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The But Tim.
No autumn or winter is so gox! bat
hiflv be bad for rheumatism. The
Worst time for It Is the best time to
bur anil me St. Jaooba Oil to Ouro it,
bovMutio it euros promptly.
Pockot tutors attached to the end of
IS or SO inches of rubber tubing are re
oh nt valuable addition to the tourist's
outfit. The biker addicted to the
'century" habit or the camper ia now
protected against insects when drinking
from a mountain spring or wayside
brook. No danger of imbibing snakes
except iu the time-honored road
house way.
Pure Blood .
Good Digestion
These are the essentials of health. Hood's
Barsaparilla Is the great blood purifier and
stomach tonio. It promptly expels the
impurities which cause pimples, sores and
eruptions and by giving healthy action to
the stomach and digestive organ it keeps
the system in perfect order.
Mood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine, SI; six for (&.
Prepared only by 0. 1 Hood A Co., Lowell, Mass,
Hood's) Pllla wire Blk Headache. 26o.
' Ark-Like Weather.
"Talking abont lainy weather," said
the Westerner, "I remember one out
in Indianapolis meeting a farmer who
took the most cheerful tiew of damp
noes of anybody I ever saw. I asked
him if they bad bad much rain down
on the Wabash that spring. 'Well, it
baa been a little damp, he answered.
'The day beloie I left borne I bad to
hang ap 84 of my ducks. Tbey bad
got so water-soaked that tbey couldn't
swim any longer. I planted my corn
in two feet of water, and I don't expect
orer 80 bushels to the acre. . Why,
wheat is looking pretty well but the
'sturgeon and catfish bave damaged it
" 'There was about 15 minutes of
sunshine one day, and I thought 1
would plant my potatoes, so I loaded
them on scow and anchored the scow
In three feet of water, when it began
to lain again. I wanted to go down on
the bottom lamia next tbe Wabash to
see It the- grass was growing lor my
bay crop, but my wife said that as ws
didn't hava any diving-bell she'd
rather I wouldn't
: " 'I should feel kind of discouraged
with all the rain, but I've spent my
odd hours of leisure time and tbe even
ones, too, on account of staying in out
of the wet building as an arte If it
will only rain another week or two un
til I get ber all ready to sail, I'm going
to take my family out to Missouri by
water for a trip to visit our folks that
moved off out there because they didn't
know enough to stay in a place) where
they were comfortable.' "St. Louis
Try Beaming's Beat tea and baking; powder.
Tbe Metal Works, a trade paper, says
that 41 tin-plate manufacturing estab
lishments in tbe United States,with an
aggregate of 250 tin mills, turned out
in the six months ended June 80, 1898,
414,116,498 pounds, or 184,878 tons of
black plate for tinning and 859,468,301
pounds, or 160,477 tons, of finished tin
plate. ; " 'v: ' - .
An African fat, used for domestic
purposes, ia the soil of a species of
beetle. It resembles hardened oocoa
DUt OiL, , ' ' .; i,
A woman of Belfast, Me., pawned
ber beat bonnet in order to obtain
money to pay the license tax on her pet
dog. - y': ' ' .
There ate 10,000 camels at work in
' ' ' '.'
Unqualified Baooeaa " of Lydla El
plnkham'a Vegetable OompounoV'
1 ,
Mrs. Euzabktb Wbeixock, Magna
11a, Iowa, In the following; letter de
scribes ber recovery from a very crltl
cal condition i
. " Deab Mrs. Pifrsnaif I bave been
taking your Vegetable Compound, and
am now ready to sound
lta praises. II
has dona .won
ders for me in
relieving; me
of a tumor. -"My
baa been poor
for three years.
Change of life
was working
'''VPft much Wolted
and was Dur-
den to myself. Was troubled with
smothering spells, also palpitation of
the heart and that bearing-down feel.
Ing, and could not be on my feet much.
" I was growing worse ail tbe time,
until I took your medicine.
"After taking three boxes of tydls,
E. Plnkham's Vegetable- Compound
Lozenges, the tumor passed from me.
.' "My health has been better ever
since, can now walk quite a distance
and am troubled no more with palpita
tion of the heart or bloating. I rec
ommend your medicine to all sufferers
from female-troubles." '' '
It is hardly reasonable to suppose
that any one can doubt the efficiency
of Mrs. Pinkbam's methods and medi
cine in the face of the tremendous vol
ume of testimony. .... .
Ii yon made a borne
prior to
lOT less
you are entitled to an additional entry.
which It assignable and worth something.
Widows and minor orphana of deceased sol
rilersheve same right. I will boy it. Bo not
VMtt postage unless you made an original
entry as stated above.
, JjfltK COLLINS, Helena, Montana.
