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,na! Correspondence
f Owl ,f Hmppoose n,ll,l
Ar'i'ur Calttcim, wus a Portland
0f TupwI")'
gh.nnon H. t"'f"r wont lo Vorl-
)(.a of (lohlo was a business
JJ'r linr. Sunday.
rirde IIuiibiiii mudo a business
' , Portland thla woek.
Chfilir McCnnnol has not boon
I, to wium to work an yet.
Carol Fn'den Iiiih onlorod llenke
,lkr 'ur ii"",r ,l,r,u-
iiilter Freeman loft Tuesday e.
1 lor the cl'iidloton Hound-Up.
JL Co and Mm. Hush wrH
, from Ht. Helens lnat week,
vr and Mr.. Harold KiikIIhIi have
:, back Into lln'lr own plneo.
iln. Ha'l JuiIIhcIi and Mr. Krnnk
uiottM drovo to Tori land Friday.
ln r. McDonald Pnd Mm. Otto
7iek, motored to rorlUnd, Sutur-
1 U Larsen of Wnrnn came In
tit threshing outfit ond crow
lonild lOKIi 11 P from Astorlu
,ult hit rir who lit vIkIUhk the
L .. Ll.trrtill wilt) I. nMnttil-
nru .......... ......... ..........
Mlb school In rorllunil was lioma
lh week llll.
it, mi Mm. Hheoly are now lo
4 It one f Hi" houses on tho
irr Hill lil-kti ranch,
ir ind Mm. N. A. Andreas vix-
I ihrlr dnuKlnor, mm. iiuhii, lu
h.i.... Tliiirilitv nvmiintf
kn. 8m Kelly Inn returned from
n ihii Timi wiiii iriiMiiiB nnu
:iiM In Hliiunoukua. Wash.
hi ind u in nurna nave I'Tl
Mr. mid Mra. Kur
Mra. GarrlMon
Dii In r wiiimi. '
dlnlllH.. U"'Ck of M. n-
K.hln1 "lAr"",f narko .
IiIh mo her. Mm W , . .. "
Clarke huH ao d oui , "a Mr
JijESTELENS MIST, FRIDAY rttptpmppd 24 192Q
IIUVltlE flnlulii I .1 . ..
nt Wurr . u. . .' " lN" .""'HhlnK
Hon unit hon. r .. ' 'ur-
lr IkIui.,1. "K"r..MK nt
Tim local camp v f) w 1....1
Hoolal r,n.K tMvkln
Haturday A Koodly ,TOw, waa prn
ri Ki t at Krl. kKoi,'. hl, wllcll , , Jm
K ImproVHd. A roul nJoyal,l , no
la anllclpatH.1 ,y ln KTHnKnr.
1 lie HtorkholdnrH of tho wnri-liouae
Vim"'" m:"",,'r of u,"'t 60 oM ot
210 mi-t In aporhil ...hhIoh IuhI Hat
".day but no bulM, f InipJirturr,
Tho highway . n.-arly co.no.ln, nt,,d anil n U,v ,
nrtn 1 ... .. I i .. "
1 ft in .
1 : ' ; "'-"ii 1
' nl I'ortland. all that
n iKfw 11111 iminw . ... .... 1 . 1
rr.d llo(-B..ra and tho p,,oV farm
I'Ntl, tho youna Hon nt w i ,11
on, roturn.Ml fro I'ortland on ' Krl
tl'oii r" ,1" ,""1,,rw""1 '"' "Pra-
tk rfr A
V, .
HtKR MKTIIOIilSTf lll lU H .
I...,, A,reaHlv9 Hiurcli."
Wl lain.,tio ami Bocond Bt
U M. HlgtB. l'antor '
Oriler or Krk.
8unday Hchool, l:oo u m
leaching, 11:00 a. in
HoiiK pray.,r and pralhe, 7:30 d m
Kvl.i1K,..0 B,.rV,.ei g'p m P'
a 1 followa: . "'um"K
l-nwihlnK Kri.iay 0v,.nlnK l.y tho
...r.T.,,,,, slind!iy ,lloo c
SmI.i u . ' " .""""'oro, ore.
