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June S3, 1890.
Mr. I. II. Oomiluml, of Houlton, win
passenger for l'ortlund Monday loom
Mr. Jatnua Kennedy, of Qoble, was In
tlila oily Tuesday attending to buolnusi
I, Stnnwood and kii, Ed, of YRnkton,
were attending to business ad'ulra in
I'urtland Monuay.
Solar tlit month the county clurk's
ollloa Iih received In money (or redump
tion oi hum aoiu lor taxui .;.oo,
A good deal of the material to be used
in bu d 112 the new Meihoulut church
In thin oily is being delivered on the
Frank George returned taut Friday
from near Htnrbuok, Wash., where be
baa spent some time' In the employ of
uie raiiroaa coin puny.
The Unitarian Sunday Hubool, of Port
land, ipent the day in till city lust Sat
urday, coming down on the Telephone
and returning on the Unssalv in the
Judge McBrlde held an adjourned term
of circuit court here luit Saturday and
d a nosed of a few unlmnortaiit matter
The Judge'! next official visit to this
place will bo August int.
Mr. M. C. Cano, who taught at IIoul
ton and In this city five years ago, and
who baa-many friend In thin county,
ha lust been elected to the thlnl year
of the prlnclpalship of the UlllHOoro
public schools.
The three-foot addition to the length
of the smokestack ol the steamer Amer
ica makea a decided Improvement in the
marance of that boat. It aeenia to
elevate the boat at leant one-half, and
dda fifty per cent to her appearance.
The teachera' institute to be held here
next week, beginning Monday, promises
to be a very liiU-reittiug meeting. Some
uit'itns of entertainment for the teachera,
outside of school work, alum Id lie pro
vided by the citizen here. Let ua get
An old county warrant wai received
for tares at the shurlfTi office last week.
It waa drawn July 8, IHmi, to John
Nelson, forf I, and algncd by N. C. llale,
county clerk. The warrant will be thir
teen yeara old In a few days, and haa
never been endorsed.
Miaa Flora "Vincent was brought up
from Rainier last Saturday. Mia Vin
centliad been teaching school back of
that piece, and was attacked with inter
mittent fever, from which alio haa been
suffering for nearly a month. Her con
dition U now improving at the home of
tier alater, Mid. U. 'J. llulcy.
Thonaands of people throughout the
Ut will gather in Portland to celebrate
the Fourth of July this year. The cele
bration in that city will be especially
interesting. Although aending a big
day In the metropolis la hard work for
the averave person from the country,
thousands will be there, nevertheless.
The Haannlo, the new O. B. & N.
aternwheel steamer, made a ruu to As
toria from Portland lost Sunday, cover
ing the entire distance in 4 hours and
344 minutes, beating any previous re
cord by 12 minutes. After bur machin
ery becomes smoothed down it is likely
she will bo able to brat hor last Hun
day's record.
The FooSfc Shut Banking Company,
of Hlllaboro, have ollcred to refund the
debt of Washington county, aggregating
about 24,0OO, at 4 per cent interest.
When county warrants were drawing 8
percent interest, that tanking linn
loaned money to the county at 0 per
cent, and this latter oiler of a low rate
is almost phenoiiiomul.
That meeting of bicyclist called to
meet at the court house on Saturday
night a week ago, did not materialize
for some reason. The season for cycling
is becoming quite well advanced, and if
any action is to be taken looking to the
building of a path from 8t. Helens to
Warren, it ia time a move was made.
Warren cyclists are very anxious to as
sist in the matter.
Eugene Whitney and Allan Robinson
started last Friday for Snake river, in
the vlciuity of where the drowning of the
Whitney boys occurred. Those gentle
men Intended to patrol the Snake and
Columbia to The Dalles in search of the
body of llert Whitney. If (he body was
not recovered before reaching The Dalles
it was their intention to continue the
search to this place.
Captain A. A. Henderson, oi Houlton,
is Interesting himself again in the deep
tea fishing busiuuss oil the mouth of the
Columbia, A company baa been organ
ized In Astoria for the promotion of that
industry, and Captain Henderson has
been employed to operate the schooner,
that line of Industry having been fol
lowed successfully by Uie captain for
many year on the Eastern coast.
Bert West wai down from Scappoose
laat Friday evening in quest of material
for poisoning gray squirrels, which be
declared were carrying olf his entire
corn Held. Mr. West haa a number of
acres planted to corn, and if ho can suc
ceed in exterminating the squirrels, and
weather conditions are favorahle, he
will have an abundance of that product
for ensilage and food in varioua forma
for his dairy herd this winter.
Mr. E. II. Flugg, of Salem, formerly
editor of this paper, was in the city lost
Saturday, accompanied by bis son. Mr.