Buy - Direct -JOSHST
And save middleman's profits. Hen's line talk
or-made ults,t3.A6 to $14. Fit guaranteed. Cata
logue, aamples, self-measurement blanks, etc.,
mailed tree. Address J. LAN MOAN, McKay
building, Portland, Or. Meution this paper
. . , Bend for Catalogue.
, r" f Aft Ale Market St.
a If...i M, lu fnaiilicsi
is O'.ii. Use I
arf 'W H
I 9 , .
Iteuia of General Interest Oleaneal
From tha Thrlviuc 1'aolSo
The ministers of Spokane are gen
erally of the opinion that there should
be but one legal ground for divorce.
The now sawmill of the Equality
Colony, near Ellison, Wash., is com
pleted and paiil for. its daily capacity
ia 10,000 feet. 1
The shipments from Coulee City,
Wash., last week amounted to S3 cars
of cattle, containing nearly 1,800 bead,
and representing (13.000.
The Indians who bave been causing
trouble are getting out of Grant coun
ty, Oregon, as fast as possible, and no
further trouble ia expected.
According to the financial statement
oi Coos county, Oiegon, tbe 8 per cout
reduction in the legal rato of interest
will mean a yearly saving of something
over $1,800. , , ,
Q. G oner son, of Melbourne, end one
of the largest timber importora of Aus
tralia, is vnsitlng tbe Northwest arrang
ing for the pnrobase of several cargoes
of fir lumber.
Isaao W. Garrett, ex-secretary of
state of Idaho, and a pioneer of Ore
gon, died at Bo 180. Mr. Garrett had
suffered from a complication of troubles
for about a year.
The Grand Ronde Lumber Company.
of La Grande, has just closed large con
tracts with different southern California
fruit associations for, very large quanti
ties of orange and other fruit boxes.
The receiver of the Bank of Everett,
which failed early in the panio, has
made his anal report to the oourt, and
an order has been made directing the
remaining assets to be sold at auction
The Pacific sheet metal works at New
Whatcom started np again last week
with half a crew, after having been
shut down for about a month. This
means the employment of about 60 or
60 persons, and is welcome news to a
large number ofpeople.
The discovery has been made that
some miscreant has defaced the two 64
ton guns that are waiting to be plaoed
in position at Marrowatono point, in
Puget sound, by cutting names on the
steel barrels with soap and acid. Sus
picion rests on discharged workmen.
The Imperial Paste Company has
been organized at Great Falls, Mont.,
for the purpose of manufacturing
maoaroni to supply the trade of that
and adjonining states. The output of
the factory is 600 pounds daily. They
have orders ahead for three months'
The receiver of the defunct Spokane
Savings bank has been authorized by
the eonrt to pay a dividend of 1 per cent
nn the outstanding olaims againBt the
institution. This will make a total of
63 per cent paid by the bank. The
total indebtedness of the bank amounts
to 1100,409.64.
Tbe Golden Giant dredger, now be
ing rapidly poshed to completion at
Lannan's spur, below the mouth of
Burnt river, will be. ready to operate
on December, 1.. Its capacity Is 2.000
cubic yards per day, and it is to be
operated on 160 actes which are report
ed good for 60 cents per cubio yard. '.
Tbe Itepnbllo Mining Company of
Eastern Washington baa just declared
another dividend amounting to $30,
OOOwhlch is at the rate of t cents per
share. This is the second monthly
dividend paid by the company of like
amount, and there is every assurance
that the dividends will continue at this
rate every month, although the mill is
not running at its full capacity.
Kevei before was grass so scarce on
the Gilliam county range as now.
Even in pastures where the old bnnob
grass is abundant, the grass Is so devoid
of nutriment from long-continued
drought that stock are losing flesh on
it. Several sheepmen have commenced
feeding hay already, and wise sheepmen
and cattlemen are reducing their flocks
ust now, while the pirca is good.
The contract to cut 6,000,000 feet oi
lumber and 175,000 ties has been
secured by Mcpherson Bros. & Stout,
of Brooklyn, B. C This contract is
with the Columbia & Western railway,
whioh will use the lumber on its Rob-
Inson-Pent Icon branch. This firm con
templates removing their mill to Glad
stone, where a fine body of timber
exists. -
John Holmes, of Wellington, New
Zealand, was recently in Vancouver,
C, as a commissioner from the gov-
eminent of the island on a mission to
Ond new fields for the hemp trade of
Mew Zealand, which last year pro
duced 22,000 tons. Mr. Holmes says
this eon ii try offers a fine opening for
trade in shirts, shoes, cottons, house
hold furniture, oanned salmon and agri
cultural implements.
