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No. 18
ffllY NEWS
,.( An Told ly Tim M bit's
Hmm'Iii1 (imMnlrnlN F.vcnta of
,.,( Week In Paragraph.
ar-APPOOSK, Oiegon. April 13.
ii.lnh l.angdon Iiiin a fine new car.
Mm. !" "
nlirw 111 Forest urnre.
Mr. nnd Mm. Hoy rrlre and on
lorry wit" homo for Sunday.
MIkh Kwlng l home after visiting
Nulh.n mid Heardon. Wean.
r l Harrison i ..,.. m
... . .. . . i.-. n n n..
,,HlnK in ITWIHWI.
rlon. , '
June, 111110 iinnamrr ui m.
ghrlcvH m ronrinou io nr nunn
with Hie measles.
Tim I 1. WIKNirom ran, mrmi
di.tpp()()n, Iiiin been rentnd lo Mr.
Slilpi"' i'f Chinook. WuHh.
Miirtln I.orus Noin nm pinro ai inn
10 A. tract, adjoining I., Brown ann
purchased the Botvln plucos prlco
Thn C. E. hud a slnR Thursday
rcnliiK t "io nomo or m. j. w.
Wit- A ploaiiant evening waa en-
Mavor Wutts and family spent the
wwk'end In Portland viewing tlm
mining exhibitions and visiting rela-
ll'1'5- ....
A non wan horn Rnturday, April tn
lo Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Spoock, Mrs.
Spoeck will he remembered aa Pau
lino Novnk.
Mr. and Mrn. R. W. Elder and fam-
famlly . nil of Rt. Paul, Ore.. were
fiicsis of Mr. and Mm. Ramsoy of
Oak drove Farm. Sundny.
Mm. John (llliitrnp, Mm. John Bu
chanan unci Mm. Heather motored
from Fit sen da to spend the day with
Mm J. M. Ilutler, Wednesday.
The ticrvlces Sunday a. m. will ba
8. 8. 10 o'clock, morning worahlp at
11, with xorinoii by Mr. Dorka. C. K.
7 p. m Evening Hervlce 8 o'clock.
Chnrle I.nmhnrson and family
inont Wednesday visiting the Ben
nett In lluc-holor Klat. Mra. Im
berion and Mra. Bennett are alatera.
A splendid attendance at Volley
Ball Tuesday evening. The Idea It
to organism a young and older men
torn and play match icamea. A Ho
a girls and older wmon team. Ev-
orjr one present thla week la urged
to be present next Tursdny, AIno
emy one ,s Invited to enioy thla ree-
raation. Next week the line up will
be n.ivd nualnBt Nlhlork.
Miss ,leMl Horner. MIhn Cerlle
Ponl.t, students of Franklin High
School, Portland, memhera of Prof.
r"ns (formally of Rcannoose) st-
clulncv cIiimk were In town Ruturday
to collect material for their graduat
ing essay. The working out of the
mciui coiiclltloiis are enaler studied
in mimll i-oii:miir.ltle. The ladlea
promised to come again.
After nn llliiens covering twa
yeara, .Tninen I,, 'nmoron dli-d at hln
nome h.rn Monday 6 p.m. Mr. Cam-
ornn wnn horn In St. I,ewla. New
iirunswick June 24, 1849. He came
n Miiiwiiler, Minn, where he met
nil married Anna Donald, who la
the Inst mirvlvor of thla family. A
nn and two dnughtora, grown to
mnnho-vl and womanhood, hava pre
feled M.e father he-sldoN a widow he
lenvMH ti.ree hrothem Wlllbtn and
John n w iinms-i,.!, Bn,j mpiion
J" w Iiir.ippg. also throo alstn.-s. V'H.
"el,ln of Nova Scotln. Mm. Frakea
nnd Mr (Sodfrey. hotn of Chatham.
I' Mr. Cameron made mnnv
rrlendK here hh ho waa a kind neigh
bor nnd n true friend. The funeral
m held Wedneaduy afternoon two
""'"k lit hlH lute renldence. Mr.
