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DAVID DAVIS, Editor and Proprietor.
Bnferrlflla Hale.
One copy one ;nr to edvauos... -II 30
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Advertising nt "vmeds known upon application
eoimtv orrirERs.
Jndge Joaeph B. Dnan, Rainier
(Jlera ..... ....J. . nnw,r. nrmii
UL.rtir J. N. Klee, t'latskanie
Treasurer . t. : K. Ko, Ht. Helen
Bunt, of school t opeiami, " arren
anr Martin White. Uiiliioy
Bilrvevor t'eo. Hayee, Nttyger
Coroner ,Dr. H. R. Cliff, St. Helena
. , i. ' p. A. Frages, canpoe
Coinmlesloner I '' N- D. f,emu, Nlst
JANUARY 2, 1900.
It is noteworthy fact that never in
the history of the public schools of this
county has the progress made been so
satisfactory as has been the caso during
the'past two years. Very much of the
credit" is due - to the excellent system
established b-r Superintendent Cope-
land arid the conscientious manner in
Which he has performed his ofiicial
work. . Mr. Copeland is an educator of
the advanced class. He has made edu
cational matters and methods a deep
end earnest study. No other one in the
county ia better equipped than he to
perform such official work, and for that
reason his renomination for bis present
place ought to be, and undoubtedly is,
am assured fact.
It no other demand is made by the
people of this county upon their repre
sentative in the next legislature, who
ever he may be, of whatever political
faith, or whether he has any faith or
not, the demand alioald be made upon
him to use bis beat endeavors for the
enactment of a law creating a state
boaxd of equalization. The experience
of one year's assessment in this state is
quite enough, and as must be the case,
one year more to follow with such redic
nlously discriminate assessment work as
has been done the past year throughout
the. state, we believe the people will be
a loud in their demands for a state
board of equalization as they were a
year ago clamorous for its abolition.
Let's keep this matter in mind and
"goad up" our next legislator.
,Now that opportunity ia about to
present itself for progressive enter
prise in our immediate vicinity, it ia
strictly in keeping with the order of
things for some old blatherskite to fling
disparagement at it! Because an elec
tion is approaching, everything, in the
mind's eye of gome people, must be
subordinated to that event. If people
want to build a railroad they will build
it, and in this instance in question the
"want to" seems to be quite serious, but
it certainly is too bad that capitalists
have to be insulted and enterprise con
demned by a decrepit-in-mind old shys
ter) whose dominant ambition is to re
tard progress by howling "political
scheme." Sabby. In this instance
how unfortunate it is that prosperity
benefits the worthy and unworthy alike.
Hokisty is always to be commended,
and honesty in the long run, is certainly
the best policy. Because someone has
been dishonest, and reaps temporary
benefit, it certainly does not follow that
everybody should pursue the game dis
honest methods. The assessment of Co
lumbia county was justly, honorably
and correctly made, there being no other
policy that could be pursued with honor
and justice, and the fact that such is the
case speaks volumes for the integrity of
those who conducted' the canvass. Be
cause one man gets down into the mire
of disregard for honorable things in or
der to accomplish a little temporary re
lie, does not open the right-of-way for
others to follow in his unjust course.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
amount of money to be paid to the state
this year is an unequal sum, let it be
paid, but let an effort be put forth to
check the abusive methods of those who
take advantage 'of honor. The question
naturally ariaes: Shall we go forward
orjhall we go backward?
As encouraging sign of progress that
has already been made in the settlement
of the Cuban question is the fact that
409 farmers and mechanics have just
ailed from this country to Cuba, with
the intention of establishing a perma
nent American colony in the island.
This colony is to be located near the
port of Nuevitas, in the province of
Puerto Principe, in a tract consisting of
61,000 acres of virgin forest. Most of
the emigrant are from New York and
the New England states, like the hardy
pioneers who built np the great West,
while Western and Southern states are
also' represented, showing that the
movement toward the colonization of
the new territories is a national one.
The fact that already American colonies
are being projected in these regions is
proof that the tide of emigration lias
turned in that direction. With Ameri
can colonies scattered throughout the
islands, it is but a matter of time before
the American sentiment will predomi
nate and the Americanization be com
plete. The disparity in ratio between
the native inhabitants and the American
aet.tlers is no bar to the accomplishment
of this end. A few sturdy Yankees, in
troducing Yankee ideas, will go far
toward leavening the entire mass.
