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St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, March 25, 1921, Image 10

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.-. , ,-t- njtfMV IfAPfH 25.1921
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1 M g! 5 M F Jttia i. f . " i i la
Eajter ta kr rmr Eaxar 'La s.sann' y slij -.i-r:.
u JI- OwU Kaaal. wAilt y tl y r si r-.
t3n ti wc t w trcaJs B , Zxrrjve iia.Ur: i-i.-.r Kajm a:
,x . i f"tr',AA I H i. V Geeni CMntaxa
Xds Hww LArt Tvr-A4, E:;- T-k-y t a- Fir Lii ta .7a: W---
r l"Ir,. . i fca naaat Curiae bulu-'JI Cu-
T f . t " u4 trtm,. fart
"? T,1 1',, ---if f Coi- TH. mjoetcoe wi:l t5
. VL i, . .' w '4 U J. r Vm r-.xi .-nonr At ;.w -
tV-m "vr f.-eaa aaf fia at Raa-, i v t. ct r- -t
;o Or m. tiia t arwnir Jf-.a by Um f IV
saaen for Jia iMlau ? Tl moq. a St. Huta i '?
ajst i ? :a T 1-
. i'imw .
FOB SAI.K lialtxl hay -nd trw
r. -v.ip rrrl !a Inland 1)7 H. r. B
-r v.. . , '
..3.-ac a trt t r :-f-nw TVr
ijrt ! !it St. Ki-S o Vt
stay r Try al wl k-
taa. T ta. ryni ta r.
trst r a?:f'r. ?.r i wirl
t9t TaI ' tmj wtt't mxztri
rrAVst at A:ta'
r oay a 4 tvz.frmrw hv.Urr
snrvra d.t .iDVEvnvr
r3ia;l 5.i at It A X
Srr lS:?y A. ?t A..-vrrT
Xaf H. f wiuVn mrr-Mt.
- at X-jry. Ca.:roiria 4ir-
ta '''- of Ayr ul Xay MZTBOD-7T ETT.rrrL fHTOH
CarM. !-wry f ti rr-nfly Cxrt,-
r-r Ita4 Iwr--c -t5ty a Jn ry T-.-.t t. v
L Hln Tty T laff-ST m-t frt aJ r-
w5y aa 4 T: Cw La4r , tJlJ r F--
wi-y :,f a- ovx-mf. xr. a-. Sj,t.T ii Tr t .
TV. ma- r ". - --. .r ail a::-J ti rr X
avn r f- a rit . ...
ltr f'r f rite as . Far " 1" . A ' ... . . r-jr x 5 cn.i. sy a
mi xi.".-r .r.:.., Tv7 ,,r.i. . r .1 i-
rrr.aa as jTir Maria WVjt : !..! -?.-.--j. : I
church notices;
kirry if yoi aat kmc.
ly t !:f
te "i kr! ehairT.a.
TS fAaavr 'a9! arrtrM fa r
Say Koralay as. t-T1 3 to-1
frtt a arr- wf 5.'a f-wt
of I.mfcr as . a Ur? pwrr lt. ' ITIOf
fn!Tsr sis P.rr Alas? n'.d ; t,rr arri-sa -1M fc id
. ta a oo-'7 par.rr !. 3iay Vwftac wit. a r.
f B IV:- ' w" J5'- JT-r at Jt 1:4 by a
Kf .4.vp;ay K i-1 J.t f.n- trikfan at 11 a m. Ta eilira
tahM a -k . t? h. ta(e 5-- Kittol 9rat ,
1,"! Vr-V !ft of ti yrncr, T ei, kM for r.
Fara Rt irk ar. . rv!-J that !-. t,-,t, i, n
n xat5t
it 34 p ra.
tj at 7 1. Till t t
ibv. ??t u ..-.:.' t tt fc
Tsy wm a b"5::fil ay aa
fr. h!raty a rrird
of for 'riT.f a I
of t!s .MTeri o
Ettt -; jo. a"if
ra-wl i .T4 ckkb.
X raf iwm a; II "o. Xi
ti ky ti r.tft.T. Sra by ti
o Ti f'fij'T cf ti
Xa.'" Lt m rf Lfi
!i fjT! aw-rv tia". "K !
R a H a!l
Ep-rti Lan E.r in:'
J Tfr "Ti 5a.afc aad .
Caia of E.nr "
At ti 7:1 .)ir i iij- :'.
rr-i EadaTor '7;.- .rl-7
"rma tta.V.,t, - ... .V- .-.-....4 k.
.o.., xt . S-S .'1111?1S2; : r tf .',T,?-P!
L.7?X,- a,. -v r- .' . !
lf.t f St. H! wr .!f'te:. r.r?t KTf. rt wrtW. of
rsarrlaf at VanvrT. Waahfrr-
ton on Hatfirir XrA l?h. Ryt, j
of ti rrm'rr'r. pr.l ar w!I i
1rowTi In Ht Kl-r as . kar icany!
trtTAx -whn t.nir wnrra.a.f.kr. I
Ti aftBt!on of th Ia! of St. i
sr ti -Him of th mpty toasb.
