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8t. Helens, April 14.
g; ju l i
It I a noteworthy fuel tlmt the tithe
le uow at bnnd whin every effort
houJd b put forth to check (ha work
of such person who depend wholly
tipou thuir attettipti of , rubbery nd
iurghiry for their livelihood. Not
only do re; find these crimes com
mitted In the citiea. but In the smaller
towns throughout the iiate. St. Hel
ena has recently been the scene of
two or three turglaiies. unprofitable
onee, however, but no matter how lit
tie i lost or gained, they are becoming
source of continued disturbance
od alarm to the community at large.
6ucU iiialiciousiiefs jg conducive of no
good. There in scarcely enough gained
by thee knight of nights to make it
an object to curry further their al
most fruitless attempt to' obtain a liv
ing by their petty pilfcrings in order
to save themselves the bodily exertion
of earning an honest living. How
many more times this party expects
to make successful raids upon the busi
ness houses of this place without dn
toction we are unnblc to determine,
but certainly these deeds cannot be 1
repealed often without the apprelien
tion of the perpretralor.
From the best, information obtaina
ble me majority ot people in Columbia
county do not want good roads. The
eff.-rt to build a road from Clatskanie
to Ruiuier bus met with almost imani
mous eppositiou. At the meeting re
cently called at Clatskanie the senti-
. ment was Sj strong against the move
ment that it was not called to otder at
all. . After all the hue and cry about
the awful condition of Ibe roads, and,
too, after the legislature has made it
possible for the different sections to
build substantial roads, it leemi that
the privilege is not to be utilized. ThU
: is now simply a mailer of option that
all have a right to oppose or indorse;
but since failure of the movement
seems certain, let us Lope that the
ever-prevailing wail by a certain class
of people, about belter highways, will
henceforth snd forever cease. Oh ; the
kicker; the chronic kicker, the hide
bound kicker, the moss-back kicker, is
ever on the alert; audio comply with
the demands kicked for would deprive
so many of their natural occupation
that disaster might follow. .
I. N. Shatto of Rainier, ipent b'abbftlh
In t'latskaiiio. ' .-
Uriah Kcllcy has been up from tlie coart
for a few days. .?
A. f. Tirheuor and, wife are expected
home this week from tian Diego, Cat.
The rclietnus nicetimjscontimietobelield
each cveniuH witli consuieratii uiicrci.
The liiaii water In tha t'lnNknnie has
Riven a splendid opportunity to set logs
down to tills water.
Misses Leotaand Creasy Merrill fame In
on the summer Dixon from Woodland lat
Monday, on their way te .their parents
Charley Con vers entertained a number
of uersons one aftornoon thia week bv uiv-
ins; an exhibition of tin training of his
blaek hone, Charley, certainly has him
under splendid control.
Tbe faculty being ab-enton a short leave.
me pniiiic schools tuijournvu innu rrmay
evomnu until sursdav mormnir but arc
now in session atrain. Since the principal
shaved off his mustache he la liable to be
takeu for one of the scholars.'
Frank Van brought In quite a number of
cattle Tuesday nltei xm from the Nrha
lem valley. Intending to aist in supplj ini;
the demand (or beef. Cat lie of that kind
have been unite .ea-ce m the valley tin
spring on injr to the demand from Astoria
and elsewhere, and in consequence our
beefoteaks have been advauced a little in
price. . .
The city election took place last Tuesday
and excited considerabie interest from the
fact that there were two tickets in the field,
both of which were arranged by a very lew
individuals without a caucus and generally
without the knowledge or consent of the
persons whose names were on the tickets.
Some names on each ticket were selected
ar-d the following persons were chosen:
President of the council, A. M. Tirhenor:
councilmen. W E. Convers. E. 0. Black
ford, John Lnglish and A. r. Mvers. Re
corder, Dr. J. E. Hall; marshal,!). M. Mc
Lean; treasurer, S. Nichols.
: It is now stated that the adminis
. tion is to have a finance bill as well as
a tariff bill, and that J. H. Ecklee, of
Ottawa, Illinois, who was this week
nominated for comptroller of the cur
rency, is the man who is to prepare it.
