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MjOMU .V-mun
. PiilUIca!
lUilly I1"' 1 " "
.... H.vretary Una Promt of
I"""- . m .
i.ttera ""l by Bccremry'
belt" rh.n.h.r if
L .In nf 111 i
""."rce. 7, ' Z ....iitimi lu-.ianiMi
Li, up w rw iu r u
L.w,T(of PPulrPPWlon May
" I.v ... l.,IM.I..r
minV nccf-pi""' ' ........
pVc.enl .I united pollllcnl
,V fhe imreury Is staging for
,, JTIiUX. evening.
ii .h ut tho outskirts of the
Iv almost r evening this week
n Hie weoda fu" of cand dMM
P""- . I I U I. I.I.
mors or li' on.. '
,rti to atrihn aa oratorical pom
Id dwlulnviig in l'"" "'"
I ... . t .4 t,. itunl 'mail
, war mni .iui mv. .. .......
.1.. . ....11,1.1... Will Iw
i men oi . " -v"v ..7
Lra wlih bum. sin " jb u
. publ e fan comi preparnu o uour
fc ificfllotit talktt short, perhaps.
tin BUBiuor premni win vutiuuhi
V t tli apeertina- but tnoy will ur
k4 and to puin.
True, It ,nR a 'ine "r8 endeavor
V to bef orr iron, mr. oionj.
f'kr.M-" of iti" heart la ono la
ndidats'a o man excuaa anr"
noui other mora or lent mlnoi
jnetlona r ro . a. Hut Iho ac
t-n I ni'otniK all excuses with
ttar argument ft r their appearance
1 a food raprdsnlalton la ai
ded. d rppolntnumi may be In .tori
r tboM who allriid In tho posalbls
)n( of EillKn I. li.illagli. caudi
:t fir tho noruinallon for rpr
ptallra In tha ICrValaturo. ,Mr
r.tlh'i re.tr In b d apoalilca and well
,rn tmldliy na a pulillo apeitkei
f Nd h a to a' a mc hlmeolf froir.
I ithar!n(. Mr. Storla bopra
tr, to lodao him to be proaent
lurtoi him that if f.re mlnutei la
; Iodi to fact (lie aud ence lie uia;
t down the time.
Mr. nipsHn of H'nlnr. who took,
i nomination for county eoromla
mer. eiprmra roxret .'bat lie w.l
unabla to be present owlnn to i
,i cm date madx to moot wl.h tin
Ulricas Laglon on tho evening
iiwluUd fur Uie luoutlag hero. In
letter to Becmary Storla Mr. Flip
i tiyt. la part:
"While I oOld enjoy being at youi
rliir. I hope yon are not enniend
k thu It la nscesutry for mo to be
ihtr i handaoma man or a cren'
hitor la order to make Columbl.i
iniyi good comt'i aa'oner. For!)
i la true, wine Ii a hopeleaa cane
bJ 1 depended cn nood lookr or
fatory to get llirouRli th'a world
Would hare benn In the poor bouse
ma rtty feort oro."
lit further :aa that he line no aic
(raid aor aprelal Interaata to aery
f "xe no reaauii why lie cannot
a fa r and impartial ccmirla
Ona rejrottnbln ftalure of the
in'a eiiteru!nm(;nt win bo the ab
Nice of deinorrnde of tire seukore
pia hare f M for nomination
pur) there will be no democrat lr
ttory ajillM unl bs prrclianre some
ta non-offico ewklng apell-blndcia
ba Induced to tuhe a chance oi,'
platform with Hie uiiROdly rc
Urtnni. Aaaur:ina4 aro gl'tr
1 th anoaher'a mr irlll hn mmlf
ffalfdnmorr.ua, even though the)
In the hoia!a4 minority.
"jav, Apri so t'c ray. t
'wk p. m. th.t hour ami the rity
"i" piaco.
rcllowlng Uie HClltlpiil tnlUa Prof
fralush of the stnle Agricultural
intra will deliTor ? lecture on mat
"' pnru'nlng to the college and tc
irlcultural Inierratt.
hi 'tli In tho Hi, Ke( iy publl,
'Wrlre CommlNxlon to Hear Artfu-
"fits on SimmK of .Now Iktjiot.
