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Mm. Carl Aaman Yisited
friends In Scappoose Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Alves and
Frank Russell motored to Fortland
Mr. and Mrs. William M tickle left! Mrs. Carl Anmand entertained Pat-
Tuesday for lWtl;m4 whore theyiurtlay afternoon in honor of Mrs. A.
will make their h.mo. having din I A. Heist and her 8on Philip of As
posed of their S(. Helens property. I turiu. Those present were, Mrs. A.
They have lived I'.'-re f,T a numher I A. Heist and. son. Miss Elizabeth
of years and have many warm I Philip. Mrs. I,. 11. Kim, Mrs. Amy
friends who regret thut they are! Stone, Mm. Orln Shepherd. Mrs. Hay
leaving St. Helens. J Morton, Mrs. Oler Hnd Mrs. E. A.
takes him only a few minutes to I loss. Miss Philips and Mrs. Shep
reach hi; place ot lousiness here. 'herd assisted the hostess In surving
I G. W. Roberts, division freight and1, ,hrt refreshments.
passeniier agent ol the liiion i'ucific i Mrs Susaiiu ketel arrived Sunday
E J Llndberg of Clatskanie wa Hues, wttn neadnHarters. m Astoria, 1 from Ios AniTeles where sue nas neeu
ansactine business in the county 'was in St Helens Wednesday, i veiling her dauchter Mrs. P. L. Orif-
KreiRht and passenger business is a. I Tin and her son Hudolph. Mrs. Kelel,
transact In ff
iif YVArinAflriAV.
t a i uat-nM Ttonvpr have;a siauusiiu .u . lumens sutit'u nui,:u"T a snori visu ru 11 it-min mm
Mr and "a;" ,5 ,.,,,,.. he hoped it would improve with the ' relatives here will en to Vale, Ore-
moved Into their new and modern i wwrnllU resu.nl ug opera-1 -on. for a visit with her daughter
bungalow on Nob Hill. i' Mrs. Sam Alexander. Mrs. Kete,
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Thompson of . ,.- (,.,Mnt F left St. Helens ulmost a year aKo and
rhTh?meTfrcTTnompson VeatTh o 'the' Ka. i e T rZLi rclai visited her o.d home I. Wisconsin
the home of C H. Thon ipm. , M m wUJ (, l(,v,l!ml h ,ro , before goiK to California.
Miss ValdaSain and Miss ' In" !Tu.jsduv nitht far th. junpi.se of Mrs. M. Ulcen returned to St.
Howard spent the week end in Fort- j prel)1.rill). Ihl, details of the buokM 1 Helens Tuesday evening after a visit
land, registering at the Benson. ,vlll,. t!lo commercia honle- of the 'of several days in Portland where she
E. E. Quick and daughters. Misses ),.,, l;,(v s,, ,M j., which v. '11 1 attended the Council of Jewish Wo
Anna and Alice, were visitors in 'give doscriplHe mutter of Columbia ; men. Her father and mother, Mr.
Portland the first of the week. jcounty. land Mrs. M. Rosenthal, her sister.
The steamer Multnomah Is expect- . ' . r1nf M'ss Ella Rosenthal and her daush-
ed to arrive tonight to take on a cargo te i l the i ter 1IuU'n Uk'e" w,la h"w 1,u,,n
of lumber for California delivery. lf ,0, " . " spending the past year in California.
H, ti tmcpv or Fneene snent th i i . , V , r ' 'IV returned to Portland and will
Hr. H. Tracey or fc.ugene spent m -o.ul, ho stated, and since January :k ,,.,. iimn lM imt eltv for th
week end with relatives in Portland. Ut. llis C(,,111K1,,y ha!, Sl1,i fivu true-! "'k", ,olr '" "10 C"- fr th
Mrs. Clara Miller made a short tor9 aml a .iuiility f farm machin 1 1 ' ,. , .