- i not Br. H tat rUnn."
Frd Hiatt. a fi.-it elaj fcarS?. I is
la pnHUfa to dr!T yoa aar
wier at aay titn. Serea pa-j;r
--ar. 8i ri-lM fe.
M ...
-- i o r gur mt-I vfrnrc
at 7 3t P W I I will fim V iv.t- ...
u. - -, . . . : ' - - - j
win ! eod. th rrlc aa a Uy'iny wl.', Edlt M. K!!y.
rad4. Ti Arem koMi tiat i r.-. tt- -.tt.
let. Oefcin.
Hl. ar.4 rtnlry U ta!!. to t-;v7Vl,
ifn of 8a!u an . ' CrttCreh
JT-r JarV- oh 4!,Hy at XI-1 CU! Port.
T.ADT'H HHOP. Ti.- roo-Jt ar 'l ?B,I;' th
hlh r!. nl .f -7. 'al4. Ti Areh-
at frrtfx that eannot doollcaf. n 1H ,fcolr ,h,r WlaUoo of i Date, at St. He
In Portland. ; Mr eo by attonf ti : Xarea 2Sta 12I
forr 0ar5tr.r . txi-rht th
l trjn hr'ihi Konij.rt. by'
H. S'riraard aad I now tb rrtj!arl
man." In addition to nppiyln? !
fcl eiofr wlh 1. h can alw
famish rfriarratora and tho far
na pu1 -ral wlfb Bt. Hln
Pot.l. For prompt rrlc, Gorf
H7 fail pnon !5.
La.t w-V thr wa a r?iltaV
th adrrtITnt of th St. Hlui
Hardwar ConipanT. which wa th
unit or th Mljrt. Oa!Tanld barbd
wir- roo udooi i ?anri, wu
nod at IS 2 a itdooI. Tb prl
an . unonii na ixn enpld at 14
a rool, which In nn't a difference
ani i a rel hot roHal nrl.
Th Mefh'dlt Lad! Aid Rortet-
held hlr annna! dollar experience
-.rinr at tn chorch parlort
inu'-oaT ern'nr aTarch 10b
Trre w a larre attendance and
m en'ovaM time wa held. Th
fr'nfM related a to earning the
"eroer'enre dollar" were lnreiifin
and amnlnr Qnlt a tidy little
nm wa realized.
ronnty School Stirverln ten dent J
B. Wlron retnrrted from Vemo-
n'a v,elne1ay nlrht. It took him
a little more than fire hour to make
the trip. The roadu In district No.
n are in -ery bad condition, he ald
enpdally from Mlit to Clatakanl
o-er the mountain. Rereral earn
were afnck and he helped to pnll
inn otir. or me mini
H E Ahry who formerly wa
roanmater for Colombia county and
an engineer of recomlzed aMllty
akn the Mint to chansre hl addrena
from Albany to Sa.em ai the SUt
Hitrnway department haa tranferre1
him from the road work to the Mar
ket Road T))-Nlon. Mr. Ahry add
mai ne mint be In Colombia coon
ty for a hort time thla aummer.
For allowlnr one pony to run at
larire, Dr. A. C. Tacker wan tefoe
tne recorder Tuesday afternoon. Or
dinance Vo. 114 of the City of fit
iitni b'8'.pb very plainly that no
horse or cattle shall he allowed to
run at lartre. The recorder jrare
lurKfcr ample time to hare hi wit-
neK-s In court and the case 1 to be
heard at 10 o'cl'-cic thin mornlnr.
Itr Tucker was allowed to :o upon
ins own recognizance a wait the
horse and the doctor led It home
luesrtay afternoon, after the iniinal
had been In the city pound for a few
Charle filmone, an Italian wa ar
rested on the ffalner plac near Yank
ton Tuday afternoon by oherlff
Welllntrton. In hi cabin wa founft
about 20 icallon of raisin wine, 10
(rallons of hard cider and a keg
wmcn contained beer. He claimed
he had It for hi own oe and before
Judeo Hasten pleaded polity and wa
nnen Z5 and cost. Hnerlff Welllnr-
ton had been Informed that, he had
a still, but a thorough search of the
premise failed to rereal the still
ana the sheriff think th man told
the troth when he stated be bad not
operated one.
Fred I,. Stewart, late cashier of
me KeiMo Htate Bank, and who 1
supposed to have committed suicide
wnen crossing rrom uoble to Ka
tamavwa well known by se-era! St.
Helens resident. Albert. Burcham,
a formnr resident f Kelso, was
loathe to belle- that Stewart had
commlted the rash deed, and George
Potter, who has known Stewart for
the pant' twenty fle years, shared
In the opinion of Mr. Burcham. Clyde
Hanson, who look fltewart to Goble,
after h had left rhe train at St.