"'"kit officiated, Internment wa at
Pirn dcHtroyed the home of Burt
"- ami rnmily on Raturday luau
10 n clock In the morning a crack
n Round attrnrted Mra. Weafa at
lontlon. upon tnventlaatlon the root
ifi fi.-.nd nh!no. The fire atarted
fii J ' m "d the auppoHltlon la the
V"'i ,""n """rl)od by the earth
";" felt here laat winter. Mr.
fift'v , n RO0,! wa,or supply and
""y feet of hoae hut tbe preaRiire
nli" .Kreftt "nnUKh to meet the
irr. ""' not "nough preaent to or
tM u "rkfit Mr. Weat
relit i . "a a fire extlngulaher he
Owi.. !"vo . con",o'l the flame.
ing to a hK:, wind the largo man-
" " 1troyed In about
neen i"",or l0""- Tnl he
ve!L mark for t" Pt SO
Wei, i "" V m,llt on tne original
2 i 'n ,aknn up ,n th,B cora
rem., ,M,,Ht of thfl 'urnlture wna
C Z' 'V'1 much of 11 w badly
The 7 h?,tn U Cfu,rt " removed.
Wet !" ,v. ar now located In the
dunce n',V l, on formlly ed a
nance pavilion.
wfn.T?, mRn"n waa held In the
i, ' 1 rl hall Friday evening to
for II,. rPport of tne nurveyora
cliv onj . 1 W8ler aigni ror me
of a m i. "I,CUM the advisability
for non',al new water aymtem
tlon botn ,doa of the quea
"lan.",re ?'"". The whole
r l 'ni1 S?tem would coat between
thin, i nn1 138 bJ0" Llke
overvLrr 8l,ch a BmR Place but If
weryb ody would Juat make up their
t lev """Port and get behind It.
WflHf. f1uld, noVer rerot u- '
town lH "ure,y . Our
of "''""lutely holpleaa In caBe
UI "re. B Ira n-nl.ntl .1 la
grow. The Iron Imlimirir ,m
Hoon open up, the highway through
ScappooHO la a desirable location, the
notoriety the apmid cop bun given uh
will quiet down right here, I might
nay every cltlznn of thla town la it,
favor of aupportlng the apned law
but the majority are not In favor of
the way It la done. However when
a town Ineorporatoa It la like'a man
getting married, their trotihloa begin
Q01ILE. Oregon. Ani-n is n. c.i
win Purklna Hi(int the week end at
hla home hero.
We notice that Nntunn hi i.
driving a new Kurd roadnter.
Mra. Olndya Curtmnan spent Sat
urday and Humlay t her home in
HoadmaHter Anllker I,.,.
at (Tohle CUU'"K dWn lhe Unk bl"
Mra. John King wim i... 1
quite HcrlouHly III for the paat week la
iiu' o iinprovou.
Mra. hrnent (Iwln l,n ....... j
home from Portland linu.i.,.i .u
alio aiicceimfully underwent an ooer
atlon for appendicitis.
Mr. uwin. who had the mmfortune
to liudly niaali aonin nf th fi,,.,-..
on hla left hand, reports the hand to
be Improving rapidly.
ino rain hu mr.rto It ImpoRHlhle
for cam to travel un the hill Th.
aro going out lo the counlrv hv ho
way of Knuben at preaent.
Cloblo wna well reoreai-nte.1 m
Rpelllng contest at Halnler lust Fri
day evening. Much Interest was
shown In tho splendid spelling.
uooio sciiooi nent four contoRtanls
to the Hiinlllng contest at ltnlt,ir
They wore Florence I.li-ko and Merle
Cantwell of the aeventh grade and
i.unjie eunr or the sixth and Anna
Itamhulskl of the fifth. Although
they did not win they did credit to
the school.
ut.kii island. Oro., April 13.
Mr. and Mra. Judisch have moved
Into their new bungalow.
Mrs. Ingttcher and Mm. Adams
motorou to Portland Monday.
t . K. ( lupperton left Wodncsdoy
or ppoKiitie on business miasma
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Apploton and
uuns visited in Deer Islund Sundav
Mra. Otto Judisch and Mra. Frank
Donald motored to Portland Mon-
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Cnnnell and Bill
were calling ou frlenda In Deer la-
-d Sunday.
-Quaruntlne hsa en lifted on tbe
luetto family and Miss Capltoln la
ii proving evory day.
Mr. W. E. Clark has the concretu
'nsement finished at his new bunga
low nnd will soon have the building
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. McConnel) have
""'ight a 40 acre tract at Seaside
and aro moving thla week. Mr. Mc
Connoll Intends to set Is mostly to
'oiran berries.
