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Friday, August 111, 1808.
HiNviim at Wn.TM evident
mat me loweruoutmbfa Hvor cannery,
men are at war will) esuli other In .
truKRla for the largest share of the
nun 10 v oDtainea during future fish
Jug seasons. The last few day of the
ruHtun iui cioieu witnessed toine spir
ited bidding for flfh. Uoorge & Barker
offered U oenti, and IClmore 6 cants.
About 80(30 caies were shipped on the
uuiumoie msc naiuraay on the 66-oont
rate io ew xork.
Tub Wool Mauket. Dallee Oh ran.
lolo: The wool market, from all ap.
, pearanoes, is opening up, A number
of sales of small olii have been made
u fourteen cent during tho lust few
uayi, while the wool meu liave looked
for a still higher price, they are coming
to the conclusion that they expected
loo much, and are preparing to eell for
a little less than a month aao. On the
other hand, the wool market is looking
up considerably, so that the producers
una snow oi getting not lest than
piteou cents for tuoir cup.
A Bhobt Face. -The salmon pack
on the Columbia this season is esti
mated to be 110,000 eases short, owing
to the fact that many Independent
psiiermcn sold tneir tun to the cold.
storage concerns, where they received
a quarter oi a cent per pound more.
1 he last few days of the season wit
nessed lively competition among the
dinners. Jin advance of one-Quarter
of cent was first made, and soon after
one-naif cent mora was ofwtsd for flab
Taken altogether the season baa not
been a very profitable one for either
lisnermen or eannerymen. The
aou closed Wednesday,
Faki M kkchakts, The Tillamook
Herald saya: "From the way travel
ing men are selling goods on the In
stallment plan to the people of Tilla
mook county, it is quite evident that
they have forgotten all about the steel
range man. Tboee wanting pianos or
organs, or wagons, or anything else
would do much better to trade with
some one in that line of business at
home, even if they had to pay a little
more, which we very much donbt.
These travelers pay no taxes in your
county contribute notntng to the
maintenance of your schools, your
roads and bridges and county govern
mentand those who patronise them
often find that they have purchased a
liw suit as well as a "steel range."
Buy from your home dealers and you
re safe. '
Macadam Boads. -There can be
little doubt that Clatsop county needs
rock crusher for making ood roads.
The lime was, a century ago in New
England, whan they bad better roads
than Oregon ever boasted, that they
began to discover that they were be
hind the times and noeded something
belter. Bum pie miles of fine macadam
have recently been laid as an example,
and the farmers using these stretcnes
of really good road have demanded
and are getting the whole state grid
ironed with the new roads. It is on
the lima principle that the 0. B. A N.
railroad, which bad a road and has
done business over it for years, dis
covered that it was not up to the
demands of modrn commerce, and
bate just spent f 000,000 to improve
what was considered a good road. Clat
sop wants to lead in road matters and
oot rebuild after patterns lb other sec
tions of the itate, Aitorlan.
Ouk Summer Resorts. Columbia
county's popularity as a delightful
place to apeud a week or a month
away from the heat, dust, and business
of a lively city is becoming rapidly and
firmly established. Many people from
the city now seek our forests and
,, mountains for relief during the beated
period of our summers. As a matter
f tact, Columbia county oflera many
inducements to campers. Its location
is near enough the coaat to afford cool,
pleasant weather, especially in our
mountains, where numerous beautiful
treams are to be found in which trout
bound in numberlos quantities.!
Water is pure and healthy aud the
atmosphere cool and invigorating.;
North Soappooee creek, the Bunker
hill spring, Tide creek, Upper Clata
kanie, Book creek, and the Nebalem
river are places which sfford extraor
dinary attractions for campers, and
these resorts are becoming more popu
lar each year.
An Editor's Habd Lot. A melan
choly pioture of an editor's life in the
state of Oregon is drawn by the Bos
lyn (Mich.) Sentinel : "There are al
ways those who will kick. For in
stance, if you publish jokes with
whiskers on them, some will sny that
you ought to be in a lunatic joint. If
you don't print something to smile at,
they say you are a p ssimistio fossil.
If you spread yourself and write a
good, sensible artiole, they will say it
is stolen. If you reprint an article,
thev say you can't write. If you my
a deserving word for a man, you are
partial; if you compliment the ladies,
the men are jealous; and if you don't,
the verdict of the ladies is to the effect
that your paper is not fit to use in ine
construction of a bustle. If you stay
in vonr office, vou are afraid to remain
on the elreete; if you do, you are lasy.
