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Uaited Mate, tad Cooolr OMelil Fsper.
St. Hitivi, Jamuamv 15, 1SD2.
. flamuel 8. Bands made proof on hie
claim Wednesday.
A. full line of rubber foode it N. A
Perry's, Houlton.
Mr. James Thorn, of Oregon City,
wee visitor in St Helena on Tuesday
Mat. . ,
BUnk note and receipt books at thli
ontoe lor aaie cheap,
Mr. N. A. Perry, at Houlton, ha
added a large slock of hardware to hii
general (tore.
The latest novels and other choice
reading matter at tbr drug atore.
The ateamer T. J. Potter ia on the
AetorU route tu place of the Thomaon,
the Utter ateamer being tiaed at tow
Clothing, first claia and beat quality
: at Perry 'a. Houlton. J
Chester Mm well hat been appoint
ed to position in tlie bt. Helens
telegraph office to tuoceed John Mao
Buy your drnge at a regular drug
atore. Edwin Kote keepa the beat,
Moere k Cole are In Portland thia
week looking after legal matters, in
connection with the Taylor land can.
Mine Anna Beegle, of Hillsboro,
now occupies a position in Tmb Mist
- once.
Freecnt your beet girl with one of
. those) handsome Brooches, at W. J,
Muckle Co.'s. A printed Ave year
guarantee given with each article.
Hhould you fall into W. J. Muckle
at Co. 'a you are liable to "fall out" with
nice piece of jewelry in your poeket
fur your sweet Dean.
Our Beaver valley correspondent
will please sign their name to their
communications to this paper, not for
publication, but ao that we may know
who it Is from.
We learn that Mrs Link, of Neer
City, alipped off chair, and falling
broke ber right leg Jat below the knee.
Dr. 81ms, of Kalame, was summoned
and eat the injured member. Mrs.
Link is 82 yeare of age.
The government outfit, which haa
been at work at Walker's island, passed
up Tuesday evening, presumably on
Iter war to Portland to ascsne the
Irecie-up which seems to be cloae at
liand. .
Carico valley ia aoon to nave a post
office. Mr. Bauereine will be the post
master and the name of the office will
be Paris. The paper arc expected
from Washington aoon. ',-..
The county court, in its lust session,
created two new voting precunei, and
4-hant-ed the boundaries of most of
the old ones. We will publish them
aeit woek. ;
The latest exchange that has come
to this office is the Astoria Bunday
Herald, imblished by our friend, C. J
Curtis. Mr. Curtis ia a well known
newspaper man and the Herald is a
neat and wolt salted paper to Astoria.
H ureas to lb
Mrs. J. R. Beeale, accompanied by
iier sister. Miss Eva Arulibuld, started
for Ban Diego, Cel. Wat Monday, where
I he former goes, hoping to benefit her
health, after an illness oi several weeas.
They will probably remain there until
the rainy season ia over.
The teamsters who are hauling
rock should not trespass on the school
Itruunds, thereby causing a great deal
of annoyance to the school. Th,
aireet is wide enough .without cutting
vn the school yard .for hauling pur-
nnace. There is no occasion for all
the fault foujd because the teacher
wiahee to protect the school property
A grand old time Oregon winter,
thia. The choc-choc, of the the tim-
bermeo'a axes ia heard not. No skim
of ice yet covers the clear bosom of
Columbia's green waters. Mr. Dolman
till makee it lively, dealing out gen
oral merchandise, cheap and low and
ao we ga.-i;i.:,.4,;:.,,,::v...;.;.,-V-;
The following fishing license have
been issued this weeks E. Edwards,
W. P. Fowler, Edward Davorao, Ed
ward Ellis, William Boot, Frank
Uageley, John Malllnen, William Van
over, August Laraen, J. F. Boston, T.
II. Mitchell, John Blacketer, L. O.
Baxter, W. . Hedgea, Charles Bodine,
Mils Jackson.
Edward Davnran and Wirt. 8cott
were brought up to St. Helens from
Columbia. City Wednesday, on a
warrsat sworn out by J. 1). Birdeall,
charged with assault and battery.
The case will come off to-day at S,
A grand ball will be given in the
Matonio hall, Rainier, on Friday eve
ning, February 19. If you want to
nioy a least be aura and make ft a
point to be present. - :
The regular quarterly meeting of
the M. E. church will be held in St.
Helena, commencing tomorrow (Satur
day) afternoon, conducted by Bev.