Mr. Eckles admits that he knows noth
ing about finance, having given all
bis time to the practice of law, and
members of the senate committee on
nnance, to which Lis nomination was
referred, do not like the idea oi a man
wiihout financial experience, being
put into such an important positron,
.although they make a favorable report
because of the otherwise good reputa
tion of Mr. Eckles.
The citizens nicotine in the interest of a
eood road from this place to Kaiuier, called
for last Saturday was not a success in point
of members, aathe rain prevented, or at
least seemed to prevent many from getting
out. Dr. J. W. Meserve, from Ielena, was
on hands to talk up a plank road, but the
project was not enlhusia ticnlly received
owing to the necessary expense" involved.
Perhaps the Doctor's enthusiasm may pro
mote favorable action later, but at present
tiiere is a strong feeling against any outiay
that would repair bonding property to se
cure. In the meantime V J. Weber, tbe
new road supervisor, has had a force of
men at work grading the Rainier road, and
it is expected that a trail, at least, will be
opened through to the county road at
Adain Barr's place in the near future.
We understand quite an amusing trial
came off Tuesday at Mist, before Squire
fwnowiesin wmcu our wortnv justice or
the Peace C C. Lee. was defendant, having
been indicted for stealing. W. H. Convers
acted as his counsel and was imposed" by
John Main 3rd. The suit grew out of a levy
and removal of some cattle by an acting
Reports of the Sheriff, Treasurer and Clerk for the Six
v Months Ending March 31; 1893.
Of theamoiiutof Money and Warrants received for Taxes, d Money Paid to the
........ County Treasurer by the Sheriff of Columbia County, Oii'iton, for the six mouths
eiiilinj; on the Slst day of March, A. 1. 1M3.
In coin and currency WT !tt
Amount ol cash on ha'id KW 00
Total received H7 8M
ST amount rain oouiuy TSiaat'Kta.
To County Treasurer.
On hand to balance .,
Total .......
. l.VO 0
4257 3H
County ol Columbia.)
1, 11. A. M ASSIE, Sheriff of said County, do hereby certify that the for'
going stutement is correct and true.
Witness my hand this 31st day of March, A. D. 1S93. -
O. A. M ASSIE, Sheriff of Columbia County.
Of the County Treasurer of Columbia County, Oregon, for the six months
ending on the 31sl day of March, A. 1). 1SU3, of money received and
paid out, from whom teceived and from what source, and on what
account paid out:
March 31
To amount on hand from last re
port, genera! fund $ 432 73
March 1
To amount received from school
fund 373 65
March 31
To amounts received for liquor li
cense aurmgsix monins wj uu
Amount received for tines during
six months 200 00
Amount received school district No.
41 abandoned, forfeit 23 OS
Amount of special depositor) hand. 4S til
Amount received froa school super
intendent tor teachers c.-rllUcatcJ
issued during six mouths IS 00
Amount received from sheriff for
taxes for 1H 219 40
Amount received from justice, of
peace, eosts in two suits 81 90
Amount received from sberilT for
taxes ot t!s7 to 1S1, inclusive .. 134 45
Amount received from sheriff for
taxes 18i , 2703 53
Amount on hund to pay advertised
countv warrants not presented, . 44SJ no
An.ount on band institute fund . . . iM SO
deputy sheriff, supposing them to be Main
ard's cattle, who haildisosed of them be
fore suit had been brought, as mentioned.
The Justice cou'd not tind that Squire L-:e
had anything to do with getting the cattle
away, as it was proven that be was not
within ten miles of the place ami the prose
cutors found they had omen oil mure than
they coold chew. The spectators and' wit
nesses enjoyed listemiing to the wordy bat
tle of the legal gentlemen who Riled t?quire
Knowles with so much law that his hat
would not tit him after the trial.
' Now comes the announcement of
the appointment by President Cleve
land to the office of United States
District Judge, Hon. C. B. Bellinger,
to till tbe office made vacant by the
death of Judge Matthew P. Deady
The news was received by the Oregon
representation at Washington with
demonstrations of - pleasure,;, much
cheering and hand-shaking.. If his
appointment is confirmed, which it
,,is more than likely will be, the place
will be filled by one as cnpable of do
ing justice and honor to the position
as any that could have been appointed
to serve in such' an official : capacity.