Mrs. Iieverenux. who was operated
fi for appendicitis about ten dnya
"o is getting along nicely and will
'"on he homo. Mrs. Pevereaux la at
It. Vincent's hospltn.
N. A. Andrews and Wll Buah
'nvo returned from Reaslde where
they hnd gone to look for a location
with the expectation of opening a
ool room and confectionery, but
they did not find anything Rultable.
Forest Cox, Engineer for the P. I.
Ixk Co. waa taken to Portland last
"k a very sick man. He waa op
Tiited on Suturduy and Is getting
ilung nicely. Harold English la on
'he engine in his place, temporarily.
The Deer Island Huriil Co. opera
tive Telephone Co. will be completed
as fur us Peer Island Friday evening,
which will bo appreciated by the
phone users, as they havo had no
Rervlre for the last throe or four
VER.VONIA, Oregon. April 13.
E. F. Messing and family motored
to St. Helens on Sunday.
The Uoeck boys have started work
on tholr. road contract up Rock
On Monday a number of town men
contributed their labor toward re
moving stumps and grading 2nd
street leading to the church.
Don't forget the pie social to be
given by tho Women's Relief Corps
on next Saturday night. We hope a
goodly assortment of plos will be
Omar Shooley was In town on
Monday for the first time in several
weeks. He Is recovering from a se
vere attack of inflamatory rheu
matism. The banquet given by the Cham
ber of Commerce last Friday night
was a success. About 165 people
were present. There was plenty o
good things to eat and everyone
soemed to' enjoy themselves. A num
ber of prominent business men from
St. Hoiona were present nnd each
gave a very good talk along the Jlnes
of commercial club work.
The Vernonla school was among
the winners at the spelling contest at
Rainier last Friday night. The
school was represented by Ray and
r ii miii. Anna Roa Webster and
Ora Rundell! Russell Mills proved
himself a very anie spoiier.
Cooper reports inat
very credltaiiie worn " u
Mills won the victory for the school.
BACHELOR FLAT Ore . Apr. 18.
w uim. Am mth has hired John
Matson to build a new house on her
place. The work started
v r, n...i,t.n.4 who baa been visit'
Ing on the Flat tho past week started
for hla home in Sln.pton. t u8u. .
E. O. Scarberg quit work at the
IrfH-ttl (liumhi-r of Commerce Spun-
aora Free Kxuinination for Tuber.
ciiIosIn Next Wwk. Dr. K.A. Pierce
Invited to Conduit Clinic Here.
A tuberculosis cllnlo with free ex
aminations and a public meeting will
tie held in St. Helens next Wednesday
afternoon and evening April 20, un-
d'T the auspices of the Chamber of
Commerce, county medical men and
the Oregon Tuberculosis Association.
The clinic is the outcome of a apeclal
urvey made or county tuberculosis
'ndltlons by Hobert W. - Osborn
field executive for the Oregon Asso
"Intlon. who has been In the county
or three weeks. The place of the
meeting in St. Helens will be an
nounced later.
Pr. E. A. Pierce, a prominent Port
land tuberculosis specialist has been
Invited to make the fr?e examlna
'Ions. Pr. Pierce announces that he
will come to give children above the
re of seven a thorough test.
The clinic is for the primary pur
pose of discovering the patient who
has tuberculosis and does not know
. The survey made by Mr. Osborn
hows that Columbia county has had
'ver thirty deaths from the disease
n three years and that there are
many living cases In the county.
Should more people respond
han Pr. Pierce can examine In one
ifternoon, those patients apparently
"edlng examination the most will
have priority. Others will be assur
ed of examination by county medical
"en preaent. Wherever possible,
Miose wishing examination are urged
n bring aamples of sputum.
A clinic held in Astoria Inst month
Mracted nearlv two hundred people
' r examination and the Chamber of
"nmmerre hopes that the response
will be good locally. The cllnlo Is
-isde possible by tl.o Chrlstmaa Seal
Pr. Pierce and staff members of
'he Oregon Tuberculosis Association
nd Bureau of Nursing, together with
local speakers will dlscusa the "Con
trol of Tuberculosis In a County" at
;he evening meeting.
"There Is no reason why every cltl
trn In Rt. Helena should not take ad
"nntage of this evening meeting and
'earn what the tuberculosis problem
Is In Columbia county." states Pr. L.
