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DnitedStates an! County Official Paper.
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' Advertising talc made known upon applto
Won. Ad.tren all coinrniuildtkiii to "fidhor
vrogou atiH, at, n.ieus, yrejon.
DAVIS BKO'S., I i i i i Editor!
Bt. Helen, October 1.1, 1893
Thk appalling result! of the Idle
storms in Louisiana compels one to
pause ia sober contemplation of it
wful fatality to both life and proper!)'
and ask if these repeated plagues of
storm and contagion are not a special
dispensation of providence wrought
upon the unhappy people of that
tricken land to appease divine wrath
which may have been excited by die
violation of some great law either
human on divine. These repeated
great catastrophe are certaioly not the
result of natural causes which could
have their inception only in (he nut'
nral elements peculiar to that smitten
shore. These afflicted people may be
the victims of a fatal conspiracy of
the elements, bat for whatever cause
they may be afflicted their sufferings
are certainly unusual and the loss of
life appalling. There is no way of
telling what the total loss of life biu
been, nor will the world ever have any
cenception of the cousequetit suffering
and devastation resulting from the
storm. Latest estimates place the
number of lives lost at 2000 but if
anything like an accurate account is
ever obtained it is believed that these
figures will be raised several hundred.
The accounts of the terrible sufferings
of the survivors enlists the sympa
thy of the entire world and arouses
the conviction that those who found a
grave beneath the troubled waters have
met, by far, the most merciful fate.
The few survivors of the deluged dis
tnct find themselves in the most piti
able, destitute condition possible to
imagine,and if prompt assistance is not
at hand many of them will follow their
friends across the waters which are
never tossed by angry tempests, it
has been found impossible to secure
all the bodies for burial, as many of
them are still beneath the waters and
it is greatly feared that their rapid
decomposition will breed a contagion
which will be more deadly in effect
than was the forces of the elements.
As a result of the recent anti-Chinese
agitation a number of proposi
tions have been made by those ioter
ested, soma of which will probably
result in some kind of a more or less
satisfactory settlement of this very
vexing problem. The late propeiiion
to exteud the time for registration
was made at the request of the Chi
nese Six Companies in order to give
time to ascertain as near as possible
what per cent of the Chinese now
here and unregistered is needed to
perform the work that is usually done
by Chinese laborers.- The proposition
of the Six Companies is this: There
are about 150,000 Chinese laborers now
in the country about half of whom
are, on account of anti-Chines agita
tion and other causes, continually
idle. It is the desire of the Six Com
panies that these idle men should be
deported, for several good reasons.
With a few exceptions these China
men were brought here by the Six
Companies who paid for getting them
into the country with the understand
ing that the companies were to guar
antee them a living and labor at a
certain price per day, reserving a per
cent of their wage until their passage
money was all paid. For various rea
sons thousands of the coolies have
not been able to pay their debts to the
companies and as the companies are
obliged to support them nntil they can
do so, it has been decided to make the
closest possible estimate of the num
ber that caa be kept constantly at
work and leave the superfluous ones to
the tender mercies of the Geary law.
With this end in view the Six Com
panies have aeked for an extension of
time in which to make the allotments
for each state and town or city, and
the number thus allotted will be regis
tered and remain in the- country. - AH
the others will be deported so soon as
the administration can perfect ar
rangements to that end.
South Ambbicas dispatches indicate
that the war-loving people of that
country are enjoying, to the fullest ex
tent, their abnormal propensities for
revolutions, war, bloodshed and pillage.
Brazil has lately been convulsed with
enternecive revolution on a large scale,
and the total destruction of the splen
did city of Eio Janiero, by the revolu
tionists, aud the attendant slaughter
of thousands of its inhabitants, was
only averted by the intervention of
American and European men-of-war,
which 'had been sent there to protect
the interests of subjects of those coun
tries, and which vessels threatened to
tun their guns out on Ihe victorious
rebels if the latter did not immediate
ly stop shelling the city. Just what
these people are fighting about would
be pretty hard to define and a grett
deal more difficult for anyone else to
understand, but they are probably
fighting because fighting has become
such a passion with them that if they
did not fight they could not enjoy
trood health. Several other states
down there are figlitiiiff ju' because
Brazil is, and because they do not
want to be out of fashion. If these
slates could bo brought utidur the
control of soinu civilised nation and
made to con form to its laws there could
soon be built up on the South Amer
ican continent one of the richest aod
must beautiful couutrics on earth, but
so long as these people are permitted
to govern, or more properly, misgovern
themselves, there will uevcr bo any
thing but war and rumors of war.
