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BUY ID DAHS, Editor end Pnpnttor.
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One copy one year la advance........ II
One copy six nioulln . W
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Advertising rat "Mnade known upon application
em..i LJ-iiij i !
coiis r (HiiffiRs.
Jirde-e...,.; Joecph H. noon, Rainier
Clerk J. G. Watu, St. lU'lone
BlierllT J. N. Rice, St. Ileleue
Troaauror K. KoSl Helena
Bunt. i'l School! I. fopcland. Honlioii
Aaeaor Martin W hite. 81-Helena
Surveyor A. B. Mule. Houlton
Coroner Dr. H. K. Cliff. M. Helena
. , i l. A. FriUea. (ieapi-o.iee
Coraralealonera J u retereoii. Mist
MARCH 23, 1900.
Jcdok Stephen A. Lowell, of Pen
dleton, announces through the presa of
Eastern Oregon that he ia a candidate
for United State senator. There are
other", too, of a more or less covetous
March and the lion slept peacefully
side by aide for a number of daya
already thU month. The only lament
able circumstance of the whole affair is
that the congenial relationship cannot
be perpetual.
The abandonment of the proposition
to build a railroad from here to Pitta
burg, by the parties from Portland,
might be looked upon as leaving a way
open for local people to engage in the
undertaking with a marked degree of
probable success. In fact, such an
undertaking might prove eminently
successful if the proper persons en
gaged in it.
Tat withdrawal of the proposition
made by the Columbia & Nehalem Val
ley Railroad Company " to build, con
struct and equip a line of railroad from
St. Helens to Pittsburg, leaves the field
open to other comers. The timber of
the Nehalem valley will never reach a
market only by rail, and the sooner the
people interested become impressed
with the importance of this fact the
sooner will a railroad be built.
Thi heavy editorial in the Clatskanie
paper last week regarding the chairman
of the county central committee, fell
with "crushing effect" upon the people,
It reminds as of the athlete's dumbbell,
which went crashing down through five
floors, knocking the soap out of the
suds in Biddy's wash-tub in the base
ment. Too heavy, Enoch, too heavy.
We mention this, however, lest you and
the public and we forget.
That redaction of $40,000 of debt in
Colombia county during the year 1899
is a pretty good recommendation for a
continuance of the same system of af
fairs which brought It about. Good
republican times and good reliable re
publican financiers were factors in the
matter, and it strikes most people quite
forcibly that both thesq elements were
factors of no little importance. The
verdict of the people will be to continue
the same conditions by continuing the
people in the local offices who did so
well daring the last two or three years.
Columbia Crrr, March 20. To the Ed
itor. It seems that congress would get
tired of threshing over the old straw
sometime and do something new, but
they don't. W ere I in congress 1 could
settle the Puerto Rico question muddle
in a minute. First, do what is right to
our people, then what is just to our
selves. We warred with Spain because
she treated her people unjustly, and un
less we do much better then we have
done much worse, for the reason the war
cost iile ana treasure, tree trade witn
Puerto Rico is rizht. for we will retain
the island for all time, or as long as we
keep America. All other nations keep
their possessions so long as they ad
vance iu a itgiumauj way. ry uie ruiee
that violate the rights of man at this mo
ment Christain civilization is at a stand
still, or moving backwards. Hence this
country must not do as Europe is doing,
proving by its course that might is right,
while power is only delegated to nature
or the great Creator of all. Bo far as the
land of the new possessions is concerned
it is American territory, but the people
who occupy it should not be citizens at
present, no more than the Indians or the
Chinamen. The white races have al
ways made an effort to advance civiliza
tion in unison with the laws of nature.
If it had been otherwise we today would
have been savages, and on that point the
danger line has been reached. Nature
teaches ns that there is but one jnst and
J (roper way, and the moment we deviate
rom it we suffer in consequence. I
would ask what is the use of the physi
cal universe unless it is to teach us the
only true and safe way ; to be sober and
moderate, always unselfish. One word
more and I am done. As to the Philip
pine islands, we cannot afford to give
them sixty different governments ; fifty
nine will have to do. Spain has failed
to develop those people after a trial of
400 years. Apparently they have gone
into decay beyond redemption, and so
we will have to make haste slowly. C.
Moody Commended.