Ir there be anything in signs, the
coming year is going to be a hummer
for business in this locality, in fact,
throughout the county. Pawmills, wood
flumes, logging railroads and logging
tramways are projected by wholesale
lots, and eveu it only a part of the con
templated enterprises are brought to a
realisation, there will be decided changes
in old Columbia' borders. There never
baa been time in the history of the
county when prospects for new business
enterprise were so good as at present.
The natural resources are here in great
variety and endless quantity, and why
should we not have our dayT The lo
cation of the county in proximity to the
markets of not only our own domain,
but to those of the world, is such
as to command the investigation, utili
sation and placement of capital in its
rcleutless desire and search for invest
uient, Timber,, oodles of it, mineral,
too, in paying quantities, besides vast
deposits of coal, which i said to be worth
developing. And after these resources
which natnra has so bounteously sup
plied us with, are exhausted, if ever, the
lands are capable of producing the best
hay, fruit and grain of any region on the
coast. Let it all come to pass ; we guess
we can reconcile ourselves to our fate.
Indications now seem to point to the
fact that there will be but little conten
tion for places on the republican ticket
in the coming county convention. There
will probably be a spirited contest for
representative nomination, but it will
be friendly, and all aspirants will cheer
fully abide the decision of the delegates.
Judge Doan will very likely be renomi
nated by acclamation, as will also be the
case with Mr. Watts for clerk, and Dr.
Boss for treasurer. For sheriff and
assessor there art a number of candi
dates in the field, all good men, which
means that the convention can make no
mistake. We have heard of no opposi
tion to Mr. Copeland for school superin
tendent, and presume his nomination
will be unanimous. For the office of
county surveyor there is an open field,
as is also the case with the commis
sioner. No one seems to be willing to
have the office of coroner saddled off on
them because of the already certain
task of burying an unusnally large num
ber of defeated populist candidates.
But in regard to the work to be done by
the convention, the old saying that "the
best laid plans o' mice and men," etc.,
mav be realized.
A scheme is on foot among the popu
list leaders for the calling of a national
convention ahead of everybody else, and
the nomination of Bryan and some good
democrat on a populist platform. A
more successful way of embarrassing
Bryan and the democratic party could
scarcely be found. And, come to think
of it, have not the populists already a
ticket in the field with Barton and Don
nelly as leaders?
That prosperity is in the land has
been proven beyond the shadow of a
doubt, as the following item from an
exchange will witness : "The editor of
a neighboring county paper was Inst
week held up by two highwaymen and
robbed of $263 in cash and notes." This
fact removes all suspicion of hard times
from the minds of those who are in the
leastwise willing to be convinced.
Tins request of Mr C. G. Caples in a
communication which appears in this
iHsue, that the matter of lands attached
by the county for unpaid taxes, be
placed in its proper light, is an excel
lent idea, and we have made an effort to
comply. It is to be presumed that such
a discussion will have salutary effect
upon the county's exchequer.
The importance of regard for the re
quirements of the registration law and
an early compliance therewith will save
voters and registering officers alike
much trouble and worry. Do not put
off this important matter, but register
at once. Law is law ; be this one good
or bad, its requirements must be com
plied with.
The state democratic central com
mittee lias met in Portland and issued a
call for a state convention on April 12th.
Chairman Steele, of the republican com
mittee, will soon call a meeting of that
body, and the state republican conven
tion will probably be held early in April.
Ik all the prospective enterprises for
Columbia county are realized and pros
perity in greater slugs than now pre
vails forces itself upon us, what on
earth are the poppy's going to do?
Will they move out? Never; they will
remain to enjoy it with the rest of us.
Asotheb member of the Oregon legis
lature has gone to join the angels. 8.
G. Uawson, representative from Gilliam
county, in the lant scstion, shot and
killed himself at the Esmond hotel in
Portland, last Mondav. All over -a
woman, too. Just think of it.
There appears to be mistaken
idea in the minds of many regarding
registration thinking that only foreign
ers are compelled to register. This is a
great mistake. All must register, to
save themselves trouble when they
come to vote.
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Detailed Report of the Court' I)e
llberatlona-Ordere Made.
Be It remembered, that a regular term of the
County court 1 in aunt ot wvgon.ior me coin"
... f.lM twniu mid held at the cotltllY Court-
houae, Iu City ol ft. Helena, iu said County ami
Stale, otl Vt dnceuay, lite an uay oi January, it.
