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St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, April 30, 1920, Image 5

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.... ti. iu
f.Mi.iA COUNT V.
iiaii tiKin.l I.uhiIht Company la cor
1 Sln. IMalnlirf. v.. William
Conner, Ell.abib A. Urook. 0. J.
Zu K. K. Urook.. T. T.
iieiitor, L K ""'. '""
Wliy. Blld SIlUIIIWHy, lMifl.ll-
Tn'TvUllnm Conner, Ellrnboth A.
inm'k.. O. J- Uronk, K. K. Urook..
I sinuiiwuy and t'- f. Bhumway,
ii. above named defendant:
I,, the Nbiiio t'18 aittl of 0ro-
houi1i 166 feet und ,)Uih j7 d
WV rUHL 41? b fuot ....
.., n-nis CIIKCIT COURT OF Tllfclgroe 43
- ..,,,... M lit l . I a. .
S'lATK i'l' wnr-uw., . w.. -.. j-wut.i v U'Kn)V y 3Q" Went V7.1
I-T.h'. N'ru ,or -'' other and further n,
of Knnti,,,, ii.i,, Nw'-4)H.'f a mny be deemed proper In the
shin i 1 i . '. ,own- Promises.
ii.P u L". ,.5'..Nor. '...of " iwoi This summon. .. .ervp
;r. " """""" . TowiihIiId 7 ... ""lu iwenu-, pursuant to an orrtn, r .i w'
Boulh 0 .!;,. ' r',. ""'H Jm0 H. Hbarn. I. nU"l Km-bM '. rder was made on
ll"t 412 6 fe.,l ,,,! Homl,
foil MTU 1'M "I .ww..w I' w
' ..,,,1 answer tlio complaint iihhi u degree 63" 30" wem km "
:..liiHt you In the above entitled North H8 degree. 6' 30" , ' " . '..'I 11,8 " ' Twontj
on or - - -i',:r,::r, : v;..:r .'uw'p 7 North or
r inn nrm I.U....V-..W.. w. 4 ,vri or Uih Wllluiimltii
i.i.wlt. on or buforo U , Mnrld nn: I v......
unmonH. to-wlt. on or before, a It . M.,rldlnn tl.rnco Norm Sl u. ira."
;! " k. from tl.o lflll. dy of . April. 8- 30" W.mt 200 f.,,, ; IImm KouJh
;2U;undlfyouf..ll oln.worfor 0 d..Rr..M 6.T 30" VVVnt 200 f,.,,f
wunt ihi-rnof. H'.i plaintiff will d.v It hone. Houth HI) .nKr,,,.H fi. ;tl).. Kiih;
want I III..'' . "' i"""
' . .............it ..ncl durron accord
uly pruyr.l for In It complaint,
1 ' .,!', for a d.'cr. forecIonInK Hint
-rtiilii inc.rlK'iK" lwid bearuiK d.it
h- Bill dy ' M:y. 19li- ,,nd
' ,,,,1 ,v ;ir.-ndiinl William Con
nPr Kl riibMh A. Ilrooka and O. J.
llrooka of th above named defon
riunn. ''' recorded at pko 847.
Hook "H", Itworda of Mort.iiK'-a In
ihn nff'rn of the founty Clerk of
Columbia County. Oregon. In fuvor
of thu plaintiff. inorlgaKlnu unto
Dliiliitlff the followliiR deacrlbed real
.ii.ii..i lt vi..niiia County,
Stuto of Oregon, to-wlt:
jlegiiiiiiiig ui point 6.25 cbuin
Finl '! t.hO chain Houth of tin.
Kurlhwm.t rorner of tlm Nortl.eat
Kouth ICi f.(. n7J..V" '"Ito". cowlnx tl,o ili'linn...... ' !.!!- newspaper of
j-i- .n . . .. " iKral..aM,lm.l JV"", .""" Kircuiuuon, puniiKliea at 8t
mv fiini IZ b r..., ,.. u....... -iubi iuiu IUV efl UtXin kh .1 I n una In !. . ..
") d.H.ribca !,... r,.. v." ... c. . ;t.:"?-'l"'u," 01 -"un.