Congressman M. A. Moody is a can
didate for renoinination as Representa
tive from this Second Conrgressional
District. lie is entitled to a second
term, and should be renominated with
out serious opposition. Although Mr.
Moody has been in active service in
Washington the brief space of three
' months, he has demonstrated beyond
question his ability to represent his dis
trict to the best interests of his constit
uency. He will, with a second term,
be in a better position than ever to ad
vance the interests of the Second Dis
trict, and," considering the probability
of important measures coming before
the next tesxion of congress, vital to
Eastern Oregon's interests, it would bo
the height of folly, bordering on sheer
madness, to fail to return hiuu A new
man would be wholly unprepared to
meet the exigencies, and the interest
of Eastern Oregon would be jeopardised
to that extent. We apprehend but
feeble if any opposition in this county
to Mr. Mood.rs catulicact, and there
should be none in this district. Ante
lope Herald.
Kutea Which Might be Observed
With Profit.
The coming republican primary clec-
r ... . i . I Sv i. oi kiiui ... .1..
lion win ie iieiu .unrvii ot, jpw, iu mi
several precincts in Columbia county.
The question as to who has a right to
vote at sucn election nas oeeu uisoiitsseu
in every precinct.
we have endeavored to gain, from all
sources, the necessary information, and
we feel satisfied that the following will
cover all points that will come up for
decision by the judges, in precincts reg
ulated by the primary lavt as well as
precincts where open primaries are
conducted :
Iso one should be allowed to vote who
ia not a republican, or will, under onth.
say that he will affiliate with the repub
lican party, ana support its ticket at tne
ensuing general election. This is right.
No member of any party has aright,
legally or moral, to participate in any
nrimarv election of another oartv.
Otherwise, men with no good intent to
the parties holding the primaries, might
interest themselves and assist in elect
ing a delegation which would prove
detrimental to that party's interest.
The following questions suggest them
selves as being proper to ask anv person
whose right to vote has been challenged :
First Are you a republican? If not,
will you support the republican ticket
at the ensuing general election?
Second Have you voted at any pri
mary election this year? (See section
6 of primary law).
Third Has your vote been rejected
at any primary election this year ? (See
sect'.on 7 of primary law).
Fourth Are you a boua fide resident
of this precinct? (See section 6 of pri
mary law).
Fifth Will you be a legal voter in
this nrecinct at the ensuine general
election? (See section 2 of article 2 of
The following oath is to be adminis
tered when an elector is challenged :
"You do solemnly swear (or affirm)
you will fully answer all questions that
shall be put to you touching your place
of residence and qualifications to vote
at this election? (See section 7, of pri
mary law).
Chas. Conyers spent Tuesday in Port
land. C. J. Lyndall, of Vesper, waa in town
Friday on his way home.
Bruce Haines was up from Clifton to
spend Sunday with his family here.
Dr. Knoder and wife made a brief
visit to Portland the first of the week.
An addition to the Popham & Co.
blacksmith shop is going up this week.
Alonzo Merrill spent a few days in our
town and vicinity recently, the" guest of
his brother, N. Merrill.
W. S. Chandler, after havinz been in
Portland a day, waa seen pushing a new
baby carriage np street. Right it is.
Charles Meserve, who has been rusti
cating at Delena for the winter, looked
in on us a short time tne first ot this
Preparations are beinz made for a
public school entertainment to be given
March 31st, one week before the close of
the Bcnool term.
John Boxter. of Fishhawk. was in
town Monday with a wagon load of
floats, which he took to the railroad
depot for shipment.
A notice is posted calling attention to
the city election to be held Monday,
April nd. A full outfit of city oihcialH
is to be elected at that time.
C. A. Himpel, of Nehalem, is spend
ing the week in town, shaking hands
with old friends. He is looking well
and apparently enjoying his visit.
Miss Maud Carl, of Vesper, spent
Tuesday in town on her way home from
Marshland, where she had been living
in the family of W. 13. Colvin for several
D. Dixon, sr., was in town Tuesday
with his team and improvised cart,
made by boxing over the tront axle and
wheels of his wagon. The conveyance
is a solid one.
We are promised a lady organizer for
the Ladies ot tne Maccabees this week
If this organizing keeps on much longer
we will need an extra hall or two to
accommodate the lodge meetings. Time
to call a halt.
