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Muscular aches.
Rope, Measuring Maohiae. .
A machine has been patented for use
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He'd lots of hair upon his chin,
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He always spoke before he thought,
So many people said.
1 An Indiana woman was made to pay
damages to the extent of 126 for say
ing that her neighbor's beauty was ar
Foster Brown says that by the year
1950 Great Britain will have nsed 11
15th of its best resources of coal, and
that there will then remain workable
at gradually Increasing cost, sufficient
coal to last 850 years. '
"But could yon bring yourself U
marry s woman who smoked cigar
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bad insisted that woman had a right tc
moke if they chose. "So; I have
enough people begging my cigarettes
Before the Bridgeport. Conn., mur
der was unraveled, the chief of police
of that oity received more than 800
letters of inquiry from parents of miss
ing girls in various part of the conn
try. Ninety-two of the letters wer
from towns in Connecticut.
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If Cervera needs consolation for the
cold welcome be receives in his native
land, for which he staked life and
honor, let bim tesd Schiller's version
of (he reception given by Philip II to
the Duke of Medina-Sidoma on his re
turn with the remnant of the wrecked
The only two animals whose brains
are heavier than that of a man are the
whale and the elephant.
' a talk with was. pikkhak
A woman with the blues la a very nn-
eomTortable person. . She is illogical,
unhappy and frequently hysterical.
The condition of the mind known a
" the blues," nearly always, with wo
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It is s source of wonder that In this
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Indications of disease. -
Every woman who doesn't nnder
stand her condition should write to
Lynn, Mass., to Mrs. Pinkham for her
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Bead the story of Mrs. P. S. Bkhkstt,
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"I am now gaining strength and
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Lydia fi. PInkham's Vegetable Com
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( t,MH Vim nt All Hot I A IS.
i 08t l :oi'.Kh brup. 'i -t i"oi. Uttt
In I'oih. ho'-J r-T rlr-:r.-:!..
A Million Dollars Worth o:
Property Destroyed.
Skyscraper of the name Life Insur
ance and Pe-stal Telegraph
Companies Gutted.
New fork, Deo. . In blinding
rain storm tonight, the .massive block
of buildings on Broadway, No. 953 to
259, aud included between Murray and
Warren stieets, was almost destroyed
by fire. Within three hours more than
fl, 000.000 worth of property was de
The fire began- in the five-story brick
building ocoupied by the men's fur
nishing firm of Rogers, Peet & Co., on
the southwest corner of Broadway and
Warrant street. Adjoining the Rogers
Peet building, and south ol it, was the
magnificent white building of the Home
Life insurance Company, and next to
this was the brownstone building of
the Postal Telegraph Company, erected
at a cost of millions only a few years
ago. Within a few minutes after the
discovery of the fire the Rogers-Peet
building was a roaring furnace, and an
alarm had been turned in - wbioh
brought more than a score of engines to
the scene. It was but a short time
when the flames had eaten through the
wall of the Home Life, and were roar
ing high above that lofty stiuoture,
Thousands of people had gathered on
the soene, and the bunding glare of the
flames lighted np the lower part of the
city- Even in the downpour, the great
crowd of people grew and the police
reserve were called out from many sta
tions and kept the people back for
blocks. Great showers of sparks were
oamed in ail directions by the gale,
that blew 60 miles an hour. It was a
picturesque fire.
The Home Life Insurance building
was occupied by that company and a
large number of . men prominent in
various line of business. Eveiy effott
was made to save the valuable papers
stored in some of the offices, but many
of these were lost The offices of the
rapid-transit commission were on the
ninth floor of this building, and it is
believed that all the plana and schemes
of work with which the company has
been working for many years are de
In the Postal building, as well, theie
were many serious losses of a private
natnre, and when the flames reaobed
the operating room of this structure.
which they did within three hours of
the outbreak, the one or two solitary
operators who remained at their posts
were compelled to flee for their lives.
The fire burned even moie fiercely in
the Home Life building, owing to the
great height of this structure and in an
incredibly short time the upper ball of
this magnificent building was in flames.