I VII. I I Ift .. n ,.' "
and 22-100 r 1Y7 , . i-m "7T?,:,,? I - . ' Uulf .f."r8t Put't'on of this
er mi-fM. ut thn i",",,"V" .. """? 120. nd the
emit per annum from tia, 1; 1,2V pu""calloa ' A"r 30.
200 f.: . "N:,h 0 ''"'Ht and coHt t.,(!reon. whTch .74 ' 8t. He r6Kon BUUre'",:
0 biacn. ' ' 7alu cili!euto of delin-
iu.:n.:y ami which dear Inlereat ui f t. y - -
.he rate h.ireinufu.r f.rrh 'nnot Be Cured
he da... .of the reactive .. V?,. i &BALh ff"?A9.. thr
63 JO fcnat 200 f(ul ,0 tl p,aw
Aj) lleKliinliIK llt R ,,Ilt Wl(.h h
Houth 166 foot, ami Houth K7 dKr..e,
4.1 30 0:11 412 6 foot and Houth c
degre... 63- 30" wet 20 f,.nt Mu
north 89 dogre.. 6' 30" V(.Ht 700 4
teet from the north quarter comer
of Kectlon 21. TowiiHhlp 7 North tf
Kitngu 2 W.-Ht of thu Wlllnmiitie Ma
rdliin; thfnco Houth hi degree
JO K.iHt 60 funt; llieiiio Houth 0 do
gre.. 6T 30" Ht 100 feet; theIlc,
North Is 9 degrei 6' 30" West 103 4
feci; thence in a itrnirht Uo to the
pluiw of beginning; also
() lipg.iuiing at a pulnt which l
-...11 . im ieei aiui nouth 7 degreei.
ou niiHi 11z.f1 ri.1.1 '1111,1 1.
Nurl 11 w.i rin...'i v. hi" i'"... 1
nurier of H.H-tlon 21, Townblp 743' .
.Nnrth. Itungn 2 ul of Wiluiii.nie , 0 degrees 63 30" went 20 feet ami
.. l....i.t.l ii.llll. IvVAtllV I Zl. . I II11HI1 IQ ....... L -
mfriiimi.. " rHi"ra o 4U went 700 4
clralm; thence Vent twenty (201 teet. and aouth 0 degree 63' 30"
tlulna; thence North nineteen and wchi 360 feet from (he north quarter
nlnotyfour hundredth ( 18.84 I j corner of Hecllon 21, Township 7
rh ni; th-nce K.iat nlnetoen and j North of Uaiige 2 Went of the WM
ninety e v n hundredth (18.871 Inmetie Meridian; thence North 89
flmlm to Hie po ut of beginning, degrei 6' 30" w.'Mt 100 feet- Hienie
cenlalnlug S8 .81 a. re. mora or lew.. Houth 0 degree 63' 30" wet la
tnd b.i n' a part f ald Section 21 feet; t'lenci, ouih 9 iiegree o' iU
and INinullon Land Claim No. ii. eiml 10o feet; thtneo North 0 de
Almi. brgliinliig at point 43 roih gree 63' 30" cunt 100 feet to the
eninh e' i1"' Nrri',iwo crer of 1 place of bvglunlng; alHo
.ftlon 21. Townhlp 7 North, Hang T. 2. 3. 4. iieglnniug at a point
1 Went of Willi. ineito niiirm.... .1 which I aouth 166 feet, and north
llifnce puuu. un i . .... u.-iwa u jv wohi V066 feet
houtliwim corner of the Northwenl , and aouth 0 degree 68' 30" we(
quarter uf wild Section 21; thence 1081 feet, and aouth 88 degree r
Rait on lim to the Kouthoaat corner j 30" caat 240 feet 'from the north
of th Went half of the Northwem ; quarter corner of Section 21. Town
(juartrr of mid Section; thence Non). i khlp 7 North of Hnngo 2 Went of the
on r;l lioununry line ui me v cai 111111111.110 Alerlilltin; llience North
lulf cf iiald Nnrthweat quarter of j 0 degree 68" 30" etui 700 feef
.in-.l..u . 1.. Uniilhd..l .n.n..tilhnl.. U tin V'
- - - - .."P,.... A OU em.'
nirr.1! . i-'hh . r ' . m n-v , 11 eiirc. nmin. .1 .i.0ra..u r.u
ni ami wife to Eddie Hall: thence 30" Went .11111 n,u..