I'.mrii-i yuilrtoriy ,!0nft,rnno Hf
urilliv nt 111 u ... ........
hiv .1. ..' "uhiihihh moet-
n till) W M R.1 O
2: an n ... oaiurua
l'r,.-,i.i. ""B on nunclay,
n'V. J. A. 1 Ifkiitiftr j
mil ---,--... mi a ui UUIK1.
i. , V 1,1 1,10 innioon at 2:30.
m . .7 111 U,B eve'nK by ono of
n.-r for nil i ,.. " ."' "
fumui UKQ DOT II
Saturday and Sunday.
""! I,u,'llc 'a cordially invited to
32 Bum Cows Detected
Thirty-two lionrdcr cowa woro d
tctod nnd Hlmlnatml from tl,0 nlno
riw-teatliiR BKHiirlatloiiH of Ort-Kon In
July. Tho f,71 row tw,t(.( aVr,
rtd'd 742 poiinda of milk with 32 09
l.unu 01 mi for tlm month, uvi
'.tiioi.K' cm iu h
Kaiv M:ikh at St. I It-limn la.ni,
a harp. (J.-ncrai Communion Confus
kIoiih on Saturday at 4 and 7:30 p
m. rWmon at tho Mass on "Fro
Hiii'iit t'oiiitiiunlon."
NiKht HiTvlcia at 7:30 o'clock:
'lovol long and llonedictlon of tho
M"k: IIIiikkpiI Sucramiint.
Nun-CutliollcH aro always vory
wcl: nio.
Job. 1'. Clancy, I'ector.
w.iininK wimrn i:ii-r iibto buoiiii,, . . .. .. a)B,
Uwalract. . . l A a i" ,i..i.!'.... L ,?' fni'oral "nd MUST NOT KIT T. PTP.TT
urtiore hn rolurntd from Boat- , " 'uor cowii :
4; . . - . . i t.rodllclllir tm.r.L tl.r... in L . . . C A fO TT n t-. n w ,
hiTi. lid him ni'tin
Lriior, Mr. Kiixan
vIhKIiik Oil
llllta liowltnx la apondlnic '
.k lalllnir In r iirotlior Knm. i
IWr Inlund I.okkIhk Co.
Hhatrr ami mra. rrana Duly:
mi piT mom It wr-ro 1337. Tho IiIrIi-
IH..Tn i lJ.r? -""'" Clataop county
IniiVwi. r t . . . . oko t!!lnn'l "K'miIh who wcro in the city in
j omida of fat. I'ul In in the aame 'vMiln iln.. m, ...... .,.. ..?"'..!"
oimirr uini i.irn. r iium imiy , . . , , , ' , i'"'''"" bkimiih who WITO In the City ln-
10 Portland Krliisy with liohhln I""'.,",, ff '"' 1,1 anie vcKtlp-tlnK tho r.-porta that the ue-
to io. an X-ray of l.la Injured i''"," r.rd Ju," w"" 115.6 .,,,,, wen, l.K klMod ,y hunters In
1 1 omnia or uiu vm,my, Hays the Aatorlnn.
mniin HlinfrT hiitt In vimtnd In
mblnir outfit mid nturUul thrOHh
TIlO ViHft ()f (t ni'nnla tt tarA.l.
(Tiii kh miout mi iinulcuKous sltuntion
It.ltlk rfllllti! Iirn linm.ln
iturdny. Mr. HlHhop hat charno'0 ,la,' A" rKoti hunk la reported 1 1" 8,al" law provided that DlReonB
'In havn lienn r,.l,l...,l mi ,i ... 'm..v I... LMI...I .. .... . , .
- " ,w .'iiiit uny . i.'u, nii.-ifan 1110 leuorai
I i.iura iiiTirim r.un xnn iji w. ui niiivt'H null niwina im 'itm i it 'V mtiur nn im iiiin
from Harahullli-ld, Ore, VlHlted ' ''"Ml" forcefully detnonHtrateH two!'" ''lutHop county under penalty of
nr. inn sun ii. AnKllart, i i mo ihkii cohI und
W.illt. nf ul.....u 1. .....
