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" vt Htlll TOT'DTTT'O
. . i Tn t lii Jupanose aleaut
ft vo Muruo belong. lHtino
lp i Mim ' flrMt off-hore uu-
Vrrrl.'r lo opernlo out of Port-
j 1 la loading 11 chT ol ,D,U
iji incluilo fir lumlior, cedur
uliosphtUe nick and wire
Miiniilnn-MIII lir are unuble
.1 "lio orders being received
- .urloun sections of the Hate,
- ,he fuel that all are wonting
p ".. i nrcm-iit and no iliutdown
.. ..... Wors
.ncBd on a nilll tt this city to
Ktc!.r of r-n 126 000 ,0
ooo f 01 lu,"'",
lit oa
r,..inni lumbermen.
n in lo run a cioumo aiurt
' . ii - r nr.
will Have a payruu ui.ouv
sre J. N
llrownlne and
fiiihplile Wora on me pium ui
Liberty Bonds Convertible
..-.,..,. , lemporary Libert
honds of tl,o flrat. second, and Urd
Uhorty UI,h are lulling to lake Id
vantage of the opportunity l0 e2
cl.ui.Ko tl.olr holding, for permanent
hond. bearing coupon, to n.a "r ty
according to John U. Calk "" L' ,'
ornor of the Federal iCk
of Hun Francisco. In a letter sent to
ull bank., banker. Hnd , J
IwnlM of the Twolrth Federal lie.
rve district. Intere.t on these Tem
porary bonds cannot bo collected b
fl'n,h0 nU,I".l",.r " 0(,ul,"n" attached
o t em and It lH of rltal Importance
o those who bought firm, second ana
bird Liberty loan bond, to turn
uiem In for permunent securities
The relatively sm-lt amount of
temporary couiMin bonds of the flrat
second and third Liberty loan, prb
Hunted for exchange. Indicate, that
a InrRB number of bond holder, are
not awure that teinnomrv hnH
nimye issues may, at this time,
Pacific Coast Htiiel compan, be exchanged for permanent coupon
rh wm I'"1""1 '"Bl iw:to or w,M,n UimA oarlii(t coupon, to maturity
ridiforio niuny atool ship wer. 'lovernor Culkln. mild In hi. letter
hna been resumed and
. h.'n already been prepared for
il l. way costing $16,000. When
. ii will employ between 800 and
l IU. it cml aoout ,20-
iiB Salem relebrulod a big
M'PI" ' , ,..... l ,l, -,oU
hi ID UB " """,'
' - ....V i.l.inl nl'li'll will lm
ijlloperullon within the next fow
4i nl wm nil"" "
iplnor in ii.i... u,ul .....
,,r-l(i'rly 'i.Kht a. aouvonlra.
old Hill Iiil"r-i tiun been roui.
i. tha imli'Hlin denoHlta In this
Hctowlnu to r,,,','"t renuei.t. made
Oregon niirenu oi minim nun
i fnP iihwbi nil ini'ui'i hits. in.. ii-
i Irom Otilil IIIU hnvo mood the
,il (rat Ull l iirepriMi nn. iimikii
utile and in everyi lima; mu unx-
li woro up to I " Kinniiurii oi
.Ruwlan. Itullan. Afrlc:.n and
idlin deposit.
iil.-miiok A rheiiHO wiiIkIiIiiR BOu
bli It now ripen Inn In tlio Hoi
)i trramery ihto wnuing to ne
i ih atitto for exhibition thl.
U. Thers re now 25 cheese fnc-
la tho county, nroduclnit lust
Ir .091 .S69 pounds. A larger
lijl ii beliiK looked forward lo for
Tliero are u.auu cowh in ine
aiillon Ton thiiiiH tnd prune boxrc
iho Harrln II'. x factory are lo In
!. by the CroiiuiH'iis brothers, who
take euro of the overflow bus
L 0( the former concern. The
Hi mill In pliuitil'ia: to doutiln lis
Lirltylhln yenr und add a suhIi and
ir drpartment.
lilorli A timber supply that will
Kjresra tins been secured by the
iir I'ulp i I'uper company
huh the purcliuxe of 10,122 acres
Lite and hemlock on the upper
rulrurf river. The Iruct. foru.er-
hhI by the Jones-W'lio-ler I'o,
ilnicnounh timber to nmko 100,
lomof paper. The tluwley com-
wtarnioui 100 tons dully.
hnlnd Heavy timber relon
'olombla 0011111 y ImuKht by the
Y lnterenlit ubout two years go
I w lapped by Hie fortlnnd, As
ht Pacific rnllwuy. wntch I. to
lilt control of the United Hall
in from l.lniilon to Wllkeshoro.
