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. t .. m, 1 ft tBUfl
at llnlfim, Oregun. muj v, .v.
,. . i, biofkml sewer In block Ni
lll'll U'" , ... ... . .a,,i
,, h:1,i iH.'ii oi..-.i...,, ..uV..: !- ...... ....,, -1
All"' iriiunwM tui.t uu . . .. - - iiidl c 11 UP
on portl.ns of Cowllt, Tualatin
I'asenau and Oak tm,s.' rV0 ,u , o
wtm r.w..l ....I . "Ul'lv
,,., imuitdu biuced on fl;o
nnU a mr.i ion mmi,. ....ti ",0
i hi l
PI 1 ii ...... t w t ! n a. lintri
Tl7 Vl e cl"y liiill. H. lltltirOro- !. epted m war
'''""".'a ' Ik U.r HHlon. Promt: f 786.7 on the cUy "r
Saxon, mayor; Robort Dixon. I o J.m. The enee? h)ho
'Jm0Ur councilman; K. K'. K.t polo.. The sumo
K' ; ,m reorder; ucorgo roller. u,HtBI"!' I U ws cC(.. lo lllv,
a',,1:.. i w. I!.y. city attorney, poloi removed fron, ihs I,l,thw7v'
mi orijiiiiincB tir.,ui,u., .... . .-
T. THE ST. HELENS MfST, FRibAV. ttlMtt 4, 1020.
The ililnu"' r luKl rBKul,ir
..Hi. were rnil and approved.
The marshal reported
Hiroy ruhliWh
f i... r
'Mll Wit .III. II U . ,. - " ..... i
of truck driver, ""' on motion made an.l cur-
purdmHe a certain lot. In the city of
toil ' ''"'"'"V l-""'l'lii Couiily. oru
Nn " .'' Uho of Huld ,l.y. up,
iilto wh c" 10 "'P nd destroy ruhhi.h
,rtl. purpcuM or finishing mo iinui - .- "-- .co.,u time by
l.t Ark.Ki- and Iml could not l"'"0' y;,
then t l'ul '"f '"" '"" -6.00 ' ,,f1"',c,ll",n fro" followlnn foi
lid," Tl. - ''"' UUciuwU.lM PWii.lt. n..Uron.-,n pr,n.
P . mo Ir .Ktli. Counclliinin HUo,t rB,l: Applloallor. of Raymond
LL or "n rolu.u from I,. ilmM? J'" 1 "-k porch. I'orn,!,
IU w.i-.- ...... 1 MF MP In M.KW.i... !. .
. ..I i n t ui DPMI nri.iiiiftt . " ww iHu wirrui'Mtoi
mitrm.. v . . UUIKIlng KMwncn Iho Hi llr!cn Ifltl.
W r roported tb.t bCkl'V; "o 0 " "
.J;,,, company h.dw.l.jd . . .tat- i r 1'or-
,r frm in "'"-"V. ". M: In tl, ,, r
vlni tlH'in 10 reran. i" "Kin pom.' . . '.,.' l"" "Ol
m . ,.,.Mi..ffi iii a'....!0' tllB cl'r hall. It ODDHftrln )..
nrrrii-n n-i.. . . - I thn roof of iUu rliv I,, i ... . ,., ":
i lli li liK I" ftli ion emu, union wi I , . '' " """inn
:L , ,v ...id mud the .nmo lo the j "U.n"M,1"rt r,,!n rln 8 C. Morton
uncll will. Hi" rmUi.t from ll.n " " " i'pomtion lo .oil t10 city
mil I ruu.p.inv tl.-.t II council uko , '""r l-rpof paint. TI.Ih matter
h . . -t up 'or adju.lmont. The "J '""Ti n,ollo,, rnu"'
t INiu,.m1 at Imuih. and a1'" ? Jlmt lha city purl...