. ... . . . . - - ..j., .uruia Dfiui 11 B V
ni uu .....o .. ....vrv :i.. ...-.'n i w iw ieei ; uience
l.xrinntniT. laving und executing out : South 0 dnvreuit M' :in" 10:
ni anin Iran biiiivh nmcniHiii u cri.r- it.r. : iiia.nrai rv.trf.t uu tit n..i
l.eretofore conveyed by Mary W 1 Wet 60 foot; thence So mil 0 d.
!(ht (SI acre heretofore conveyed gree 63' 30" Writ 271.6 (eel- thence
U' U tltvtf A... I ttrlfal In A. .tali.. In' u .imUl.i I.... .... . . '. . .
... .... ...nnn - - ... w .....Au. tiiitj iu nig uuini 01 no . . ' juufcincui
f.iron nd another tract of lnm( ginnmg; alm ""' iecree ror the rorecloaure of the
nmprili.g alMtut fifteen (16) cre : T. 1 A. llORtnnlng at a point ' lion ' ,ucl tax'g UDon a'"- "gainst
nrei'iiore c.,iiveea ojr Biarjr vv.iwinrn ii Mouth I degree 1 East 709 !, I ij ui inm uina ana prem-
isewiou no iiiuiiiiuu 10 n. n. uui-. ieei ami south 87 degree 43' Eat ' 'ou 80 10 BP-
L..I '7fl1 f ' 1 lieu r nlllt defen.1 .tr ntiv Ilia n
r"' iw.h 1110 ixiriuwesi corner' . . '"' vju..i
LSi.nln nil ....n-.lfi nf i.k. i nl U.....I..M t f -. . - .IllUO. a llecrea -ill li piimlo.ii.l t...
roleuia and other mineral oil, all Knngo 3 Weat of the Willamette " " 1 ourl forccloalng the lien ol
.U.a wina ...! ,......1 tt ....1 ..! M...-1.I n. .1 .. .. . i Itaid IftXeH. Mtirl tlin non :i 1 . Inn lt.t.n.
II other mloeruU and mine lyuu i i3' Hum 62H feet; thence South o : ar--1 coatB. aKalnst tho land and prem
nd l:ng within or under all. or any ! degree 8' Kaat 231 feel: thence ' bovo named and doscrlbed.
1 lilt lunimon In nuhlnhe.1 In tlir.
St. Helens M st of St. Helens. Ore
gon, once each week for sixty day
by ordor of the Honorable J. A
Kakln, Judge of the above entitled
Court, which order wns made on
March 12th. 1920. and the date of
tho first publlc&t on of this summons
i ar'rrn is. ivz'i, onfl the (Into of
blnod purlllers. The perfect comhlnutlon
Mir '.Tn!,5rJ,.',n,ln A'''-,8 CATARRH
MKU CINh Is what produce. uch won
Oerful reiult. In catarrhal conditions.
Uruggl.t 76c. Teatimnnlal. free.
F. J. Cheney A Co., Props., Toledo. O.
. - .wti. uiBeose, rreatiy tntpj-
18.63 on .h.nn.r. in inn ... ' enied by ciinlli,iiinr,i ,..fi.E..,. K "5 fa
;he your 1908 at the rate of 12 nee uAJA UiH Eul(;1N'- cure catanh.
ent per anniirn- P 1 ,h.'nitMt.en 'n'e--na"y nd act. through
i , P V. " Lhe.f,lood,.on. V'e Mucou Burfac.. of the
22.28 on January 30, 1920. forl?y,,em' ,-ALI-8 CATAkkh meuicinb
he year 1910, at the rate of 12 ner L",f-2Tp2"",-..or JmVor u' b-' tonic.
