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3, 1920.
, Adams w.mi i -
V'o"-'l "nt 10 ,,0ll,,,,
L.i'!!;, .tarted to
h Y. y Monday.
ii it., lWrvon have
Jl"1 Mr. Hurt Adam.' col-
, ii.irnH lit teaclitim thla
. m..r.l mni Curll Hem
iMr h"' Yak.uiu.
. ur. i).iiumlir ware
',",, lVrt Adniiw homo for
, nd . . a. .ni an.
Kiln ..panlng of .chool.
?f l U.,.r,lllll und .on.
:l""nl.m. re gue.t. for
7ot Mr.. Hl.
P,rn ' Kelso ttni T
,..;. t iiio homo of Mrw
to-i'-inr and rnu.
nr. Hull !' mv1 ,nl
rl Mr. Hull run
4 .a Vr. (iiiltin "l l"
i in I'ortlnnil this yr
ft) l'u their .M.r. Mr..
W-'' . f..i- tit
C, d con-tructum will bi.ln
r. ur St. oug. of Uoble
" . .. u.,ml iv mi a hunt-
(Mlirui - -
Lit mtln of the Woman's
iiU ba t I'"'""
iumm. Mr. mi.
a ba the hoales. moved
Pol leiivc. for Tort
KiwW wher 1 1 boy. will
tiool tlila r. ray aiorrn
lurwlth Mr.. Co and go
HorMI has returned from
L.Wuhlalua where) na ha.
iltlsl lor mrnl woo... nna
.tompnnlal by her duughle.
ltd Krt. June Kncllnh have
to cutnw Hliiiinoiia home.
i,i u Mkif on thn boom and
Ml Un tt beat of euro wltb
Cum icikol opened Mon
iik an flu-hurry in charge.
(tj Hit fiirberry I'.nvo bounlil
'Jtrj plica mni Imvo boon
:irtt (or wmiH tlmu.
AUtt truck bail a bit of bad
i.'ay, illppliiK ovr the Rrntla
it from thri funn. It took
liogri to KHt It buck on the
k 10 Mrlou. (Iuman.9 wa.
id H nnunanlnor of
i ud Mra. Harry Hinltli. Hnu-
Uit flilleil itt tbn N. A. An-
'M Hominy u n tliulr way to
(lira district on a cumplnx
i'Jii trip.
ul Xn. lAn and Itttla ton
Irom St. Ilnlitti. Kuniluy
Vn Uiik'i .tHtiM'. Mr.. Urn
Ur Lonir hit. a flno uoaltlon
'Studtrd Oil company In HI.
Biroi ha. rturiind from A
he ha. been ilolnii con-
i tork ll will bKln till.
'tttitrnlKhti-iiliiK of t tie fill
to" Hill. n nli-co of work
HklW J ml I ii'h luitt rlinpf'A tt
hteloniTjr rtiirliiK bi-r broth-
at wnim Mr.. Duly I. very
Tiilrllln il,.. l....l...
. k.,.UHIUIVi; uunut'
n. bennnhcr I. dolus tr
i lrK.
Homer Slcwunl run a din.
R l honor of Mr. and Mra.
r'r vim urn on tbiilr way
noirmpla. Wu.liington. after
M.Mi-n romtivM. in mil. tioro
WIlDd. Tivnnlv.liatn nnili.
"i Mri. k.. Daly linve none
v w Hiimii iriuir iiuiiiu.
I , - ""MH lilt IMIHICRI
Fallon frtMiftrul nmrrlinnitiiiA
Thy will ho grofttl)
BMllAmniiu at.,...
. " IITIIHH 11111 iiutv
''liil tlmlr brltif .e.ldence
uddiinly out nour , K ,
on tli. Nahak.ni road.
annlna to biurira and an 0Kpl.ion
r.ultad which eumphnHiy wrHtkeS
nm..0"orfju,lkW'', """"""".I l a
While pluyliiK .uldlor at their
homn about a mile and a half from
tli ( olumblu river l.lKbway, belween
Hvanauii and Kimppu. late In t.H
artomoon on W.i.lnciuy 11Ht (
I-uk...,,, walch. 13-yr.old .on o
t hurl... Walch, ,10t and fuully
wounded hU 8-yeur-old brother,
Itaymoiid Kum.1.11 Walch. The little
fullow '""d a few moinont. Inter.