I-line will uaed Iwitli as a Ior-
u road and n a common carrier.
En.e Prunes of Ijiiio county
ready for drylns; and pack
(linla are nlrenily rocelvlnn the
' It la pliintiel this .season to
I'linllt the output of the arsoci.
I'l plant a In weHlern Oresjon, pro-
il prunin of such uniform cx
ce that tiiey will serve a. aiiver
t for the orKunlzatlon wherever
... m imiin, as nacal oaent of the
United 8lute, I. now prepured to
make prompt rnd full riniiv.rv ..t
first, second anil third Liberty loan
neriiiunent coupon bonds for tempo
rary coupon bonds surrendered." '
Minister's New Tack.
A short time aico, while on our va
atlon. we heard a sermon which Im
iresxed ua. We do not mean thai w.
only hear such sermons while away on
iur y inn nous or Unit listening to ser.
mon. Is the method adoptod for en-
iiiyiiiK a vacation.
That we were at church and heard
sermon which Impressed us wu
inly an Incident which iiiIkIH Just
is easily have happened at home. ,
We were startled to hor.r tha iiastor
make tho statement that It was bet- 1
er for thn church that attendance
was not as larico as It used to be. 1
Mark you. ho didn't Buy It was better1
for tho world at lurae. Ho explained:
1 he dwIndlliiK attendance means!
that thoso who do attend are serious-j
ly Interested In tho work of the;
-hurch. No time need now ho wasted !
villi those who attended church In I
rdor to maintain a certain position i
n tlie community, who attended In '
irder to pul about them a cloak of
roiipectnblllty. Now those of us who
have stuck to the Lord and to the
ship can ro r.bout our Father's busl-
1101.S without let or hindrance and we
will Ret more Rood out of It than wo'
lid when church audiences were larg
er nnd made up, In In rue part, of
thoso who hud no real Intereet In the
work of tho church." Korest Grove'
ft Helens, n Au no m?n
Fixity council I.lot on llin r.lu.ve
l In n'guinr si'Hslon. I'resent:
fi"i tiaxon, mayor; James O'
M. C L. Wheeler. N. 0. Ura-
Muncllmen; K. K. Quick, city
9nkr: (ienrifn Piitm- .iiw .... .
tv; W. Day, city altornoy. Ab
llohcrt Dixon, councilman.
minutea of tho last re-ular
F were rend and approved.
""": I he llliimllnl riwirt1
'Hln-re wus i. speed limit stuns
'Pin I he cltv. tn warn atiiw1..r.
""Ported that no'llRht. had yet
Hired on tho city dock, or
Uock. Same was (IIscuss.hI
'referred to Counrllmiin V holder
p'oiin annul tho IIrIiI. on tin
1 no Hctlnii a. .u 1,. b.... .... 11,.
, cr of apeed sIkiis.
riut Wlll) rw,,,vni, fron) 0
' 1 alreetnrs of district No. 2 for
. or dm hnd, room )n Ul0 cty
"WBCIOOl llllri...u... il..
U HI... . '",e"""n. IIIU SIIHIO
lit., a 1 n 'notion was
I nlluw''l the 11 so of said
- .-iporariiy. unl thny
"'""r quarters, and llu.t . ..n.l
L" Pr month he clmrKod for Hi-
r "I thfl IMUint
i. nullum was car-
"wnctitlon for
building permit
Wllm i , '"''""r to orect a
"' In Weill R( ll Ml.
p ram n.. '
,.:. onnu ordered. Issued.
lP I?'.l0.n 0 rect a blacksmith
,NH?A,r5r,;V.i,NTY rounT or TUB
'i,u'!1ill"ll.".r of th8 K",at
K tha It. tuimoni and MarKaret
Kinmona, Mlnori. rKroi
suaNn0',rf f" l17 ,Wen Ulttt ,n
Huan-y of and by virtue of a license
;luly ..sued and made by the W
r Court of the H.ute of Oreron tor
li,io" n'l,,rOU,,,y' on Ptember T
ii..?;.. '? n,4tl"r of tate and
RU. I.nshlp o, vid. I, K.nmon.