Coats and Eev. Dr. Stratton. This
will be the beginning of a series of re
vival meetings, and on behalf of the
pastor and the church we hopa to see
a large attendance. , v
Many years practice have given C
A. Snow A Co., Solicitors of Patents,
at Washington, D. C, unsurpassed
success in obtaining patents for all
classes of Inventions. They make a
apecialty of rejected oases, and have
secured allowance of many patent
that had been previously rejected.
Their advertisement in another ool
iHi, will be of interest to inventors
petenteee, manufacturers, and all who
have to do with patents.
The Keeley Institute for the elate of
Oregon baa been permanently es
tablished at Forest drove. The ob
jects of the institute are for the pur
pose of treating persons who are
afflicted With liquor, Opium and
tobacco habits.' That this can be ac
complished no one who has followed
the history of the institution closely
will doubt. Already there are a num
ber of pationte being treated at the
Orove. The principal perquisite of
tiia nattsnt ia a desire to be cured.
uulosa this is the case he might Juntas
well not enter the institution.
On the last day of the old yew there
M a very pretty wedding at the Hotel
Vcmlnma. In Han Jrwn fullf,..nl. 11..
I bride beine- Mis Helena lfolmen nf
B. Helena, end the froora Judge Hud
on (Irani, o( Wools nd California.
i ne marriage ceremony wu
mTir ., : .' ""H"" " tne
Christian Church, of Ban Jose. Those
,...v.. ., hi. uW.m,uj were aire.
Holnian, Hon. Oeo. W. McBride, of
St. Helens, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hoi-
man, of Ban Franu sco. Dr. Kmllw T.
Yeargain. Mrs. L. A. Wood, of Ran
Jose, Mr. John Woods, and the Misses
v..,n, u, n.uouianci. Alter tne cere -
moiiy Judge and Mr. Grant took tha
train lor thjlr home in Woodland.
Christmas snd Wsw Ysars was entoyad
the highest extent by ths Besverltes. Tbere
was several shooting matches liven for the
boys. Johnis Johusoa save one on the 23d
and II. K. nelson andj.ll. Hndiion march-
ed off with ths turkeys. B. 0, Hudson gave
one new Year's day, but it remains to be
told who got ths turkeys. :
Ira Parchsr gave a social party at his
honas X'maa svening. There waa a large
attendanee and all sesmsd to have a very
pleasant time, vspecislly at ths supper
table. The music was furnished by the
Wagner brothers.
Prsd Wailiborti is home from Washing
ton visiting hit many friends snd relatives,
Mr. Wanner moved bis family down en
Mill streot last week.
8. K. Hndson and R. P. Burns and Y.
Beneer attended ths farmers' alliance eon
vention at Enterprise last week.
Kiull Relimtrit the .
social hop at bis fins rasidsnce New Ysar's
n . vvwv.v m
Eve. Everybody went; soms en horse-
back, soros foot back, some with waaont
and sleighs, snd last but not least came the
ox team. After thev all had ml tha mud
acraDsdoffthsv commenced danelna. At
12 o'clock thsyaU rsiired to the dining-
room, where a bountiful sapper wss sprssd
and hrra tha all (orrnt Lhlr tmnhlat tnr
a while, and dreamed they were In Jara-
diss, nntll ths fiddle called them back to
ths ball. They danced nntil 0 o'eloek
next day and tben they ssemed loth to de
part The tnotlc wss furnished by Mr,
Winchester snd son.
Mies Fannie Meserve is home from
school Waiting with her parents.
Ira Parcbsr is erecting a fine barn on his
It seems ss If the young ladies and young
.i ..v.-.?,
horees for Bamum's circus. How is It. AUT
Mr. Ives' smiling countenance was seen
In ths vntlsy lsst week. We are Informed
tba't he was looking op ths shingle business.
Mrs. Ulchard gave her friend a New
Years dinner at her boose.
U Ksowaae 1 Know.
The following correspond
) late for publication last w
In answer to a member of Stswsrd creek
lodge, we, will ssy first, that ws made no
motion to discontinue said lodge. Ws said
ws felt like making such a motion. If the
members of the I. 0. Q. T. lodse should get
up a big supper or dinner snd Invite o to
a seat near ths center of the first table
where we could reach both ways, ws would
be jnst as spt to say hi ths coarse ot hslf an
hour or ae after accepting said seat thai
"ws feel like making a motion to discon
tinue ths Fermars Alliance and all join the
Good Templars" as to say what we did.
See? .r:V..:.-.;
The Alliance mart be a pleassnt place to
go, else why did so manny attend on a cer
tain night in preference to ths 1. 0. 0. T.
meeting? As to whether the Alllanoa is
a bens tit in acommunity it perhaps remains
to be settled yet, as tha oricanlsatloa is
young la this county. Yst we don't know
whether Mr. M. means financially, morally,
Intellectually or physically, Mr. M. asks
why ths night of meeting has not been
changed. Not being a member of said
lodge, ws cannot answsr the question, but
ws are Informed that no each change has
been made. Mr. U. says to go and enjoy
ourselves, that he or they are not selfesh.
