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Tuentv Years Ago
L KIIM of The Oregca Mist
r juiy . ioo.)
L Nornmii Merrill of Clntskanle.
in nur cut mwiMi -
". quick wu attending to bull-
...I- Mil III.I wviw - -
handle. The people along the
Lotto slough re fortunate
Cc io coiumodloua bo"1 "'"-
. . i.iluliiMt Amur
b notations we note the
- 1 XL
king: n-w """ ?";-
mc; 'kk. !"" "
j3c; buiu.r. c; nour, $3 06.
16 nnil
Five Years Ago
L tli KU of Tim Oregou Mist
I Portlund Hun U the moat pop-
l,un together for $1.75.
ltd Mr A. lerry ui nuui-
Pnl-tllllld last BUtUfcUy.
uwrnr White and hl deputy,
llnrnes. iirrlvoil in hi. unions
kyt imviiik. wiiii a iow u.ii-
couipl"lud i lie u-wiiiiii ui
1 Itona Wilcox, who haa been
, city veiling frlJiids for tho
w0 wH.'kii, nu returned, to nor
,t HllUhoio.
Venty-riight Years Ago
h the rf of The Oregon Mlat
July H,
10. Watt" & w. weai oi
Uxi worn In town on l uesduy.
Irelnry Mciirwe spent mi
Id St Helen.
Cora Milt returned Imm Bll
Wednnulny aftor an abaenct
tarsi week.
Ira Dunn, Judve Illnnchard.
(orniun Merrill wers In the city
g 0 Morton wua Portlund
J. Pullerton aa In Portland
VncUy cn bulns.
S. Mason mmlu a business trlu
Inland Tliurd..
k. J. W. Allen .pent the Fourth
friends In Forel Urove.
. Fllppln and in, IxmiI. wore
tn Kslnler Wednesday,
'. P. Maclay of ColumblaeClty
ler rhurtday afternoon.
md Mm, !elmar Mnaten ar
fultoo for a few days visiting
('mitt wan at Ht. John Wed-
t on bmlntms for the St. Helena
Br Co.
Cnri Christensnn and Mra. I
Scott wore I'ortlund visitors
Carry Jowph of Portland wa
ll lit and Mra. L O. Roaa Bun-
M Monday
I. Fullerton hn nine arrei
kT, itandltiR, for aalo liuyei
i crop. Mdvt
ud Mra. Will ltobblna of Ui
ft tin Fourth with Mr. ana
toy Stewart.
k Utile lll,rrl- of Loa AnRelea
Piiflf at tho bomn of Mr. and
w, Vhllllpa.
a flt-tclittn Mopk of r'ortlan,
m W.k oilil nt ti.o tuiina r,t
M Mr. Lldynrd.
tiirk CAlnliruted Imlnnanit ntiPB ,
fl leln) a baby diiuxhter at
fwtof Mr. and Mra. Lou l'uxoy.
putHiB tttcli foS waa nicked un
f itr-et nnd left nt ttiU office
it owner limy have by calling
tly rourt la In tl.l.
and k nUllllmr 1.1.1. fm mn.A
L f , - " " iui twnu
FCI IiaVQ llllim rmmlilni.n.1 l.w
'""be another iram.i of bane-
E iomi ?rounda Hundny af
t t:30 between Rainier and
farulllpa 0f Li n. Hutherford.
r la otcnlc at Milton crajtc Mon-
P'annltrun nn.i t . .., .
"Mm were In St. lBna Wad
' nu bu-linuii .
k,,,, vuiiumimii Willi
fititj court.
,j , eiiieriaineii
" eyenlnn for Mra J 8. Al-
1 TV in Uf.. ..i. i..... .
h-k.. """'""K'on, wno waa
PI Hers lnnt week.
ki tn. .. ""iniuu ner in nor
k th ih. ""' of Liberty,
f 1,10 P"t few weeks.
ha, "r.",,:k Kn'1 en
v . ,r, ni. neiens.
.,, '"V1 Andrew I'arkor
tZ J ? Vernonla Thuraday.
