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Political Announcements
pi Helen nnd Iloulton
Albert 8. n;sey. ''"'or
gH.Iy H' l.ool, 10:00 a. ro.
MoriiliiR Worship. 11:00 a.m.
tuning Horvlce. 7:30 p. m.
tl, r Meeting and XUhle Study,
!wdn.'ly. V:0 . m.
i combined Sun'1"'' School and
Uurc.i. Uoulion. Hun.lay 2:00 p m
... .,iu lir H Mill I II III K nil I'll vv " in
. . ..n.i. Trliiiiiiiliiil Knlry." Riimnm-
.1.1. ... I'llllII nuuiiuii
ry, ,iri '" triumph of Christ
i.t. II. it PiMUl II I f I II IM'I'I".
In tho evening w iiliow another
-..i r vii'wn nil tfiiTw. ! e v
iinipll(l' tin) mi" rocontly shown on
...... I,. i, m-rv 1'1'H IlKXt WOCK KBC'l
L-nlng at 7:3" P wpl Friday
IhrouRh tli ".
"Tho Krlmul'y Church."
To the Republican Kleclors of f'nl
umhlu Comity:
I hereby liniuillrrn ...vnir ..
duu ,for the office of rierk. "..i'n'i'k
lion. May 2Ut, 1920.
I'ald A.lvt. j. w ,UINT
p. M IIIkI'"0, Pastor
(tahhsth School. 10 00 a. m.
muching Hrlcn, 11:00 a. m.
9 Tearhers' Tnlnlng Class, 7. SO
reei-hliuC service. H 00 I. M.
Hld-VYiK rrayor mi, iiiun
itr. T:0 p. iu.
ItPKUllir services nuiiuay iiiiirnuig.
ITwirhltm ' Hi" pastor.
On Huinliiy evening i no meeting
will bo mndurtiMl hy Rev. W. N.
"iiffee i:f Newherg. Oregon. He Wll'
rtiKuk In th" Interest of Hi" Rieward-
' . ' . 1 . m A n a A a a a
tlilp campaign ir inn u.uuu.uuu
l.uw't to I"' riiiHi ii njr ina cnurrn
tliwuglmui the entire connection.
I(v. Cuff"" has nerved bn District
KIJ'T on i district for a number
bit yearn. ( m. renew neiiualnt-
iiiceiihlp, iul enjoy I' la message
A "Wlilo An ika Church"
WllUmolin ami Columbia Ht reels
Rev. A. It Hp'-nrow, I'sstor
I'limin 3J-J
Sunday. M.iri'h 28th.
Runitsy School, 10:00 a. m.
SubJ.. "Tli I. If" Work of IVt-r
mil oJIm."
UumliiK Hour, 1 1 : 00 a. m.
SuhJ.. 'Th Add 1nl of the King-
Special iiiuhIc! by Choir.
Clirlitlan Kmlimvor, 6: SO p m.
Sub).. "Our t'nuntry' Nood of
lirlii." U-:nlir. Minn lx)ln I'ayne.
8nnc 8irlro, 7 : :i0.
Kfmilni Knur, K 1)0.
SuliJ. "On tint IIkIkIiI and In t If
Vpthj" "Tim KliiKdom of God la
kllliln you." If Vou hi.liinv In hi.
blni!iliitn, lint Ih iUn hvnt excti
uni ynu an rivii ror not attending.
Us clmreli?
Annoum -mi-iita
Bililo Siuily. W v lncad iy nlKlit. 8
a.; Junior cli-.ir Krldiiy nlirlit I
p. m ; HNilur Choir Friday nlKht.i
p. a. j
To tho Ilopuhllcnn voton of Colum
bia county:
I r.pctfully announco my candi
dacy for the. i.rriA ..i .
...... . . . v.uiuuur ami
. 1 V'Bt. I,iy u,I'"l'"ntratlon of tho
in uio uaai iiint4 your lupnort
for re-aicctlon.
