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(Ikiii fifteen liundrod acre
Moril Ihnn in National
I To (icgon -"J WuHhlnKton
. n...,! wit;: trees thin
I1' ; .Binllim to un announce
C' Ki',v l.lstrlct Forester ""'
thoflHinw liurn, on mo unm-
S'litiullUI rurmi. - -----
,N" .. ...L.-b i. urn. near Luk
u ,11 nu on the llrelt-
S w'.-rHh'd of ll Hanitam
ill all " .... i tt.it vlwlnliv
, illui Ait nnru in "'
fi, , " -.-'"' J0-00?.
l 11,1 ..i r....... Pnif A I rMiilx
nine iieci lings "
Sr on tlx' Siskiyou National
,j,.r ivuk area. Mil planting Htock
",r ' i,,. wind River tiur-
C"niir Carson, WaHhlnglon, on
Columbia ruiionui ".
coiiHUt chlerly t lHUKlu fir.
f " ...i.. n- llvi.r fir. ami wont-
ii in ni;Mi i -
w .lln lilno will Imi used on the
jlirtiliusli project.
lillililllK I "",r" """
Imhy ircca n v
hriian llil w""k "l W'"d
r nursery.
L'rome. Wimh.- Furmnr of thu
Ensno ulslrli'1 am taking a tloen
l II, II. .V WIICHl maram-,
fpliin of II"' J'ae'flo Northwest.
Ll'roflt I nnpi raiivi mm i.m in
luilin and in " inrormui kiwi-:
Li- ni,,h..r of Influential farm-!
ii thin vli'lnliy a commlltoo wan
L l.. nt- l-i lie III II) 1110 UCIUI1H
En ni w ph:i an. I r.iuko a report.
I f.-.rninrit expect to iJanlne the
I tboruiiK-' 111 " oiiiiii!8iiit
lirr unl If It offers a euro lor
bin,, miiii of tli" oast they ex-
lio lend their aid lo Hi move-
, fnrnuTii r illnmitliifliMl with
mniT In wlih-li inn wh'at !u)i
); bo"!! roii'luoloii. A liirtto
inly will Ui' lr wlK'iil laat yar
I In) inpUi'il unprPMHion inai
ero cimip'-lli ''. i i"'H It wltliln
Vn tli'T ili'llv.Ty. 1 ho ropori
clrruiutliiit Hint thin orilt-r
(mm lh offir ills of tlio aruln
ratlin, Iml tli.-an n-porla wro
IrnlHl, but m' until allor nioni
tanii'T bail iioiil tluMr whHut
Win dKib'm.
br. ii r.'t" -ii I r WI that
maltt'M Hbuull lm fully llivoa
1 and fiinni rs npprovu t lie ac-
tlia xriiml jury uf Hpoknna.
If I
The rea
s art
r pwipln doulil lliu nlil wiMitlirr
cr iiorr unuut tn Rrouniiiioic
binary :ml I tiny I rent tiiut
f ry u a myth ir a ni'Kro Htipor-
II ill Ho i. n, 1'illlnr of till)
iv .cw nrrri.n .uiKazuin.
in of t ho noii-linllKViirM. II"
-.iril the itnry mnro rlillillnxHl
I cuma lo rci;ril It im a Iniim
il lour DmiMlHi'il IiIiiibcK to
It bcynml dun !il.
(irrundhnK Hay lio actit
Dictum nliii'niiriiiilior tn tli
nurroundltie I In. Iltlln vlltnin
Vitoo. tin , wImto uroiinillioKn
'0 Iflown to liftnoar.
phuton ruiiln-r t'tiiiroalnil 111 111
i mirkd in r n til of lurito
a Idi'iil hi'tuim for ili
Hie 111 t : wralhor tiroiiliot
lui'n wn in- .imrly Inilni'il
t'ly lwi)lv n lm u n Intl. rn
-Iho imunillicc oiimricml
bran win it lil.llnir nl-.
OUl llfiwt". Hln.trli-.il IiIiii.
Hie aui:Hluiir. mnl ar.vf Ills
I front (lr him l in in,,, I..
