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Modern Dance Marvelous.
rriiero r many wnys of dimcliifc
,, ten!)', many, many ways.
Ami niont i( tin? tn these day are
u( Hie iroiiiliiiiiu he would have
to la licnnruiirii of the kind of a
in bi'lnic Interpreted. You see a
1 (oct "uiu-pu-pu, um-pa-pa, um-
tt" while a one-step goes "urn-pa-i.
urn-pa iu-ia. um-pu-pu-pu" hut
rJ iSs,
Keported by Columbia fount, Ab
Lrn Co.
Auiriiyt n ,.....
..to1,, EL" !'. 41
Oscar Bombard WuM et fx to Ed
.n.m.m dash .1 the Oivmn.; "how" "' 'he
,r Klrleev close second (.1 right) KlrklT. V''m w"b
,',,. P.ddork I, shown ihr-,rS LK,7hr,:Sr m Am
, rtiararlertsHr tn he daehea Ap" n Amr.
Weekly Lumber Review
The first full week undur new
rrolitht rntes-lito week ending Bep
tember 4th shows contlmm.i ,1-...
Lofwumler-of wonder how It , ."f J. VU!IT,,1 ,r."m '""llory
I. .in ti..., j of the MhiHlHalppl river.
. . ...... . , """"'0 I ' k under rview Annuel-
,.gt lo t.n.ko the derisions. atlon mill. report only 836 cure of
tiTtmday nlKhi h performances on uIiibh. That wan l,4a0 car
jiwn trec( were enlightening, j 1,,"t ,lmn nor,"; and approximately
k .he. ,no gave Cose ulteu lod ho'
1 10 lli ba drum and tho um-pa. offectlvo dato of the freight rate iid-
vui.ee, uurillK W I CI IH.rlm iw.r...l
busiuoss wai not possible on account
of car shonaico.
Car shortage, with the exception of
open oulpnieiit, has practically ceased
to exist In tho Pacific Northwest lum
ber Industry bv rmium i.r iu.....i
' iiaii" i, nui m vim iiiiia iiniiianu lor cr.rs. Whereas during the
anions friends, .greater p:irt of the year," mills only
hold went if source of much , :iU to 40 percent of ear r..m,ir..,.u
hlulon. Wo lost money belling ! llioy are now. In mnnv iiiMi .n'
hriw wriHtlln Kinatchos foa net- turning back cars sputted 'or Himu, '
ptny K"i a fall ami at the finish IoikIIiik.
n sere even. All six wore using New business accepted during tho
llo JItiiU system and strnuKle . week under review, totaled 39 648 -,irn
nut liarred. This position ' 0B foot, of wlilch sr. nun nnni r
lan.n a Urn close-up. ! was for rll dullvery: 12.706.378 foot
i tlrt. for tlie six or eight couplet wus for water delivery; and 1881
mked iiueer to son the man and j 681 feci for local delivery. ' '
sild with their cheeks pressed i Production, nt 67.1 1 5 1 K2 fni n.
(Knottier while tlioy sped cross sixteen per cent uudir normal for
hppcry pavoment but the novelty the mills reporting. New business
tirnoon worn off us did the paint, j was approximately flfty-ono por com
uv lint, niruui ua iiiut-ii ui mis ies men prouotion.
cradlrutiir un their face as the1 Shipments for tho week totaled
for It would rub off during the : IS.4Uv.7KO feet, which was twnntv.iix
T-t I per cenf below nrmlupllnn
la there was one dancer who In-1 Tho shipping loul included S6-!
M In hook In k bis chlu ovor the I 480,000 feel by rail: 3.196.254 font;
houlili-r of his partner aud real. 'y auto truck and tumii: fi io ss
tli head uCaliiHt her ear. I feet by domestic ciritona: nnH 4 rlr.a .
hjctlr cuuplo which had a num-4.1 feet export. ' '
ouinlier had feet which were; fnshtpped orders In tho rail trade ,
on friendly terms evidently for j are now down to G.969 cars ngr.lnit
rlret were at least four feel anar ! a nomr I of 1200(1 r rr Mm miiiu :
llfet wtru at leaHt four feet UDurt Uarticluutlna In thn wnnklv mnnri
lit piivoment but from tho chest! In Uio Unnestlc carsro biiKlnoHn tho
t'ltr were one and Insenarab.el unshlntied haluiiro Is H8.243 ill fat
.In export the unshipped balance Is
45,754.497 feot.