, , .van .... and carr.,.d th.l , J"",";' Proof pu,t at
iliA rllV IMlElllt'iT IIIHMD l lUI"7
of"rk 0n.,t" un-toetea .tnitch
n".le?,f lh0 -lunibla l.lKli-
mii. i . ,. nl '". nortt. and
Houtl. u wel un(k.r wu , ,
i en CoiiHtructlon company
Hupt. Arnold, who in charge of
wo rk. report, that laying of a.
pi.u I Iibh coiiimoi.ciid and will bi
puHhod a.o,. an rapidly ta pTh-
anil a cotiHlduruhlo hi retch of thu
tZu .?,!"!"n lreat,Hl ,0 crual.nd
.I, ." ;" rou,..llK out minor
diiliiilH of othor purt of tho work.
n.M.'.. k ., (:,0",1,:""i of thl el.iven !
rn.le. the link will ho cIobhu and the
Z T,Hl Wl" "uve a hard-.urf.lSu
.. V ,'Vr,l,lnU lo ABU"ltt- Ana
. , . I'urd-Burfacliiu of thu B.reet
a.llng from I olumhla street to tho
hlKhway Ht. Helen, will have direct
connection l,y tt smooth roadway. j
J. W. Hunt, county clerk. HDent
Sunday at Wentport vlNltng his par
Mlis Alyce and Anna Quick wore'
ftmonn the numher rrom 8t. Helen. i
who attended tho Ma.onlc picnic ut '
JoroHt Grove, Monday
I Having doted out my bu.lnea. In
St. Helen., I take this opportunity of
extending my sincere thanks to the
people for their generous patronage
during the years I was In business,
and bespeak for my successor the
same generous patronage.
During my absenco In the east my
business affairs will be In the hands
of the Columbia County bank. Those
knowing themselves to be tndbbte
to me are requested to call at the
hank and make settlement without
further delay. HENKV MOKGUS.
a 1 tf
Professor J. B. WIUm-toii. Ceorce !
A. Gore and S. C. Morton motored
over to Vornonla Monday to at'end
the Memorial Day exercises. They j
went via the St. HelMs-PittAhurK j
read and Prof. Wllkeruon di-l the!
driving. He said he fis t a litile!
tired Moniiay night after he fln'uhed ;
the return trip. The recent !n;avy
rains had made the rou l quite soft I
and It wai necessary to use chains!
but the nturn trip from ernin!u
was made In less than 3 hours.
Itowt Ilcmtily fop Ktomarh Troabln.
"1 am pleased to have the oppor
tunity to say a good word for Cham
berlr.ln's Tat.lets," writes Mrs Mamie
Bortel of Moberly, M. "I think the
are the best remedy for stomach
troubles, biliousness and constipation
I have ever used. I have taken then,
off and on for two or three years and
they always relieve Indigestion, tone
up the liver and make me feel fine."
Mist Wantads for Results.
F 1 y n n & Cornthwaite
Columbia County Agents for
Shop and Salesroom O n
Block east of S. P. .- B. depot.
St. Helens, Oregon.
pit V I'MK
. .i .1... ti..M ..
jct-m."..' ".."-. V"Mn of the ci.v rn, .,. ...,. '
nin.j ... . v ranin un rr mmiff nr..n... t. ...
ilht i' rri.M.vi'ii nnu rosm in prop ,.' : . , u was no-
r ,u , ... r off iho l.l!.'.vy, and ll.'.t , rid",t ,durl!,,K "" month.
.VrmU,l,rn.,s..r ll.e attorney gen. ".".J. T'" "1UUt Ul 11,6 ll0Ur '
prat. t..llni! It't tho folin. ll woul t 9 , ' ,p.h".,'i .
;.kf tlm ni'itti'r up. llirtlmi r'?'"-n5- '3'
In thn mat n-r or connections or """" l" ''
,:irt. H!i II... .wr.: Thl. manor, 1 11 J-.
it ti.kin up and discussed at somo Attest, k.. l4, QHICK.
njili, mni It i.pp'rliu that no at-j Itecordor.
MltU'tl ail'. li'".l J. ! iu iiunri'. .eni
ut. tlm r.Hiinli'r and ri.u ThIiuI were
the ' , ,'ie.,"a,,ur of t,H hour or mom.
Kor corinin nmult.