Tim PiiKh. o w . .
loin . . .. . "ii oay oi May.
I m inn ii ii v fn 11..
fc'tls(ltlon V,.'.
IT Ik. a. .. u" IUlllUll
Bare. . ltfn C'hnmlwr of Cora
C? ,n"t " 8. P. A fl. rail
iu,.. "I" "Pnritig will bo held l-i
HrtlM ik .1 ' ""'ens ana an
Cm ..t0.J1!0 Proceoding will be
- - inui i. mo.
brl.JaL"'.Tr .o' Commerce ha, a.
,.i.. "."u "oi er mat hi ii
aMca'u d,,pot Building thixt ro-
I. ?i.Vfal I'on-at to snndn.u Annr.t
r" "I I hn ur .1.. " -
" 1 ' . L 11 M p i tin, .aii...
f'Mie' Sorvir
""r is Deiore tno
Mtura ft . omm "'on in tl
kwV. .. 1HV- "Ra'nst the railroad
In ,u ""UK nhout mmi rnllof
"wny to
, Way
""the , ,,"' ue or me city
Penned t K n.ow but if.
W 10 DHAH Ilia I.. ..I. .1. L
real n,ci company
Ha. W1 r,of the railway y-
lt!f'.er' nW (hat the tnntti. .
that M,n8 nc,,on u ,0
tl( L. 10 oommi"lon w'U dig
LZT .lhat be with the
lti-.'"Rt our cltv win
v"a in id. :
?6nurat with ay 01 oP0t com
Irn .. : .."' our neoda mri .nrf
4 th. t3i,"l p0,?Js d likewl9
Drputy Hherlff Huder Outdlxtanrrd
In Itarn Willi rrUonri . Muii
Mukea 1 1 In f.Hauay.
Doputy Shiriff Ituilnr hui nlwuv.
had a rutbor chiiaty tlmmtht that Im
wia some flout of foot and could
hold his own In almost any sort of a
free-for-all foot race. Hut lis
outclassed IuhI Haturduy when a
nimble footed and iilmlilu-rinKnred
s well prlaonnr wire lilm ih ulin
4nd liot-fioted It out of town.
An Individual whoso right name la
jtiataf Alfred Johanson, but who
'ugi about with him such names na
fnnnnn. Ixifmrsnd and Louslund us
it na -s. was gathered In at tho duput
iy Deputy llutlcr on suaplclon of
mvlng stolen a suit of clothes nt
other wearing appurel, which a un
ion: n was inter confirmed.
Tho doputy took him to tlin pnun
'louse nml beforo rutting him In cold
jtorago allowed him to go to the
! iui. anil liore Deputy flutter frua
n.ted au attempt on the purt of the
'r aoner to mako his gtitaway by way
f tho window. Ilutlor stepped back
(Ugli ly to allow Johnnsnnto pase
.lirough tho door and he throw a
turprlae Into the deputy by pi ssing
n inn uenn run.
Tho riM-e took them down the
tlreol pnst tho Plana and at the
Cpiaropiil church corner the deputy
ould have easily winged bint, anil
rus preparing to do lliut vry Uttl
h:ng when enme one called to hi in
ioi to shont, which d'verted his mind
.'or a sernnd and the pr'acner dodgMl
'...Min I,a ..rnn. II. L .... a
,.wH...a .lv ,.... iig .rjn Ull UUW1
oJtimlila street and was finally lost
:o view.
To cup the cl'max Jolinnson made
, getaway from Portland offlclalu
hn ame day. On telephene advice,
te wne livoated at tho home of hie
i ster, and as the officers came In the
ront door he left by the back dour
nd at last accounts had not been
The fugitive hud been working at
he Columbia county mills and wit
ecu sod of having ttolim a suit oi
lothes from a follow worker named
The sheriff's office Is sending ou
Ui arrlpt ona of h m, together wit!,
'is tilclurx. and it is thought he will
be located before many days pans
e .s aeMcrlnod as Xtl yeirs old
velght 170 ptunds, 5 feet 11 Incnei
.all. brown Inir and a native oi
iwedon. Woro a gray suit, light
ist and low shoes when he left, but
iy some hook or crcok changed that
-ostuiue after be left hero.