ent ner annum- ' ". L .7: """,u?"ln oi tne beat
28.14 on January 30, 1820, for
he year 1911 at the rate of 12 per
:ent per annum;
$10.06 on January 30, 1920 for
he year 1912 at the rate of 12 per
ent per annum;
$27.66 on April 3, 1917, for the
ear 1913, at the ra'.e of 16 por cent
er annum;
$18.32 on April 3. 1917, for the
vear 1916. at the rate of 15 per cent
ioi" annum;
$14.02 on April 3, 1917. for the
ear 1916. at the rate of 16 per cent
er annum; '
$7.93 on April 6, 1918, first hall
if taxes for the year 1917. at the
rale of la per cent per annunii
$7 93 on October 6. 1918, second
lelf of taxes for the year 1817, at
be rate of 12 pur cent per annum;
$9 94 on May 21, 1919. first hair
)f taxes for the yeur 1918, at the
rata of 12 per tent per annum; and
$9.73 on October 4, 1919, second
ialf of taxes for the year 1918, at
he rate of 12 per cent per annum
Vou are hereby further notified
nd required to appear within sixty
lay. afier date of the first publlca
;lon of thl. summons, excliiB'.ve ol
.he dny of s.i.d first publication, and
lefend the action or pay the amount
lun. Includ tig all the above named
wms, the Interest thereon and the
:os s of til s actloi..
Vou are hereby further notified
that the plaintiff has applied to the
yTOMOLrco C:
ITie Auburn Bcauty-SIX is the realization
of an ideal the master achievement of
twenty years devoted unswervingly to the
building of fine motor cars.
In its beauty, power and comfort are mas
terfully merged. The beauty-SIX is a car
yuu ic yiuuu ra anve.
v ia Willamette Slough
The I'eonle'ti llo..t
Leave I'orilnud d illy - -2:30 p. m
(Sunday 1 :30 p. m.)
Arrives St. Helens - - 6:00 p. m
(Sunday 3:30 p. in.)
l-caves St. Helens - - 6:16 a. ni
Vrrlve. rorlland - - - 10:15 a. in
Makes all woy landings. Wharf foot
Alder atreet. l'liones: Main 8323,
f'ltANK WII.KIN3. HI Helens Agent
H( lli:i)ll.K
A.M. P.M.
I.v. fit. Holens 7:30 1:30
Warren 7:46 1:46
Scappnose 8:00 2:80
Ar. Portland' 8:20 3:20
I.v. Portland 10:00 4:00
Ar. St. Helens 11:60 6:60
Hntiiiila). mill .Hominy. ,
perlal trip leaving St. Helens I p. n
lavn Portland I! r m
....... u.iuv.uw .... .....- .... i t .Mm u.n wt; inence
ind l.n within or under all. or any i .legrei 9' Kaat 231 feel; thence
I..., w. miv Buiiiu unvi.unu imiiu iwiui o i ueKriia sj weal oZ8 feet'
hUh -tt'.tlt..... . ........ ft'..-... A .. ... - '
...vu ,n uu. UHliril IJ 1 1 1 1 mill J II V U VW .UTlll U UegTOOS WS.t 231
nnnr, Elltnbnth A. Urook and O.I feet to the place of beginning.
I Brooka, which excrptnnco I more j together with oil nnd singular the
.. mrK luiui in mo uv.'u oi tun- ( . ...I. 'men i h, u erpu 1 1 amen is and ap
era conveying the above land. "iirtnnee thereunto belonging or
lid hramLu. I.. It ' 1 1 1 .. ... .M.i K . i -
1.- r.w,,.,B..B , yj ,.iiUi,a vvuuri .uu tii nu;i.nn appurtaiuing.
IltabMh A llr...,li. l.v , ... - .....
: ' - "x"" ..... .... ... inning ui.i uo.enunnis. ana i
r ni. flr,.i,t. Iir.i.v t '. ... .... n w nr . nAi. . t .i..... . . ... i.
I' '.' v..,...; . v. vwv.i ui IIIVIU, ui eu rignt, line, III1., , I ,, . ' v
I ne May J. 112. reference to which terent. estate and equity of rodemp-l la8t Publication will be May 7,
firsmore run and complete do.crlp-j t'on of. In rnd to tho whole of t n 1 -
Oil Of 111. rirvnllrift ami vi..n.' tlmva .U..H,..I .... t ...... ..j All OrOCerl Slid Dnner. In thl art.
wwv .-1 m..'... ... n . ...ti.i ..uu t-niii.H, nim ior , 1
luiliMiicnt nH .lru .iir.nn. . k . ion may oe sfrvoii uuou t lie under
Itnle lielueen St. Helens and
Portland, fit) rents one way, 73
rents for the round trip.
