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Twenty Years Ago
(Press the FUm of The Oregca If IK
June 1. 1900.
Mr, frank Miles nu Nti. Marion
Bntler cf Portland spent tereral days
in the city this week.
W. D. Connell and J. H. Dart will
leare Monday for Portland and
thence to Cape Nome, where they
will east their lot with the tnousands
of other fortune-seekers in the
The city council cf St. Helens
has very wisely let a contract to
hare the streets ImproTed, and the
work has already started. Al Rob
inson. Mitchell Ray and Jack Mc
Kle took the contract to put crashed
rock on 1400 feet of the main streets
from Dart t Muckle's store to the
new Methodist church. The con
tract pries is 78 cents per yard.
Commissioner Frakes of Scappoose
has Just re eel ed from the well
knewn herd of .Holsteln-Frleslan cat
tle, owned by Henry Sterens Sons.
La Cona. N. T.. a bull calf, coming
by express and a it-It tug in splendid
shape. Mr. Frakes' herd numbers
71 bead, being all black and white.
7 room house and 4 lots, hard flr.-
Twenty-Fire Years Ago
(Pram the File of The OregoB Mist
June 7, 1SS5.)
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Jndson Weed of Houlton suffered
the fracture of the radius ulna of
the right arm on Monday last. The
little sufferer was brought at one?
to this city, where Dr. Cliff admin
istered chloroform and reduced the
We hare been Informed by Mr
Jones, of the city water works sys
tem, that the right-of-way tor the
grarlty system has all been secured
and that the work of excavating and
laying the pipe has begun.
Two dishes of strawberries for two
bits at the social tonight.
W. B. Dlllard and Tom Muckld
are oat in the mountains camping
this week.
W. A. Harris returned from his
Nehalem home innday evening,
where he has been to look after the
needs of bis wife whose health has
been very poor for several weeks.
Mrs. T. C. Morris of Reuben was
la the city yesterday, hating com. '
this far with Mrs S. G. Watts on
her way home, and'also to attend the
afternoon tea by Mrs. J. G. Muckle.
The "Come and Go" man of th?
Oregonian evidently mixed with A L.
Morris cn his recent trp to the me
tropolis and Mr. Morris han.led him
i little boost f j.- CoiJ uMa ro. i.ty
The biggest diking prcposi'lon in
the west is planned for the ooors of
Portland." says A. L. MorrU of War
ren. Ore. "It will embrace from rp
poose slough, near St. Helens, .ilniost
to the Multnomah county line, a -Jis-tance
of about seven and a half n.lks.
When completed It will be a wonder
fully fertile section, like lie ilelta
lands near Clatskanie. where 2 ! tor
of rutabagas are raised to the acre."
Mr. Morris, who is fruit inspwtnr for
Columbia county, says that wh-le Co
lumbia county has been a great pro
ducer of potatoes, only about 60 per
cent of the former acreage will lie
used for spud and the rest will go
into berries, as the growers think
there is mere money in berries. Mr.
Morris, who is interested in swine
husbandry, doesn't hold out much
hope for the price of pork dropping
"We used-to get 11H cents for hogs
and paid SIS a ten for mill run; now
we get 15 4 cents for hogs on tlu
hoof and pay $56 a ton for mill run,"
he added.
KAI.EVA HOT El, -Turkish.
Ished downstairs. 11400. 1500 down land Shower Hut lis every ilay an.
balance per cent. J. li. Godfrey.; Russian Hatha Sutnr.l) .-
St. Helens. 8-11 ..
I KKMKKS AiIvImo nie wiuii .'U
! have cattle, calves, lnK-. liT
goats to sell. 1 ""I J 1 lr r"
ucit rs under i. sv
c mlueted by Mr. and Mrs. P. Dahl. fore and the piumting. of n
The hotel will be conducted ns be- ly solicited. """a'
Wai.tcd Clean cotton rugs at the
Mist office. 20tf
at mv p.i li'ns' i hi
For Sale Two desirable residence SnittWiire. Se.-ioo . T'cou r.to
lots on Nob Hill. Inquire Mr?. S. C I nie at my office. Frank I.. Smith.
Morton. 19-tfi ;;'S Alder Si.. lVriliinil. Ore. IV.tt
Eiitri.y Found In my pasture, a
ikirk Jersey cow mil heifer e.ill.