"Continued advunoe In the price oi
irlnt paper." says the Cottage Urovi
lent nel, "makes It imperative that
.very paper consorvo that commodity
nd ure likely to make necessary
(till further advances In aubscrtp
.lon prices. Hardly a week passes
a which The tijiilinrl Is not com.
ellcd to loavo out advertls.ng aad
.ews bocause It doc uot foel jiistl-
icd in ua ng the extra paper which
.vould be reQU.rod for lis publ.ca-
The Sentinel further points out
.hat it h;. a "become Imperative thai
to pupera be sent to any one whn
illows In subscription to get In
l.osi than four yours ago print
npor ctuld bo bought In small totb
or tli mo and one-hulf -cents per
ound. Today the sumo pnpor of i
.lumper grade costs the uewspapei
.otween I mi and clove. i coals in ton
ots. In small lots It roes around
lilrtecn ceuts. ' Aud 11 is a scarce
oniinc d iy at tliut. And along w.th
isuer ull other mnleriiils that entei
nto the pulillcntion or. a newspapur
.ii'.vo eky-rockoted in price, and uie
tince of lubtr as well.
L.ko our lottuge Grove friend the
.Cat Is trvlne to conserve In paper,
and our subscribers can materially
m at bv soelna to It Unit their bud
icrltitlous nre ktpt paid up. At the
present price nud scarrlty of paper
lie newspaper ptllU'.sner ranuoi ai
i.rJ to carry a dead loud of unpaid
lULsJrlptions. Ilesldes all this the
jostal regulations rouiilro uowspa-
ers to carry only paid-up subscribers
on tholr lists.
nocnuso of the absence of CouU'
llmon Dixon and Wheoler no meet
ng of the city council wns held last
M.indiv evening. There was quite
. numlier of the cItUoin of the town
jrosont us the proposed Joint meet
mr nt the council and water board
iviis tnhoduled for that night, to
httali -i tit ilm urohloma roaultlng
from objoctlcns offered the week bo
iore to the extonslons of tho olty
wator syotem now undor way. L. J.
v'anOrohovon al the only member
of tha water board preaont. but It is
undorstood that ho wna prepcruu iw
oxpluln any action taken by tut
ijonrd hod tho oocnslon demandod.
Sovornl nuitiors of impcrtnnco
wore taken up in m Informal way
and discussed, and uttor waiting un
til nine o'clock for the absontees to
nut In on appouriuice, tho mayor an
..n..H ih.t it wna useless to wult
dodger and tho crowd dispersed
TUero win unaouDieuiy u
amount of bus ncss to bo handled at
tho mooting next Monday night and
.1.. ... n.unv mr.tters of Un
as mviv ui "i",.
nortanco to come before tho council
if i. thmittht therj will bo a larso
crowd of spectators In attondunco
-.. ri,Mv. rnutea and Harold
Mm rnn rimmr nrurnATinuo I
imkc treW $JOexu club
vrv: ia f"v - s
' t roA r .
Various Comnuvrbil Organization
of County Will Asaemble in Bt.
Helen Today to Effect a County
The agitation which has been under
way by the 8t. Helens Chamber of
ommerco for a county commercial
irganliptlon has asauuiod dofinlte
tilinpe, the result of the agitation
ng that a representative mooting of
varlotis commercial organUatlons of
he county will be held In this, city
his evening, Friday.
The Rainier Chamber of Com
merce promises to have a delegation
3f perhnps a dozen nt the meeting.
inu aciegatiens rrom scappoose ana
l.ntskanle will also be present, which
a'111 embrace the four and only com
mercial bodies In the county.
Secretary Storla of the local cham
hi. ii.on .n i,ifnnhi wnrbAr '
.0 bring about a county organization
ind this evening's meetlngt will per
haps see the fruition of his hopes
It has long been the Idea of lead-1
ng men of the separate organlza-
ions In the county that a county
ominerclal organization could do
much to promote tho ' interests of
ho county as a wholo. Many prob
lems of a complox nature arise that
ffect the entlro county, and It Is
,uch problem, that a county organl-
,.i!nn urnuM hunrilo. and which
ould bo handled more satisfactorily
tnd effectively than could bo done
hy any one single organization work
UK Independently.