If you look seedy, you are sqandering
your money ; u you wear gooo cioiuw,
'nn km a fluue ana aon 1 1T lur maw,
f nu nlv a social nnir of anv kind
and getstuok, you are a fish; if you
win, yeu are a un-norn, mo
through one continual round of pleas
ant cemplicalions."
About one month ago my child,
which is fifteen months old, had au
attack of diarrhoea accompanied by
vnmit.lncp. I sr&ve it such remedies as
are usually given in suoh cases, but as
nothing gave relief, we sent lore pj'
slclan and it waa under his care lot a
week. At this time the child bad been
ain f.ir ttinnt tendavsand was having
about twenty five operations, ' the
kna . imilm hnnra. and we
were convinoed that unless it oon ob
tained relief it would not life-, uuam-nnlin-
rholHr an1 Diarrhoea
Remedy waa recommended and I de
cided to try it. I soon uorfoed a change
for the better; by its continued use a
complete oure was broifcht about, and
It la now perteoiiy -
Boons, Stumptown. Oilmer county,
W. Va. For sale by Boss, druggist,
Charles Gable visits j Portland Tues
day. Mrs. J. II. (Sheldon was in Portland
Judge Doan waa
up from Balnier
last Friday,
Mr. 0. L. Olaen was op from Peer
iwauu Auesuay,
Mr. II. B. Borthwlck
Goble last Monday.
was op from
Eugene Blakestor was sightseeing in
uiuauu juouuay.
W. E. Stevens, of Laka Farm, waa
in uie ouy last eaturday.
Mrs. Frank Dow and sons are visit.
lug at ttainier this week,
I. G. Wikstrom was attending to
uusiness in rortiand luesday,
Wra. Mellineer. sr.. lalelv ofVer-
noma, is said to be in Chicago,
Mrs. Otto Kulper. of Portland, Is
vuiiing relatives in this olty this wsek,
G. W. Samoa came un from Qulnov
Tuesday and continued on to Portland
Charles Meserve now has eharce of
tbe subscription route and advert a na:
department of tbe Astoria Daily News.
Chits. Mellineer. U. M. Bet ehlev. L.
H. jriizgeraid. and Wm. riacke. of
Vernoma, were la town Tuesday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. tewthwaite.of Orecon
City, and Miss Msrr Convers. returned
from camp on North Bcappoose Tues
day afternoon.
W. A. Harris and daughter. Birdie.
expect to start Sunday for New York,
to visit relatives.
John Cooper, who has bee fishing
on the Lower Columbia for several
weeks past, returned home tbe fore
part of the week.
James Sheldon's meat wagon now
pays weekly visit to Soappooee and
Warren each Friday,
Mr. Clarence Bragg, of Castle Bock,
and Miit Htone are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. G, G. Mayger this week.
Experts who have watched the pro
gress ef the war are wondering bow a
Spaniard ever manages to oomeoff vic
torious in a ball-fight.
Terry Gilliam, well known in this
section where he has fished for several
years, is now running a fish market at
Gervais, near Salem, Orsgon.
George H, Silts, of Vernonia, made
final proof on his homestead before
the county clerk last Saturday, as also
did T. J. Frahl, of Clatskaoie.
Norman MoKay, of Bcappoose, and
Lou Fitzgerald and Wm. Flack, of
Vernonia, returned last Saturday from
the lower river fisbiug grounds.
Mrs. H. B. Cliff and children and
Mrs. A. H. George and children went
to the mountains to camp last Sunday.
They are at Dr. Cliff's place, near
Bunker bilk
Bev. G. Orovenor Haley will preach
in Houltou next Sunday, at 11 a. m.
and in St. Helens, at 8 p. m. Subject
of evening ditoouiMS "The Duty of
tbe Husband."
Mr. A. B. Little returned the Utter
part of last week from southeastern
Oregon, where be had spent several
months inspecting government sur
veys of public lands.
Tbe five-year-old-son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Stevens returned last Fri-
ay from the hospital at Portland,
where be bad been undergoing treat
ment for pnsumonia, .
Best brands of hams 1H eents; best
brands of bacon 10, 11 and 12 cents;
Union Meat Co. and Ctidahy a lard,
best Qualities, 45 and 60 cenu per 61b
pail at St. Helens Meat Market.