The water towers in the street were
able to throw their heavy streams only
into the lower part of the structure, snd
the firemen, though they worked with
great bravery and untiring energy, in
the blinding smoke and hear, could do
little in the face of such a fierce sweep
of flames and gale. It was only a ques
tion of time when the Postal building,
so far as the npper stories were con
cerned, went the way of the others.
The estimste of the losses by Chief
Bonner after midnight was $1,000,000
with a probability of a still further loss
should the fire continue to make any
thing like rapid progress. At that
hour, however, he believed that he had
the fire under control within reasonable
Mew of Several Pilaster Beaches
New York.
New York, Dec. 6. Vessels that left
this port November 25 bore the brunt
of the double hurricane. In many oases
the names of wrecks sighted at sea can
not be made out, and agents are wor
ried. Other vessels have not been
heard from.
Swan & Son, agents for the bark
Gleneida, received word last night from
Captain Corning that she was wrecked,
and that the crew ; were in Bermuda.
She was stiuck by the storm and dis
masted November 20. She was aban
doned on the 20th. The Gleneida had
cleared for Buenos Ayres.
Word was also received yesterday ol
the wreck of the schooner Kate S.
Flint. -
The British steamship Baron Cawdor,
Captain Sutherland, just arrived from
ava, had a boat and hoiet-engine geai
smashed during a 48-hours' struggli
with the gale.
The German steamship Oera, from
Bremen, which arrived with passengets
yesterday, had the forward part of her
saloon stove in and her bridge stanch
ions twisted.
Three barges which were out loose on
the sound since Saturday have been res
cued from the north shore of Long
island. Thirteen schooners were taken
safely into New Haven by a tugboat.
The Sunset limited transcontinental
train of the Southern Pacific, - west
bound, was badly wrecked two miles
est of Jennings, La. No live were
.. Troops for rhlllpplne.
Milwaukee, Deo. 6. Information re
ceived in this oity is that in accordance
with later orders from the war depart
ment, several regiments of the united
States army will in a few weeks embark
for the Philippines. The order, which
is said to include the Third infantry
from Furt Snelling, and the Second,
Third, Fourth, Fifth, Fifteenth and
wentieth regiments, requires that
these regiments be prepared for pro
longed foreign field service in the
tropins, outside the limits of the
United States. The regiments, with
cavalry, are ordered to rendezvous at
San Francisco between January 1 and
Attacking Hollo.
Madrid, Deo. 6. An official dispatch
from the Visavas island, in the Phil
ippines, announces that the insurgents
ave doubled their attacks upon Iloilo.
The government advices say:
The rebels have their gnn trained
on the city, and fire on onr troops
ghtly. , Our troops maintain a spirit
ed fire an 1 have killed a number of the
Two Santa Clara Cities im Control of
. Americans. . -
" Havana, Deo. 8. At noon today th
American forces, having previously
taken oharge of Sancti Spiiitu and
Trinidad, in Santa Clara province, th
Star and Stripes wer officially and
with mi press ivo ceremonies' hoisted
over the city hall and the military and
other public buildings in those cities.
When the flags were unfurled, the
bands played "The Star Spangled Ban
ner," and the soldiers and crowds of
oitisens cheered enthusiastically.
General Wade, president of llie
United States evacuation commission,
accompanied by Colonel Clone, judge
adocate, Captain Hart, the) official in
terpreter and Major Almy, Allison,
Butler and Brooke, called uponCap-tain-General
Castellanoa at the palao
today. They ware received by the
president of the Spanish evaouation
commission, who introduced them to
General Castellanos. The meeting
was of a most cordial nature, and when
th American retired, the oaDtain-
general accompanied them half way
down stairs and shook hands with all
of them. The Spanish military guard
on duty at the palace was drawn np
and rendered the utmost honor to the
American visitors.
San Antonio de Los Banoa. nmvinrw
of Havana, and Jaguay .la Grande,
province ol JUatansas, were evacuated
by the -Spanish troops yesterday.
me spanisn transport Gran Ant a
sailed today for Spain with 147 Span
ish troops; the Fnlda will sail Monday
aud the Werra, San Ignaoio and Juan
Forga Tuesday. The Spanish com
mission was advised today that by
Monday next th evaouation of Bata-
bano and the entire line of San Feline
will be finished. This will complete
the evacuation of the entire island
west of those points.
