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Mtlei visited IVrtland
mi,; at
t.rwn tu aown irotu
I MiW Wr.,ni
" , . n n Hnnitnn.
wee tren-
n Vrlrtiina family.
J?: V thin eitr and t Hoult"
llu "
i Jacob Uflorw. of Vort-
Hf-,n"." . i. davi here thit week
' nutak and family ml Mr. am)
I Li iirettoN CIV.
oiurt fmy nt ? t,"s"l1,,,, Mt
T n ,uiumr. -
m. o. L. lerksr, of Portland,
Bund. evening.
,., 0. Co, flor vlalting. f' about
jimei 0. Oo
.. . -m.ki here, .tarum on ma return
W"J":.i.ii- Wai
r. tt. .uUllc, Wash., weutieetiayitiorn'
,HH 1IT . ....
8. P. Graham we down
. ' u-.if.mt a dav or two till, week
1 ilMV
wttoi. : '
un MHi't Hheelrn and children and
m 8 11. Klstner, of Rainier, were
STioMti I of Mr. and" Mr., W. A. Wood
iWlo Uitwi'sk..
Merchant T. 0. Watt wee p from
riJVn Tlmridr in answer to I ub-
Jtartof Judge Iloaa.
Alfred Harrison and family came over
imai Hi Wlsalrom mill. near Kalnm,
niy. ,,d, wl" 'f"'"1 ' "H,k
amping n KUlm.
Th eontrect for crryl the mall be
tween St. Helen. ,M
swarded (r year to Mr T. . Lott, lor
tilt itlnUieteu suua w'"v. j
Wash Heckle wentto VeroonleTtinre-
a,. to iusjwct hi property interest.
,;r there, In which h Iim rsjcontly he
amieeaLiielvaly Interested. '
)r Julia Clllatort returned Bunday
rtni'uc lro Orgon City, whert h
rnent "! dy vUitinit hi Uailly
(SkI ttndln the CbtuUtuqit,
B. C. A. PoUon , Sunday vubool fluid
vorker from I'endlBton, g Iwture
M UuniUy ecliool work t th Coni
ptional church in thi city Wednewlay
vnln. "
A lrff brg ha hma reeeivlnt a
arto ot ittlinf her thi week, goium
out nd banked by Morrl DraUier.
Tt, timber ar for tb 8orainnto,
Cl., trade, which ha besom ao KUn
lira buyer of tmall piling from Orrgun
wmntly. There ar nearly 1000 of lb
itiek. , . -. .;,
Advice from throunhont thounty
r to the effect that the hay erop b
oawally heay ltd year. In fact thir
U big yield of all produce in thi
eotmiy. If the ionimnr rain will
hold off until lh hay I houawl there
mil be an abundanc of feed for next
Mr. J. E. Brou and hi srellant fam
l!r leaf Kalnlw nt week for tlnivereity
rrk, where Mr. Brou enter tit em
ploy of Hi Doernhecknr Hardwood Mill
Co. We regret to oe tlw good people
going wy. V ondcrUnd that Cap
Uin llooglikirk will occupy the Uruue
rmidenos. liainler Uaestte.
On the op trip of th r?hr Mon
dir niKht young roan HI overboard
when the itmnwr ( paating Co
nntbia City. He wlkd out of th
Iter runs-way and plunged headlong
toward the nbora, cwlmmiitg vlorouly,
Mded in reaching th eliore. He
took pannage on th Uooublio Tueday
morning (or 1'ortlatid, hallo, eoatle,
and hiiele. .
lodge Poan vUlud the aectlon of
county back o( (kible, lat Monday, In
tpecting road and bridge, and rvport
that tie found it nrweemry o make iin
repair to tmall bridge. Manager lMy,
of the Ooble rallroHil, (groed to make
tome neded alteration! in th road
where it I paralleled by hi road, and
other Improvement are ptonitwed for
the highway In that vicinity.
The IViernbecher Manufacturing Com
pany will reliuil.l their tirdwoutl W
will, rwontlv deetroved by fire at Kaln-
ler, In l'ortlaud. The aite will be on th
river, probably above the Portland flour
Ini mill. When in operation th mill
will give employment to fifteen or
twtnly hand and will cut all kind of
Oregon hardwood, th atom page for
great many million feet having already
new pnretiaeea of in company,
Mr. Wm. Tale, of Scappooee, drove
to town hurriedly Tuesday evening with
hit t)ve-vear-oU aon, who wa th vic
tim of an exptoaion of a dynamit cap.