W,,: I . 'r. imm Mlat to
lla- "eihK In a very rough
rnl i. V" """,,on weeu or
of.,!" 'tienillnK 'he aea-
ark of i ..I. I furt- ,UJ A,
Fiwlon. ," UU0 t,ero on
fd Mri u' MJ"S "" Kurt.
iDflnt i.i i "newB or
Mr . ,rli1."y n,h l h
"r. and Mn n..
' Kuni MftUh8w Pare"'
K' t Claukanle
"''"''"r-. Mr.
havi... ". oner for "
Mrs ii. li niu,. ..
"'Wlebri T.11 nr,nd ' Fourth
!.Crn ' " Heton.. and
h. i ":trnelt.
life. w"o nr. boeh
'Donrt ...h""' Wedneaday.
"id ,, ,.!". ."OHpltal treat-
ion, e ttuio to return to
i lie hi. iieiena cliool bourd , i,lm, .
I'd-'n-?!1? I""".- ""Provemen ! ALLEN ASKS FOR
aua on tun ai'iiMfii .. I . -
( ftlUUiltl
Manaier Kaat uf .. i n
re waa In Health. i.. J'...
w wni'R Kf If If It
XM a
iiiiiiona. of Knii.i,.r ......... . .. r
1. ... ........ ""Mlfll mo
w.lll VI .U T PH Ullflll .... I. fta
j '"""n iinrn mon-
Mr. ,'"U,'t" ''Wilt-
W. J. Muckln.' '
Ioula lloeck of Keaw,y waa In Bt
I eletia Wedne.day on roua ljUHllu
Mr. Iloeck Ih mn. r n. .
men of the Nelialem vully.
Mra. M. (1. c MAV tin. I 1
dnui liter. Miirr An ""r ..lwo
."BU ?f..M'- JL1"1 Mr" ItOKIIHCO
and 6lli. "r 0n 11,6 41,1
J. C Atclilniuin if u ......... .
town Wedne,ly. Mr. Atehln I. .
realded neur Mi.yger for a number of
youra and atill think, c. , "
ty a good pluce In which to live
W. II. llnun.Kurdiier of Ht. John,
wua In Hi. H. thl- wek on hJ'
T . ' ',ai"Kardn(ir Hy he
Ikea C O lullllllu nmni. .....I
back and buy a home here nine day.
MIh Zella CoiiHtanlln has relurned
from the futhoMc acl'ool at Ueuver-
un, aiier a Tory HUucoaful year. Hhe
laa a aold medui tn. ...... hi...
waa awarded a diploma for excellent
Mra. Ilunlv Kiuirfninn r i .
Angelea la vIhIIIpr her parent-, Mr.
and Mra. JuiImoii Weed at Vernonla.
Mra. Kauffmon wua well known Iti
the county before her marrluKo about
uiiiu jvurm ko.
Mr. and Mra. Ham McKlnea motored
down from Hulom and pent tne
Fourth' with J. If. Thatcher. Mi
Thatcher returned with Mr m
McKlnea to Hulem on Tn...,iv .,. .
few day vlall.
Mr. Tho I,. EUwIck wua vHlt
ii it Mr. nnd Mr. Hurry Kuria Tuea
Jn.y. Mr. KUwIck U a l ; i.r nt Mr
Kuril nnd wa hnrn in i.i.i i i. ......
Mr. Kuril good-bye before leawtng
for her home at Ketchikan, Alaxka
The local telephone ha now mei.
made a toll checking center. All
Ioiir dlMtnnce call from ClatHkanlo,
Itnlnler, I'roacolt, ulncy, Muygor.
i.ooie nun iieer iHlam are now han
dled by Ht. Helen exi'hnnsn l,..i...,i
of Portland exchange.
-The Little Kliepherd of Kingdom
,'olne" will Mtineur p.t Mia I.ii.aiv
ulglit and Halurdnv nlirht li I. rmm
the well known and widely rt J nove
oy Joun rox and la a picture (hut
none Nhould ml. It in full nf n.riiu
o' early Kentucky day.
Mr. and Mr. W. r. -p. William.