Aatha K. Emmons and MarRaret
Kmmons, minor., authorlxlng. llcen.
. . ,,lnPowrlll the (uardian
of ..Id estat. ,t pr,TMte .h,,,
underslRn.Kt, ,u.roll(n .',;
uY.V " 1 l Pr,rt to the
hlRisst bidder for cash, (ten pe"
ewt to be paid on acoeptsnce of bid
and balance on confirmation of sale
I - - . I
Urges Support of Stanfield
Oregon republicans Interested In 1
he senatorial racu between Itouort i
Stanfield, republican, and the pres
ent United States Senator, George j
Chamberlain, democrat, were Ik !
formed Saturday of the receipt of the1
following moHsuKO from Kenutor
llardliiR: !
"All who are earnestly desirous 1
lifit the republican party shall take
nontrol of national affairs lo the ena
hut we may restore the heulth of .
be Kepubllc and Insuro tho Rood of,
the country, will wish . I wish, thut
the voters of Oregon umy find It to I
their best Judgment to support Hob-!
erl N. Stanfield for United Stutey
senator. Warren U. Ilurdlng."
Oertrud.i Walcott Sml'ii, rislnllff.
v.. Ksrloy Kdwifi Smith, Defe'id
ant. To llarley Kdwin Smith, above nuuiel
In the name of the State of Ore
ot). you are hereby commiindod to
Appear and answer the complaint
filed against you In the above entitled
"ourt and cause on or before the 16ttl
day of October. 1920, that being the
last day for publication of summons
heroin and If you fall so lo irppoui
and answer herein, plain' Iff will ap
ply to tho abijan entltloJ court foi
ho relief pruyel for In plaintiff's
complaint, 10-v.lt. For he decree dis
solving the bond of matrimony now
mil heretofore exis Imr between
plaintiff and itefemlant herein. .
This summons is xtrved upon you
t.y virile f an ruler made upon you
of the llonmabjo J A Fakln, Judge
if 1 hi above entitled fourt on the
311 duy of August, H-20, which or
er prescribe that the Minimotis In
this ul. shall be 11 1 cl upon you
by piiblliallon tle-eof, ci.ee a week
for six coimecullvo mill l the 81.
Helens Mist a nowipior of generul
circulation In tho I111.it.' of Colum
bia, Slate 0' ' 1 okoii. rnd that the
flrnl pulillcuilon thereof hu hsd on the
Ird day of rpu 1 l' r ll'l O, end that
'ho Inst liublballon he iad on the
1 5th day of October, 1920.
Attorneys ' for Halntlff, 804-9
Uimbormona llldg.. Portland, Ore.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oroiron for Columbia Omnty.
Jerry O'Conneli. l'lnlntlff. vs. Sarah
L. O'Conneli, Dofoiidunt.
To Sarah I.. O'Connoll, Hie above
iiamnd defendant: -
In the name of the Stato of Ore
gon you are heroby required to ap
pour and answer tho complaint filed
.RuliiHt you In tho above entitled suit
on or before the 1st day of November
1920. that boltiR alx weeks after date
of first publication of summons here
in, and answer the complaint herein,
anil If you full bo to answer, for
want thlireof plaintiff will apply o
the Court for the relief demanded In
hlH complaint, to-wu: .or
dissolving the bonda of mtrtmonjr
exlatlns between plaintiff and 1 defend
ant on tho ground of abandonment
tor moro thnn one year.
This summon. Is aorved upon you
by order of J. A. Enkln. Judge of the
above entitled Court, dated Septom
nor 14. mo. requiring the to
be published once ft week tor iuo
eositva weeks in the St. Holons Miat,
rnd ?MVof the : first ;bW
proacrlhod thereby a Sept. 17. 1920
and of luat publication j Oct. 29. 1920.