Horn, who ta active In the arrange-
The recently organised Vernonla
Chamber of Commerce hnd a rouRlng
rnlly Friday evening. The meeting
was held In the grange ball. A fine
dinner was served by the ladles of
the club and an excellent program
rendered. C. P. White prsldent of
tho Chamber, presided. J. P. Mc
Ponald gave a rhort and appropriate
addreps of welcome and Inter out
lined the plnn of the Chamber and
naked for coonovntlon. The Ver
nonla male sextet g!ve several pleas
ing H.loetlona as did the Vernonla
high Olee Club and Miss I-ola Brown
delighted the audience with a vocal
solo. After dinner, there wore sev
eral short speeches. S. C. Morton,
Rherman Miles. John L. Storla. W.
A. Harris. Pr. J. H Flynn and C. C.
Bnynard reprepented the St. iTolens
Chamber of Commerce and each was
called on for a few remarks. Mr.
Miles was the principal orator of the
evening and his speech was appreci
ated as was evidenced by the liberal
applause accorded him. It Is the
purpose of the Vernonla Chamber to
secure at leaat 100 members ana
work for the development of that
section of Columbia county.
mill nnd Is working on Mrs. Aim
roth's new house.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Bennett mo
tored to Newberg Wednesday and
stayed over night with old friends.
They returned Thursday bringing
1000 loganberry plants which they
have sot out on their place.
Mrs. R. Musten and daughter
spent the Inst week-end with friends
in Portland.
Miss Belle F. Conologue of Colum
bia City visited on the Flat last week.
Wo are very sorry to hear or me
death of her father which occur'ed
Mr. and Mrs. P. ;. Jacornen were
transacting business In St. Helens
Miss Crystal Blrkhe.id vt-Utea with
relatives in Oregon City Sunday.
Pon't forget the school election on
April 30th. Tt vote bonds for a new
school house.
Mrs. J. W. Saxton took a motor
trip down the highway Sunday.
Saturday April 23rd has been set
by the St. Helens Chamber of Com
merce as Clean Up Pay. Arrange
ments have been made to have a
number of teams and auto trucks to
go to every district in the city and
take away the refuse. Rov. S. Par
low Johnson will be In charge of the
work and will have many able assist
ants to see that the work Is properly
done. The next open meeting of th
Chamber of Commerce will be Fri
day evening at 7:40 o'clock at the
Orcadla Hotel dining room. The
principal speaker of the evonlng will
be F. B. Holbrook, the snga of Bear
ver Homes, who will tell the mem
bers of the Chamber something of
the purposes and work of the Farm
'uplln Make Excellent Allowing and
Kail to lie "KM-lled Down." Many
Knlltli-(1 to Prizes, but Number la
The Columbia County Spelling
Con tost was held at Rainier Friday
night and 112 pupils representing
thirty-two schools, participated. The
pupils were divided Into two divi
sions, the first division being com
prised of pupils of the seventh and
eighth grades. One thousand words
were to be spelled by the first divi
sion and two thousand by tho second
division. The spelling was oral and
after the words had been spelled two
(lines, seventeen pupils of the first
and three pupils of the second divi
sions had not been "spelled down, so I
all were entitled to prizes. St. Helens I
had four pupils In tbe contest and
none of thera were spelled down.
The fifth and sixth grades from St.
Helens were represented by Lillian
Vnn Natta and Osmo Johnson and
Evelyn Russell and Genevieve Lans
ing upheld the honors for the sev
enth and eighth grades. The school
children who took part In the contest
First nixision Fifth and Sixth
Scappoose, Marjory Allen and Ag
nes Sterha; St. Helens, Lillian Van
Natta and Oswo Johnson; Peer Is
land, Lucile Watson and Tex Warrj
Hudson Agnes Vanswoll and Geo.