Th finger of th loft hand were badly
laceratod, and it'wa nMry for th
fihvaician to remove eonnidiiraul bone
n order to mak the necewary repair.
The little fellow had gotten hold of the
cap In aome way, and wa attempting to
iplodeit, th effort being luceewtul,
with the reiult abov itated.
A ball team from thi city went to
ncappooM laat Sunday and crowed bat
with the nine there, and returned bom
defeated ; however, not a Hinging de
feat. There had been no pi noticing
done by the horn team, and any other
reiult would hav been a urpriee. The
boyidonot feel badly, and are practicing
for future content. An lnUireating
game between two home team i a
feature to taka nliuta nr noon, which
i causing aome comment and creating
good deal of interest.
A moat ditrelng accident wa
narrowly averted at Uoulton Wednesday
morning, when the Aetoria train topptd,
took on board a panaengor and atarted
backwarrt a few feet that ome baggage
might b put in th car. Th young
daughter of A. II. Matthew wa at
tempting to croas the track, at the rear
of the train inat a it itarted to bck.
Fortunately the car hit her Juat bard
fnough to push her along without knock
ing her down, and by tliia mean ah
escaped uninjured.
The city girl who exprewed o much
ympathy fir th poor farniar bacaue
of bin cold job In harventlng tbo winter
wheat, ia equal In agricultural knowl
l?e to the one who expresaed a desire
to aee a held of tobacco when it wa juet
plugging out. tyit th dainnel who
aiked which cow gav th buttermilk i
entitled to the whole bakery. And a
girl on her roturn from th country who
waa aaked if alio eyer aaw anyone milk
cow, replied! ') ye, indeed I have;
it illit ttnklna m tn itnalh ta aee unci
jerk two of the cow' faucet at the aain
The Warrenton clam cannery ha that
down for two wanki. Mr. Halfertr. the
owner, aaya th cluma are too poor to
can at the present time. He any that
n aupply of clam 1 greater now wan
at nv tlma alnnt ha lutirun to can. ana
attribute the increase to the building
ol the jolty which throw tb froeh water
to the north and away from the Oregon
fat. While the eupply ha greatly
increased on the Oregon aide, reveres
n be said of Long Bunch, ou the Waah
ington aide, a the fresh water thrown
long that coast ha killed them all.
Mr. ilalferty baa packed ao far this year
our thousand casus and expecta to pack
three thouaand more. ...
Tunnel Between Heappooae tad Pltti
burg Ca lie hliortcucd.
Northern Puclflc rnllwfiy ennecrs, in
going over th survey of the proposed
(ixtuiiaion into th Nehalmn country
from Hitappoos to Pittsburg, have dis
covered a new pas whereby the cost of
construction has been reduced by about
M0.1MK). The new pan will obviate In
part th enoruiou expense of penetra
ting the mountain commonly known aa
Hunker hill, and it is said something
like 700 f.wt of tunneling can be dia
iwuaed with by following the new sur
vey. The discovery waa made by a new
aaaiatant engineer Drought out from the
Th commencement of active con
struction work ha been looked for now
for about two mouth past, but for aome
reason or other It ha ao far resulted no
further than the survey. Wednesday's
Jteebea Kewa Note. ;
A. M. Little, of Uoulton, wa In town
James Muckle, of Portland, wu In
th city Tuesday.
Mia Kay ltlngbam, of Portland, 1
visiting Mia Lola Welle thi week.
HherhTU. 8. Hattan. of fit. Helen.
wa In town Monday on official buslneaa.
II. I. Kaliskr. traveling? talesman for
M. Heller A Co., wa in town Monday.
Mrs. Ja. Muckle and daughter.
Annus, were th guest of Mr. aud Mr.
T.C. Watt Tuesday.
Judire J. B. Itoan waa in town Mon
day, lie and Hupervisor V, L. Clark
were looking over th road and bridge
in this district.
Farmer in this vicinity will flniah
harvesting their hay crop thi week.
Horn report that their crop ar better
than last year, while others claim theirs
not to be o good.
Tb N. P. R. Co. has forty-five men
at work turveylng the road bed between
l....- ....I I 1 ... .1 L..IU!.. .
crate pier fur steel bridge acres Tide
and Merrill creek.