I'ald ud'vt. T. 8. WHITE.
To the Uopulillcan Voton of Colum
bia County:
I ri'Mpuctfuiiy announce inymilf n
condlilnte for re-i-lwtion to tint ti,P
li'Klalnturo from the Twontloth Hen
reaontallvo Dlalrltt.
My exporlmico In tho n-Kulur and
apoclal icnhIoih of tho l.)?lMlatur(
quutiriia nnd 'iiull.- n,-, i ,nove u,
roinlor hnlior imrvlto, ami to uccom
pllah Rood work for Columlilu coun
ty unci thu itato at larxo.
I will upprccluto your support ut
thn coiiiIiik primary cliTtloii
I'uld udvt. KDISON I. IIA1.I.AOI!
To the Kupulillcan Volurs of Colum
bin County:
I wish to announce mysolf a caudl
duto for Ui'pn-Hiintullvo from Colum
bia county to the stute li-Rlalaturo
and rcKpi-cl fully solicit your support
nt tho com I ii it primary elect Ion.
I'ald advt. A. II. TAIUtKLL.
To tho Itopubllcun Voter of Colum
om ouniy:
I rcHlH'Ctftlilv niinniinpn tl.i.l .
hull ho a cnmlldiilo for the Itepul)
ncun nomination as lti(rsi-ritat Ivo
In thn I'iflitliitlvn A HMi.llil.lv frft...
Columbia County nt tho 1'rlmnry
Nominating Kindlon to bo hold Muv
21. mo.
If nominated anil elected, I will
guarantee, to tho people; of Columbia
County tho samo full and faithful
public service. In tho Legislature that
I hnvo performed In tho offlco of
Dislrlrt Attorney.
My nttentlon to thn duties and re
quirements of the olflco will prove
my appreciation of your support.
Kulthfully yourn,
Paid Advt. til.KN It. MKT8KEU.
To tho Itepubllcan Voters of Colum-1
bin County:
1 reMpecttully announce myself a
rntidlilnte for the republican nomina
tion for tho office of sheriff, and re-1
aped fully solicit your support. This
Is tho first tlmo I have sought public
offlco during my 28 years roHlilenc
In the county.
I feel that I am fully capable of
ndmlniHterlng the affairs of the of
fice, and If nominated and elected l!
will conduct tho office fairly. Impar
tially and as economically as possible. !
If nominated nnd elected my dep
uty will be nu ex-snrvlco man of Col
umbia county.
I'r.ld udvt. J. II. WELLINGTON.
In the Papers
Every Day
appear notices of oportunltlrs
to Invest money to advantage
To the man who has saved
nothing theso notices mean
nothing but posslblo regret. To
thn man with n savings account,
however, thn notices mean that
hi thrift and frugality are to
bo rewarded. Thn man who
saves Is thn one who gels tho
chunco to mnko.
Membor Federal Roisrva System
CHAS OKAIIAM, President. II. A. CHILD3. Cssalar.
3,000,000 In Use
There arc more than 3,000,000 Ford cars in
daily service throughout the world, and fully
eihty er cent of these are Ford oTuring Cars.
There are many reasons for this, not the least
of which is the simplicity in the design of the
car. so easy to understand; likewise it is easy to
perate; and mighty inexpensive compared to
other motor cars. On the farm, in the city, for
business and for family pleasure, it is the car of
of the people, and the demand is increasing every
daY- Let us have your order promptly if you
want one.
Fieldhouse Motor Company
,li,LU.Tl'5r..Bmi'unco '"ye" a Can
dida e for the office of County Com-
si J Tto ,? t"VP'''lca,yt ,ket.
of the omce an,i glv9 e
Mis county a siiunre deal.