visit to friends in Portland Tuesday, ery. Mr. Harvey was formerly conn- A; tanHlnrlcom or ernonlu
Mrs. T. J. Flippln, Jr.. is In Fres ; ty comm!.--doner and is a ;.-ood road ! w:lH a vl,:!1t,or tn "ie county seat 1 ues
no. California on a visit to he advocate of the dys-J iu the wool i lav to relieve lilmsel f or u little tax
mother itvpe I money, and with this Job off his
... j j .u I " I mind put In the balance of tho day
Mrs. W. B. Dillard and Mrs. Thom- .. B. Lake cnine down from Port- greeting old tiine friends. Mr. Vuu
as Isbister were among those fromjian, Saturday ewnlnc to spend the ! Illuricom Is a pioneer of Columbia
St. Helens who spent Wednesday in , wek at i)nu.. 0 s employed j conntv and in discussing past events
Portland. in tlie tn-c collecting departieent of I said that he helped set the type for
E. E. Quick was In Portland Mon- the sheriffs office In Portland and! the first paper published in Columbia
day in connection with the James jsays that riuritu! the past week there j county. It was the "Columbian" and
Kennedy estate of which he Is ad-1 was a rush to pay taxes. Mr. LakolsiKs homo was in a building on Nob
minlstrator. an applicant fi r V. S. appraiser andi-tim. Mr. Van reports prospects very
Mrs. C. H. Thompson returned ; lu,s strong backing for the job and a j trood for a healthy growth of Ver
home Thursday, after FDendins ais"011 clla!'!-'B t,( lnd it. nouia this summer. It is confident-
week at the home of her daughter, Pliilin Neer nZe or tli tnnnrh '" expected that the town will be
mm. r rann James oi uanas. (old timers of the Warren section,
The steamer Daisy Matthews is j was in the city .Tuesday to square
scheduled to sail tonight for San I himself w ith Sheriff Wellington on
1 1 Ho annual tax paving nursiiou. In
icidentally Mr. Neer dropped Into the
Mist office and advanced his sub-
Pedro and F.edondo. The vessel will
take 1.000,000 feet of lumber.
R. F. Graham of Prescott journey
ed to the county seat Tuesday to in
terview the tax collector, not over
looking a brief call at the Mist office.
O. J. Thomas of Goble was in St.
Helens Tuesday. The occasion of
scrlption date another year, a litllo
matter lie attends to regularly at tax
paying time each yeur.
Rev. and Mrs. K
connected with the outsldo world by
rail this coming summer.
The Mist bus received a letter
from Frank Shepherd, formerly own
er of the Shepherd Bus Lines. He
Is in California touring the state nnd
possibly will locate in that state. IK
says "I would like It very much If
you would express my many thanks
til tliA tww.nlu u'ttr. h'i t rj.it I , v
K. Clark gave ',, .f.i,ti i . ,,.,.'
the classes in catejrhinni a party on I . .,,''' ..- ....,i ',.,..,,.. .
his visit was to surrender some of, Monday afternoon .in the basement I s't ,i(It,nst an v. nlty who' did a
his hard earned money for taxes. (of the t ongre-tmnal church. A eat ,,ea, f((r , , ,,,,,,
Walden niltnrH iviiirnaH M.in ,in i poanu t hunt as enioyeU by all. ,.. ... ,i, o. n n..., ......
. v. . . v. v. v... v.h.- ' tj i i- i' i i i (n-rt vf tun tii. urn-tin iiin;.
to Eugene to resume his studies at if.1'"3 wer) 'ou b' t'"1' l'ka it lio St. Helens Mist did a great deal
the university, after, a week's visit
here with home folks' and friends.
Mrs. Charles Heilborn and daugh
ter Elizabeth Ann of Portland were
in St. Helens Tuesday visiting Mrs.
S. C. Morton and Miss Olga Heilborn.
Chris Naegeli of Deer Island was
In St. Helens Monday. Last Decem
ber he bought the Keelan place and
is well pleased with Columbia county.
Those ladies who are entitled to
certificates In the Red Cross lecture
courses can get them by calling at
the county agricultural agent's of
fice. Mrs. Orsland, wife of Capt. Ors
land of the steamer Willamette, i
visiting friends in St. Helens for a
few weeks. Her home is in San
Judge Hazen was the officiating
magistrate at the marriage ceremony
oi miss F lorence Nugent to Wm. H. j
Tucker last Friday. Both are from I
Multnomah county.
Mrs. A. A. Heist, after a visit of I
Beverai days with her father John
Philip and her sister Miss Elizabeth
Philip, returned to her home in As
toria Tuesday morning.
Novak's new dance pavilion in
Highway Park, Scappoose, will open
to the public Saturday evening with
a dance. The manager promises a
pleasant and orderly dance.
The steamer Floridan is here tak
ing on a partial cargo of llumber for
delivery at New York. The vessel
will take on 900,000 feet at this port
and complete the cargo elsewhere.
Rev. E. C. Pollard of Corvallis
was a guest this week at the home
of C. H. Thompson. Dr. Pollard is
on his way to visit his daughter, Mrs.
J. W. Thompson of Framingham,
Dr. S. H. Russell was In Portland
Saturday evening. Will return this
week to attend committee meetings
pertaining to the convention early i,
July of the Oregon Chiropractic as
sociation. Monday evening Mrs. Isbister en
tertained at dinner, in honor of Mrs
Ida Umbach, grand worthy matron
of the O. E. S., the following ladies:
Mesdames Butler, Sten, Dav Ors
land and Umbach.