MOKDAY was "Chicago Day" at thf
Columbian exposition and with triu
pride and local patiiotUm, characteris
tic of the Chicago people, the day tva
made memorable at the fair by wit
nessing the largest attendance in it
history. The admissioui up to 11 :30
P. M. were 751,026, over three quarter
of a milliuu, undoubtedly the greatest
number of people over congregated in
one place. The great, spacious build
ings were filled to their greatest atpsc
ity and the surrounding grounds were
one great, throbbing, palpitating mass
of humanity. Accidents were neces
sarily numerous, and many of them
fatal. At one or two points a jam oc
curred, and despite the efforts of the
guards several women fainted and
were crushed to death. One hundred
nd twenty-five accidents were re
ported at the hospitals, a few of which
resulted fatally. Chicago never docs
anything by halves, and this is an ill
ustration of what enterprise, tact and
business ability can accomplish. The
windy city quickly jumped into tho
first city of the nation and it bus been
done by the energy of her citizens who
possess the happy faculty of knowing
how to invest a dollar to make it re
turn two or thre dollars.
Prop. Roek's free trade talk is
about on a par with the other rot he
pieaches to the misguided people
with whom he demagogues. Just how
republicans, who have become so far
lost to consciousness os to join the
peoples' party, can swallow, without
salt or seasoning. Prof. Itorfe'g free
trade demagogy, is a little indistinct.
Still, where little is expected little is
required, and certainly very lifle can
be expected of a man whose lack of
ommon intelligence would permit
him to affiliate with a party whose car-
inal principals are composed of no
belter material than is advocated by
Prof. Kork and his confiding and
deluded proselytes.
I? the South Americans could be
nd need to stop shooting each other
for a short time and employ the same
mount of energy in building up their
country that they exercise in trying
to tear it down, they could soon be
both happier and richer and Oregoti
conld have a fine market for the mill
ions of fir and cedar lumber which our
mills could produce if there could be
found a place to dispose of it.
What the people would like loknow
is not how much silver there is goinj;
to be in the silver dollar of the future ;
not how much they are going to b
worth, but how many of them is going
to be left in the treasury after the sal
aries of the present senators iu con
gress are paid.
The Editor's Dream.
I would from the city's rule and law
from its fa?hions and forms cut loojc, and
go where the strawberry grows on its straw
ana me g-wsenerry grows on its goose;
where the i-atnio tree is (linibH hv ihe rat
as she clutches for her prey, the guileless
and suspecting rat on the rattan bush at
play. 1 will watch with ease the sanhron
cow and the cowlet in their glee, as thev
leap in joy from bough to bough on too of
ruins in the wood and the dm devours
the dogwood plum in theorimitivesolitude
Oh let me drink from the mo-s-grown pump
luhi u..s mu iroin s niimr.Kto tree eat
tish and drink from a rural iiiinm nH
from the fashion free new gathered mush
from the iiiu.-i;rixru vine and mi k from
the milkweed sweet with luscious pineap
ples trora ttie vine such food as tho god-;
might eat! And then to the whitewashed
lairy I'll turn, where thedairvmaid hasten.
ng hies, her ruddy and gold-red butter to
churn from the milk of her butterflies.
And I'll rise at morn with the earliest bird
to the fragrant farmyard pass, and watch
while the farmer turns his herd of grass
hoppers out to grass.
Morphine Effects.
Morphine is curing manv thing?, and its
fatal hold is growing on those who would
despise it? more apparent use. Iiruggisio
report that they have customers for diar.
rhoea medicine who use it regularly, not
knowing, perhaps, that they are miserable
without it because of tiie effects of the
morphine itcontains. Neuralgia and tooth
ache medicine is being furnished in the
aine way, and the habitual user imagines
himself in pain when it is only the mor
phine craving. The best way is to ask the
druggist whether the medkdne he is about
to soil you contains morphine, and if he is
honest and values our re-pect, he will
likel v give you sijmotiiinge!e. The bowels
can be rogui ited without morphia and with
less permanent effect upon them ; and the
dentist is the proper person to take the
toothache to.
SCOTT. On, Haturday, October 7, 1M, at
Bt. Helens, Oregon, to the wife of M. J.
rk-ott, a son. .