Tickets good until used.
HoHt l-aves St. Helen. 7:Via. in.
K.-tii'iiieC leiives pnrtlttiid 2:3(1 p. in.
Arri-e at St He en 4 '45 n. m.
AiaomobiU Engineers for Tutnty Veois,'' f
Repair Work. Tires. A
Ion herein referred to I. hereliy
Alto excepting a right of way forty
iwn in wiuth for railroad or
judgment and docree directing the " " 'rrvva uPn 'e unaer-
sale of said real estate, aud the wholu Kn!(1' 1UV8 "uhscrihed this
thereof, lo satisfy the amount due on 1 w"'ton as attorneys for and In be-
.1.. . ... - .. Itllllf nf BilH nl'tlnllff n il.AiM .l
ni. uu mr imiirunu un nuio securuu uy sain mongilgc ; 1 . an-
''". purposn. over and across the namely, the sum of $1818.83, to- "r,'t"' 604 Scl'"l8 Building, Porlluud,
remlKfa .Im,. .1.....11..... .. .. .....i.... ...i... .. ... ... . i llrei;on.
ii V -'. . ..".. b.i ui buiiiui w.iii iiiioratii tnureon at U18.
inch roaervatlons herein mentioned ! rate iff 6 per cent per annum from1 l . u. STARR,
'mora fully ot forth In said doed November 1, 1913 to March 15. 191b I M- A- ZULUNCKll.
iconveyaiire of May 2, 1812 by said and from November 18. 191S until Attomoys for Plaintiff.
'"Inn Kufllllff I '.. ... ..l.l nn 1.4 . .1 1. . ...,1... . .n
l.., ...f.... .j vjii. f.... nun iiiw luiuinr Blllll 111 f in.ua
llllnm Cnnn..r .....I i"ii. ...!. . ' ..... .1 i... ..i........ ... . KI'MMOVD
- - " K.lllUf?lll . , .....n iuiu uy illllllllill upon .aiu ... - '
rooka. Uriim'... u in, i.nr.. n...,..n ... I IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE
Alio excepting the following de- the rate of 6 per cent per annum! STATE OF OREUO.M KOll COI-
.u..u, niuvu iiuve. .null jauiiaiy 01, IV. V, Ulllll pam, '
n rulcaaed from the lien of tin nnd the further sum of $200 00, at- Geneva It. Guild, Tlalntirf, vs.
" dj-aerlhed mortgaga. to-wlt: ! torney . fees, together with the costs ! l-eonurd A. Ciuild. Derendant.
i neginnuig at a point which and d sburscments of this suit and! lo ''"onaru a. uuiiu, uoienunni:
OOUth lKf. f.... I o...... o ... I. .... -j .... .. .,..! Ill lllA Viimn nf Mm Sl'llt. nf nrn
I ... "uu rmiiin of ii. . nucu .ale, nnu uie procoeo. nppueo 1 w ' v
!S I3.30" Kn"1 412 o '?et. and loWard tho paymont of the amount ! on, you are hereby required to ap-
pin 0 di-urte. 63' 30" West 120idue on sild prom'ssorv noto. costs ",vir ,iml nnswer the complaint filed
p from the North quurtor corner of th: suit nnd sale, nnd towards the , "Snlnst you In tho abovo entitled
1 section 21. Township 7 North of ! o-yment of tho amount pn'd bv Uourl and suit on or before tho 1st
r'", of the Wtllamotte Me- plaintiff for taxes on ald real M-illftV ot "' Hhat uoing the
C',?' ,llel' North 88 derreim 0 ttvtn abovo described, and that plain-!111'" llliv tlie t;,!10 proscribed in
r neat 1(10 . ........ a 1...... ... . . ..... -1 .. flw. m-rter nf enuHl fnr fliA nuhllen.