A deed of sale of the Tacon theater
to an American syndicate, the property
passing into the hands of the Tacon
Realty Company. The Tacon, whioh
is the eighth largest opera-house in
the world, occupies an entire block.
Bis Men Killed oa the Steamer Alamo
at New York.
New York, Dec. 6. Six men of the
Mallory line steamship Alamo were
killed tonight by the bursting of a
steam pipe while the vessel lay at her
pier in the East river. The dead are:
Patrick Mnrphy, second engineer:
Thomas McHugb, fireman; Patrick
FarreU, oiler; Frank MoMahon, fire
man; L. Connell, fireman; J. Ryan, a
ooal-heaver; John Stoneman, a passen
ger, of Albany, was seriously scalded.
The Alamo has only recently been
discharged from transport service for
the government, and was just ovei-
hanled at Roche's yard. She ha new
steam pipes and boiler. She wa
about to sail for Galveston with 80
passengers. At the time of the acci
dent, about 1 o'clock, the ship had
cast off her lines and tha tugboat Pres
ident had her line taut to assist the
Alamo into midstream. Her engines
had made but two or three revolntiona
when the explosion came. It gave
lortn a roar that was heard all through
South and Water streets, and the force
of it sent a shook and a shiver through
out the length of the ship. The floor
ing; of the deck immediately over the
engine room was torn into splinters.
and steam poured np through the open
seams in clouds.
The sound of escaping steam was
mingled with the shrieks of the dying
men, who were enveloped in it. The
flow of the steam was checked with
great difficulty, and not until the lapse
of five or six minutes. Then it was
found that it had completely filled the
engine-room ana nreroom, and that all
who had been confined had been not
only parboiled, but suffocated by it
There was no sign of life left in any of
the bodies, and in several instances the
skin had peeled from their hands and
faces. The second engineei wsa fonnd
close to the break, in a position whioh
indioated that he had tried to shut off
the steam at the boiler when the acci
dent occurred, and had died in the at
tempt. Two of the firemen were found
gripped in one another's arms at tha
foot of the ladder leading from the fire
hole. Porto Rico Wants Reforms.
San Juan de Porto Rico, Deo. 0.
The report put in circulation here that
the United States government will taks
no definite action to establish a com
prehensive scheme of Porto Rioan ad
ministration for at least a year has
provoked much adverse comment.
A meeting has been held by local
business men, ' Amencana and Potto
Ricana, to protest vigorously against
any delay in reforms which are abso
lutely necessary to prevent the contin
uance of serious abuse. The same
meeting condemned the aotion of the
Ameriaan anthorities in collecting ar
rears of Spanish taxes since 1883, and
called for the application of American
laws and the establishment of free
trade with the United States.
Fir In Ferrol.
Ferrol, Spain, Dec. 6. A Are which
occurred in the government dock yards
st this place last night, gutted several
buildings snd, before the flames were
extinguished, a number of bombshells
exploded. The loss is estimated at
,000,000 pesetas.
Fire In a- Catnolle Chnrch.
New York, Dec. 6. Fire this morn
ing wrecked the end of St. Agnes'
Catholic chnrch, on Fifty-third street,
near Third avenue, destroying valuable
ltars, paintings and a new organ.
The loss is (100,000.
Berlin, Dec. 6. Seven persona were
burned to death today in a fir which
broke out in the small hamlet of Ex-
enthal, near Sonneburg, Saxe-Mein-engen,
about 13 miies northeast of Co
burg. Internal Revenue RepeTt.
The commissioner of internal reve
nue in his annual report, the principal
feature of which was made pnblic in
uly last, recommends that the war
levenue law be amended so as to allow
discount of 8 per cent to purchaser
of (100 or more instead of 1 per cent,
ss now provided. Unless such action
is taken, the commissioner says, a very
large increase in the number of stamp
duties will be necessaiy. The number
of internal revenue stamps issued dur
ing the year was 1.443,314,189, of the
value Of (102,168,988.
Superior Judge Rhode Borden died
at his home at San Jrranciaco.
A boiler in sawmill near Mont
rose, Colo., exploded, killing three men
General Miles has prepared a draft
for a bill providing for a standing army
of 100,000 men.