Five mourning tribes assembled at
the Puyallup reservation Sunday to
pay the but honors to tbe royal infant,
Reed Leech i, who died last, week, and
who was the 8-months-old son of
George Leshi, chief of the Puyallup
tribe, and bis death Is mourned as the
removal of a possible leader of the peo
ple, there being but one living heir
now left Leschi's uncle was the leader
ef the war against the whites in the
early days, for wbioh he lost his life.
In compliance with the request of
tbe Philadelphia board of trade, which
was addressed to the several chambers
of commerce in Pacific coast cities, the
Los Angeles ohamber of commerce last
week passed resolutions urging congress
to take needed action to restore to the
United States the ocean-carrying trade
in vessels sailing undet tbe American
flag, and also urging the press of the
coast to lend its powerful aid to the
success of this great national under
taking, and to. cooperate with local
commercial organizations.
' Reliable authorities place the ralue
of the Washington fruit crop at about
$4,000,000. , The . prune crop was
gathcre 1 and evaporated in good condi
tion, and about 76 per cent will grade
40s to 60s, which is considered excel
lent for sizo. The apple orop west of
the Cascades has colored up well, and
is almost entirely free, from scab and
other blemishes. Wbere the culture
was thorough in the eastern part of tbe
state, the per cent of apples affected by
the codlin moth is small. Eastern
fruit merchants are applying to the Pa
cific Morthwest apple-growers for fruit
this seasvn.
oatM Market. ' '
( Tomatoes, B0'R5o per box.
Cucumbers. 10 loo pot doa.
' Onions, 86 C"? 0o per 100 pounds,
Potatoes. 1019.
Boats, per sack, $1.
Turnips, pr sack. 60 68a,
: Carrots, per saok, 60c
' Parsnips, per sack, $1.
Beans, green, SfttBo.
Green corn, $1.26 1.60 per saok.
' Cauliflower, 75a per doa.
Celery, 4060o.
Cabbage, native and Calitoro'
$1.26551. 60 per 100 pounds.
Apples, 600(9660 per box.
Pears, 76c $l per box.
Prunes, 60o per box. '
' Peaches, 7 60.
Plums, 60o.
ButterCreamery, !7o per pound
dairy and ranch, IS ZOO per pound.
Efegs, 80c.
Cheese Native, 13 12 K
Poultry Old btns, 180 per pound;
spring chio&eos, I4r, turKoys, icq.
Froth moats Choice dressed beef
stoers, prime, 6Ka?oi cows, iprlme,'
tc mutton, 7Hn W Too; veal,
T8o. . ,;
Wheat Feed wheat, $192v
Oats CTioibe, pur ton, $22&2.
Hay Puget Sound mixed, $9.60(1
10; choloe Eastern Washington tim
othy. $13.
Corn Whole. $23.60; cracked, $34;
food meal. $33.60.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$3426; whole, $33.
Flout Patent, per barrel, $3.60
straights, $3.23; California brands,
$3.26; buckwheat flour, $3.76; graham,
per barrel, $3.70; whole wheat flour,
$3. 76; rye flour, $4.
( MilletuffB Bran, per ton, $14;
shorts, per ton, $lfl.
, Feed Chopped feed, $1721 pet
ton; middlings, per ton, $17; oil Oaks
meal, per ton, $36.
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla,. 61ct
ley and Bines tem, C9o per bushel.
Flour Best' grades, $3.46; graham,
$3; superfine, $3.26 per barrel. . .
OattH-Cholce white, 89(3 40c; choice
gray, 8738o per bushel.
Barlev Feed barley, $21 22; brew
ing, ii per ton.
Millatuffs-Bran, $15.60 per ton; mid
dlings, $21; shorts, $16; chop, $15.80
per ton.
Hav Timothy. $89; clover. $7
8; Oregon wild hay, $8 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 6055o;
seconds, 4046o; dairy, 40346o store,
8035o. r
Cheese Oregon full cream, ll12o;
Young America, 12ioi new cheese,
10c per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3. 60 8
per dozen; hens, $3.00(88.80; springs,
$1.25 8; geese, $3.00 6.00 for old.
$4. 60 5 for young; ducks. $4.00(3
6.00 per dozen; turkeys, live, 13
12)iC per pound.
Potatoes 45 (3 65c per sack; sweets,
2cjper pounn.
Vegetables Beets, 80c; turnips, 76fl
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, $11.25 per 100 pounds; cauli
flower, 76o per dozen; parsnips, 76a
per sack; beans, 80 per pound; celery,
70 (3 75o per dozen; cucumbers, 60c pet
box; peas, 8(g3 o per pound.
Onions Oregon, 75o$l per sack.
Hops 1017e; 1897 crop, 67o.