...... ...... n..u. wrm..
jirwird to Mi.ti.mon :.ll pnrtles llabUI V" " ' i ii want
lt uppoar biforu the recorder and ''"-" ...on to sen or are
' ' .. . . ' in till. tllflrUAl In 1...
iow riiumi wny tlify si.ould not ho: ' rimg.
r'nil fur vliiliitlnii of tha nrillniitirn
Mm M 't i was pniiiMit and a.krd " r. f heal
c'ii.i .l fur iiermlislnn t remudel
t r'wi r froi.i her premls;., .m l
NC. 17001
ut i In. vwir ni f'owllii street Iih.' THK CIRCCIT t'Ol'RT OF THE
wrt tn I !i.-.t prrpir lewerui;.) ' STATU OK OHEUON FOR THK
cu! I a nl-tnin""! from lipr irrii.lyi COl'NTY OV Mfl.TNf.MA n
' in it'or. .van iihi.le and carried that ' Mnlter of tho Guardianship
Mr.. I. i! piTinlttfil lo mulio thrt " l-eonard W. HiiKstroni, a minor,
inopur di.iltii.Kn from he- proinls.-.. , Notice Is hereby given that the t-n-A
rramuiilis'lon was rccelvdl l''rs Ktied. Krederirk Ilasstrom.
frf.m th I'.ioltlc Ti'lcplione oor.ipanv Kuardlan of the estate and por.on of
untlnit that th.y would bo reopont-: ,nrd V. HuRHtrom. a minor, by
tW for any utul ail dnmanes douo vlrluo n under the authority of a
io the trit?t. iind k'dewnlka and rv cctnln order made by the Honorable
rhco thfin lit as good condition at tieo Taxwell, JudKe of the above fn
they now re. If hy reason of the rv!",'r Court on the 1st day of June,
metal cr pnnre poles in same were' m ine aonve ontltled guardian
lorn up or damaged, ship, will sell by private sale the
AUo a communication from Morris, 'oiirwing described real property l e
rri.th.n rliUe to tha termination longing to the said minor, to-wit?
of tlietr contract to purchase bonds nn undivided two-thirds Interest In
ji re;m. ooum west quarter of Section
A communication was reculvsd ' Twn,y-flV Township Five (5)
from the C.thollo bulldln enmmit. ' North Range Five (6) West in m
to. fori permit to make space In th Cr.unty of Columbia, Oregon.
crjpt benrath the Cgtliollo church : Th9 ,0m, ni1 c-ndttlous of ssln
Mr m mturo hurlnl of Henry and ",wo "r ca" na ali property will
r.ry Jiorgu.. a mr.tlon wai muds 0la wnoie or in par.i to tu .
ul carried that a permit Issue tlisro- Purchaser. Olds or offers may be
mads at any tlm aftar the first pub-
Ai apptlcatlnn was received from "cation cf this notice and bofen
R H. Itohemon for license for room-;1 1,8 fnikliB of snld sale. All bids
lufhomn (Morgue building). Per-j nl,"t ne 1,1 "riling and left at the
nil : ordered liwued on ruction mode o(flce ot w- L Cooper. 924 Chamber
aaetrrlDil. jof Commerce Building, Portland,
lo Iho niuttnr nt ii.a ni...i Orofion.
Herrold on Cowllti and Cutonau ' B:M r"11 Pr0porty will bo sold from
'feti. imving up the lull. etc.. A. on- ar,er tl19 ay cf June, 1820
I'm lime the engineer pre.onts" hi' ' ''t ot ,lr" publication 4th day of
"port and arcepianr of ll.e couiple- i Juno. 1920. Bato of last publication
"on of .aid paving contract, and'"16 101,1 An of July. 1020.
rfcrtt that t, nmmrt.i H..n ...i ! FKEDKKICK HA(i STROM
"oitractor 1 778.1 1. On uiotlou I a,mr11"n of person and cute
W md carried tlm ...... .... I of Loiinnrd W. Huestrom mlnnr
f'-PH'il end aiiioutii duo ordered paid . w- L- COOPER, Attorney for Ounr
MiiVrrttnl "n tl,e treasurer. AUoi dllir'. '2 Chumher of Commerce
umg., I'ortlnnd, Oregon.
