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PLAINS Ki3 mwc
hk.flllltO Sh'S iriiin
i, the lurid settlement plan an
Lreil ly I1'" '"K" H,ut8 W'am-
P. ' , ci roe whorobtf prospoc
I ininilrriiniK from (lie middle
Lirn iiii'H would be grouped to
r""" . . or.. ...... i .
l,r rniii iiri.iiK.i.. i . ... -,.,
...ri taken at a mnotlnir of
L Vxi-i'iiilvK Committee In Portland
foll'litl xii'"1"" ' r William
II' I nil I'V, I'l mil un, m ...aviiFi
Stat Chamber, und
llnurlim formerly will, th0 Rasteri
-W.t reprint
......... lm, rhklllbcr I,
lh middle w,t ,l- Hlll T
w .,, will leave fr iahli wU'tl!
n the iioxt t..., ,ys. H WUH .
...rV'"'.' ''""'"J' 1'rol.al.ly one of
10 iMKt known I , Hlut0 of
w.r.. , HKriiiuiiuriil mid stork f
""" "-rcioa. oiiiImk to Oregon In
the oii.-er days when tl, Hi..t w(lH
praetlrally un untom-hed wiluWnes
he bus "urown up with the West"
and Iiiih become a powerful figure In
all movements havlim lo , with t,
In Iatet and moit up-to-date
styles. New merch
andise arriving daily.
."voioiiniftii or llin State. As a di
rector of tlia Hlate Chamber ana
through his .i,.r in the future of
Oregon, hu Iiuh become enthusiastic
over the pluiiH for bringing settlors'
to the state, and offered IiIb services
without remuneration for the cam
paign In the Middle WchI this sum
"I'm going lo toll those nnnnli. In
'ho middle west what we've got In
'ir'i,'(m" Hnld Hill Hanley. "We don't
have to exaggerate or tell any blk
stories but JiiHt tell them the truth
about the stale. What Oregon needs
more farmers to nettle up the state
md develop our Idle land, and that
Ih the kind of men we're enlnir in
I ' rllK bore from the middle west."
J. It. IleurliiR, who will do the
field work In the middle west this
"immer, Iiuh been active In colonlza-
li.n work In the Northwent for a
number of yearn. He Is familiar
'vlih the agricultural pOHslbllltleg
Hid reson rc"H of every section of the
H'ate. and as a representative of the
Eastern Oregon Land Company and
1 e Warm Springs Project, has per
sonally located more than 260 faml
.Vm In Oregon during tho past five
Creut interest In the plan for land
settlement as announced by the
i-lii Chamber has been manifested,
only In Oregon but as far east
h Owasso, Oklahoma, and Duluth.
M'nnesota. Almost every mall
lri'-'s In Inquiries as to when the
arty will leave the middle west for
Oregon, according to Secretary
Quayle. A number of . these have
declared themselves ready to Join
the party when It starts for the
The plan for land settlement as
announced by the State Chamoer re.
oently, Includes the grouping togoth
"r of a arge party of prospective
'tters to bo brought to Oregon
from the middle west In a body, tak
't? advantage of tTie home-seekers'
rates over the lines serving Oregon
Arriving In this state, the party will
be conducted over the various com
munities by automobile for a per
sonal Inspection of the attractions
that the slate hag u offer.
The cooperation of the railroads
'ins been assured and It Is believed
'bat a Inrge number of substantial
citizens will he added to the state
through this moans.
Koseburg Bakerlen nnnnn
'n bread price.
must snow
7 T. M. fill III
a-f.i -V r Tl.
if1 ramoiicTrnAntal star m
k - - - mn."- bj
rv rr
Two Years to Produce
Love, Laughter, Tears
Surely you'll NEVER, NEVER forget her.
Tliin In I lie Intlmnte roniaiu e of a wonder n onmii,
You'll lai.gli, ami I brill anil i ry n idi her.
You'll aw nu n flKt anil ille for Iter,
As you live throuKli the Intimate mi'Iicn hn you breathless UMn
Hie mlKlify, rntwl)sinlr piinoriiiiiuN In wbl.li iIioiihuihIh pas on the
slatfe of life, you never for u inoiiienl forget I be iniruiie womiiii lntk
win i in I'olii Negri, art isle Im-oinpnriihlit, Iiiih lireiillii'il the brent li of
piixslonate life.
Reels That Seem Bul 5
I'ltK I S 2IM- !Wf
list Show HlnrtlnK t 7:M 1'. M Sharp. Itox Office 0m ii at 0:4.T
Liberty Theatre
Patrons Please Notice
The Management mjn-ls lln iiiiVHslly of the Inrrviiseo! prh-es bu
U loiifldent lis patrons vi lli approve our enlei pi Im' in stH'iirinic Ibbt
wonilerfiil film when they see it.
O IT dl (S) SD.