Flags stated that he noted many changes
and Improvements in and around St.
Helens and spoke encouragingly of the
future of the county, n. ti. was a mem
ber of the laat house of representatives
and savs he will try for the nomination
again for that place at the hands of the
republican convention oi Marion county
The closing exercises of the school in
district No. 1, Scappoose, will be bold in
The children and teacher, Miss Mary
doL. Vincent, Have Deen working tiara
to nrenara an entertaininii nrosrumme.
Mr. Motter, of Portland, who always
delight an audience witn ma recitations,
has kindly consented to take part. An
admission of 10 cent and 15 cents will
be charged, the proceeds to go toward a
library lor tue new school
The average man who complains of
hard times ia the one who gets up In the
morning and pulls on a pir of socks
which he has purchased in Portland,
puts on a pair of cheap shoes that he
purchased at a hand-me-down store;
suit of clothes which he ordered made
in Chicago, goes to hia brenkfaat and
draw up a cnair purennacu fnn.i.isu,
and t.a from a table that came from
San Friim-iHco. sweetens his coffee from
Rio with sugar from Iiouisinna, takes a
slice of ham cureu in ch. ixmia, mm um-
Waa 1,1 urn It of MIllllfHOtft flour With
olemargarlne from the Lord only knows
where, puts on an overcoat bought in
Portland and goes over to his neighbor
and complains of hard times. Of courso
times are hard when everything people
eat, drink and wear come from some
where else, and only the atmosphere we
breathe is a homo institution.
Illniihack salmon are running quite
W. I). Connoll has moved all his stock
from Deer Island to the main lund.
Mr. S. U. Bchoonover, ex-county com
missioner, was In the city Monday even-
Miss Bessie Edwards, of Portland,
was the guest of Mrs. J. W. Day during
the week.
Judge Doan was up from Rainier on
w eduesilay attending to county and pro
bate matters.
Mr, Win, Suholz, of Scappoose, was In
town Tuesday afternoon attending to
business matters. .
Mrs. O.tl . Mnygnr will serve Ice cream
at hr residence every day and evening
during ne'xt week.
Mr. I. Bumgurdner, of Deer Island,
was In Portland the first of the week at
tending to business,
W ... .. t w. i -. ...
mi. ruruivai imtiunn. jura. W. 11.
Dolman and Dr. Yeargain have gone to
i-Fuiin-ui tun miiu BlHMUllglltJU UiVir BUIU
mur camp.
Rev. C. K. Phllbrook will preach next
Sunday at Yankton at 11 a. in., at Houl
ton at 8 M p. in., and at St. Helens in
the evening.
There will lie a large excursion to tills
nlace next Tuesday from Portland,
brought down by one of tho Shaver Com
pany's boats, so it said.
A complete account of the colliseion
and train wreck, which occurred at llol
brook lust Sunday evsnlng, will be found
on the first page of tho paper this week.
The supply of wood for winter use is
being delivered at the court house.
1'rcpuriitlons for winter before summer
arrives is a little out of the ordinary.
Mr. Able Reed, an aired ladv resldinii
on R'-ck creek, near Vernunia, died at
her home on Tuesday of lust week. De
ceased bad been very ill for some time.
Dr. 11. R. Cliir spent a couple of days
In Kulama this week, oll'eringexpert tes
timony in a damage suit in Uie superior
court, wherein tho county of Cowlitz is
the defendant.
A number of Knights of Pythias from
this city went to Rainier last Sunday to
attend the memorial ceremonies conduc
ted at the cemetery by Rainier lodge in
honor of their departed brethren.
James Sheldon visited Clifton Tues
day on business connected with hi lish-
purchasing all airs. James report a
fairly ianre lanro run of bluebacka. but
aay tew chinook salmon are being taken.
The steamer Kellomr has discontinued
trios through the vVillauietle slough
until Die water goes down. The regular
trip fioni Portand to Kelso wili con
tinue, but the river instead of the slough
will be traveled.
A little dnuithtar arrivad at the home
of Mr. and Mr. Thomas Meserve, of Hel
ena, last Thursday. It is said Miss Mes-
erve Is rather well pleased with tier sur
roundings, and will probably become a
permanent resident of Heaver valley.
The county treasurer has issued an
other call for warrants this week, this
time for all outstanding script endorsed
prior to July 1st, 1HUH, thus the county
: i .i L... I, : i . : . i. .1
IS ivnw viiiu sv jrwr uuiiuiu wii.11 mo pur
inent of warrants, a coo-amendable
showing, Indeed.
Lookiuir over our files one day this
week our file ot 18U.1 we find that next
to the last issue in June of that year the
paper bore the same date as the present
issue June 23. Thus it has been 322
weeks since an issue of this patter in
June bore a corresponding dale.