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alarm '
TJsed ia Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard,
The ball given Friday night by the
citizens of Milton for the commendable
purpose of raising funds to coulinue
the school at that placs, was, notwith
standing the extreme inclemency of
the weather, largely attended and the
affair was both a social ana pecuniary
success. At an early hour socially-in
clined neighbors began gathering at
Brnddock's hall, which haa neen spec
ially prepared for the occasion, and by
9 o'clock about forty couples were In
dustriously engaged in courting Terp
sichore. The ladies of Miltou are
noted for their skill in preparing good
Uiings with which to refresh the hung
ry, and on this occasion they did their
welll-merited reputations ample justice
for when supper was announced the
tabes were found to be loaded witli
every delicacy which cullinary skill
could devise. Forty-six numbers were
sold at a dollar each, and as almost
everything was donated, the uet pro
ceeds amounted to $2.
Thf f CtTO TMr Ucaisut.
Perhaps somo of our readers would like
lu KI1UW III resci:i s- uhhV" u a
Cough Itemed? Is totter than any other.
When tliii renicdv i tnlteu as Svon as a
cold has been contracts!, and before it tins
become settled in tiie s.vAtcm, it ui coun
teract the effect of the cold and srrtily les
sen its severiiv. and it h the only remedy
that will do tliis. It acts In perteit har
inonv with nature and aids nature in ro-
lleviiift tho Innjis, opening the secretions,
lianeiyinx the miiciious and causing the
expulsion from the air cells of the lun-s
and restoring, (no system to a healthier and
and strong condition. No other remedy
in the m.irket possesses these remarkabl?
properties. No other will eiire a cold so
quickly. For sale by Kdwin Koss.
I'rane Industry and Orchard Work.
Thi is a pamphlet of 100 pa;jes, written
by T. A. Clarke, and handsomely print-d
with numerous illustrations by Posaeu S
Son, of Portland, that contains the snh
utame of manv valuable arm ies Mr.
Clark tus published for two years past in
The Oresonlan , horticulture in the North
west 'I he value of these articles Is gen
erally appreciated. Mr, Clarke haseiuleav
oretl to combine In this handsome pamph
let all tbat is known of the prune industry
the world over; its li:toiy on the Pacific
roast, reliable facts as to tbediflfrettt varie
ties of prunes and ineth.Kls of iratherine
curing and packing same fur mai kot. The
book also contains full information for or
chard work of nil kinds, spraying for all
inject pests or fungus, and is pronounced
invauuble by all fruit grower. its cist is
cents, ana we c-aii supply any who wish
it, with a copy at club rates.
A Specific for Croup.
'I consider Chamberlain's Couch Hem-
edy a epeciiie for croup. It is veiy pieas
unc to take, which i- one of the most im
nortsnt rt-mii-iirn whrre a f-mieh remedy is
Intended for me among children. 1 have
known of caes of croup where 1 know the
life of the 1 1 1 tie one w is saved by the use of
Chamberlain's Cronp Remedy." J. J. La
Grange, druggist, Avoen, Nebraska. 60
cmt Louies for sale by Edwin Koss.
Lifa tn fslx Acta.
Pabv. Sighing, crving night and dav.
winking, blinking, full of play. Boy. Kool-
:, cliootiii. aetttni; tall: growing, row
ing, playing bail. Youih. Fussing, inus
'ing o'er a tie; larking, sparking on the sly.
Manhood. Cisnng, wooing future wile;
giisliinfr. blushing, tired of life. Mrhile
lJIC -out l-IMTIIill uu;n kiiik hwihi,
driving, striving, broken health. Old Ase.
Ailing, failing day by day; the under
taker euds the play. Kdmator.
Fed ou Oregon Oats.
Nancy Hanks made her record of 2:04
while being fed on Oregon oats, ami a great
many of ihe Kite-n horsemen feed noth
ing el-e. By the war, Oregon was awarded
uie ROin nic.iai ai sue woriu s i:ur lor
best wheat and oats in the world.
An Old Soldier made Happy.
Purine mv term of sen-ice in the armv
f contracted chronic diarrhoea." sa s A.
Bending, of Halsey, Oregon. "Since then
i have ased a jrre ai deal of mcdii-ine, but
1 found ouv io.-.ii iiic that would give me
anv relief it w mid injure my stomach, un
til Oaiitterlain's Colic, Cholera, and Iliar
rlioae Kenicdy was broeght to my no'ie.
I use.-l it and ill say it ii the only riuiedy
tiiat gave me permanent relief and uu bad
results follow." For sate by E.lwiu Uoss.