,...mi, vi niii'.-n HifR DflllK protection,
i-nu Hecomny. mat tho hank ImrRlar
la fully poHted on valuoa anil select n
altoea in preforenco to cnah.
uk nd Kutci-no Kulan. and
bra .Sliver i n, OriRitn vlaltod
! Kult-i tarn, nvcnU dayi laat
0 8. Claiinerton .venl In IVirl.
Sundtr with IiIh d.v.RliUr l'u-
aoh anil pi.iceu nor In Bt.
i Arnlemy tor the ypar.
. ClaDDertoll lllil ilHliirhlnr
hit. Vfnt to Portland Hniiinlnv'
Ku will attend acltool In i'ort
Uli Jfi-nr
R K. Siiiffli'i. rrltirneit
roi Monday nlwrn aim wont to
uiDiuneral or Mr. Kohlnaon a
Umltnic friend of the Bcofflm
Viola MllKIXI whn tlna I.m...
!ihr tlHter Mm. I.. Clark. Iiiih
4lo hrr home In Kelso. Mra.
tttertttlned with un cvonlnR
lor htr jilmer lust week,
'li llubliln .Sliiifer i.rr..r...i ..
JJl Injury luat Monday when ho
tin ncr ny a ."'ord aa lui wag
' Urn Mad In front of the
' Place. The laran bono In In.
if at lirilknn luil .w.l ...l,..i
, ' "... .... ... MI.1I.T1I
ry narrow eacnpo at
rSelfert wo dUcliarued from
VS t military poat In Texan
-wurn-u m verninny. Ilerfa
irlcnils un.t r..i .iiu- i.....
WN that hn did not make at
'" vibii to hla homo.
Ud Mm lt..r. i .1
1. ( v. .. ii,.,.. i ..... .
urenro iHry nar milHliuro
"0 PUrchnuMH n....l.. .. ...... .
thi ..; . "" iiiiu part
ic.!? ,,vl,l,,,,"y "HervM
It boollng ono of our lna.
toahM, pa.Hed througli our
lu !; r !'"y 10 Aatorla. whore
""PPa I'lHtrlct School.
'" toucher and .,.
ibi M,U.,11",rlct- We also
hrt io,..i . aao our
li l ,7 ,,oll ulntrlcts
L 'K.r."'ltod In Rotting
Kb. v t .
ttdi .i .i ,r""v- tolORram
P'hotDiiiiT u u u,oa at Sl
U. ? "onU.'ly . niorulnK.
Mtht i. lho. -unorn,l. which wra
Con wr' I'Tfimatorliim.
'5on Wed at Deor laland aov-
"1 llaa lll-nv frlon.la
t,Ht Want Ada have a reputation
lor futtlnr rraulla. If you have anj
Ihlnj to anil, want to liuy anmathlni.
r.r nead help, try one.
IV flno and Imiirtminnimit
Thla aertlon which includes the law
' KuiiiBt piKi'ons aaya: Cnder tho reg
illation for tho protection of m Ik ra
ti. ry hlnU tho Mea.son la cloned on
handtailed plKoona, awans, wood
durka. etc., In tho United States and
Ah far aa can lift learned by the
.nm. i no nnovo also applies to Co
lumhlu county.
"There's More Real Satisfaction"
says the Good Judge
In a little of the Real To
bacco Chew, than you ever
got out of the ordinary kind.
The good rich taste lasts so
long you don't need a fresh
chew nearly as often that's
why it costs you less to chew
this class of tobacco.
Any man who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew will tell you
Put up in two styles
WB CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
b,.""l I'rleo l,av f...
"rni w i . ,D1'" 'f'l"i
i nilf.' and I,oIon I-
!.miCI 8'.:J1.V1',
p Limit, ,h "i.,"""11' BP:'l 8"
fco vn" "' Wilbur.