L. V. Maxwell and wife took the baby
with them to Astoria last week to give
it, as well as themselves, a day's outinz.
Its picture was taken, of course. Who
could neglect so good an opportunity to
get oany s picture.
Sprint? is certainl- hern. Thn hnda
are sweuing, the robins are here, and
new baby carriages with budding
humanity are seen on the streets, pro
pelled by loving bands in spring cos
tumes. Yes, spring is here. '
Our fire boys got hold of more than
they could handle when they tried to
take a hose up a ladder with a full
stream of water playing through it.
The water had to be turned off first, but
not until a few got an involuntary
shower bath, and others got away lively
to escape it.
Two alarms of fire have occured
within the past week and in each in
stance our fire brigade was on hand
promptly to check the fire before it got
much of a start. Our water system is
proving a great benefit and is appre
ciated both for household use and for
fire purposes.
Charles A. Carlson, a Washington
volunteer, trave our Deonle an entertain
ing evening last Saturday with his ex
hibition of pictures of scenes in the
Philippine islands. His views are quite
satisfactory and his explanations as
they are thrown on the canvas, add very
materially to the interest in seeing tbem.
Mrs. Brewick left Monday morning
for Portland, expecting a situation in a
manufacturing establishment, where her
skill with a needle will be utilized. She
will be greatly missed from town, where
her services have been constantly in
demand, and where her cheerfulness
combined with willingness, to help
when and where needed, made her a
very useful member of our community.
De You Ktasw
Consumption is preventable? Science
has proven that, and also that nezlect is
suicidal. The worst cold or cough can
be cured with Shiloh's Cough and Con
sumption Cure. Sold on a positive
guarantee for over fifty years, Sold by
Dr. Jidwia Ross,
Same Were Audited and Ordered
Iald by the Board.
The following la a list of tho claims
allowed by the county court at tne regu
lar March term :
R Cox, j p foes, state vi Pincknoyf 5 S3
J Kversol. special deputy, same. . S 85
C I. Smith, same 2 60
A Robinson, serving papers 50
R Cox. j p fees state vs Sevorson. 0 5
A Robinson, constable same 13 06
B Matthews, witness, same 3 W
Mrs Matthews, same 3 IH)
McKiiiHter, same 3 W)
J Jordan, same 3 IK)
T O Watts, same 3 IK)
8 Olsou, same 3 90
W 1) tSatterlee, same 3 HO
Mrs Smith, same. 3 00
W D Case, makiiw jury list for
Auburn precinct. , . . 3 00
O t, Parker, tame 1 fiO
Win Pringle, same 1 60
R Vox. making jury list Union
precinct s 3 00
Wash Muokle, same 1 50
1 Davis, same 1 60
Howard, H O, lumber for r d 4 . 4 63
Howard, li O, same for r d 2-'. . . . 28 10
Grotiberg, C E, same for r d 13. . . 0 00
Stiiehman, J, same, for r d 8 30 00
Clatskanie Lumber Co, same for
r d W 33
Johnson A BurgdorQVr, same, for
rd 27 8 32
Anderaon, T, work in r d 10 , 27 00
Holadav. J A, work in r d 1 11 47
Marks, "l O, same in rd 24 10 60
Christiansen, H, same in r d 15. . 3 00
Jones, E U, same in r d 6 1 60
Melville, ii, same in rd 8 loo
Kratzke. C. same in r d 6 2 26
Henderson, F, same in r d 6 6 00
Tinkhani. J W. viewer on Beunett-
Resiineus road 2 00
Beegle, J A, same 2 00
taxon, M.same zw
Bennett. II T, chainman, same. . . 2 00
Little, Chas. same 2 00
Resimeus, marker, same 2 00
liaien, M F, axman, same 2 00
Ladewig, L, flagman, same 2 00
Anderson. Wm. viewer on Lousig-
nont road 2 00
Ramsey, G, same 2 00
Lvnch, E, same 2 00
Sesswman. R. coffin and box for
Easllick 10 00
Pringle, J, supplies for Eastlick. . 20 06
Hatfield, C L, medicine and pro
fessional services 12 SO
Sheclev, Mrs, care of Eastlick. ... 6 00