I aid udvt. I. S. IlUMQAKDNGIt
mhi,,0,.nopu,,I,can Voto" of Col
umbia County:
I respectfully announco myself a
sunnnrl ( m CU"lJr Bnd aBk Tnr
tlon COm'"K rittlary e'oc-
Ji'r!.,"'" my cPorlence as a
road builder and road supervisor 1
this county during my 33 years of
residence iivtho county, qualifies nn
for the position and that I oould ac-
couiay ''erV0 U' peol,i', ot thn
Pd a(lvt- T. J. FLIPPIN.
To tho members of the Republican
mi wuiumoiu county. Ore.
1 hereby nnnnnni.A
candidate for nomination for the of
flc" of Dlatrlct Attorney for Col
umbia county, at tho primary nomi
nating election m i. h..i.i i. ......
county on thn 21m !.. .. 1 ......
and reBpoctfully ask your support.
r, . , , , nr-UHUe, A. UO RE.
Paid Advt.
To the Republican Voters of Colum
hla County:
I respectfully announce my candi
dacy for re-nominatlon for the office
of County Surveyor and ask your
support at the coming primary lec
tion. , , ' L- VAN ORSHOVKtf.
Paid Advt.
To tne Republican Voters of Colum
bia I ounly:
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the offlco of Assessor and
respectfully solicit your aupport at
the coming primary election. Re
spectfully submitted,
i m a . . C' W- '"-AKESLE y.
I'ald Advt.
For results Mist Want Ads.
Alice Hawkins, Plaintiff, vs. A.
M. Hawkins, Defendant.
To the above named defendant A.
M. Hawkins:
In tho name of the State of Ore
Kon: you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer th A,,rr,r,i.. tn, iua
iiKiilnst you In the above entitled
v oun. ana cause, on or before six
weeks from the 26th day of March
1920, to-wit: on or before May 7
1 920 and If you fall so to appear and
answer, for want thereof the above
named plaintiff will apply to the
complaint herein, tn.wii- fr a
Court ff!r the relief prayed for in he'
Cree Of fllvrtrca fr..m AanwA a
tho grounds of willful desertion for
more than one vear.
This summons is served upon you
by publication thereof once a week
for six consechtive weeks In the St.
Helens Mist, a weekly newspaper of
general rirculatlon in said County
by order of Hon. J. A. Eakln, Judge
of the above entitled Court, dated
Marhh 23, 1920, and by said order
ihe date of first publication thereof
will be March 26, 1920, and the date
of last publication thereof May V.
1920. '
Attorneys for Plaintiff. Post of
flco address 926 Chamber of Com
merco, Portland, Oregon,
For certain results at a small
cost there is nothing caa aqual a
Mist Want Ad.
As might be sus
pected, Jack Demp
sey, star of the
Pathe serial, "Dare
dovil Jack," which
will be seen at tho
Liberty theatre each
ween, has made a
"barrel" of money
during bis fighting
career. What may
not be suspected.
rv v f however, la the fact
1 1 , that Jack has no.
I Vi blown in hlB for
I tune foolishly.
When the Dempsey fist had landed
Its owner at the top of the heap and
made him heavyweight champion of
, the world, Jack did not take a day off
to buy diamond cuff .Inks or a fleet
of high-powered motor cars or a
lake of champagne. He cast him
self in the role of Santa Claus, in
stead. To his father he presented t.
637-acre ranch wh!ch cost about
$53,000; to a mother he presented
a 148,000 home In 8alt Lake City,
nnd in additlcn deposited 150,000 in
a bnnk to her credit. He set his
brother, John Dernpcey, up in the
oil business in Texas, gave him $1,
000 and told him to nr.ke good, and
established hla hrnthor Tim n on
automobile accessory buslness'in Ore
gon. Right here it may be stated that
the fact that Jack Dempsey has a
brother John does not mean that
there are two John Dempseys In the
family. Jacks' real name Is William
Harrison Dcmpsoy "Jack" la really
a nom de guerre.
Paid Advt.
Via. W,ll.m.itsi.,k
Leaves Portland dally - -J:J0 p. m.