OA timely examination of your
eyes may save you a lot of
worry and care in the future. Better
be wise than sorry. Consult Dr
Thompson next visit, Friday, April
15, Orcadia hotel all day. 16-2
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Copeland have
moved to Columbia . .tv and art
comfortably located in the home
they recently purchased from Ed
Somniarstn.ro. Roy says he likes it
Just as well as living in town and i
Mrs. C. F. Norris and Mrs. R. R
Hosford of Arlington, Oregon, arriv
ed in St. Helens Sunday for a vMt at
the home -of Mr. and Mrs. John Reu
ben. Mrs. Norris is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben and Mrs Hos
ford Is Mrs. Reuben's sister-ln-law.
Mrs. May Bevans and grand
daughter Miss Maxine May Klein
were recent visitors at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. c. Baynard. Mrs
?ea. ,8,.Mr1- Baynard-s mother
and Miss Maxine who has Jut cele
brated her second birthday. Is her
Clyde M. Watson of Portland is a '
recent arrival in Corumbla county to
purchase property for a home. He
has purchased the Cox place in the
Yankton section, and the first of the
week he and his family moved down
from Portland to their newly ac
quired property.
Columbia Post No. 42, the Ameri
can Legion, has a dance scheduled
for tomorrow night in the city hall.
The legion has been entertaining its
friends with some splendid dances
during the winter, and this affair
promises to : be as popular as those
given in the past
'"church School at 10 a m. M.rnlng
Worship at It "' ? ,lu" f'""
deavor at ti.3. Kw.img Worship 0.
7 rii pastor will bo absent next
Sundav and the pulpit J,u'"
plied ' At a business meeting helil
Sundav evening. Mr. Freeman Young
was elected superintendent of the
church school. Mrs J. L. Storla. as
sistant and Miss Annabelle Isbister
so '.rotary and treasurer.
Seventh l'av Adventlst. Iloiiltou
Road and Klamit St. Sabbath School
at 10 o'clock a m. Church services
11-20. Services if this denomina
tion are held on the seventh day of
the week. Sabbath April 9. Kvau
(rellsl Paul lverson of Forest t;rov
will lecture on "The Millennium.
Will World Peace Prevail? Is Civili
zation's Crash Certain?" These con
flicting possibilities will be portrayed
from Holy Writ In a most thrilling
and definite manner. Special music
by Mrs. I.ce ami .Miss Adams. Scan
dinavians e peclally Invited on this
day. Visitors welcome.
Local Elder.
In h's paper, the Cotla.re Grove
Sentinel. Elbert Hodo denies the re
port that he will leave Oregon. The
Mist Is Klud to know this. Hede is
one of Oregon's best editors and the
paper ho edits Is a credit to his town
or would be to any other commun
ity. Through his paper ho has done
much for Oregon and this stale
couldn't afford to lose him.
Treasurer's Notice.
I have money on hand to pay the
following endorsed Road Warrants.
General Road Fund endorsement
Including February G, 1921.
Road Hist. No. 1 endorsement In
cluding April S, 1921.
Road Hist. No. 3 endorsement In
cluding I'etiruary 7, 1921.
Road Hist. No. 5 endorsement In-
MiTiiiriuio .miMtn, .u.Miv Ktlllies ,-.. .. ,j i n
i i , mo nun i iiiuiin ,io an
daintv lunch w,. MrVU " ' weather in (allfornlu ltad ,,. N. 8 endorsement In-
. .... - is i in it i il in vni v rum arm
"" eluding Hecember t), 1920.
TIlH i,fl,h-.li Mr hoi.rH . ' ' ' . "" eluding June 11. I9i
' n .i It . I 1 .1 nvi.io u.i uicivimi int. ft ui iiic IIUIU.
.w i; mm ii. j.aot to luitlll Lllv CUie-
After an Illness ot-several months
duration Frank Hallihan. a well
My wife, Annie Ciberson, having
.'eft my bed and board, notice is
tor's wife
ltoad Hist. No. 7 endorsement In
eluding September 8, 1920.
ltoad Hist. No. 8 endorsement In
cluding October 30, 1919.
if, ....I liiu v., u uii,i.,rjniuiiiii 1,,-
Known conductor on the Astoria di-, hereby given that I will not be re-icludiug March 9. 1921
vision or tno s. p. A &. passed awaj ! sponsible for any debts Incurred by Road Hist. No. 10 endorsement In
at St. Mncent's hospital In Portland j her or any member of her family. eluding September 8. 1018.