Mia Edith William, nr. un.l Mm
Krurik Pearn and young ion were
vlHltlng at the home oi Or and Mr
A. J. Peel on the Fourth.' Mr. anil
Mr. William ore purent -f Mra.
I'eel, and Ml Wllllnm a lter.
Hay Jublnvllle, wife and fumlly
and Ml Melvlna Lewi accompanied
William Frailer iinl inn. I'lu.rln.
and Archie in a trip from ClatHkanlo
io Ht. Helen to take In tho celebra
tion of the Fourth. They were here
two day and enjoyed every minute,
Mr. Frnxlor ald.
Mr. and Mr Pnrl Aimin.t .k
a picnic nipper for Mra K. A Hom
nnd Perclo Voiulo Friday evenliiK.
July 2, the ditto being their birthday.
ins iiiviieu gueniR were: mr. una
Mr. K. A. Hum, Dr. and Mra. L. 0.
Ko, Mr. and Mr. Hlckler, Mr. nnu I
Mr. Hay Morton, Mr. and Mr. Oiqr,
Mr. Veaxlo, Mr Kdwurd Veaxie, M.
Percy Vetxlo and MIhh Heulah Smith
WnihiAHiiiiv wi.a the wiirmeHr iIhv
nl 1. - m n Q, t I ..!.... . 1I,A I ..
tonne beat wail felt even a early as
v o clock, und oy 4 v-lork the mer
cury hud climbed to the 100 mark
on some of the thermometers in
tpwb The Ice man hud many more
call than usual, nnd trie plaws where I
ice cream is served and cold drinks
diapensed were crowded. One was
reminded or tne not nays in ino buii
ny aouth.
C 1 1 rr.- I vwwuiuuB V!
SUPPORT OF SCHOOLS T,IE c"l7mbia cxjunty bank
t Rt II. I. .
t.. . ... ." : . ,0"'u " me owe or uregon,
10 the Public: After aervlng in et ,he cloe f bualneia June 80th.
e capacity B (:OUIlty Bcloo " 120. ,
tl.llfli.t.. turn . i - n
tne cutmcllv u (',... ui ..."
I.. t ----"'. nuper-
, , : " ,ur ""any six yeKril j ,ave . iteaour
ti.iuiered my reslgnutlon to the Hon- ,'oan" nd dlacounte
ortil.lu ... . . . I
.1... . . . r 1 uurl lo oecome effoc-
for the Hl.erul support given me try
the press the teacher and the public.
I huve t iornnirl.lv u., ... "r.
und have k ven It n, .....n. . ...
. ., u.'uiviumi a I-
teiltlon. I helievn II,,.. h ":.
wtirk I one of the highest calling,
und can and should be so directed
us to tratlHfonn .1.- ... ...
school, both high und low, must lead
the wuy to a sane and sound eco
iioinlc, nnd social condition which will
decree justice lo all, with equal op-
k..m.., una equui responsibilities.
.ii.iHi, u,e Key to the world sit
uation, as It i.r.u, ..a. i. . . . '.
...i.n , .. a worm
wlilln work" and every able-bodied
person should do his pan nnd receive
Ills lust rewnr.l uo. i-
. - i. ib uersou
who consumes and produces not? I
n i uoopie or Columbia county to
ttilly support and coonerati wi.h m.
successor und make his work the
best possible.
4 .
The tenth mimlm) fu.i
'vui taiiu tuu
VOIltlon uf thn TTnlfotl Utuo.iii.
era of the Pacific Coast couvenod In
uriiuiK naiurany.
A Vicious bull la hoi
itly beurs is one of the chief featuree
ui i no i ouruga of Marge O'Doone,
Mlagrupirs special production bused
'II the nowerful mivnl hv ln
Ivor ( arwood, which will be shown at
iiiiiiiu) apociul precaution wer
taken to Make the
- I'IPJ ! UU
to tiiu typo of the Canudlan North
west mo r-ompsny waited In the
vicinity of Truck... n ti.
hot California, for several dav fnr k.
heavy snowfall. A light snow on tho
ground would have heen
i!lig. Cabin to duplicate those de
scribed in the book were constructed
ut Konner LAke and ut several loca
tions hitherto untouched by the camera.