Another score for Oregon. '
Owing to the extremely bad weather the
Delena correspondent has been rather short
of news, but we bop for better results m
future. . . . ......
Articles of incorporation have been filed
with the secretary of state for the Woodbine
Cemetery Association, located on Messrs.
S. K. Hudson and F. P. Kice's places.
Meserve Bros, are at work on their new
mi. 1 building and expect to push the work
as rapidly as possible.
Ofcar Watmer. who has been verv low
with tvphoid fever, is improving slowly and
tils many mend anxiously await his re
cover Dr. Hall, ot Clatskanie, is attend
ing him. ....
W. H. Conyerst. Clatskonio's real estate
and insurance agent, was in thia locality
laot , Saturday wn business with Jeore
We hear that flarry Busing has pur
chased machinery for a shinxle mill, to be
erected on Mr. McAdam's place, near
Downinga landing.
As Eev. Moore could not leave Clatska
nie lat Sunday there was no preaching at
the hall.
Mrs., E,' M.' Wonderly made a trip to
Eaiuicr the first of the week.
Total $9290 711
March .11-
liy amount paid out on county war
rants, general tuna dpi at
Uv amount paid out on school su
periiiteudent's warrauts, school
fund .
By balance general fund on hand
By balance school fund on hand
not apportioned ,
By institute fund on hand
By special deposit on hand
By geneial fund on hand to pay ad
vertised county warrants uot presented
473 75
473 75
8!)76 25
62 W
135 AO
49 91
44SX 57
Total s
9J98 74
County of Columbia,) ' ,
I, E. M. WHARTON', do hereby certify that the foregoing w a true snd
correct atatemcut of the amounts received, paid out ami remaining on baud,
in the comity tnusury of said county for the six months ending oil the 31st
day of March, A. i. l!93.
Witness my hand this 31st day of March, 1S9.1.
E. M. WHARTON, County Treasurer.
Of the County Clerk of Columbia. County, State of Oregon, showing the
amount and number of clninis allowed by the County Court of said
County, for what allowed, amount of warrants drawn, and amount
of warrants outstanding and unpaid, from the 1st day of October, 1892,
to the 31st day of March, 1S93, both inclusive:
Brigham Yot'NQ prophsied the end
of the world would take place on the
. 6ih day of April, 1S93. Like a good
many preachers of past ages, Brigham
talked too much with bis mouth and
. did not work enough with his hands
in making two blades of grass grow
where only one grew before. He told
more than he knew more than the
Lord whispered in his ear. What a
vast procession there would be if all
who bad been guilty ef similar errors,
ignorautly or intentioually, could be
raised up from the cemeteries of all
lands and nil ages. -
Quite a battle is waged between the
, 'newspapers ot Astoria over , sn ordi
' nance inttoduced in the common
cnuncu oi uiat city some time since
purporting .to check, gambling by
licensing the , same. In this, we
suppose, the pen wielders find matters
plentiful ' enough to: occupy their
minds and the space in their papers
without getting out and rustling news
ss they should.-; Tis most extraordi
nariully pleasing matter to their read'
ers, we would.judge. ,' ,
William Hoji-snple informs us that his
sister in Portland is dangerously ill. .
The proposed plank road from Rainier to
Clatskanie does not meet with general
favor. Most people prefer to wade through
the mud rather than spend money in im
proving the roads. This principle will
never build up a country that would he
sought after by people Cuming from the
East in search ot homes . for thev will in-
.variahly go where roads are best, to pur
chase land. A svstem of roads as snoken
of by Thb Mist last week, would do more
toward tne advancement of the county and
tumiusr the immense tracts of sixcul.itor
land, now laying waste, into homes and
farms, than anything else witiiin our reach.
If each man willfiaure the cost of buildinr
a road from Eainier to Clatskanie be will
see that his individual tax will be verv
light compared with the benefit derived
from it.
