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NO. 14
L IImoti "' library HulMIng U
. . .......... I.V V MIIll
'rll i Hiil'w rlilHti.
. ....I.Hm .ildtml mnn
Snm i.tn k I lin i
t women in - -
city tiiriiM iiwn and operate a
Ir.rv DU llllllir . )"
,Bd that tin h building bo erected
iha HirniDl overlooking Ilia Col-
,ilt Klvur ivflnlte plans rf
bwn madn. I"'t ':l understood
iieverul mil . it.mtlnl colli rlliulloi.H
keen offered ti "sturt the !ml.
contributor ex-
Wo been
I ,1lln" HI) '""
Viaeil himself.
t lot in -dliitoly north of tho
Lrthouto is i-iimlderd at tho mout
ileal plnco for llio building. U U
nted out thai a Imllilln cuul'l be
tifi which would serve a both
public llhrury and a riiit room,
n latter l ii.ii rh needed and I"
ttxr city Hi" "t Hi- Helens
th t mom "in' '" found
Might Olilrtlii ('.irnrglit Kuntls.
I, understood Hint efforts arv
lit made ' t"-uro toino of the
metlo fund wlili'h bav been ap
priatptl tor public library pur
t If audi aid i'uiiIi! bo obtained.
Is thouRlit thiil with prlvatn sub
Iptlom by Hie clllaens and fur
ir ild by It'" city, that sufficient
I'll could bo obtained to cruel tho
rtit Womfna Club who ara prac
illy renpotmlhl" for tha prenenl
rary will be cunaailted aa to the
ipMs! plan mill the officers of tlm
raber of t'nminercn will appoint a
kmlllra to look tnio tlia matter
nuke ricnii!i'iilitlloQ and oul
i plan of actli n.
hlla no (l)'flnll plan lint been
lllned for tho building, there arc
bijr ho think It should be built
ntilrt atoiifl and point out tno
that lurh a lullding would !..
dcrtlmni) nt to tlm city. It
iDdonlooil that a public tplrltod
of 81. Helena lint offered to
jnUb lh rock at abtoluta coat
iuld It be ilxclil)' I to una ttona.
fht Hlat It not In poult Ion to any
II the building In A certainty, but It
alalt on relinidn authority that
milter la !'. n given tor lout
itlderalloo am! th.it It It not b
ii th ranxn of potalhlllty (hat
plana will bn carried out.
A doublo-hnudnr meeting of tlm
L. L. I.. L. und tho Ht. Helen fhutn
her of Commerce will hn hold at tho
City Hall on next Wednesday night,
eight o'clock, Murc.h 24th. Tha of
flrort cf tha I,. I.. ,. .. , a aim.
Di'ttno of niftrvliiinta ropreantitlnt; thd
C'lutmber of Coiumnrra nre arruiiKliiK
for a big time for tln.lr nioinhort und
EUfttt. At tha foiir-I. lint a iihmii
berthlp of 1(0 and thn Chnmber of
ComiiiHrcn 140 It It hxlhtvixl the
City Hall will be filled to capuclty
Two blft apoakert wilt uddntHt the
Joint menlltiK Mr. Norman K. Col
mnn, rrealdnnt of thn I,. L L. U
and Mr. A. ti. Clark, he.id of this
Ataorluted Induttrlet of Oregon. Mr.
Coleman lint made a name for him
aelf at an effuctlvo tpenker und or
K. niter and la to much in demnn l
lh:it It wnt o-ily through tho com
bined effort of theto two locul or
Ritnlxutloiit Unit hn wnt aecurod nt
(lilt time. Ileforn becomliiK the
bend of tho four-L ho was one of tha
leadline profi-tHon at Itoed Colh-Ke
In Port laud. Mr. A. (J. Clark It
wmeiy known oyer C.io Mute mid It
alto much In demand at a tpeuker.