Wool Valley, 10312o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 8(3 12c; mohair,
25c per pound. , ;; , , . ,
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, 8 UO; dressed mutton. 7c; '
spring lambs, 7c per lb. .
Hoga Gross, choice heavy, $4,781
light and feeders. $3.00(4.00; dressed,
$5.50(18.60 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, 8.50(33.75;
cows, 12. 60 3. 00; dressed beef.
66to per pound
Veal Large. 6o; smalL 6a
7e per pound.
Ban FranoiMo Harks.
Wool Spring Nevada, 10 (3 14c per
pound; Oregon, Eastern, I012o; Val
ley, 15(8 17c; Northern, 9llo.
Millstuffs Middlings, $1721.00;
bran, $15. 00g 18.00 per ton. :
Onions Yellow, 8040c per sack.
Butter Fancy creamery,: 24c;
do seconds, 22dc23; fancy dairy, 3i&
22c; do seconds, 20 (3 24c per pound.
Eggs Store, 1822c; fancy ranch,
Citrus Fruit Oranges, Valencia, $3
2.60; Mexican limes, $6.S0; Caii,
fornia lemons. $2.00 . 800; do ohoioe-
$3. 50 4. 80; per box.
The Detroit steel and spring works Ci
the Detroit Steel & Spring Company
are being operated 34 hours a day
The Pennsylvania tube works of Pitts
burg, Pa., have an order from the
Standard Oil Company for 40 miles oi
eight-Inch pipe.
Experiments made in Paris show
that an electrio wagon costs 47 per cent
lesss to run than a horse wagon and 83
per cent lees to run than a petroleum
Coventry is the center of the British
cycle industry. Compared with this
time last year the firms there are said
to be employing about 4,000 fewer per
sons, while thousands of employes are
now working only 80 hours weekly.
The xtoithern Pacific railway sbopl
at South Tacoma have practically sus
pended tbe Duildini of the 800 flat-cars.
Two hundred of the cars were finished,
and then it became impossible to get
enough material to complete the others.
Houston is tbe only interior cotton
market in the world that ever received
,85,000 bales of cotton In one day.
pixty per cent of tbe Texas crop will
pass through Houston this season and
the total gross receipts at this point are
expected to exceed 3,000,000 bales.
' American manufacturers wishing to
send goods, into Turkey in Asia are
warned by the consuls that their circu
lars and letters must be written in
Turkish or French, preferably Turkish.
To write Or prlpt them In English is
simply a waste of time and money.
It is estimated that the combined
tomato pack of Salem and Cumberland
counties, New Jersey, this year will
not be less than 12,000,000 cans. Tbe
average output of canned tomatoes in
the United States from 1893 to 1897
was about 6,250,000 cases, or 126,000,
OOOoans. . Tbe largest tin plate establishment
In 4he world is to be moved from
Wales to tbe United States. Formerly
this country imported anrmallf from
$20,0.00,000 to I3O.OO0.00O worth of
tin plate. As tbe result of a moderat
protective duty the importation last
rest? was less than (4,000,000.
Our Halations With Nicaragua CoDcarn
. tlta Vaaalt ,.
Washington, Nov. 6. It is snid at
the state doparttnunt that our govern
ment has not protested against tbe ac
tion of the Nicaragua government in
granting a ooncewlon for the building
of the Nicaragua oanal to Eyre & Cra
gin, after the expiration of the Marl
time company's concession next Octo
ber. What the department has done is
not of recc-it date, and consists solely
of making of roprosenations to the Nic
aragua authorities to the effect that
the United Statos deemed it only fair
and proper that the status quo should
be maintained in matters relating to
the Nicaragua oanal until the board,
headed by Admiral Walker, has had
chance to report and congress an op
portunity to consider that report. This
is diplomatically something very differ
ent from a protest. The reasoon that
this action is taken Is that tbe making
of a new concession by tbe Nicaragua
government, even though it will take
effect only upon the expiration of tbe
piesent concession to the Maritime
Cannl Company, might operate to pre
vent the latter from obtaining an ex
tension of Its concession, to which it
might be justly entitled.
'In the event that congress should
legislate upon the basis of the con
strnction of the work nndcr the aus
pices of the Maritime company, this,
of course, would seriously jeopardize
the Interests of tbe United States.
Sarlous Accident la tho Xmsnt Opera-
Hnuit-FaopU Panle-Btrlekaa.