Behool opened after a three week'
vacation, In the Keuben school house,
in district No. 20. last Monday, with an
attendance of thirty-four scholars. Mia
Lol Weti I teaciier.
Mr. Ja. S. Garrett and daughter,
Irene, of Kankakee. 111., arrived over
theN.P. II. tut Wedueadar to spend
th aumtner with Jier sister, Mr. Hay
K. Watts, and other relative.
Mr. Ray E. Watts entertained tills
week five of her lady friends from her
old home at Motnence, HI : Mrs. Wick
Strom, Mr. Worcester, Mia Halt and
tb Mine Olli airfl Laura titration.
M. W. Pillsbury, salesman for the
Hweet Candy Co., of Portland; W. J.
Rosenteld, lor The Kosenfeld, Smith Co.,
and C. U. Coleman, for Wadhatn A
Kerr lira., Portland, were in town
Keaaey Ret.
Never be late," but "better be lale
than never."
It 1 of soiall aocount to thi great,
bny, nishing humanity aa to who wept
or came from our nearest metropolis
( Vornonla) therefore these are winnowed
The Chotdeiln young people, also
Fannie and Toiuml Tl.roop, drove to
Vernonia to attend Children' Day exer
clee' but met with disappointment a
the exerctaea were postponed
The Reed family, Mia Lindsay and
th teacher, Mia Lowe, also the tt eb
iir (amity (visiting at Mrs. McHu-r-
...n'.i nani il Kalihatb on Uouer Koc.k
creek, at th residence of Mr. and Mr,
Little Robbie Week, eldet child of
J.J. Ulark, la seriously ill, with either
rheumatism or paralysis, at leant he is
unable to move hi little aelf whether
from sorenoM or numbnes w do not
know, a no physician, at Uii date, be
been called.
Mlsee Mamie and Manda Cheldelln
am home for a two month vacation,
ii.. nxnt a few dava at the old
home, but ha returned to h la work at
Kmh. on in bouiiu, iu
There surely must be om magnetiam
on Bock croea tor our wm
"Barki U willln." ,
In th language of '82 we exola m,
"All quiet on the Potomac!" or rather,
on Rock creek, on the Ulorlous Fourth,
ment. a good programme waa rendered
by th aihool at Keawy on th. third.
A flu flag wa purohaaed for the occa
sion. At 1 :30 it wa Bung to th breeae
and aome good patriot (unknown at the
time) gave three rousing ealutae by the
blasting of atump. Thank to Uie
patriot. "
Fighting for PHvUeg. ,
A lively legal battle i apt to aria be
cause of an alleged lack of compliance
with the law in the matter of thei.ew
York and Oregon Coal A Timber Com
pany filing upon the lower Meha lent and
making deration of intent to improve
Ik. S.. IhH. Ma or, of Yamhill
cause of th provision of the law that
n nety day mit ipw ""."'y
:. - Z-x. . ..wint Ana can be received.
j& Major., It ta i ond-ratood, will aub-
: ,. i .i .. A itorian
launy a..u ",- . .imHt
.IlllilM MftlOri WM Ml
" "-f?- a , . 1 1
? t a. J a i ha nmintV
clerk paiiirs similar to thoae wndered the
clerk of Clatsop county, but Mr. Watte
refused to Bie t.nem, v?r.""
a tail this city agaiu """"
'..; ......I r.Kn.lHinllS DfO-
.law ami i ii i. i. ti i .
ceeding against the olerk to force h.m
to file the document,
... . ..k.niinF and renalrlng
tl.riralda ia about completed and ah
will pl.d on theifrtland-Rnier
art little vessel that she
H,g ine aam. .- ,.klrk
used to oe, aim ve""" ,
well pleased with her.
The people of Columbia county think
that great Injustice haa beenperpe
todu,on them. The Orn CoaU
Timber Company, ot'n ' X leg"
oassed at th recent eeaeion ol trie legis
Fature, ha. Died with the county eta
a map of Columbia county hwlngthe
Nation of .tream tributary to the Ne
hlem river'Tud claim the "lus v
fioht of the transportaUon and booming
facUiUe. afforded Vy th. various atreema
K ng into th. Sehulem. under the
nretex" of their lmproment. - The,
Ewutoovaatfor one company to ao-
oo. "pliah. and while they ho hi I aoemm
U emrWIt ou t doubt the 'object of rt.
country .-Aatona ciew.,
Bov. Mr. Philbrook
Vu.ikt.iin and Uat'.hdor
tl orofieh at
Flat next Sun
I day at the usuul hour.