Oronty Judge's salary.
county Loiamissionera salary...
uouniy i reasnrer a salary
Coumy Wwift'i fees
County dctiool Sufterintendeat'i s
c.ounty t'lera s rees ....
Comity Purveyor..
Con my Atsewor
Dl.-Iriet Attorney ,
( Mfirial.r porter. ;
Road supervisors..
Ronis and bridges. .'
Paupers .V ', . ,
Criminnl and Cln;lllt Court exneases
' CritninAl iu Justice s Courts
Stationery and pntitin? ,
Expense of hiMine patienti.,
Expeiifo of Coroner's iwiuests,
Court house supplies
Bounty on scalps of wtM animal. .
Expense of judges sudelerSso election...
Rebate of tax
Total amount of claims allowe d and drawn.
amount or
. 314 70
. 174 99
. SO
. IP 0)
. 143 :w
4 ')
. J S3
. 2N fc-
. no oi
. ail ua
, u;.i OS
. 514 va
. 11.1 ll
. 1W 0"
. 361 7(1
ii 311
AMot'ST or
I 2f00
. 314 71)
, 174 W
. i4 0
. l.S 00
. 1441 9)
W 50
. l.'J 00
. 2M1 M
. vm oo
. ien no
. M4 oa
. 1121 34
. m M
. SOI 70
Sack Suits to Order,
Frock Suits to Order,
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
No. 140 First Street, Under the Gilman,
ftiimmoNii. .
In Urn riiciutt Court of the Hlats of Oregon,
for Cnluinhla eounty.
It, U. MiNliTT, rlalntlfT,
(Ins II, IIynos and Nttuis Emmoks Bv
mom, Defendants
To litis II. Hvimn ami Nellls Rmmons By.
nnn, tha abnvt named defendants i
intiiknaMbi or tiik htatk or
1 Oregon, you nrt herehr rwiulrmt to sp.
near and answer thtei)iplsiiiliilsd against
you in ths above entitled suit tin or bafurs
Ihs ttrsttluv of the next term uf ths above
rulitled court, lo-wlt: on the llrst Tnssdsy
after the seeond Monday in May, MM, h
ins ths Uth day of said moiiin. And ii yo
ths Uth day of said month.
lail so to answsr, tor wn merroi , piannin
will apply to the court fur ths rslluf prayed
for In ths complaint, vis: for Judgaisut for
ths auiu of IJ0.W. and Intsre.t thereon
since the 18th day of Kthrusry, JUKI, at ths
rate of ten per cent, per annum until paid ;
ml for thsfurthsr yutn of I7.V0O as attor
ney's lc, and lor hi. costs snd disburse
ments harslni and for a drorss (orreliln
ths mortgage set forth Intliscntunlaint ami
that ths real property described therein,
Ion It: Lots S, 4, ft, , M. 10 and II In block
V ! snd also ail of block 20 i all In Mslllnger's
addiliiui In thtl'lty of Vsrnonls, Columbia
county, Oregon. I sold and ths Proceeds
of such sal" be applied towards lbs pay.
ment of said jit'Ltmviil.
Thia summon! Is published pursuant to
an order of court mads and entered lh
IMih dav of March, MlM.
ralituiS OKO. B. DAVIH.
Altoroty for flalmitT.
Headquarters for tbe Celebrated Albany Woolen Hills Clotain.
ai 4 m
3io m I
II" 00
V3 10
3: Ml
117 00
. n 10
Outstanding unpaid County warrants on the 31st day of farch, 1.S03 . . . .
Eatimatixl Cnterest accrued thereon .
,36,al 67
lioo 00
Total amonnt of unpaid county warrants, inclndinf; interest 37 4U1 B7
Of the financial condition nf the County of Columbia, in the Slate of Ore
gon, on the 31st day of March, A. D. 1893:
" Rev. J. M. Bmith. of Albina. has been
appointed pastor of the Christian church,
oi mis place.
" Mr. J. " Bushell. . b'f Seattle, orfanized a
good tempter's lodge here on April 3d.
The. , .Milkmaid's Convention Riven on
April 1st, under the auspices of the Y. W.