I. WOO. the him being the time Used by law
for holding regular term ol said court.
Present: lion. 1. B. Doau, Judgv; Hon. N. H.
PatBtsbin. cniiinilaalnner: Hon. r. A. crakes.
commissioner; J, O. Watte, clerk; J. N. Kite,
Due proclamation being made, the following
proceeding were had:
Petition of II. T. Beunett and other for a
county road, allowed, and J. W. Tiukham, Jus.
Beegle and M. Saxon apiioiuted viewer, to
meet at resilience oi I . ucuueu, wiiu vunut;
..n,.. . Jan. . 1MUl
Petition of Win. Kcidnilua and others for a
county road, allowed, and J. W. Thikhaia, Jas.
Beegleaud M. Saxon appointed viewers, to meet
at realdeuee ot H. T. Uenueil, with County tjur
vever, on Jan. ,
Petition, oft). U Hunter for liquor Uoeiuetor
Golile precinct, urauieu.
in thn matter of the antdlcatlnn ot C. ).
Catle lor remission of tales tor the years MM
ami iksu: , t ..... ...
This matter coming on to be beam, ana the
court being fully advised In the matter, II la or
deied by the court tbal upon the payment ol
the aura ot U by Hie aald f. U. Caplee, that
the sum o! J1S.M tw remittoi ana mo ciora narj
ervdittor the name. Whereupon the, aald C, U
faplea paid the naid sum of t-M.-U and a re
a,iitim cerliticaie was turned to said Caples.
Iu the matter of selectluir a Jury lor the year
1900, two hundred names were selected from the
assessment roll lor me jury nu
l th HtMrlMf nf th rMtfla-uattoil of W . J. Kilt
lerton as supervisor of road district No. II and
the examination ol his report, aald reslKtiallon
is accented and his report is allowed, and In.
elaiai for the sum of 4J as supervisor iaailowed
lu the matter of re-disirtctlug Columbia
I n the matter of designating the official paper
of Columbia county lor the year 1U00.
It appearing to the court irom the lists filed
bv the Columbia County News aud the Orcnou
Mist that in coiuiuoia county news uas w.
subscribers and lb Oregon Wist hasHsub
vriii.nL ihe tirviron Mist havttic the liirgest
number of Buhscribem It Is ordered by the
court that trie Oregon attsi ne, ami me aauie is,
hereby designated as tne omciai paper lorcpi
iimldt ramitv for the vear ltnJO.
In the matter of bids for publishing the
county court itweeuna lor tne year
iht. I.i.i nf the Columbia County News to pub
lish the county court pruceediuirs for the year
U4IO lor the sum ot si.uu ana tne oio oi me vat
ooM Mist to publish the couuty court proceed
in f.,r Oio vear two free of charge, were x
amined, and the Oaooon Misr being the lowest
bidder, the salu oia oi me uaauon uir was as
Petition of P.Umisignot and others for a connty
road, allowed. Viewer appoiuted aa follows:
William Anderson. Ueo. Kauisevaud KU Lvuch.
to meet at the residence of H. Z. Joy, on Feb. 8,
land, with the eounij surveyor,
lu the matter of cancelling of tax sal certltl
Now, at this time, the elerfc presents to the
court a list ol lanaa vrnicn nave ueen aoiu io:
delinquent taxes that pruof had not been made
upon and also a list that was a double assess
ment, and which were bought by the county.
The court being fully advised In the premln-s.
It Is hereby ordered that the certificates for the
land ol tne loitowiiig-nauiea partioa ue cau
u!liul .a..r4h.Ml 8j flllloWS. tfVWll:
J. A. Kinperton, sr., ne and nw 11 of sec 10, tp
6 u. r 4 w, lor 1K.
Edward Mcfweeuey, w s or oeoi aee a, tp a
n, r 4 w, lor liwi.
John M. Movers, nw k of ne and lota 3 and
4 of sec 1$, tp 5 n, r 4 w, lor lr-tu.
A. Nichols, se & ot see a, tp 6 n, r $ w, for
W. C. Purdin, nw W of aw ii and aw of nw
IA n. i M.-l.lfiln.r&t. for l.MU-l-0-e.
jr. W. Prehn, sw V ol sec 34, tp u, r w, tor
!, C. Person, lots 1 and 3 of blk a, Vernonla, tor
Sum Tim, lot 4. blk 5, Vemonia, for 1CM.