Hatfield. C L. professional services
and medicene for Emma Bittner 10 00
Ross, E, medicine for McKinney 12 00
Hall, M K, professional services
and witness fees 11 50
St. Mary's Hospital, care of But-
son 41 30
Perry, N A, supplies for Isabel 2 60
Smith, C L, same for Bertha Olsen 13 75
Sheffield. A H. care of Headlee. . 30 00
Myers, A F, supplies for Hilliard 10 00
Deitz, V J, same tor Jordan 7 uO
Hansen, Bertha, care of children 16 00
Jokela, B, supplies for family 10 00
VanBlaricom, Erne, same, 10 00
Scott, Mrs, board of McKinney. . . 31 00
Scott, Mrs, board of prisoners . 4 00
Winters, John, cleaning c t bouse 4 60
Money man, Dellart 4k Uo, tools
ftr r d 15. . . . 31 77
Dupont, J, work on St Helens and
Pittsburg road 61 75
Alexander, L, typewriter 100 00
Ross, E, ink and paper, 4 90
Mitchell, R U, printing and sta
tionery 8 00
Davis, D, same 79 60
Glass A Prudhomme, same 77 11
Rice, J N, postal cards 25 00
Rice, J N, postage 20 00
Watts, J Jr, same,.. 20 00
Copeland, I H, same 4 00
Little, A B surveyor 10 60
Little, A B, same 36 05
White, M, assessor 153 00
Blaksley, C W, deputy 127 50
Peterson, N D, commissioner 29 40
Frakes, P A, same 20 00
Boyle. 11, refund of tax 10 30
I.emahiew, I, same 25 98
St Helena L4 W Co, water rent. . 3 00
The report of the supervisor of road
district No. 21 was incomplete and the
court decided to await the arrival ot a
correct report before it allowed the su
pervisor any compensation for services
rendered. O. E. Wondcrly, of road
district No. 17, was allowed f 16 for ser
vices, otherwise the report of the
amounts allowed supervisors, as it ap
peared in the last issue of this paper was
Miss Bertha Gilliban left Monday for
D. Richard came over from Forest
Grove Monday.
Rube Sesseman is home from Rainier
for a short stay.
Josh Rose is carrying mail this week
on the Jtoulton-Vernonia route.
Tell Soule made a trip to the county
seat last i riday, returning Saturday.
The dance at this place Tuesday was
wea attended, considering the busy
Born : Sunday, March 18, to the wife
ot w. w. Allen, a son. Weight seven
J. V. Lewis and family, of Clatskanie,
aie visiting friends and relations in the
valley this week.
A cattle buyer from Portland was in
this valley last week, but failed to find
very many cattle lor sale.
Arthur Johnson left last week for
Rainier, where he has secured work in
a sawmill for the summer.
O. B. Malmsten started to Portland
Monday. He expects to invest in a set
oi store teeth before returning.
Card of Thank.
To the neighbors and friends who
kindly assisted us during our late be
reavement, we desire to extend our
sincere thanks.
Ma. amd Mas. Gko. Bbous.
Flir"r.., tif
Karl's Gover Root Tea
Beautffet the Complfiton, PurlflM the
Bood (jlve.aVrenh.ClearSkln. Cum Con
ft'IK'tlrm, Jndigmtlun, and all KruiHiom of
the bkin. An agreeable Laxative Nerve
ionic. Bold on absolute fruarntnee by all
driiKglata at 2Sc, 6Uc. and SI.U0.
a. C. WELLS & CO., LCROV, N. V.
aotc PROPnicTona
t f 'naif mi rm"
P. 0. Marks, of Beaver Valley, was In
waa in town Mouday.
R. R. Foster has rented his plui-e to
u. 4. ruiton lor one year.
S. C. Headlee and family moved from
nere to rortianu last r riday.
Ed Butts left for Southern Oregon
ruesuny to try mi luck at mining.
School began tn Dist. No. 20 Monday,
witn mini a.iaxie ti ewe as leacncr.
H. and J. T. Johnson wore passengers
for Portland Monday on the Kellogg.
D.J. Fulton moved his family from
Xee r City to R. R. Foster's place last
E. W. and James Fowler are working
for Charles Gore, lixing up his home at
l turner s romt.
Charles Link moved his family from
reer v ity to uouben on Wednesday.
Mr. Link will put wood on the wharf at
tins place this summer.