THE Ford Motor Company have just issued a book called "The
Fordson at Work." i his b jok is given free. Call in and get one. If
you cannot call, write and we will mail you one without charge. It is not
what the Ford Motor Company says about the Fordson Tractor but whav
the army of users have to say. This book voices the hardest kind of prac
tical experience. It shows an illustration of the Fordson Tractor at actual
work along some ninety different lines of acivity. It shows in these,
illustrations the wonderful versatility and utility of the Fordson Tractor.
Shows it to be, beyond all question, the one bit of machinery that is a,
necessity, not only on the farm but along many lines of commercial busi
ness; especially does it show up the Fordson as a valuable servant on the
farm. With it the farmer is relieved of the hard work; because he can
take advantage of the weather in preparing his seed bed; he can do it at
the right time; the same is true when it comes to harvesing. It solves,
to a great extent, the problem of scarcity of labor.
With its wonderful, reliable power, it brings to the farm home all
the conveniences, in the way of running water in the house, electric
lights, operation of the washing machine, churning, separating the
cream from the milk ; It assumes and takes to itself the drudgery of farm
life both in the field and in the house and it is only a matter of a fewt
years until it will be as universal in its service on the farm as is the farmei
himself. It will become a part of farm life; a beneficial part; a profit
able part. Get your order in for there's a rush coming.
Authorized Ford. Dealers
n the County Court of the Stale of
on-gen ror Columbia County.
In the Matter of th e estatp of
warn Anderson, deceased
Notice Is herehv el vnn that tha ,.
V-rslgned. as administrate nf ,.
"state of Rdward Anderson, deceas-
en. nas riled her final account In the
fjounty Court of Columbia Countv
state of Oregon, and that Saturday
"ie 14th day of May. 1921 at the
hOlir Of 10 O'clock In thn rnronnnn f
said day, and the court room of said
court has been appointed by said
-ourt as the time and place for hear-
' ooieciions thereto and the set
'lement thereof.
Tlllle Anderson,
... . Administratrix,
w. A. Harris. Attorney. 18-Bt
First Publication Aprli 15, 1921
I-nst publication May 13 1921
and 30" west and 650 feet north
deg. 6' 3d" west of the north
quarter corner of Section 21, 'fown
Hblp 7 North, Range 2 West of the
Willamette Meridian; thence wes
terly by the projection of said lasi
mentioned 550 foot line 58.3 feet to
the easterly side line of the right of
way of the Hammond Lumber Com
pany (formerly Oregon Rafting Com
pany); thence southerly by the east
erly side line of the right of way oi
the Hammond Lumber Company
(formerly Oregon Rafting Company)
197.7 feet to a point; thence easterly
39.5 feet to a point which Is south
53' 30" west 197.5 feet of the point
of beginning; thence north 53' 30"
East 197.6 feet to the place of be
ginning, together with all and singu
lar tho tenements, heredltamentk
and appurtenances thereunto belong
ing, or in anywise appertaining
Now, therfore, by virtue of said ex
ecution, judgment order, decree and
order of sale, and in compliance
with the commands of said writ, I
will on Saturday, the 14th day
of May, 1921, at 11 o'clock a. m
at the Court House door In t!
Oregon, sell at public auction, subject
to redemption, to the highest bidder
for cash in hand, all the right, title
and Interest, which the within namea
defendants had on the 26th day of
March, 1921, the date of the mort
gage herein foreclosed, or since that
date had in and to the above describ
ed property or any part thereof to
satisfy said execution,: Judgment
order and decree, Interest, costs and
accruing costs.
Dated this 11th day of April. 1921.
Sheriff of Columbia County Oregon.
First publication April 15, 1121;
last publication May 13, 1921.
After close application to business
for over eight years wltho-it even a
week vacation, nnrt nni hnL-inn .1.14
ed my old home In Viscon."n fo' ten
vears. I feel it Is due mo and Is even
a duty to myself to take a vacation
So, for the next three or four
months. Mr. A. J. Holllngworth will
have charee of my business ably as
"bited in the store work by Mrs. Cart
Aamand. and In the undertaking de
Parnneu by Mr How, , .,
em hn inter of sever;,! years experience
I feel certain my patrons will he
well taken farft of an(I rprp)ve tmj
same courteous treatment I have al
ways endeavored to give them.