Helens, isald that Stewart appeared
to be In' good spirits, but very .tired.
Ho had .known the bank cashier for
more than twenty years. O. C, Crnt
satt also knew Stewart, '. and wa
much surprised to learn that hi for
mer frl'tnd had committed the rash
deed which It acem almost certain
ll did. ) ! - , .' l-
Good Friday night: Blaglai of tb'FOH SALE Oor complete 1K
for nI
WIIiiN you re busy in 'the kitchen, and you just
must have some things from the store right away
and there's no one to send. Then
Isn't it satisfying to be able to slip over to the store your
self, confident that your frock will pass the most critical
inspection you may meet? You have that feeling when
you wear
ifltna Glaglor Srmrsi
The Dress for Every Activity
That's one reason why you like Mina Taylors-because
of their practical utility and good looks. Then they're so
comfortable, too, cut amply where ease is needed with
plenty of freedom for arms and shoulders and with skirts
cut abundantly wide.
For the miss for the woman of ample proportions for
every woman who like, pretty and serviceable clothes,
there s a Mina Taylor here that will be just right Pricca
so moderately, too, that it makes each one a real "thrift
Do you want comfort-with plenty of good looks, too
n your working dress. Then get a Mina Taylor-NOW.
Gcod geadtnef
Did yoa mr stop to think that the advertlaemenU
ct the borne merchant In thi newspaper make it a
BETTER newspaper?
WeH it doe. Advertlln teach PROGRESS,
It teache progre in keeping you abreait of the
times, of all that is new and desirable in food, cloth
i& home, supplies, and comfort of all kinds.
It teaches economy through Informing you where
the best prices may be had because economy is not
only in the mere saving of money but also in the in
UHigect spending of it
It teaches confidence through the knowledge gained
la knowing you live as other folks live; enjoy the
things they enjoy that you hav the tame advantages.
The teit book of our worldly comforts I written
in the terse lines of our merchandising advertisements
If we rtad the advertfst'mfnts we soon real.
ize that they can work to our advantage just
as much as to the merchant with something
to vlL
Then t h e HOME-SPENT
DOLLAR starts its pepful jour
nc amongst we home folks
every one of whom has the de
velopment and growth of this
community at heart
ti. . rmi bii
uunner. Ht. I f l.n. cL
and Estimate KumbulT
at reasonable prln- 7; "
I ififoU' n
and Gold "Wot
der Box"
Easter 8j((
Per Mb. Box
Former Fries JQ
Deming M$m
KwMli l 1.- of
A story of love in springtime,
with tears and smiles like the
showers and sun of April
It N llm Mli-rlim story of a k.m I. i
wife marmn.l on n isluml t,,.
Idfl, t i-. S. Nvj vflt..r v.
cd from a Water) grave an. I f ulmt
H-lle Hitld unci thoiiKlit mid ,11,,
when iIicho two laiiin hnrk
tr-mcmlu rM-rinre. Vi.h .......
sow in all your life hu,U tiuignlflTit
.u.M..Kriinjr or Tl-ll MK l) siisM nsc.
AIJi i
Another Toonerville Comedy
"The Skipper's
Treasure Garden"
Special Saturday Matinee
2(r :Wc; 1 5c 2:
TMOl m im-i esonuCTros '
J UST a simple lad from the country, with a boy'i eage
dreams of the great things he would do some day.
Thru -life", fab, frtiM the ilrrem lill.rd Mi
lxy wait a rriMik.
But when lii 1 has "rruukiMl" one nllit, the not dldat t
g.t I hut rtn a rn-.k ran Im- l,ii, ,mi so inl' kiiWlrba
new tlail, and a girl In the llidr town
WImm. then-! V..u haren't (Hie-Msl Hip end al all! Kw Bit
Irimble had another safe to rrarh. aiiotlu-r Jaw to iniBKi
)u II 1 gin. I wIkii lie iim ImhIi JoIm.
Also Two Reel Comedy r-Prices 25c 35c
ENID BENNETT in "Stepping Out"
liuiilided by Met re! nirenla fl,...l,... f...n. tl,. Iiotitlnl
uieniH for wl.b li the Iikii. elb.rie of Kurtiiw would have gltri M
....i ir a,lllSl4ll ,,.,, ij,,,,,! ,, ,,M,r of lU room.
Constance Talmadge
".. ' lM'' n ""irrl' !! such a ipnmI man for thn
;. . P"i . "' '"urw MU, h "' " ,lvc '"""Ti.
ti. "'""'"'"g vir, she ...tne. to Xew YM-k, "In Search"'
hlnner h.,,1, oh! (.Irln, what lime she has.
rUH'KH c iWo
"An Adventure In Hearts"
v..tl., iyV,l'"YK' ""'IdliK hi-usli! Ho lonK, !' ni.Jffik
.vver nuain! V,.n .................. .. ..i,ica m
imikn I,, i i .i urn r.nm licniieu., an ie -
"""" ins lilgH liorw. (V.niel
-V J

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