Hagey ; ' Clatskanle, Louis Terpenlng
and Caroline Palm; Warren, Arthur
Peterson and George Lund; Fern
Hill. Lloyd Welburn and Vivian Wl
tham; Rainier, Helen Roberts and
Velma Howell; Hazel Grove, Alice
Matson and James Leahey; Goble,
Luhle, Lucile, Welter and Anna Rara
linlskl; Mayger, Hllma Tolva and
Mary Wirkkala; Qulncy Eugenia
Rncatlsen and Arne Lelnohen; Alder
Grove, Louis Thompson and Isabelle
Rice; Shatto, Katie Kowalcwsk! and
Wllma Haugerud; Pownlng, Ellen
Edmonds and Elsie Carlton; Yank
ton, AIno Lehikalnen and Grace So
hteskl; Pelana, Gladys Curteman and
Edna Weeks; Apiary, Floyd Kllby
and Besnle Brown; Blrkenfeld. fTor"
fence Stacy and Irene Calmherg;
Trenholm, Floyd Smith and Pletro
Bucclnl; Cedar Grove Carl Heman
and Nina Mattilla; Happy Hollow,
Leona Sheldon and Catherine War'Hs:
TerfiSnhiT uia Rea ' Webster ''na
Russell Mills; Peep Creek, Vivian
Jackson; Mist, Anna Aamodt and
Maxine Johnson; Woodson, Harry Ol
sen and Wayne Peadmond; Houlton.
Joe Payne.
Second Division Seventh and Eighth
Scappoose. Ponald Allen and Cara
Ash; St. HelenR, Evelyn Russell and
Genevieve Lansing; Peer Island Au
drey McConnell; Clatskanle, Eliza
beth Hall and Leora Burnhnm; Bea
ver Homes, Rnvld Marvee and Lloyd
Wagner: Fern Hill, Carrie Bryson
and Ida Stickler: Rainier. Mildred
Polnn and John Blomnuist; Stehman,
Catherine Toler; Coble. Willie Cnnt -
well and Florence I.lele: Mnveer. An -
na Hulkkonen and Leota Patty; Alder lalong when he goes angling. Also
Grove, Porothy Zillman and Cecil1' take no fish under six inches In
Rtratton; South Scappoose Lucy length.
Komming and Hilda Knnimeyer; iAaa Vr wnio went tn riro.
Powning. Catherine Edmonds and
Stella Holshouser; Yankton. Esther
Brlces and Ethel Jeffries: Burn Pis-
trict. Henry Kauppl and Helmie
v...nni. rioi. rwni f.,,.m,,
. v ...
and Helen Shephard; Apiary. Clara
Lowman and George Simmons; Co
lumbia Heights. Ethel Ketcham and
neien iyo; lurKenteia, may jonn -
ston ana i.eoia warner; irennoini,,tne vpnerab)e ,a(lv. who not-wItn-!
Florence Eversaul and Theron Witt-: Rtnnrtine hpr , halB and hom-tv. !
nebel; Cedar Grove Chester Heman;
Happy Hollow, Harry Wallls and
Helen Curtis; Vernonla, Ray Mills
nnd Ona Libel; Woodson. Nellie Ell
ertsen and Ruth Peadmond; Houlton,
Anna Olsen and Ethlyn Brown.
Winners in the First Phislon
St. Helens, Osmo Johnson and Lil
lian VanNatta; Clatskanle, Lois Ter
penning and Carolyn Palm; Warren,
Arthur Peterson; Rainier, Velma
Howell and Helen Voberts; , Shatto
Katie Kowalewski; Yankton. Grace
Sohleski dnd AIno Lehikolnen; Alder
Grove, Louis Thompson and Isabelle
Rice; Pelana, Edna Weeks; Btraen
feld, TTortense Stacy; Vernonla,
Russell Mills: Mist, Anna amom
and Maxine Johnson.
. Winners in the Second Division
First Prize Evelyn Russell and
Genevieve Ianslng of St. Helens and
Elizabeth Hall of Clatskanle. Second
Prize Porothy Zillman of Alder
The comedy "Pro Tern" will be
presented hy an all star cast compos
ed of members of the senior class of
St. Helens high school in the scKbol
auditorium Friday evening. April 22.
The play will begin promptly at 8
o'clock. The admission will be 50c
for adults and 36c for children and
high school students. No reserved
seats. The cast, a synopsis of the
play and further particulars will be
given in the next Issue of the Mist.
W. A. Brooks who lives a few hun
dred feet from the highway and near
the old Oregon Lumner Company rajll
near Inglis, employed his spare time
in making moonshine. Sheriff Well
ington paid a friendly visit to 'the
place Friday last, found - the still,
several barrels of mash and by break
ing open a trunk, discovered several
gallons of moonuhlne. Brooks had a
hurry up business call at Marshland
when he saw the sheriff corning hut
later returned and accompanied the
sheriff to St. Helens where ho Inter
viewed Judge Hazen. The fine was
$250 and costs and twenty five days
In Jail. The still which Brooks op
erated, was one of the most filthy
rigs of Its kind that has been discov
ered, said Wellington "and It Js a
wonder to me that any one could
survive after drmking tli stuff
which came from the still."