Henry Bumtardner and John
Tompkins, of Deer Island, were .in
town Monday afternoon. The boys
have their haying nnisbed, and report
large crop and excellent quality.
Mr. J. B. Godfrey, who some time
since took the civil service examina
tion for federal appointment, received
notice Tuesday of his rating, which is
considerably above the requisite per
Dudley Bonney, of Yankton, went
to Linnton Wednesday, where be ex
pected to purchase a horse. The can
nery at that place is well supplied with
horses now, and no doubt there is good
bargains effete.
The concert by the Somen family
was well patronised Monday night.
The family was in this city about a
year ago and gave a good ooaoert, but
their recent visit demonstrates that as
a speoialty company they have won-
fully improved.
The nublio school of this place will
begin on Monday, September 6th, with
Mr. G. A. Hall In charge of the higher
grade and Mrs. 8. S. Way in charge of
the primary department. Eighty
eiKht children drew sohool money in
this district last year, and H me at
tendance is in proportion to the num
ber drawing money, teachers will have
their bands full.
To tell Our peoble to be careful of
fire at this season, is a timely admoni
tion. A little earelessness now might
nnat na the loss of many hundred dol
Ura. The hich winds which frequently
prevail at this time of year wouiu so
add to the fury of flames that our
denartmaot would be absolutely un
able to handle a fire should one start.
We all should be oarefuL
Rnhmil Sunerlntendent Copeland, as.
sieted by Mrs. 8. 8. Way and Bev. G.
fi TTalav. are conducting the teachers
quarterly examination this week at
A , . Tl,. .nIU.nl, 1M'
ine couruuuno.
T? oia K-nnnedv. Mvrtle F. Jones, Flora
L. Vincent, Bebeooa Bingham, Viola
J. Howenttein, Mrs. Nettie King,
Elite Lenore Dunn, G. Marjorie Dor
man, 8. Curie Tiohenor, Lixsie Welle,
Daisy D. rape, May wniiney.
a Xanana man has discovered the
reason that an engine is called she,
and bis argument is that they wear a
jacket, and aprons, have shoes, hose,
and drag a train behind them ; they
have a lap, need guides, ride wheelt,
will not turn out for pedettriant, some
times foam and refute to work, they
i.i rnt men. are very contrary and it
1 always takes a man to manage thorn.
la Developing; into a Beautiful and
Prosperous Village,
The vfllff of H oijltfln. one f'ln of
st. Helens, can no longer be looked upon
i mere mburb, bat Inttead is rapidly
developing Into s beautiful little town, with
Miouroet to tuataln the olalint of her dco-
plt that it tome day will be the mttropoilt
oi Columbia county. ,
Of course, Bonltonbat notthtsdvantafc
of the river to aaaltt In har ttridet of great
ana worthy development, bat clroumitancM
deinoBttrat that progrtat Is nevertheless
Ming mad. Fscllltlts for shipping by rail,
however, art eH-thateoaldbadetlred. and
when abnolul neeeaaity demands, her peo
plt, though a little Incoavniient, lake ad
vantage of tb cheaper rates offered by tb
iteamar terries at Hi. Helms,
Tb latt tlxyearahaawltnssMdawondtr-
ful change In th town of Hoiilton, and if
tht tamt rats of progression Is maintained,
the place bids fair to rival tome of btrmort
fortunate sitter.
Houltou has advantage In one retpeot.
Tbe entir country wast of tbe placela noted
for its produetlvs qaalltles, and tht many
aewsad nsst rttldeaots built and being
built, and the in alt hornet being cleared
and developed, Indicate th trothhdnett of
all onr saylngt. Ws btllev that to b a
uott extraordinary, tlmaiy, and effective
eonclaalon on tht part of tb people tettltng
bear Honlton. Tb Ids of largt "farma"
with no land claared hat rapidly girau
plac to small bomtt well developed, and
at aeomequtno taor people find ratdsno
plac and Improvement mor substantial
and latting, adding value to surrounding
lands and liability sod wealth to tht whole
A rtcent and valuable improvamtnt no-
ttoed at Honlton la tb beautiful retldanc
of Mr. N. A. Perry, juat completed and oo
copied. There Is no mors handsome resi
dence In Columbia county. It it modern
In every respect, and, being located where
It it, tbows to splendid advantage and gives
the town a much Improved appearance. In
fact, Mr. Ferry bat beta Instrumental in
the development and building op of Honl
ton. Only a few years sgo Mr. Ferry an
te red upon his builneas career at that place,
with not tbe brtghtmt prnapect In store, bat
through eternal vigilance and th employ
ment of careful basinet metbodi ke bat
succeeded In a tnoit satisfactory degree in
eatablithlng a large, growing, and profitable
badness. His first mercantile establish
ment was primltlv, bat b now owns and
occupies a oommodioosstors-boildlng, with
every convenience.