It I reported that the Great North
ern has purchased an line to Portland
snd will soon come into that oitv over
its own tracks.
Mad Mullah's fanatioal movement
has been partly checked, and- a strong
British force is held in readiness to
move against the Rebels.
Thv rapid expansion of our export
trade is illustrated by some figures just
prepareed by the treasury bureau of
statistics showing the gains in out ex
ports to Africa.
. The appeal of General Lord Kitoh
sner. of Khartoum, for funds to found
a Gordon memorial college at Khar
touin met with an immediate response
in London. Over 70,000 out of the
100,000 asked for has already boon
During the past week five bodies
have been picked np on the beaah be
tween Florence and Gardiner, Or.,
with a few miles' spaoe. They are
supposed to be tne bodies of sailors of
the wrecked Atalanta. If so, they
snust have been carried 40 miles by
the ocean ourrenta.
The young king of Spain has had a
very pleasant windfall In the shape of
legacy of 8,000,000 pesetas, be
queathed to him by an old gentleman
named Solar, who had a close though
unacknowledged relationship to the
king, being the natural son of Ferdi
nand VII, and great nnole of King Al
fonso. Advices from Russia say the reports
of threatened famine there are growing
more gloomy every day. Count Leo
Tolstoi has petitioned the government
ior permission to form relief commit
tees to cope with the distress, and the
oxar himself has contributed 600,000
roubles to the Red Cross Society to aid
the starving peasants.
Thurlow Weed Barnes has brought
suit in the New York supreme court
against the American-China Develop
ment Company for (1,000,000 for ser
vices in obtaining railroad concessions
from the imperial Chinese government,
through the Chinese minister at
Washington. The concessions are
worth in net profit at least (12,000,000
to the company, and they may be
worth (24,000,000.
Thirty-seven people were drowned in
the wreck of the steamer Clan Drum
mond in the bay of Biscay.
A gift to Wellesley college of (50,000
from the estate of Charles T. Wilder
has just been announced.
The 60th anniversary of Francil
Joseph's accession to the throne was
celebrated throughout Austria.
Three coalbarges were lost and the
lives of 10 or 12 men were sacrificed in
the recent Atlantic storm off Bargate.
The Philippine insurgent demand
7,000,000 pesetas for the release of 40
friars imprisoned since th commence
ment of the war.
A fire fiend attempted to burn John
Wanamaker'i big department store in
Philadelphia, but was arrested before
serious damage was dose. ,
The liabilities of Gillett, the ab
sconding Kansas cattle-plunger, con
tinue to grow, the latest estimate plac
ing the total at (1,500,000.
An unsuccessful attempt was made
to hold up and rob a Missouri Pacific
passenger train near Sedalia, Mo. One
bandit was captured and another was
severely wounded. . ,
Agninaldo is said to be preparing to
make resistance, and Spanish' sympa
thizers in Madrid declare 00,000 men
armed with Mausers will onpoee Amer
ican control of the Philippines.
Secretary Long has ordered the
cruiser New York to Havana. On his
arrival, Sampson will hoist his flag on
the cruiser, and it is expected she will
bring the admiral north next month.
A German government official, in
an inteiview with a correspondent of
the press in Berlin confirmed the report
that Germany is negotiating with
Spain for the purchase of the Caroline
Advices from New Guinea say the
native tribes living on Mnsa river late
ly raided the Masini villages, in Col
lingwood bay, snd massacred 15 coast
people. There are no police to deal
with the murderers.
News from Samoa states that the na
fives held a meeting October 18 to
discuss the question of the kingship.
A number of conciliatory speeches
ere delivered, but no -candidate was
named, nor was any decision srrived at.
Two men have been arrested st Lon
don on charges of having robbed the
Duchess of Sutherland of valuable jew
elry in France last month. Part of the
stolen jewelry was in the possession of
the robbers when they wer arrested.
A New Yoik Herald dispatch from
Guayaquil, Ecaudor, says: Owing to
attempt of revolutionists to invade the
country simultaneously from Colombia
and Peruvian frontiers, the council of
state has granted extrordinary powers
to President A I faro, who has assumed
a 'dictatorship over the country.
California mine owners assert the
gold output of the state has been cui
tsiled at least 60 per cent by a pro
longed drought.