Eugene, Or.. Nov. 8. Tonight at
about 10 o'clock, during a performance
at the opera-hoiiBO, while the building
was packed, a section of one of the up
per floors, on which there were about
80 people, fell, without warning. The
lower floor was also crowded. The sec
tion of floor that fell was abont 13 feet
long and 8 feet wide. It was built out
from the wall. The wall supports
gave way, and the Door swung baok.
precipitating the people to the floor
below. Those underneath were caught
nnder the timbers, but miraoulously
few ol them were injured. One man
had his collar bone broken, and a boy
about 16 years of age was severely in
jured in the back. A ' dozen or more
received minor injuries. A regular
panic followed the collapse, but the
house was emptied without further ac
cidents, thw', another floor creaked
and came near going down daring the
tush.. : ...
Will Go ta
alia Via tha Baas Canal
New York, Nov. 6. Everything is
now in readiness for tbe departure of
tbe crluser Buffalo for Manila. The
coaling of the ship was completed last
night. The Buffalo is to go by way of
the Mediterranean and the Sues canal.
There will be several hundied men
for Admiral Dewey's fleet on tbe Buf
falo when she sails. Tbey are intend
ed to fill the vacancies duo to illness
nd other causes, on the vessels iu tbe
Asiatio station.
A large amount of stores will also be
sent on the Buffalo. She la expected
to make the trip in abont 60 days,
traveling at a speed of 10 knots an
hour. An effort will be made to get
ber into Manila harbor by Christmas.
Twenty-four officers sail on the Buf
falo. Commander J. N. Hemphill Is
iu command; Lieutenant W. B. Diehl
is executive officer, and Lieutenant
George W. Logan, navigator.
To Stop Growth of Crime.
Spokane, Nov. 5. A special meeting
of the mayor, commissioners and ohlef
of police was held today, to take action
rogarding the growth of crime. The
city has become infested with burglars
and highwaymen and hold-ops and rob
beiies have become of nightly occur
rence. As a result of the meeting the
mayor issued a proclamation offering
reward of $500 for the arrest and con
viction of any of the men who have
been engaged in the recent hold-ups.
It was also decided to swear in as spe
cial policemen any reputable citizens
who may desire to carrj arms for their
own protection.
To Prevent FrtvatoortBs;. '
Washington, Nov. 5. A memorla
prepared by Charles Henry Butler and
others has been presented to the nresi
dent, asking that this government call
an international convention to consider
the question of making private property
free from oapture on the high seas in
time of wai.- The memorial pays a
tribute to the administration on the
humane and speedily successful prose
cution of the recent war, and points
out that this government is in the beat
position of any power at present to
take the Initiative in such a humane
movement, without laying itself open
to the imputation of selfishness.
Wows From Kotxebno.
San Francisco, Nov. 6. A letter
from Frank Nnnan, a prospector, dated
September 18, was received in this city
from Kotzebue sound today. He states
that the sternwheel steamer John Riley
was aground six miles above Squirrel
river, and it was said that her baok was
broken. Tbe steamer Arctic went to
the Riley's assistance with provisions
for her orew. On the Nootak, Sclawack
and Kubak rivers only the color of flour
gold was discovered. Prospects on tbf
Buckland river are fair.
Chicago, Nov. 6. The British gov
eminent has closed a contract here for
the Immediate delivery of 135,000 gal
lons of distilled spirits at . Montreal.
An Intimation was also given that
about 40,000 more gallons would in all
likelihood be ordered within about 10
days. This order ot 126,000 gallons
amounts to nearly 8,000 barrels, and
will tequire over 60 cars for its trans
portation Into Canada. The nse of the
distilled Spirits thus ordered will be in
tbe manufacture of smokeless powder.
Washington, Nov. 6. In regard to
Spain's protest against sending the
battle-ships Oregon and Iowa to Ma
nila, Secretary of State Hay has noti
fied M. Tbiebaut, the French charge
d'affaires, who it representing Spain.
in the absence of M. Cambon, that tbe
destination of these ships is Honolulu,
and ss that is now an American port
this government has the right to send
she ships there.
The Oregon end Iowa are now In
Brazilian waters, and while ofiiolally
it is stated they are bound for Hono
lulu, It is unofficially admitted that
tbey will proceed to Manila.
fl Vigoroas Battle.
From tht Kivt Sro, Drttmburg, fiiA
: T Mloiii. Is a straightforward
statement ol taots by a veteran of the
late wur. No comrade will need fur
ther proof than thoii friend's own
words, as here given.
Squire John Castor, of Newpoint,
Ind is the narrator, and on honest,
respected aitizen ho is, too. He said:
"I have been troubled with rheumatism
in all my loints, ever since I went to
the war. It was brought on by my ex
posure there. H came on mo gradu
ally, and kept getting worse until I
was unable to do any work. I tried
several physicians, but they did me no
oniwt Tlmv axiil mi trouble was rhoil
matisin resulting in disease of the
nnA tl.ut iliArawin manure ttt iL.