Do yon mean that we would be cut off
from the 1. O 0. T. lodge, should we join
the Alliance? He alio says hs likes to read
oar Items and wishes as sacoess, for which
compliments ws tender our hearty thanks
and would ssy. don't bs alarmsd about our
being called away, as ws are here to stay.
Any one wh rsada "a members" article
can see that he has nothing against us as a
eorrsepondent, but la simply kicking against
tha Farmers' Alliance. We did not start
out for arguments of sny kind, hat lust to
give the news. Therefore If "A Member"
writes again we shall turn nim over to
soms champion of the Farmers' Alliance
eanse In this county, who will undoubtedly
answer all his questions satisfactorily.
- ' NuM-BaPLL.
V7'.'',." ,: seesaw
Cold weather Is with us.
Buelnsss of all kinds la dull hereabouts.
A mssqnerads ball is the latest talked of .
La Orlupe has come to stay. Bsveral
severs eases are noted.. v.;'-
The White-Sleroks land contest case has.
for ths third time, been decided in favor of
Tax Mist Is constantly gaining friends
among our psopls The wide range of cor-
resnondencs is duly appreciated.
Your Deer Island correspondent is ngoi
when hs advocates the appointment of a
good road subervisor to succeed himself
year by year. This must be done if good
roads are to bs obtained.
A second bosrd of appraisers hava been
appointed by the court to examine tne
piece of road passing to the west of Bcap-
pooie station. Thia road ia entirely super-
fluous and should be condemned, being of
no special good to snyone, and of great In-
Jury to Mr. Watte' land claim,
There was a social dinner given by Mrs.
Nettie F. Courier, of Deep creek vslley, on
January 1, at 6 o'clock p. m. An slegsnt
dinner wu served, alter wnicn tne evening
was spent with social games by ths young
folks, and tbs mote sedate Indulged In a
lively game ot whbk AU had a Jolly time
and when, at a lata hour, they started for
their aeverai homea, were In a good humor
to begin the new year. : -. '- : Ioo.
Card ot thanka.
Tn (Via, frfonda and neighbors, who
o kindly assisted us during the illness
and death of our nusoaoa ana im.
we wisli to return our most grawnui
thanks, and will hold in long remem
k.Ma thota who labored ao incess
antly during all of his suffering to con
tribute towara nis conn".
Mrs. B. H. Walm aud Family,
Proceedings of the Janaery
(Continued from last week.)
election were appointed i
Bcappoose precinct, Chairman,
Harry west; fudges, 11. C. Lainbr
son, Adam stump; dorks, W. D.
Price, J. C. Johnsons po"" plce,
sh v. nn - 8 '
iinLn-nh.i.m.n i n c.......
judges, C. N. Gable, C.'s. Emerson;
1 clerks, U. W. Blakesley, F. M. Miles;
oolinar nlana. ftrtiitft Kit iiaui
Apiary .-Chairman. D. M. Dorsey !
judges, J. P. Young, J. R. Headly :
clerks, C. Monroe, W. E. King; poling
Place. VorseVs store.
to Bherman-Chairman. Perry Usher :
judges, II, C. Gore, C. W, Emerson ;
clerks. Peter Smith. James Gatens:
poling place, at the school house, near
tne center of aection 10, tp it, r Z w.
Deer Inland. -Henry Woodham;
Nudges, J. H. Archibald, K. K. Foster;
clerks, li Foster William Link ; poll-
ing place, R. R. Foster's hall, Reuben.
Ruinier. Chairman, C. W. Mosier;
judges, John Dibblee, G. F. Moeck;
clerks, W. H. ferry, J, 11. Elwell : poll-
ing place, City Hall.
Beaver Falls. J. - W. Meserve;
- Judges, J. B.Kinearson.C. B. R. Wash-
born; clerks, A. Croker.Emil Schmidt;
polling place, at the residence of Dr.
J. W. Meserve.
Oak Point. Chairman, H. Tingle;
- 1 judges, C. E. Uioe, E. R. Crie; clerks,
Walter Jones. John Quit-ley: colling
I Dlsce. at the residence of John Quit-
i r ' . .
UintsRanie. Uhatrman, vy. H. uon-
ycrs; Judges, Bloat Bryant, Adam
Uarri clerks, B. Jones, Dan Rice ; poll-
log place, city bait
Marshland. Chairman, W. W.