Mr. Undley Meeker, a gentleman of en-
tsrpris and energy, has had much to do
with the development and advancement of
the oommonlty and town. Mr. Meeker's
plac lie sooth of the railroad, and tb
prim condition of everything about bis
plac indicate hi industry and progressive
plrlt. Captain Henderson, David Hen-
shew, John Lamberaou, Captain James
Cox, A. N. Clark, John Urle. O. D. QUaon
and many others hare been Instrumental
In aatlating the place to its present stage of
The village eajoya tbe convenience of a
poatofflot, express office? railroad ticket
office, a modern two-room schoolhous,
blackamlth shop, shoeahop, large hall for
public meetings, and a church edifice In
contemplation. The population of the
place and within a radius of ene mile nnas-
bers about ISO, and many new families an
constantly moving In,
A section crew, oompossd of resident of
tbe place, draw their salarlee at the office
of N. A. Ferry. The principal Industry Is
catting and marketing eordwood, which
affords employment to many of th people
of tht place and the surrounding country.
Houlton Is fait developing into a beautiful
little city.
Craelty to Antnaals.
Bince operations were resumed at th
Uunton cannery immense herds of hones
have been shipped there from the interior
tor slaughter.
It Is needless to say that these poor ani
mals were not pat aboard of the railroad
ears with a viw to their comfort while in
transit, and occasionally several were tram
pled to death.
This morning a tralnload arrived bar
orer th O. R. A N. Un, on which war
found nearly 40 dead earoaase. Thty were
of tmall horse and poniei, who lost their
Urea either through tuffocation or crushing.
Thit Incident wat reported to Chief of Polio
UoLanohlan, who will cause Humane
Officer Caswell to Investigate It In the
event be ean make a case against the ship
pers or ths corporation, It will be prosecuted
In the eourte.
The Linnton cannery finds a market for
oat of Its product in Europe, and It stands
to reason that its Interest lies la canning
nothing but pure meat Hence th com
pany will also find It advantageous to cans
Its livestock to be shipped In better condi
tion. '
Later In tbe day Human Officer Csswsll
visited th stockyard. Th scene before
him was absolutely sickening. The dead
horses had wounds of nearly every conceiv
able nature. From some of them email
oolta the entrailt were even protruding.
Among the lot he found one ytt giving a
few spasmodic kicks and that animal he put
out of misery with a platol shot.
These anlmsls, dead and alive, were
packed in the can almost as solidly as sar
dines In a box. How they managed to
breathe or to move so as to hi jure one an
other Is Inexplicable.
Tbe shipper of tbeae horses Is T. H. Mc
Carthy, of Huntington. Telegram. .
What One Man Has Done.
Tillamook Herald.
As an evidence of what Industry and per-
serverenoe, combined with good mansge
ment.may accomplish In Tillamook county,
we submit ths following intsrvlew with a
well-known dairy farmer, Mr. Frank Ely:
"'t- arrived In Tlllamaok county nine
years ago with three horses and a wagon,
and over taOO in debt. I sold ths horses
for 370 and traded of the wagon for a cow.
My wife and I went to work in a logging
oamp, and remained at it for about tw
ysara. Than I bought SO acres of land on
th Tillamook river, totitb of tht old True
man Harris plac, on South Prairie, for
which I paid (400. The land was all covered
with brush and a btavy growth of tprnoe
timber.- 1 sold th Umber to Frank Sever
ance, wh j logged It off, and I slashed and
burnt the brush and built me a box house
14x32 with an 'IV four rooms ikake roof;
mad th shaket myself. Built me a barn
48x33 out of Staff I split myself. Did not
work out much alter ths third year I was
here. I began to eell butter when I had
only one eow. By the fourth year I had
four cows snd they brought tue In 300.20.