H. McKlel. pioneer iiierchant of
( lut.kaule, who left twu w.,ek. ago
m an inilo trip, uccompaiiled by Mr.
McKlel and their mm, l0orKe re-
outing. W bile awuy they vl.lted In
lha wantern .tales, Wa.hlnKton. Ida
iio and Miititatia, returning through
baatern Oregon. Speaking of the
journey to , chief reporter. Mr. Mo
I. lei .aid the road., taken a. a whole
wera good, with the exception of
mrta of central and eu.torn Wa.hlng
on nnd Oregon, where .and Inter
.ered to aome eitenl with th pleu.
Jrea of uuto travel.
The Haluler high .chool ha. ar
aXV'" ,"'? """''l"Hl.ment of an
Agricultural department. Thl. ar
rungement ha. been mUe the pSIt
w.k und meet, with the aanctlon o
all member, of the .chool board.
Mr.. A. K. Harnett, of St Helen.
accompanM by her alHter-ln lawi
Mr. t laude Bhat.well, of Hnohomtah
Wa.h., and little duughter Junm
and Mr.. N. J. Muckle. of Ht ' Helen '
J'" "" "t tlw Trow home Sun-
Ml.. Inez Iioal, W(,i ,0 ilant(,r
8. M. Ilonl. left Monday morning
'r tbo Kerry lino.
Kred Wunlel.on I. painting Charlie
url.on'. new re.ldenco.
Andrew CarUon moved 111. family
into their new home Friday.
The Morm Saturday night da
Uroyed Mr. llray-. new barn.
Krne.t Atcblnaon of Helena vl.lted
villi III. grundpurent. Tuewluy.
Mi.. Anna Amnio I. vl.ltlug her
irotber ut Midway. Wu.hlngton.
Mr.. J. Howling left for Portland
fimilay night to be gono a week.
ML. Klmer KlebU and daughter
.'erim are vl.ltlng the homo folk..
MIh. Annubelto Kdmund. visited
Iter aunt nt llalnler during the week.
Mrs. Kalunkl made a week end
rip in Portland, returning Bunda)
John McAdnm. and Conrad Hen
:n flivvered to Halnier early Sutur
lay morning.
Ml. Martha Kalunkl who liu. been
Vl.lt ng In l'ortland for two week,
returned home Sunday morning.
Tbo Rcraflno brother, have bought
, new Kord.
Mr. Krer.nul wont to Portland one
luy In. I wwk.
A heavy fD.t Kundiy night and a
ievy wind did lot. of dumuge to
Tbo Rernflne brother, and Mrs.
I'eto Her.flne motored to I'ortlund on
IiuhIiiok. Mond iy.
Mr.. Viola Trohnriso from Ver
nonla win a vUllor vitn her children
il her futhr and mother Suturday. ;
(From the New.)
,H .0"mn "fi",lf l:orl" 'd f'e'r
hlg regular meeting Saturday
, ",ur,vo; Uuncan ha. recovered from
lila Injurle. and gone to work
Hrlck for the bank building ar
rived from Koreet Orove Saturday.
Mrs. Kauffman and children have
("allf "" ''0n'e near Lo' AnKelel-
Kovlval meetings are In progre.s
:U the iiMoclatlon camp ground und
The big steam shovel of the U. C
o. I. at work on the Josh Ho.e
place In the city.
Tbo dance at the grange hall Sat
urday night wa. well attended and
a good time reported.
lion nine, wife and children and
Herbert Condlt and family returned
from ScaHlde Sunday.
Clifford llerger.on, Peter Horger
Hon nnd Hoy Smith took a trip to
Clal.kanle to look at some tractor.