J a lot 2. blk 7. Vemonia. for 1BU1.
S. C. Spencer, nw of sec 4, tp S n, r 4 w, for
w' s stnnc. ae '.' of nw W and sw i of ne Ki
and ne ' ol an ! and nw J ol e ol sco IS, t p
en. raw, ior
ElizatieUl lurx.se ;toi sec , tp a n, row,
for lNa.
ii is ordered that the same be and are hereby
ordered cancelled aud that Ihe clerk have
credit for the aeveral sums.
In the matter oi redemption oi v. it. or nun
Weeks' laud:
it im ordered bv th conrt. that noon the TT-
ment ol fi7.!jl that redemption cerliticaie issue
for the sale o' 1BJ1 aud lwi tax, which sum was
paid, end that the clerk hate credit for the sum
claim of P. A. Marmiam for refunding sher
Iff fees collected from July, 11, examined
and rejected.
Application UI a. A DUweiB lur assiKuiuc-u. v
tax sale certiorates Aos. ow ana iu&, lor tne sum
of til., allowed.
Petition of J. L'lmen and others for a county
road was continued for the term.
Hoad supervisor appointed 10 serve until
July Ut, were correctly publislied in the Issue of
The Mist of January 12th.
Ihe list of juuxe ana cierxs oi election, as
printed in Tub Mist of the issue of Junuary
kih. was correct, except lor Beaver Falls pre
cinct, which was omitted. Following are the
judges ami clems ior mat precinct: J. .
Meservc, chairman, C. Snyder and J. W. Boals,
judges; W. H. Kyser, A. J. Uuigley, clerks.
Polliug place, Meserve's hall.
The books of the sheriff, clerk and treasurer
were examined by the court, checked up and
approved. . .
M. Both, assignee of Dean Blanchard, having
fisid ap the taxes and co-d on the lands sold
or delinquent taxes and which Columbia
countv had taken a deed. It la ordered that a
quitclaim deed be executed in lavorof aald M.
Both as assignee, recouveyiug said land, except
lots 7 and 8, blk 14, which suld lot are to be
deeded to Edith K. Clark.
In the matter of the tax levy for the year 1899:
It Is ordered that this matter be continued
until Jan. 2A. 1900.
It is ordered that npon the payment ot the
sum of 17.50, the amount of taxes and costs of
tale of T. B. McMillan's land, that the peualty
be remitted, which sum was so paid, and the
clerk Is to have credit for the sum of 111.76 pen
alt; remitted.
It is ordered by the court that the clerk have
credit tor the sum of file. 97, the amount of
double assessment of D. Blanchard, w bich sum
is herebv remitted.
The court adjourned until Jan. 26, 1900.
To The Editor. I learned today from
the county clerk that there are now more
than 500 persons who have had their
lands sold for back tax in the county,
which was levied ten years ago. Most
of these persons know nothing of the
sale, thinking, and many knowing, the
tax had long since been paid. It is a
notorious fact that the sherilf's about
that time were very crooked. One went
crazy ; the other ran off to South Africa,
and in consequence, the people are pay
ing dear for it, and shou.d be warned of
the dangers and probable logg of their
lands and home. Allow me to say, 1
have great sympathy for those who have
bought homes and made furms in this
county, for I have lived here a long life
time, since 1847, and have made two
small farms ont of the timber, say noth
ing of the hardnhips of standing off the
Indians, in the attempt to build up a
home in the wilds of Oregon. In many
cases 1 have induced settlers into thin
county, and at times have favorably
represented and sold gome lands to set
tlers, and now I do not want to see any
one lose all, who is worthy. I have
written to many persons, informing
them of the situation of their land, but
you know this is expensive and can only
reach a few. You are aware that the
subject of taxation baa, from the earliest
creation of man, let it be conducted in
ever so good a manner, caused the
world to mourn. In view of thia fact,
is it not best to approach the danger
line with gome degree of moderation?
Hoping yon will put this subject in its
proper light, I remain, C. Or. Caklks.
Columbia City, Ore., Jan. 17, 1900.
Very Encouraging Outlook.
The outlook for the coming fishing
season on the Columbia river ia most
encouraging, at least so far aa the
amount of money that will be paid the
fishermen for their labor is concerned,
and that ia the portion of the industry
that we are most vitally interested in.