On the d y following hln uddrem
here he In arhorluleu to appe:ir be
fore tha I'nlvertlly of Drogon uml
the Kuxeiia ('haulier of Commerrn.
in A. Player, a Ufo-lon realdont
iliii Tlclnlty. died at her home
W ttrly Moml iy DiornlnR, after a
l Utneatt of h at than a week.
ltd rMultlnt rrom Pneumonia.
Ideal to an ntiurk of Influenia.
Irt coinplicatkiiii liaatentng (hi
tha deceaaed w.a horn at Cath
, Waah.. Mar-h 7. 1867. belnc
reart of tve nt the time of her
Mb When five yenrt of Bite aha
M with her iwirimta to Wood'a
bdlni and baa )ver tinea realdod
llill county. Sho married H. I..
Ml. eattbllKhlu their home In
nthalnin Valliv. trlixrn ili m.
M for aei.ru y.-art. afterward
pmi to (lalKknnie to lire. 81m
rrwara married Adolph I'laynr.
p lurrlrei hor Th r.llnii.i.
Nren are alo left to mourn the
i a lorliic fir aacririclnc nio
' ra. Addle l.allaro, or St
m; Mrt I.my Tlihenor, of I'ort-
ra loenie litirkhead, cf War
rt Kmnklo Sunliert;. of 8al
nd Chn. I.i vell, of Yankton
oi wnoni were In attendance at
unerai. Two .Imi.hi. Mf.
F Morrill, and Mrt. (Jraci Cul
F'Wn. died Willi In tha n...l fj
Mi another dauitht f)r dlntl HitvAml
;'ao. iilr,.o hroihera and one
rL. 0 ,urY,v' : Wooda of
rrenion; Kreei ionl. Wobda and
nr WooiIh. f I'ort Towntend.
.'.Hnil..Mr" Mlriba Ounderaon.
nealtlo U'.. r. ..... ..
tjfn. Itoiun Mrrln and Mar,
i Vv hsi1 """l0 tl,nlr home
1u .w.. , """"i""n ai inn metn
IbZ. '',of wMrh 11,8 lceaaod
'wen a faithful mnrnhnr for manv
Inin. .?.a",,,r' ,t,,v- Darlow
Pirwood"" moment n
ilef. l,,iy. i iniHKuuie
I'rotldent I. und of the St. Helen.
Co-operallvo t'reumery Aaaoclatlon.
in a tinned ataiemenl which appeurt
In thin iKMun of the Mitt, hrunda oh
untrue a rumor which hat been cir
culated to tho effect that tho Cream
ery Aaaoclatlon w.ia In financial
ttraltt. Inatead of belnar In tuc'.i
condition, Mr. l.nnd aaya thore hat
been, and la at tho present, a tteady'
Increato In the nonet h of the Com-'
pnny, and that on April ltt. 1920, a
rath dividend of 8 per cent will he
paid on the ttock. He further elates
that the bulldlnR and equipping oi
the new plant entailed a considerable
expenditure and naturally It took
tome Utile time to get caught up,
Mr. I.und aaya that with the aame
tupport aa wat given when the at
toclatlun wat organized, ho knowa
that the creamery will ha a paying
butlnett and work out tH'.lHfactorlly
In every way to tho ttock holdert and
the patron a of the conecern.
''''It 1 " r I'yr T
V 1 - , ), t I. ' N
f Jl
The Catholic Hoy Scoutt batket
ball team won a brilliant victory lint
Friday night over the tecond team
of Columbia I'nlvertlly by a tcore of
The flcouti were outweighed ten
pounda to tho man. but this wat dun
to a mltundorttandlng; the Columbia
coach tent down hit tecond team
Inatead of the Mlditeta, with whom
llio amge had been tcheduled.
Undltmayed by a bad defeat Buf
fered at the hantla of the tame lean,
three weekt ago the Brouta took
them on: the final aeoro glvet only
a faint Idea of the battle tho boy
put up to win. Thn Columbia quin
tet, however, true to tho tradition
of the unlvertlty. played a clean,
aportamanllko gnmo. The Hoy 8coutn
lined up at fiillowa: Center. Tom
lllblan; forwardt. ('apt. Ketel and
Jock Ollby; gunrilt. Tucker and Har
ney KotaHCO. Hefereo Herbert Uilik,
On I'rlduy evening of thlt week a
return game It to bo played hero.