NovertholoHs I bad lived and fought
the disease for thirty years, and did
not intend to die,' simply because thoy
said 1 must, so 1 nuuieu up some rem
I Want to Swear to That.
ediee for mvself. and finally happened
on. Dr. Williams' Fink Pills for Pale
People. I asked some of my ncighbois
about the medicine, for it bad been
used by several., persona in the com
mnnity, and they recommended it very
highly. I procured a box," Tho pills
helped me right away, and I continued
taking them. I commenced taking
them lost fall, and finished taking the
Sixth box few months ago. I am not
bothered with the rheumatism now
the medicine has on red me. I can most
certainly recommend Dr. Williams'
Pink Pil's for Pale People."
' These pills are not only good for
rheumatism, but are valuable for any
disease that arises fiora impoverished,
or bad blood. They do not act on the
bowels. ,
. The organs ot smell in a vulture
and a carrion crow are so keen that
they can scent their food for a distance
of 40 miles.
The wings of birds are not only to
aid locomotion in the air, but also on
the ground and water. One bird even
has claws in the "elbows" of its wings
to aid in olirubing.
: The elephant does not smell with his
trunk. His olfactory nerves are con
tained in a single nostril, which is in
tbe roof of the mouth, near the front,
: Humming birds are domesticated by
placing In their cages a number of
paper flowers of tubular form, ooutain-
ing a small quantity of sugar and water.
which must be frequently renewed. Of
this liquid tbe birds partake and quick
ly become apparently contented with
tbeir oaptivity.
A fossil bog oak, weighing 40 tons,
whioh geologists assert to be 10,000
years old, has been dug np at Stock'
port, England, in exoavating to lay a
sewer. The corporation of the town
wants to blow it up with dynamito, in
spite ol, protests from solentlao men
throughout England.
No household Is complete without a bot
tle of the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
glect this necessity.
Mrs. Thackara, General Sherman's
daughter, who resides in Havre, France,
her husband having been made the
American consul at that port, writes
that she has been elected a member ol
the board ot managers of the Havre So
ciety for the Protection of Animals,
The members of the board are chiefly
men, there being only two women be,
sides Mrs. Thackara.
When coming to Ban Francisco go to
Brooklyn ' Hotel. 208-212 Bush street.
American- or Enropean plan, Koom and
board $1.00 to 11.50 per dny; rooms 50 cents
to tl.uu per oay; single mean 20 cents.
ire coacn. Clins. Montgomery.
When J. A. Paulsell, a veteran of
both the Mexican and civil wars, and
now 82 years old, married a woman of
22 years a few days ago, he used a
novel wedding ring. It was of brass
and was made from a bit of. cannon
used by the Mexicans at Chapultepec
and destroyed by the Amerioans.
'' ' To Core a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it falls to
cure. 25o.
Robert Quinoy and wife, of Parkers
burg, W. Va., bave separated because
of the latter's fondness for onions and
tbe former's inability to stand the
smell of that vegetable. The husband
is seeking a divorce, and the wife is
with her parents. They bave several
I believe my prompt use of PIko's Cure
irerented quick consumption. Mrs. Lucy
Valine, Marquette, Kansas, Dee. 12, lbtts.
, Thirty years ago there were only two
dozen explosive compounds known to
chemists; now there are over 1,000.
Tender Flesh.
The more tender the flesh, the blacker
the bruise. Tbe sooner yon nse SU
Jacobs Oil, the quicker will be the cure
of any bruise, and any bruise will dis
appear promptly undei the treatment
of the great remedy. -
: Cupid, instead of Davy Jones, kid
naped Miss King, whose mysterious
disappearance from Coney- island re
cently created snoh a stir, and now she
has returned alive, well and a blushing
bride, seeking the parental blessing,
. The lareeet orsan in the wmld Ii In
the Cathedral of Seville, Spain. It has
68 pipes and 110 stops.
The Well-Known
tea of the Pacific Coast I3
SckiUint Best.' ;
Vyell-known fof gfrddncsa )
and money -back if e you
don't -like -it. 1 .
Ndtwltstandlng' bis 70 years, George
MaoDonald, the novelist, Is slowly re-
' Mvortna from the ft acts of the sun-
' stroke received in August.
I H all the aooounts ate true sny right
minded man would rather be s plain
I American oitlson thau etnperor of
China. The former has grout deal
more fun. ' '
I Some of the suits for damages grow
ing out o( tho loss of the steamship La
i Bourgngno, of tho Ciunpngnle Gatierale
I TiaiiBatlantlqne, are based on the allo-
1 cation that the captain of the ship,
Dleoiiclo, was Insane, that he had
prophesied that he would go to the bot
tom with his ship, ami. took no measure,
either to avoid tho disaster or to savo
tha lives of his passengers.
It's Your Own Fault.