E. AV. Bell and Joe Day are in this
vicinity this week securing the right of
way for a logging railroad tor the East
ern Mill Company, ot 1'ortland.
Samuel Munn moved from R. R
Foster's to a house in West Reulmn
where he will reside until he can build
on his own land some time this summer.
Circuit Court.
Judge Meltride convened circuit court
in adjourned session in this city last
Saturday, when the following matters
were nearu and disposed oi:
Armstrong vs. Harris; judgment In
(avor of defendant for $76.20 cost.
Alida Pinckney vs. Nelson A. Pinck
uey ; decree of divorce.
Susie B. Diltard va. John Gunderson;
continuation of sale.
Deardorlf vs. Button ; confirmation of
Monday evening the Northern Pacific
sale at the depot was blown open
Forty dollars of the railroad company's
money, a $10 express order and an $80
certificate of deposit on the Kelso State
bank, Issued to Martin homates, wan
taken. The safe ia badly damaged and
some windows in tho building were
broken by the concussion. The books
or other property of the company were
not molested. The party or parties,
also took some dishes from a car on the
sidetrack, ready for shipment to Mrs.
William Farrar, at Cosmopolis. M.
Hann's boat and four boxes of smelt
were taken, and it ia more than proba
ble that the burglars went down the
river. kelso Journal.
what ia 8hlla
A grand old remedy for Coughs, Colds
and Consumption; used through the
world for hall a century ; has cured in
numerable cases of incipient consump
tion and relieved many in advanced
stages. If you are not satisfied with the
results .we will refund your money.
Price 25 eta. and 50 cts. Sold by Dr.
bdwln Koss.
A. R. De Fluent, editor of the Journal
Doylestown, Ohio, suffered for a number
of years from rheumatism in his right
shoulder and side. He says: "My right
arm at times was entirely useless. I tried
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, aud was sur
prised to receive relief almost immedi
ately. The Pain Balm has been a con
stant companion of mine ever since and
it never fails." For sale at the St. Hel
ens Pharmacy.
Tarbki.l. At Yankton, Wednesday
March 21, 1900, to the wife of A. H,
Tarbell, a son.
Gall for a County Convention.
A republican convention for the
county of Columbia, state of Oregon, is
called" to meet at Rainier, Oregon, on
Monday. April 9th, 1900, at 11 o'clock a.
m., ot said day, tor the purpose ot nom
mating candidates for ttie various
county offices of said Columbia county,
Oregon, and to elect six (6) delegates to
the slate convention to be held in t'ort
land, Oregon, on Thursday, April 12th
1900, and to transact any other business
that may be brought before the conven
tion. The convention will consist of
forty-two (42) delegates, apportioned
among the several precincts as follows :
Auburn it
Apiary 1
Beaver Falls 3
Clatskanie ..5
Deer Island 2
Goble 4
Marshland 2
Nehalem 3
Onk Point 3
Rainier. 4
Scappooee 4
Union 5
Warren 3
The same beimr one (1) delegate-at-
large from each precinct and one (1) for
every twenty-four (24) votes cast for T.
T. Geer for governor in 1898, and one
for each major fraction of twenty-four
(24) votes cast for said T. T. Geer, gov
The county central committee recom
mends that the primaries in the several
precincts be held at the usual voting
places in said precincts on Saturday,
March 31st. 1900. at 2 o'clock p. m., of
said day, and that the delegates attend
the convention in person.
liy order ot the committee.
A. L. Clark, David Davis,
Secretary. Chairman.
Expert :-: Barber
None but purest chemicals used In wash
ing and cleansmg the lace.
Get a Hot Towel on Your Face
Usual prices for work.
None but the best in both
Imported and Domestic
wines, liquors and cigars.
The celebrated Weinhard
Beer always on draught.
Front & Morrison Sis., Fortlaufl
Under New Management
160 Rooms at 25 Cents to M0 Cents,
Suites 7fi Cents to $1.00,
Elevator, K'n-trlc Ughis and Bells,
and all Modem Oonveiilniu'sa.
Kr Bus M-eii all boats
and Trains.
Restaurant Cornice eHlliEccl
O-egnn Telephone 2l.
Columbia ioli-iliim iff.