Only a tmnll niimlrfcion It churged.
lrj(et Wooden Htenm Schooner, lng plant, wireless room, etc., are
Unlit on Conxt Tiikea luitiul iit ' also on this deck, and are modern
Mommy, l-artso Crowd WilneNaoa1 ln, ev.e7 nBPec- The refrigerating
. i Plant is a large one, and when the
l-tunclilnx. : voggei goeg ..off 8,ore," the crew
. . , ir . , , . I CHn be assured of having fresh meats
"l '" .in)a )..: iiuu),. i an(, voeetab es for a number nf Hava
The Everett was designed by Sup-
the luat wedgo was knocked from un
derneath the steamer Kverett and the
great hull began to move. As It
nrlntendent Chrlstensen of the St.
Helens Shipyard, after looking ovet
moved. MIhs Corlnno Hill smashed a j numerous designs of vessels. He was
bottle of "reul christening material'' i BBl8ted In the work by Harold
trb3T-ji4 .kolaWMd 'b., tiu.wr,divmi5hlmai .at ih ywi,
vettell Everett. There was not the wn0 drew the plans for the vessel
Kia..'.: Pe"1 r ""mod from Cnl-
ho rnl. ; A- Uo,!or lnfl
On account of the unavoidable
abaonco of a prominent ltepubllrati
who was to be hero Wednesday night
to apeak before the meeting called
for the purpose of organizing a lie
publican Club, no f.innal neetlng
was held. A number oC good repub
licans Interested In the cause gath
ered at the courthouse and hnl an
Informal ineetlntT. The mass meet
ing will be held nt a later date, due
notice of which will be given in tho
slightest hitch In the launching, and
the Kverett took tho wuter In beauti
ful stylo, In fact, no more success
ful launching has ever taken placi,
at the yard.
Kverett ii Ijirgo VpknH.
The Kverett has the distinction ot
bolng tho lurgett wooden steam
schoonur on the i'acific Const. Her
dimensions aro: length 2S0 feet,
boom 4 6 foot and depth 20 feet. Her
carrying capacity will be about 1,
600,000 foot of lumber, or 2500 tons
genorul carico. It Is estimated that
the Kverett will log off 12 knots
per hour, as sho will bo equipped
with twin screw engines, each having
700 horse power.
Loading a cargo of lumber, or any
other cargo, and tho discharge of the
cargo of the Kverett will be done in
short time for two steam winches
forward will handle tho output and
Input In tho two large hatches lor
wurd, and ono winch aft will take
coro of tho cargo that conies or goes
from the after part ot tho vessel.
In CommiNsiou Soon
The Everett will soon be in com
mission. Tomorrow she will be
towed to Portland and the engine
will be installed, the Willamette Iron
& Steel Works having the contract
for this part of the work. Super
intendent Chrlstensen thinks that the
Everett will be ready for the trial
trip In about six weeks. Captain
Koldat says the first cargo will be
loaded at St. Helens for corstwlsa
delivery and afterwards. It Is prob
able the Everett will enter the Mex
ican or South American trade, tak
ing lumber on the trip south and
bringing a cargo of nitrate or general
merchandise on the return trip.
Mrs. John Sten and daughter Miss
Helen were Portland shoppers Tues
day. Mrs. Geo. H. LeMont arrived home
last Saturday after a four week's
trip through Idaho. Washington, anu
Oregon, visiting relatives and friends.
She savs it In verv nlnn tn pet hnrlr
jonn roiuiii who wm cuiiimuiiu inn again to Columbia county.