(Continued from page 3)
of Columbia County, Oregon, in Book
17. Records of Heeds of said Countv;
hence southerly by the Easterly side
line of said Hammond Lumber Com
pany s formerly Oregon Rafting Com
pany) right of way 100.15 feet to a
point; thence easterly on a line par
allel with tho above mentioned 500
foot line 96.4 feet by a proposed flftv
t'," ,A,,fiet to a point: thnce north
i -nst 200 fefit: tncnce north
S9 deg. 6' 30" west along said 600
root line, and along the south line o,
a proposed street 60 feet to the place
and point of beginning; also
Ileglnnlng at a point which is 165
feet south and 412.5 feet south 87
d.'g. 43' 30" east, and 270 feet south
i.;! 30' west, and 500 feet north
S9 cleg. 6' 30" west of the north
Hiarter corner of Section 21, Town
ship 7 Norti . Ranee 2 Weat nf ii,
Wilamotte Meridian; thence we
terly and In continuation of said
'00 foot course aforementioned
along the southerly line of a propos
ed street 54.6 feet tothe easterly
side line of the right of way of the
Hammond Lumber Company (form
erly Oregon Rafting Company);
thence In a Bautherly direction along
the easterly side line of said right
of way 148.66 feet to a point; thence
in a straight line in a southeasterly
direction along the northerly side of
a proposed seventy foot street 92
feet to a point which Is south 53" 30"
west of the place 11 tieirlnnltur la,,
ifeet; thence north 63" 30" ent in
feet to the place ,.nd point of be
ginning; aso
Beginning at a point 165 feet
south and 412.5 feet south, 87 deg.
3' "0" east and 690 feet south 53'
:!0" west, nnd 660 feet north 89 de
crees 6' 30" west of the north quar
ter corner of section 21, Township
7, North Range 2 West of the Wil
lamette Meridian; thence South 53'
30" west 100 feet to a point on the
north side line of a proposed 50 foot
street; thence north 89 deg. 6' 30"
wost 72.4 feet to the easterly sidt.
line of the right of way of the Ham
mond Lumber Company (formerly
Oregon Rafting Company); thence
In a northerly direction along the
easterly side line of said right of
way of the Hammond Lumber Com
pany (formerly Oregon Ratting
Company) 299.36 feet to a point;
thence In a straight line in south
easterly direction along the south
erly side of a proposed 70 foot street
100 feet to a point; thence south 63'
30" west 160 feet to a point; thence
60 feet north 89 deg. 6" 30" west to
the place and point of beginning;
Heginnlng at a volnt 165 feet
south and 412.5 feet south, 87 deg.
43" 30" east, and 840 feet south 53'
30" west, and 660 feet north 89 deg.
6' 30" west of the north quarter
corner of Section 21, Township 7,
North, Range 2 West of the Willam
ette Meridian; thence westerly on
the projection of 8Mtd 660 foot line
71.8 feet to the easterly side line of
tho right of way of the Hammond
Lumber Company" (formerly Oregor
itaftlng Company) ; thence southerl.
along said easterly side line of the
right or way of the Hammond Lum
ber Company (formerly Oregon
Rafting Company 200.16 feet to a
nolnt; thence easterly on a line par
allel with said 560 foot line 63 feet
by a proposed 60 foot street to a
point; thence north 63' SO" east 200
feet to the place and point of begin
ning; also v
Heginnlng at a point 165 fee
south and 412.6 feet south, 87 deg
43' SO" east, and 1090 feet south 63'
Doe Your Car Need
F3R up to the minute
Auto Repairing,
come to our shop
We also carry a full
line of Tires, Tubes, Au
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Harvey Hatton, Proprietors,
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The Chevrolet Plan for
Distributing $4,000,000.00
THE production schedule
of Chevrolet "Four-Ninety"
Models for the seven
months from January 1st to
July 31st, 1921, is fifty thou
sand cars.
The Chevrolet Motor Com
pany will give $70 to each re
tail purchaser of a new open
car or light delivery model,
and $100 to each retail pur
chaser of a new closed car,
provided they manufacture
and sell fifty thousand Chev
rolet Model "Four-Ninety"
cars between January 1st,
1921, and July 31st, 1921.
This offer to be subject to the
terms as set forth in full in
the refund certificate which
will be delivered to each pur
chaser. Fifty thousand cars is the
minimum which will secure
substantial savings in cost in
manufacture. These savings
will be passed on to the pur
chasers of these fifty thou
sand cars.
This plan is in keeping with
the Chevrolet policy to make
the price of its product as low
as quality manufacture on a
large scale will permit It is
in keeping with the Chevrolet
purpose of providing quick,
convenient, economical trans
portation at a cost within
reach of those who want an
Each purchaser of a Model
"Four-Ninety" will receive a
certificate from his dealer, or
from the Chevrolet retail
store manager. This certifi
cate will be redeemed as indi
cated on its face.
This is a straightforward
business proposition present
ed in a straightforward way.
Whether you are in the mar
ket for a new car or not, you
must not fail to learn the de
tails of this unique and simple
plan. It offers to every man
of sound business . judgment
an opportunity to take advan
tage of the best automobile
value obtainable.
Retail purchasers of Model
"Four-Ninety" cars since Oc
tober 1st, 1920, will receive
their certificates through
their local dealers or retail
stores m application to them.
Copeland Auto Company
St. Helens, Oregon
Chevrolet Model "Four-Ninety" Touring Car, 9008.60
Koadstcr $1)07.00; Light IVlivery Wagon 9073.75
All prices f. o. b. St. Helens, Ore, . . v

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