County Treasurer's Office, )
Sv Helens, Or., Oct. 13, 18S3.f
.Notice is hereby given that all un
paid county warrants of said county
which have been presented and en
dorsed "Not paid for want of funds,"
up to Xov. 5, 1891, and also warrants
numbered 161$, 1733, 1734, 1735 and
1736, will be paid on presentation at
tins oflice. Interest on said warrants
will not he allowed after date of this
notice. E. M. Wharton,
Treasurer of Columbia Couty, Oregon.
Large and Showy.
Oregon has a surprisingly large and showy
fruit exhibit at the world's fair. The long
tables are made of thirty-two kinds ot na
tive Wuodx. and are admirably designed for
oi.piaying n large and v.-ry line collfction
of fruits in iars. because thev are unbroken
by columns and partitions. Cairo (III.)
i eicgrapn.
Advertised Letters.
Letters for the following-named persons
remained uncalled for in 'the posb.tlk-e at
this place, at the close of business, on the
nrst uay ot uctouer, lsw:
Brueland, T. Cooking-ham, J. W.
Crossetl, L. Danielaon, Jiels, 2.
Henlinc, A Hie. Harris, II.
tieafort, Mrs. Burt. Thompson, Xels.
Must be Bold.
Shinele mill ' complete, with drv
honse 28x40 feet. Will cut 50 M per
day. Baid mill tnuet be sold to satis
fy chattel mortgage on the game. In
quire of J. II. S wager, at his store in
st. Helens.
Fruit Trees tor Male.
Apple trees, one to thrco years old.
cheap, for chash ; $0 to ?10 tier one
hundred. Prunes and other varieties.
A. Holaday, Scnppoose, Or.
A'few full blood Khroiirmhire sheer), rams
and ewes. V. W. WKHT. Hcat.noose.
Power Wand Saws.
I will offer liberal inducements to
any one in bi. Helens who may want,
to buy a wagon saw, either new gaso
line Or steam second-hand.
J. M. Harci.ay,
512 Marqtiam lluilding, Portland.
laONMOUYH r;svr.s.
The public school commenced lttst
Monday, it has quito a large atten
dance. The seniors each have a term of
eight weeks practicing teaching in
the model school.
The rsglar work of the senior class
Was taken up in the chapel last Friday,
with Miss Crosby and Mr. Kingo,
The foot ball team of this college
has accepted a challenge from the
team of the raoitlo University, at
Forest Grove, to play a match game
somntimu in I ho near future.
The model school has two additional
grades from last year, making it have
four grades at present, which are un
der the supervision of Miss Cassavant
who was elected critic teacher of that
The Normal has onened this year
with an enrollment of 2S0 students.
There ate two out of their number
that represent Columbia county,
vii: Miss Marie Watts and Mr.
Bert West, both from Scappooss.
Frank Brown has just finishod a
new barn.
Rudolph Kcpplcr has been building
a new house.
Fred Emerson has just moved to
Hottltou .
Mrs. Ella Viniog was here las1
J. It. Sherman is having a new barn
Mr. Baker, of the Kehalem, was bete
Mrs. Walter Sweetland spent Mon
day and Tuesday with her mother,
Mrs, Corliss.
Chas. Brown came down from Bay
View Wednesday. He is now batch
ing in C. C. Brown's house.
Tho neighbors spent Monday even-
pleasantly at II. A. Corliss's singing
and catiug popcorn.
This is the weather that makes the
pedestriau bles the people who laid
the plank road from lloulton to Main
An interesting communication from
our Kenbcn correspondent, arrived too
late for puhheation this week.
X?) Diabetes.
Bngnt s U!38iisi
iRftamma'ijtt of tiio fcfad-
Uust Seditseirt ia Urine,
Burnicg Sensation, pain h '
In the B'.ek, and ail DIs
eases of the Kidneys. w
0,.R. Maanfactiirins Co,
For Salt by Edwin Ross, St, Helens, Or.
"otlfce t Aditilnlnrntor'a
Sale !
teal l'roperty
Notice is hereby trven that in pnrsnanee
of an "r-.lcr of the County Court of the
ta;eof Oregon, tor Muiinoman county,
maae on the 4th day of October, ISO, in
deceased, the undersigned, tiie adiiuumtra-
Ule luailt'l Hi iMPWiuw ill ,t . uvnu.;,
tor. with the will annexed, nf the estate of
said deceased, will stll at public auelion,
to the highest bidder, for cash, gold coin of
the United Mates of America, and subject
to eontirnintion by said County Court, ou
Saturday , the 18lh day of Koveniber,
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
at the front door of the County court house,
of Columbia countv. Oreeon. in the city of
Ht. Helens, in said county aud state, all the
ri.'ht, t t:e interest aod estate ot me said
W. J. Downey, at the time of his death.
and all the right, title and interest that the
said etatc has by operation of law or oth
erwise, acquired other than or in addition to.