Ofllclui and Fall Report of the Rega
lar July Term.
Procecilliwa of U.e county cwirt fur
the regular j uly term, 1WU1.
Ofllner. premmt, Hon. J, B. lloan,
county judge; P. A. Frakea and W. I),
Oae, oounty oommimloners ; J, O,
Watts, county clerk, and R. S. Hattan,
sheriff. ,
Due proclamation being made th fol
lowing prooeedlnga were had :
Petition of 0. 0. Moyer et al for a
county road prennnted and read. View
er, appulntod: tt. Kappler, Fred Brigg.
aud U. L. Tarbell, with A. 1). Little, sur
veyor, to meet at Reei'. loKglng camp,
August loth, 1V01, at 0 a. in., to meet
and view said proposed road.
Hheriff directed to execute a tax deed
to Olave Johnson for the nw of aw
of aectlon 10, tp 8 n, r west.
Ordered by the court that upon the
xecutiou aud delivery by John iMIan
of a deed to the five-foot atrip of land
on th Bennett road for road purposes,
that th clerk issue and deliver to said
John Dolnn a warrant in the sum of $10.
u rue rea tnai tne costs on us aale cer
tificate No. 21)1 be remitted upon pay
ment of lh taxes for 1HU3. and that the
olerk have credit for the cost.
Ordered that tac aale certificate No.
1186 for taxes of 1HU2, be and the tame
I hereby canceled.
Ordered that tax tale certificate No.
608 be canceled and that the clerk have
credit fur the same.
Petition of O. E. Hunter for liauor
license for six month, allowed.
Ordered that the tax of B. H. Man
tilla for tb year 1889 be and th tame
Is hereby remitted, a th land wa a-
sesaed before proof wa made.
Urderd that certuicate iso. v.n te as
signed to John Htewart upou the pay
ment of $31.11).
Ordered that the time for the meeting
of the board of equalization be and the
same la hereby extended until tb nrsi
Uonday in October, iuui.
Ordered that tax sale certificate No.
1042 be canceled, and that the clerk be
credited with the sum of 19.70.
Ordered that upon the payment ol
$13.78 by U. W. Kice that the sum of
$H.04 be remitted and the clerk have
credit for the same, lor the taxes of 1894.
umered mat ui aa e ceruncaie no.
11B2 for aale of 18112 taxee be canceled.
and that the clerk have credit for the
same. .
Account of the treasurer and clerk
checked no bv the court.
Urdered tnattax teie ceruncaie no. ova
be canceled uoon the payment of $2.36
and that the clerk nave creon tor ao.va.
Ordered that tax aale certificate no,
1193 be canceled and the clerk have
credit for 119.38.
Ordered that plan and apecincauons
for a bridge across Scappooee creek and
one across Fox creek be made and that
bid for the construction of the tame oe
advurtiaed for aa soon a convenient.
Ordered that two-third of th balance
of the road fund remaining on hand be
apportioned to the several road districts.
Ordered mat tne Diu oi j. r. raraer
ha iTwnKMfl aa the lowest bid and the
contract (or aiding in and roofing the
i'lttsDurg Dnugo ue ewarueu to
John W. Parker, for the mm of $110.00.
infer! that the contract of tiding in
and roofing the Taylor bridge be
war.lul tu Knmrr Mills for the aum of
tHO.OO. he being the lowest and bet
Ordered that certificate No. 1041 for tax
aale. of 1889 be canceled and the clerk
have credit for the aum of $29.00
Account of sheriff and the tax roll
ltakM.l tin lltf th COUrt.
Ordered that upon the payment of
$13.87 tax sale ceruncaie no. sou w
canceled and the olerk have credit for
tf U.Y
Ordered that Us ealoe certificate
No. 1007 and 120 on tax aale of 1891 and
iiuia Iu. miull aa title had not been
perfected, and that the clerk have credit
for the respective amount, $7.39 for
i not ami 7 M Inr 18113.
Ordered that the return of the sheriff
on the Ux roll lor IWJti oe accepted.
Ordered that W. P. Dwyer be allowed
to redeem from the aale. of 1891 and
imt nniin tha navment of 19.69.
Ordered that tax aale certificate
1146 and 1147 be canceled lor the year
1891 and 18M2 as the an me waa double
assessed, and that the clerk have credit
for the eeuie. .