Oliver Clement, aged 18, of Poplar
Bluff, Mo., has married Mrs. Hannah
MoUinnis, aged 60. She was his step
mother's stepmother. .
Though one of the youngest general
officers in the confederate army Gen
eral Wheeler was the oldest in the na
tional service against Spain.
The death of Colonel Amos Webster,
in Washington, leaves General Horace
Porter a the only surviving member
of General U. 8. Grant's personal
Mine. Adelin Patti-Nicolini an
nounces her batroUiai to Baton Cord er
st rom, a Swedish nobleman. The
marriage will take place next Febru
aiy. The workmen f the Llhby Glass
company in Toledo, O., have completed
the largest cut glass bowl ever made in
the world, foi presentation to Presi
dent McKinley. it weighs 76 pounds.
Greet Mistakes of Fantern Capitalists
In Nelectln to Hunt Up teslr.
able Mlntna Investments
On of the grt mistake mad by
Eastern capitalist is to seek only for
ideveloped mines to purchase, says the
.Mining World. As a general thing,
owners of mines which can be worked
at a substantial profit have no need to
look for purchasers, and are not apt to
look for them. It is tor this reason
that those who oame to the West lor
mines are disappointed; that, while
they are offered partly developed Of
opened properties, the paying or going
mines are not then for sale, except at
what they consider high prices. Alter
a man or company has prospected,
opened and brought to a producing
point a good mine, it is worth as much
to them as any one, and the owners ate
unwilling to sell except at a good profit,
in fact, such properties are seldom
offered for sale. People have to hunt
them up, and then have hard work to
get a bond on them, the owners gen
erally preferring to keep on working.
There are great numbers of "poiug"
mines, with the necessary machinery,
in the West, but th owneia do not let
them be "peddled" around for pro
motel to bargain with.
Smelter Chance lianas.
The Tacoma smelter i to be the
largest on the Pacific coast. Three
hundred thousand dollars will be ex
pended at once in inoreasinsg its capa
city and the reorganised company which
now owns the smelter has unlimited
capital at its command. The smelter
is to be controlled by the Bunker Hill
Sullivan mine at Wardner, Idaho, th
largest and richest mlti in the Coeur
d'Alene district; the Alaska-Tread
well, Alaska-Mexican, and Alaska
United States at Douglas island, three
of the lurgest mines in the North.
Back of thtse properties Is tha wealth
of D. a Mills and other New York
capitalists, and the Exploration Com
pany, of., London, dominated by the
Rothschilds. Henry Bratnober, the
Rothschilds' confidential agent and on
of th shrewdest mining men in the
country, is a stockholder in the new
company. W. R. Rust, of Tacoma,
continues a its manager.
Increase of Gold.
Th year of 1898 shows a big Increase
in the production of gold throughout
the world. The total i estimated at
(275,000,000, divided a follows:
South Africa. . . .,
Australi. .......
United States....
Russia. . . ;
Other countries. .
Total. ... . ., .... .(ft5.000,000
The output of the Klondike, included
in the above, is estimated at (12,000.-
000. The Klondike data is most inter
esting. The exact figures, as they have
come to th directoi of the United
States mint, st (10,055,270. Of this
(5,070,000 waa handled by the assay
offioe at Seattle, and (4,085,270 was
turned in for coinage at the San Fran
cisco mint.
Aa Important Peel.
An important mining deal has been
consummated at Eureka, Cal. Mostnn
mine, m the northern part of Hum
boldt county, owned by J. J. Motion,
Peter Haniner, Jacob Kahlke, J. L.
Colliaon and Mrs. E. Welty, compris
ing 8,000 acres of placer mining
ground, has been sold ts Charles Foote,
of Chicago, for (145,000. Foot ha
already commenced development work
with a force of 86 men, snd will begin
hydiaulicking early next year.
Iron Works Consolidated.
A meeting of the stockholders of the
Union iron works was. held last week
for the purpose of increasing the capital
stock and for the purpose of ratifying
th consolidation of that company with
the Reid Machine Company, at 8io
kane. Three new brick buildings have
been recently erected and several thou
sand dollars'- worth of machinery
added. Tb company has several
months' work ahead and contracts are
piling np rapidly.