J "America"
Willamett Slongb Ronte
Leave St. Helens. ... 6:80 A M
Arrive at 1'ortland . .10:30 A M
Iave Portland 2 :30 P M
Arrive at St. Helens. 0:00 P M
Will Carry Nothlne but Passen
gers and Fast Freight.
JAM EM GOOD, Mailer.
jfti. i" t jrffcsv.il
had vr
1 U
Ia. u. r7u.
II 15 (40
10 06 111
9 8A S 00
9 80 7 M
M 7 4ft
S 13 7 UK
07 T '
IN 7 17
S S7 7 02
S 17 6 42
8 07 6 82
7 W 20
7 49 10
24 32
r. m.
7 00
t OA
s ai
s s
8 i
s no
s M
s w
S S7
10 00
10 OH
10 X
10 30
A. M.
8 00 .0 Lv.
. Portland.. Ar
S Oft 139.4!
.. ilt.lile
. Kulnlor
. I'yrniuM.....
.. MTittr
. IJulm'jr
. Wraiiairt
., Cllftim
. 8vetiiwu
.John lav
18 -4A.nl ....
35 !M .M ....
40 ;ss 91
M u'M.sj ....
10 oo H-'.3; ....
10 10 66.4
10 21 171.! ....
10 Sl ;TM 7
11 01 IM.V. ....
tl 10 Mill ....
II tl "WS.4i ....
11 SO S 8Ar
. AalorU ...t.T
All trains ninkti rlnte connection at (iohle
with Northern f'telna irln to ml from the
K nd !oun.l point. At Partleud with ell
traltm lcevint t'mon depot- Astoria with I.
it. p- to. ooai eni rmu uue to aitu irpui n
wko end North Ueech pulou.
Pusenireri for Astoria or wtr points mnitt 0ag
ut U.,i,lr..M T.Ui. Bill ...... I,, l.t
Jenifers off at llouftnn when romlug from poime
went ol Uubla. J. v.. Ktar.
uen. im aki., Alton, ur.
Skin Diseases.
For the irpeedy and permanent enre of
tetter, salt rheum and eozftna. Cham
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
witnont an equal. It relieves the itch
ing and smutting almost instantly and
its continued n-o effects a permanent
cure, it also cores Itch, barber a itch,
scald head, sore ninnies, itchlnir Biles.
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
gTauuiaieu hub.
horses are the bent tonic, blood purifier
anavermuuge. race, 33 cents. Hold by
Dr. Edwin Koss.
Office next door to Cole A Quick's law
ana abstract office.
Collections a stmcialty. Foreclosures.
mechanic's liens, promptly attended to.
Collections a Specialty.
1QR. J. B. BALL,
Clatskanie, Columbia county, Or.
St. Helens, Oregon
)R. H. it. CLIFF,
St. Helens, Oregon.
Title Abstract Bookn. Notary Publlo. Comml
loner of beedR for WaehtriKton, and anexper-
icnceu collector in comieoii'iu witn oroce.
PtUavfc & 5tu,
Office next door to Courthouse,
General practice In courts of Orocron or Wnnh-
Ingtou. Abetrsote made directly from count?
Leaves Portland every nllit at 8 o'clock
lor A sioria, (except eunuay.) euiuruay
nlaut at 10.
Returning, leave Astoria si 0:30 o'clock
every morning (except Monday.) Hun
day at 6: 00 o'clock p. m.
"2 About
CO 113
Mail, str0t
1 v
Leaven Itelnler At A A. M , Niwr (Mly t : A. M.. Kalema at :) A. II.. ('aides at 7 30 A. M., Co
lumiitaflty ut t M A. M . HI. Helens at 7 -ift A. M arrlvea at I'urllitud at ID. Ml A. M.
Leaves Portland at 3:il0 I'. M . Nt. Helena nil; Columbia City i i. t nplea t.iii Kalama 5:10; Keer
t'ltyA.W. Atrtveaat Italultir al S 'JU I'. M.