Mayor Ballagh made a business
trip to Astoria Wednesday.
'The free tuberculosis clinic ana
public meeting next Wednesday af
ternoon and evening will probably be
held In the Circuit court rooms, al
though no definite arrangements
have been made owing to the absence
of Judge White yesterday.
A. S. Harrison of South Bend,
Washington, accompanied by Mrs.
Harrison, was In St. Helens for a few
hours Sunday. Business was a little
quiet over on Wlllapa. Mr. Harlrsbn
stated, but he looked for an Improve,
ment in the near future.
All that was mortal of the late
Mrs. Ellen Part, wlow of the late
Judge James Part' was laid to rest In
the Masonic cemetery on Liberty Hill
Raturday afternoon. The Eastern
Star, assisted by Rev. S. Parlow
Johnson officiated.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Messing and
family of Vernonla were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Geart
man. Mr. Messing is postmaster in
the Nehalem metropolis and Mrs.
MesRlng puts in a portion of her spare
time in gathering news for the Mist.
Funeral services were conducted
from the Methodist church and the
church was crowded with friends of
the deceased, many, of whom came
from a distance. Flags on the court
house and the mill flew at half mast,
out of respect to the memory of Mt.
The St. Helens Tennis Club has
fixed up the courts and is fixing new
nets and is now ready for regular
play. All those who care to play
please see Mr. Chllds at the First Na
tional Bank or L. R. Rutherford and
get tickets for the .season at the us-wUrtte.-.
... .,
Peter A. Loos Is the new manager
of the Twentieth Century Grocery
succeeding A. E. Sorum who was
transferred to Vancouver. Washing
ton to take charge of another Twen-
tleth Century store. Mr. and Mrs.
Loos have moved to St. Helens and
occupy the house which Mr. and Mrs.
Sorum occupied.
Game Warden Brown this week
gathered in W. B. Boardman and H.
O. Melville on a charge of having un-
;nr - slzed fish In their possession.
"hey were each fined 125 and costs.
ll'he trout season opened today and
nrown again sounds a warning to
i the fisherman to have bis license
Kon rity Monday to attend the eieh-i
tleth birthday celebration of Mrs.
t..i. o.., r. .
auartpr a centuv aEO the flnela
q .OI a ce"tllTV aK- .tne lmp'3
a i
nna wnite lamiuos were close neign-
;j,ors an(J Mondav was the first timi,
In ten years that the old friends had
seen one another. A number
, present f0 extend congratulations to
At the Central Methodist church
in San Francisco yesterday. Miss
Alice Quick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Quick of St. Helens, waa united
in marriage to Mr. Harold Spraguer,
Rev. Rherman officiating. Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Carter former residents
of St. Helens, attended the bride ana
groom. The newly wedded couple
are well known In St. Helens, the
bride having lived here all her life
and the groom will be rememberea
ns the assistant roadmaster for Co-
,umbla county He left here several
months ago to accept a position on a
Snn Francisco paper. Mrs. Spraguer
was a member of Beveral social clubs
In St. Helens and before she left for
Snn Francisco, several events were
given In her honor, iter father, E.
E. Quick, and her sister. Miss Anna
Quick, accompanied her to Portland
(By Professor Spiess)
Clatskanle and St. Helens high
schools will cross bats at the county
fair grounds next Saturday April 16,
in what will be the second g.me
season of the local nine. St. Helens;
chances of success will depend large
ly upon the work of the batteries,
which proved the weak spot in the
game with Columbia.-
All kinds of baseball were display
ed against Columbia University last
Saturday, the visitors winning 17 to
3. However, the high school showed
well at bat. and with more experience
may do well on the defensive also.
Hill's, fielding and the box-work of
Joe, who twirled the1Trst two inn
ings, were the. outstanding features
of the locals playing.
St. Helens lineup was as follows:
Anderson; c; Olson, p; Kiblan lb;
Blakesley 2b; Cruice, Sb; Belleville,
ss; Wellborn, l.f; Hill, c.f; Reubens,
Articles in Portland News Exagger
ate and Misrepresent Say City Of
flclnls. Aim to Have Highway
Safe Says Mayor Watts.