Soap Works Sold.
The Find ley soap works, of Van
couver, B. C, have been purchased bv
the Roxal Crown Soap Company, of
Winnipeg. This company now prac
tically controls the trade of the North
west, and has a capital stock of (260,
000. The new owners contemplate
erecting a new building which will be
fully equipped with modern machinery
snd s thoroughly efficient staff will be
smploytd. 0
Acreage In Oregon.
From east . to west Oregon Is 870
miles across, and 270 miles across from
north to south, giving it an area of 06,
000 square miles. The acreage is great
er than that of all the New England
states, West Virginia and Delaware
added, or greater than the aggregate
of New York, Pennsylvania and Dela
ware, or Iowa and Ohio, or Illinois
and Louisiana, or of the total area of
England, Sootland and Wales.
Shipment of Apples.
L. A. Porter, of Lswiston, Idaho, is
arranging to ship 28 carloads of apples
nine to Minnesota, sevtn to Grand
Foiks, N, D., and twelve to Omaha.
Mr. Porter received an order from
Philip Armour, the millionaire, for a
special shipment of apples. .
Salmon Season Closed. '
The Columbia river salmon canneries
have closed their fall season with a
pack estimated at 116,000 cases. The
amount of fall salmon put up is the
largest in the history of tlje Colnmiba,
snd tb prices paid were among the
best. Tha spring pack on the Colum
bia reached 888,600 cases and the total
for the year is thus placed at 489,600.
In all th camps of Baker City gold
fields development of quarts properteis
is active.
The soarolty of water for mining
purposes was not confined to .Oregon
alone. Th comparative drouth which
prevailed during the past year out
down tli output of gold in California
fully 88 per oent, and that state is con
sequently not in th race with Colo
rado, where placer mining is a second
ary industry.
Portland box faotories have received
several order from British Columbia
this season (or prune boxes. The mills
in the province were not able to supply
th local demand, although they hav
been running on full time lately
Th Spanish War la Spanish,
Hlspansro, Likeafoolo,
Raislnello Cubanero, .
Ameriaan Guttiniadol
"Letalono Culmnerot"
Hlspano Talkubacko
"Notlfliio, Go to Blsnool"
Americano Buck In pot
Daiiderupo Pootyfluol
Sma8horaallo Hispitiiaro,
Cubaimro Philipplno.
Deweyfino Sunkafluetto
. Inthetmyo Manllao.
SamsontiKM), Hhafteralso,
Slyl' Sohleyo, MashemaUo.
Cerverato Santiago,
AlloBoneo Hispanero,
-ThenaUno Pionlaaro,
- Soldinraro Americano:
Hurral aro McKlnleyaro,
Rcpuhlicano Conntniroi
Crowneraro Laurelaro;
Allthotlmo Kvery where)
MoKibbenaro wave in slro
Oldgoriaro, Goodoldtiuio)
Eataplelo Yankeearo
Punklnpieo, Fraterimro
Hlspanaro, Cubanaro,
"""Aiuerloano, BnotmawanO,
Fisglbango, Hlphoornhro,
McKlnleyaro Unoleaamol
Railroad Trains to Run Slower. .
Railroad officials claim that It is very
sxpenslvs to run their express trains, and
sre talking about -reducing th speed. It
is likewise expensive to the health to
struggle and compete In business affairs as
men do nowadays. The whole system
gives out. For restoring strength ltostet
ter's Stomach Bitters is th proper remedy.
Conl-Dast Firing.
Fine dust of coal or of flour mixed
with air forms an explosive agent whioh
has been the cause of uisny a mine
and fiourmilt disaster. Advantage i
taken of this property of combustible
dust In a new process of boiler-firing.
The fuel reduced to dust Is fed by ma
chinery Into th ftirnaoe la which afire
must constantly be maintained. Th
instant the dust fulls into the furnace
chamber it burns with a flash, almost
explosively, and the production of
smoke is absolutely prevented and the
firing become economical as regard
consumption of fuel. It would seem
that it might lead to th utilisation of
the enormous mountain of coal slaok
which cover so many squar mile of
land in th mining distriots. Youth's
' While lightning may b seen and
it illumination of the cloud and mist
may b reogniced when It i vn two
hundred miles distant, thunder I
rarely audible more than ten miles,
The thunder from very distant storm,
there foie, seldom reaches th ear.