Elliott judges, J. 8. Morgan, C. M
Orahain ; clerks, A. 8. Graham, W. B
I IOlvln.
I . m t s.. m wm w M
nenaiem wnairman, u. r. xinu-
gren ; judgee, John Wilson,
son : clerks, 0. Wilson, D.
Erie Jen-
W. free
man ; polling place, at the school
house near the residence of John Wil
Auburn. Chairman, Judson Weed;
judges, R. leesmen, T. J. Brink;
clerks, W. A. Harris, T. B. Venalow;
polling place, council rooms,
It ia ordered bv tha court that the
following named oersons be and thev
4r nwoy anpoinieo. roan supervisors
oi tne several roan districts, in ana
for tha Countv of Columbia, and State
of Oregon, for tha year
aa fol-
Adam Stump, supervisor of road
district No. 1; Harry Weat, 2; M
Saxon, 8; Joaiah Konkle, 4; A. F
McDonald, 6; E. F. Galloway, 6; C.
W. Mosier, 7 ; W. O. King, 8 ; R. S.
Payne. 9; John Reddick, 10; O. M.
Graham, 11 ; Lon Vanvolkinburg, 12;
A. J. Orwis. 13; I. W. Petrick. 14 ;
Jamee Adams, 15; Peter Walter, 16;
G. W. Kyser, 17 ; Thoe. Mills, 18; John
Kirkwood, IV; Jesse Hendricks, 20 ;
J. Vesey.21.
Muckle Bros., Iron furnished for
bridge, road district 12 I 15 89
F. A. Bmith, lumber, dul 12
8. Seulssr, building bridges, diet. 4
1 00
14 40
SI 45
8 00
L F Bsussr, lumbar furnished,
Am. e
J ft Watts, lumber furnished, dht.
a........ .
Msrtin White, bringing E. Peter
son, inssns, to Bt. Helens
Nicholas, BevliA Bevis, lumber fur
nished, dit.
7 78
8 R Usgey, for work on roads In
diiL e ..... ....
86 00 1
H O Howard, lumber furnihed
7 oo
dint. 4
L F Banter, lumber furnished diet.
112 80
Q C J squish, repairing and build
ing bridges, diet. . .........
132 96
Moore A Cols, services examining
B 00
Peterson, insane........
R 8 Payne, labor performed in diet.
17 .....
42 281
Barr Bros., lumber furnished disk
Meston A Dygert, blenk record
books, (court house.)....
S3 00 1
H C Lsmberson, viewer on West
Muckle Bros., lumber furnished
diet. g.
88 48
28 00
Lane Bros., lumber famished diet.
Lane Bros., lumber furnlehed diet.
28 00
Lane Bros., lumber furnished disk
18 21
J B Doan, Justice of the Pesee, feee.
8tste ot Oregon vs. J K Bourns
8 88
J H Doan, ConeUble, fees. State of
Oregon vs. J K Bourne
8 98
JohnBtehmsn, witness feee........
1 80
L Butts,
1 9u
Chancy Wilton, H
1 90
I 80
1 80
Bert Wilson, "
J FParkss, " .......
Mrs J F Parker, ' "
T C Watte, recorder's fees, State vs.
Frank Peterson ...............
4 28
Jackson Peacher, marshal fees....
8 70 I
Muckls Bros., lumber furnished
disk 8
Q F Llndgren, nails snd frelgh t,disk
7 80
21 SS
A H Blakesley, boarding prisoners
Muckle Bros,, supplies furnished
22 00
Muckle Bros, lumber turnishsd
disk 4..................
13 03 1
A B Little, feee aa county surveyor
John Hendrtckson, support of Mln-
w Anderson ..w
j R Wstta, lumber furnished disk 1
q Mayger A Co. supplies for disk 9
75 oo
w I
gj 50 1
an ja
i R Bsegls, county printing
E E Quick, fees as county clerk.
97 K l
H Bloom, attendance on grand jury
M Burlingame, " . " '
Meston A Dygert, assessmsntsbseta
J 0 Watte, teaoher's examination
AB Little, ' '
T H North, supplies for N R Mo-
B I Plummer, bounty on scalps.,.,
B Denslow, " " ....
W E Lewis, " " ...
B Blrkenfeld, " ....
W R Holms, " " ....
OA Merrill, " " ....
MlltonMason, " " ....
H C Lambsrson. " ... .
WCKlng. ; " - "
lamel Bpsnoer, " ' ..
0 H Wheeler, attendance on grand
A M A W K Tichenor, lumber for
diak 10,..;
W A Meeker, fees aa sheriff
1 Spencer, fees aa commission
S 20
St 00
s 00
18 001
8 00
1 00
8 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
8 00
18 00
181 TO
44 25
24 40
t 60
it to
U W Barnes , do.