I mrrpy t li Im HtirrounillnKH
rwinin uiil thmi turmul
WltltlT hlllllit mill iliu.
into bin Im Ii.
i moan wi tlm cumoraiiitiil
' "inmitiK furiously. Tlio
ar-lo(.i ,,n, i-viiryllilnn
' plainlv. iii.ii it, a ui,,..i,..-
Nil the ,N, w Hi-n.im MuKazIno
I- in tlm world- tlmt
1 ni
" vi r Bitiiiiiri
had sir, -unci, trouliU for
uu ctiinu not ,a voro
f fru t n. , ....
una rnui . ..I.,.,. t-. . .
I -'.'iii i i an iiin l,a la
"l TcEntnl.u. ... ...... .......
1,ih. - iruu Willi-
l.h ,!1 ,",r "'""I'l""""'-. If
1T tllHH l'.l.l... . .. i
..in i """ 1 y
r , """ IH'lH'riCllll.
Johho II. Hharp, I'lulntlff, v Vic
tor Hindi, Di fi'iiilunt.
To Victor IUhcIi, tlio above iiamc.l
iln fiini) nut;
In the Numo of the Htnlo of Orn
Iton: Von, aa the ownnr of Hie l.-gu
llllo lo or IiuvIiik an lntnrat In or
linn or claim upon the following li(.
acrllmd ral propnrty, iltuute In n,
founly of Columhlu. Htuto of Or
Bon, lo-wlt:
Tho undivided one-ulghtli InlnroHt
In the Northwvitl iiuiirliT (NW4)
of Hoctlrui thlrly-lwo (321 In Town
ahlp five (6) North of Kuiikh two
(2) Weal of the Wllliimiitio Mnrld
Inn, ii tho uiii iipinmm of rncord aro
tuintliy notlflnd thut tho plulntiti
Jmmn H. Hhurp, U the owner ami
liolilnr of a cortaln tux ci-rtlflcalo of
dnllnqumicy. m-IiiK iiuinlxirml 187
IxiarliiK ditto of November 22, 1016
laauoil liy the Tai Collnrtor of the
County of Columbia. Htnto of Oro
loii, covurliiu the ilnl I n j u. ti I Iuxhh
imHimHi.il iikiiIuhI mill liivlmi upon Hn(i
ahovu ilcHi rllwil property for tho year
114. In tho mii m of Twenty-Kevi'ii
and 22-100 ($27.22) Dolhir which
limira Intenmt nt thu rule of 15 pn
cent per annum from tlm date of aulil
cerllflcnlo, and that tho plr.lntirt mm
lila nnHlKiior hnvo pld luxea bhiii.khciI
UKulUHt anil levied upon auld lihove
deMcrllieil property, with penalties,
Intercut ii ml rami thereon, which am
added to auld curtlfliuli) of deim
cjuency and whlc'i hear IntereHl at
the rutea hereluafler et forth, from
the (In I eg of the rcapectlvo puyiuentu
ua folluwH, to-wlt:
lit 63 on Jimiiury 30, 1820, fm
the year lUOtf at tho rule of 12 per
cent per an n u iii;
122. :i0 on January 30, 1920, for
thu year 110, nt the rate of 12 per
cent per unnui-i;
128.10 on January 30, 1920, for
lliu year 111 at the rato of 12 per
ceni per annum;
1 6.0 S on Jnnuary 30, 1920, for
tho year 1612 at the rale of 12 pm
cent per annum;
$27 68 on April 3, 1 7. for the
year 1013. at the rate of 15 per cent
per annum;
$l 32 on April 3, 1J17, for the
year 1915, at Iho rate of 15 per cent
pin- annum;
$14 02 on April 8, 1917, for the
year 1916, at tho rato of 15 por cent
per annum;
$7.93 on April C, 1918. first half
of tuxca for the year 1917, at tho
rule of 12 per cent per annum;
$7 93 on October 6, 191H. aocond
half of taxea for tho year 1917, ai
tlm rain of 12 per cent per annum;
$9.92 on May 21, 1919, flrnt half
of taxea for the year 1918, at tho rate
ot 12 per cent per annum; and
$9 73 on October 4, 1919, aecoud
half of taxea for tlio year 1918, al the
rate of 12 per cent per ajinum.