I alio raised berries and potatoes for mar
kat, and told some hay, calves, aad hogs.
In seven years I had paid all my debta and
bad $000 In the bank. With that 1 bought
21 acret off the Trueman Earrls place
which joined me on the north, going over
300 fn debt for It. I then built aie a new
house on the land I last bought, which has
cost me nearly $300 thus far. It Isn't quite
finished yet, bat soon will be. I now her
17 head of cattle, a good team of horses, a
wagon, a carriage, and hay enough to last
ma two years.
"I ascribe my success to hard work and
square dealing and minding my own busi
ness. .
On tht Srd day of August, 1808. the eltl-
sens of Mint and vicinity were startled by
ths Intelligence of the very sudden death of
Mrs. Matilda Lint, at tht age of (7 yean,
0 months, and fourteen days, fine had pre
pared breskfatt, and no unusual complaint
wat made until within one hour before tbe
fatal ehange, which wat probably from
heart failure. A dispatch brought her son,
Newton, from hit home in Washington on
the asms svenlng. On ths morning of tht
Stb, the large number of persons who gath
ered at Mist to attend tbe funeral told tbe
high esteem In which ths wss held. At 10
a, m. the funeral procession starttd from
Mist to tb cemetery near Flthbawk, at
which plac quit an addition swelled the
number in attendance. Tbe sermon was
preached .from John xl, 20: 0. While all
sought to comfort the bereaved husband
and the attending relatives, no condolence
could stay the unbidden tears. Nor do we
think God would have It otherwise. He
has not planted tender affections here and
bidden na be Stoics. When the treasures
be has lent us are suddenly removed, and
the strongest cords that bind heart to heart
are strained by the parting, be would not
have us aeny that we are wounded. AL
though to tbe bereaved "Tbe earth seam
lonesome" and It has certainly lost, we con
fidently believe that another soul entered
tbe portals of glory and Joined tbe number
of whom It la written These are they thst
have come out ef great tribulation," for
early had the learned tbe mood "That 'tie
woman't highest glory to be good." Ths
victory Is all ths more glorious by being
gained In tb wildamait. No lively Chris
tian church with Babbatb devotion ano-
eored her in the conflict, and with peculiar
significance can she bow say: "Thank b
unto Ood whoglveth as tbsvlotory through
Jesus Christ our Lord." To her, Ood has
truly said: "Well done, thou good and
faithful." Reader can he say tblste you T
Remember he cannot lie. Anon.
Jotted tbe Benedict.
Keeler H. Qabbert, the Oregon City cor
respondent of Th Telegram, became a
benedict last Wednesday. On that day he
wended M 1st Estella, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. L. B. Rowland, of Kuccne, at the resi
dence of tbe bride's parents. Mr. snd Mrs.
Qabbert have the bet wishes of many
friends. They will mat their home in
Oregon City. :
fMr. Gaboert Is well known at this place,
having been employed on this paper several
years ego. Ko.
Tbe Beet Benaeelr riax.
Mr. John Mathias, a well known stock
dealer of Pulaski, Ky., saya: "After Buf
fering for over a weak with flux, and my
physician having failed to relieve me, I
was advised to try Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Keinedy, and have
the pleasure of stating that tbe half of one
bottle cured me." For sale by Dr. E. Boas.
Tar ennstinatioa take Karl's Clover Root
Tea, the great blood purifier. Cures head
ache, nervousness, eruptions on the face,
and makes the head clear as a bell. Sold
by Dr. Edwin Kost,
Catarrh Cored. A clear bead and sweet
breath secured with Hhiloh's Catarrh lem
edy, sold on a guarantee. Nasal injector
free, bold by Dr. Edwin Boss.
Cnra that couth with Bbiloh's Core. The
best Cough Cure. Relieves oroup promptly.
One million bottles sold last year. 40 doses
for 26 eents. Bold by Dr. Edwin Ross.
Earl's Clover Root Tea. for consumption
it's the beat and if after using it yon don't
say so, return the package and get your
money, ooiu ov t, ou jmxm.
What Or. A. IS. aalter Saya.
Bonn. N. v. Gents s From mr Per
sonal knowledge, gained in observing the
effect of your Shiioh'e Cure In cases of ad
vanced Consumption, I am prepared to say
it is the moat remarkable Remedy that has
ever been brought to my attention. It has
certainly saved many from Consumption.