that of the said W. J. Downey at the time
of bis death, in anil to all that cert im lot,
piece or parcel of land, situated, lying and
being in the county of Columbia, state of
Oregon, and particularly described as fol
lows to-wit : The southeast i of th north
east '4 of section seven (7), and the south
K of the northwest Vt and the northeast yt
of the southwest of section eight (8). in
township six (')) north, range four (4) west
of the Willamette meridian, situated in the
county of Columbia aod state of Oregon.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash, gold
coin of the United Mates, ten per cent of
the purchase money to be paid to the said
administrator on the day of sale, balance
on confirmation of said sale by the County
Court. W. A. CliKltIK,
Administrator wilh the will annexed, of the
estate of V. J. Downey, deceased. nov3
Pfatire for Publication.
Land Office at Oregon Ulty, Oregon.
October 1, IW8.
XTOTICE Is hereby given that the followiiig
i 1 named wttler has llled notice of his Inten
tion to make flnal proof In support of his claim
and that eaiu proof will be maris before the
County Cleric of Columble county, at Ht. Helens,
Oregon, on bect-mber 1st, lsw, viz:
Homestead entry No. 1K23, for the southeast V
of si'iul.vert ! and lot 7. section 6, and the
northefst i-i the northwest i and lot 1, ot
section 7. townh!n 7 noita, range 8 west.
Hi-iiHmAs ihn followincr wltnesf, to orove his
continuous re.iide.-ice upua and cultivation at
euid hind, Yi-:
Martin White, R. A. I.IUicn, H. H. cJenn awl
A.J. Uuieley, all of Qiiim-y, Columbia county.
Orcgua. nl7 KCIiEHT A. MII.LKR, Itcglntor.
"lotice of I I nut aettlement.
In the County Court of the Btate of Ore
gon, tor Columbia county.
in the matter of the estate of Charles
Jasjirs. deceased.
XOTICK i hereby given that the admin
istrator of said estate has filed his final ac
count in the above-cntiticd court, and by
virtue of an order of the Hon. Dean lilanch-
ard, judge thereof, a final hearing will be
had thereon before said court at Helens.
at the county court house, on Monday, No
vember mil, lH, at the hour ot iu o'clock
A. Jl when and where any person Inter
ested may appear and contest the same.
, f UII'I'I '1L-I1
ii. n ii ii s.r. jv,
Dated Sept. 23, 1893. Administrator, Etc.
Executrix Notice.
In the County court for the state of Ore
gon . for Columbia county.
In tie matter of the estate of Thomas
llodgkms, deceased.
Notieg in hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed executrix
of said estate by the above entitled court.
and all persons having claims against the
aid estate are hereby required to present
them with the proper vouchers, to the un
dersigned within six months from the date
of this notice, at her residence, near Quinn's
postofiiee, in said county and state.
Executrix of the last will of Thomas Hodg-
kins, dr-ccaseO,
Dated this 26th day of August, 1803.
Diabetes. 7;.
H sued out of the Circuit court of tho
state of Oregon, for the county of ''"
bia, to mcdiiected. in favor of Workman
and against Citv l.lvery and Oarrlaim Co.
et al, lor the sum of seven hundred and
eighty dollars, Willi Interest thereon at the
rale of eight per cent, from the aith day of
September. l,Si. and the further sum of
S,U.tK costs and accruing coats, I have,
thlsOlhdav of October, 1MM. duly levied
upon the following real property belonging
to the said Cilv Uvervand Carriage Co., lo
wlt: The northeast 'J of the northwest
ami the northwest of the northeast t,,
all in section number 't. township north,
of range a west of the Willamette meridian
In Columbia county .state of Oregon, con
taining 80 acres, more or less. Now, there
'ore, in ptusuance of said execution, 1 will
nn till. J lb ilv nf Nov.Miilter. 1SH. at the
hour of 10 o'clock A. M. of said day at the
court bonne door In said county and state,
oil ,,t kmIiII., no.olon nil the rhrlit. title.
claim and interest lu and to the above-described
real properly of said Olty Uverv
and Carriage Co. et al, tn the highest bid
der for cush in hand at time of sale, or so
much thereof as will satisfy said execution
. i . . . t tl A hit! 1 I.'
cosia anu accruing cosi. u. a.
novS Sherili of Columbia County, Or.
IVtltloa for Liquor Liauise.