We Cater To
Particular People
After the theatre you will find this an excel
lent place to dine. Your guest will be much
pleased with the light lunches we serve.
We cater especially, to particular people
those who can appreciate the best of foods and
the best of cooking.
Our prices are reasonable our cooking un
beatable and our service commendable. Give
us a trial. We will serve you well.
Ramsey's Bread
Is bread you must try and you will appreci
ate it to the fullest extent. Always fresh and
St. Helens Bakery
N'otlrn is hereby given lo t!to
'or Km PXtril material.
.0 the niiiti..p i... - m
o Mium-ii newer irnm
h'urVi" .r,"':l Pr,',1,;,"' on lot 22,
t . .'' r,,(:"r,'"r was Inalructen
M'poiii or city Riirbngo was '"K11 voters or sci.ooi District No
,'r,ui!,lt up .ml dlscu..ed . 2. of Ci.lumhla County. State of Oro
r"n" nill It eppiiirliiR that thrt'"0". that Iho Annuul School Meet
mW ami council wero fully ndvlsad I '"t of "nl(l Watrlcl will bo held at
me matter. un tliat Rosasoo had ' "'k'1 School Auditorium; to begin
u,"i Ul .null lor It. 11 I1 ,,uul l' o w iiurn r. .11., I'll lliw
is,.'.1! m"Ill,n wn Mado and carried ! third Monday In Jne. -'ig the 21st
mi tho council give the sum of $900; uuv of Juno. A. D. 1920.
IODIC. Hill! tlml .1... ... ThU mr.nll.ir. r... II..,. i..r lh. nil .
n.. .....fc i.iu tzity ni. rrnpT .... ... ..Mi
ll. T n"r,,"'inry ordinance foriP0"9 of c'cctlng one Director a.id
--.""ii.e or anmn
Nn flirthur l..i -
motion mt i "'""" i'lnruis, on
T'ouSLn . dB nii rarr,eJ meotlng
At tent: E. E. QUICK.
Tlie'ro?8' 0r,,R0' MX '7. S0.
date in V "u,'l' inot on the above
wiuV J 7"lur ,"",",- No Quorum
"' present no ...eetlna wa.
"est: k. K. QUICK. Recorder.
TJiii'v"8' rP8on' "ox 120-
one Clerk and thu transaction of
tniiliicsn usual nt such meeting.
Itatod this 1st day of June, 1920
Clialrm..ii of Board of Olreriore
25-37 District Clerk
An 8 hi pound girl baby was burn
to tho wife of Ooorge tirny at Al
bnny, Oregon, May 2Mb.. Mr. Uny
wus formerly assistant roadrunsHr
at St. Helens.
"The Great Thing About Real Tobacco'"
say the Good Judge
!s that it tastes so good,
and a little chew lasts so
much longer than the
old kind.
Tho good, rich tobacco
taste stays right with
this class of tobacco.
That's why it costs ybu
less to chew it.
Any man who uses the
Real Tobacco Cher will
tell you that.
Put up in two styles '
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
, 1 v w. .will. . MII.I . I.IU (.V.III..U
ua. .. " ' j null id rniriiinp ana. iiv infai annni'aiinna inev cinnoi rv..ii
hri'Ul.l.1. - .if ""V . . ...... Tli.r.
IIIV UIIV.HU lull ..U.l w. ... v t ..
only one way to curs Catarrhal Dtafiieo..
and tb.t I. by a con.iliutlon.l remedy.
through tht Iilnod on the Mucoti. Hurf.ci
(.smrrnni iie.inen. ib
)H ),, -- iu icglllur U.- uy lor.l l'Cliriiii"ii mm .iic
, rriaent; Magnus Bnnn m.vJ the dn..j portion of the
"'l uoiiert Dixon nn n.l .t i only one w.y to cur. Cntai
('. l, u"e",(onnor, councilman;
Uruho. ' 1 "r' cuueilmnnj N. O.