Ordered that Commissioner Case be
...thnpiuu! tn make nlana and specn-
oationa for additional vault and room for
surveyor, and to advertise for bid for
the tatn if lound practicable to do ao,
Claim for bounty on ecalp can
vassed and approved by the court in the
urn of $.00. . ...
wiuirKunon court adjourned until
August 15th, 1901. -
Joseph Doherty I
0 Stump... ...... ....
0 N Gable
6 60
4 00
2 00
7 20
4 40
Aimer Meserve . . .............. .
Anton Wise
J B Duncan..
4 00
O E Elliott
Krwin fScffert....
Albert Johnson...
Manritt Carr
W R Dotson
R Kappler
O D tiarrison
W C Cooper
E 0 Anderaon. ...............
8 A Mile
J 8 Mow
Thoma Morris
JO Monroe
Lon Emmon
M F Haaen...
8M Graham ...
John MoAdam. ...
J H Beaver.........:
M Freeh
J K Brou. ......
J H Adama,,'
David Dvia.i.
wrraxMX, may thm.
L Balden.' '
KU Nienstedt
Ann Mencher.... .
J R Headlee
O G Haley, wit May term, 1900..
jusTica cottar.
R Cox", state v. Robert.
J B Godfrey, oonsUble ame. . . .
H H Clark, witneaa, same. ......
10 00
4 00
4 40
12 00
7 60
11 00
11 60
11 40
11 00
18 00
10 00
12 20
14 80
12 40
15 20
11 20
18 40
15 60
11 60
11 20
10 60
15 20
15 20
10 00
8 00
9 40
S 40
9 00
15 40
6 20
8 15
2 40
2 50
1 60
1 60
1 50
1 50
1 50
1 50
Wm Ahrens, same
Wash Muokla, same. . ..
0 N Gable, same.
John McKie, same
Al Robinson, earn
M Ray, "am
Wm Mellinger, same.
aoAB BiirKaywon.
P Ixnislgnont, 1
L Raamussen, 2
J G Plank.8
II Schmltt, 4...i'..
8 M Rice, 6.
W L Brown, 7
O W Rlchai'dson, 8 .....
It S Pavne. 9 '
80 00
22 00
48 00
12 00
64 00
64 00
10 00
07 00
16 00
BBElliott,10 .... ............. l
l.k. U...I..I- 19
16 00
J11IIU . -..-'v . , v
n U. Wilson. 13. a
4(1 00
Jame. Adama, 14
72 00
44 00
21 80
-9 90
4 00
21 60
E J Mill.-
C Tucker
R genwman .
Fred Keller ,
R Mills..., .
46 80
23 40
2 17
21 60
10 80
n n
10 80
21 60
44 00
6 76
8 00
12 00
21 00
ll yi Ward.......
W Parker
ames Kmuion. .
W BPerehery..,.
null Kose, ,, , .. ,
P Mnllliiffer
EJ Mills
Joaenh Dupont.
A l. l amer
JcHw'ph Cave. , ... ,
no ao supi'ints.
Hmlth & Thoma., lumber..,..,. 63 10
Smith A Thomas, same 63 97
Mmltb & Thomas, same. 28 18
lueper Utiel, lumber lor 13. ... . w W
Meserv liro., lumber (org...... 80 11
Meserve Bro., same for 9. ..... . 11173
Meserve Bro., bolt for 18 00
iunrnr tiro., laoor on linage, v iuw
R Mather, same. In 8 . ' 35 44
M L Mather, same 88 50
M F Hazen, same in 8 82 50
A Kini.black.niitbing for 8 11 00
G F Lindgren. powder for 12-13.. 12 00
i' s i'epnam. Doita tor iu . , o ou
Western Uedar Uo., eplke to o. . i uu
Western Cedar Co., lumber for 6 68 04
Flippin Lumber Co.,
lumber, 10 VW 84
A 11 larrou. luimivr wr o
John Hendrlckson, shovel for 9.
John Dolan, right of way
. ' I I . 1 1 . u
40 uo
4 05
10 00
6 00
4 00
it Hesseman, labor on oriuge. .. .
ueueman, same. ............ .
Northwest Implement Co., three
scrapers ...... .r.
English A Bon, .ewer pipe
A L Parker, care of Mrs. Falti-
97 25
27 00
nat, insane.. .