Tho dog and bear Incldenta were
Mm ..
Keport of the Condition of
Uverdrafta, secured and
unsecured , ,
Bond and warrant.
Wtocks, securities. Judg
ments, . etc
Hanking house
Furniture and fixtures..
Other real estate owned.
I'uo from approved re
serve bank
Checks and other cash
Cash on hand
Have yon noticed the rapid growth
of the Mist Want Ad column
, F 1 y n n & Cornthwaite
Columbia County Agenta for
Shoo and Salesroom O n
Block east of 3. P. b 8. depot
Bt. Helena, Oregon.
aML Hood" Ice Cream
At "MASON'S" Only
Toll' $816,887.40
Capital stock paid ln...S 60,000.00
Hurolllfl fund . . in AAA An
Undivided protlta, less ex
penses and taxes paid 7,090.66
Postal Savings bank de-
, D0,,lt 4,643.89
Individual deposit sub
ject to check 468,839.09
Demund certificates of
deDOSlt A Oft 7K
Cashier checks outatand-
'" 2,262.30
lertlfled checka 28,048.80
Time and Having Depoa-
,l 261,100.02
.TAvrtr nt two rt Toujrmr
obtained only ufter painstaking ef-
rorl uno nour appears throughout
the entire picture as the companion
of Murge O'Doone mnd protects her
frnm linrni It in fill, honp Tarn
itli.it bus the thrlllinir fiirlit with
, , ... .... wild und vicious grizzly. The two
Tim steamer W.iDiima arrivod Wed- . ..... . ... .7
..... ,.V w . , .i i. iPki nn . r,,r,n M'rswere sept separate -until tne
f or n . an r . .. Ar i , .7.r fnr c..Tl. ! 1 11,10 or nd neither had
,.r ur.ft nee f.uii nf lumlinr fnr Cull
rornia delivery, nne win sun Satur
day night.
Tho steamer Daisy lert down river
Wednesday evening io complete her
curgo of lumber. The DalHy lulu
Idle ut the mill company's dock Sun
day and Monday account of tho holl-
The steamer Everett, Cnptalb
Foldut, arrived In Sunday noon and
ufter taking on l.uuO.000 foot oi
lumber for Sun Pedro, dropped down
to West port to complete her cargo.
This is the second trip jf the steamer
On her maiden voyngo from Evereit,
..i. ....in.i i tijn mm ft nf luiiilii't.
i.lia nii.n'u , vvw ... .
Land averaged tltt knots per hour,
rr.. .. .... I....I.I..., ...i.i
I..UUIUU1 ruuiuii. ....
..... - n..lt...m Lift
I lie Biwiuiii'i I'.i.oj ........... ......
down river. Thursday night to finish I
lOKding a cargo ot lumuur.
seen the other. David Smith, who
directed the picture bus made a spe
cially ot annual scenes.
(liitmlMtrluin'a. Colic and Diarrhoea
Till. .11 .m! I 1 .1 a alu.uv. wtna Ilia
. .... ... v.. ...... V 11 I " H J O TW 1UO IIIQ
good opinion If not the praise of those
who use u. nj ii. wnen you nave
need of such a remedy.
,Ttal $816,867.40
County of Columbia )
I. J E Hlltrhlnatn Pa.Ma. . k..
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
' me aoove statement la true to
the best of my knOwledeg and belief.
, Cashier.
Buhscrlhed and nnn tn K.f.a m.
. v uu . u . a M.O
Ihls 7th day of July, 1920.
J. W. DAT,
Notary Public.
My commission nxnlrAa Uv IS lam
CORRECT Attest: '
Notice is hereby given that sealed
proposal will bo received by the
Hoard of SunArvlanra nt Tl.lnl..
r ' v . ...IUIV1
urainage District of Columbia Coun
ty, Oregon, at the office of said
Hoard, which said addrosa la at the
office of Fred W. Herman In the
City of Rainier, Oregon, for the pur
chase ot $29,700.00 of the bond of
said Rainier Drainage District, untl.
the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon
of the 14th day of August, 1920.