A lartro vield of hops Is now almost an
assured fact throughout the state, and
prices are certain to tend tiiiriier Mian
that prevailing last year. Some con
tracts at 12 cents a pound are being
made, but most producers are holding
olf, expecting to receive at least 16 cents
per pound, utile trouble irom lice is
now anticipated, and altogether the out
look for a profitable hop crop is very en
Mr. W. F. Slaughter, of Mayirer, is ar-
ranirinx to move to this city and atsuuie
charge of the business of the Oregon
Wood Company. Mr. U. U. Wayger hav
ing disposed of his interests in the bus
iness. Mr. Slaughter is also contem
plating the purchase of the Quick
building, occupied as an office and resi
dence by Mr. Clecton. Should Mr.
Slaughter locate here, the entire business
management of the Wood Company's
interests will be In his hands.
Messrs. Martin White and Chas.
Blakslev returned to this city Tuesday
evnniiia- after finish inir the assessment
of the Nelmlmu valley. The work was
completed this year in six days. Here
tofore 11 lias requireu aoout in rue wc-
for one man to acconiiuisii uie worx.
Mr. White says the held work is fin
ished for this vear with the exception
of assessing the property In St. Helens.
Work on the roll will be commenced at
once and rushed with all possible haste
In order to have it ready for the board
of equalization, which meets on Monday,
August ZHtti.
Mr. R. Relchardt and friend, ot Chi
cago, who have spent a couple of weeks
In tills county, starieu last oaturuuy
their return home. They expected to
visit a few places in other states while
en route. Mr. Relchardt, who had once
resided in this county, was much pleased
at the improvements which have been
tnado in tue county since ne icit nere ui
in 1802, and says that a great tide of im
migration to this coast will undoubtedly
set in within the next few months
Particularly since tornadoes have be
come so frequent in the East will people
seek refuge on tins coast from tneir uo
strttction ot life.
u. nr, Tt,w r,f fAvcMr war in
4.11. T-111. .".JPi " ' "
town Tuesday, leading a team of 7-year-old
bay horses which he had purchased
from Mr. Amos Mluvens, oi warren.
Mr. Luck planked down $800 In gold coin
for tho naked team, and walked away
...i.u il.nt u.mil.1 lu.1u.ata that llM
considered that he had hit a bargain,
and inoeeii. we guess no imu. mi
years ago Mr. Slavens would have been
in big 1-ck to dispose of the same team
for 16u, and yet the country continues
to go to thunder under the evils of the
..nrimainir imld standard and a republi
can administration. Within the last
year or two there nas ueeii iinm
donted domand tor good horses, and
ii....a hn h i ip in to disDoseofcan
always got any price they ask.
Thoro will be an apportionment of
school funds on the first Monday in July.
Under the new law. the county school
superintendent will make appropria
tions tour times during the year, on
the first Monday in January, April,
July and October, In the follow ing man
ner: Of the school funds collected in
pursuance of the school tax levy of the
COlinty conn, iiu onnu, 1
portion $50 to each district in the county
law: and the balance of the fund re
maining shall be apportioned among the
..i j.u. In rtrnnnrtinn to the
at lias reporwu w mm . j-.... - j
sevuriti iiibiii iv.va ... c . v
number of persons in each district over
four ana unuer u a . - -
bv the last censuB. The April, July and
. , li.,nlant. fll-A tn OA IliailC
uiaoner sppi'i -'o'"""" - " , . ,i ..
to the districts in protortiori to the
ciuuireii ui ni-.m'"i
I on a basis of 50 or any Bxod sum.
ti.i a..i.n..i n-, rAiwirimi iinu iiul
Mr, and Mrs. Cleeton were in Port
land Tuesday.
Miss Lottie Cooper, of Kalama, is vis
iting in tne city.
Miss Beatrice Crouse left on Monday
for Houlton, Maine, where she will re
main indefinitely.
Mrs. George Howard, of Oregon City
spent the week visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Uilmore.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Neot, of Portland,
spent the week In this city visiting Mr.
and Mrs. J, H. Sheldon.
Jesse Hendricks, of Perls, waa tn town
Wednesday and reports the health of
his brother, John, as being very feeble.
"Winter all summer" is not an untrue
saying, by any means. Quite a heavy
frost last Tuesday night is reported from
Deer Island.
Mrs. Martin White, who has spent
nearly three months visiting relatives in
Wisconsin and Kansas, is expected to
arrive home Saturday evening.
Mrs. T W. Tllltrick f.,rn.ur1 ct ti.u
county, has arrived sufely at the home
ui nur uauiiiiier, nirs. tj. v. Keasey,
at Kolla, Mo. After spending some time
In MluMAIlvl Mm. Tlulvlnlp ..no... n
visit her mother, in Pennsylvania.