M on i. . . " Cl a oiacKsmitn
I'L i'l ii 1 ,,1,,rk 33 "a niue
rued .-iiiiii. uiuuimj
Yd e?!?.Unr of tl,e tract of
r-irren Const rnnii,.
r-l h l.i - v-"' -ir ill till iiy iu
V IU In erwrctio,,. of St. Helens
Pof ui -""""uu street, Inlerseo-
Htl. mnA i . "iiwut huh WIIH
"i-t u tv ?.?:t4tt! itroet' wm
""M and Hi A"orney Day.
"bttaW ?lK?Uae. nd signed
of,o"r.' oily recorder.
Win. J ?r "Uslnes. aDonnrlnir nn
Mlournedttnd Cttrr,ud "eet-
' Kj', City Recorder.
iJSIi. Needed.
torn- 01110 of ChamberUln'i
M 1. 1 "nm ago and the
N ItrJzJ"1 lot I needed."
"w, 0 i.-;,0" Hankson. ChllH-
01 IndltnsH 1 Pot only "Havel.
LJrldl0B.tnt toned up my
in, "d. " Of blickaehn on.l HI..
k , :al ' bid been .h V- X. ' H,,u 01 ",Dl T v PEARCY
JiJini i Ji'i'Y, "'I me a world oi I Attorney for Plaintiff, ottk
1thJl,l..',aJ' Ioak a goj4.nddr"sa . 926 Chamber of Commerce,
hy thl. Court) from and after Mon
day, the 4th day of October. 1920,
Mid continuing said sale until said
property has been sold, all the right
title, Interest and estate of said min
ora In and to the following described
real property In Columbia County
Oregon, toTwlt:- allot block num
bered Five, In East Side Addition to
Vornonla, in Columbia County, Ore
gon. All bids to be directed to the un
dersigned at Mist, Oregon.
Guardian of the estate, of Vlda I
Emmons, Agatha It. Emmons and
Margaret Emmons, Minors.
1920ted flrBt puu"Bned SeP'- a
Last publication October 1, 1920
Hosebursr Rnrlnn vnllou i. 11.-
. . . .--. iiao 1 11 c
i7,,Bl i u,e pacKing houses erected
by the Oregon Growers' association.
The atructuro Just comploted Is de
algned lo liuudlo the apples grown in
that district.
Is a wholesome, nutritious
fod. At our bakery you
will find only well baked,
clean, bread, full of the nutri
ment of life. Our experience
enables us to give you REAL
S. F. HEUMANN, Prop.
Houtlon, Phone 114-6
Wilson's 2nd-Hand Store
We buy, sell and exchange all kinds of second hand
goods. We will buy anything and pay the highest
market price. See us.
Fall Yarns
We have just received a new shipment of Fall Yarns.
All of the newest and latest shades and at prices that
will move them fast. Come in and make your choice
while the stock is complete. '
Look at the
roads for twenty miles
around on a Sunday
Select your tin o
cordint to the road
they have to travel?
In sandy or billy coun
try, wherever the going
Is apt to be heavy The
U. a Nobby.
For ordinary country
roadi The U. & Chain
ec lltco.
For front wheels The
U. & PUin.
For best results
mverymbere U. 8.
Royal Cords.
asm cote notit fatal wtce u
THERE isrVtany "country"
any more. The automo
bile has brought the most
remote settlement almost as
close to the center of things
as the next county was in
the old days.
To hear some tire dealers
talk you might think that
nobody knew anything about
tires except the fellow from
That's not the basis we
go on.
4k '
We give every man credit
for knowing what he is
spending his money on,
whether he drives up here
in his small car from ten
miles out in the country or
is passing through from the
capital in his limousine.
That's one thing we like
about U. S. Tires.
. They make no distinction
between the small car
owner and the owner of the
biggest car in the country.
It's all the same to them.
So long as a man owns an
automobile large or . small
he's entitled to the very
best tire they can give him.
Quality has always been
the outstanding feature of
U. S. Tires. There's no
limit on the S. guarantee.
All U. S. Tires are guaranteed
for the lite of the tire.
We have given a lot of'
thought to this tire proposi
tion. There is some advan
tage in being the represent
atives of the oldest and largest
rubber concern in the world.
Drop in the next time
you're down this way and
let us tell you some interest
ing facts about tires.
United States Tires
4 Portland, Oregon.

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