Wednesday morning. For several! AARON GIHEKSON, Road 1 it . No. lfi endorsement In-
years Mr. Hallihan was on the Rain- iSt. Helens, Ore. Apr. 1, 1921. l-4-tx 'eluding Hecember 10, 1920.
ter local and had hundreds of friends , uad Districts 2. 4, 11 and 14 ar
all along tho line who regret Ills! There Ls not an occasion where i msb l.sl
passing. Deceased was about fortv ; vulirar laneuaee is of unv vnlnw l,,o
years of age and leaves a wife and 1 there are lots of tipies when it gets
one child. . ; Vou in h.iri
Co. Treasurer
i '
f v si
J C Holland
Clarence Badger
Never Min.d the "Mister"
Jes Call Me Jim
A picture that will warm
the cockles of your heart
and tickle the tip of " your
funny bone. With Will
Rogers in the most delight
ful role he was ever blessed
Murk Kennett Comedy
"The Unhappy Finish"
Prices Wc HOc
"The Valley of the Giants"
Ii" WaQ War TIIEYhad Sone too far. The
u TTai Wends of his youth his redwoods
towering on the slopes he loved, to these vandal "pioneers"
were only "lumber."
And wheri they felled the hoary giant that guarded his
mother's grave-then it was man against man, camp against
camp to the death!
A picture of rugged hills and of rugged hearts. Filled
with the tang of boundless forests. Rich with the blood of
untamed men. Come !
HAROLD LLOYD in "Now Or Never"
Speed Action Tin ills hills ,S i.sM iise
of laiig;!iler: Vou will never siisnert tln.ru
L'1,,,1.. ..r .....ii . '
H oVh V ' ' v' .11 ".""T1 l"--'on. IU,., for
" " " r -m-im any comedy (.v-r niailc.
iuhI n continuous gale
so iiiuiiv (lift,..
Our New Prices Always
10c and 30c
A I list Vutloiml Pli turn
PRICES 1 40c
,wo Pa!r of !,r0,h" i" big league f,...., ..
v.cni mi iyi, fxpiortitiH the done thai ,..,' tn im.
ca dung .?r, .S,cv( ONirl. whow brother. Cot h"
with the U .sh,Kton tea,,,. -Uoe" Jolm.toni f,r., K.'" " " '""
Cl."l,nd cM.u,... ha. brother Jimmy .1.0 , "Th ' ,t "?,B lh
Tl, I.. I. I i i i s. 1 .. I ....... .. .
i n iiiiiaiiiuiiiin in it ill urii I it'll - OU Icuiw anvthlR
itnntoil ivir i;tp iii ik fiirlinin mun. iilumi i.nriu rt...i. f ...
llOUSt'S liilH tit COUIlt tilt failillil'H (ll)'l Mopr.illu tMMMtrt n ltu VjilVtl' ftnrl tH
Ill.'.lO ti lil 11 tl I ! ll il. I 1... I... . ......... 1 . , ' 111 lM
. " ' WB" 111 i;vn uk oxi.ttiiHt fixed
" ui1 iiimu i i vau.
. It
e 1 i ty
-- -T-iFf Timt ".r--.-rr-.
The Chevrolet Plan for
Distributing $4,000,000.00
THE production schedule
of Chevrolet "Four-Ninety"
Models for the seven
months from january 1st to
July 31st, 1921, is fifty thou
sand cars.
The Chevrolet Motor Com
pany will give $70 to each re
tail purchaser of a new open
car or light delivery model,
and $100 to each retail pur
chaser of a new closed car,
provided they manufacture
and sell fifty ljusand Chev
rolet Model "Pour-Ninety"
cars between January 1st,
1921, and July 31st, 1921.
This offer to be su'.ijcct to the
terms as set forth in full in
the refund certificate which
will be delivered to each put
chaser. Fifty thousand cars is the
minimum which will secure
substantial savings in cost in
manufacture. These savings
will be passed on to the pur.
chasers of these fifty thou
sand cars.
This plan is in keeping with
the Chevrolet policy to make
the price of its product as low
as quality manufacture on
large scale will permit. It is
in keeping with the Chevrolet
purpose of providing quick,
convenient, economical trans
portation at a cost within
reach of those who want an
Each purchaser of a Model
"Four-Ninety" will receive i
certificate from his dealer, or
from the Chevrolet retail
store manager. This certifi
cate will be redeemed as indi
cated on its face.
This is a straightforward
businsiis proposition present
ed in a straightforward way.
Whether you are in the mar
ket for a new car or not, you
must pot fail to learn the de
tails of this unique and simple
plan. It offers to every man
of sound business judgment
an opportunity to take advan
tage of the best automobile
value obtainable.
Retail purchasers of Mode!
"Four-Ninety" enrs since a
tober 1st, 1920, will receive
their certificates through
their Wat dealers or retail
stores on application to them
Copeland Auto Company
St. Helens, Oregon
fli. violol Model ''I'o.ir-N ty" Tourh.K dir. ("MliUlO
JbHulNK-r m07.M; MKlt iMIvory Wnon HDW " .
;m i.riccH r. o. . HI. IIcIciim, Ore.

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