The people of Scappooso are con
siderably wrought up over certain ar-.
tides which recently appeared in the
Portland News relative to the enforc
ing of tho speed ordinance in the
town of Scappooso. Mayor Watts
said the charges made by the News .
were false in every iicrtlcular and
councilman E. E. Wist expressed the
tame opinion except in a more forci
ble manner. The assertion of the
News that the speed cop and Justice
were getting rich on the fines and
worked on a commission basis is not
true, Mr. Wist said. "We pay our city
recorded a monthly nalary and speed
ctp Weigle is also hired by the month
and on a flat salary. We hired him
as Scappoose speed cop on the recom
mendation of Columbia county former
sheriff and we are satisfied that Wei
gle has dono his duty as he saw it.
All this talk about pinching motorists
eoing 20 miles per hour is rot.
The records show that the average
speed of those arrested has been In
excess of 27 miles per hour. The
maximum speed was 45 miles iper
hour and the minimum 23 miles and
the latter was a motor cycle man
who had been doing 40 to 60 and had
slowed down to 23 when he was
pinched. The maximum fine was $25
and that was made so the party coula
appeal and was at his request. The
fines have ranged from $3 to $15 and
tho average has been less than $10.
The town of Scappoose hasn't been
.Tetting rich on fines paid by motor
ist; in fact, the fines have been just a
little more than the expense of the
speed cop and the upkeep of his ma
chine." The people of Scappoose resented
the purported statement of Sheriff
Wellington but it appears that Joe
Keller, automobile theft inspector of
the Portland police department, gave
the interview Instead of Wellington.
Mr. Wellington stated to the Mist
that he told the News and Kellar that
I he was going to look after tho high
way in me county ana naa notmng io
do with the enforcement of the Scap
poose ordinances. lie also said that
Weigle had no authority to arrest
any one outside the city limits of
Scappoose. The Mist has made
thorough .investigation of the matter
and it Is our opinion that the Port
land News has grossly misrepresent
ed and exaggerated and it also ap
pears that Joe Keller used that paper
to get in a little spite work against
In keeping with his policy of se
curing the blf screen productions for
St. Helens, Manager East of the Lib
erty announces that he has secured
the Sup-r Dramatic Triumph "Pas
sion" and will show it at the Liberty
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19th
,ind 20th. "Passion" played in a
leading Portland theatre last week
!a,,d ,1",ldrens Btood ,n llne for nours
to ret tickets. So creat was the na-
to get tickets. So great was the pa
tronage, that the picture will come to
Portland next week for a second run.
In Pnrtlnrtri tha nrlmlcalnn nhflrfrA van
FA u4
here at 35c and 20c. Tt is a nine reel
play and the first show will start
promptly at-seven o'clock. By start
ing at this time, Mr. East thought
that many of his patrons vho
livo in the country and adjacent
to St. Helens, can see the play and
then get home early in the evening.
"Passion" is unquestionably one of
the big photoplays of the decade and
it is big In overy conceivable way,
only a few of the leading triumphs of
the screen being compared to it" Mr.
East said. It is not a play for chil
dren and parents should use their
ovrn discretion as to this.
The school children of : MrBride
school in West St.' Helens have an
important duty to perform Friday
evening and that duty is the dedica
tion of the new Kelly building. Anr'
the manner in which it will be dedir
cated is the holding of an old fash
ioned county fair. There will be an
interesting and entertaining program
and several side shows which will
rive thrills and chills. Candy; booth,
and such like, will be along the side
lines and there will be no end to en
tertainment. The purpose of hold
ing the fair just at this season of the
year, in addition to the proper dedi
cation of the Kelly building, is to
raise funds to finish the payment on
the piano which the. school bought
last year. The admission to the big
fair is the small sum of 15a and
doubtless hundreds f people will be
there to see the main ' performance,
the side shows, etc. and incidentally
to help the children pay for the piano.
The admission Is only 16c and every
one has a cordial invitation to:' at
' W. IT. Baker of Deer Island was
transacting business in St. Helens
Tfrursday. Recently he and J. F.
Lloyd bought the confectionery es
tablishment in Deer Island.
01 tu "omethlng. The town la bound

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