Delay Make It Border.
Mis-step have mad the wont
sprains, but it is no mis-step to us St.
Jacob Oil. It make a onr by
strengthening, soothing and conquering
the pain. Every hour's delay makes
it harder to oure.
An Interesting test has just been
made by a JTrencn woman. With a
view to test Ing the sustaining power
of chocolate, sh lived upon that alon
for 60 days, and lost but 16 pound in
the Interval.
When coming to flan Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, Sus-212 Bush street.
American or Kuronean plan. Room and
board $1.00 to 11-60 per day j rooms 60 cent
to i.w per aay; single meais xo eenis.
Free coach. Chat. Montgomery,
Tb female brain commences to de
cline In weight after th ags of 80; th
male not until tan year later.
If you want the best wind mill, pumps,
tanks, plows, -wagons, bells ot all sites
ooiiers, engines, or general machinery, te
or write JOHN POOLE, foot of Morrison
street, Portland, Oregon.
A naturalist of eminence say that
land birds make their journey in th
daytime and water bird st night.
To Core Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Itromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggist refund money if it fails to
cure. 26o.
It is a ourion circumstance that
some of the most important invention
have been discovered by lunatics.
Before havlni teeth extracted, consult Dr.
Thos. H. White, 271)4 Morrison street,
Portland, Or. Crown snd bridgs work
gives the best of satisfaction. Uold tilling
specialty. -
It is calculated that th men and
women of today are nearly two inches
taller than their ancestors.
I know that my life was saved by Piso's
Cure for Consumption. John A. Mlllsr,
Au Sable, Michigan, April 21, 1805.
Unbreakable mirror ar now mad
by putting a coating of quloksllver on
tb back of a very thin plate of cellu
loid. rif Fsrnienentlv Cured
K e Ate er nwvounn.i
fl I after ttr.l day's use ol Dr.
NerelWornr. n.d(t for rkSp as. on trial
bonis and tritl. ln, B. iCIIllfjS, lioj , t
Arch strut, rauadtigiiia, SfT '
Fran von Teuffel, wife of tha physi
oian to the king of Wurtemburg, who
died in Munich, Germany, was well
known in this country ss Blanchs
Willis Howard, the author of "One
Summer," "Guenn," "Aunt Serena"
and "The Ooen Door." She was
married to Dr. von Teuffel in 1890. -
Warahousi Machinery, Chop Mills, Water Wheels.
Supplies ot all Kinds. Write for Prices
W carry In stock a large supply of th abovs oonvs'ers, both right and left, which w will
sell at neatly reduced prices. Alio all sites ol elevator buckets and bolts,
Write lor price-list and discounts, . - y
WiHamet Iron Works
Front and Everett 8t.
Pon't neglect yourself; It Is tb
purled fitting trim applied In
vason which efffots a cure; the
Imperfect never; 11,000 styles to
elect from enables us to guar
antee a St, or no charge; If your
ilriiKftlHt does not keep tin in
write us for directions lor self.
menaurement; correapondenr
confidential and trnues sent se
cure from obnervailon, to any
addrfM; money refunrled If not
aliafactory. O. H. Woodard
At , Expert Trust Fitters, 1U8
Second St., Portland, Or.
Orowl Stubborn.
Any oomplnlnt becomes chronic by
neglect, and Rheumatism grows stub
born by not using St. Jacobs Oil, which
Is Ms sure enr snd conquers the pain
promptly. .Every suffers should use It.
. It has been estimated that a slngl
plant of the Russian thistle six fuel in
diameter produces 9,000,000 seeds, )
Th December (lentitry.
In th first Installment of his story
of ths "Merrimuo" In the Decern bsi
Century, which I to be nn unusually
sttractWe number, Lieutenant Ilobion
lays no claim to having originated th
idea of blocking the chminol at Hniitl
ago. The sinking ot the collier had
been ordoisd by Admiral fiiimnson, but
the commanding oftker off Santiago had
not executed the maneuver when th
flng-ship arrived, and thtwoiklng out
of th plan, a well its execution,
was I nt tinted to Lieutenant Hobson.