Ynu aro hereby further notified
and required lo appear within Blxty
daya after dato of the firm publica
tion of thla aumuioua, exclualvo of
tho dny of aald firat publication, and
tie fond Iho action or pay tlio amount
duo, Including all tho ubovo named
auma, tho Interval tlmreun and the
coata of thla action.
You am hereby further notified
that the plaintiff haa applied to tlio
Circuit Court cf the State of Oregon
lor Columbia County for a Judgment
and decrco for tho foreclosure of llio
lieu of audi taxea upon anil against
aald above deacrlbed land and prein
!ni8, und thut If you full ao to appear
and defend or pay tho amount due,
a decreo will bo rendered by ttal.l
Court forocloitluK the lien of aald
taxea, und tho pcnaltiua, Intore.-u
end cobIh. agiilnat tho land und prem-
iaea above named nnd described.
Thla aummona la publlnhud In tho
St. Helena MUt. of St. Helena. Ore
gon, unco ouch week for alxty dnya
by order of tho Honorable J. A.
Kiikln, Judge of tho abovo entitled
Court, which order wna mailo on
March 12th, 1920, und the date of
tho flrnt publication of this .iuiii
iiioiih la March 19, 1920, and the
dulu of tho laat publication will be
May 7, 19 20.
All proceaa and papers In this ac
tion may bo aerved upon the under
nlgiieil, who lmvo Bubm-rlbed thb;
auiiiinmia na attorneyH for and In be
hulf of sii Id plaintiff, at their nil
dreaa 504 Soiling llullding, Portland,
(1 h. ST A Illl.
Atlorneyi for I'lulntlff.
Ntmci: to ro.vTit.K-roiw
IIhIh Will lm r,...l.,.,, n i.
, ,A uniii .viarcii
J l at, 19J0 for mnaonry work, plim
lorlng. excuvatlng pii:ntli;S and c.u'
pmitor work on thu now Cutl.oln,
liurch. 1'liuiH und apncirirnt Ions may
bo obtained from llev. Katlier Clancy,
St. Hiilena, Oregon. Hucceaarul bid
Her miiHt furnlHh bond equul lo (,()
i" . . .-in hi inw coniract.
Tho right In r(HIrViil Ira miln.l
or all blila.
14-21 St. Helena, Oregon
V , .' UV , IN U' KKTTIiKMKX-r
i.MitiA coi'.ry.
In thu Matter of tho Hutute of Wil
liam 10. Muyvlllu, Di-ceiiHC;'.
Notico Ih hereby given thut tho
underHlgned. lulmliiml rator of tho di
lute of William K. MhwIHi. ,ii .
oil, haa filed hla Until uccount In tin
".nu touuty Court of the State of
Oregon for (
-" "inn;, iiiui
that Saturday, tlm 10ih day of April,
" mo hour or 11 o'clock A.
M. Of Kn 111 till V llllll III.. (',,,, ,1 r.
of aald Court, Iiiih been fixed by nab
i ouri ua mo tinio und place for tlm
hearing of objections to aald uccount
If nny und tlio settlement thereof
Daloil und first published March
12th. 1920.
Ail in In lm rut or
W. A. IIAUUI3. Attorney.
In tho Mutter of the Estate of
Krunk W. Johnson, Oecoaaed.
Notico Is hereby given by the un
dersigned Minnio Jonnson, executrix
of tho hiHt will and testament of
Frank W. Johnson, deceased, to the
creditors of, und all persona having
claims against said deceased, to pre
sent thorn, with the necessary vouch
ers, within six months from the date
of tlie first publication of this notice,
viz: March 9, 1920, to the under
signed, at Mist, Oregon, or at the
offico of Loyul M. Graham, her at
torney, nt Forest Grove, Oregon.
Dated at St. Helens, Oregon, thlH
!Hh day of March, 1920.
Executrix of tho Estate of Frank
W. Johnson, deceased.
Loyal M. Graham, Attorney,
Forest Grove, Oregon. 13-17-6t
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si mmovk I (iiti i i,osi n
iKi.iyi i: r tax khiii k ah:
in the ciRcrrr court if the
Jesso R. Sharp, l'liiint iff, vs.
