morton, Administrator.
Frederick M. DoNoffe, Attorney.
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