V. T." V wan a very enjoyable affair. The
purpose ot this was to raise money to erect
a ball1 for their nse, ' -
"' I'fje public pquare has been divided in.
Hi lots' tnd nill be put on the market. ,
The teachers for the public school were
elected April 3d
Poof '..Campbell was choen as on of the
judges of the .orational contest between
the different societies of Corvailis, which
took place on the 3d.
oT. iigleni, most assuredly,: is to
; be congratulated upon being the ceu
' tor of a business whicli has proven
great boon to this locality for a number
of years, and which, yet, may be con
Hidered only in its infancy," The ba-
, ultic deposits of this lad the imme
diately adjacent section is something
: to be proud of, m a Coolinual source of
rnveutie. . Tooueands of dollars are
realized- Annually from this source
and vet there i more to come. .
Mo.e. Price Cure ol Itheamathn,
The many cae of rheumatism cored by
Chamberlain's1 Pain' Balm -dining" the past
lew. months have (riven the people great
confidence in it, curdive .properties, and
have shown that there is ono preparation
that can be depended upon for that painful
and aggravating disease. Jfouaker Jlros.,
Lorain; Ohio; say: "Mr. Moses Price, of
this place, was troubled with rheumatism
for a long time. Chamberlain's Pain Bnlrn
has curi'.d him. Ho says thai the llnlno has
no equal.'.'' i'orsale by Edwin ltoss, drag
8"'- . : ;,'.)
. J."-1 "
F. 6. Gibb fe Co., block onfrac(ors.
of this place, have n contract for a
large number of blocks. In fact; the
contract calls for as many of the pav
ing etoue as it is possible to get 'out
between now and the 31st of next De
cember. The blocks are for tbe
American Bridge and Construction
Company, Portland. . About twenty,
men will be employed at the work.
To warrants daawn on County
Treasurer, and outstanding and
To estimated amount of Interest
accrued thereon
Total liabilities...,
.$35,901 67
1800 00
.137.761 67
By funds in hands of County
Treasurer applacapabls to the
payment of County warrant. ..$ 2978 25
By funds in hands of County Sher
iff applacapalile to tht payment
of County warrants 1200 00
By estimated unpaid current taxes
appla'-apalde to the payment of
county warrants 34,6S9 41
By general fund on hand to pay
advertised County warrants 4481 07
Total resources $ 13,34 3 23
This is (ho ( lag W Kan Insii,
In the Circuit Cnurt of ths EUts ol 0rf ,
for Columbia county.
Kdwasd Wss.tss, PlalnUIT, 1
ys. V
flcs II, Bvnoaand Nstlis BTo,Df'ts.r
To Ous 11. Bynon and Nellie ByoonU
abovt naiurd dsfsndanta:
I Oregon , yoD ar hereby required to ap
pear and an.wer the uumplalut filed aRain.t
roil In the above n(Hij action, oa as b.
tors tba Trat day of 'tit nest tra ol tha
aliovs tutltleri court, tn.lt: on tbe first
Tueaday alU'r ths second Monday In 41 sy .
IHU. being the Vib day of said month. Ann
II you fail so to answer, lor want thereof.
pUIntlfT will take Judgment sraln.tynn anil
each ot you for lbs sum ot 5o 00 with la
tere.t thsrson .li.ee ths 16th day ol March.
at ths rats ol 10 per cent, psr aaoaai
atll paid; and for ths forih.r sua. of
130 00 a attornrys fees herein, and lor bis
costs aud diaburMinenU ol tbieacttoa; and
an order directing tha sals, on sisrnllon ,
of the following attached rtat property, to
wit: The H' of sw) ol seettan 13, and
of se! of section XI, township 4 north , t
& ne.t; and that tha proceeds ol said sala
he applied towards the paymantof tbe said
summons la published
an onlcr of conn mads and sntsrsd bsrsln
thia laih day ol March. Ish
niilmS OKU. K. DAVIS,
Attorney lor Plaintiff.
AalgBfaa N !!