O. C. Spencer, attorney of Portland,
Mr.. Spencer and children are camp
ing out und vlnltlng relatives at Ver
nonla. The surveyor, crew with Mr. E.
Meaning locating engineer hu. es
tablished cump several mile, above
Kea.ey pOHtofflro.
Frank A. Harberg and Mt. and
Mrs. Herbert Newell and .on of Port
land ure guest, ut the Hermau
Ureeher home this week.
Win. llatney of St. Helen. I. a new
arrival at Vernoula. He Is .tuylng
at hi. brother-in-law's, C. D. White,
and working at the Kay & Mill, saw
The Gyp.eys will be remembered
by one peron living near here. He
lost a f.O bill by letting the fortune
teller put a luck-penny in hi. pocket
book. All effort, to recover It were
Kev. Morris Heverllng. wife ana
children arrived lam week for a two
or three week. vLlt In the valley.
They are domiciled at the Sidney
Malm.ten home while Mr.. MalmBten
and children are at SeaBlde.
Mr. and Mr.. Everett Bennett and
children .pent Sunday night at the
Herman Greener home. They were
returning from Sea.lde to Portland.
They will .top at bank, where Mr.
Ilenne't will vl.lt her fatehr, E .E.
His Honor, Judge Buzzlenut
(Continued from Page Five)
"And I'm going to stay awhllti.
too," smilingly.
' Yes. I told the Chief I'd be
away several days."
, Ituzzlonut beamed comprehendlng
ly: the "Chief" wu Gllhooley.
The girl wus a picture, to be auro
worthy of Remington. Her black
hair fell down In two long braid.;
she wore a beaded buckskin dress
und iiDccasln.. The red band around
her head set off the dainty tanned
face to perfection.
The Judge mude her acquainted
with tno .taring author, and aug
KOHted in a brusque, matter-of-fact
way that although Ro.allta would be
I'm bt'.Kt guide in the country. It was
out of the question to ank her.
"(iulde for what, Judge?" asked
the clrl.
He described the quest on which
our i.nplent scribe desired to sally
forlh, und feigned hesitation and in
finite surprise when she said .he
wouldn't mind showing the gentle
man a few points of Interest.
"Well, lot us be off, Miss; I'll pay
you good wages. I'm most anxious to
bi'Kln my btudles."
Our sanEUlne lltorateur was nnai.
nolle, at any rate. Moreover, fired
ny ins zeal and ardor for local color,
the charming tint, of the dusky maid
en did not seem to catch his eye.
If you think that I followed the un
charted peregrination, of this pair
you ure mistaken. Of what interest
to mo a puling Invalid were the
comliiKS and Koines of a calf-hraineri
youth. I did, however, follow them
to the door for air more than any
thing elHe. I almost toppled them ov
er the edge of the veranda In my rush
for air due to the fact that they
had halted suddenly and unexpectedly
on the threahold. Ilcfore them stood
Uilhooley mad.
"What the dlvvll do you mean,
(.ulitln' me dead in a roosli av busi
ness?" he cried to the girl.
"Come here a minute," she .aid,
drugging her employer to the end of
the veranda.
The Judge, hearing the commotion,
hurried out. lietweent them Gll
hooley'. wrath was placated In some
diplomatic manner unknown to me.
The girl returned to Oglethorpe. A.
wus tho duughter of a mighty Chief
tan, the poverty of her warrior sire
Bometlme. compelled hor to do
menial tusks for this unthankful
(Continued next week.)
Gertrude Walcott Smi'h, PlalntltJ,
vs. llarley Edwin Smith, Defend
ant. To Hnrley Edwin Smith, above named
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby commanded to
appear and answer the complaint
Krrl Dtivi. ,. v.,. i... . i ..i.
nnw Mil Tin-
; mother. Mrs. John Heaver,
'' two wneks, left Suturday
; 'or a short visit with
. i r,!,W'ilnK to Med ford
m .chool w,rk. Thla I.