Jaho IllTtn I,.', a i.. . Maurl to niook. who broke the association ree-
IU0.I I ' 1 ' b'0Ck 27 Kalnler. kr1 tor hlBh Production the month
... I oerore. Fonnta i. a . ,
AUKIIHl 91 t ....I n.
I i.. Vu..i7 "mmorman et
, ul z'""ierman. 8 of
$10 oo T- 6 N- w.
$10.00. (,. K iMie et ux to J W
t H!m. i, "!"'"" ('"kl" to A
WV5 .'o! '" bl"Ck Ver"""'
Kepie.Hjp, f. ).,. ,
II to V ,1. Corf,.,.. i,s K ,,.
l"olc 16. St. Il.,es, ttl9tH.it ' '
ler to Edward O Wjelh, et ux.
d In Sen. 10. T 5 ,J ,l w'
IM09.00. K JMcA,ear to Mvld c!
Kcclea, lar.: In Sec 1 i r 4 m U
1 1 1 . .. '"" n. 1,1111 io Ku.
lph Anllser. Hi . Jand in bee. 21 T.
N li. 2 W. HOC) Columbia
. !"."r; r'"rk t u
....... ... a,.; 4, i.jk J W, $650.
September 3 Willow liar Ranch
("0 tO Hllll,..rlln ll.?,,.C"
In Sees. 2 and U T. 8 N R 1 w
$10 00. K I). Tlchenor to'm'rold 8.
llchonor, lot 3 B.c. 8 T 7 N It i
1 l,1M,VV,,art,,n- 2"3 Interest In lots
$50r20 1 AJ" 10 Columb:a Vit-
To The Public
The suf mnnl.lltt ti..i.ti .
not If ed that J. . Klynn has dls
nosed nf lila .1
niivi Rag SUIO
uicessory buRineHa to E. A. and R O
Itltrtllu ailin -.III f . .
wll, ln iUlur( conduct
the buHlneM at the old stand. Mr.
KlVlin still rololn. 1.1.. .... ...
, cuiuiuooiie
UKencles at tho old stand.
Mr. Klynn asks and bespeaks for
tVi new owners the same generous
(SiroilHSTn nrjnp.l.wl l,l.n in ....
and It will be the aim of the new'
1 1 10 niainiain tne same auperlu.
j standard of work turned out In the;
a Kuurr.moe ana assurance l
that ull repair work entrusted to i
liielr care will have expert attentlo I
I'.'ilronaf 11 nf nl.l un.i -. . '
--v. w..u ..cw tritsuus j
' Butter Fat Rate Varies
Buttorfat content varies from 3 .
per cent to 6.3 per cent 1-, the pro-
cow fn . 00"-taB "ieoclutloa
cows for July, according to the offl-
"re7'b'f' B- Kllt:'. " charge
f?L ..u C", T.he hlgh "Kuros como
ownmed "Ji!.JtV
, wur 111:1c OI Tljla-
0k,' Wh b.roke th "oclatlon rec-
with int., " ior jui
til i BV4 Pounds of fat. r.nd her
pound, ' ' Wth 107.12
Bees Need Winter Protection
Uoos do not hibernate as most In
sects do. but keep the temperature
or the colony above 67 degrees ln
cold weather by forming a cluster
and producing heat by movement of
wlngn, legs, and other parts of the
bodv. f:mt in. .....
1 .. 7. -""o. viuicuiion saves
bee vitality and honey. For descrlp-
turn nt n . . . . r
. nuuu wiuier pacaing caa
sent to Extension Service, O. A C.
Scoring Contest On
Dlllrvmr. . .