The eastern markets are almost bare of
the canned product and every cannery
and the cold storage man is anxious to
secure aa large a quantity as posKible.
While no price hag lieen fixed either by
the nshcrmen'i union or the canners,
the indications are that at the opening
of the season, Chinooks will bring not
less than 5 cents, and perhaps as much
as 6 or 7 cents per pound. With any
. . i-i t , t t.: ill
lunigliaen inir rmt ut unii, tin win
mean the distributing of a vast sum of
money among our resident fishermen as
wages. . .
If vou are In need of some nice, up-
to-date stationery it will pay you to
leave order at thia office.
Silas Shourds it at Nehaltmi bay this
weK. ....
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Van are pending
a tew uitys in town.
Mist Louise Barr wag down from Tort'
land last week, spending a day with her
parents ami menus.
Al Harvey and Claude Lane, of No-
haletii valley, were in towu Monday on
ineir return from t oruanu.
This community was quite shocked
when the news came that William Gra
ham had been drowned last Friday near
nig Home at treemaira landing, far
tics from her went to asaist In the
search for the body, which was found
about midnight. It is learned lie had
just (hushed a very small bout, which
lie wag trying for tho licet time. llli
wife and family had been out to aee the
Ho:tt and as he started out In It, they
returned to the house near by. Mrs.
Graham soon after in looking out, saw
the boat upside down, nut aaw notnlni
of her husband until hie body wasfomul
near the shore, toward which he had
evidently been swimming. Me was a
-jood swimmer, but for soma unknown
reason, failed to reach the shore. No
ono seems to have seen the boat upset bill
it wag about the middle of the stream
when seen. The funeral took ulace In
in Portland on Sunday, at the Lone Fir
cemetery. Decttwd was a member of
the Modern Woodmen here and his
comrades of that order rendered what
assistance they could, and twenty or
more of them accompanied the remain
to Iortland. Decettned wag a son ol
Samuel Urnhnin, of Marshland, and
leaves a widow and two children. For
tunately he carried an insurance of
c.uou iu tne Aiouern woodmen.
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Orrics or City Taxxsi'aaa,
8t. Hrlkns. Oregon. Jan. 28. 1W0.
x uregou nereDy atvea notice mat an war
rants of this ctiy which have leeu prcaented
and endor-d "Not raid for Want of guilds,
prior to Feb. 7th, 1H&), will be paid upon pre
setitatinn to me. Interact will not be allowed
after this date. UAVIU WW,
City Tiwurer.
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
nay concern, that tiie underaigued, ad
ministrator of theeetnte of Joseph Smith,
deceased, has tiled in the County Court
of Columbia county, for the mate of Or
egon, his final account and report a
such administrator oi saia estate, and
that Mondav, the 5th day of March,
ItMX), at the hour of 1 o'clock 1. M. ol
said day, has been appointed by said
Court aa the time for hearing of objec
tions to said final account and report,
and for the hearing and settlement
thereof. Dated January 28. HKO.
Ukor.uk VV. Smith,
Administrator of the estate of Joseph
Smith, deceased. jaiCy
Notice ia hereby given that I will sell
for cash, at public auction, at the court
house door, at St. Helens, Columbia
county, Oregon, on Saturday, the 17th
day of February. 1X), at 12 o'clock
noon, of said day, the following-dpsrnheu
real property belonging to the estate of
Edward Weatbv. deceased, to-wit: Lots
numbered two, three, and four, and the
southwest quarter of the northeast quar
ter of section six, in township six, north
ot range live, west of Willamette mer
idian, in Oregon, containing one hun
dred and fifty acres and seventy hun
dredths of an acre. Said property will
he sold by me as administrator of the
estate of Edward Westby, deceased.
Hated, Astoria, Oregon, Jan. 13, I Hull.
Jonn Carlson,
Administrator of the estate of Edward
Westby, deceased. jlOfltt
ra. - a Zf
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wanted in this state. Address the Hlcks-Judd
Publishing Company 21 First kit., Han Francisco.
family for several years and alwayt with
perfect success. ' We believe that it is
not only the best cough remedy, but
that it ia a sure cure for croup, it has
saved the lives of our children a num
ber of tiiuea." This remedy Is (or aln
by Ut. f.awln Hoes.
Crist Felber was In town Thursday.
Thog. liurges left for Portland Thurs
day. Fred Koblo aud wile oaine to town
M. C. Uray, of St. Helens, was in
town Thurauay.