:'" nurd year m thn Medford
"ih Hum lift Will Inunll ttltal
,nty-nlne mlloa from
II. Ht,a 1 .... .
Ui. . .mail scnooi
r'w 1100 per month milnry
..' ",ur the district will got
nnney, wor... nH 1(lltll
wr student, Is dimply In-
illv , ",,rR. ami win un
nl o a fin teacher. '
"cDonahl iin.i m.. u.. uni
..,.1. , win, HUT mill
,,r Hnl Hau-l,.,,,..
..l Bml Muriel, better
" I'elB." U.UI. I.I..I..I....
nrt.. . "tin n 1111111UI17
"fly. Alum I 9 .-...ll 1
11 With n l.t,.. ,n-.
!'ld In 'I'lmingH. The party
rn. .i "range nun ana a
i "me was Imd.
IB mo thief.)
k Am . down ,rom 8t'
I... ' I'lduy lust, boostlna- for
Urdinl o. ,ha orHanl.atlon
'"HnK-Stunfiuld ltopubllcan
n.'nLi,,tl16 cM' Clala-
9Zn nf Kr,(luy even,ns
, "'MfleUl Raniil,li,.n ..1..1.
Ituv. Spearow of St. Helen, wilt
;ir.inch Sunday nt 3 p. in
Mr. and Mr.. Frank Will, loft Sun ,
day for their homo In Oregon City.
Churli'. Hrown of Mliwouri 1. vis
iting I In sinter, Mr., (ieoree Ilurger. 1
Itny Tarbell ha. moved In to hi.
jther I'lare, known rs tho Hyde 1
iilano. 1
V. V. Howard and family. F. Uob
ii.aun nnd family motored to Itutnler
Mr. nnd Mr.. John Carlson of Eden,
Washington, were visiting it Carl
Undgren'. last woek.
Ilov. Plumlrn of St. Helens will
nreuch Sunday, Sept. g. at 11.30.
Sunday school nt 10.30.
Kt!il Ketchum has relurtipd from
Woodhiirn where she hi. boe.i vlalt
Ing her uncle, C. Vincent.
Knld T.-rbell, Muriel Stevens, Jo.
I'nulHcn, Josl.i h:id Ira Howard.
Olady. llnrlon, llattlo Snhleskl, will
to to l.li'h school at St. Helena.
All trim r ItniWRtod In singing
irn Inviied 10 meet nt the church
he last Tuesday in each month. :.Tr.
ind Mr., lllgbco of West bt. lieiens
will meet with uli who wish to coine
ml sing.
(From th Review)
1..... - ...... ....i.iinir iinwn nlmnst to
tho city limit, of llalnler. Monda
morning a. it. nonurir. w o
to town ho encountered one nour me
cemetery, which wua aooui iww-
thlrda grown. .
i. f i- i' riiiiintt was In St. Hel
en. Saturday, and whllo t hero ob
tained space ror 1110
exhibit at the county fair. Those who
Hlend lha fair may expect 10
exhibit from Rainier well worth a
.... itf nnn C 866. T 6
iriu 10 1 no iwm,iij " - - . M . ,
art depnrtmont alone '"rn'1
.plondld lliusirauoii --
Eat Well
Whether your plans contemplate an
elaborate repast or a good home
meal, we stand ready
To Serve You Best
The Money Saving Grocer.
Phone 42
Pie Most In Value The Ileal In Quality
filed against you In the above entitled
Court and cause on or before the 16th
day of October, 1820, that being the
last day for publication of aummon.
'herein and if you fail so to appeal
und answer herein, plain' iff will ap
ply to the above entitled court for
:be relief prayel for in plaintiff,
compluint, to-ult. F'or the decree dis
solving the bonds of matrimony now
and heretofore exig.ing between
plaintiff and defendant herein.
This summons Is xtrvtd upon you
by virtue of an oicler made upon you
of the Honorable J A Kakln, Judge
of lln above entitled court on the
Slst day of August, U'20, which or
der prescribe, that the summons in
this suit .hull be ?(-wed upon you
by publication tie-eof, ccce a week
Tor six consecutive wttk li the Si.