.Z . . -" i learn more
or the points In making good butter
may send samples for scoring to V.
U. ( happell, tn charge of the educa
tional butter scoring contest. O. A
C. CorVUlllil ftimnla. - .1.. .
scoring must reach the college not
lotus tli.iH O a a
" tuau 10.
J. it. FI.YNN
. . '"y-nlnth Annual Oregon State !
fair. Salom. September 27 to October!
2 splendid agricultural, livestock i
t'd Industrial exhibits, a superb horse
ahow. oxcellent races, hlrh h...
amusements greater and better than
over before. A. H. Lea. hkitai.f.
Greater Attractions
Than Ever
SEPTEMBER 22, 23. 24. 1920
Three Days and Three
In the County (lourt of Uie HUte of
OreKon, For (Columbia Count.
In 'h8 mattor of the estate M Maria
Notice Is horebv fflvnn that V.
derslgned has been r.ppolnted ad-
mmisirarix or the estate of Maria
Wlrsen, deceased, bv tha rn..n.
Court of Columbia County, State of
"mBon, ana nas duly qualified. All
persona havlnv ioim. . . .
- - "sn'uni said
estate are hereby notified to present
the same duly verified as by law re
quired, to the undersigned at her
realdonce at Mayger. Oregon, within
x months from the date hereof.
1 puonsnca Sept. 17th
Auminlnlrntrlv r.t . 1. . T7 . '
Maria Wlrsen, deceased.
narris cc uore. Attorneys.
St. Helens. Ore0n. 0-6
caa be traced to the fam
11 market baeket the
poor Judgment in seleo
tlon and. preparation of
food for the child.
Mothers bread la the
staff of life. Give your
kiddies the butter-bread
that will make them roey
cheeked strong limbed
and pepfuL
"A" scholars very one.
all the jtmr round bns
in school dara it la mm lm.
puruuic in your nog
scnooi books.
CluunberUlDa Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy in Michigan.
.r'.,A- ,HJ "" CMwUIe, Mich.,
ays. "I wish tn th.nw . '
f."d wod medicine. Chamberlain's
" umrrnoea Kemedy. We ara
nevor without it in k. . " . .
" . . w uuuh, mil u X
C?Un!?4i. 0h'' C,t' ot Toledo, Lucas
Co., dolntr buslnsss th. CltV at VZ
ikel DOLLARS fer any ems of Catarrh
hat cannot b. cured by the asaS
v.. "tANK J. CHINKT.
wore to before me and subscrlbsd lo
i?IS'r A..TJ!-.S',nj fotarr Fublle.
en intsrnaliy and acta throuah ths BIm4
onr.,h J"""" Surfaces if So Smsis?
F. 1. Cbsnsr a Co.. mu. m.TT
St. Helens, Oregon
frlortu sua a sort of double kan- j
Y effect.
f'ral dancers hud super-sensitive
cicii miiiin iihoiit four steps to '
ll tnd whllo one foot wns ad-!
n llio other wus hitting the
Irtll. To Hiime. duncln iwinnm.
Mrs. Mary Carrlngton, Casevllle,
Mich., snys, "I havo used Chamber
Iain's folic and Diarrhoea Remedy
for years and It has always given
bo a hard ion which miuld lm prompl relief.'
H and coiiitileted In rousli and !
I le style. There wns a lack ot
na mry had to hurry. To oth-
FJmeilie Idea that onn sniil wiiM ua
f mniither for dancing and they
xil to leave It. From tho knees
"e sun a xlluht iiuiiliin til rl (til
fli concluded ut the shoulders. It
uwi a eoiivulHlon attempting
Ilia liuily via thn nlimil.li.rk
f II Kuve up tho ghost with a
r l.itii. 'n wero Inforineil
this woe a shimmy and vory pop-
lilxh society, when wo first
our only hope was that the
uld nmrry the girl poucnbly.
0 place f ir thn im.i.ii., .i.i.i
I 'Ium not H(..m lo bo clearly lo-
d huw them sltuntod nil
"y rrom the lady's nverdupols to
''it ot htir i,,,,.), ,.,i ,i, ....!,
' K everything from a straight
I"1' to n half Nelson.