1 90
R H Mitchell, printing land .ale 250 00
R 11 Mitchell, assisting sheriff.. . 13 50
iravui iaviB, siHiuuvr ......... . w w
Glass A Prndhomme, stotionery. 5 15
E K Quick, title abetracU. ...... l to
WH Powell, telephoning....... 29
Collin. A Gray, .upplie. for eh. 6 25
E Uoss, same 6 25
United Typewriter Co........... 2 00
U W Blakeaiey, deputy assessor. 120 00
Marie Watt, recording S3 00
PA Frakea, commiaeioner. . .... 22 20
W D Case, earn 45 15
A B Little, eurveyor. . 15 00
A B Little, earn 17 50
I H Copeland, superintendent. ., 20 80
R 8 Hattan, postage..... Id 00
J O Watte, earne 10 00
8t Helen LAW Co.. water rent S 00
E Blakeaiey, meala lor jury 8 00
Geo Lane -
Good Samaritan hospital, care of
8 00
81 00
H Laraen, care of Beadlee. . . . .
St Mary' hospital, care of Batoon
Mr I) F Baker, care, of Eaatlick
30 00
42 00
85 00
4 48
A Perry, lupplie lor laaDeua.
J B Doan, stove for Jordan ......
8 00
Warrant tn the followlns-named per-
mam irwn an in a oormir roaa
. A fka Jnlv tarm ol com-
missioner court:.
MJEnglert. ...... ..........
Edward Lou.ignont.
18 00
8 15
14 40
89 60
John Heimiiler. .............
Georae Grant
James Bibby . . . . . . ..........
21 60
Ben Vancleve
Edward Lonaignont
89 60
11 88
KU Bushman
Verna Erwin
M J Fnglert v
.. . T ,1
23 40
: 9 00
3 00
10 80
7 20
ueimuier. ............ ....
J M Cooper
J A Beegle..
11 66
9 05
. 9 90
14 85
EEvereol i.......
JWTinkham .........
4 10
A Freeman .. ."
8 25
30 90
82 13
0 00
25 92
1 44
4 32
Wilfred Miller..............
Wilfred Miller..............
Frank Thorp
S Salaer. . . . . ..... ..........
John Morri.
Jame. Morri...., ....
Julius Floeter
Jame Bpence
5 40
8 60
13 32
2 00
J G Flanir
Judsfin Truman. . . .
L Bailey
22 01
1 26
3 60
20 04
13 32
Charles Wall!.
John Walczak. .....
Fred Adama ........
EG Jone
7 20
6 68
16 12
10 80
46 90
3 60
C E Olson
E O Varney
D R Fowler
John King
district rivn.
E Waseer. .
A Robert...,.
W Clark
J Waeser
F Elder. .........
Tboma Timoney
RN Lovelace.. .............
Frank Rice.......
W E Rice....... "
S M Rice
R N Lovelace...,
RMBett . .......... ....
F II NloneUdt... ...........
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Godfrey Llllaoh ........ . .
Carl William.... ........ .
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Albert Jone
E B Williams......... ...
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R 8 Payne.
W Payne ......
ES Bryant, v.... .......
W O Buck
Chas Ktoe. . , ...........
H Krata ,
T J Flippin
Jamea Wallace
0 M McGrahara ......
G W Welch
W BColvin....
J F Graham .'. '
T B Elliott.
0 M Graham....
dwtbict TWiava.
A Gisaelberg;.
A Berkenfeld. ........
A Johnson. -
J F Peterson.t,.
R B McNeeley. ;
KB McNeeley....
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John Parker
John Pederson. ..............
Dave Lane. .
Ruddiman Bro..,,,.. ..
O 8 Lvon.....,...
Fred Wilson. ... ... .....
E Gronbcrg
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Ed Weliter.....
August Johnson
8 75
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W Rench
W Bench... ...
Iksrt Kwbui ta. ...............
(ieorge Parker
G W Bice....
John Bice........ v.
N J Parker....
U M Beeghley.... ....
G Bchoonover. .. . . .........
II Anderson. ..... ..... .......
II Christiansen. .............
Tho. Anderson
eter Bergerson , .......
0 (.'ham her lain ............. .
E Hheeley ,
A Bergerson..., .. ........ , .
John Imlla
T Adam. ......... ........
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Frank Wirtman. 8 00
Coortt ThraiU'skr's err xit,
ht. Hkisvii, on., Julr 12, 1901.
il UDWld County WamnU of Columbia
Cunnty, Oregon, whfrh hava ben prentd
and eiKlonMid- "Hot t"ld (or Wnt of rands,"
will on paid uaon preaiinuition at tut' ouice,
IulereM will not be allowed after thin date.