The new bridge In front of John
Campbell's place, on Hock creek, on the
Vernonia-Keasey road, built by Super
visor Pettyjohn and others, will be
highly appreciated by the traveling
nubile. It is anlil that tt.n road In that
district is a little ahead of any in that
section oi tne country.
Chris Anderson, arrested some time
slni'A At. Willi.ur lui. f-i fUir,,. mirta al.,.t
at the steamer No Wouder, and who
was tried in the circuit court in Multno-
iuuii county, was released from custody
in 1'flf-t.lnml U'wlnoutuu luumiiM, tlx.
county had no jurisdiction in the matter.
The shooting occurred in Columbia
county, and in all probability will be
subsequently tried here.
As a result of eating ice cream In
which lurked ptomaines, 26 of a party
of picnicers were poisoned at Fulton
Park last Sunday. Those most seriously
affected were : Leo, Mattie, Mamie and
Burl Llthcrland, of Fulton, and Elda
and Edward liunsakor. also of Fulton.
These children displayed serious symp
toms of poisoning about 0 o'clock in the
evening, several hours after the picnic,
anu temporary remedies were applied
until a doctor could be secured, it took
a greater part of the night to bring the
sufferers out all right and all were re
stored except one. The cream was
bought at a store in Portland.
A' few years ago there was such a vol
ume of business to be transacted by the
local land office and the department at
Washington that it required, generally,
from two to three years to secure a pat
ent to lands after proof had been made.
The work is well up now in the de
partments ana patents are issued to
claimants within a few weeks after proof
is made. A list of patents for claimants
arrived at the Oregon City office tbis
weex, among the list being the names of
the following Columbia county persons:
Albert Wood. Christopher Saurveine.
Joseph Netch and Giovanni Filipelli.
inese parties proved up on uieir land
less than three mouths ago.
Last fall I sprained my left hip while
handling: some heavy boxes. The doctor
I called on said at first it was a slight
strain and would soon be well, but it
grew worse and the doctor then said I
bad rheumatism. It continued to grow
worse, and 1 could hardly get around to
work. I went to a drutr store and the
druggist recommended me to try Cham
berlain's fain Halm. 1 tried It. and one-
half of a 60-cent bottle cured me entirely.
I now recommend it to all my friends.
F. A. Babcock. Erie. Pa. It is for sale
by Dr. Ddwin Ross.
Questioned about the extent of future
disclosures in the electric world, Edison
replied : "ihere is no end to anything.
Man ia so finite that he cannot possibly
learn one millionth part of what is to
oe Known, tie might put oo years on
the study of water alone and beyond
learning the component parts of it. be
would know nothinir. Only the ignor
ant say that we are near the limit in in
vention; there Is no limit. 1 believe
the life of man can be prolonged man
ouirht to live to be 100 years of age.
This can be done by supplying lost tissue
from the lower animals by tranfusion
and engrafting. We would live longer,
but we abuse ourselves by excesses ana
The tax roll tor 1808 Is now closed and
the sheriffs will begin copying the de
linquent roll at once. On the original
roll, including sheriff's assessments,
there was a total to be collected of 42-
1(12.12, of which, up to June 20, $34
441.28 had been collected, leaving a de
linquency or 7,7iu.s4. mere win oe
no credits made on the roll until after
the delinquent roll haa been copied, but
persons desiring to pay their tax need
defer the matter no loneor on that ac
count, because the money will be re
ceived and receipted for. Hereafter
when taxes are paid, the a-per-cent
penalty will lie added. The delinquent
roll must be prepared for tho county
court when it convenes in July, and
that body will order final action in the
matter. It is more than likely that at
least two-thirds of the amount now de
linquent will be paid in before the roll
is advertised, as after that time addi
tional costs will be made. The payment
ot taxes this year has been very satisfac
tory, resulting iu the county paying oft"
about $30,000 of its debt since laat year.
Probate Hattera.
Judge Doan, on the 15th Inst., ap
pointed Judge J. C. Moreland.of Portland,
administrator of the estate of Murdo
McKay, deceased.
An order was made the same day sot
ting aside the personal property belong
ing to the estate of Thos. 8. Loughery.
deceased, for the use ot the widow and
minor children.
Would Not Buffer Bo Again lor Fifty
Times Its Price.
I awoke last night with severe pains
in my stomach. I never felt so badly in
all mv life. When I came down to work
this morning I felt so weak I could hardly
work. I went to Miller & McCnrdy's
drug store and they recommended Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It worked like magic, and one
dose fixed ine all right. It certainly is
the finest thing I ever used for stomach
trouble. I shall not be without it in my
home hereafter, tor I should not care to
endure the sutTerinps of laat night for
fifty times its price. G. H. Wilson.