To the Honorable County Court of Co
limihia County Htate of Oreiron.
We, the undersigned legal voters residing
In Deer Island nrecinct. Columbia county,
state of Oregon, would respectfully petition
vour hon orable bodv at its next regular
"term of court to be held In the court house
in thecitvof 8t. Helens, Oulumnia county ,
Oregon, on Wednesday. November Htli, A.
D. that a license bo granted to Wilt
ln,ii M ilUr ami Ijuiis llradlev. to sell spirit
uous, vinous and malt liquors In quantities
less than one gallon, in leer Island pre
cinct. Columbia county, state of Oregon
and that such license be Issued for the per
iod of one vrar. For all of which your lie
thinners will ever pray : Q O Januish, Fred
Monagnsn, v niter e jiaroi, J iw-uir,
M W Umdlev, It llavard, O 8 Poster. OhM
Howe, Charles A Link. J W l ord, A P Uat
aon. John I'ooeiov. II M Powler. K W Fow
ler, 8 Bowcn, John Malliiwr, P Coalcy, Joe
Ktock. J O Kin. l II Piper. Joe Lawrence.
Joe Nii-shauiiier, Jas v Naighton, John
llien. K H l-ster. P II Hwaeer. H C Itrowu
J 8evrsn, O A Wood, Win Miller, Kdward
lilack. B tlildner. Fred Aides Tom Thomp
son. John W hurrs. I, T Vauover. WiMiaiu
Vanover. Jacob Loiie.at-hcr. Mweil Kriuson
J II Marketer. Ueo tiigler. O C Fowler, J It
Cronk. J Jones. Samuel Munn. O ltoathke
J M Fowler. Oeo W Hancy, H Hlnke, F
Nusbaumer. II Stebman. P W Makinster.
JrM.MihHotli.se H.ii.ll -v. Cb Morel. K
Wasser, Jackson Need, Thomas Sander. W
O IWIIenv. I. II llcvis.Ueorge 1 lisentH-raer
John La.nntt W'llinm Ikiwd. J C Farr. U
Cross. Thomas Kinney, O W Karr, J C Farr.
C 1, Karr. M Wplnger, o K jiumnsier.
UnK, C V MaRlnster, t It Br, 1 u nnoe
maker. A Neer. Geo Neuner. Victor Furrer,
Jacob Furrer, Adolpli Hansen, Bony Reed,
Kinl Harnett, Jacob Cwingti. Frank Clark,
Wm K Clark. Kudolph Autliker. M J Cunty,
Charles Trim, (leorge Trim. Charles 8pen-
cer, J W Newels. II O (lore. J L Oray. Chas
Itiimcardner. K II Olrtv. 0 F lioadley, J
VV'uswr, H Morel, John Pieri, Christian
F. Iber, P P Kaupach. K M Collins, Oabriel
Jenny. Fred Kot el, Fred WoiHlbam, A V
IMier. I Bitmir.trdnor. J It 8ilawn. C H
Knt-li-h. K J Barnes. 8 K 8phiwn. C It
Mioiih, Daniel Pillinger, Albert Michel, C L
Wilcox, 8 K liutts. Jay Arcnitiaiu, b a
Fowler. nova
Ik the Josnci Coi'sror Bsiaita Paicisrr,
Ptitk or Oasuos, Cocsrv or Columbia
M. 3. Kittebisu & Co., Plaintiffs,
M. J. Frawiao, A. J. HAaaisroros. Pmt.i.tr
t OOVSB Altrr CHsHLFs ICIIOI.S, doing
business under the urm name of SI. J.
Fi.miso & Co., Defendants.
To M. J. Fi.rmimo. A J. Hakrimitoh. Phii
UPl OoPES AND I II Mil, K1 NlillOl.', tilt)
nlxive-name I Defendants.
Is t is SAsta or tiis stair or Onsoos,
you aid Hereby r.piireil to anpear before
liie lliiileraignnl . a pistice ot the peace, lor
toe preciocl of Itiun cr. county and state
aforesaid, on the ath day of Novemlier,
1S'X at 10 o clock in the f. rcu am of said
day. at the oilic-e of said lntii e. in said pre-
cincr. to answer the ubov-named plaintilf
i in a civil action. I he defendants will take
nones Hint 11 me, 1:111 if, nii.sner uiv Ltiiu
plaint herein, pi dntllf will lake j idgioent
.i.-.iio-.t them for the sum of oue hundred
and four dollars and l!fty-oneccrits(?!0I.M)
and interest from the liih d iv of October.