W 8 Hewitt, rebate of tax, 1889
D A Blodgett
John Barqnist. 179
sills Laid ovaa roe this.
John Baxter............... 100
J Benser , 6 12
John Peterson ... 126
Antone Peterson. 4 25
Frank Mslmbsrs; a 62
Thomas FrdegHl 10 12
In the Matter of the organisation of
road dietricts No. 20 and Zl. It
ordered that road district No. 20 and
Zl be organised with Boundaries, ai
follows; Koad Dist. Ho. 20 to com
prise the following sections and t wn
shios i In T 0 Is, K Z W, Bees. 0.
18. 19, 20, 21, ZZ, 27, ZS, Z, 30, T 0 N
R 3 W, Beet. 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 23, 24,
25 and 28. Road Dial. No. 21 to
comprise the following sections: T 7
N. R 6 W, Bees. 6, 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 20
snd W of Beo 21. and W of Bee 10,
and SW i of Sec . W NW i. of Bee
, and BK of BW t of Bee v, and W
t of w of Bee 4.
in tne matter or ine appointment
of stock inspector of Columbia county,
Oregon. It ie therefore now ordered
by the court that Isaac Bumgardner
be snd he is hereby appointed stock
Inspector of Columbia county, for the
period of one year,
in tne matter ot tne resignation oi
Martin BurlinKsme, Justice of the
Peace of Union precinct : It ie there
fore now ordered by the court that the
said resignation be and the same ia
hereby accepted.
-. . . .....
In the matter of the estaoiisnmenl,
a propoeea county rona, ocKmnme;
a stase maea it, anno nortn sine or
J. G. Adams' clearing, on the East
bank of the Nehalem river in Sec 3,
IT4N.R4W; thence in a southerly
I direction on most practical- route to.
and terminating at a stake marked R,
where the present traveled road,
known ae the Green Mountain road,
crosses South line of Bee 8, T 8 Si. a
lw, A. x. Auami presents to uie
I court the petition of nimseii and
twenty-seven othera, praying for the
I establishment of a con nty road, com
mencing as above described. It ia
therefore now ordered by the court
that G. J. Solomon, D. F. Baker and
Alex Sword meet at the reaidence of
T. L. Adams on the 9tb day of Feb-
ruary, 1892.
of a proposed county road, beginning
at the eec poet between sec. 20 and
26, T 8 N, R S W, the same being on
the line of the Mist and Bock Ureek
road ; thence in a westerly course to
and terminating at a stake marked R,
located on the county line between
Columbia and Clatsop counties, 10
rds. N of BW cor. ot Sec. 30, T 6 N, R
5 W. D. W. Freeman presents to the
court the petition of himeelf and
twenty-four othera praying for the
establishment of a county road, be
ginning aa . above described. It is
therefore now ordered oy tne court
that John Wilson, A. Vanvolkinburg
and Martin Harvey, three disinterested
householders, be aad they are hereby
appointed viewers, to meet at the
residence of C. B. Fisher, on the 23rd
day of February, 1892.
In the matter of rebate of tax of W.
H. Hewit for the year 1890. Now on
this dsy comes 8. 8. King, agent of
W. H. Hewit, end claims a rebate of
tax for the said W. H. Hewitt in the
sum of $18.30 for the year 1890, and
the court being fully advised m the
matter. It is therefore now ordered
and adjudged by the court that the
said W. H. Hewit ie entitled to a re
bate in the sum of 818.30; and it is
further ordered by the court that the
clerk draw a warrant on the county
treasurer in lavor oi tne earn w. xt.
... . mto oa
ttewit, 101 tue sum oi exo.ou.
in the matter oi preparing a jury
1 1 ,or lne yea aov, aor vuiumuu
. . . . , fona a..- ! .. i: .
county, uregon. now, on ima mo
7th day Of January, 1892, the connly
court selected irom ine iaei pnweeuuiK
assessment roll of Columbia county,
Oregon, the namea of two hundred
citixens, known (or supposed) to be
qualified aa jurore, selecting the same
from different parte of the county aa
far aa practicable, and it ia ordered by
the court that tlie clorx prepare a list
thereof containing the Christian names
and surnames of each person ; and it
is further ordered by the court that
the olerk endorse and certify said list
in the manner prescribed by law, and
file the same in the office of county
Clerk within ten days hereof.