,( lonesome couples were dun
f m,,"n 1 '""t thttt
drifliHR l.lwilll lh. fin... in
pnner 8 hlivu oilcml in ttie past.
V al le.l nn.l .1 ..;-.
!!""', """co "10 "Hfforence.
"P Wn I v..,i ..... i .....
.1, ""od'irii dances as our cat
b :"f""iniilc. Horry. Mag-
v'.f"1" i;row IIK Oil ( orvn 1-
The name and place suggested
your mind, welcomoa you either
aa visitor or patron.
We serve cooling drinks, Confec
tionery, Cigars and Tobacco.
Pool Hall Phone 13Z-W
St. Helens Iron &
Marine Works
St. Helans, Ore.
Foot of St. Helens Street
A completely equipped shep for all kinds ef machine
work, marine work, welding, bra lnj, general machine
and blacksmith work. Bring us your ' eric. No Jab
too small, none too large. Prices reasonable consis
tent with good workmanship.
J. W. AKIN, Mgr. G. B. DUCKWORTH. Asst. Mgr.
W. A. LEVI, Sec'y.-Treas.
leirW.,.h.w 1,11 Korl
im I di roadater.
t'Cd 1r""i1,m n P' of
r lira trucks, ah ... j
wand win i .. " "
In over. The ma.
t "9 right and the prices aro
Oreeon Pm- r;
I runnels rirsi
.11. Iln
-buu atat
Ptam d. . 6 cllmP'o' can
h W,l,T!,,l,,',, Bt,llo champions
Ian i. ' ."". Idaho, and Mon-
hi n',B,e ,ttlr Spokano
and Ett.. a . ' viusiaison,
ah ,L .tt..A,"l,,ron. 14. oi Mult-
V 'lr li! Li , ?,Uey o" t the
hDMTl an have since
P. quart. Tn,'.Tl!6 clwb 'aa canned
p. Arid 27K I u"8 mT- ai a
F' n 1 ?r ' tt Indlvldunla.
I lslu..t state leader.
Insure today.
Fire and Lite Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Property Damage
. Insurance
Collision Insurance
A. L. Stone
St. Helens, Oregon.
Before you marry, both rewire
to save all you can In this bank.
After marriage, curry out that
wise resolution and pile up your
little fortune here. We'll help
ycu. We'll pay you liberal In
terest twice a year.
J ,' J
Member Federal Reserve System
'HAS. GRAHAM. President. H. A. CHILD8, Cashier.
3et Ready
f or
This Store will be headquarters for
School Supplies
Why wait until the last mlnnte to buy all of the needed eup
plles? Buy now while stocks are fresh and service not rushed.
Tablets Rulers Pencils
Pastes Crayons Pens Inks
Phone 84-W
West St. Helena
Here's Your Chance
40 acres, la acres cleared and 20 acres slashed, burned and seeded
House and barn, variety of fruit and berries. All crops, some
farming implements, two stands of bees and other Items go with
place. Located on main county highway, good graveled road
and only 300 yards to school.
The Price is only $35 per Acre and Terms can be Arranged
If you are looking for a good farm, do not fall to Investigate this.
I consider It the best farm buy In Columbia county.
Five-and Ten-Acre Tracts
Close to St. Helens
1 haTbUe7fst8 SK&ZiSSS
cleared and no rocks. It Is fine soil and the tracts are located
on the paved highway. These tracts are about X miles from
the courthouse and the same distance from Houlton (West St.
I can sell you these very desirable home farm tracts cn easy terms
and you can be located closo to your work and at the same time
make a home on a tract of land that will help you on your liv
ing expenses. Will be glad to show these tracts to interested
Houses and Lots in St Helens
I have a number of good buys ln houses and lots ln St. Helens. A
small payment down and the balance eaay terms. See me for
bargains ln real estate. '
Strand St. Near Bank
St Helena, Oregon.

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