The meeting will be hold this ev
ening r.t 7 o'clock, at which time at
least ways and means will be de
vised to effect a permanent county
commorctul organization.
A big 15,000 gallon water tank
win hn erected In South St. Helens
n the near future. This Is a part
of tho program of Improvement as
outlined by tho water board to fur
n'sh a more adequate water supply
to the residents of the city. The
tank has been ordorcd for some tlnio
and It Is expeoted to arrlvo in 8t.
Hole-is dally, although tho uncer
tainties of railroad transportation
may fause delays. It la planned to
put tho big tank In place ns soon as
possible after Its arrival and Supcrin
...nH.nt ino is at present making all
nmni Mii that mere may ua uu
m,nni.flrv delay when the nctuall
construction work gets under way. I
Th tnnK Will act na a ki"
rosorvolr to supply the residents of
that portion cf the city. For some
time nhoro hao boon difficulty ox
nerloncod with tho water system in
thnt leet'on, duo to low pressure
and small main 1 no pipes. The new
tank will. It la pointed out by a mem
bor of tho board, olim nato all these
difficulties and glvo South St. Helens
water service on a par with tho ro
m:ilr.i!or of the c'.ty.
Red and black is the combination
of colors that Roy fY'v
upon when ho repainted hli dehv
"ry Ford and when ho appeared oa
the streets Monday morning In the
newlv decorated truck many of his
Hnds congratulated him on hi. pur
r new outfit, but he soon
01 ine iruv
Final Filing of Nominations Shows
Bixtaen Republicans Seek a Place
On November llallot. Democrats
Fall to Make Any Filings.
The final outcome of the free-for-all
nomination scramble of Columbia
uallot t0 De voted ont the May
primaries, discloses a net result on
be-jtho Ir.st day of petition filing with
county Clerk Hunt to be 16 repub-
Thore were no filings by members
of the party of tho "untorrlfied,"
but this doesn't necessarily Indicate
that the party hue passed over or
even sleeping Just resting, as It
were, for tho home stretch sprint In
NC'Voraber. Tho republicans will
come out of tho primary with a full
representation on tho election ballot
for November. The chiof contests
for places on the election ballot will I
ho la the offices of county commls-
and representative in the legislature.
Two candidates aro contending for
the nomination for commissioner,
t 1 1 r-ttl tn B t , ff a,, nA. In ..
dent rnd thre8 Jor representatlve.
The list of candidates and offices
filed for in this county are as follows-
County Commissioner Isaao S.
Daumgurdner and T. J. Flipplu.
Sheriff H. H. Bunting, 11. E. La-
, n .. ,i i u v 1 1
' , , " "-""&"
8"1 . Super ent-J. W. Al-
Ien and Lilll M- Lolth-
County Clerk J. W. Hunt.
Assessor C. W. Ulakesley,
Treasurer Bessie Hattan.
County Surveyor L. J. VanOr
shoven. Couuty Coroner T. S. White.
District Attorney George A. Gore.
Representative In Legislature
A. H. Tarboll, Edison I. Ballugh and
Glen II. Metsker.
On Saturday evening, April 24th,
at the home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. Emma Brittain, the marrlag"
of Mrs. Bertha Meyers to Arthur
Ketel was solemnized In the pres
ence of only the Immediate relatives
of the family. Rev. A. R. Spearow
Tho newly married couple are
well and favorably known iu this
locality and the happy good wishes
of a host of friends go wlin them to
their new home at Doty, Washing
ton, for which place they departed,
following the ceremony, amid a
shower of rice.
In tho death of Matthew George
in Bt. Vincent's hospital oh April
18th, 1920, the community of War
ren sustained the loss of a good man
and kind neighbor, highly respected
by all his friends and neighbors and
kind hearted to a marked degree.
Deceased is survived by two
nephew, and one nelce, Frank George
of St. Helens, waiter ueorge or ain-
ton creek ana May Horton or junc
tion City, all of whom were with him
in his last moments. A brother and
sister-in-law and a niece rest In tho
Deer Island cemetery.
The remains were laid to their
lost resi'-lng place In the Warren
Eugene sportsmeut to build tine
Tlio Ixcal Piwt of American IeKln
Pr'areO to Take Up Claims of
Members or Km-Kervlre Men.