Livervman, Btirgottstown, Washington
county, Pa. This remedy ia for sale by
Dr. Edwin Ross, druggist.
JL el sdraiiittrator of the entiite ot Munlo
McKay, deeeawd, tiy the County Court oi tho
Huito of Ornron, for Columbia County, and hau
qualified. All crtoil8 having; claims againdt
said Mtute are hereby not!! ed to present them
to nio, with iiropor vouchors, wllhln six month
Irom thl date, at mv oflloe, room 727, Chamber
of Commerce, Portland, Oregon, or to J. G.
Wattt. at bin oraoe at Ihe eoart home, in at. Hel
ena. Hated June 21, WW. .
(Htirned) .1. C. MOREI.AND,
Administrator ol the estatoof Murdo McKay,
deceased. i J23J21
Lands tn Township 2, Haiige O, Sub
ject to Entry.
Umitkd States Land Orrica,
Okeuom City, Or., June 17, 1899.
Notice is hereby given that the ap
proved fractional plat of township 2
north, range 0 west, has been received
from the surveyr general of Oregon, and
on August 1st, 1HU0, at 0 o'clock A. M.
of said date, said plat will bo fild in this
office and the lands therein embraced
will be subject to entry on and after said
date. On as. B. Mookbs, Register.
Wm. Galloway, Receiver.
A Card ot Thanks.
I wish to sav that I feel under lasting
obligations for what Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has done for our family.
We have used it in so many cases of
coughs, lung tronbles and whooping
cough, and it has always given the most
perfect satisfaction, we feel greatly in
debted to the manufacturers of tbis rem
edy, and wish them to please accept our
hearty thanks. Respectfully, Mas. S.
Duty, Des Moines, Iowa, ior sale by
Dr. Edwin Ross, druggist.
Call at the Columbia gallery, at Rain
ier, for the beat pictures of the mount
ains, timber, Columbia river, ocean and
fishing scenes; also a fine photo of your
self, sweetheart, family, ranch, house,
stock, etc., by J. F. Ford.
La nii Orncs.AT Oauioa City, Oa.,
June 12th, 1899.
followiiiK-iiained settler has filed notice of
his Intention to make final proof lu siipfairtof
tits claim, that said proof will be made before
ttic Couuly Clerk ot Columbiaeounty,at St. Hel
ena, Orogou, od July 22, 1WHJ, via:
lidinvffteiw envry 10. v-jni, u tue ui uwu ui
section S2, n'i of aw of section 2V, township D
norm, rang! a
lie names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said iann, vu: Martin uutreniai, ixiuis iioeca,
Carl Kick man and !ee Handera, all of Kcaner,
Oregon. JI6J21 CHAtt. U. MOOKK, Register.
Lamd Orrics at Oasaos City, Oh,,
June 12th. 1S99.
following-named settler has filed notice ot
his intention to make final proof In support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the County clerk of Columbia County, at
St. Helens, Oregon, on July 22, vm, vis:
Homestead entrr 90H2. for the southeast W of
section so, township 6 north, range 6 west. He
names tne toiiowiug wiineases to prove Ala con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, via: Thomas Vettljohn, of Vernonia, Or
egon, W. C. Kickinan, August Schlllupert and
Fred Kalllnal. of Keosev. Oregon.
J1SJ21 CHAS. B. MOOKBS, Register,
Lixd Orrics at Oheook City. Or.,
April 25. 1199.
following-named settler has tiled notice of
his ItiUintlnu to make final nroof in suoDort of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Register and Receiver at Oregon City, Ore
gon, on June Attn, IB'j, vis:
Homestead Entry 10.190. for the northeast W of
ectiou 14, township t north, range 8 west. He
names the following witnesses to prove bis con
tlnuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Paul J. HchoU, of Helton, Oregon,
Otto Williams, of Hi. Helens, Oregon, William
Guild, of fcanvle Island, Oregon, I'crcival Bu
chanan, ot Portland, Oregon.
b2m CHA8. B. MOORES, Register.
Lakd Orrics at Oregon City. Or.,
Jane 16th, 1899.
following-named settler bas filed notice of
his intention to make final proof In support ot
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver, at Oregon City,
Oregon, on August 2nd, 1S99, vii:
john a. Mcdonald,
Homestead entrr WHO. for the st of swli. and
nwH of sw?. of section 27, and ne of sej of
section 28, township 4 north, range 4 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove bis
Continuous reiidence upon, and cultivation of
said land, vis: Simon D. Yoder, Jonas Y. Kauff
man, John C. Muliins and Anthony Marcbion,
all of Vernonia, Oregon.