In the matter 'of rebate of taxes of
D. A. Blodeetkfor the year 1890. Now
on this day comes Chas. D. Crandell.
agent of D. A. Blodgett, and claims a
rebate of tax for the said D. A. Blo4-
gtttt, in the sum of 163.51 for the' year
low, and the conrt being tuny ao
vised in the matter. It is inereiore
now ordered and adjudged by the
conrt that the said D. A. Blodgett is
entitled to a rebate in the sum of
$2.64 ; and it is further ordered by the
oou rt that the clerk draw a warrant
on the county treasurer in favor of
D. A. Blodgett for the sum of 82 04.
In the matter of the transcript and
coat bill, State of Oregon vs. Ludwick
Stripling: Now, on this day comes
W. W, West, justice of the peace of
Bcappoose preoinet, Columbia county,
Oregon, and files with the clerk a
transcript and cost bill in the above
en tinea matter, n piring vj
tne court was aaia transcript aim oust
bill IS irregular ana not propeuy certi-
n . T . ; . 1 t - , A
nea to. ' It is - tnereiurv now vnnreu
i. i , . i - . , i . : .i
ana sajuagea oy wo court ui
transcript and cost bill be refered back
. wmr ... r. a . : . - .1
of said precinct, lor correction.
In the matter of the appointment
of a justice of the peace tor' Union
precinct, Columbia county, - uregon.
It is therefore now ordered by the
court that A. H. Blakesley be and he
is hereby .appointed jnstice ot the
peace in and for Union precinct, Col-
umbia county, Ore iron, to serve nntil
the next ensuing election.
In the matter of the change oi the
several - road districts of Columbia
county, Oregon. It is therefore
ordered by the court that the follow-'
ing changes be made in the boundaries
of the following road districts : 1
Boundaries of read district No, 3
contains sections 15, 18, 17, 18, 19, SO,
tl, 23, 17, 88. 29, 80, T 4 N, K I W,
sees 13, 24, 25, T 4 N, JK 2 W.
Boundaries of road district No. 4, T
4 N, R 1 W, sees 3, 4, 6, . 7, 8. 9, 10,
T 4 N, R 2 W.secs 1, 2, 3. 4. 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16. 17, 18, T 4 N.
snd work on roads and bridges
A Fine line of
Also a general assortment of NOTIONS
R 3 W, sees 1, 2. 11. 12, 13, 14, T 5 N,
S 1W. see 81. Rl of sea 32.81 of 33 81
of 34, T 6 N, R 2 W, sees 31, 32, 33, 34,
35,36, T 5 N,R 3 W, sees 35 and 36.
Boundaries of road distriat No. 0,
T 6 N, R 1 W, sees 4, 6, 6, 7, 8,18, 17,
16. 19. 20, 21, 30, 29, 28, Nl of 32, Hi
of 33,Niof 34.T6N.R2 W, sees I.
2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 16
17, 23, 24,25, 26, T 6 N, R 3 W, sees
18, 19, 30. 31.
Boundaries of road district No. 13,
t 6 n, r 4 w, seca 2. 3.4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10,
11, 13, 14, 15, 16.17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,
23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33,
84, 36, 36, t 5 n, r 4 w, seca 6 and 6,
t 5 n, r 5 w, sees 1. 2, 3, t 6 n, 6 w, seca
2. 3. 10, 11. 12. 13. 14. 15, 22, 23, 24,
25, 26, 27, 34, 35, 36, 1 7 n,5 w, sees 25,
28, 30, 3o.
Boundaries of road district No. 10,
1 6 n, 3 w, sees 6, 7, 1 6 n, 4 w, sees 1
and 12, t 7 n, 3 w, seo 31, s of 30, 1 7
n, 4 w, sec 5, el of 8, sees 7, 8, 9, 13,
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,
25, 26, 27. 28, 29, 30, 31. 32. 33, 34, 35,
36. -
Boundaries of road district No. 11,
7 n, 4 w, wl of sec 6, 1 7 n,5 w, sees
, S, 3. el of 4. el of nw4olsec4,elof sw
of section 4, el of sec 9, nr4 of nwl of
seo 9, eece 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, el of
seo 16, eg of seo 21, sees 22. 23 and 24.
Ws are now having a few days ot (rood
weather so ranch needed. We were soaked
through from the continued rains ot De
cember. . i,
Messrs. Briggs, Wilkinson and Prlngle
have been boating wheat from Mr. Solo
mon's for the milt company the last few
days. Some of the people of Pittsburg And
it easier to get their flour here than ts hsul
it over the mountains.
Mr. K. O. Darling and Miss Altla Mat
thews-returned from the a'Hance conven
tion Friday last. They report a hardship
crossing the mountain.