W. bo,.J V M,tnilont o' the
Batur "Kllt a I'ord in 1'orv
'Sunri,, kl"l,lr" boino for
yuon. " iftKin
SiCa'1;!' r,,l,,rno,,
rngon "e WkB V,Mlt ln
''"rch: Bund ay Rchonl
L' i ni 0.rHll,.P. H ie; c.
'PlHPl n, , rV,!e" 8 O Clock.
'vZt ,:n W with a
, .Tin n.,iA..... .
P.'olki 7',,r.,;-'nod sevoral
lite pi
looks like
itself in value
' buying at cur
We specialize in Berg
man shoes for men and
boys. For the logger and
timberman the Currin
brand of shoes are the
best on the market. ,
And the price, are right. Let us .how you,
E. H.
tnhr ppy and discontented la the
man who shirks his duty as a worker.
YOUU I'OHTHAI,' Why not have
it mado ut your home? Emma H
Morton AllBky Illdg., Portland, Ore'.
hones Main 4049; Tabor 2997 St
Helena l-hone 25. Blttfhgs by apl
polntmont. . Yi
... TUw y Taken up at my place
n bt. Helena near the cannery, three
horHea and one colt. Owner may
have, same by proving ownership and
paying charges. Mark Balocco. 41,
FOU SALE Small sized enBllase
cutter and 6 h. p. Fairbanks Mor'go
engine in perfect working condition.
A bargain at $100 or $50 each,
bhannon 8hafer, Deer iHland, Or. 4 lit
Foil BALE Mitchell bug, with
Hudson 4-cylluder engine. Just been
m '"'US' .Am 'vlng town, and
will aacr flee for 1!K f. ,...i.i ' ....
. Oorlus, Columbia City. 13ox otr7.
w 1 T
Close-in Acreage
Ground Gripper
Un be ordered by mail for
tht wholt familj. The eaaU
est and best shoe made today. '
A Real Correct Shoe.
W1 Bint. P.nlaad. Orr,on.
TMSkBtlw. AC..T.eow. WMklnrUii
We are dividing 120 A. adjoining the City Limits in
tracts to suit the purchaser at reasonable prices and on
easy terms. This is the only close-in acreage that is with
in easy walktng distance of the industrial center and close
.o school with good soil. It has a County Road through
center and will have free mail delivery. It is also just off
the paved Columbia Highway, giving a paved road right
down town. There is plenty of timber for shade Ind
some for wood.
This is the CHANCE you have been waiting for.
ter come early and get your choice of land.
Phones: Office 123
Kec. 88-J & 74-W
That Look Fine
That feeling of com
fort and contentment
that comes only with
correctly laundered
underwear and ho
siery is assured you if
you send your work to
us. Our methods pro
duce a soft, soothing
finish that cannot be
excelled. ' And the
prices are right.
Men Who Are Particular
Should See These Tools
"7"OU will have the same satisfaction in
I using a well-balanced, fast-cutting and
durable Saw, asyou have in using a good razor.
Our Tools for carpenter and home work in
clude theright Saws, I Jammers, Axes, I Iatehets,
Braces and Bits, CLbcls, Planes, LVawknives,
Screwdrivers, Squares, llules, etc.
Come iu today and sec the Too! i Cn.l last a
lifetime and always give satisfaction.
St. Helen., Uregon
the 7VfC&gST STOKZ
"The Home Paper of the Oregon Country"
Cox or Harding?
The next few weeks will de'termine the choice of the
nation's next president.
Keep informed on the late developments of the presi
dential campaign through THE OREGON JOURNAL.
THE JOURNAL receives each day the complete leased
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United Press International News Service
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The Oregon Journal, Portland, Or.
Pleasa tend The Oregon Journal (dally and Sunday) to the following aidressi
Nama ... ;
S4r City i..
Enclosed find 2.S0, piyment In full until Feb. 1. 1921.- 16
Jtt. ' W frleudH leaving foi
Stro . .
wrn,r ail ,, ".p c"y g
l.'N of t,l,Vl AgM An"
The Store of Quality
k . in v..
- ..,H,uver, and ara
"ro he llBB OM.

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