How long have you had lame baokt
It's your own fault. St. Jacobs Oil
would have cured It promptly, and will
oure It now, no matter how long It has
remained neglected. ;
Taking the avorage depth of the ocean
to be three miles, there would be a
later of salt 380 foot if the water should
If you want the best wind mill, tiumns,
tanks, plows, wagons, bells ot all slses
boilers, enirlnes, of fxnornl machinery. eo
or write JOHN POOI.15, foot of Morrison
Street, Portland, Oregon.
The now cable which has been lutd
across the Atlantic, weighs 660 pounds
to the milo. This is tho biggest of all
the cables.
riff Permiuipntly CuriHl. rto suor nsrveiisnet
II ftr Unit ilsy's IMS ot ttr. Kline's urrt
Nerve IWnturer, at'tut tor VllkK es.o irinl
boil In uid trentlne. I 'IV It U. aXt&U, lid W0
,Kll SUliet, 1'tlllMlelpbla, !.
There is a clock In Bi onsets, Belgium,
which has uovur boon wound up by
human hands. It Is kept going by the
100 ItEWAItn siioo.
The renders of this paper will he r'cssmt te
KMrn that ttiitre II at least one dr.n.lcl Ulwiw
that sslenee has lieen able to cure In all It
Slant's, ami that lactttarrh, Hnll'sUaturh euro
Is iheoulj lol!leoure known to Hie medical
Iramrnhy. (Jaurra heirs a constitutional ills
ease, requires a eonatltuilnnal treatment.
Hull's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internslly, acting
directly nnon the blood and mneons surfaces
of ihe syainin, thereby destroying the louml.
Hon of the dmcae, and giving the patient
uenith by bulkttiut U the cnnitltallpn and
aumlng nature In doing Its work. The pro
prietors have so much faltb la It curative
powers, that they offer On Hundred Italian
fur anr ewe that It (alls to cure, bead loi list
Oi testimonials. AiMrtwa
F. 1. Cll KNEY A C0H Toledo, O.
Bold by drngxlsta, 79,
Hell's Family fills are tbe best
Baron Guslav de Kothsobild has
founded charitable work In memory
of bis daughter, Baroness Emanuel
Leonino. It consists of 20 pensions ol
600 francs a year to aged Hebrews of
either sex above 60 years of age, who
have resided at least 10 years in Paris,
and whose age or' ill health piorouts
their making a living.
The demand for sardines has rnn so
far short ol tho supply that tbe French
factories are closing their doors, and
the government has been asked to come
to tbe relief of this Important national
industry by making a ration ot 6 or 10
sardines daily part of the regular fare
of the French soldier.
wuW IWi P Pool' fPAff ufp
U lt.Ca.Ca Ii akia.il . KOUlmM HU US ii I 4 B k J Ll I l
Lost Manhood
5 BysTrial Treatsnsnt
by Gealod
In Mil
-?i i'i oi
J' " 4 I f fev:''r,e. not radically, quickly and permanently ours. Hesual
Cj .J IV Va weakness does not cure Iteclf, It growa worse from week
'' ( .N to week, Kach dav aaarsvetee the fnimtnl ,v.
helps you, more of the medicine can be purchased. If it does not help, no harm le dona and
no money pain out, you csn send your name with the full knowledge that It will he kDt
from all, Adilrsa applications for trial treatment, etc., to the VON MOHl, o
171 II Cincinnati, O. Largest liuportera of Stnmlurd I'reimratiun la Ilia V. S.
..iw.9 e"7, ln ";orMf lae "J."! ,bo.v oonvorers, both rlpht and left, which ws will
sell at jtroatly reduced prices. Alo all slses of (levator buckets and bolts.
Write for price-list and discounts.
Willamet Iron Works
Front and Everett 8ts.
Is it Wrong?
Get It Right.
Keep it Right.
Moore's Revealed Remedy wllldolt. Throe
doses will make Ton leal better, net it
your druggist or an wholesalodrns house, or
svih bh, mi v a uoimos urug uo. Seattle
Koota f7rown(l. BrldnrtMi Matlo,
l'attlleaS til Hilar aft.tls-1 Xklrant lnn.
I Dr. T. H. White, Kf-
Miss Theodora Cowan, o( Cyimey,
Australia's first woman sculptor, was
Powers, and has exhibited two ilK"jj
of bor work In the Oruftou gallery,
, Activity of Vesuvius.
Much anxiety has bean caused In Naples
by the renewed activity of Mount Vesu
vius. There is little likelihood that U will
do ouy serious dumnirn. On tha other
hiind thousands dlo dully front stomach
disorder, who mixht buvo survived hud
they resorted to llnstetter's Htuinaelt hit.
tern. It Is the Kreiiteot tonlo known for
stomach and dlxeallv organs.