Hun of summons), and if you fall so
.0 appear and nuowcr, the plaintiff
win cause your uemuii 10 on enter-
'ii ami appiy to me court tor me re-
t..f .I....... t. A mi In audi Arttt. lit In I In.
.I. .I.....U v u ... ..ou bv....k.......
...I.. I.,... .. ilnnhiid illaanlvlnt Ilia
bonds of matrimony heretofore and
now ex'stlnft betwoen plaintiff and
defendant, nnd that plaintiff be per
mitted to resume the uso of her
maiden name, Geneva 11. Morrison
eiriu. to. ,l". tnunce fsonn u nit nnvo jiiugmeni against rue ue-L-ih
Ki,Hl lu 'oe'; tbenie' fendiints William Conner. Elizabeth
rfl1 8l dl.irrM.ta M IA'1 It'.... . 1 ..... I. . ....I t V I. ... .1..
H. ,. " v J ow nvni -ivu , i. tir.'ona nun i. uiuiikh lur me
. theni'n m....i h n . .... .....1. . , ...... ..
t...i V u uearee. ua au sum ot tttnvvn, togouier witu in- y -
"uieet; thenco South 88do-Uerest on $1818.83 thereof at the I "'1 nnu apply to Hie court tor tne re
,h 30' East 200 foot; thence, rate of 6 per cent per annum from J lief demanded In said complaint, to
HQ D ntilru.M E4i .... a . . . . . 1. . r . . j ... 11 . I.,,.. .. Hn .., .Ilaanlvlni fhc
t in ii tv mm 1 u u 1 Aovem ner 1, mu to niarcn 10, ivin
MBi ii ip COof ,,elllnu; ulsoiand from Novombor 18. 181S until
uln . :"""" at, a point winch l paid, togotnor witn interest on
. H6 feet und South 87 degrees $762.05 thereof from the 31st day
,iv .east 412 R In.l .. 12 1.i.l linn ..mil hnl.l ln.lh..
, f'.? " '"C" West 270 feet, with the cost and disbursements of
10 fart , degree 6' 30" Wes'. this suit.
mr nt o m ,ho nort" lrter The defendants are further noti-
irth oi ,, octlon l. Township 7 fed that service of summons In the
ami 1 . ?e 2 WeMt of tll WIN obovo entitled suit has been ordered
Morld lin' II, ...... V....I. an I J' ..J I.. 1. ...I.
itrtea fi1 inn ..."..vu ourill dit'uuu .l iceieu iu eo iiu.uv ujiiiii unci,
"lb o h wet 100 feet; thene-) of ld defendants by publiwitlon
thfrr'"H r'3' 80" Mt 260 (hereof pursuant to an order of the
."out" 88 dogree 08 nbovo entitled Court rendered and
hi ir .... : th(,nne norll 0 de-Entered on tho 13th day of Apr.1, A.
1.. . vunt vr.n r..i . - .1... n loon r 1. . ... n.a. ,..n ...
rC nf 1.-.. , '" "re. lO llir u. Iff.v. 1 IliU win V...". muoa,
in n..,"ln.nln: l0 I this summon to be published fori
"111 Us 1 nt l01"1 w,llch 1 (H eonsectitiVO weeks In the "St
r 10" . i !"!d wuln 87 Irii Holeni Mist." a newspapor published j
tl' an.. 2 8 foet ,0"h u de l weeklv nt tho City of St. Holens, In
voiuinuin vuuniy, oiuio ui uioiun.
- A fn .1 n a . on fn t hAw nnl I.
I liClMllUUIlt B HIO IUI aavn-
fled that the data of the first puhll-
lliis summons is rriua,
6n.... . . u nui'iiipru 10, !..
sotitlt 0 degree 68' 30" O. C. 4V A. C. Fl'LTOM,
inence south 88 de- Attorney for l-iaintui
P. O. Addres: Astoria, ciatsop
Pnimtv Oreiron. . V IS
We are Friends to
For we carry a line of ex
cellent cigars, cigarettes,
tobaccos and pipes, and can
supply his wants.
We also sell choice candies,
fruits and novelties and our
card and pool room is pat
ronized by those who like
to spend a -pleasant hour
in card playing or pool
games. Glad to see you.