Owner to pay fir nil and take the
The St. Helens Jersey Cattle Clut I animals, .lohn I'nvnl. Juiikltm. tire
bull Is in good condition for service. 1 Tel. Si. Helens 11SK;'. :.'.'''
Terms. 110.00 cash; monev reiurne.l i
if cow is not with calf. N. Slier- Mr and Mm. Vul Jiilinmin of I'oi
wood. Warren. Ore. Phone 10SF21 ; lnnd, have tnken over the niaiiage-24-it.
j nieiil of t! e Kaleva hotel, formerly
For Sale Bees and Bee Supplies
We hope to have for sale a few col
onies r.f bees In 8 or 10 frame hives
as desired, with a choice of a section,
shallow frame or full depth super;
each all (or nearly all) frames with
wire and full sheets of foundation.
IS and 110 each, at Reuben, Ore.
Walter E. Carrington. 25tt
Twenty-Eight Years Ago
(Frem the Files of The Oregon Mist
June S, 182.)
The city dads should take note of
the fearful condition of the side
walks In the western part of the city.
Norman Merrill of Clatskanie, can
didate for representative, was in St.
Helens daring the first of the week.
E. H. Flagg, editor of the Salem
Democrat, received a severe sun
stroke a few days ago, but has so far
improved to be on duty again.
Edgar Enyart has returned from
the Kalama hospital, where be has
been for medical treatment on ac
count of his accident Deer Island
The Odd Fellows will hold their
first meeting in their newly deco
rated hall In St. Helens tomorrow
The Sarah Dixon came down Tues
day with the mall In place of the
Telephone, which has been laid up
for repairs. The Telephone resumed
her regular trips Wednesday.
For Sale Ono good worn horse:
8 years old; we'ght about 1400; good
puller and will give trial; will be
sold reasonable. Mark Bolocco.
Box 135, Houlton, back of Coltimtv,
River Cannery. 24-25
For Sale. Pony. 5 years old; safe
to ride and drive for women and
children. J. Vanderscheure, War
ren, Ore. 25tf
For Sale Seed rotatoes, $4 per
hundred. N. Sherwood, Warren,
Ore., Phone 108F21. 24tf.
For Sale A good milk cow; fresh;
half Jersey and halt Holsteln. Apply
P. H. Lund, Warren. 2ttf
The fascination which the strange
lands of the Far East have held for
the average American is taking on
a more tangible form, now that trav
el and business are bringing Asia
and the United States into closer
No article of commerce Is doing
more to bring this country into close
teach with the mystic East than rub
ber. The rapid rise to supremacy
ia the production of crude rubber
of the islands of the Indian Ocean,
combined with the fact that America
consumes nearly three-quarters of
all the rubber grown there, has given
many Americans an opportunity to
peep behind the scenes and become
acquainted with the lands and peo
ples of that distant quarter of the
Although the whole equatorial
belt in that section is dotted with
rubber plantations, representing a
capital Investment of nearly half a
billion dollars, the thoughts of Amer
icans naturally center on Sumatra
where one of America's greatest cor
porations has established a planta
tion sa vast in area and so highly
developed that it stands out as the
greatest single plantation In the
world. This is the plantation of the
United States Rubber Company, com
prising seventy square miles of grow
ing trees, an enterprise marked
throughout by a magnitude and an
efficiency worthy of the best Amer
ican traditions.
By producing its own rubber the
company Is in a position to estab
llsh a uniformity In its manufactured
product, especially United States
tires, such as rubber manufacturers
have lone craved.
A robin sang and its clear notes rang
From the top of a stately pine,
And the lilt It trilled, the bleak woods
With a burst of long devlne.
A soldier kneeled on the battlefield,
Where a dying comrade fell;
And the angels heard the whispered
That softened the parting knell.
A daisy small by a garden wall
Bloomed in the heat alone,
And Its dainty face cast a lightsome
O'er the frowning; wall of stone.
The sons; of a bird or a whispered
Or a flower's caressing smile,
Tho. trifles small, may each and all
Render lit worth while.
" f, C. Haxton. '
Twenty milk cows, Holsteink
and Jerseys; 12 fresh and
others will freshen soon; 20
Holsteln heifers, half of them
two-year-olds and half one year
old. Ono Holsteln registered
bull, 15 months old. PASERO
BROS., on Liberty Hill, mile
and half northwest of St.