The moon mnvos through space at
the rate of 8,1193 font per second. Its
mean distance from the earth Is 288,
850 miles.
Tho latest excuse advanced In expla
nation ol tha bad niarkmanshlp of the
Spanish gunners Is that persons pos
sessing light eyes aim truer than those
with dark orbs, The advocates of this
theory, however, do not offe any coun
ter reason for tho expert marksmanship
of negroes and Indians, who are mora
dark-eyed than the people of tbe Latin
race. . , '
The Inhabitants ot the Marquesas
Island are among the most expert tt
tooers on earth.
la due not only to the originality and
simplicity of tha combination, but also
to tho care and skill with which it Is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the Califorkia F10 Synvr
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the Importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genulue Syrup of Figs Is manufactured
by the CALiroHNiA Fit) Btiive Co.
only, koowledg of that fact will
asslat one in avoiding the worth leas
Imitations manufactured by other par
tics. The hifrh standing of the Cau
roftttlA FlO grftup Co. With the medi
cal profession, and tha satlhfaotlon
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
ot the exoollonce of its remedy. U U
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it docs not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to pet IU beneficial
e fleets, please remember the name of
the Company
a a a rKaacMOo, Cal.
Uit'litVIU.E. Iir. NK.W TOkC. X. T.
Prof. Laborde's French Cure tot
Sent iso'iie Freo
Mail to ail Gufforers
Flo C.O.D. or Deposit Gchemo
The only rweixirartoti known to tolenee which resltv
eurea Ixmt Mnnhond le "t'al,THr8," Ihe marolmia Fr. ru h
remedy dUcoveieil ttr Pro!. Jules t.nburi1. It Is onntn ll-,1
eminlry by the Von kiohl Co.. ot (Iniiliiiiail. chit,
ooi:mwhlch ewMieiee a hlKh and Nonorahl t,lnr in Os
Ini'lnclnnmi, as any one who Is acquainted In that city will
mmiiBint. u tm ens or me mum rini!W noiisea
The Von MoM Co. Invitee all men suff-rlnf from Lost
Mnhxx1, Spermatorrhoea, Varlmeele or Wenhnna of any
nature In the Nerves or Heavial Orsana, to en4 their hnmes
enlrelvea flv deya nettment, Tula will prove ilia eron.
Jerful vltallsln Bowere of "CAM'llHS." After unlnar It
Sve flay tha aitrferera wilt Snd new vlffnr In their oraana,
new furoe In thulr mueeles, new lilntifl In thfllr veins, new
mhltlon, anl ranlit preareea lowartl tha buoyant (eellnaa
ntt SMnaatlons of younaer dsye.
This liberal free offer genuine. There la nowln1ltna;
C. O, v., er depoMt schema ponnerteri with It. The five
days' treatment la sent by senleil mull to all on reiiueet,
wrapped in a plole package, ana nrlnterl limtructlons e
eonihany the metlielne. en that each patient becomes tile
own (lector an4 mirea himself at home.
It doeen't mnho any tltfference what oauserl tha week
neaa whether bail hahtta In youth, or exceea. or over
work, or bunlness troubles. "OALTHoa" will effect a
cure, no matter what bis name lite disease may tit ealleS
by doctors.
The Von Mohl Co. tresis all oorreioni1ence In perfect
confi.lenoe. Under no condition will It make public tha
Baniea of tha Ihouffanda who have written teetlmnulule
tellies of their restoration to roouBt manhood after other
medicines proved worthless. "CAI.THOH" Is rerulaily
used In the French and Oertnan armlca. and the l,1iers
In thiols countries hava coma to lie nnrfect models of
atreriKth and vltnlttv, Curee are ertecled at all airce from
20 to HO yen re. Thifa no case (cuceiit where the slnae
of epllenvy or Innanlty has been rtiacheril which It .nt
Bend toilnv fee Hue Ave rtnv' trl.t 19 i.
$45 845 $43 $45 545
"nest Wheels "un Earth."
189S ideals trt.M, 2S, fin. Pond for ratalogue.
blve agents wanted everywhere,
I't JHfftU tor 4jiinnturU
atiflturjc'S, il)rihjyiiilonn,
Irritaiituii or ulcrnvfoui
f l I 4 eare
oi mnooBi mciiibrnn)i
f-a.4rwcFv.ts flucumif fU sttrnt or tM-.iati.n.ri
V 0.1.1. , i Of Kini In Dlafn wrnnraaiiL
mt- Ulroular sent en rwnioss.
N. 1. N. V.
HO. s(l-'ttH.
II KN vrrltloe; to advertiser please
menUoB tUls vapor.

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