W. D. Dlllard, of SL Helens, wag In
this city last Friday.
Shtlo Olson, of Vancouver island, is
vixiting his uncle, Jacob Hertison, ol
List Gamble was In from his place
anil reports a broak down iu their ahiu
gle mill.
W. H. Poly and wife, of Alblna, were
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. T. 0. Watti-
litKt week.
R. It. Foster, who has ten visiting
oltl friends on the Cowlitx, returned
home buuday.
8. C. Hoadlev shipped a cow and a
calf on the Keflogg Monday, for which
he received U,
Jamea McNanghton, and U. 8. Foster
were doing biiaineasi In t'ortlnnd fllou
day and Tuesday.
James McNanghton, II. M. Fowler,
and T. V. Watta attended the masonic
lodge at St, llulcna Saturday evening.
Miss Amy (Jeorge, oi Portland, came
down on the KefhigY Saturday and I
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. T. 0. Watts
(bis week.
George Archibald went to Oregon
City Saturday to make final proof on
nta homestead. Loo uauiDie accom
pnnied him as a witness.
Itriun haaa cinch on Yellowstone whis
. Try Hunter-Baltimore Rye at Brinn'
Collections a Specialty.
rjR. J. B. UAI.I,
Clatikaiiie. Columbia county, Or.
81. Helens, Oregon
qr. B. R. CUFI,
St. Helens, Oregon.
Title Abstract Books, Notary Public, Commla
doner of Deeds for W ahington, aud anexper
ienced collector in conuevtiou with ogle.
ptUrttrlr Se jPrt,
Office next door to Courthouse,
Oeneral practice in courts of Oregon or Wash
ington. Abstract made directly from count)
nr. iiEi,t:iN, obecom.
Office next door to Cole A Quick's law
and abstract office.
Collections a specialty. Forcclosnrea,
mechanic'! liens, promptly attended to.
0. R. & N. CO.
Fast Bait take, Denver. Vt.
Mall Worth, Omaha.Kan- Fast
8 p.m. ' aas City, Ht. Units, Mall
Chicago and East. (:4o p. m.
Hooknne Walla Walla, Spokane, fjpoknne
Flyer Mlu nea nol I a, hit. Flyer
8:46 j. m. Paul, liuliilh, Mil- 8.00 a.m.
waukce, Chicago 4
. Ocean Steamships.
p-m- All sailing date, sub
ject to change.
For Hsn Francisco
Ball every live days.
s n. m. Oolumbla River . m
Kx. Sunday Steamers. Kx.Buuday
Saturday To Astoria and Way
10 p.m. landings.
a. m Wlltamatt) Rlvwr. .,.
e. m. 4:S0p. ro.
Ex.Bunday Oregon City, Newberg, Ex.(jiiuuaj
Halein 4 Way-laud gt
Willamette and Yam- .m
7 a. m. 1,111 H:aJp.m,
Tues.Thur. "" Mon. Wed.
and Bat. Oregon City, Dayton, aud Frl.
and Way-landing.
Sa m. Wlllam.it. Rlv.r. ,..,
Tnes.Thur. Portland to Cnrvallis Mon. Wed.
aud Bat. and Way-laudiuga. and Frl.
Lr. Riparia 8nak Rlvr. Lv.Iw'ton
1:20a.m. dally at
daily Riparia to Lewlston. H:ao a. m.
Oeneral Passenger Agent,
Ij IJ 3R. Ii 1 1ST .
Leaves Portland every night at o'clock
for Astoria, (except Bunday.) Saturday
.night a 10. .......
Returning, leaves Astoria at (1:80 o'clock
every morning (except Monday.) Bun
day at 6 : 00 o'clock p. m.
How About
ct ItK YOtt W'ltlt
".A iiiti iiltli tlisl
a W I. H,..l
V. ,WH,M. .MM ........
..lalesceurliv, take no man's w.ud. but lu. at upon knowing what
Hi record shows resaiillug Ihe HH. Au AUalnuil la aaeseyiillsl a
adeed . Insist nit having It. We have Ihe onlv set ol a .stra.it
books In the cotitit). Allwork promptly esemited and satlslsollon
a mrai mid. II o'i have pmMii IV to insure give us ewli . W ar
ails "Hh.tHitllrelnsiimnceeonipiil.hi lha world. If you
Imv. proH.rty for sal list II with us aud w will d a buygr.
di aW7i .-.
tavaa Rainier at A M . Neer City at .10 A. N.. KaUui at A. M.,Oaple al 1 Ht A. II., Co
lut-hll till) 'a 7 M aIm., Jl, Helena al A. si., arrives at I'orlUii.V.t 19 M A. at,
Uaves Portland al : P. M., M. Helen. 4 HI; foluint.la Clljf 4 ); re.l 4.W; Xalamk I D; Nest
City 0 . Arrive al Kaluler al ft. JO r, I.