)12a ' Treasurer ol Columbia Couuty, Or.
nonce of mm accouht.
nndomlKiied. the ancillary admlniatrator
of the eataw of Crawforrt Ulll, dweaaad, haa
nled In tha County Court for Colombia uonnty,
titata f Oregon, hi final amount aa auch ad
mliilKtralor, and that Monday, tha M day of
ttoixemtwr. 1V01, at 9:90 o'clock a. m., at tha
court roan of aald eourt, tn tha court honae
In Ml. tieleiia, aaia county ana iuue, nu men
fixed by tha Jitdica of aald eourt aa the day for
tha haarlnK of objections to aald final aocoant
and tha eiilament thereof. W. H. KKA R,
Ancillary AdnilnlMrator of the KiiUte of
Crawford Hill, lxeeaaod. Dated July 1. UuU
In theCoantrCoortof the State of Oregon, for
Columbia Conutr.
Ia tha matuir of the estate of Stephen O.
Hamas, de!aei.
1 unlntMl tha Conntv (Umrt ol the Ktata of
Oregon, 'or Columbia Countr, administratrix ol
the estate of Btcphan U. Haloes, deceased, notice
la hereby rlno to tha creditora of, and all per
sona having claims aejainat aaid deoeaaed, to
nrf.nt them varlrted at. reuulred brlaw. within
six months after the flrst publlealion of this
notice to aaia aiary names, at tne law ourceoi
W. a. rowan, in tn Helens. Oregon.
Administratrix of the estate of Stephen Q
Haloes, aeeeaoea. jziu
W. H. Powell, attorney for administratrix.
Dated this zist oar 01 June, nan.
, Timber Land, Act Jone t, 1878.
Umtid Btaths Lino Omet,
OrMns Oltv. Orvon. Mar U. 1WT1.
rvrirn m Ukukmv mvkw THAT IN COM
plian.ee with the provisions of tne act or
the sale of timber lands in the Htateaof Callfor
ma OTMnti. Nevada, and WaRlitnaton Terrt-
lory." aa extended to all the PiiWle Lud States
byaotoi augnsts, invz, wiinara r. wunn, ui
Portland, county of Multnomah, Stats of Ore
gon, haa this day filed in this ofnoe his sworn
statement No. 6400, for the purchase of the A
of section pio. xa, sownanip ro. norm, nutit
Vn. A .Mt and will offer uroof to show that thi
land aonxht la more valuable for its limber or
atone than tor anonltnrai purposes, ana to es
tablish his claim to said land before the Regis
wr and Receiver of this office at Oregon City,
Oregon, on Thursday, the ih day of August,
1101. He namea as witnesses: Julian roul
James B. Olbbona, Bert Warren and Joseph Ur-
bin, all of Portland, Oregon. Any aua an per
sons claiming elvereely tne aoove ueecnoea
lands are requested u file weir claims m tnis
office on or baton- aald 8th day of August, 1vol.
mll irm ijttAO. js. mtuutuut, Keguter.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
Ukitxd States Lasts Omti.
Oretron City, Oregon. May 11, W01.
nlianne with the nrovlaions Of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for
the sale of timber lands in the Suites of Califor
nia, Oregon, Nevada, and Waehimgon Terri
tory," as extended to all the Public Lund States
byactot August a, juuan r. f,, i
qua, county ol cowiiix, etate ot auniupwi,
nas tills uay nieu iu milvuiu. mw www. u " .
ment No. Mol. for the nurchaae of the seU of
sec. No. 81, In tp No. 4 n. r Ne. west, and will
i to snow mat tne iauu sougot is murc
for its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purpose, and toeatablish his claim to
aaid landbeiore the Register and Receiver of this
oHIce at Oregon City, Oregon, on Thursday, the
ah am nf AnvuaL lutL Ha names as wit-
aay oi August, iiau.
neases; Bert Warren, Jamea K. Gibbons, Wm.
P. Hmlth and Joaeph urbin.au ot rortutuu.
regon. Any ana an persona claiming auvem
the above-described landa are requested to tile
air claims tn this ouice on or before said ath
day of August, 1U01. CUAS. B. MWRKS,
mu-jj jo . si'
Timber Land. Act June , 187.