Everett, estimates that tho cargo of . s.noflB,., llAJ, ho.n
, 600.000 fee, of lumbej ' . ta U j. , ii w, returned
aboard In three di ys and discharged We(lne9day from a four day vs)t ,
In a lesser time. Altoonji, Washington, and left Wed-
guartent Aro Comfortable. . nesday night for her home in San
Officers and sailors who will man Francisco,
the Kverett will huvn all of the com- James Galttens of Deer Island
torts of a homo. The sailors' quar- was in St. Helens rednesday. Ha
lors are forward and are law ami states ho will not run for county
comfortable. Amidships are tho of- commissioner this year as he has a
fleers' quarters and tho galley. Tho contract for furnishing peeled piling
captain's quarters aro on the boa which Is more remunerative than
deck and the other officers will have holding down the Job ot commission-
their quarters on the bridge dock er. He appreciates the many ex
Tho galley, dining room, refrlgerat- pressions of support.
The name of A. L. Mllla, president
of the Klrst National Bank of Port
land, and one of the gianta of In
dustry ln the metropolis. Is always
connected with business rather than
politics, but It seems Mr. Mills has
stepped into politics and that he put
the wrong foot forward In his first
step Mr. Mills is all right aa a
banker, and thinks that all bankeri
-.re; all right, for he is ot the opinion
that Sherman Miles, president of the
Columbia County Hank is a repub
lican. He wrote Sherman a letter
stating that Oregon should raise a
certain sum for the republican cam
paign expense and asked that Sher
man raise Columbia county's quota.
The request from his banker frlen.l
places Sherman in rather an em
harassing position, for his father-in-law,
Milton A. Miller, leader of Ore
gon's democracy, looks to Sherman,
Dr. Welch and Bill Fullerton to make
Columbia county sate for democrats.
Therefore, Shermrn is in a pre
dicament, his grandfather, tho iau
Judge F. A. Moore, was a staunch
republican; his grandfather on the
Miles side of the family, tho late
8. A. Miles was a Kentucky democrat,
his father, Frank Miles is an Inde
pendent and his fatMer-ln-law, Mil
ton Miller, is the leader of the demo
cratic hosts of Oregon. The predica
ment la that on account of his friend
ly feeling for his brother bankers,
he feels duty bourd to help in rais
ing funds for the republican cam
paign, and r.s a democrat, both by
birth and marriage, he feels that he
owes some allegiance to the party ln
whlih he Is rcsistered.
On account of his friendship with
Mills, It is possible he will regard
as confidential tho information con
veyed to him In Mlll'a letter for
bankers must not fight, even if poli
ticians do
In printing this, the Mist desires
that Milton Miller does not learn ot
the occurence, for It Is possible he
might think that his son-in-law con
templated affiliating with the party
which his grandfather Judge Moore,
loved, honored and served. Really,
Mills has passed the buck to Sherman
and given him an opportunity to re
form, or in other words, forget poli
tics and align himself with those who
are for the continuance ot America's
prestige and Influence. It will be
interesting to many to see how Sher
man will decide since the question Is
squarely before him. Should he join
the republican ranks, it is possible
that Bill Fullerton and Dr. Welch
will Join him.
Council Passes Ordinance Appropri
ating H00 and Dredge Expected
About April 1st. Ordinance Ke
poaled. Lighting Question Settled.
One ct the important matters act-
1 UDOn bv the eonnpll at thalr mtmt-
ing Monday night wu the final pas
sage of the ordinance appropriating
$1000 for aid in the dredging of Nig
ger Creek bar. It is exported that
the dredge will be here about April
jl io oo me work and the portion
of the exnensA niflrtniaul K hA
city will be available. It la possible
tat some of the mud and sand pump
1 from the rtver'a bottom may bs
rapea in mo Nigger creek canyon.
St. Helens will have its annual
clean up this year and the dates have
been set by a committee ot the Cham
ber of Commerce and are April 6th
to April 10th. During this period, it
is hoped that the people ot St. Helen?
will avail themselves of the oppor
tunity offered by the Chamber of
Commerce and place the rubbish col
lected from the yards, basements, anu
houses, in a place convenient tor the
teams that will call for It.