Helens Mist, a newt liter of general
circulation in the County of Colum
bia, ritate o f'teuon, rnd that the
first publication thereof be had on the
ir day of fr.eptu br 1P20, and that
the la.t publication be had on the
15th Uoy of October. DtO.
Attorney, for Plaintiff, 304-9
Lumbermen. Bldg., Portland, Ore.
The Uetrt Advertkement.
The hest nHrnrtiHm.,,1 ...
chant can have la a satisfied custom
er. No greater recommnndnti nn aoi
be given an article than the following
by E. B. Mllburn. Prnn niinn rw ...
Store, Guion Ark. "We have sold
( 'hum hprl.'i In ' (r,,c, Da... -
. vwwq.. ..QuitTujr ior
years and have alwaya found that It
give, perfect satisfaction."
Have you notice the rapid growth
of the Mi.t Want-ad oolumaaj
Wrist Watches, Diamonds, Pearls
Thewo are the three miwt popular item, among a. weU-dreendi
ludy'a Jewels. Many of the, lu-nui are Hold every day our aeleo
tions are lare, mi that you are .ure to find Just what you want
here. Our prices are very pleasing.
We also carry a .election of gifts for commencement and wed
dings at very nvuch lower price.
Reliable Watchmaker and Jeweler
Application for Membership
Harding-Stanfield Republican Club of St. Helens, Oregon
I hereby apply for membership in the Harding-Stanfield
Republican Club of St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon,
and agree to use my best efforts to secure the election of
Harding for President and Stanfield for United States
Senator on November 2, 1920.
Name Precinct
Address Phone.,.
FiU In this blank nnd mail to Geo. A. Gore, Sec., St. Helena, Oregon.
Paid Advertisement "
-Fresh Fruits
Shelf Hardware
Aluminum Ware
Larsen & Co., Grocers
Farming Is a Business
And like every busincw. It r,uirM fonM,
records and Dianaa wai. j
about your farm, just as a business man
ha them about hi. business.
Wa print form. ette'hflsnffi
head) on Hummermill Bond, the Utility
Business Pupcr.
A Banking System That Has
Helped Revolutionize the
Farming Business
The operations of the Federal Reserve System are
especially favorable to the farmer.' His borrowings to
-.over cost of fertilizing, planting, harvesting and car
rying his crop can be rediscounted by this bank with
the Federal Reserve Bank, and an abundant supply of
credit at a moderate rate thus secured.
This bank realizes to the full the vital importance
of the farmers' work, and is genuinely desirous of
extending to the farmers of this community the ben
fits resulting from its membership in the Federal Re
serve System.
of Scappoose
Capital. 25,00d State. Depoeltory
BBWARD B. WI8T. Cafhter
Attention, Mr. Renter
Now is the time to buy your home and become estab
lished before the Fall rains. Why pay rent to the land
lord when the same amount of money will bu7 a home
of your own? We have therm ranging in price from
$300.00 up, on very easy terms. Our salesmen will be
pleased to show you any of them.
We have three 0 R. modern cottages, white enamel plumbing
throughout, noar school house, one block from buslne.a
district at $1700.00 each. First come, first served.
If you want a river view come and let us show you the five fine
residence, we have listed. These are the finest in the
city and range In price from $1900 to $3000, on terms.
We would be glad to show you this 3 R. house situated on 2 ex
tra fine lots. Puid-up street Improvements. Price
SiUto.oo terms.
12 A. in Warren district on good road about balf mile off high
way. 0 A. clear, balance a A. seeded. 6 R. house and barn.
All kind, fruit and berries. Fenced and cross fenced.
Pasture seeded. One well In house and another at barn
A bargain at $3000.00.
40 A.
near Deer Island. 20 A. cleared. 1 A. remlly orchard.
Balance easily cleared. All fenced. 4 R. house and good
barn. Well water. Priced at $4000.00. $1000.00 caBh
will handle.
PHONES Office, 123; Residence B-38
L.8ro olnc,cd and committee.
Ut Vt Show You What Wa Can
Do for You
n uum Cu lfornU n,w.n....i.

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