UxiTxn Statks Lahd Orrica,
Oaaooxt-iT. Oregon, June 4th, 1901.
nll.nn. with IHa nrnviMinS of thfi act Of
Congress of June , 1878, entitled "An act for
tha sale of timber lands in the Mates ol tfinoi'
nl. llravnn Novaria. and Waxhlueton Terrri-
tory,1' as extended to all the Public Land States
nv aaa oi Auauat a. iko. x-eter a. ..vi.vi..
n.n.. Annntv of Pols. RtAta of Oregon, hi
this day filed In thleatHoehia sworn statement
KlA. far the nurehase of tha southwest 14 of
section No. si, in township No. 4 north, range
No. west, ana win oner proai to snow ms vuo
land sought Is mora valuable for its timber or
stone than lor agricultural purposes, and to es
tablish his claim to aaid land be lore the Regis
ter and Receiver of this oitice at Oregon CHy,
Oregon, on Friday, the th day ol August,
1901. He names aa Witnesses: Julius aul,
William Smith; 1. B. Gibbons and uus ltoutn,
all of Portland, Oregon. Any ana an persona
outlining adversely the ahove-describeo lauds
are requested to tile their claims in this office
on or before saldiStn day ol A ugust. 19D1.
J7-a WM. GALLOWAY, Receiver.
; Timber Land, Act June a, 187S.
Ukitxd StaTaa tann Omen,
Oreeon Cltv. Oregon, May 11. 101.
plianca with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June S, ifoa, entitled "An act for
the sale of timber landa In the States of Califor
nia, Oregon, Nevada, aud Washinirton Terri
tory," aa extended to all the Pnblie Land Slates
by act of August 4. 1S92, Marlua Pedersen, of
pnMind. eountv of Multnomah. State of Ore
gon, haa thta day Sled in this offioe his sworn
staietneu No. &W2, for the purchase of the south
t of the no!, soi of nw'4, net m sw-4 ... v
"on No. 7, In township No. 4 north, range No.
west, and win oner prooi to snow ma me
seught li more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
tits claim to saia tana oetore tnw
Receiver of this offlce at Oregon City, Oregon,
nn utn1.v th. 7,h lftv of Anirust. 1U01,
names aa witmeaee: w. Df U,T
sohellipiet, Clarenoa Reed and Charles Star, all
of Keasey, Oregon. Any and all persons claim
ing adversely the above-described lands are re
quested to Hie their claims in this ooice on or
Deiore saiu ui way or su8, lt'Jt
CHAS. B. MOORB3, Register.
In the Circui t Court of the State of Oregon,
Columbia County.
N. W. Bountree,
s, plan
vs. -
above entitled suit by August 33, 10O1,
Mary Knott, Ellen M. Knott, Bepple Knott, Wil
liam W.JCnott, Kupheme Hannum, C. 8. Han
nuin, Oeorge G. ilnyger and Mrs. M. E. ttey
gr, defendants.
To Mary Knott, Bepple Knott, wllllem W.
Knott, Kupheme HanuumandC. 8. Hanuum,
defendant, and to all pe'rsona having, or
olaiuilng an tntnrert or estate in the following
real property Iu Columbia County, Oregon,
to-wit: The northeast quarter of section 10,
township north, rauge a west of he WUlain-
1 You are hereby required to appear and an-
.I.. n.laln, Hlu.1 ni'.inst VOtl in tllC
you tail to answer, for want tlmreot, ine piam
.iatu,!!! .iv tn th. oourt for the relief prayed
torlnsaU complaint, namely: A decree for a
.r,iti., nf old n,ui nrouerty giving to the
plaintiff the earn one half tliereoi; for hie
.,,n riiHiturMatuents and for general relief.
t, n,illt.),Ml hv otnet of llon.Tboa
A, MoBride, judge of the above-eiititled court
duly made and entered July , I", Ihedate
of the liiat BubllcaUon of this summons, ac
oording to said order, beiug July W. wot, and
the date ol the last pubUiwtlon hore"', A.)aM
ALsUIUC nn.atm
..rui a,.
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, (Office, Hoon 414 0
Theodore S. Thomsoii,
uour. jmucu a,viuiu e "r
aU't aau-y euppuos, civ. ,.
oM-vaufaeturers of aud Dealers In
Kinds cf Rcrli sr.- Crssscl Lirr..;
Mill on south fork of i?cho!oo) criHrk.four w
allies from Si'hppoose alallou. A
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