J2j2S CH AH. B. MOORES, Register.
Land Orrics at Orsgon City, Or .
June 16th. 1899.
following-named settler haa tiled notice of
his Inteutlon to make final proof tn support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver, at Oregon City.
Oregon, on August 2nd, 1S99, vis:
Homestead enlrv No. 9772. for the nwW of sec
tion 13, township 4 uortb, range 4 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
said land, vis: John C. Mulllua. HInion D.
Y oner, J. A. McDonald ana miup uiann, all oi
Vernonia. Oregon.
J2HJ28 CHA8. B. MOORES, Register.
Land Orrics at Oregon City. Or..
June 16th, 1899.
following-named settler has filed notice of
his Intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver, at Oregon City,
Oregon, on August 2nd, 1899, via:
Homestead entry No. 9K92, for the neW ot section
16, township 4 north, range 4 west.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
ol said land, vis: John A. McDonald, John C.
Mull ns. Jonas Y. Kautrman and Anthony Mar-
Chbm, all of Vernonia, Orcgou.
)2j28 CHAS. B. MOORES, Register.
Land Orrics at Oregon City, Or.,
June 1, 1899.
foliowtng-named settler has tiled uotice of
his intention to make flual proof lu support of
hlsclaim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver, at Oregon City,
Oregon, on August 2nd, 1899, vis:
Homestead entry No. 9983, for the nl of the nwW
and wt of ne.'i of section 22, township 4 north,
range 4 west.
lie uainos the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, vis: John A. McDonald, Rimon D.
Yoder. Jonas Y. KuulTman and Philip Glnhn, all
of Vernonia, Oregon.
j23)28 CHAS. B. MOORES, Register.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or.,
June 16, 1899.
li following-named settler haa tiled notice of
his intention to make final proof In support of
nis ctaim, anu mat saia prom win ne maae na
ture the Register and Receiver, at Oregon City,
Oregon, on August 2nd, 1899, vis:
Homestead entry 9920. for the ' of the ne,
and vH of sej of section 21, township 4 north,
range i west.
He names the following witnesses to prove
nts continuous residence upon ana cultivation
of said laud, via: tsinion D. Yoder. Jonas Y.
Kautrman, John C. Mulllns and Philip Ulahn,
all of Vernonia, Oregon.
J28J2S CHAS. B. MOORES, Register.
. IL.
For Catalogue, address
r. i.. t;AoirsrUL, rres.
Or W. A. WANN, Secretary of Faculty.
School Report.
Moohesvii.lb, Or., June 0. -(To the
Editor of Turn Mist.) Following it the
report of the Mooresville school, dis
trict No. 20, for the month beginning
May 16 to June 0.
No. of doys taught, 19
No. ot days attendance,. , 309
No. of days absence 88
No. of times tardy, .7
No. of girls enrolled .12
No. of boys enrolled 12
Total enrolled 24
Average No. belonging 24
Average daily attendance 1U
Those neither absent nor tardv during
the month were, Myrtle Schulz, Ethel
Davis, Clarence lJavis and Virgil
Visitors during the month were, Mrs.
a. McNaughton, Mm. J. E. Comhoy,
Mrs. O. V.Anderson, Mrs. E.J. Webber,
Mrs. H. Shtilz, Mrs. A. Agnew, Mrs. A.
J. Eisele, Mrs. F. Wasser, Mrs. J. M.
Davis, Mrs. M. Walling, Mrs. A. Peoples
and Mrs. L. Archibald of Mooresville:
Mrs. B. Crabb and Mr. V. Sicotte, of
Ooble and Otis Fulton, ol Neer City.
Lois L. Wtl, Teacher.
Mick Headaches,
The curse of overworked womanhood,
are quicklv and surely cured by Karl's
Clover Root Tea. the great blood purifier
and tissue builder. Money refunded if
not satisfactory. Pi ice 26 cts. and 60
cts. Bold by Dr. Edwin Kobb, druggist,
St. Helens, and N. A. Perry, Houlton.
County Treasurer's Notice.
St. Hki.iks, or., Jane 23, 1899.
tiitnuld Cmntv Warrants of Columbia
County, Oregon, which have been presented
and endorsed' "Not Paid for Want ot Funds,"
prior to July 1st, 1898, will be paid upon pre
sentation at this ottice. Interest will not be al
lowed after this date. KIHVIN ROrM,
J2SJ21 Treasurer of Columbia County, Oregon.
Notice of Final Settlement.