-00 TO -
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc
0H. J. . HALL, Freprittor,
ll.60U.0UU 00
We owa and oeeuer the talle mercantile bulldlac In the world. We have)
over i.ooo.uoo cuatamer. Blateen hundred cleiae ere conatanlly
ena.d ntllna out-of-town order.
diib BtNtBiL CATALOOUK la the book of the people It quota
Whuleaale Price, to Everybody, hae
to oco deacrtptlone of artlclet with prices. It coate ? ceote lo print and mall
eechcopy. We want you to have one. KNl) rifTKKN CKNTi teehow
your good faith, and we'll aend you eopv r BKK. with all char prepaid.
uniiTfjnucoY Winn it
, m uii vunikii I linns teevi cmoAiao
Lsjave KoUo
mi M mi fifty.
v mi n f ti y i
ii1 Krl'Uyi ftt
ao'cluck ii. tn.
.Portland and Kelso Route via Columbia River.
0. R. & N. CO.
rt Unit I.nke, Denver, Kt.
Mall Worth, (liiialia.Kan- Fn.t
8 p.m. wta i:ity, Hi Ia.iiI, Mnll
Chicago and Kaat, 0: 4b p. in.
Rpoliana Walla Walla, Kpoliane, Rikane
Flyer Mln u e a not I , rtt. Flyer
8;46p. m. faul, liululh. Mil- :0ua.m.
waukee, Chicago
Ocean Staam.hlpa.
8p'm- All .allln, date. ,b
Ject to chanRe.
For Kan KranolM-o
Hell every live rtaye.
8 p.m. Oolumbla River 4p.m.
Kl. Sunday Staamera. Kx.rlunday
Raturdav To AtUirla and Way.
10 p.m. laadliifM).
a m Willamette River. ,
Ex.Bunday Orceon City. Ncwlierir, Bjt.Mundaj
Halein St Way-laud gi
Willamette and Yam-
" kin m no p. m,
Tuea.Thur. ht" ' Mi.ii. Wed.
and Hat, Oregon Oily, nayb.u, and Fri.
and Way-landltiga.
a m. Willamette River. 4.80p.m.
Tuoa.Ttinr. Portland to tlorvallU Mnn. Wed.
and Bat. aud Way-laudlhK. and Prl.
Lv. Rlparla Snake River. Lv.Iw'ton
1:20a. m. dally at
dally Rlparia to I,ewlton. 8;ioa. m.
General Fuwnger Agent,
Ar. :xi..
The company roaorrea the rlgh to change time
wM'itfm-m .... ..A
Your Title?
A UK VOtl Nt'HK II l all fliilttT ftmneinlwr Hint It It llio
5V ItlirlHtlMliiU govern. H liln t "cnn-li the
l rv.'.inL mid h wlutt tliejf eoiiUlu In ri'lnllou to luud
tllloK, If ton eoiili'inplale htiliiK Uml or Innulinr money oil ri-Bl-.lulc
H'iiillv, tn no mnu'a word, hut In.lnt upon biumlne wlmt
the riHoril Kliotvn n-mtnlliiK I In-1 1 1 lu. An Aliatmet Una iuenilii
a deed.' Inll on luivliiii II. We hitvo the only ot of nlialiiwt
hooka In thu t'uuiity. All work promptly executed end etlari!ltn
KUitritiiletnl If yon lieve property to hi.im-ulvB il.it i-ull. Wear
Hiteuia lor lite let lire luaiirHtn-e conipimlea lu the world. If -ou
liuvc proporty for ante Hal It with ua uud we will Hud a buyer,
ST. rVfUM, 0RE00N
over l.ooo paiee, te.om lUu.tralluoa. aud .
nn w"
To furniture l cotntdeU
ithotit a now Hulit-riiiiiilng
If you buy a pwinfr-marhine why
tint m-t the Ix-et. Huld on cubv
Willie wlltiout illU'rvnt.
C. P. LOONET, Agent
I A to i In Oregon.
Undine Foot of Alder Htreot, Portland.
Iava Portland dnllv (except Hiindny)al 7 A.
l.auillnii Tnlciihono d.Kk. Aalnrl.
Iavea Aaiorla dally (nicepl Bnnday)7 P. M.
llnllcy (latxert tlckela kihhI iii alcanier Haaaaln.
Htuaiuer ItaaMlo tlvketa good on llailey Clatterb
U. B. SCOTT, Pres.
Loavo rortland, foot of Wash
ington St., Mondays & Thurs
days, G:30 A. M. Leave Clate-
kanie Tuesdays and Fridays
at 4 o'clock in tho morning.
without nolle.
Transportation Comoany.
SS? .Vin-fi' ' o'rlili a. m.

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