The Service and Information
Branch of the War Department is a
bureau originally established jointly
by the navy and war departments to
replace Into sultablo civilian occu
pation every ex-service man who
could work. This it accomplished
with amazing results, and has now
directed its aim to the aid of dis
abled men, and those whoso claims
against the government have not
been satisfactorily settled.
Its main purpose is to get in direct
contact with the men themselves,
find out what their trouble consists
of, and then put the case before the
proper official and see that it is
given proper attention.
The local American Legion post is
prepared to take up these matters
with ex-service men, and Adjutant
Kussell is ready to assist any member
of the post or ex-service man in the
oHiLienieui oi any uinerences wltii
the government. The matter may
be taken up with htm either person
ally or through correspondence.
If you have a claim of any kind,
fill cut the following questionnaire,
giving your name, address, rank,
company, organization and serial strongest in Columbia county. St.
number, and return it to the adjutant I Helens No. 117 was instituted July
of the local legion post: 30, i892. with a charter member-
1. Have you received a proper dls- ship of twenty-threo. Of tho orig
cnarge. ,nal membership four are yet affill-
icnnA0. y0U received yur bonus ated with the lodge C. W. Blakes-
u-jj - . . Ie u- w- Clark. Andrew J. Hubert
3. Have you received your full
travel pay of five cents per mile?
4. Have you received your lost
5. Have you received the liberty
bonds that you subscribed for while
in service?
Were, the allotments deducted
from your pay paid to the prdpen
' " "u " P'"Pr amount:
7. .Do you wish any information
regarding the conversion of your In-
8. If your Insurance has lapsed,
do you wish to have it reinstated?
. Were you disabled in the ser-1
10. If so, are you drawing com
pensation tor disability?
11. Are you in need of any medical
care or treatment?
12. If disabled, do you wish to
take Vocational Education?
13. Are you out of employment?
14. Have you received a Victory
Button Issued by the Government?
15. If not, do you wish one?
16. Do you know of any tubercular
17. If so, please give his name
and address.
18. Do you know of any insane
soldior or sailor?
19. If so, please give his name and
Parties who wish to use other
peoples' cars for Joy riding, took from
the old Muckle garage Wednesday
night, April 21st. the Chevrolet car
belonging to Victor Oliver and the
Allhurn uhlcli la tha nrnnortu c
C. Morton
.u VI ,11-. . J J . .
The parties had a very enjoyable
30 mile (it is presumed) but came
to grief near the shipyard plant at
Columbia Cltv. In ". ;aio maimer, the
Chevrolet went off the bmk t nd the
Auburn came to the assistanco of thai
stranded car. However, the Auburn
was backed down a 15 per cent grade
and into soft mud and there it stuck.
When the thieves saw they could
not get either car out of the ditch,
they left them. Oliver and Morton
located the cars Friday night. The
Chovrolet was not damaged, but the
drivtr of Morton's car had smashed
Into a stump or tree and the fenders
on thi left side of tho car were dam
aged to tho extent that new fenders
were necessary.
The matter was reported to Sheriff
LaBare who is making ".n investlgv
tlon and expects to apprehend the
guilty parties. Mr. LaBare .i d his
deputies are determined to break up
the gang who have a habit of ap
propriating for their cwn use, the
cars of other people, and states that
ho wishes to co-operate with auto
ownoro In this respect.
The untimely death Oi' Jhn King
Wednecday afternoon In his room at
the Orcr.dia hotnl was a shock to
his numerous friends of this locality.
Deceased was net feeling very
well Monday afternoon end went to
his room and called for the land
lady, nrd just .is she came Into the
room he fell over on the bed un
c6; sciou.. He uever reg lined con
sciousness up to the hour of his
der.th, 4 o clock Wednesday after
noon. Apoplexy is the cause as
signed as his death.
Deceased camo to this country
from Scotland In 1882 and has been
a resident of this section alnco that
time. His age wrs about 64 vears
He leaves a brother, Andrew, of this
city and two halt sisters In Scotland
to mourn his death. He was well
known to all the old timers and to
know him was to be his trie id.
He was a valued member of the
local Masonlo lodge of this city and
the mineral services will be under
tho direction of that order. The
funeral services will be held from
the Congregational church at 2:30
p. ro. today and burial will be in
Warren cemeterv.