1. W. Detrick, being appointed snper-
viaor. Is going to warn a crew of men to
open the St. Helens road. Tbst's right. It
should have been done some time ago.
1 beg to inform tha people of Vernonia,
through the columns ot Ths Misf that
tbere was no such thing as the boys ( wonlJ
be hoodlums) going to Vernonia to break
up their literary. The person, whoever it
is, is circulating a falsehood. There is not
better behaved set of young men in the
county than at this place. Mr. Somebody
had better "cheese his racket, our
Charles Hart, of St. Helens, nassed this
place last Saturday on bia way to Vernonia.
Professor Cheeten snd Mis Bertha Oilla-
haa were visitors at this placs last Sunday.
Messrs. reck and Prinale returned from
the Lower Nehalem Saturday last, where
they nave oeeu to take a scow loaa ot mm.
ber. Uro.
Captain Fnxkw, a Prominent Citi
zen of Astoria Talis.
He Testifies to the Efficacy of Elec
tricity for the Care of
(Oregonian Jan. II, 1892. -Astoria,
Or., Jan. 7, 1892.
Db. Dabrik Dear Sir: The treat
ment you gave me for chronic catarrh
from the effects of La Grippe, . two
years ago, has proved successful.: I
sm perfectly and permanently cared,
and can commend your Electrio end
medicat treatment foi all similar troub
les. Refer to me. i ,
Mr. Editor: Bay to the public that
Dr. Damn baa cured meof palpitation
of the heart and trembling sensation
of the stomach. I live at 189 8outh
Firat street, Portland.
Dr. Dsrrin continues to. treat all
classes, the rich and poor alike, free
of charge, at 70 Washington atreet,
Portland, Or., from 1U to 11 A. M.
daily. Those willing to pay, from 11
A.M. to A P. M.; evenings, 7 too;
Sundays, 10 to 12 A. M., at one-half
his former prioea. He gives free and
confidential examinations to all at the
office or by letter. He treats all cura
ble, chronic, acute and private diseasee
with electricity and medicine when re
quired. The cure of private diseases,
such as errors of youth, iinpotency,
stricture, Hydrocele, Varocele, and
other diseases of a delicate nature,
guaranteed and never published.
Write for circular and question list.
Haw Try; Tata.
It wQl cost yon nothing and will sorely
do yoa good, if you bitve a rough, oold , or
any trouble with throat, chest or lungs. Dr.
King's New Pisoovery for consumption,
coughs and eolda is guaranteed to give re
lief, or money will bs paid bark. Sufferer
from La Grippe found it Just the thin and
under ks nse had a spesdy ami perfect re
covery. Try a sample bottle at our ex
pense and learn for yourself just how good
a thing U Is, Trial bottles free at Edwin
Ron' drug store. Largs sise 50c and J I.
Chewing and
Smoking Tobacco.
too numerous to mention.
St. Helens, -
King Clothiers of the Northwest
atlwe Caraer, a-rlsea mm Straata. rartiaaaU -
Suit orQyercoat
Boys' Suits and Overcoats, Ages 14 to 19 Years
All Our Seeds AreTested .
j&iaioue ieii)
0 0
IttV'r ir4l iry.rtf.;tfl Ie ot , I sea" U
Wt yuJs
AtV H 7FDrl M I.slii na lib Vwm gw- w ml I -aft
F.L-Posson & Son. Portland. Or.
Sheet-Iron, Tin and Copper Ware,
2 1 2 First anil cor. Salmon Street POHTLAITD-
. Ntica Craalltara. .
Notice is hereby riven that the eunntv
court of Columbia county, Oregon, sittinc
n probate, did on the 23rd day of December,
1881. appoint me executor of the will in the
eetate of Thereait Baupaeb, deceased. Jtll
persons having claims against said estate
will present them to me at the office of
Moors A Cole, in 8t Helens. Columbia
county, Oregon, on or before six months
irom tne dale nereoi, amy Tended, accor
ding to law. PAUL RAUPACH,
- - jcxecutor. ;
Dated December 83, 1891. jljgt
Land OIBee at Oregon City, Or., Dee. S. 1881.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler ha Sled notice of his Intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said Drool will be made before thaConntv
Clerk of Columbia county, at St. Helens. Or., en
January V, 1892, tIt:
Homeatead entry No, 7150, for ths ne W of see.
11, tpn, r S weat. Bo name the fol low loir
witnene to proie his contiguous reaidence
upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: R.
Keicnarat, timer s. tmnaie. J. r. lonn r ana
William C. Kins; all of Apiary, Columbia
county, Oregon. . J, I. APPER80N,
qiijie Kegiater.