Call in.
The Boys
St. Helen.,
Phono I27W
haiMn r,levr,.co!ner of Section 21.
I'll Win..'.n 11 Ran8 8 West fled that
frth 8j ,le," j widian: thance cntlon of
Kthlte. ' ?00 April 16,
E" 200 feet- Vi Q'K 6 30"
n 3.4 "t 200 feel. th.n-
' l ii.r!r8M M" 30" east 200
f uf! -K.r '''nnlng; also VTTTrK,
ft 1st . ul PO nt wh ch I. et J"nmn t.. nnu.. "r'-'
!?." ftnrt South 87 di- I)K, IXOl'KNT TXX ,:uT,, , ATK'
0 d.L. B,A 12.6 feot and IN THE CIRCUIT COUnT OP THE
P' 4 Nak ..a J80" t 1201 STATE OK OREGON FOR CU1
lit tr. "Unn hi) rlaOMn. at a.. I - a s-rw tkunV
11' feet ff;
rr of R,:,, nrth quarter
!th 0 2reSeM.10.-,eet' tllcn"
t; ih.. V8,' 63' 80" w.i inrt
r ioo foeT",1! 1,9 (l,,Kree sr
C"' !0" l! " 0 de-
at tt point which Is
The Celebrated
Bergmann Shoes
P. P. I. E. San Francisco. 1916
The Htronire.t and Nearest Water
nronf Shoe Made
(til Thurman Street Portland
The New Comfort
Talking Machine
We Believe This Machine Is Not Excelled By .Any
Machine On The Market, No Matter What May Be
The Price
make of disc record exactly as well as the best standard talking
machine or phonograph on the market. Without change of equip
ment, but a mply by turning the. sound box slightly for the vertical
and lateral cut records, one can play Victor, Columbia, Edison,
I nthe, and all other kinds of disc records. Tins machine gives ono
wider range of reproduction than is possible with machines sold at
n much liiguer price.
The Reproducing Features of the New Comfort Talking Machine
are unexcelled. It ranks foremost among tho world's greatest in
vontions. performing as it dees, the living reproduction of the
human voice, and of any collection of sounds. The New Comfort
renders the soft vibrations of the violin, the swee tones of the
clarinet, aud the meiouy of tho orchstra.
Tho tone modifier makes it easily adapted to any purpose You
can play it in your home at any time of day or night without disturb
ing your neighbors and without losing any of tho quality of the
music. Vou can modify the tone so that it can be heard distinctly
in any part of a largo hall. This modifier is operated from the
outs.do while the machine is playing.
The New Comfort Talking Machine is as good as any machine
made and is a great deal better than all machines which fail to come
up to the standard. Wherever it has been installed It has beon
universally endorsed and approved.
John A. King
CsL Keep Bees i I
I'MHl", V . "Ill-Mil.
t... tl dlmrn Plnlntlff. VS. Mtt'
thllda 8tllon, Defendant.
To Mathilda Stll.on, the above
named dofendnnt:
In the Nnmo of the Slate of Ore-
West 100; gon: You, a the owner of the legul
t'tle to or nnvtng an uneren. ... ...
lien or claim upon the following de
scribed real property, situate In the
County of Columbia, State of Oro
gon, to-wlt;
when we start to fix your plumbinjr. No sitting
around while we send the boy back for some for
gotten tool or materials. We don't make any
more dirt than is absolutely necessary, either.
Do good work, do it quickly and do it cleanly.
Hewitt Bldg., St. Helens.
If you own an orchard you must have bees if
you would secure the largest crops of the most
perfect fruits, as proper pollination is essential
for best development and beea are the only
dependable pollenizing agents.
You can keep bees anywhere that they can forage within
a mile they require but little attention and will often
render you a splendid proat. We can start you right
and save you unneceaaary work and expense.
Our Bee Supply Catalog ii.t. everything
necessary for the succesaful production of honey;
fe; how to care for and handle boat.
Ask for Catalog Number. SI?;
rVrife.u for
Queen Bees
nuaMTU Aflil A. I. &mI (Jo.
r ciff- 'in -wenf jr.".

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