E..A. Rotger, mine host of the St
Helens hotel, was a business visitor
'in rortlana Wednesday,
Local Odd Fellows Lodge Observed
101st Anniversary of Founding of
Order. Make Large Gain in
Members Kince Organization.
Monday, April 21st, was the 101st
anniversary of the foundation of tho
order of Odd Fellows in the United
States, and this history making
event of fraternal orders was ob
served by the local lodge of St. Helens
with a splendid musical programme,
speaking and banquet.
The chief speaker of the evening
was Hon. W. J. Fullerton, and his
subject of "Oddfellowslilp" was ex
haustively handled. The speaker
treated his subject from the time of
organization of the order down to
the present time, and the facts and
figures shown places the Indepen
dent Order of Odd Fellows as one
among the strongest in membership
and finances in the United States,
having a membership of 2,500,000,
with 21,004 of this in Oregon. The
Judge is cne of Columbia county's
forceful and interesting speakers and
his address was thoroughly enjoyed
by t lie larco audience present.
lnr.il lnrlcn la a mnn v tha
and David H. Pope. Some years ago
fire destroyed practically everything
owned by the lodge, the only ar
ticles salvaged being the seal and
Undaunted, however, by this ad
versity the lodge members pushed
I steadily onward and a few years later
purchased property and erected their
present lodge building thereon.
From a charter membership of
twenty-three the lodge has grown to
190 members. Financially the lodge
ia in splendid condition. It has no
indebtedness, owns its own hall and
cemetery and has in cash on hand
I prnnnH tllinn If la InuJ r. r
the growing fraternal orders of Col
umbia county and its members feel
justly proud of their order and their
membership thoreln.
The ladles' auxllliary to tho order,
St. Helens Rebekah No. 217, is also
a growing organization and now
boasts a membership of about 180.
The eve.ilng's programme was as
Song . . ."America."
Vocal sole Mrs. Cook.
Violin solo Miss Dorothy Akin.
Vocal solo .... Mrs. Glen R. Metsker.
Piano solo Miss Fay Price.
Violin solo Harley Turner.
Recitation Mr. Price.
Vocal solo Wm. Russell.
Address W. J. Fullerton.
The local Knights of Pythias
lodge is progressing and boasts a
i m"e-rsnip oi n to aate, with a
?u.mber .ol new members ready to
i tKO ranKS.
The Increase In the order nation-,
ally for the past year has been 60,
000 and it is confidently expected to
bring this Increase up to 75,000 by
the 30th of June, the close of the
fiscal year. In Oregon the increase
for, tlla 'ear 1919 has been 1821,
and there has been a material ad
dition to this number since the first
of the year.
The order now has a membership
in the United States of nearly l.OOd,
000, and in the insurance depart
ment new certificates were written
to the amount of $10,160,500.
The order recently celebrated Us
56th anniversary and it Is with a
feeling of pride that Pythians pause
and contemplate the beauty and
handiwork of fraternity that has
been builded by this groat American
fraternal organization.
Chamber of Commerce Takes Vp t
Question of Making St. Helen
Landing Point for Air Ships.
As a landtag place for av
craft St. Helens is to have a plo
me map.
A ropresontatlve of tho Oi
Washington and Idaho Air,
company of Portland viBlted ou
Wednesday and arranged Zor f
to take place here Sunday of a
gull flying plane. The "hop t,
and landings will be made In .
rive.'. '
In conjunction with the McO.
mick Interests the Chambor of CoL
merce has taken up the matter o.
providing a landing dock here whlcii
will- put St. Helens directly on the
map r.s a landing point for this clasa
air craft. It is the Intention of
the Portland concern to eatablis j
air service between that city and
Astoria, and it is in keeping with the
well-known commendable spirit oi
the Chamber of Commorce to get in
on the ground floor for any thin?
that benefits St. Helens by providing
the airplane company with a suitable
place to land their machines.
At limited expense It is proposed
to put In a . dock at the mouth oi'
Nigger creek, which the represent
ative of the airplane company con
siders an Ideal location. The Mc
cormick interests are lending aid to
the proposition by tholr co-operation,
and Secreary Storla ii an enthus
iastic booi;ert
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Wlin reiaiivw n '
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