June 7th. 1899. Ihe undersigned filed Ms
Anal account as administrator In the County
Court of the state of Oregon, for Columbia
County, and that by onler of said Court, duly
made and entered, the 8th day of July, 1899, at
the Court room ,,t said Court. In said county, at
ten o'clock A. M. was designated as the time
and place for bearing objections to the allow
ance OI SRia nnai accoaui anil me Kuieuirw
thereof. G. D. DUNNING,
Administrator of the Estate of Michael Fitzger
ald, deceased. J9J7
ia County, State or Oregon.
Tcsidlne In Oak Point Precinct. Colnmoia
County, State of Oregon, would respectfully pe
tition your honorable body at its next regular
term, which will be held on ihe 5th day of JhIy
1899, in the Courthouse in St. Helens, Colombia
County, State of Oregon.that a license be granted
to w. u. rui.MASf losell spirituous, viuousaun
malt liquors In quantities less than one gallon
in Oak Point Precinct, at Mavger. Columbia
County. Oregon, and that said license be granted
for a iwriod of six mouths, for which we will
ever pray:
w r btaugnter, mas niaca, joqu iejaruau,
Hcnrv Henderson. Wm McCallam.R H King. A P
McOraw.LHtockenberg. JasStockenberg.charles
Churchill. Ionard S Mason. A Storkeuberg. Jaa
Cooper.Wm Ternahan, Chas Erickson, J E Black,
c A Ternahan.Kooert lernanan.narics unaiu,
Louis Fluhrer. DWEwing, Oliver Ranger, CM
Pulllam, N C Ewing, Jno firaysnt, F l Crandall
w AI Luslc, w M Koneris, t; r tiaviusou, J n
Huffman. Fred Fluhrer. Frank F. Barnes. G W
Barnes, O F. Barnes, W A W inter. F Ford, Charley
Mavger, Wm Fluhrer, C R Dilley. John Dooley,
Arabros Madden, 8 R Norgren, A M Anderson,
M C McDonald, Stephen McBarnes, J W Turner,
Olltroisen, T Taylor, P C Uallaher, Carl otock
enberg, John Wilson, Hlmon Kaspar.
To the Honors rle Cockty Court or Colum
bia County. Oregon:
residing in Deer Island precinct. Colum
bia County, State of Oregon, would respectfuily
petition your nonoraoie ooay at its next regmar
tcrm, which will be held on the 5th day of July,
1899. in the Cnitrthoiiye in theCilv of St. Helens.
Columbia County. State of Oregon, that a license
tie graated too. E. Hunter, to sell spirituous,
vinous and malt liquors in quantities less than
one gallon iu Peer Island precinct, in said
County and State, and that said license be
granted for a period of one year, for which we
win ever pray:
(Dated at Goble this 39th day of April, 1899.)
W E Hunter, H M Fowler, Curtia Baird, Wm
Burdock. Jos Lawrence. Frank Welter. G S Fos
ter, F C Cleaver, C E Leavens, I C Monroe, L
Pressey, Victor Purer, A F Baton, Thomas Peo
ples, Frank Webber, J W Ball, J Buroee. O L
Vivian, Wm Hartley, F h Sweet, G C Jaqnisb, C
AKiers, u uenDer, cnas Anuerson, w u frame,
F S Webber, J E Voncarnap, George Foster Jr.,
A Emmons, W Delano, B H Near, Jay Archibald,
M McKay, G W PiUenberg, 0 A Spinneys, B
Havard, J A Anderson, C VonBergen, E Wasser.
Ch Morel. T Wasser. L Ptfhman. M Link. H
Stehman, T O Connell. G W Farr. Otto Graf.
Gabriel Grazabal, B McCormlck, B Jenne, I M
Sencer. Jack Despalu, J E Conboy C Krauke,
John Dunne, Will Bishop, James Holden, Henry
Wake, Jus A Kul, H Blake. P Drumm. C E
Spragne, C L Wilcox, Geo W Iman, John Black
eter. ml9J23
In the County Court of the State ot Oregon, for
coiumuia county.