Sold by Dr. Edwin Boss.
The White Collar Steamer Line will
sell round trip tickets for the prioe of
one single fare from any point on tbe
Columbia river to Astoria and return
during the Astoria regatta. Tickets
sold on August 18, 19, 20, SI, 22, 23.
Parties buying- tickets must go tbe day
after hnnrht. but can return ID to
August 24tb inclusive. This wiU en
able all parties living aiong tne Colum
bia river to take In tbe regatta at As
toria. The committee having the
regatta ia charge promise a perform
ance the like of which never was.
These tickets are interchangeable with
all boat.
TheBev.W.B. Costley, of Stock
bridge, Ua,, while attending to bia pas
toral dutiea at Kllenwood, that state,
was attacked by cholera morbus. He
aava Bv chance I haDnened to (tet
hold of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
I think it was the means of saving my
life. It relieved me at once." For tale
by Dr. E. Boss, druggist
Walk ine cave, so named last week
for the discoverer, Frank Watkins, is
situated in Pine Hollow, thirty-five
nilu frnm Morn. The dieoovarer and
Art Barnum entered it and tonnd the
first room as cold as ice. about A 20-
foot ceiling, 12x12. They bad ao ap
pliances for definite observations, but
from what waa seen and felt they are
quite sure that an abundance of ice
may be secured there.
Unt J
i t . i
IMt mom en.,
txnn Oric t Obwoh Citt, Oa,
Aiigut l. iwn.
1 V fuUowInit-iiamtHl settlsr hs ftlad notice of
tils intention Ionian mm! prwi la su.rtof
ti( th, hmh r,rnnf will he muki be
fore the county clerk ot Columbia county at sc.
Moue. Oratfun, on tepteinuer U, UMI, via:
Somtead Entry Ko. 10,277, for the southeast
of southeast V of suction 12, township 7,
north, muge 4 west.
Ha names the following witnesses to prore
kls continuous nsideaue upon, and cultivation
Of said land, is: (!. O. Llodahl, of ClatDKsille,
Orexon, O. B. Wonderely, J, W. Pugb, anil John
Alviu, olCelena, Oregon.
Usi3 CHAM, U. ttOOBBS, Begleter.
Laud Omca at Ousooa City, o
July la. lHM.
followlnar-nained settler has filed notice ol
bis Intention to make Mual proof In support of
bis claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the county clerk of Columbia eonnty, st Bt.
Heleus, Oregon, on August au, lxiiii, vis:
Homestead Entry No. 9ftS2, for the nw of see
Uiiii 84, townhip t north, ramie west.
Me Dime the following wltiienaes to prore his
oontlnuous residence uion, aud cultivation of
said land, Tls: K. 8. Hattaa, of Bt. Helens,
Orexon, Henry Moulton and A. K. Thomas, of
Mist. Oregon, and T. A. Smith, of Clatskante,
Oregon. CHAJ9. B. MOOKKS, iteglster.
Lako Omca at ObsooM Citt, Ob.,
July 14, 188.
following-named settler has filed nottoe of
her intention to make flua! proof In support of
herelaim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the ReKlster and Receiver, at Oregon City,
Oregon, September 1, UMS, vis:
Formerly Emily 1. Shoonover,
Homestead Entry No. ma, for th southwest
ot section 10, townehlp 4 north, raji'e west.
She naeies the following- witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, vis: Elmer E. Miekerson, 8. If.
Ballard, John O. Prlngl and A, . Adams, all
of Vernonia. Oregon.
j22atf CUAS. B. KOOBKS, Begurter.
Laud Omca at Obboo City, Oai,
July M, iSM.
following-iuuned settler has filed notice of
bis Intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said Drool will be made be
fore the Relster aud Receiver, at Oregoa City,
Oregon, on September 1, lSisi, vis:
Homestead Bntnr No. SS28. for the west M of
northwest of section 2, and northeast 54 of
northeast of section, township north, rauge
4 west.
lie names the foThrwtna' witnesses to more
hie continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of said land, vis: it. H. Mitchell, B. P. Bal-
tara, jonn u. mugi ana a. '. Aoama, au oi
Vernonia. Oreaon.
H CUAS. B. MOOBX3, Register.
Department of the Interior.
umieu elates taaa umes.
Ore tron City. Oreiton. Jnne W, MM.