Hill, at the rate of 8 per rent per annum
until paid, together with the cost, ami dis-
; bursm ents of this aor on. Oiven under
my lunj ,,ia 6ti, aar 0 q. tohcr, MB.
t . ij l,lA.
Justice of the Peace.
County of Columbia.)
issued out of the Circuit Court of tho
State of Oregon, for the Com ty of Colum
bia, to me directed, in favor of ihe Californ
ia Powder Works, a private corporation,
and against I'. I.ouslguont and Mary l.ous
ignont, for the sum of S.'t!3.30 dollars, with
interest thereon at the rate of 8 per cent
irom the tst clay i heptetuner, ixfM, and
the further sum of fa.m costs aud accru
ing costs. I have, this fith day of October.
Wi3. duly levied upon the following real
property belonging to the rani f. i.ousig
nont and Mary Ixitlsiguont. to-wit: The
northeast of the northwest and Ihe
northwest 4 of the northeast v.. all in sec
tion No. lis, township 3 north of range 2
west of the Willamette meridian, tn Co
lumbia county, state of Oregon, contrining
80 acres, more or less. Now, therefore, in
pursuance of said execution, I will, on the
lull day of November, lHt, at the hour of
10 o'clock, A. M. of said day at tho court
house door, iu said county and state, sell
at public auction all the right, title, chum
and interest in and to the above-described
real property of said P. lousigiiont and
Mary Lousignont to the Inchest bidder for
cash in hand at time of sale or so much
thereof as will satisfy said execution, costs
and accruing costs. O. A. MAMSIE.
nov 10 Sheriff of Columbia County, Oregon.
Aclmlnlxiratrtli's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby gfven by the under
signed administratrix of the estate of Kmil
Kiedelmann. deceased, to the creditors of,
and ail persons having claims against the
said aeceeaseel, to exhibit them with the
proper vouchers within six months after
the first publication of this notice to the
aoministrntrlx at ner home at Pebble pout
oillce, Columbia county, Oretnin.
Administratrix of the estate of Kmil
bicdclmnnn. deceaned,
Dated Kept. 22nd, IH03.
Notice of Administratrix's Hale of
Itoal I-lHlatc.
NOTICE is hereby given that In nursu-
ance of an order of the Countv Court of
the Slate of Oregon, for Multnomah
county, made and entered in the mutter of
the estate of Hubert IC. Uybee, decen-cd,
on the 7th day of September, tho
undersigned, the administratrix of tho
said ent itc, will sell at nubile, auction to
tho highest bidder, for cash, Oold coin of
the united (states of America, and sub
ject to tho confirmation of the said County
Court, on Tuesday, the 17th day of Oct
ober, l.'i, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of
said day at the front door of the County
Court houe of Columbia county, State of
Oregon, in the city of Hain't Helens,
all the right, title, interest and estate
of the said Hubert IC. ltyheo at the
time of his death, nnd all the right, title
am interest the said estate has, by opera
tion of law or otherwise, a'-cpiircd other
than, and in addition to that nf the said
Kobert K. livbee nt the time of his death,
in and to nil that certain lot, piece or
parcel of land, situatst, lyiniy and l,eiii in
Ihe said County of Columbia, and Mate
of Oregon, and particularly described as
follows, to-wit: The Southwest quarter
of section sixteen (10), Township live (5)
North, of Itange Two (2) West. Terms
and Conditions of Hale: Cash, Gold coin
of the United States. Ten per cent of the
purchase money to be paid to the auction
eer on the day of the sale, balance on
continuation of the sale by the said
County Court. ELLA E. BYI1EK,
Antulidstrafrix of the Estate of Kobert
E, Bybee, deceased. sejitl5octU,
Suckle bros.
Rongli and Dressed Lumber,
-DKA1.K11H IN-
Dry GoodsGroceries,
Hay, Flour and reed.
Sr. ITaIaiui. - Oregon.
Model Saloon.
1, IT AN WOOD, rrep'r.
Choice Wines,
Liauors and Cigars. Beer 5 Cts.
Billard and Pool Tubla
ford). Jiofjommoflation of Patron
UXllUliU I s iSMilJUisvuAi)
In all its Brandies.
Crlces are very reasonable and all
Success Sure.
Address J. C. BKVMOKItK K, OrrconUn BU1(.
New York Kcstaurant.
Andkrson a Bkakev, Fropriutors.
ti. 133 first Siren,
J, George, Proprietor,
Tables always supplied with tb heitedlbles
and delicacies the market allorda,
Having been newly refurnished, we
are prepared to kIvb U:.facllon to al)
our patrons, and solicit a share ot your
Tonsorial Artist.