In tht matter ol slgnmsnt of J. W. Itvt,
M. u mclioiMana runnen npiawn, eo-
Nicholas AWplnwn,
been duly sp-
partners as itevis,
Ivent debtors,
Ths undersigned having
pointed ataifftiee of ths s.tate ol the shore
named tnnilv.nl debtors, under and by
virnu of n net of ths I-i;IIbUv asatmbljr
ol ths Mate of orrgon, entltb d "An act t.
secure to creditors a ju.t division ol lbs
estate of debtors, who eonvey to assignees
fur the benetlt of creditors,'' atprad Octo
ber IK, 1878. and ths amrndmenU thereto,
spproved Kebrusry 21, lKKo, all persons
hiring claims sgslnstsatd eatatear hereby
ootdied to present lbs same to me at ntv
oftics. rooms ZU-'JZ. Mainuam building .
Portland. Ortgoa. Shlly VerlBsd as bv law
riwjuirod. within threo months from Iks
dale hereof. R. P GRAHAM.
Porlland, Or , March 31 . 1803. ai31n.lt
St. Helens, : : Orecon,
-Dllllil IV-
Crockery, Glassware, Queenswaro,
Ladies' Dress Goods, ifbots, Shoes,
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Produce Taken In Exchange.
It Will Pay You to Consult Our Prices
County of Columbia, jl '
I. E. E. QUICK, County Clerk of the County of Columbia, state of Or
gon, do hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct statement of
the number aDd amount'.of claims allowed by the Oonnty Court of saw
County, for the six months ending on the 31st day of March, 1893, on what
account the same were allowed, snd the amount of warrant drawn, and the
amount of warrants outstanding and unpaid at the same appear-upon the
records of my office m my official custody. ,;
Witness my hand and the cical of the County Court of laid
BEAX. , ; 1 County Una Slst day of March, A. D. Josh.
.,'... . , K. E. QUICK, County Clerk,
A Minister's Wile Much Pleased. ,
Elder S. 8. Beaver." 'of McAllistervllle.
Juani iita county, Pa., says his wife is .ub
jeut to cramp in the stomach. . Last sum.
nier she tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy for it. and ,waa
much pleased with the relief afforded. She
has since used it whenever nece- arv .flnd
found that it never fails. For sale by 'fid-
tlin R'H, umgi;it.
General .Merchandise,
wm .. f.
- - - OREGON.
INSURANCE CO., Albany, Or.
F or particulars apply at ths office t( DIUard A Cole, or Tn Mist offlcs.
Model Saloon.
I. ITsltWSOB, rrpr.
Choice Wines, ;
Llouors and Cigars. Beer 5 Cts.
, Biliard and Pool Tabla
for (He Jfooommoclsfton of Patrom
For Sale.
Six rood milch cows, four twn-vear old
steers, four two-year old heifers, one four
year old steer, seven yearlings, one Bond
breed mare and a two year old colt, This
stock can lie bought cheap for cnh . Apply
iu or auuress ur.i). KMJIi TK1... .
Deer Inland, Or.
Jo Tn Dill
you to tind tha most desirable place to
purchase vour ' lnylgorstor."
Keeps constantly on band ths famous
Cuban Blossom Cigars.
The finest line of Wines Liquors and
Cigars to be found this side of Port
land. Aud if yon wish to
ngafre In a Ram. of
They can eisure you that they have the
best table In town. Kvsrythihg new and
soliuitdd yf'Ur patrQni,s ta rpetfully
Bt ni'len. Orpjiii,
Petition for Lifjnor Llconiw.
To tbe Honorsbls Cvuntr ludxe snd Coin-
mi.ioner of Cvlumbla County , Stale
of Oregon :
We, the urn eralrned leital voters ef fleer
liland I'rerlnct, t olunibla county, Mtat. of
Orer' H. do prsy that Allen Nerlit 4 Co. !
sranted all' n-e to sell ..l.linus linunrs lit
leu quantnin than four ssl'ons In Pe.r
Island precinct Inr a eilal of one year, bo
(luniuc June lo. Mflfi. (Mitned:)
Ifnn II While Wiltlaai liid, Tia Tny..in,
Jnliu liniit, W M Touillnioa. A Ffti, c r
Ymiiiis. I'm 1.1 Ferrer, J W J. quM, Wllliaui
WlU'U. C i I'Uuaen, Hotxri ltvur., i K.