Iuk been filed In this office by Oeorge t.
Smith, contestant, aa-alnst homestead entry No.
SHOT, made June 11, tm. for 4i of section 11,
townsnip norm, range e west, ny wniwn
bruKKoman, eontestee, in which It la sllered
that: the said Constant Brug.rf&a hut t--.--!l
abandoned the same, said parties are hereby
notified to appear, respond snd offer evidence
touching said allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on
August 23. lw.m. before the Beglster aud Re
ceiver at the United States land office In Oregon
City, Oregon. The said contestant having, In a
roper amaavit, niea june ti, jnw. set roria
facts which show that after due dilligence, per
sonal service of this notice cannot be made, ft
Is hereby ordered and directed that such notice
be given by due and proper publication.
JtfalS WM. GALLOWAY, Koeelver.
SUMMONS. ,.,r.
Ia tbe Circuit Court for Columbia County,
Iltnnie Mitchell, plaintiff, VS. Lexington
Mitchell, defendant.
To Lexington Mitchell, defendant.
Ormmn: Yoa are hereby rorjuired to
appear and answer the complaint filed
against you in the above-entitled suit by
the first Tuesday after the second Monday
in October, and if you fail so to ans
wer, forwent tnereoi ine piainun win ap
Bly to tbe court tor uie reuei aemanaea in
le complaint, via: For a decree lor ever
divorcing her from the defendant.
This summons ia published inTBiOss
oon Mist by order of the Hon. T. A. Mo-
uride, luage or we aoove-eaiiuea court,
made July 18, lm.
Bd. j)sr.piirr..riAJ.iij
jXsl Attorneys for flaintifr.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon
uruoiumuta wuutj. .
Ia the matter of tbe estate I
Joho Elmore, deceased. I
To all th heirs and devisee of John El
more, deceased, known and unknown, and
to ail persons interested in tne aata esiai.
Oregon, you and eaca of yon are here
by commanded to be and appear before tbe
Hon. County Court of the Stata of Oregoa
in and for the Coonty of Columbia, at the
Courthouse in 8t. Helens. Oregon, on Mon
day, the 5th day of September, A. D., 18a8,
at 1 o oiocse p. m os sua aay, Doing ins
regular terra, to show cause, if any exist,
why an order of sale of ail the real estate
belonging to aaid estate should not be made
aa nraved for in th Dctitica on file in said
Court, aaid real property being described as
follows, to-wit: The southeast quarter of
section 34, lownsntp norm, range o wm
of the Willamette Meridian in Columbia
oouaty, in the Stata of Oregon, and eon-
uurimg iw acre.
In uutiuionr whereof. I. J. G. watts.
clerk of ths County court aforesaid, do here
unto set my band and affix tne seal oi saia
Court at my olHce in the City of Bt. Helene,
Oregon, this JUrth day of July, A.D., im.
. . U. n A 1 1 9, vouniy ura.
By W. A. HABBia, Deputy.
In the Cfreoit Oonrt of th 8tate of Oregon
for Col am bia County-
Hiss Emma H. Steaberx, plain tiff
John 0. Mania, Annie Hants, -
Sadie Hants, Time Mania,
Carl Mants, M. Hendricks.
Alphia Adams, and Ethel
Hendricks, defendants.
To John O. Mants, Annie Hants, Sadie
Mania, Ttllla slants, uari Hantx, ana si,
Uendrteks, of the above-named defend-
X hereby required to appear and answer
the eompaint filed against you in the above
entitled suit by the first day ot the next
term ot the above-entitled Court following
the expiration of the time prescribed in the
Oruer ror puouuauun w urn auwnwuv,
. - 1 ' : 1 1 t T 1 ,KA ataAtl.
WUtCR u J wiu vm iw V w , "u ...
day of October, 1888, aad it yon fail so to
annaar nr answer aaid oomnlaint on or be
fore said day for want thereof, the plaintiff
wilt apply to aata tonn tor un reuet air
minded in her complaint.