Scientifically treated by an anrlst of world
wide reputation. Deafness eradicated and
entirely cored, of front SO to 30 year ' stand
ing, after all other treatments Lave failed.
Uow tbe difficulty is reached snd the cause
removed fnltv evnlaJnMi in Aimulara with
affidavits aad testimonials of ceres front
prominent people, mailed free.
DR. A. FONTAINE, Tacoma, Wash.
Land OtBes at Oregon City, Or., Dee. St, MSI.
Notice ia hereby civen that the fol'owtnfr
named settler has tied notice of his intention
to make Inel proof In support of his claim and
tnatsata prooi win oe maae Derore ine uounty
Clerk of Columbia county, at St. Helena, Ore
ion, on February 18, 1SW, vli:
Homestead entry No. SOTS, for the nw! of see.
SO, tptn.rtw. He names the fallowing wit
nesses to prove his. continuous reaidence neon
and cultivation of aatd land, vis: John Thomp
son, J. W. Campbell, William Boss and A. M.
SeardofT; all of goappouie P. O., Columbia
oounty, Oregon. J. I. APPERSON,
jjlie jieguier.
My son, Wiltlsm E. Bonner, hevlne; left
borne without my consent, I will not bs re
sponsible for any debts he may contract.
Scsppoose, Or., Dec. 10. 1891. dl8-3ia
Key Yest
: a
Domestic Cigars.
no V,-V
Table and Pocket Cutlery
and Household
Cooking and Heating
Stoves. .
No-rscic Fust rfta.iCATten.
Land Office at Oregee city, Orwywa, Dee. t, 1SS1.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has lied notice ei ata Intention la
make final proof in support el kU ataiaa, and
Skat aald proof will be made before the Connty
Clerk of Colombia county, at St. iieleoa, Oregon,
on January as, 1891, via:
Homestead entry No. for aw X f see. ,
tp S n, r 2 west. He names the follewlag wit
aeases to prove bis continuous reaidence apea,
and cultivation of, said land. la: OoKave II.
tUereka, Frank M. Tompkins, Julius Zlaemana
and Alexander T.Cseecy: all Cf Ueapoooee, Co
lumbia county, Oregon, i. T. AFIMUbON.
dlljlS Register.
Land OITIce at Croroo CHy, Oregon Dee. 1, 1S9I.
Notice ia hereby given that the following
named settler haa Hied notice of hie Intention
to make final proof In support ot Ms claim, aad
that aald proof will be made hefosa the county
clerk of Columbia county, eXhtt. Helena. Oregon,
ca Janaary 28. 1WK1, vis: ' . """
Homeetead entry No. S0, for the sw of see.
38, tpSn, r 1 west. He names the futlowlaa
witneeses te prove his eonUnnons remdenea
npon, and cultivation f, said land, via: E. A.
Cnshman. P, Bishop, O. CJaceaiah and ft. R.
Foster; all of Reuben P. O., Cm amble county.
Oregon, dlljlt J. T. APPBIWON. Rurlster.
Notiee te Cretiwn.
Notice ia hereby ffivea that the wndsr
signed, Emma Lrneacber, baa beea duly
appointed adininistratrix of the estate of
Frederick Lengachsr, deceased, by the
county court of the state of Oregon for
Columbia connty. A II persons having,
claims against said deceased are teerebr
required to present theas, trader oath, with
the necessary Touchers, within stx months
from the date hereof to the saU adminis
tratrix, at her home, near Hunter, in Co
lumbia county , Oregon.
Administratrix of tha estate of.PredV
erlrk Lencachsr, deceased. : 18iS
Dated Jan. 7.1892.
noTicft ro rsjsjii cATii.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or., January a, ISM.
Notice la hereby given that the followtng.
earned settler haa Bled notice of his InltiiM to
make Snal proof In support of hit claim, and
that said proof will be made before the kn'itr
and Receiver of the United Ptatea Lend Ctoce,
at Oregon City, Oregon, on - ,n '3 vU:
Pre-emption D. 8. No, nm, for ths 8V k efeee.
M,tpSn, rw. He nanuH ths follow. wit
nesses to prove his continuous ret'inc tins,
and cultivation of mid land, vis.- fiilitti V iter,
James Ricknwn, William Roberta al huht
Service; all of Dixie, WosbingUin eoobty , Ore
gon. .
Georee B. Zimmermen, Who nrt hnmeir)iad
entry No. 7 Ml, is hereby attK y iw, , j m
appear end show eeuee why Ji.ioak keafe's
entry of said tract shoulrt not he a'lowad,
J1M1S J. T. Ai t t.oij.-,, h eWtsv
f jrr 7 i 11
won wcoK

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