F rants which were issued more than seven
years prior to the first day of July, 1899, which
nave not been paid, to wnom issued, amount of
each warrant and the dats of issuance, and the
number and class oi warrant, ana if said war
rants are not presented for payment within sixty
(Oi) days from the first day of July, 1899, they
win tie canceueu ny omer oi tne county court,
aud payment thereof will be refused:
75 ....July, 1884.. ..L Elliott I 100
78 ....Ju v. 1884. ...Fred Weed 160
824 ....Jan., 1885.... Wm Symons 2(10
arc ....Jan.. two... .jamea tiauiiiion .... ? w
826 .. . .July, 1886. . . .John M Crook 1 70
827 ....July, 18S6....John Link 1 70
829 ....Julv,1886....KHndson 170
85S ....July, l8s....jas Dobbins 2 00
879 ....July, 1886.. ..John Nelson 100
884 ....Julv, 1886.... Barnes ferine 2 10
8M .:..Jnly,lU86....8usanBumdstelt.... 8 30
127 .. . .Jan., 1887. . . .McKercherA Thomp
son 1 40
338 ....Julv, 1887.... Charles Olson S 00
505 ....Sept. 1887.. ..Ira Epperson 3 10
740 ....Jan., 1888... .Marv Benham ... 190
741 ....Jan., 1888.... WRBates 170
830 ....Apr., 8S8....Mrs DeJournette 2 10
Sill ....Apr.,1888....H Bradley 2 40
83S ....Apr.,1888....Geo 1) Barhard 75
91S ....Julv, 1888....J RMcGraw S 00
978 ....July, 1888.... Wm Ames. 10 50
401 ....Jan.. 1889.... A 1 James ;. 100
184 ....Sept. 1889.. ..Cnaa Meserve.... 8 76
512 ....Oct., 1889....J 11 Bouser... 2 20
695 ....Jan.. 1890.... James Wallace & W
Ltiraham 17 45
708 ....Apr.. 1890. ...Levi Somen 2 90
707 Apr.. 1890.... J JVenetta 1 60
987 ....July, 1890 . ..James Kelley 1 00
1UU.. ..July, 1KHI....A B Lewis. S 00
1104.. ..Aug. 1890.. ..W S Miller I 70
1406..,.Mch. 1891. ...Jesse Burnett 8 50
1419... .Mch. 1891... .Nat MoOraw 1 00
1421.,.. Men. 1891.... George Morton 1 00
1611. ...July, 1891. ...Charles Hart. 2 00
1688.. ..July, 1891..,. Margaret McAyeal... 11 00
1637. ...Julv, 1891. ...Martin Burnt 4 20
1650.... July, 1891.... H Burns 4 20
1779.. ..Nov. 1891... .John Slitt 1 60
1784. ...Nov. 1891....MrsFennisDeRock.. 2 00
1816.. ..Nov. 1891.... Jno Watson 4 40 i
1950. ...Mch. 1892.. ..Henry Nelson 8 10'
1964. ...Mch. 1892... .Martha E stratton... 2 70 i
2060.. .. May, 18U2....Chaa Gumma 2 76i
Total 131 JO
J. 0. WATTS, Count; Clerk.
Cfof XT
Training School for Teachers. New Build-.
inga, new departments, ungraded
Cottntry School Work.
....Graduate Steurt Good Position....
Strong Courses, Well Equipped Training
iwpanmem. normal course quicaesi
and best war to State Certificate.
Expenses (or year from flM to f!60, or
Doard i-'.w to a.rju per week, in It
ion 16.25 for term of ten weeks.
Fall form btgin Sept. 19th. Summtr
nrm Junt x ro jepr. i.
, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts, I
was the originator of "CASTORIA," the same that
has borne and does now bear M. , on euery
me jac-smue signature of
This is the original "CASTO
the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty years,
LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it
the kind you have always bought - on the
and has the signature of Crfyfl&ci wrap-,
per. No one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. H. Fletcher is President
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting
a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you ,
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in-;
gradients of which , even he does not know.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You.
twi mmtw mumnit, n Mumuv tiuTs mwmhii tm.
....St. Helens Popular Store... 2
We Have Everything You Want 2
in the Line of
fc: Oar Prices are Eight I Come and See ns, whether 5
ST yon bay or not. We are pleased to Z2
show goods and give prices. m
1 Loggers' Outfits. Logging Camps Supplied
....St. Helens Meat Market.... g
.:.... ff. SHELDON, Prop..... g
Fresh Meats, Sausage, Hams, Bacon, Lard
y Bacon, Lard and Hams Sold way Down. Special Rates
j, Given on Orders or Large Quantities oi Meat.
Carries a Large Assortment of..-.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats Caps Dresses, Etc
Our line of groceries, tobacco, cigars, candies, nuts, fruits, etc., is
new and clean, in fact, our entire stock consists of strictly up-to-date
goods, which we invite the public to inspect. Portland prices for goods.
H. MORGUS, Proprietor,
St Helens, Oregon
Willamette Prune.
-Next Door to N. P. R. Office
Including a 13.90 Shoe
S for Ladles or Men
253 Morrison Street, Near Third, Portland, Oregon a
tZ-cuc wrapper.
Rl A" which has been used in
T " "
Harris' Old Stand
We have a choice lot of one and two-year-old
trees, such as Ben Davis, Northern Spy, Bald
win, Spitzenberg and Gravenstein,
One and two-year-old trees, ctons were obtained from a
prominent fruit grower, and were cut Irom bearing trees.
-:- SALE
All Styles. Black or Tan
All Warranted.
A Pair u

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