-wUIll llllllltl C T7I ,..1.1. VI 11.0 B
u' rcci.rd,.r' i'7.. i oaui.il by an lnnani.a conuition or me
laKrslml I V, ,,,0urK Totter, City mucous lining of the Eu.tschlan Tube.
Th . w' luy. cfty attorney. I When thl. tube l. Inftemnd you have a
ne n.ln .,(,. of t, , reiruliir! rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
nee nr. u...... : l" ,u"i refuiar ,,.,, ",..,.. -1,,.. ii.ni,..s i th.
rn in...i ----- , wn.n II I. enureiy rmiwi, i'.niii.ni '
"i" aniiproi uuu uuer correc- reault. Unle.. the Inllsmmatlon can be re
i. "''PrOVed. .-A lkl ...h. r.alnrnt In It. nor
.""Ports: I'l.ininiii.,.- i .... I m.i onnriitlnn h.nrlnrf may be dc.troyed
"e,l that a new I . -i " 1 o7ev.r. Many ca.i of D.afn... are
" Opera! Iiio i .. iniiai cau.'d oy cstarrn, wnicn i. n iniimu
ir hsvin. . . ' l,1B c,ly Wltnouti conrtltlon or tne mucous ouri.r-M.
tmV. "K ol"" ned a llcensa The ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for any
'no Wub .do " u. "cons, ine , , m,.h.i n.fn. that cannot
Io to th. 0 locl"1 "wns from It
I 10 the fart tlmi II .
Dn n II.. . " ma uuvitti
marshal . n . I ,n lne "" tnt
Comm S??" lf Poeelbl.
Path. ; w' "celved
fll Dmgulets flic. Circulars free.
, J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Itncft-.i. UBB t. Helen. Unnrtm n,.
r oi tV. "u 8n? mnll6d ti,em
"ato fto.0.11' cnarter, and all
1 Wtoter tll0tt. tno improvement
:o d
r i
. nlth Tii .in.r lrora tnterseo
,cc" with m"" ,trC9t t0 u lnt8r
J CtTy eni .ymUth ,tre"'
l . 1 cost" ne!,r ,lU,a rflPrt 0f
ft .' 50at 'o the 0 ty and nron.
rm ayM made, and
r 0. Her!" ,d" oontraot of
Decker Business College
' Principal.
Ledger Poitlns Machine, Compto
meter, Shorthand. Typewr t nr.
Bookkeeping. EnglUh, Spelling,
nnd all modern buelnees coursor.
Day and night echool.
A Position for Each Graduate
Alluky BulldlnU
Oregon Financial Aid for Honor
ably discharged Soldleri and
Our Hobby
In hftndling repair work it will be our constant
aim to give the public efficient service. All repair
work entrusted to us will have prompt and skillful
attention. We invite a share of your patronage'with
the assurance that we can please yau.
Yours for Efficient Service.
St. Helens Garage
Get More and Better Fruit
Ge More Money for Your Fruit
We have the most complete
stock of Summer Spray
in Columbia County
Warren Co-Operative Warehouse
Warren, Oregon
That's All
Our groceries move fast because evorything
in stock la fresh and of the highest quality
Our delivery car insures prompt
The Money Saving Grocer.
Phone 42
Groceries and Dry Goods
In the line of Dry Goods we can supply your wants just
as readily and just as satisfactorily as you could wish.
Our stock contains all the variety you would find ui
mayn stores selling dry goods exclusively.
Our line of staple and fancy groceries embraces every
thing that can be found in a modern stock and all of the
best obtainable brands.
Tel 35 (One block east depot) St. Helens, Oregon
St. Helens Iron &
Marine Works
Foot of St. Helens Street St. Helena, Ore.
A completely equipped shop for .ill kinds of machine
work, marine work, welding, bra ing, general machine
and blacksmith work. Bring us your ork. No job
too small, none too large. Prices reasonable consis
tent with good workmanship.
J. W. AKIN, Mgr. G. B. DUCKWORTH, Asst. Mgr.
W. A. LEVI, Sec'y.-Treas.
iB.provomnt ot

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