(Sunday 1:80 p. m.)
Arrives St. Helens - 6:00 p. m.
(Sunday S:!t p. m.)
Laavei St. Helena - - 1:15 a. m.
Arrives Portland - - - 10:16 a. m.
H. HOLMAN, Agent
Makas all way landings. Wharf foot
Alder street. Phones: Main 8323.
FRANK WILKINS. St Helena Agant,
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local api ilcatlons as they cannot rsacn
uis diseased portion of the ear. There la
on7 Jiawu to cure Catarrhal Deafneee,
fj1?. iHi' ' b' a constitutional remedy.
through the Blood on the Mucous Burfaces
of the System. Catarrhal Deafness Is
caused by an Inflamed condition ot the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube,
when this tube Is Inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when It Is entirely closed, Deafness Is the
result. Unless the Inflammation can be re
duced and this tube restored to Its nor
mal condition, hearing may be destroyed
caused by Catarrh, which Is an Inflamed
vviiuiiiuii ui iiiv mucous sunaces.
eass of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
AU Druggtsta 75c. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheiiiy As Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Read This:
A man in Iloulton who runs a barber shop runs a jitney.
Hardly ever stops. Sells Lydon Speedless you put on
your car with a little gasoline you go eversofar. Also
sells Castoline you put in your tank; keep out the carbon
oils up the crank. His wife does cleaning and pressing
clothes. Her work is the best as every one knows. If
in need of anything in these lines call 158W or come,
over some time. Yours for business,
E. L. Mprley
Bread-The Staff of Life
x o u cannot imagine a
breadless meal. For ages
it has been the staff of life
the most vital factor in
human subsistence. And.
I naturally, the better the
bread the greater part it
Iplavs in the sustaining of
"Jlife. Our motto is QUAL
ITY. Only the best of flour goes into our products,
flour that is rich in the necessary food substances. This,
combined with the fact that we bake under the most
improved and sanitary conditions, brings our Bread and
Pastry up to a standard second to none, and we feel
justified in stating that it is the greatest domestic bread
in the word.
West St. Helens Bakery
8. HEUMANN. Prop.
Phona 114-6
' It's a big responsibility to provide two or three meals
a day that will tempt the appetite of the rest of the
family. And in these days of high prices the responsi
bility is doubly great
We are willing to shure that responsibility with you
by offering timely suggestions and by buving your
nt this store you are assured of the lowest prices
consistent with the superior quality of our goods.
Our store is a one-price store. That is, we mark our
goods when wc first get them at as low a price as our
high quality can be sold for and we sell them to every
one at this same low price. A trial order will convince
The People's Market
Phone 40 St. Helena, Orage
We have a large stock of Tools
and Cutlery, Sash and Doors,
Building Supplies, Taints and
Varnishes, Guns, Ammunition,
Bicycles and Sporting Goods.
Let us figure on your requir-ments.
St. Helens Hardware
(8utcssor to B. O. Ditto)
Telephone 97 St. Helena, Ore.
Whatever You Want
Staple Groceries. Flour
and Feed
and General Merchandise
Can be purchased at lowest
prices at
Phone 34 W Weit St. Helena, Ore.
Pennies Count
The logical way to combat the high cost of living is
to watch the little savings to buy where you can
save a few cents on this item or that. hTat is what
we endeavor to make possible for the housewife.
Little savings on every item that we sell, which in
a short time amounts to a tidy sum.
The following specials for
Saturday and Monday
are a good example of what we mean when we say
that the little savings count:
Dependable Tea, and 1 pound, per lb 50c
Shasta Coffee, 1 and 3 pound per lb 60o
Swansdown Cake flour .' 43c
Syrup, Monopole Cane and Maple,:
Quart 50c
Gallon $1.00
1 Gallon $2.00
Cottolene, small , 750
Medium $1.50
Large , , $3.00
Consumers' Cooperative
Successor to St. Helens Union Store
Telephone 80

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