For Sale Cabbage plants at th
greon house back of the Columbia
River Cannery. Mark Bolocco, Bo
135, Houlton, Ore. 24tt
For Sale Desirable houBe and lot;
has nice orchard of 14 trees; garden;
berries. Will sell cheap for cash.
On Summer street, near Columbia
park. Mrs. Oscar Swenson, St.
Helens. 23-25
For Sale Good family milch cow
E. Larsen, Goble, Ore. 23-25
For Sale One 1920 Maxwell, 5
passenger car and one 1913 5-pass-enger
Chalmers. Cars In good con
dition and fully guaranteed. Prices
reasonable and liberal terms. J N.
Garrison, P. O. Box 601, St. Helens.
For Sale Oae horse, weight 1575
lbs.; one gray mare, weight about
1400 lbs. George Grant Scappoose.
For Sale The wood on five acres
of land, close to railroad track and
St. Helens. C. w. Masten, Houlton,
Oregon. 14-tf
For Bale Sixteen grade milch
cows; now have 1 4 pounds butter
fat per cow each day. We are going
out of dairying so will sell them
cheap. J. Erickson, S.t Warren, Ore.
, For Sale or Trade One work
mare, with colt, weight about 1500
N. D. McCullum, Box 4tf 1 8t Helens'.
For Sale One fine 3-months-old
registered Holsteln bull calf; Pon
tiao and Hengerveld strains; straight
and nicely marked. John Joseph
son, Warren, Oregon. Twin Hill
Farm. , 20-41
For Sale Launch, 21 ft. 8 In. in
length, 4 ft. 6 In. beam, equipped
with 10 h.p. Vim engine. In flrht
class condition. See or write T. A.
Nygaard, St, Helens, Ore. 16-tt
Wanted To interest the children
near St. Helens and Goble In hiving
new swarms of bees for me. In any
kind of box that will give them air
(cover 8-Inch, square hole with fly
screen- delivered to our Reuben'
store, $1 per swarm and up accord
ing to size. One-half mile south of
Goble, Ore. Walter E. Carrington,
Bee Supply dealer. 21tf
Wanted To get In touch with
old time violinist, who plays tho olu
tunes, for Fourth of July. Address
Box 441, St. Helens, Ore. 26
Wanted Dressmaker for plain
work. Mrs. Bert Adams, Deer Isl
and, Oregon, . 26
Is a wholesome, nutritious
food. At our bakery you
will find only well bakd,
clean, bread, full of the nutri
ment of life. Our experience
enables us to give you REAL
S. F. HEl'.M ANN. Prop.
Phone 114-6
The June Bride
Urldnl presents aro as esMMlal as tliw veil. We buy,, (fc
gate Rlntts, Stick 1'lns. Pennants and a vurlely of useful J!
pretty Juno wedding presents.
We ntno have a splendid linn of high grade wrist witches-m
r watches Hamilton and Elgin. You will find our Brl
Reliable Watchmaker and Jeweler
,t vrJ n ' i n : ita rjsssi-sj i M
& wau
fen miles used
to be a Ion
WHAT a difference in
these motor-car days,
when every point in the
county is hardly more than
"just around the corner."
People's ideas are chang
ing, too.
They're beginning to fig
ure out how much it is cost
ing them to keep a car. And
the man who is doing the
greatest amount of figuring is
the man with the moderate
price car.
There still seems to be a
notion in some quarters that
any tire is good enough for
a small car.
That's not what the man
who owns it thinks.
In recommending and sell
ing U. S. Tires we are trying
to see his side of the propo
sition finding cut what he
wants in a tire and giving
him that
Large or small, U. S. Tirea
are built to only one stand
ard of quality the standard
that produced the first
straight side automobile tire,
the first pneumatic truck
Every tire that bears the
name "U. S." is built the
best way its makers know
bow. It isn't the car, but
the man who owns the car,
that counts with the oldest
and largest rubber concern
in the world.
As representatives of U. S.
Tires in this town, we offer
you the benefit of our experi
ence and advice in settling
your tire problem.
Smlel your (If ao
cordini to th toad
thoy hmr to travel:
In sandy or hilly roun
try, wherever the golnt
la ant to be heavy The
U. & Nobby.
For ordinary country
roads The U. S. Chain'
or Uwo,
For front wheels The
U. a Plain.
For best results
i."iirt-U, s.
ttoyal Cords.
United States Tires
Copeland Auto Comp
ST Un r.

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