1m mm, 0 1 Kowlir, If M ruler, L (Mehutan,
Miller. A.l.rn Inu. Joeb K..ih. T II Mti hell,
Cook liSMihle. ) M rlr. K W Fowler. Henry
Bl.ke. Alkln C,,,.l.n.l. K Ut, Jha Mallltu.,
C O lltlpii J H.v.r.n. William V.n.r. MH
Ror. Jn l rnit, John MrLwid. f II Filer,
Vleior Wlwll, II Mirlim.o, H A Hull. H M
P.lemin. Anton I'ri.min. lin-rs. Dwker. rrl
Nlnnh.umer, KinlKilmaii.r. Juhnt 'lult, Virus
Turner, Willi. hi lunniw, Jsin.t K.niwttr, A
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Urator HollU, W.H.r r llav.rd, P llav.r.l.
Johu Dlo.011, frank Jon, ICnkI l.'oiir. Lul.
Br.illeir, 1; kim.icliir. K R rolsr, ChsrlM A
Unk, H Olhlner. Archie Kll.y, I. T V.nov.r,
Hw.i, Erlkaon. John Joiimob. A fowt.r, John
Culliert, H.uniel Mann, Foaiar Cool.v, A H ra
Ur. r Rlenla.i, ( B Ktl. k.on, J MeLewt. Wai.
ll.rila), J., ha Htuirp. Fisnk Jofanana, J a. II
Jaenha, Ah. Sm., Ml O IMI, Jam T.rlor.
t Kaho. K.iiDU Klchula, Thouas Kilmer.
. . ' " -:") .", ,rr
Aatawlnlairalar'e flstl.
Notice Is berebv irlven that, parsaant to
an order of the countv court Of Us alas
of Orejron for 'olumlla county, daly toade
sd entered on lit Slth day of July, A. O.
lnol, tlie nnderalirned, sdminlatralor of tbe
estatsof N. I.. Hera, deceased, will sell st
tmhlk auction to the highest bidder for rail
In hand, or for ons-half caub and tb. bU
ance on a credit of one year, the same to
secured by tnortKiifr upon tht bind sold, st
ths court house door In the town of fit,
Helens. Columbia countv, ettate'of Orrron,
pn Malurdar, May 6, A. IK im. at the
honr of i o clock D. sa. ot ssiddsv, the
fnllowinit dewrlbsif real estate belooc
itilf totlie eatala of N. I. Bert , deceased,
to-wit: The sonthweat quarter IswK) of
section number funs (4). lo towiiahluaii (6
north, ranse five ftj west of the Wlllaistette
meriilian; and also, the suutbeast quarter
o of section number tour In town
ship ( north of ran five 181 weat nf
the Willamette) meridian, all beln sJtttste
in Columbia enmity, state of Oregon, and
conislnliiK three Imudred snd twenty (.l.'ul
acres, 8Mr or less, aeeordtoif totnltsd
HUte government survey,
Administrator ol ths estats of H. L. Berf.
deceased. . , ' -i
, DaUd,t. HlM, Okjoo, March 151b,
lm ' .-.. U14
-AMD mm
C. L. COLBURN, Proprietor.
Has Beet) Thoroughly Befitted and
; Rearranged,
Only Baths in the City.
Net lee far Pwbllcatiea.
land Offloaal Oregon City, Orenn,
aiaren , issi
1SJ0TICR Is hersh
i 1 named settler
vtlv.n tbst the follnwlnf-
11.. man noiiu. ot ins laieu-
... 1 m . "- nviiu. ui ma ini.u
Ln.?.h?'"k?,,ul1 ln "pport of hU oUlm,
M (hat mm id itronf iu i.-. : " .
County Clerk ol Cohimbl. oVunu .1 EuTuSZ
"r(on, oiiMsyi, IWij, vlsi
r.ild.1,,'. ,; ' 0?.,,"u.,,i
"1 StS, " p.pV ""'
T, A.f I'f.RSnV, ,i.f.

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