The old and reliable Imrber has Ills
razors jiiHt as sharp as can be found,
ii ml will shave you comfortably and
quickly foi only tiftcmi corns.
Give Him a Cull at the Old Stand.
Owing to the stringent times will do work
at Kan it-r n prices for the next ninety days.
Office at Glenn it Cox's old stand, 8. W.
corner rirst. anu tayier mreets, i'ortiund.
A Book for Every Woman.
Tlile Work Mae the Endorsement
of the Itlost Pramluent educators
on the I'ttclfic Ctiaal,
Th. Ua. VAurmA f 1U.,.1. A U T TV
, iiik i.,ivi jiviiik iiisti.uin iwr luting- (.aaiei,
Kan Krarirlseo, :allfirnla, writes:
"MY l)ta Do'j-riiii. I have inken (rreat mtl,.
fi:tlnn In rsodliiK your honk, 'Kemlna.' It la a
book that is of InraliMinhln value In tn,,il,r.
and wives; and In slew of thsgmiaral iKimmacs
nt mich mutters thai ,holiM be Ulldoiatnnil hy
them, 11 is Juki tiie book to place In their hands.
Whllo In Kpiiit it Is nclenllllc, lt luniriiiiKfi I.
easily tinilemtouri hy ths most simple, and the
most sensitive cannot be oti'i-iiflt-(.
Very Iruly, Yours, l-.lm. 11. Ciiuaco.
Agents Wanted. tiXtrj.
mate money without tonvlna their own homes,
H offers an opportunity to do niMnmry work,
fortho Work In a sale uulile in Health and
Olteuee, anil will always And piiri liasrra.
I.O eilDilal Or exnernrfl ri.rllfrn,V War rti
Instrueltons and circulars, wrrte to
School Books
Somo "Good Buys"
roa Ab .
D. J. Switzer,
8T. ItlllliENH, - UHRtlOH,
. it i i nf aitsilisii 1 mnt tm
.ontlnsaHU of the southeast M'af .retina
II and west ol the siuilhivest H of seo
ilonitl, u. nsftip 7 nurth, taunt, a west, m
aoi us, 17.1)0 per acre.
The smitbeast W of the southeoat H of
euiloit ati, townsiilp 7 north, rang H wsst,
40 acre at ') l'" B0,'l
Thenmtlmest H sectlori fl, township
ft north. raiiH X west, coiitalnlnK IU0 aorss,
1U per acre.
185 acres In section 3, township 7 north,
riuiKe a west, A one and one-half story
honse, lilx'.'.s: barn, IHxlU), with sbrda; IS
ooi-es c eared. u in p"iur, .
r .. .. i..,. ..n.u, Iniiia. i-iita ao tons
of liny.' 1'rice a,600. Teimssaay.
1(H) acres of land, house snd barn, IB
acres clear-.. " ..-".-", - - -
bearing. 1'rlce 10 psr a.tre. terms easy.
m . ,i.il,l nh. bnlance secartd
by tuorlBiige t per cent. Interest.
I'resident. Cashier,
Capital $20,000.
Transacts a reneral benktn hnslnese.
Kfcbanie bonnht and sold. Interest al
lowed on time deposit.
Hart & Sweetland,
St. Helens Meat Market
Fresh and Baited Meals, Bausajr, risu
and vegetables.
MeaU by wholesale at special rate.
Kxpreas wseiin run to all parts ol town,
and charge reasonable.
Astoria Marble Works,
j. ii. tMiiorr, rao'p.
y MASfrsCTl'KltB or sj
Marble and Granite
All Kinds of Cemetery Woiiu
foot or 01.KKY STkirr,
McMt Bro's,
The Leading Merchants
Vcrnonia and Cornelius
Write to Cornelias for Stage
Supplies for Campers and Fish
ermen. Vcrnonia and Cornelius, Or.
Souvenir Spoons a Specialty.
Special Attention to latch Rcpairinr.
Do You Drink?
ynu to II nd ths most desirable pUoe to
purchase vour ' lnvi(orator."
Keeps constantly on hand the famous
Cuban Blossom Cigars.
me niiest line nt Wine Mqnors tm
tignra tn tie round this side ol Port
land. And u you wish
engage ln . Kanie ot
They can assure you that they have the
bent tablo In town. Everything new and
solicited11 yUr ,)'"ron' ta 'ast'uUy
H Hiiluns. Oregon,

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