H. T. Scott, business secretary of
(he Chamber, asks that all magazines
and newspapers be kept separate, for
tney win be bundled and sold and
the proceeds turned over to the Red
R. Sleight, a prominent attorney
ot Portland was in St. Helens Mon
day on professional business.
G. W. Gelvin motored to Portland
Wednesday. He will Join the L. L.
L. L. field force Monday morning
ana start in on his new job.
Judge White went up to Portland
Wednesday evening to meet Mrs,
White who has beon in Montana for
the past sevoral weeks. They re
turned ta St. Helens Thursday morn
Several St. Helens members ot the
Elks journeyed to Portland Saturuay
night to take in 'the big Elk frolic
Louis VanOrshoven went along.
When he left St. Helens he wasn't
an Elk; when he returned he was
a full fledged member of the antlered
herd and he has a "feelin' " recol
lection of how he obtained his mem'
bership card.
rel.it Ives for soveral
nar dft)mu,..) . -. . .
k i.i . " uieir untrv at
Cv now r"Hl'nR at Colutn-
Uly. ""'torod to Portland
Ri ,rK,, ,,oUnr ' '
" ana dur in. 1.1.
o i)ii. ? " iiimnpoHiuon,
C hSf "clm rshal.
"jiisult physicians.
N;'" "', Warren nolgh
P Honda. nl lhB Mist oi
LUac on ik y ?m 1,6 ePcl
fanr..,h? "mrk"t mo deslr-
biichareirr.8...r.om. .
fiioq, " ur niciNuity
lm.M-k ?ll,,I'ard who dlod at a
tora . ? 8,llunlnJ'' March
Kemh. . V Bl Unaverlon. rrn
Uarri... "nd was unltoii
nil r.' V'hl 1 4. HIie.mrH
I 81 iii " """moor
Hi and 'a. 1 I'ongrngatlonal
1 Helena ",0 aba
r at h. T" rnn "-londa who
IT na dun, ., 1 ""arnganonnl
L"w at hor h ,r"'naa who
Mill .'w "mull . Dnennan.1 k..i
i. "v lor an, i. . "
r "v" old
IIauNa. i
"DUlia l wr
-aves a daughter la
Rev. Geo. McClure, formerly pastor
of the Congregational church at
Scappooso, but now of Hldgeflold,
Washington, was over from tho
Washington town Thursday night t
take his second degree In the Musonlc
lodgo. , .
fanner Zoller of Gohln was In St.
Holons Monday and mado a vIkII lu
tho sheriff's cfflco for tho purpose oi
paying his taxes. Mr. Zoller Is on
of the ontorprlslng farmers living In
the Golilo district.
Tho silver tea nlven at tho library
by the Womans Club Wednesday iui
the benefit of the library was a so
cial and financial success. Twonty
olght dollars1 wero taken which wl 1
be used for the purcnaso m .
now fiction. Delightful music wan
furnished on an Edison which was
kindly sent out from Portland by the
Hood French Piano Company.
The ladles of the Catholic Altar
8ocloly will meet on Wednesday af
ternoon, March 26th, at the par si.
house. Preparations will be mail.'
for the Easier baiaar. Fancy work
from Cnthollo Sisterhoods Is urrlv ns
i- .,,., ...ait from all parts of the
United States many thing- m brm""
tlful that It Is hard to ostlmuto their
Mrs. Hallle Valo wus ploasanlly
aurprisod with a birthday '" '
her home Saturday evon,""',
surprlBlng party bought din er an
14 sat down to a table load, d
.... a i ont Thoso present
"'..'.Tru- A Itos. Mr.
wero rar. uuu - -- -- - . Mrll
and Mrs. C. Aamand, Mr. and Mn.
W. A. Levi and family, Mrs. eaiU
and her three ions.
a .fc. ta jf - - ap st-- ai v ac
rlT iVmmmi"- T?; rjT,. ii "T'mtk
. ..w ..-nn. mtjvwl vouuu.