The preliminary st.-ps are detailed in
this number ot the magnsine, and In
later Issue th story ol the sinking of
th ship snd the captur and imprison
ment of her crew will b given st first
hand. This is the only sooount of hi
exploit that Mr. Hobson has written
for publication.
W offer On Hundred Dollars Rsward for aef
ease ol Catarrh that cau not be cure J by Halls
CUrrV'i.r0flltNr!Y C0 " '"rs-.Toloflo, a
Ws the undertisned, have known 1. 1. Cliiy
for lite pant IS ynars. and bellnve hhn prlm-ilf
hniinraolo In all bunlnoas Irannai-lloni ami fm-anoiall-
a Ma to oariy out any obligations mad
by their Arm.
Wholewls tiriissmt,Tnlnn, th
Wil.Dixo, Kihnn A ManviK,
Wholal Iru(i"!il,To!.lo, O.
flail's Catarrh Cure is takanintomally.aniliiB
dlrvMly ou tho blood and mucous Mtrfaues of
the system, frloe 7Aojr boltle. by all
drtiftL-Uta, Testimonials Iree,
ilall s Family Tills to the best.
The fcoundldty of microbe Is pro
digious, so much so that if 18 drops ot
water polluted with bacteria ar al
lowed to full Into a cup of broth th
gstm population would nave increased
In St hour to 80,000,000.
is due not only to ths originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to ths ears and skill with which it is
manufactured by soicntifie processes
known to th California Fio Srsuv
Co. only, and we wish to Impr upon
all the Importance of purchasing ths
true and original remedy. ' Aa ths
genuine Syrup ot Figs I manufactured
by ths CALiroHNi. Flo Svnor Xo.
only, a knowledg of that fact will
assist on in avoiding1 the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing ot th Cam
FOBNIA Fio Bruvr Co. with th medt
cal profession, and the satisfaction
whioh the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, make
th nam of the Company a guaranty
of th escellenc of it remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxative,
at it acts on th kidneys, liver and
bowel without Irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not grip nor
nsuceat. In order to get it bene ficlal
effect, picas remember th name of
the Company
AN rAN0IC4. Cal.
lie Miners ond up' Id Book
ly J. H. Kink, aMkyer and chemist, or I'oru
land, Or. This It the fullest art-l mont complete
book yet written, and Is partlenlarly adapted
(or the r"Ulrriiitol the oronetwlnr. the aa.
aver and miner. The book ( luflr lllumrated.
Tables for oaleulaihi miners' Inches ol water,
lnstruotlons to prospectors, and elo altnnl
methods of tatfna- matat-bt-arlna rouki. Price.
I'i.SO, postaf s prepaid. Address
.f H, rl8ltl-a.-
Wa;hlntn St PORTLAND, OR,
Men snd women are maklni from II m ta
7.M per day f iling our gooiln. No eiperienc
necessary. Send two oent stamp (or a Ire
ample. 11105 A CO.,
1S1K First St., rooms 1 4 is, Portland, Or,
it Wrong,
Get it Right
Keep it Right
Hoore't Revealed Romedrwllldolt. Three
doses will voak oa leel better. Get ll Iron
mr drug 1st or any wholesale drag bouse, ot
srom Stewart A Holmes Crag Co., Seattle.
Send for Catalonia.
I will I fixck co. s::?r.:.-,ui
"Best Wheels on Karth."
18W Ideals 123.80, 128, IK). Rend (or eatalosu.
Live agents wanted everywhere.
Um IStf 41 for unnritiimt
0rhard, lhflnrnAtun,
Irrllatloiif or ulcei t Joui
Of fUUAOUl Hi nibt-nrwtft..
rain.fii, ftm! not uu.a
flfl, snt or polsunoui.
1 ftoU by Irr!tilB,
! sw-iis in plain wrsppur.
S.oo, or t bottleI W.?ft,
ircul&r iut ou riiuot
Jf. P. N. U.
ISO. flO-'W8,
BIX writing1 to itdTrtUr plM
f: km
'-4 -X
1 V . -.
S jjrt'l'BES 1
S R.I H Itrlat.H.
I J.1 rHffm Ohimicii

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