The relief demanded in plaintiff's com
plaint is that the enorijrag held and owned
i har nmn the foilowiiis described real
. .. . .l 1.. ,k.nnt. Af nnlM.
bia and Stat of Oregon, to-wit: tb Bouth
weat quarter of Section four (4), ia Town
ship three (3) North, Range two2) West of
tbe Willamette Meridian, containing 100
k. InntlAMH anil th aftilt nrMiniafta
be sold to aatiafy the mortgage debt due
plaintiff secured by said mortftage, to-wit:
The tarn of S-i00.0O. together with latereat
on tbe same at the rat of 10 Per cent per
annum since the 18th day ef August, 1897,
also a reasonable attorney's fee end the
cests and disbasements of this suit, and
that you and earn of yon, and all persons
claiiutn or to claim bv. through, or under
yon or either of you subsequent to the com
mencement of this sail, be barred and for
ever foreclosed of all right, claim, equity of
redemption, or other interest in or to said
real property, and such other aud further
reuei as to lue uuurt ujsj pcl mm stuu
This Bnmmon la rmblished bv an order
of Hon. T. A. Mo Bride, Judge of the above.
entitled (Jourt, made August ath, 1K.
ali23 Attorneys for I'laintiff.
I v iviw i i &. vv
rrrcHEK's castoria," as
-BY . m
me onamawr oj "uasiukia," the sama
has borne and does now hat on ever A
the facsimile signature of wrajppcn
This is the original "CASTORIA" which has leen used in
m ......
ine nomes of tne Mothers of America for over thirty years:
LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it h
the kind you have always bought on the
and has the signature of GSt&rM&k wren-
per. No one has authority
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. R Fletcher is PresiiiM. i
rV-; ' : Do Not Bo Deceived'':' :-, ,r .
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting
a cheap substitute Tvhich some druggist may offer you
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in-,
greaienis oi wnicn even
"Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought
Insist ca Having
Tho" Kind That ITevcr Failed Yen.
Vwf rfmm ewaipwarv, TT
Ktpa tvlwnyi mi harri kinnl ot
r . i i ; Btaple and fsuey fcTo-erie axud i
Bv-si - pmvisiontf, fiirm proiuti, tropical
rOT YOUr : And domestic frafu In mmmoii, fln : UTOCCriCS,
- t3Mnd eolfeot, tOiiox) and cine. - -.,.,-;-
, ; A flnfi line of eonfee turnery .m in :
stock mttA f 4WirttB0iler pctodtUb
J nna,e-r rran itv lunmiMeTorrr r"V uri rfci? nr
Dr. EDWIN ROSS, Proprietor.
Patent Medicines, Fancy Toilet Articles.
Carefully and Accur
ately Compounded....
rialn Street,
Dtaltn in.
Main Street, -
Oim aofl twenty aerea, rnUe
from county freat: 40 aori la cultivation; I
mile from sobooltiouni oo Columbia rivr;
prloa Ji 00 per acre.
One hundred and twnty acres; rood or
ohard; 80 anres goarxl swale laud; all land ia
I mlie from aehool house; H utU
from railroad tfation; 1 mil froua tiuawatar;
good e&auoa lor oordwood.
Timber claim ; SOaeres: elmatedat4,ono,
000 feet ol tlinlxr; aeeessabltt to loggiug
stream i prioe a HO.
Timber eialm; 160 seres; over 8,090.000 feet;
For farther information call on or address:
Main Street. -
aM at aat tst
our trademark.
of Hyannis, Massachii
at aa, - - tm
from me to use mv name exnnv.t I
as aoes not Know.
mwka sisur, acw nw rr.
A Jto '
Complete Line cf.
Drafts' Snnirlcs
School Books...
School Supplies
St. Helena, Oregon. j;
Choice Groceri
Always on hand. Plonr, irraln, and feed. Tobacco and
eigan, and suiokera' articles, notions, eta.
...Dry Goods...
Includlnf a funeral anmrtment of cloth fnff, fnrninhlngft,
aud dnwft goodK. Aim) a &m Hue of toot aud alicxjn.
. St. Helens, Oregon.
Ten aerea on Milton ereek. H mlla
school; 8-room house, bam, omliomwa.
smmi orouaixi; aaurea in ouuivauou;
$100 M.
ElKbtr aomB. mllefl from county
sU lftvel and timber slawiierf: U. rime
hi lr-
echoolhouias;oufloimfiyr(u(l; wtll wil
or'itaoi- tmeiit; prit I'UO per aoiu
c&hii aoa oamune ou
One hundred and tweritr acros ol Umber
land iu isli.tl west; price w (M,
81k hondml snd forty er.i of timber
land tp 4 a, r '1 west; pritie 5- M per sera.
- St. II

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