8ald bonds are to De dated July
1st, 1920, and are to bear interest at
the rate of alz (6) per cent per an
num from date ot issue, interest pay
able semi-annually on the 1st day ot
July and the lat dav of Jan
each year.
KecelDt of hlda and tha ....t
the date fixed ara anhl... tn h.
Visions of said bonds bv tha nm.
ot State pursuant to the provisiona
ls v napier auo, session Laws ot
1919. Which aaid annllcatlnn h. t...n
'filed with the Irrigation ft Drainage
oBcunuea uommisamn or tha n...
of Oregon, and ii m, pending.
The said Board of Supervisors re
serve the right to reject any and all
proposala for any Mason and li not
satisfactory to said Board.
Address all communications and at.
proposals to the undersigned.
Secretary of the Board of Super
visors of Rainier Drainage District
of Columbia County, State of Oregon.
Rainier, Oregon.
First publication July 9th, 1920.
Last publication August 13th,
Lose of Appetite
Aa a general rule thnra la nnlhlni.
serious about a loss of appetite, and
ii you sxip a meat or only eat two
meals a day for a few daya you wii.
soon have a relish for
when meal time comes. Bear in
mind that at least five hours should
elunse between maala mn tn .iv.
the food ample time to digest and
me siomacn a period or rest before
a second meal is taken. Then if
vou eat no mora thun vnn nn..
take a reasonable amount of outdoor
exercise every day ou will not need
to worryabout your appetite. When
the loss of appetite Is caused by
constipation as la often the case, that
should be corrected at once. A dose
ot Chamberlain'a Tablets will do it.
J. E. RAMSEY, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Rolls, Cakes and Pies.
Light lunches served at all hours wtih a cup oi
good coffee.
Don't Forget!
That we always hare the latest In
Fountain Specialties
St. Helens Bakery
St, Helens
Jlmmie Cox of Portland is spend
ing a week with relatives in St. Helens.
Lost A cameo brooch near bunk
In 8t Helens, Monday, July 6. Finder
please return to Mrs. M. J. Cnmp
boll, Clutsknnle, Ore., und recelvo
rewurd . 80lt
Lost small cameo brooch In St.
Helens or Houlton. Finder please
return to this offico. 30
Lost A . bunch of koys. Hud
s name on numepiute miamiou
ring. Reward If returned to u.
Colt at St, Helens Co-oporutlve
'roaniery AshocIuIii
For Sale I have fpr sale the best .
Kmodern 6 room bungalow In bt. nei
IL' .. a i..i .nu.ur nil nuld uu. See!
tan. id, a iwi.i "" -- -
f U. Godfrey.
It Morning BcCav
Keep Vou r-Ees
There's Satisfaction in a watch that ticks it off without
a second's loss. . '
The Elgin and Hamilton standard timepieces are the
regulators for this territory.
Reliable Watchmaker and Jeweler
I have my own ideas about ruaninj; a
grocery atore, and chief aaoona; theae aa
this one:
That I am paid by the community I
serve to use the atmost dlacrtmiaattoa ia
selecting merchandlae, and not to take the
first thine that la offered me nnlesw it la
Uie latesj word on the subject.
Vou can always secure the beat oe the
market by phoning
I The Money Saving Grocer.
Phone 42
The Most In Value The Best In Quality
in a good savings bank that
they may earn something foi
you. Idle money la useless
money. Put youra to work by
opening; an account here. You'll
find the Interest will Increase
your savinga surprisingly.
Member Federal Reserve Byatesn
CHAS. GRAHAM. President. H. A. 0HILS6, CaaWer.
St. Helens Iron &
Marine Works
Foot of St Helens Street St. Helens, Gre.
A completely equipped shop for all kinds of machine
work, marine work, welding, brtvine, general machbe
and blacksmith work. Bring us yonrTortc No job
too smaM, none too large. Prices reasonable consis
tent with good workmanship.
J. W. AKIN, Mgr. G. B. DUCKWORTH, Asst. Mgr
W. A. LEVI, Sec'y.-Treas.

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