Illunch IlliR'li Gilbert, formerly
Itlunch lllsch. und I). M. Gilbert, hei i
hUHbund, HcrondnutH.
To Illunch lllsch Gilbert, formerly1
Illunch Hlseli, and I). M. Gilbert, her
husband, tho above named defen
iiiui tB:
In tho Name of tho State of Ore
gon: You, as tho owners of the legui
title to or having un Interest in or
lien or claim upon the following de
scribed real properly, situate iu the
County of Columbia, State of Oro
gon, to-wit:
Tho undivided one-eighth interest
in the Northwest quarter (NW4)
of Section thirty-two (32) In Town
ship five (5) North of Range two
(2) West of the Willamette Meridian,
as tho aamo appears of record, are
and each of you is hereby notified
thai the plaintiff, Jesso R. Sharp,
Is the owner and holder of u certain
tax certificate of delinquency, being
numbered 18. bearing date of No
vember 22, 1916, liwued by the Tax
Collector of tho County of Columbia,
State of Oregon, covering tlio delin
quent taxes BHsessed against and lev
ied upon said above described prop
arty for the year 1914, In tho sum
of Tweuty-S o v e n and 22-100
($27,22 1 Dollars whlrli bears inter
est at tlio rate of 15 per cent per
annum from the dato of aald cer
tificate, and thut tlio plaintiff und i
hla assignor hnvo paid tuxes assessed I
airninst and levied -ution siilil nluivn I
described property, with penalties,
Interest and costs llioroon. which are
adilcd to said certificate of delln
quency and which bear Interest at
t l:o rates hereinafter set forth, from
the dates of the respective payments,
as follows, to-wlt :
$2S14 on .la unary 30, 1920, for
the year 1911 at thu rate of 12 per
cent per annum;
$16.08 on January 30, 1920, foi
the year 1912 ut the ruto of 12 per
cent per annum;
$27.66 on April 3, 1917, for the
your 1913, at tho rate of 15 per
cent per niiniim;
$18.32 on April 3, 1917, for tlio year
1915, at the rato of 15 per cent per
an num;
$14.03 on April 3, 1917. for tlio
year 1916, ut tlio ruto tf 15 per cent
per nnnum;
$7.93 on April 5, 1918, first half
of taxes for tho year 1917, nt the
rato of 12 per cent per annum;
$7 92 on October 5, 1918, Becond
half of taxes for tho year 1917, at
the rate of 12 per cent per annum;
$9.93 on May 21. 1919, first half
if taxes for tho' yeur 1918, at tin
rato of 12 per cent per annum; and
$9.73 on October 4, 1919, second
half of luxes for tho year 1918, nl
tlio rate of 12 per cent per milium
You are hereby further notified
nnd required to appear within sixty
days utter the dato of iho first publi
cation of tills summons, oxdusivo
of tlio day of said first publication,
and defend tho action or pay the
amount due, Including nll the above
named sums, tlio Interest thereon nntl
the coata of Oils' action.
You uro hereby further notiiiou
that the plaintiff has applied to tin.
Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
Tor Columbia County for a Judgment
and decreo for tho foreclosure of the
lien of such taxes upon nnd against
said above described land and prem
ises, and that if you fall ao to ap
pear und defend or pay tho amount
due, a decreo will bo rendered by
said Court foreclosing tlio lien of
said taxes, nnd tho penalties, inter
est and costa, against the land nnd
premises ubovo named and described.
I This summons is published in tho
St Helens Mist of St. Helens, Ore
gon, onco each week for sixty days
by order or too uoiiumuio u.
Kukln, JuJko of tlio abovo entitled
Court, which order was nmdo on
March 12th, 1920, and tho date of
tho first publication of tills suiu
ons Is March 19. 1920. and t ic
'into of tho last publication will bo
MlAll7 "process ami papers In this ac
tion may l-o wrvod upon the , under
signed, who hnvo subscribed this
summons art attorneys for and n be
half of snld plaintiff, nt their address
504 SLll ?, J Uulldlng. Portland, Ore,
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0ne blck east depot) St. Helens, Oregon

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