The Weekly Oregonian
Jt . We have mtrftH-trttl arrangement where hy we are enahlod to fnr
Jf uiah The Weekly (Ircgoiilau in connection with Tua Mint for
J only Two Dollars. The price of The Oregtmlan alone i 1.80.
W arty
stack of g
eshi.il si
si w v .-.
W, swn and eceuny th taliest mareantit bolbllng In th world, W bar
evsr t.eee.iav (ustomera. Bistsen huinirsd ttarks ar constantly
engaged Ailing eut-ef-towa srdera.
OUR ORNRR AL C ATALOOOE I th bwk of h peopla It jwts
Wholmwl Price t. Everybody, has aver iw pagae. it, a) lllusuatlea. 4
te.oa dsscrlptlon of anlel.i with prlte. It costs r '' ,0 P" mn m'n
eachcopy. W wnt you te have en. SKNU FIPTKKN CKNta W ahow
your good faith, and wa'll sand yea a copy FHKtt, with all charges pts(iald.
unyTcnutnY vuinn t
v n:wn i uwais.it i iipiiu ut
....MUCK Lli BROS.... J
inmensinn iumir, lloormjt, rustic
theathinir, rasirga, and acoinpli-te J
Block of every variety of luinhf-r.
No ladies furniture Is complete
without a new HirM-running
If you buy a sowing-machine why
nut net inu ix-ai, noiu on easy
terms without intnrugt.
C. P. LOONEY, Agent
Antortu - . . Oreiiion.
The company reset ve th rlgh to change time
fJ-V ?
on Monday,
and Krlilays at
6 o'clock a. m.
'S, 8 l.W
"if. fi
Portland and Kelso Route via Columbia River
Your Title?
It Is all right?
governs, It Is
lleiiietnhcr that It Is Ih
our hltstooae lo search the
what thev Of
contain III relutloti to laud
If vou colilcllll'lsle inlying lami i"s "7
.. . . , t .................. ...l
" --" " w - a-
13 paces a week -3
M cduions " ay
(1.14 paurs year 3
iWiseolunma " -
All the new well written.
Articles dewril.itig; Western acenet and
Hinrlet of love and adventure by well
known author.
llrilliant illustration by newspaper artlsta
Interesting ketches and literature for
laiva and girls.
Fashion articles and Illustrations for
I receive
.UUO I'llaf
avsiy day
nn iNi.a...t4.giii.v
vvi cmuaao
Undlng root of Alder Htreel, fortland.
leaves rortlaud dally (eacetd nnnday)at 7 A,
Lsii'linir Telephone diM-k, Asturls.
l eaves A.torla dally (clcepl rtunday)? P. .
Halley (lal'nrt llckeis giaid on steamer llassalo.
hleaiuer llassalo Hi keis gnod on Hallay lialsert.
U. B. SCOTT, Pres.
m?' I. Illilisiil III aassa.
Skin Diseases.
For th apnody and pennanent enre of
tetter, gait rheum and cumta. Cham
bcrlaln'g Eya and Bkin Ointment la
without an nal. It rcllBTcs tha Itch
Inir and smarting almost Instantly and
lta coiitlnncd naa etTncta a permanent
euro. It also enrea Itch, barW's Itch,
scald head, gore nipples, Itching plica,
chapped hands, chronic sore eye and
grnuulatod lids.
Dr. Tftdy' Condition Powdprt t
horsoa ar (ho orwt tonic, blood purifier
aud vermifuge. Price, 85 cenU. Bold b.
Dr. Edwin Kost.
Leave Tortland, foot of Wash
ington St., Mondays & Thurs
days, C::J0 A. M. Leave Clats
kanio Tuesdays and Fridays
at i o'clock in the morning.
without notice.
Transportation Company.
t.VrJwV m leaves Port-
'A H 1 A lis i ?:".

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