The ordinance received the Tote ot
all Councilmen presont, Dixon, Lara
bee and Wheeler and the mayor im
mediately signed it.
ntreet Lights Cause Argument.
Councilman Larabee enquired ait
whether or tin It nH nni ka
the best policy to instal street lights
on the Highway Boulevard. The
matter had been under discussion for
several raeetines. Mavor Sunn.
while admitting the need of thi
lights, mentioned thn fact that .
West St. Helens the taxpayers paid
on ncreage while ln St. Helens they
paid taxes on lots. He asked If
other llzhla In Woaf nt .m
not be moved to Highway Boulevard.
mr. iaraoee mougnt that all the
lights now being used were necessary
and Mr. Wheeler said he had made a
favorable report in the installation ot
lllO HgfllB.
Councilman Dixon enquired as to
what the nAnnla ahnnM naM fnm
their taxes. He said, "We hare been
mienuing money lor namor improve-,
ment, paving, etc., and why cannot
we arjend a few dollar fn. nh.t'
The mayor challenged Dixon to show
.a" ue uau speni a aoitar 01 me
taxnavera' monev nnnfuAaaa.llv mnA
stated that he had tried to save mon
ey for the city. Dixon replied that
he was not talking of saving, bat ot
soendins; and eAtled fni tha nuaotlnn
Larabee having mode m motion and
wneeier seconded u. xne mayor,
was forced to Dut tha motion which
was: carried.
Ordinance Repealed.
Ordinance Nn St whlh ni
passed ln July 1919 and which au-
inoruea ine city 10 convey to me
county a certain tract north ot the
courthouse. Is to be repealed by tn
ordinance submitted, read tha first
ana secona times, ordinance No
234 Ir tha nno whloh mm
by a referendum petition and ft la
now nmiuionT tn vanaal tha A,ln.llM
and submit another one making the
same transfer but with some, addi
tional provisions. The ordinance ln
question will come up at the next
meeting o; the council and If It car
ries the emergency clause, will not be
subject to referendum.
A shingle mill which will go from
place to place and navigate any nav
igable stream, Is being built by Geo.
Dommeyer and associates and will
be operated on the Columbia river
and tributaries. The float is 85 X
100 feet and seven large logs. Sit
inches at the sm.-.ll end and from
tO to 60 Inches at the butt, are the
foundation of the floating mill. Tbu
machinery will be Installed ln the
aft part of the float and ln the "for
ward" end, there Is a slip where the
shingle bolts or cedar logs will be
brought to the saw.
The float is almost complete and
Mr. Dommeyer states that the ma
chinery will soon be Installed and the
floating mill ready for operation.
The mill will go from place to place
on the river, and manufactures
shingles and deliver them at the
place of manufacture. So far aa can
be learned, it Is the first shingle mill
ot its type yot built.
R. B. J'agruder of Clatskante has
secured a contract from the Guthrie
Construction Company to do a lot
of dredging near Burlington where
tha Eccles road will terminate and
where they will dump the logs. Mr.
Magruder states to the Mist that ha
will have to move approximately
100,000 yards from the bottom ot
the slough and his contract calls for
the doepentng ot It 6 additional feet.
It will require about three months
to comple.e the work he thought.
The two divisions ot algebra II will
have a factoring contest Friday. Mr.
Hopkins will make out the programs.
The losing division will have to give
the winners a party.
The Commercial Club extended the
high Bchool an invitation to attend
the Lyceum program Thursday even
ing. High school students were ad
mitted free of charge.
Our baseball team has started in
earnest now. The boys are practic
ing every afternoon after school and
the baseball fans are eagerly looking
forward to some good games.
The Junior class held a meeting
Tuesday afternoon at half past three.
The usual business was carried on
and nothing important happened.
The Junior-Senior Prom, took place
Wednesday night. The Juniors were
terribly excited over it but from all
accounts it was a big success.
Sherman Miles was to Portland

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